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Curious about applying to Chicago Booth? Chat with the Admissions team about the application process, essays, transcripts, test scores and more.

Tuesday, June 26, 11 a.m. - Noon CT

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Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to the Full-Time MBA admissions chat! We will start the chat in a few minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now. Thanks.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to the chat! The chat has now begun.
Danielle -> Everyone Welcome! We are happy you are able to join us today for our chat.
Carrie -> Everyone Welcome! My name is Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to answer your questions
Emily -> Everyone Hi everyone! My name is Emily Salans, Assistant Director of Admissions, and I am excited to chat with you.
Joanne -> Everyone Hello everyone! My name is Joanne Legler, Associate Director of Admissions. We're looking forward to answering your questions today.
Joanna -> Everyone Hello everyone and welcome to today's chat! Looking forward to helping you learn more about Booth.
mba_booth -> Joanne Are there scholarships that Booth is planning to offer for 2013?
Joanne -> mba_booth Yes, every year, we offer merit-based scholarships to applicants. These are offered at the time of admission. Additionally, we offer some specific fellowships that are offered during other times in the admissions process.
mba_booth -> Danielle Will my chances of getting into Booth be lesser if I don't apply in Round 1?
Danielle -> mba_booth Hi! We treat each round equally, therefore you should apply to Booth when the time is right for you. We do see the highest volume of applications in round two.
mba_booth -> Joanna Does Booth have any Student Exchange Programs?
Joanna -> mba_booth Hello mba_booth, Students can study abroad through our International Business Exchange Program (IBEP). Booth has 33 partner schools situated in 21 countries around the world. You can read more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/index.aspx
Andrei -> Emily Dear admissions office, what should I do about letters of recommendations if I currently do not have a permanent employer and work for several clients ona project basis?
Emily -> Andrei Hi Andrei. Your letters of recommendation should come from people who know you well and are able to speak to your abilities in a professional capacity. Thus, if you do not have a direct supervisor, you should choose someone else who you work closely with such as your clients.
Shruti -> Carrie Is it possible for me to apply for a full time MBA in marketing with a background in psychology and one year work experience?
Carrie -> Shruti Hi, Shruti. If you feel that now is the right time to pursue your MBA, you are welcome to apply! While the average student has between 3-5 years of work experience, we welcome early career candidates as well. To learn more about applying as an early career candidate, please visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/.
feather -> Danielle Dear officer, as Booth has a relatively high percentage of students with finance backgrounds, will it be hard for students with other backgrounds to get best opportunities, such as job placement or teaching resources?
Danielle -> feather Feather: Our students come from very diverse backgrounds. Although we do have students who are interested in finance, we have a plethora of students who are also attending Booth for our opportunities in marketing, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, non-profit, and many other areas. We are fortunate to have global recruiters employ our students from an equally as diverse industry pool. I encourage you to view our website for more information regarding the Kilts Center for Marketing and the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship.
cldjr2 -> Emily What's the average size of the classes?
Emily -> cldjr2 Our average class size is 570.
juang -> Joanne Hello, I am Juan from Bogotá, Colombia. I am planning to visit campus on October. I would like to know if the visits can be made on any weekday and with how much time in advance must I book it.
Joanne -> juang Hi Juan. We're looking forward to your visit, but I hope you'll also consider joining us at our Admissions session in Bogota on August 16th. You can visit our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/latinamerica.aspx for more information and we'll post a link to RSVP soon. You can visit us any day, Monday-Friday. During the school year, we offer the opportunity to visit class, attend an information session, tour our building and have lunch with students. You can RSVP on our website, and while we appreciate any advanced notice, you are welcome anytime. A link to RSVP will be available in September.
j -> Danielle I founded a successful startup. Would it be appropriate to ask my co-founders for recommendation?
Danielle -> j When looking for letters of recommendation, we encourage you to think of people who are able to showcase your skill set, and your potential to succeed at Chicago Booth. The title of those individuals is not as important as the content that they include in describing your strengths and areas of development. If you feel that your co-founders will be able to help the admissions team understand your business acumen and leadership qualities, then they should absolutely complete your letters of recommendation.
Moderator -> Everyone Thanks for participating in our chat. Feel free to ask us questions about applying to Chicago Booth including the application process, essays, transcripts, test scores. Really anything you want to know about the school.
ChangwonLee -> Carrie 1. When are we expected to see Booth's essay questions for 2012 application? 2. Can I have details about dual-degree program (MBA and Law School)in Booth?
Carrie -> ChangwonLee Hi, ChangwonLee. We are currently in the process of finalizing our application questions and deadlines for the upcoming year. Stay tuned for more information - we hope to have available in July! As for the JD/MBA program at Booth, you can read more about the program: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/jointdegree.aspx. If you have specific questions about the program, feel free to contact us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Mohit -> Joanna Allow me to introduce myself, I, Mohit, work as a research and analytics consultant in Chile and am interested in the 2 year mba program from Booth. I want to get into management consulting field after booth. Can you talk more about how do the career services help the internationals in the initial stages to transition them well in the placements,
Joanna -> Mohit Hello Mohit, Career Services is top ranked by students among our peers for the success. At Booth, all students are able to take advantage of unique programming aimed to help you learn more about your interned industry, interviewing, networking and of course with seeking opportunities. You can read more about their Career Development Services here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/services.aspx
Will -> Danielle Would a Masters in Finance or Accounting preclude an applicant from applying for the full time MBA program? I know that there are many other factors to be taken into consideration but, do some applicants already have Masters degrees in a specified field of business? Thanks a lot.
