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Join us for a live chat with the women of Chicago Booth where you'll have an opportunity to learn about the impact of a Booth MBA from a woman’s perspective. Meet members of Chicago Women in Business (CWiB), who can answer questions related to classes, career support, and student groups as well as provide information about the resources and support CWiB provides Booth women. We’ll also feature alumnae from the Chicago Women in Business Alumnae Network (CWIBAN) including CWIBAN President Zina Markevicius ’02, who can answer your questions about the power of the Booth network and how the Booth MBA helped them on their road to success. Admissions staff will also be available to respond to your admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, May 8, 11 a.m. - Noon CST

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Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to the chat. The chat will begin in 15 minutes. Feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to the chat! We will start in 5 minutes. Feel free to ask your questions now to any of the panelists.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to the chat! The chat has now begun. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the impact of a Booth MBA from a woman's perspective.
Elaine -> Everyone Hello everyone - welcome to the chat! My bio is missing my plans for this summer, sorry about that. I will be doing Marketing Consulting with Prophet here in Chicago.
Jaime S -> Everyone Hi everyone! I'm looking forward to chatting with all of you on this sunny Spring day in Chicago!
Taria -> Everyone Hi everyone! I'm so glad you're chatting with us today, and I look forward to answering all your questions!
Yesim -> Everyone Hi everyone, welcome to Chicago Booth Live Chat! I'm one of the outgoing co-chairs of Chicago Women in Business (CWiB) and I'm looking forward to chatting with you!
Zina -> Everyone Hi from Santa Monica, California! I'm Zina Markevicius, '02, and can't wait to answer your questions...
Joanne -> Everyone Welcome to the chat! I'm Joanne Legler from Admissions; please feel free to send me any of your admissions-related questions!
mba2015 -> Zina For the alums on the chat: what was your favorite part of the MBA at Chicago Booth? Conversely, what is one thing you would change?
Zina -> mba2015 As a student, the best part was the people-- bright, accomplished classmates who were also down to earth, professors who were great teachers and accessible all the time, engaged staff, and more. As an alumna, it remains those great people who are our global network. The one thing I would change is to take a few more weeks off before school started. It was such a whirlwind!
Sara -> Everyone Hi everyone! I am looking forward to answering questions! I am a 2010 alum based in Chicago!
sarah243 -> Zina What is the alumni community like on the West Coast?
Zina -> sarah243 We've got a large and enthusiastic alumni community across the West Coast, from Seattle all down to San Diego. Local alumni clubs hold interesting events, like the annual business forecast, entertainment industry panels, and entrepreneur discussions. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for networking. I met the alumna who became my mentor at a happy hour in downtown LA. We also get together unofficially as friends all the time for weddings, birthdays, just for fun.
mba2015 -> Yesim How has Chicago Women in Business been helpful to you as a student at Booth?
Yesim -> mba2015 Hi! Chicago Women in Business has supported me both professionally and socially during my two years here. First, it provided many great opportunities to meet other women at Booth in social settings such as the upcoming Spring Dinner and monthly socials, and have a great time. Second, CWiB also has a strong professional development component and holds an annual fall conference during which you can interact with representatives from CWiB's wide array of sponsors in an exclusive setting. I actually found the leads for two of my interview offers from the CWiB fall conference! In addition, CWiB also offers many lunch-n-learns with corporate sponsors and they not only provide great opportunities to explore careers at different companies but also feature some of the best free food on campus:-)
Nazobaby -> Joanne Am in nigeria and i want to come to US for MBA, how much is it going to course me.
Joanne -> Nazobaby Hi Nazobaby. The costs for the MBA are the same, regardless of citizenship. You can read more about the costs (including living costs) online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/costs.aspx (these are costs for this year; we'll update that with costs for next year soon). We offer loans for international students that either require a co-signer, or not, depending on your individual situation. We also offer a variety of scholarships and fellowships.
sarah243 -> Taria I'm very interested in marketing. What differentiates Chicago Booth in the marketing arena?
Taria -> sarah243 Hi Sarah. In general, Booth is a school that teaches you how to think and develop solutions to complex problems. These are skills that are essential to a marketing career. More specifically, Booth takes a data-driven approach to marketing that helps set its students apart from those of other MBA programs. In addition to the data-driven approach, we also learn the fundamentals of marketing through various real-life cases.
mba2015 -> Jaime S For the current students - how would you describe the community at Booth?
Jaime S -> mba2015 Great question - I'll touch on a few main points that I feel are most important. I'd say first and foremost, it is very collaborative and cooperative. Students are really open to helping each other succeed, both in the classroom and during recruiting, which has been a great and welcome surprise for me. Additionally, there are so many events going on through the professional and social student groups on campus, both formally and informally. There is not a dull moment here! Having both the Harper Center in Hyde Park and the Gleacher Center downtown as well as living in the wonderful city of Chicago gives us a ton of opportunities to get together.
mba2015 -> Sara Alums, please chime in on how the alumni network has helped you in your career path since graduating.
Sara -> mba2015 The alumni network has been an invaluable resource for me. I connected with alumni as a student to develop an understanding of their career path and to get career advice. Alumni were always willing to meet with me and attend events at Booth including conferences and other special events. I continue to connect with alumni even as an alum myself to get career advice and to stay up to date on sector trends (education for me since I am in education).
Gabby -> Taria What was/is your favorite class and why?
Taria -> Gabby Gabby, my favorite class thus far has been Managerial Decision Making with professor Christopher Hsee. I loved that class because the concepts and skills I learned are applicable to both my personal and professional lives. Also, professor Hsee is AMAZING! Oh, how I love his dry humor :-)
Mambo -> Jaime S Hi everyone, thanks for chatting with us. I wanted to ask if you all could share your most memorable experience at Booth
Jaime S -> Mambo There are so many amazing moments but I'd say that starting off my time at Booth with a Random Walk trip to Colombia sticks out in my mind. It was a great way to get to know a small group of my 2013 classmates, build relationships with a few second years who led our trip, and experience the fun and exciting culture and nightlife Colombia has to offer! Check out the Random Walks planned for the incoming class of 2014 here: http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/randomwalk/
ElissaMarie -> Sara In your opinion, what sets Booth apart from other MBA programs? Currently, I'm in an HR role looking to expand my business/financial knowledge and eventually move into a Sales position.