Danielle -> Will Will: We often see applicants and current students who have higher education degrees at both the masters and Ph.D. level. We encourage you to include this on your application, as it helps highlight your skills.
cldjr2 -> Emily What's the average size of the classes?
Emily -> cldjr2 Just to clarify. 570 is the average size of an incoming class of students. The sizes of our classes at Booth range from about 30-70 students depending on the format of the class and the topic. Hope that clarifies!
Pooja -> Carrie Hi Chicago Booth Admission Team,Wanted to know about the loan options available for international students.
Carrie -> Pooja Hi, Pooja. We do offer a loan program for international students each year that does not require a US co-signer. The rates shift each year, and once admitted, students will have access to loan information and terms.
Lefty -> Joanna Booth is known for the autonomy it gives students to select the courses they feel best apply to their concentration. However, are Booth students permitted to take courses within Chicago's other graduate programs taught by some of Chicago's notable faculty (Posner, Becker, Epstein, Sumner, etc)?
Joanna -> Lefty Hi Lefty, great question. Booth students can take up to 6 courses outside of Booth at other U of C programs as part of their electives. Read more about our curriculum here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/index.aspx
rjcosta -> Emily For applicants with 10+ years of full-time work experience, how does the adcom feel about 2-page resumes? Is 1 page a strict requirement, or more of a general guideline?
Emily -> rjcosta We do not have a requirement for resume length. Please use your best judgment in conveying what you feel is important for us to know about you.
Nakash -> Joanne What percentage of international students remain within US to work on completion of their studies ?
Joanne -> Nakash This varies from year to year; some international students prefer to take their work to other countries and others look for work within the US. Career Services and Chicago Booth provide substantial support for effective networking through skill-building workshops and events, one-on-one coaching, and numerous Booth-facilitated corporate networking opportunities.
Moderator -> Everyone Hi chat participants, we wanted you to know that Kurt Ahlm - Associate Dean of Student Recruitment and Admissions, is having some technical difficulties and will hopefully be joining the chat soon. Thanks for your patience.
Siddharth -> Danielle I had met with an accident during my last year of my undergraduate degree due to which I lost a year and completed my degree in 5 yrs instead of 4. Will this effect my admission prospects inspite of getting a good score in GMAT
Danielle -> Siddharth Siddharth: We understand that things happen that may not allow a person to follow the traditional timeline of completing their undergraduate degree. You may feel compelled to address this in your optional essay, which is acceptable. Since we take a holistic approach to assessing applications, we will look at all of your accomplishments as a whole.
feather -> Joanna And by the way, will Booth hold information session in Shanghai, China this year and when? I really would like to attend and get face to face communication with you guys and Booth alumni. Thank you very much :)
Joanna -> feather Feather, Booth will be in Shanghai on August 30. You can see our Asia event schedule here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/asia.aspx
Shooting_Star -> Carrie Does working directly with international client teams in one's home country qualify atleast partially towards one's international/global exposure or does it largely include time spent abroad?
Carrie -> Shooting_Star Hi Shooting_Star. Working with international client teams certainly speaks towards an applicant's international/global exposure, as does working/studying abroad.
soren316 -> Emily In terms of recommendations, one is from direct supervisor at work, for the second one, could it be outside work? Or you prefer second one from work too?
Emily -> soren316 We just ask that the recommendation letters be from people who know you in a professional capacity and know you well. This could come from a variety of sources.
soren316 -> Joanne I am planning to take a few undergrad level accounting, economics, corporate finance courses (since my background is non-business). Do you guys recommend any pre-mba courses to be taken to prepare for mba better?
Joanne -> soren316 Because Booth's curriculum is so flexible, we encourage undergraduate students to pursue courses they are passionate about while in college; you will choose the courses that are best for you once you enroll at Booth. Once you are admitted to an MBA program, we will have some suggestions for resources if you'd like to brush up on skills prior to classes starting. But for now, no, we do not have any courses that are specifically recommended.
BenBorris -> Danielle I am trying to decide on a second person to write a recommendation in addition to my direct manager. The individual who I believe has seen me grow and perform well in a number of situations is not, in my mind, the most elegant or structured writer. Should I worry about a poorly written recommendation, if the enthusiasm and content is there?
Danielle -> BenBorris BenBorris: Although we certainly cannot make assessments based on the grammar/writing structure of the referrer, we would hope that it is in a format that is still understandable. The enthusiasm and content is always going to be the focus.