Sara -> ElissaMarie I attended Booth because I felt that it provided me with the opportunity to truly understand the fundamentals of business. I was an anthropology and political science major in undergrad and while I had some business background, I wanted to develop a very strong understanding of management skills, strategy development skills and entrepreneurship. I felt that Booth's flexible curriculum allowed me to do this.
mba2015 -> Zina How does the MBA impact the way you solve problems?
Zina -> mba2015 The Booth MBA specifically has been so useful for me in solving problems. Professors really teach you how to approach problems: what to do when you have imperfect information, what are the right questions to ask, whom should you go to for help and when. I started using problem-solving techniques I learned in a marketing class in my second quarter at school during my summer internship. I must say, my boss was impressed that I was asking the right questions for the high-level project I was working on, right from the first day. As an alum, I use the problem-solving skills in my business. For example, how much money should I spend upgrading our web site, should I buy out our competitor, how much should I pay for a real estate investment, etc. These skills are a great reason to pursue the Booth MBA.
KatieA -> Joanne Did anyone attend the Forte Womens MBA Conference? I'd like to get some feedback on whether or not its worthwhile.
Joanne -> KatieA Hi KatieA: I attend the Forte Conference each year as a staff member and while I don't get to go to the individual sessions, I do get a chance to talk to the MBA women who do. The overall feeling is that it is invaluable; it's a great opportunity to start building your network, meet with recruiters from top firms and learn more about women's issues. We just posted a blog entry about the conference from an attendee from last year at http://boothstudents.blogspot.com/. Check it out!
jenny2014 -> Sara Sara, how did the MBA at Chicago Booth prepare you for work in the non profit area? Did you feel supported from a career services perspective?
Sara -> jenny2014 Great question! This was something I was very nervous about. I was not sure if an MBA made sense for me. I ultimately explored a variety of business schools and felt that Booth was going to give me a strong sense of the business fundamentals that I felt were critical for succeeding in the non-profit sector. I took classes in strategy, managerial and org behavior, entrepreneurship, and marketing and now use all those skills on a daily basis in my work today. As for the career center, I did feel supported. I did some independent searching but also found that there were lots of positions posted on the Booth job board. Also, Booth has recently brought on someone to focus specifically on social enterprise initiatives and she will be a huge resource to ensure both current students and alumni are in the loop on pursuing a career in the social impact space.
susan -> Yesim Hi All, thanks for this chat platform. My question is applicable more for the recent international grads who are placed in jobs : How has the current job market situation in USA affected the way the career services assist, companies recruit and the students reach out for jobs- any significant changes? Please share how so and if so how has it affected international students specifically? Thanks, Susan
Yesim -> susan Hi Susan! I am originally from Turkey but have been in the US for the last 11 years. I would say that the current job market for international students is not significantly different than the previous years I applied for jobs. Basically, for international students it's most important to find companies that are willing to sponsor work permits in the long term. These companies are generally the bigger corporations and in my current experience they are still as interested as ever in recruiting more diverse candidates. In addition, in the last year I have happily observed more start-ups and venture capitals recruit international students and offer work permits. As to the support from the school, Chicago Booth Career Services has been phenomenal in helping us, specifically international students, search for and reach out to jobs. There are numerous training opportunities throughout the year ranging from adapting to the recruiting culture in the US to preparing for interviews. I don't think there will be any significant changes in the amount of support moving forward and you will find that Booth Career Services will not only reach out to you often with guidance but also make themselves available whenever you need them.
Mambo -> Taria What organization at Booth has been most beneficial for your career path?
Taria -> Mambo Mambo, Booth's student organizations generally fall in two main categories: Professional and Personal Interest. Given that, the organization that's been most beneficial to my career is the Marketing Group. The Marketing Group maintains excellent relations with companies that recruit here for marketing, and the group organizes a ton of networking and training events. Just know that there is most likely a professional group that focuses on the career path you're interested in and that you'll receive lots of support from that group.
Mambo -> Sara I'm very interested in org development and diversity initiatives. Could someone please talk about the Organizational development concentration?
Sara -> Mambo I was a managerial and organization behavior concentration. I really enjoyed my classes in this space and learned how to be a better manager. It helped me understand how to develop systems and structures and how to manage across lines of difference. I think about these things every day at work and in fact, have been able to bring a lot of these best practices to some of my peers at work where we talk about management and diversity on a daily basis.
Gabby -> Elaine The WSJ had an article yesterday by Sue Shellenbarger with recommendations on what companies can do to include more women in leadership. How much do you agree with the article? Is there a point or two that you think is off? What is Booth doing as well to address women in leadership?
Elaine -> Gabby Hi Gabby. I agree with the article in terms of the importance of women in business and the increased awareness and focus that organizations are placing on developing future female leaders. I also liked the many recommendations from executives at the end of the article. I guess the one point I personally thought was off, again - in my perspective - was that women can be "dismissed" in work settings. I only say this because in our community with 35% female, I never feel as if my male peers disregard my contributions. I also never felt that way in my almost 7 years of professional experience. One of the MANY ways that Booth addresses women leadership is through the various speaker series that invite executive women to speak on campus. Additionally, there are opportunities through various concentrations to have a female alum as a mentor. Lastly, the supportive culture provides women with completely equal opportunities to take leadership roles in clubs, organization, LEAD etc. I hope this helps!
Ashley -> Yesim Hello. I noticed an event called the "Karaoke for Cancer Fundraiser Event" listed under past events on the CWiB website. Is this an annual event? Also, are there other opportunities such as this offered throughout the school year to Chicago Booth Students and CWiB members?
Yesim -> Ashley Hi Ashley! While we have yearly fundraising events, they are not always Karaoke. It is mostly up to the current CWiB members and co-chairs to decide on the variety of activities they would like to undertake, and you can definitely make Karaoke a tradition. As a side note, Booth loves Karaoke. Booth Follies and AudioBooth are two organizations that frequently host parties at Karaoke bars around town. There is always a lot going on at Booth socially (and most of them have a social responsibility component as well) and your main worry will likely be how to choose between multiple fun, social and/or professional events in any given night.
gillian_mba -> Jaime S Given that Booth doesn't have a cohort, how do you build strong bonds with your classmates?
Jaime S -> gillian_mba Hi Gillian! Booth does have a Cohort system, though not in the same sense as some other top MBA programs you may be considering. At the beginning of orientation we are all randomly put into one of ten cohorts and go through various activities together, such as the LEAD class (the only class that is mandatory at Booth) that runs through the first half of fall quarter as well as team building activities during a 3-day trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. There are cohort activities that have continued throughout the school year such as a scavenger hunt and trivia night. Outside of the cohort, there are ample opportunities to get to know your classmates - in classes, throughout recruiting, through both formally and informally planned social events, Random Walks, and other trips throughout the year (ski trips, spring break treks and trips, etc.) - there is no shortage of opportunities to build strong bonds that will last welll beyond graduation. On any given day, just walk through the Winter Garden at the Harper Center and you will be able to catch up with many of your classmates!
jenny2014 -> Joanne I'm going to be applying for Fall 2014, but plan to spend the next year preparing. Does anyone have any advice for how I can best to that?
Joanne -> jenny2014 Hi Jenny! There's a lot you can do to start prepping for your application. First, start exploring the GMAT. Get familiar with the exam (changes are coming to it this summer that will include an Integrated Reasoning section) and start thinking about when you will take it for the first time. I'd also encourage you to read the essay questions of the schools you're looking at; while they may change before you apply, it's good to start to know what we're looking for. Consider getting involved in some activities outside of work, if you're not already, and finding leadership opportunities within that--show us what you're passionate about! Finally, visit--there is no better way to really get a sense of a school, its students and its culture.
Nattaya -> Elaine Hello! Could you please share what is the culture of Chicago Booth in your point of view/ from personal experience?
Elaine -> Nattaya Hi Nattaya. I second that the Booth culture is incredibly collaborative. There is a special energy here in our community and this school thrives off of the diversity of thought, background, life experiences etc. that each student offers. I have learned as much, if not more, from my peers who are always willing to share their time and knowledge with fellow students.
mba2015 -> Joanne I am very early on in my career; can you tell me how the MBA will impact me in the admissions process?
Joanne -> mba2015 We believe it's best for each student to apply when they are ready, so we welcome applications from students who are earlier on in their careers. Most students wait until the 5-year mark to apply, but many more are becoming aware that they have plenty to offer earlier on and are anxious to begin the MBA journey! In your application, it will be important to talk about why now is the right time to pursue your degree.
Moderator -> Everyone Thanks for all of your great questions! Keep them coming. We look forward to answering more.
Lisa -> Zina Hello current students and alums, could you please share your internship and/or post-MBA work experience? Do you think Booth helped you achieved your career goal?
Zina -> Lisa Hi Lisa, Booth provided me with opportunities I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. Before school, I was working at my family's small business, and my internship was at the corporate headquarters of Sears. It was an interesting opportunity to work on a confidential project for the CEO and gave me a view of what a corporate career would look like. That experience showed me that I prefer the small business and entrepreneurial environment. I returned to my family's business with a whole new perspective. Using new skills, I have increased revenue, sharpened our marketing, improved client retention, and most importantly to me, I've created a happier working environment for me and my employees. I've also done some consulting, hired by fellow alums. I couldn't have done it without the Booth MBA.
StephaniaRomaniuk -> Elaine How did pursuing an MBA fit into your career path? Why did you want to go back to school rather than continue learning "on-the-job" or through other professional development opportunities? For the alums, how has an MBA helped your career path? Were there any downsides? (not to focus on the negative, but just being realistic!)
Elaine -> StephaniaRomaniuk Hi Stephania. An MBA fit into my career path in two key ways. One, I had reached management in my organization, which was a personal goal of mine after moving through my previous organization. After managing people and recognizing that I wanted to pursue a future career as a senior executive (though long term) I knew that there were still areas of development that I personally needed and I felt that an MBA was the perfect next step for me. Secondly, I also wanted to change industries. Though it is easy to change jobs, it was more about personal growth, development and learning for me than career advancement.
Swati -> Jaime S I do not have a typical business background and my undergrad is liberal arts. Will I be at a significant disadvantage against my peers at Booth?
Jaime S -> Swati Hi Swati - you are certainly not alone here! With a class of nearly 600 students, there is a very diverse mix of academic and professional backgrounds. I was surprised to find so many students with similar interests and backgrounds to my own. The nice thing about Booth is you have complete flexibility to choose what level of classes to take, starting on day 1. Even with a more quantitative background, I chose to take the introductory foundations classes in my fall quarter to help ease me back into school. With the help of study groups, TA reviews and completely accessible professors, you will be just fine!
dtown66a -> Joanne I saw a save the date about the women's conference for current and prospective students. Can you share more about what that will cover?
Joanne -> dtown66a We are excited to offer the Booth Women Connect Conference in September 2012 right here! While it's a little early to discuss specifics, we will offer opportunities for networking, sessions with our faculty and panel discussions with alumnae. I'm on the planning committee, so we are still working through the details. It'll take place at our downtown campus in Chicago. The website is http://www.chicagobooth.edu/bwcc/savethedate-backup/index.aspx. Stay tuned!
HeatherR -> Sara I don't spend much time dealing with numbers in my current job, so brushing up on math skills since college has been a challenge for me. Since Booth is known for having a quantitative approach, how much of a obstacle will that pose for those of us who are more qualitatively oriented?
Sara -> HeatherR Hi Heather!! I never really dealt with numbers. As I mentioned before, I was a political science and anthropology major in undergrad and then was a recruiter following my senior year. While my team was data oriented, it was not complex number crunching and I was really nervous about this coming into Booth. Turns out, I was totally fine! I worked hard in some of the more numbers oriented classes and found that even some of the non-finance classes had numbers too such as marketing and strategy classes. I was able to handle the numbers quite easily though and ultimately found that it provided a much needed professional development opportunity. It forced me to refine and improve my reasoning and strategic thinking skills and feel more comfortable with data. Finally, the students at Booth are very collaborative. When I was struggling, I simply went to my friends who had more of a numbers background and they would sit with me to help me to make sure I was feeling good about my work.
Dgopen -> Yesim Hi all. Yesim, could you go into a bit more detail as to the process to become a CWiB co-chair? Thank you
Yesim -> Dgopen Hi Dgopen! Sure! I think the process to become a co-chair is similar in most organizations on campus. We typically look for CWiB members who have joined the club early on, participated in multiple activities, made an effort to get to know other women and the current co-chairs, and showed passion for CWiB in their applications. Those who attend a healthy number of CWiB activities including the big ones such as the Fall Conference usually have great ideas on what they like about CWiB and what they would like to improve on, and this reflects clearly to their applications. We also look for relevant experience in applicants' backgrounds that shows their sense of responsibility, organization skills etc. but we don't necessarily eliminate an applicant for lack of experience. Finally, a friendly, positive and open attitude also always helps:-)
kristin2015 -> Taria Can someone tell me more about the LEAD experience? And what did you get out of it?