Karthik -> Joanne For someone who recently (this month) switched groups within the same organization, would it be looked down upon to have both LOR's from supervisors in the previous group, since by application time there will have been limited time working with supervisors in the new group? Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
Joanne -> Karthik It's entirely up to you as to who will write your letters of recommendation. As long as one is from a current or past supervisor, we leave the choice in your hands. However, we do encourage you to get letters from those who know you best, so in your case, it might make sense to have at least one letter be from someone who knows your work well and that might be a past supervisor, instead of a newer one.
Kajal -> Emily If you have a graduate degree, does the school put the same emphasis on undergraduate grades, or will it look to your grad school transcript? Everything I see only relates to undergraduate transcripts.
Emily -> Kajal Hi Kajal, We take a holistic approach to the application, and therefore consider all portions of the application. We will look at both your undergraduate and graduate transcripts as part of our evaluation process.
kurt -> Everyone Sorry to join late, experienced some technical difficulties. Looking forward to answering your questions.
BG -> Carrie Hi, I wanted to know whether an applicant with an older GMAT score would have his/her score weighted differently (amongst other evaluation criteria) to that of someone with a more recent score? In other words, would relevant work experience and extracurriculars count more for applicants with an older GMAT score compared to ones who have taken the exam recently?
Carrie -> BG As long as an applicant has taken the GMAT score in the last five years, GMAT scores will be assessed equally (regardless of date). If the score submitted is more than five years old, it will not be valid in our application process. In general, however, we evaluate applications using a holistic process that takes many different factors into consideration.
Moderator -> Everyone Thanks for participating in our chat. We still have 40 minutes left so feel free to submit any questions you may have about the application or admissions process.
Greg -> Joanne Hello MBA Admissions Team. I was hoping that someone would be able to elaborate on the process for assigning classes to first year students. I recently read Luigi Zingales' new book and there was a section on class assignments that was quite intriguing. For the most part, are students able to register for the classes they would like to attend?
Joanne -> Greg Hi Greg. Booth students choose classes via a bidding system. We let supply and demand determine the "price" of and access to classes. With careful planning and working closely with an academic advisor, students are able to take the courses that they are most interested in.
Nakash -> Carrie What are the scholarship option available for caribbean students aspiring to pursue studies at Booth ?
Carrie -> Nakash Hi, Nakash. We have merit-based scholarships and fellowships that are open to all admitted students at Booth. Generally, our scholarships and fellowships are awarded at the time of admission. Some of fellowships have specific criteria, and you can read more about those here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/
CarolineKaroline -> Joanna Hi I am interested in entrepreneurship programs, other than school activities, what involvement does Booth have?
Joanna -> CarolineKaroline CarolineKaroline, I encourage you to learn more about our Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/ . Booth provides world class faculty, courses, competition and support in Entrepreneurship.
MS -> Danielle Will I be at a disadvantage if I am 34 years ? Is there a preferred age
Danielle -> MS MS: Although our average age is 28, we encourage all business professionals to apply.
Bill -> Joanna Hello, what is the typical length for a letter of recommendation to Booth?
Joanna -> Bill Bill, the length can vary and there is no typical right length for a letter. It all depends on the quality of information conveyed. Good luck.
tutsipop -> Emily Hello everyone! I wish you could help me with the requirements for international students. Thanks
Emily -> tutsipop Hi. All of the requirements for our international applicants can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/international.aspx
AMG -> Joanne I'd like to visit campus before I submit my application for R1, but I haven't seen the class visit dates or application deadlines published. Are either of those dates available?
Joanne -> AMG You are welcome to visit now, though we don't offer class visits at this time of year. If you would like your visit to include a class visit, we'll have that information available on our website sometime in September.
Arun -> Joanna What are Loan opportunities for international students?
Joanna -> Arun Arun, Chicago Booth is committed to providing financing opportunities for all students regardless of their citizenship and has loan programs available for students without U.S. co-signers. More specific information regarding these programs is made available when students are admitted.
R_Kamath -> Joanna Hi. I am from India and my question is regarding work experience. I am a Chartered Accountant (India equivalent of Certified Public Accountant in USA). As part of the course, there is a mandatory requirement of 3 years full-time internship. I did my entire 3 years full-time training with one of the Big 4 Accounting firms. Will this be included in work-ex? Thanks
Joanna -> R_Kamath Hello R, You can certainly include this on your resume.
Geoff -> Carrie Can you comment on the likelihood that you will admit more waitlisted candidates to this upcoming class?
Carrie -> Geoff Hi, Geoff. During our summer months, we admit waitlisted candidates as spots become available in the class. While we hope to admit more candidates from the waitlist in the coming months, we are unable to predict when spots may become available.
CKK -> Danielle How do you recommend that applicants who come from non-business or math-focused majors and careers demonstrate the necessary skills in those areas through the application process?
Danielle -> CKK CKK: 33.3% of our class profile has a liberal arts/other degree. Therefore, you are certainly not the only person coming from a non-business or math-focused undergraduate degree. The GMAT is a tool to help any admissions team gauge the quantitative abilities of an applicant, however we do take a holistic approach, so this is not the only area in which we can assess your skill set. Make sure to utilize your resume and letters of recommendation to help us understand your business acumen.