Taria -> kristin2015 Kristin, LEAD consists of a series of modules that all incoming MBAs must take prior to the start of school. During the summer before you matriculate, you will be required to take a personality assessment and collect 360 feedback from people who know you best. The LEAD program then uses this data to help you understand your leadership style and the things you can do to become a better leader. LEAD helped me become more self-aware, which I found invaluable. I now have a better sense of how others perceive me, and I can be more flexible in changing situations. I also learned that I was not a good presenter, and I have spent the last two years developing that skill.
ElisaM -> Zina Zina, can you tell me more about Women’s Week? I can’t attend the event in my city, so I’m curious to know what the event would be like.
Zina -> ElisaM We started Women's Week because, as alumnae, we wanted to share our experiences with prospective women students in a relaxed atmosphere and in our hometowns. The events are small and casual. Tonight, I'm hosting at my house and I'll be making brownies and frittatas later! We'll be chatting one-on-one, with alumnae candidly answering any questions about our Booth experiences. Not unlike this web chat! Hopefully Elisa, we'll have another chance to meet in person!
gillian_mba -> Elaine Do you feel Booth has a diverse student population (previous career experience, age, ethnicity, nationality, etc) and how do you feel that enriches the Booth experience?
Elaine -> gillian_mba Hi Gillian. I ABSOLUTELY feel that Booth has an incredibly diverse student population. It adds to the environment 100%. Whether in class, group meetings, events/fun activities the diverse experiences and perspectives open your mind to new ways of thinking, ways that you would never have been able to experience if not for this incredibly student body.
Mambo -> Sara Sara_do you know of any companies that recruited at Booth for that particular function?
Sara -> Mambo Do you mean diversity initiatives? I can't answer this question with certainty but there are certainly lots of companies who recruited at Booth who focus on diversity initiatives. Many of the corporations place a high value on diversity work and I know they do have some roles that focus on this. I also know lots of non-profits think about this. I work at Teach For America and we post many of our jobs on the Booth job board and we do hire specifically for diversity focused roles.
Mambo -> Joanne Thanks ladies. Joanne, I apologize if this is the not the right forum to ask this question, but I missed signing up for the Washington DC Women's Week Event and it is no full. Would be advisable to attend even if I did not sign up? Is there anything I would need to do before hand?
Joanne -> Mambo No problem! Unfortunately, this event is now full, but if we get any cancellations, I'll let you know. You can email us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we'll keep you posted if a space becomes available. Women's Week events are happening all over the world this week--RSVP at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/diversity.aspx!
Gabby -> Joanne Are there opportunities to visit the Harper Center during the summer?
Joanne -> Gabby Yes, the Harper Center is open each day (except for holidays). Admissions offers an abbreviated Campus Visit Program during the summer months (early June-early October) while our students are away from campus. An info session and tour are available each day at 10:30am. We'll have more information on summer visits posted soon.
ElisaM -> Jaime S Do first and second year students interact frequently? If so, in what ways?
Jaime S -> ElisaM Hi Elisa! There are tons of opportunities to interact across classes. Because of the flexible curriculum, I am currently in class with 2nd years. They were a huge resource for us during internship recruiting (resume reviews, networking, interview prep, etc.). You can also sign up for a 2nd year mentor over the summer before you start school. Additionally, there are tons of events planned through various student groups for both 1st and 2nd years.
dtown66a -> Elaine What are the lab courses like?
Elaine -> dtown66a For the question about lab courses, my experience has been amazing. The courses I have taken have provided the opportunity to work in groups like working on mini consulting projects. In one of my marketing lab classes, we worked on a project for a winery in CA. It is amazing the diversity of the companies and projects that Booth provides to students in lab courses. It is as much fun working in a lab course as it is hearing your fellow students' presentations and experiences at the end of the course. It is truly amazing what companies trust us to help them with. The course was structured perfectly well in terms of timeline, scope of project and level of the support of the faculty. I highly recommend taking a lab course!
Melissa -> Joanne Can you tell me if there are any admissions events coming up where I can meet current students and/or alumnae?
Joanne -> Melissa This week, we are offering Women's Week events all over the globe, in 30 cities! RSVP at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/diversity.aspx. Alumnae host these special events. In the summer months, our current students will host events in their hometowns, or wherever they are working in their internships or new full-time jobs. We'll post more information on these student-hosted summer events soon. These are casual, happy hour-type events designed for you to get to know our amazing students. I hope you can join us!
mba2015 -> Sara I am interested in transitioning to the non-profit space after my MBA. How does the recruiting process work for social-impact related careers at Booth?
Sara -> mba2015 Great question. It varies. Some non-profit companies recruit on campus. For example, Education Pioneers recruits for internships on campus and you interview on campus. Similarly, the Broad Fellowship does the same. Other non-profits simply post jobs via Booth but do not do on-campus recruiting. Finally, similar to some other industries, it is very important to network and get to know alumni working in the space. They can provide you with other connections and an understanding of the opportunities that are out there for MBAs. Finally, Booth recently started a social enterprise initiative that I think will also be a great resource for career opportunities.
Cherise -> Zina I’m looking at a variety of schools; what is unique about Chicago Booth for women?
Zina -> Cherise We've got great people and great support, but I must say that what is completely unique to Chicago Booth is our global alumnae network. There is no other business school in the world that has such a strongly connected women's alum community. That includes our alumnae organization, CWIBAN (Chicago Women in Business Alumnae Network), with over 4,200 members on 6 continents. Our network is how we can host Women's Week in 30 cities worldwide, but also how we can provide one-on-one support to each other. For example, I've got an alumna friend in Bangkok who is pursuing job leads in Hong Kong and several other cities. Our network is able to connect her with local contacts who are happy to help. It's a resource for us as alumnae that we have created and shaped, and it's there for us wherever we are on the planet.
Lauren -> Yesim 'm interested how the Booth School helps with job placement toward the end of your time there
Yesim -> Lauren Hi Lauren! I am actually returning full-time to my summer internship company. However, I have friends who have chosen not to and they are currently looking for jobs. I know Career Services is assisting them, almost to the point of hand-holding them, through this process. In addition to sending out weekly reminders on new opportunities available to students, they also make Career Development mentors available to you as you need them. You also get to participate in weekly career search meetings where you can share information on how to search for opportunities and go about recruiting in general with fellow students. One of my friends stated that this process helps keep him in check and supports him throughout.
kristin2015 -> Jaime S Can someone tell me more about how the flexible curriculum works?
Jaime S -> kristin2015 Hi Kristin! I too was unclear about what "flexible" really meant! There is only one class required by Booth - LEAD - which you will go through with your cohort during orientation and ends halfway through fall quarter. There are 3 foundations classes everyone must take (Microeconomics, Business Statistics and Financial Accounting) but you can choose when to take them and at what level. Beyond that, you are free to take whatever classes you want, when you want, and even across the broader University of Chicago campus.
Nattaya -> Elaine Could you share what makes Entrepreneurship at Chicago Booth a unique and strong one?
Elaine -> Nattaya Hi Nattaya. In response to your question about Entrepreneurship at Booth, my answer is RESOURCES, RESOURCES, RESOURCES! Whether it is the amazing and broad list of courses, the events/networking opportunities through the Polsky Center, the amount of information, speaker series, lunch and learns, presentations and pitching opportunities - there is something happening daily and weekly for Entrepreneurship at Booth.
jenny2014 -> Sara Sara, what is an "admissions fellow"? Did you interview applicants?
Sara -> jenny2014 An admissions fellow is an opportunity we can get involved in during our 2nd year of school. As an admissions fellow, we take part in reviewing applications and interviewing candidates. You can get involved in admissions work even earlier though by giving tours of the building, hosting information sessions, and talking with prospective applicants.
kristin2015 -> Taria Hi Taria, how did Booth support you as a career switcher from finance to marketing?
Taria -> kristin2015 First, I was able to meet with Career Services before school started to discuss my career plans. Also, career coaching and planning is integrated with the school's LEAD program, so you'll get to participate in modules like Industry Immersion and talk to alums who are in functions you want to be in. The school also preps us on things like general recruiting etiquette. Personally, going to company recruiting events and speaking with recruiters was extremely helpful to me. I learned the marketing 'lingo' and was able to ask relevant questions. The recruiters knew that I was a career switcher, and they were extremely helpful and patient with me during the Fall recruiting process. Also, the Marketing Group provided me with a marketing guide, which could sort of be described as a "marketing for dummies" manual. Furthermore, I reached out to alums at the companies I was interested in and those alums mentored me through the process. In short, I got a ton of support as a career switcher.
Melissa -> Jaime S How did you prepare for the GMAT? I will be taking it for the first time this summer.
Jaime S -> Melissa Hi Melissa. I chose to take an in-class Kaplan course because I knew I needed to be put on a set schedule to keep up with the review. I would carve out time throughout the week and weekends and set your test time so you have a deadline you're building up to. I would definitely recommend taking the test before you start your applications, as both are very time consuming!
Lisa -> Joanne Hello Joanne! I am going to apply for Fall 2013, and preparing the CFA test at the moment. Do you think pass the CFA test would add value to my application and also to my B-school study? I am focusing on finance by the way.
Joanne -> Lisa Advanced degrees and certifications are always impressive to the admissions committee; it shows a great commitment to your profession and will definitely add value to discussions when you start recruiting and you might find you're able to take more advanced finance classes right from the start when you begin the Booth MBA.
kristin2015 -> Zina Zina, how have you leveraged the Booth network as an alum?
Zina -> kristin2015 Kristin, a million ways! For example, I wanted to try non-profit consulting on the side while running my real estate business. I mentioned this to a local alumna whom I had met when we both attended the Forte forum on behalf of Booth. She and I had become friends. Well, this alumna owns a boutique consulting firm specializing in non-profits, and she hired me for a project without even looking at my resume. It was a great experience that I technically wasn't qualified for, but she gave me a chance because she knew me through the Booth network. Fast forward a few years, she was having her second baby. Her family lives far away, so I was the one on call to pick up her older son when she went into labor. I can give you many more examples of how I've leveraged the network finding new clients and even a few dates!
Nattaya -> Joanne Hi Joanne - can I ask when will the essay questions / key dates etc. be released for class entering in Fall 2013?
Joanne -> Nattaya We're working on it as we speak! We'll post that information in late June or early July.
kristin2015 -> Elaine hi Elaine, can you tell me more the Booth community? And as an East Coaster how you like Chicago?
Elaine -> kristin2015 Hi Kristin. The community at Booth is phenomenal. What makes it most special is that the flexible curriculum paired with LEAD, group projects, endless clubs/organizations provide you with the opportunity to have many communities - building your network across them all. As an East Coaster - I LOVE Chicago. It is a fabulous city, one that I hope to stay in for a long time. Whatever you are into, it is here in Chicago. I personally love music and have enjoyed the many venues here in the city. The lake is beautiful, the people are friendly, the city is unbelievably clean. It is as close to a perfectly livable city as you can get!
jenny2014 -> Sara For Sara: how did you find the transition from an undergrad degree in humanities to business school? I don't have a "quant" background.
Sara -> jenny2014 I found the transition to be easy! I was incredibly nervous though. When I first got to Booth, I felt like everyone knew SO much and were so smart and I thought that I would just end up flailing. Turns out--I was really ok! Ultimately, admissions had faith in my abilities and they were right. I was able to do very well in classes and simply found when I was confused I could go to my classmates or my professors. My classmates were incredibly collaborative and were always willing to help. Similarly, I found professors were very accessible and when I felt confused or concerned, it was very easy to go to them to get further assistance.
mba2015 -> Yesim Yesim, can you tell us more about CWiB’s activities?
Yesim -> mba2015 Sure! CWiB is a unique club on campus in that it has both professional and social components. On the social side we organize numerous activities during the year ranging from Poker nights with Professor Bester, Spring dinner, Style events at Banana Republic to Golf outings and social nights at wine clubs. On the professional side, we have numerous lunch-n-learns with our Corporate sponsors where you can explore careers at these organizations and meet with alumni and recruiters. We also have a big conference in the fall which features professional development sessions on relevant topics such as networking, in addition to an exclusive cocktail hour with recruiters from our corporate sponsors. It's a great opportunity to learn from women leaders, form connections with companies of interest and generally have fun with the fellow women.
kristin2015 -> Jaime S Do you feel Booth has a diverse student population and how has it enriched your experience there?