Catherine -> Joanne Question about the GMAT - how does Booth feel about applicants who have taken the exam multiple times (4-5)? - Does only the highest/most recent score matter?
Joanne -> Catherine Hi Catherine. We will use only your highest score in evaluating your application for admission. While we know some applicants are striving for a certain score, we really encourage you to focus in on the elements of the application that you can have the greatest impact on, such as the essays and letters of recommendation.
soren316 -> Joanna Booth has THE most flexible course selection. Does booth have some kind of mentor program to help career changers like myself with which courses to take in first so that we can meet our goals in terms of internships, skill set and knowledge in the area that we want to pursue.
Joanna -> soren316 Soren, Booth students participate in orientation before classes start which begins with intense support in terms of carving your path. Along the way our students are supported through academic advisers, career Services, student mentors etc.
JoeF -> Emily If we have worked for many years (7+) is it really important to get an professor's recommendation in addition to employer's recommendation?
Emily -> JoeF Hi Joe, We ask that recommendation letters be from people who have worked with you in a professional setting and know you well. We don't require a recommendation from a professor.
Saline -> kurt With the state of the economy, has Booth seen a change in job/internship placements and or changed the way that it does career management?
kurt -> Saline Saline, Booth has always taken an approach to partner closely with its students in the job search process. Meaning that it will work with you to identify and match you with your ideal position. However the ideal opportunity might not always present itself so part of their approach is to help you think through your full range of options. A tighter economy really means that students need to be prepared for a wider range of outcomes which is what our Careers Services team works hard to prepare our students for. So to answer your question employers continue to recruit heavily at Booth from a wide range or companies, industries and regions of the world and our Career Services team continues to prepare out students to take advantage of the full range of options that may present themselves.
Grant -> Joanne When looking at admissions, are admissions for joint degrees, specifically the MA, evaluated differently than the general MBA admissions?
Joanne -> Grant Hi Grant. We will only evaluate your application for the MBA program when you apply to Chicago Booth. Joint degree admissions decisions are made separately by each program.
vincent_luo -> Carrie May I know when the application for 2013 fall will open? And from any where I can find the topic for essay in advance?
Carrie -> vincent_luo Hi, Vincent. We are currently working on our essay questions and deadlines and hope to have that information available in July. We will open our application in August.
Sunshine -> Danielle Hi! Thanks for holding this chat. My GPA is not great. I want to take a course to show my academic potential. Would you recommend taking more than 1?
Danielle -> Sunshine Sunshine: This will be a personal decision. As we take a holistic approach to the application process, we will assess your academic ability, as well as other areas. If you would like to take a class or two, that decision is always going to be a personal one.
DavidG -> Joanna I know that I've read that Booth has a limit in which they tend to think negatively about GMAT attempts, I'm attempting for the 3rd time, with marked improvement between my 1st and 2nd...however not at my goal, is three times okay?
Joanna -> DavidG David, you will have to use your own judgement in terms of what you see as attempts to improve. In any event, Booth will always take your highest score.
npradeep -> Emily Hello all.. Thank you for this event..! What is the basic mode of teaching?
Emily -> npradeep The teaching method for each class varies depending on the professor's preference. Therefore you will get a variety of teaching methods from lecture, to experiential, to case-based, etc.
Andy -> Joanne When would be a good time to visit the campus?
Joanne -> Andy Andy, you are welcome to visit us anytime. We are open every day; in the summer months (June through September), we offer an information session and tour starting at 10:30am. During the school year (October through May), we offer a full visit program, including a class visit, information session, tour and lunch with students. You might also consider our full-day Booth Live programs, which offer an extended visit opportunity during the school year. You can RSVP now on our website if you'd like to visit in the summer; our site will be updated in September for visits during the school year.
GauravS -> Joanna Hi, I wanted to check if you will have any admissions events in the Boston area before the round 1 deadline? Also, is it possible to meet current students here that are on a break or working? Thanks
Joanna -> GauravS Guarav, you can see our US travel schedule here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/northamerica.aspx
We will be in Boston in September for our info session and stay tuned for additional dates coming up for student hosted summer events.
Ricardo_J -> Danielle Good afternoon. I have an interest in impact investing and social finance, do you know where I could find more information relative to Booth and these fields?
Danielle -> Ricardo_J Ricardo_J: There are certainly classes that you are able to enroll in as a student that focus on these areas. Additionally, you are welcome to check out the student led groups in both those interests: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx I would also encourage you to view the faculty profiles to gain a deeper understanding of their areas of expertise in both investing and finance.
mba_booth -> Emily Do you have a preferred number of years of work experience? Would someone with 2 yrs work ex have an edge over somoeone with a 1yr work ex?
Emily -> mba_booth On average our student's have 5 years of work experience, however we do not have a required number of years of work experience, and evaluate each candidate based on their individual experiences and merits.
Caroline -> Danielle Hi all, I started a new job a few months ago. When leaving my old team, I was honored to receive a number of unsolicited offers to write me a letter of recommendation. I was in that job for 4 years, so these were all individuals who knew me well. How do you think one should pick among these options? It was truly an honor and a lucky problem to have -- but I now want to make the most of the opportunity and appreciate your advice.