Jaime S -> kristin2015 Hi Kristin. I continue to be impressed by all the amazing things my classmates have accomplished. Students are literally from all over the world and from all different academic and professional backgrounds. From a former NFL player to a student who ran her family business in Peru, I have learned so much in classroom discussions and in informal conversations on and off campus.
Swati -> Elaine How does the LEAD program help you during your time at Booth? What is the most helpful part of the program?
Elaine -> Swati Hi Swati. The LEAD program provides self-awareness and self discovery in a low risk environment with a group of people who are all involved and engaged to help you recognize your strengths and opportunities before you embark on this incredible 2 year journey. I am a LEAD facilitator for next year and one of the main reasons I had for choosing to become one is that I feel it is incredibly important to personal and professional growth.
Greta -> Jaime S I am planning on applying round 1 and would like to visit Booth before I do so. Is the summer a good time to visit or should I wait until the school year begins (say September)? Thanks!
Jaime S -> Greta Greta, I would try to either visit campus before the end of this school year or when we're back on campus in early October. I know that is cutting it close but you will really benefit from doing a campus visit at that time. You will have an opportunity to sit in on a class, talk to students in an info session, have lunch with students, and take a tour of the building.
Greta -> Joanne Who should I get a letter of recommendation from?
Joanne -> Greta You should always get letters of recommendation from those who know you best. We require two, and one should be from a supervisor or, if that's not possible, a former supervisor. The other can be from anyone--another professional reference, or perhaps a mentor or volunteer coordinator. No matter who writes it, take the time to sit down with those people, bring your resume, and talk about your goals and your interest in the MBA. Give them plenty of time to write those letters and be sure to thank them after!
ElisaM -> Elaine Where do most students live?
Elaine -> ElisaM Hi Elisa! I would say most students live downtown, in the loop or in Hyde Park. I personally live in Streeterville and there are about 20+ students in my neighborhood. All neighborhoods in Chicago are unique and wonderful, it just depends on what you want your commute to be like.
Bll0300 -> Yesim How approachable is the Chicago Women in Business alumni community? Yesim, you mentioned the fall conference, but outside of that, can you connect with other alumni?
Yesim -> Bll0300 Yes, Fall conference is a great opportunity to meet up with CWiB alumni at our Corporate Sponsors. Other than that, female Booth alumni have formed an organization called CWiBAN that is currently led by Zina. CWiB and CWiBAN have explored opportunities to connect current students and alumni in the past and facilitated mentorship programs and social networking events. We are always looking to extend the partnership and I believe this will serve as one of the goals of next year's co-chairs.
addgg4283 -> Joanne Is Chicago Booth Admissions considering accepting the GRE instead of the GMAT? I know other institutions are accepting both platforms now, and I was wondering Booth's position on this requirement.
Joanne -> addgg4283 It's something we're talking about, though we haven't finalized a decision on that yet. We'll keep you posted on this.
kristin2015 -> Sara what kind of activities do the 'Net Impact' and 'Give Something Back' organizations do, and what other types of social impact opportunities does Booth have?
Sara -> kristin2015 The organizations are a bit different in focus. Give Something Back is a great organization that provides community service opportunities to Booth. Net Impact focuses on careers in social impact. As a member of Net Impact, you can attend lunch and learns with different social sector organizations and leaders, be a part of Board Fellows (you get to serve as a temporary member of a non-profit board), and take part in different social sector consulting opportunities. Net Impact is also a way to get connect to social impact careers.
jenny2014 -> Zina Question for Zina: thank you for being on the chat, it's great to see alums so involved. what drove you to lead CWIBAN? How have you seen it evolve over the years?
Zina -> jenny2014 We founded CWIBAN 10 years ago at the suggestion of Professor Ann McGill who loved the enthusiasm of our women's student community and, like us, wanted it to continue as we graduated and headed out to the world. Honestly, I get so much out of my volunteering with CWIBAN and Booth in general. I've made wonderful friends. Just now, as I am considering a career change, I have more alumnae than I can count who have offered to help me. It's overwhelming! Over the years, CWIBAN has continued to grow and strengthen. We've deepened our connections with current women students, expanded our in-person events in cities around the world, and truly offer alumnae support wherever they are in the world. One thing that has not changed is that we also share news about each other: who just had a baby, who took a new job, who got married, etc. Alumnae want to know about about what's happening in each others' lives, as well as what's happening professionally.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for your questions! Feel free to continue to submit your questions as the chat will be going for another 15 minutes.
kristin2015 -> Jaime S can you tell us about your career transition and why you chose Booth as the place to help you make that transition?
Jaime S -> kristin2015 Hi Kristin. I worked in private wealth management and in development for a non-profit, and recruited for management consulting and corporate strategy jobs. Career services, as well as 2nd year students, hold all sorts of planning sessions starting during orientation to help you highlight your transferable skills. Additionally, starting the day you get to campus, you can get involved with projects and groups on campus to help build your resume toward your intended internship and full-time job. In selecting which program to attend, I knew Booth would have tons of great companies coming to hire Booth talent, and this was definitely confirmed during the internship recruiting process.
Lenora2014 -> Joanne What is an acceptable GMAT score?
Joanne -> Lenora2014 We do not have a minimum score to be considered for admission. We look at each application holistically, so that each element of the application is taken into consideration before making final decisions.
Greta -> Elaine What kind of background best fits Booth, and what is the most popular industry for recruiting at Booth?
Elaine -> Greta Hi Greta. I can honestly say that there is no one background that best fits Booth. The backgrounds are so vastly different and that uniqueness is what best fits Booth. In terms of recruiting, check out the employment report for more details: http://chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx
mba12 -> Taria Hi, Taria! I am interested in marketing too. Can you share your experience with the companies recruting for marketing on campus? I would like to go to the CA to pursue my marketing career. Are there any CA companies on campus?
Taria -> mba12 There are A LOT of companies that recruit for marketing here at Booth. I found that I had to really know which companies I wanted to recruit with because there just wasn't enough time in the day to talk to all of them. In the fall, the companies will come to campus and conduct 'Lunch n Learns', which provides students with opportunities to get to know the companies and ask questions. In the winter quarter, students are in full interview mode as the corporate 'dating' process is over. Personally, I recruited with companies in the Midwest, but I do know that EJ Gallo, Mattel and Google recruit for marketing positions. Amazon is a big recruiter as well.
StephaniaRomaniuk -> Sara At Booth, is it possible to get good grades, be active in different organizations, network with your colleagues, and still maintain a healthy/balanced lifestyle?
Sara -> StephaniaRomaniuk Good question! Yes--definitely. I was an incredibly active student. I was president of class agents, an admissions fellow, co-chair of Net Impact, and a student member of the dean selection committee. I also interned during the school year and served as a Board Fellow as part of Net Impact. I was also on a New Venture Challenge Team. In the midst of all of this, I took difficult classes and graduated with honors. I also got engaged! This sounds sort of ridiculous as I type this but main point is that I could be involved, get good grades, make friends and maintain my personal relationship!
kristin2015 -> Zina What would you tell somebody who is considering Booth? Can you explain how you think it's going to change their life?
Zina -> kristin2015 The Booth MBA is like getting 10 years of life experience in 2 years, both professionally and personally. The amount of learning is amazing. That's the academic rigor of Booth, as well as the love of learning that both students and professors share. Plus there is so much learning through relationships. I remember some disagreements with my student group co-chairs. They were smart cookies, and no one was the boss, so we had to figure out how to resolve those issues between us. That helped build my leadership skills. Finally, of course I must say that the people are life-changing. I'll never forget Professor Harry Davis who helped me define the person I wanted to be. Now as an alumna, I'm in touch with Booth people every single day. Just had to tell one calling from Boston right now that I'm on this web chat!
susan -> Yesim Hi,I would like to get a feel of the average number of years of prior experience that hiring companies prefer for product management or business development roles in hi-technology or manufacturing industry that you observe among hiring companies? Also how accessible are these jobs to international Booth women ?
Yesim -> susan Susan, I have not observed companies look for a specific number of years of experience. I think what matters more is your description of the relevant skills and experience you have gained. With that said, product development roles in high-tech do look for passion for and/or experience in the industry in general. If you are not coming from a high-tech background, then it is important to prove why this industry really makes sense for you. Finally, I don't have experience with manufacturing jobs, but high-tech jobs are definitely accessible to international Booth women. Most companies are looking to hire diversity candidates, and international women are on top of their lists.
Angie -> Elaine Hi All. I have a question for all the ladies. How did you all handle your GMAT? I am struggling with the test, and I fear it will preclude me from admittance.
Elaine -> Angie Hi Angie. Everyone handles the GMAT in their own way. For me, it was all about preparation. I knew that I needed to get myself to the point where I would feel comfortable and confident walking in to the testing center, so preparation was key for me. I can only say that the GMAT is not the only part of the application you will be measured on.
kristin2015 -> Taria What has been your best or most memorable faculty experience?
Taria -> kristin2015 I have a bunch of great faculty experiences, but Statistics with Alan Bester was amazing. Yes, I said Statistics! Professor Bester is witty, funny, and just plain ole awesome! But best of all, he made learning statistics a breeze!
Neeti -> Sara For Sara, I understand the Polsky Center is a great resource for those considering non-profit work. Did you use the Polsky Center? What kinds of resources do they offer for someone considering getting into non-profits after the MBA?
Sara -> Neeti Hi Neeti! The Polsky Center was a great resource for me. I got involved with the Polsky Center by planning an education entrepreneurship conference and developing relationships with some of the center's staff. These staff members connected me with lots of leaders in the non-profit space. I think the newest development is the social enterprise initiative which is existing outside of the Polsky Center and I think this will become the newest hot spot for understanding the opportunities available in social enterprise.
kristin2015 -> Jaime S Thanks for taking time to answer questions today. I am from California and I wanted to know how does your career center help students with careers if we want a job on the west coast?
Jaime S -> kristin2015 Hi Kristin! I was deciding between staying in the Midwest or heading back out to California and also have a lot of classmates who were looking for jobs on the West Coast. Many of the larger companies have offices out there and will come to Booth and allow you to prioritize which office you'd like to interview with. With Booth's strong brand, companies from across the country (and world, really) will either come to campus to interview students or post to our online job board. Additionally, there were several treks (high tech, investment management, etc.) out there over Winter Break that allowed students to visit companies and network.
StephaniaRomaniuk -> Sara @Sara - amazing! Haha what about enough sleep?
Sara -> StephaniaRomaniuk hah yes--I MUST get 8 hours every night--and I pretty much did.
Mambo -> Joanne Hi Joanne, what specific information are you looking for from recommenders?
Joanne -> Mambo We're looking for them to comment on your areas of strength, areas of weakness and how you've addressed these, how you work in teams or groups and overall comments about how you've performed in your job, especially relative to your peers. Anecdotes and specifics are always helpful, which is why it's a great idea to sit down with your recommenders, to help jog their memory and remind them of how valuable you are!
Nattaya -> Yesim Could someone please guide how could Booth help me in finding job if I want to work in Asia after the MBA (such as Hong Kong, Singapore, China etc.)?
Yesim -> Nattaya Hi Nattaya! I did not recruit for Asia but I had friends who did. Booth has a dedicated Career Services member that focuses on Asia in terms of searching for opportunities, connecting with alumni and forming relationships with new companies. Together with this person students organize a yearly Asia trek during winter break where they visit multiple companies in sectors of interest in Asia. This trek was very helpful to my friends in finding internships.
Rachel -> Sara Zina, how do you feel about the changes in Booth you’ve seen from when you graduated, from an alumna perspective?
Sara -> Rachel Hi Rachel! I think Booth continues to evolve while maintaining true to its brand and identify. Booth is a rigorous business school that wants to provide its students with the best education possible. I think Booth continues to do this but also evolves to provide students with new opportunities in new areas. I think Booth is very focused on continuously improving and think they are constantly wanting to understand their students and how they can best serve their students while maintaining a rigorous education environment. Let me know if you have follow-up questions to this!
Neeti -> Elaine What "edge" do you think Booth gives you in the eyes of recruiters?
Elaine -> Neeti Hi Neeti - I am not sure what the recruiters would say, but my thoughts go back to a statement that I have personally always loved about Booth and that is, we are taught HOW to think not WHAT to think. This has resonated with me and is so true now that I am almost a year through the program. When you talk to recruiters or sit in interviews - your realize just how much this approach has helped you to grow and develop. So I would say our "edge" comes from that.