Danielle -> Caroline Caroline: When looking for letters of recommendation, we encourage you to think of people who are able to showcase your skill set, and your potential to succeed at Chicago Booth. The content of what they include in describing your strengths and areas of development is very important- so I would suggest thinking of the person who has interacted with you on a variety of levels and is able address that in a letter. Make sure this person will be able to help the admissions team understand your business acumen and leadership qualities at a detailed and thorough level.
Kashy -> Joanne How can I connect myself more with the students at Booth?
Joanne -> Kashy Hi Kashy. We have many ways for you to connect with Booth students! Our DSAC (Dean's Student Admissions Committee) is completely student-run and they have multiple touch points: Check out their blog, The Booth Experience, at http://boothstudents.blogspot.com/; "Like" The Booth Experience on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Booth-Experience/152849301450475; or check out videos on our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBoothExperience. You can ask questions of our students on the blog or on Facebook. Also, stay tuned to our website and your email; Booth students will host small summer gatherings all over the globe in the coming weeks and months.
dbenj -> Emily Good morning. The website states that two letters or recommendation are required for the application. Can you provide any additional insight into what you are looking for in a letter of recommendation?
Emily -> dbenj The recommendation letters should be from someone who knows you in a professional setting and knows you well. We use the recommendation letters as another source to learn more about who you are.
Lizzy -> kurt Can you talk a bit about the flexible curriculum?
kurt -> Lizzy Lizzy, Booth has the most flexible curriculum of any top business school. Essentially we provide you with a structure with certain disciplines you need to understand (accounting, economics, statistics and behavioral sciences) but the level of course you take and the timing at which you take it is up to you. Also we offer the largest number of elective courses 11 of any school, of which 6 of those can be taken anywhere at the University of Chicago. Needless to say the choices you have and the ability to customize your curriculum and experience is unmatched. This is an incredibly powerful thing for those people who have a clear sense of what they want to accomplish at business school. You can leverage what you know to dig deeper in subject matter or broaden your perspective and build on what you already have expertise in. The ability to maximize your learning experience is tremendous.
Bill -> Joanna How does Booth look at enlisted military experience (serving before receiving an undergrad degree) as opposed to the typical officer military experience?
Joanna -> Bill Bill, military service either before or after the degree is seen as part of your past career history. Each applicant with military experience will have a slightly different path, history and achievements and we will evaluate your total academic and career history holistically. We see many students each year both active in the military and veterans and from both the US and internationally. Our military candidates are looked at the same as any other candidate, but we are always very aware of special circumstances they face, including unique work experience, time spent out of the country and special skills they have acquired in the military.
Moderator -> Everyone We are over halfway through our chat. Thanks for your questions! We will answer as many as we can.
Roy -> Joanne Hi, If i have already resigned from my last job and now full time prepare my iBT and GMAT eaxm, will it affect my application?
Joanne -> Roy Hi Roy. Every application is evaluated holistically, and everyone brings a different set of experiences. We'll rely on you to talk about that decision in the essays and possibly an interview to learn more about your past experiences and about the timing for the MBA at this stage in your life and career.
Songhan -> Emily Dear officers, does one of the recommendation letter have to be from the supervisor of current employer? or it could be from the previous ones?
Emily -> Songhan Hi Songhan. We just ask that the recommendation letters be from someone who knows you well and in a professional setting. Therefore, please use your best judgement in choosing who you feel can best speak to your abilities and accomplishments.
kristenb -> Danielle Does Booth prefer that students take their GMATs more than once to show that they're making an effort towards improving?
Danielle -> kristenb Kristenb: The number of times you take the GMAT is a personal choice. If you feel that your score is not competitive, then the amount of times you take it again (if you choose to even take it again) is up to you. The average GMAT score is 719, and like mentioned before, we take a holistic approach to the application process, therefore the GMAT is just one aspect,
Sachin_Kashyap -> Joanna Does the Admissions Committee prefer students who are pursuing an employer-financed MBA?
Joanna -> Sachin_Kashyap Sachin, How your MBA will be financed has no bearing on our evaluation process. Good luck.
Nick -> Carrie Chicago Booth is perhaps best known for academic rigor in the financial and quantitative fields. Would students who are considering areas like entrepreneurship or marketing find the courses or focus of the Chicago Booth curriculum to not be the best fit?
Carrie -> Nick On the contrary, students interested in entrepreneurship and marketing would find that there are thriving programs in each of those areas! The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/) heads up all of our entrepreneurship-related research and activities, and provides incubator space for budding entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking to start a business immediately, go into private equity or venture capital, or are just interested in taking a class - there are a wealth of classes and groups to choose from. Similarly, the Kilts Center for Marketing (http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx) focuses on our marketing efforts, and is both a major academic center as well as a strong resource for marketing focused-students. At Booth, the academics and support across all disciplines are strong, and the flexibility allows you to customize your experience to meet your specific career goals.
danielleh -> Joanne If I am re-taking the GMAT after the application deadline, will the new score still be considered with my application?
Joanne -> danielleh The answer is "maybe"; it all depends on the timing of your application and your new exam. While we cannot guarantee that we will see your new score in time to include it in the evaluation of your application, you are encouraged to let us know. You can email us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu with any new information after the application is submitted.
amos -> Joanna Is sending official GMAT scores mandatory before deadline or can they be sent after decision?
Joanna -> amos Hello Amos, you may submit your unofficial scores with the application. When official scores are available, you should have them sent to Booth soon after.
shreyash -> kurt how important is the educational background of the recommenders? will you value more if the recommender is an mba or from a Top tier school?
kurt -> shreyash Shreyash, first and foremost we want a recommendation from someone who can provide a thoughtful, detailed and critical evaluation. Someone who can highlight your strengths as well as areas of development. An honest and thorough review should be the principal filter by which you select your recommender. That being said, if you find that person and they have an MBA that can be an added bonus. The reason for that is they can shape their comments from experience and provide comments that might be closely tied to skills needed for business school. I would look at this as an added benefit not the key reason for making your selection.
emilyz -> Emily In application,what is the suggested format for resume? I believe it is not wise to leave little margin so more words can be squeezed into one page.
Emily -> emilyz Hi Emily. We do not have a required format for the resume. Please use your best judgment when drafting a resume that best highlights the aspects you would like us to know about you.
Mike_Ross -> Joanne I was wondering what percentage of your class ends up being " early career candidates?"
Joanne -> Mike_Ross Hi Mike. We see the population of students considering an MBA program at an early stage growing each year. Ultimately, we seek to enroll students who are the best fit for our program.
mba_booth -> Carrie If I do not apply in Round 1, will it lessen my chances of getting into Booth? And getting scholarships?
Carrie -> mba_booth We encourage that you apply when your application is at its best. We offer three rounds of admission, and make offers of admission and scholarships in each round. That said, we do receive the bulk of our applications in Rounds 1 and 2, and as a result, make the most offers of admission and scholarship in those rounds.
Krisch -> Danielle can you highlight the resources at booth for someone interested in pursuing a career in Social Enterprise and Nonprofit consulting. ?
Danielle -> Krisch Krisch: We have several resources for students interested in social enterprise and non-profit. To being with, Chicago Booth has a experiential lab in social enterprise. Lab courses allow students hands-on experiences designed to put classroom learning into practice. In the Social Enterpreneurship Lab (Bus 34110), students explore social entrepreneurship first-hand by working with local nonprofit and for-profit enterprises that have social missions. After careful analysis, students make strategic recommendations to the participating organizations and firms in order to leverage greater growth. Furthermore, we have a social enterprise initiative at Chicago Booth, which I encourage you to read about here: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/ which works in collaboration with the the Social New Venture Challenge: http://polskycenter.com/socialnvc/about.htm. Net Impact is another option: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/netimpact.aspx. We have a very active consulting group and non-profit group on campus.
Yvonne -> Joanne Talking to current students is a great way to learn what a school and program is really like...is there a way to connect to students in the summer, or do I have to wait until August?
Joanne -> Yvonne Hi Yvonne. Our Full-Time students are pretty busy with their internships over the summer, but there are some ways for you connect. You can ask questions of our students on the The Booth Experience blog, at http://boothstudents.blogspot.com/ or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Booth-Experience/152849301450475. In addition, Booth students will host small summer gatherings all over the globe in the coming weeks and months.
Wayne -> kurt Will my chances of getting into Booth be lesser if I am not a financial background or not pursue future career in finance ?
kurt -> Wayne Wayne, Booth attracts student from all industries and backgrounds. We are proud of our strong reputation for finance but it is a huge misperception that a finance background is a preference in our selection process. We look for people who first and foremost fit with our culture and value our approach to management education, and those people can come from literally any background.
JPArnall -> Danielle With a background in the humanities and a career background in art non-profits, what is the best way to show the admissions committee that a student is well-rounded and will be able to keep up with the quantitative schedule? Is the GMAT score sufficient to do this?
Danielle -> JPArnall JPArnall: 33.3% of our class profile has a liberal arts/other undergraduate degree. The GMAT is just one piece of helping us understand your ability to succeed in a MBA program. Your resume and letters of recommendation are additional tools to highlight your business acumen.
Pavan -> Joanne Hi, I want to visit Booth before I apply. From Booth website, I see the only possibly visit option before round 1 is the 'Abbreviated Schedule'. Since I see there are no class visits scheduled during this time, I would like to know if some Booth students will be available during this time.
Joanne -> Pavan Hi Pavan. Unfortunately, Booth students are not available to connect with in-person during the summer months at our campus visit program. They are busy getting great experience in their internships! Keep an eye on our website for summer student-hosted events in the coming weeks and months.
Sunshine -> kurt Does Booth plan on becoming a member of the Consortium in the near future?
kurt -> Sunshine Sunshine, at this point there are no plans to become a member of the Consortium.
Priyanka -> Danielle I am from India and typically our undergraduate degrees do not follow a GPA system. How do you propose I tackle this issue because my concern is that due to unfamiliarity, my academic background might get under rated by the school
Danielle -> Priyanka Priyanka: We do receive quite a few applications from India every year. We are accustomed to the academic systems in India, and our team is able to assess your transcripts appropriately.
mba_booth -> Joanna Is Booth holding an information session in India this year before October?
Joanna -> mba_booth You can view our India event dates here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/asia.aspx
Sachin_Kashyap -> Carrie How, if at all, is the Admissions Committee considering the difficulty of the new GMAT vs the old?
Carrie -> Sachin_Kashyap Hi, Sachin. In terms of the new GMAT format, we will still be focusing largely on the overall score (quant/verbal). The new section is not factored into your overall score (similar to the AWA), and we will be taking it into consideration as an additional piece of information. As this is the first year of the integrated reasoning section, we will be looking to see what we can learn about applicants from it.
Moderator -> Everyone Thanks for participating in our chat. We have 15 minutes left in the chat! We will continue to answer your questions as quickly as we can.
rjdc -> Carrie When will the new application and essay questions be available?
Carrie -> rjdc We will be releasing the essay questions and deadlines in July, and the application will be live in August.
Matthew -> Danielle Hi, I'm considering applying to Booth and was interested in the MBA/AM. Is there a seperate application for this program?
Danielle -> Matthew Matthew: I assume you are referencing the MA? Yes, you will need to complete two separate applications. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/jointdegree.aspx
Mike_Ross -> Joanne Are there any current MBA students that you could recommend that I speak with? I'm particularly interested in entrepreneurial development.
Joanne -> Mike_Ross Our current students are busy with their internships right now, but you can read about what some of them are up on in upcoming blog posts on the The Booth Experience at http://boothstudents.blogspot.com/. If you are interested in learning more about Booth's entrepreneurship program and Booth's Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/. In addition, check out the New Venture Challenge website at http://research.chicagobooth.edu/nvc/index.aspx to read more about this year's competition.
LindseyW -> Emily For recommendations, do you differentiate between professional and academic? i.e. college professors would not be appropriate?
Emily -> LindseyW Hi Lindsey. We prefer recommendations from people who know you in a professional setting. That being said, your recommenders should be able to comment to your abilities and accomplishments and thus, should know you well, and if you feel an academic recommendation would be more appropriate than please just use your best judgement.
ViktorM -> Danielle Is there a particular emphasis on 'extracurricular' activities composition? I.e. would participants engaging in volunteering and community outreach be preferred over those fully dedicated to a business?
Danielle -> ViktorM ViktorM: We take a holistic approach to the application process. Each component plays and equally as important role in the assessment process, therefore we do not prefer one aspect over another. We encourage students to showcase areas of interest that are both personal and professional.
AMG -> Emily If have friends or colleagues at Booth, would it be helpful if they submitted a peer recommendation on my behalf?
Emily -> AMG We welcome recommendations from alumni and current students. Please have them email us directly at admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Trip -> kurt Are there opportunities to work on "real world" projects with companies in your field of interest? Thanks!
kurt -> Trip Trip, Booth offers a variety of opportunities for students to work on real time projects with real world companies. We have different lab courses in management (fortune 500) new venture (start-ups), social venture and PE/VC. We also have experienced based courses where companies present projects to teams within the class that they want them to solve. These courses are particularly popular in the areas of Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
shreyash -> Joanna i am working in a relatively younger (and not so well known) consulting firm, but the quality of my work experience has been very good. would my not being from a tier-I firm like McKinsey or a BCG be a deterrent to my application?
Joanna -> shreyash Dear shreyash, The reputation of your firm is not as important as the experience you've had, the contributions you have made and skills you have gained. Good luck.
CKK -> Joanne I understand that Booth is known for its tremendous opportunities for students to study and travel internationally. Could you please share how many students take advantage of the ability to study abroad at one of the partner institutions?
Joanne -> CKK About 75-80 students take part in Booth's International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) each year.
Akshat -> Emily Hello. I am hesitant to ask my present manager for a letter of recommendation as it would jeopardize my employment once the company knows I am interested in leaving in 1 year. Could I use another manager that I have worked for indirectly for a letter of recommendation?
Emily -> Akshat Akshat, We understand the concerns about using a current employer. College professors, clients, and other supervisors can be used as references if you are uncomfortable with requesting one from your current employer. Your reference should know you and your work well enough to tell us about your abilities and address the areas indicated on the reference form. If you do not use a current employer, you may comment on the reasons in the optional essay.
amos -> Carrie I intend to apply for the class entering 2013. I wanted to know If being self-employed is a problem. How does the Admissions committee evaluate a self-employed candidate? Are there current students from this background?
Carrie -> amos Hi, Amos. We welcome entrepreneurs at Booth! While we evaluate candidates across the same dimensions, regardless of their industry/function, we also understand that self-employed applicants have some distinct differences. Most notably, the letters of recommendation are different as self-employed applicants do not have direct supervisors. In these cases, we suggest that you seek recommenders who have worked with you in a professional capacity (partners, clients, etc). As to your other question, we do have students every year who are entrepreneurs, and are very successful here at Booth.
Greg -> Joanna I am currently working internationally and will not be able to visit the campus prior to the round 1 application deadline. Is there an international alumni network that potential applicants can reach out to?
Joanna -> Greg Greg, I encourage you to try to attend one of our worldwide events. Stay tuned as we had alumni and student hosted events to the calendar as well in the next couple of weeks. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/
amos -> Carrie If I have a monthly income of $120, Would I qualify for an application fee waiver?
Carrie -> amos Hi, Amos. You are welcome to apply for a fee waiver, and can send an email to admissions@chicagobooth.edu to explain your situation and request a waiver.
Andy -> Joanne Are there any organizations or alumni from minority backgrounds that can help and advise someone through the application process?
Joanne -> Andy Hi Andy. Booth partners with groups that support underrepresented students. Please check out our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/community/diversity/minorities.aspx to learn more about our partnerships and about the organizations that support students here on campus.
Cris -> kurt Hello. I heard that most Business Schools prefer the GMAT although accept the GRE as well. Is this so? Thank you.
kurt -> Cris Cris, I can't speak for other schools but we prefer the GMAT exam as it was a test designed specifically to assess skills for business school.
Engine -> Joanne Hi, is there a coffee chat hosted by 2nd-year students in Shanghai in July? I heard the news from some admitted students but cannot find any information on the website. Really want to communicate with Booth students face to face!
Joanne -> Engine We are working on this as we speak! Our students are eager to host these events, and we're starting to hear from them now as they are in the planning stages. More information to come soon!
Guyt1 -> Carrie Do you hold interviews at different locations around the world? In Israel? If not do you allow phone interviews?
Carrie -> Guyt1 Hi, Guy. You will have the opportunity to interview on campus with our Admissions Fellows, or off-campus with our alumni. We have alumni all over the world who conduct interviews, including in Israel. If we are unable to pair you with an alumni, we will host phone interviews.
DanP -> Joanna Do you have to indicate your GPA, if the school doesn't provide it (in Europe)?
Joanna -> DanP Dear Dan, you do not need to translate your GPA to the U.S. system. We are very familiar with school systems and grading throughout the world.
DanP -> Danielle Is there a preference between rounds 1 and 2 for international applicants?
Danielle -> DanP DanP: There is no difference in how we assess applicants in any of our rounds. As an international student, we do encourage you to apply in round one or two, as this leaves plenty of time to work on the visa process if accepted. We do have international students who apply in round 3, regardless of timing.
Ricardo_J -> kurt Regarding recommenders, would someone that can speak to your leadership abilities outside of work be viewed in the same light as a recommendation from your professional work experience?
kurt -> Ricardo_J Ricardo, we require a professional recommendation, but we have also allowed people to send in a second recommendation of their choice. If you feel you have a compelling recommender who can add to your application who is not your manager feel free to provide it.
HenriettaOnumah -> Emily Is there a program for me to combine Public Policy masters with my MBA
Emily -> HenriettaOnumah Hi Henrietta. Yes, we offer multiple joint degree programs including one with the Harris School of Public Policy. Please check out our website for more information http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/jointdegree.aspx
Lisa -> Joanne Hi and thanks for taking our questions. Are full-time applicants measured differently than part-time applicants? If I’m still deciding between part-time and full-time and apply for full-time, is it possible to switch to the part-time program after admission to the full-time program (but before starting)?
Joanne -> Lisa Hi Lisa. The application processes are completely separate for all of the different MBA programs at Chicago Booth; the evaluation processes are similar in some ways and we are all looking for the students that best fit our programs. Please visit each program's website to get the specifics on details for deadlines and essay questions. It is not possible to switch from one program to another.
Shakes2013 -> Carrie Hi Carrie, I see that you also focus on LGBT recruitment. Are you able to touch on what to expect in the near future regarding events, activities, etc? Also, I live in New York. Will any events occur in this area?
Carrie -> Shakes2013 We are currently in the process of planning our event schedule for the fall and winter, which will include some LGBT events, so stay tuned for more information! We are also planning a student-hosted event later this summer in New York that focuses specifically on diversity, and will be sending out more information on that shortly. Additionally, once the school year starts, OUTreach will be hosting ongoing lunches throughout the year. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly at carrie.lydon@chicagobooth.edu.
Moderator -> Everyone Thanks for participating in our chat! The chat has now ended. You can find a transcript of this chat within 48 hours at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/
Danielle -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat today. We look forward to meeting you on the road, and receiving your applications! Have a great week.
Carrie -> Everyone Thanks for participating! We look forward to meeting you on the road and on campus this fall!
Joanne -> Everyone Thank you all so much for participating in our chat today. We look forward to meeting you on campus, at our admissions events and in future chats. Best of luck!
kurt -> Everyone Thanks for taking the time join us. Hopefully this was helpful and please continue to find ways to engage with us.
Emily -> Everyone Thank you! It was nice chatting with all of you!