Neeti -> Taria Did anyone go on a “Random Walk” trip? I’ve heard a little about these, but I don’t know much about what these are.
Taria -> Neeti Neeti, I went on the Mystery Trip (turned out to be Portugal) for my Random Walk. Random Walks are pre-MBA, international trips that students take with 15 of their classmates. It's a great way to bond with you fellow Boothies before school starts. To learn more about Random Walk and to see the 2012 trips, visit this link:
Greta -> Yesim What type of leadership opportunities exist specifically for women at Booth?
Yesim -> Greta Hi Greta! There are so many leadership opportunities available at Booth and all of them are open to women. Those that are specific to women, though; are Chicago Women in Business (CWiB) and Mothers at Booth.
dtown66a -> Joanne How do you view early career applicants?
Joanne -> dtown66a Early career candidates--defined as those with less than 3 years of work experience--are welcome to apply and are looked at the same as other applicants. However, we're also aware that you may not have had the same opportunities for leadership so early on, or chances to really make an impact in your company, so we keep those elements in mind when reading applications from those who have just started working. We're also looking for you to talk about the timing for the MBA is right for you at this point in your career.
Nattaya -> Joanne For Joanne - I read that there are 2 exceptions for int'l not having to take English exam (TOEFL). Just want to check that we need to meet both criteria of the 2 exceptions or just either of the two is sufficient.
Joanne -> Nattaya One of the two (either having a degree from an institution where English is the language of instruction OR are a citizen or permanent resident of a country where English is an official language) will suffice.
jenny2014 -> Taria I'm in a long-term relationship and my partner will be joining me if I enter an MBA program; what kinds of activities can he (or we) be involved in? Are there a lot of women who come with partners or significant others?
Taria -> jenny2014 Hi Jenny. I came to Booth with a partner and am one of a dozen or so women who came with one. What tends to happen is that the women with male partners will gravitate toward each other, and the men become pretty good friends. They go to bars, sporting events, and have game watches, etc. Booth also has a partners group that you partner can get involved with.
jenny2014 -> Zina As a professional working woman, what advice do the students or alums have for how I can make the most of the next year or two at work?
Zina -> jenny2014 First, be confident. Put your best foot forward. Don't under-estimate yourself. That's something many women do (in work and in applying for the MBA), and it breaks my heart! Think about what your strengths are, and let those shine whenever you present yourself. Don't spend time apologizing about your weaknesses. Next, cultivate the network that you have. My suggestion is to keep a list of people that you know even casually. Make a note of how you met them, and keep notes of what you learn: when is their birthday, what is their daughter's name, what does their spouse do for a living, etc. Then keep in touch. Send them an email once a quarter, for example. Ask about that daughter, or hobby, or spouse, or whatever. Call them on the phone and say hello, ask them what their summer plans are. Thank them for anything they do for you. When you're starting or building these relationships, just by saying thank you, you're making it a two-way relationship, a give and take. Then when you get the chance to refer them a client, refer them a good Groupon, whatever, do it. Don't be afraid that you haven't talked to them recently or don't know them that well. When you can give them something, go for it. I must say I've made some wonderful friends who were women in your shoes, who just took the step of reaching out to me. So go for it!
jenny2014 -> Jaime S Jaime, can you tell us more about your internship this summer at MillerCoors?
Jaime S -> jenny2014 Hi Jenny! I'm really excited about the opportunity! I will be interning here in the Chicago office in strategic planning (with two other Boothies and a Booth 2011 manager), working with MillerCoors distributors across the country. My internship will be half project, half "learning the job" to prepare me to get a full-time offer. I got the offer through on-campus recruiting and actually enjoyed the interview process with them, so I knew it would be a great fit!
Neeti -> Elaine What things stood out most about Booth during your school search?
Elaine -> Neeti Hi Neeti. A lot stood out about Booth when I was searching, but the top two that come to mind is the flexible curriculum and the energy of the student body/program I experienced every time I visited/spoke with someone. It just felt different here, to me. On top of that - with my work experience, I knew that I wanted to craft my curriculum as I wanted it to be from day 1 and the freedom to do so was very important to me.
Rachel -> Yesim I've heard Booth has a grade non-disclosure policy for recruiters. How does that impact you both in the classroom as well as in recruiting?
Yesim -> Rachel I am a big fan of Grade Non-Disclosure (GND) policy as I have observed it take some of the stress off of our shoulders during the demanding recruiting phase. It also fosters a non-competitive environment in the classroom where students enjoy helping and learning from each other. At the same time, I rarely meet students who don't care about their grades. Most Booth students are over-achievers and they are here to learn. Hence, even with GND you will see that there is a strong culture of learning at Booth.
Samantha -> Taria What is the Kilts Marketing Fellow program?
Taria -> Samantha Samantha, the Kilts Marketing Fellow program offers annual scholarship assistance with a mentoring relationship for select MBAs who are interested in pursuing marketing careers. For more information, please feel free to visit the following link: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/students/fellowships/
Ashley -> Yesim Hello. What are some of the networking opportunities available to Chicago Booth women that enable them to build relationships with women leaders from other universities during their completion of the MBA program?
Yesim -> Ashley Hi Ashley! There are many outside of Booth opportunities to meet women leaders from other universities during MBA. Forte Women's Conference is one of them and is highly recommended. Our incoming co-chairs have also started a new tradition this year where women from various MBA schools are getting together in Vegas to network and participate in professional development and social activities.
ElissaMarie -> Joanne Earlier Joanne you mentioned that the average years of work experience prior to admittance into Booth is 5 years. As an MBA school what value do you see from students who have fewer years experience?
Joanne -> ElissaMarie We value a diverse community and for us, that includes enrolling students who embody that in every way. In that sense, work experience is one area where students can differ from and thus learn from one another. Someone with less work experience can be an important voice in a classroom discussion and be attractive to employers who are looking to hire at different experience levels.
Abimbola -> Joanne If a candidate ware applying to to bOoth for an MBA, are there any specific coures of study you prefer for candidates to have taken in their first degree. I'm quite concerned about this, because I have a first degree in International Relations.
Joanne -> Abimbola Not at all; we welcome students to apply to and enroll at Booth regardless of their undergraduate degree or major. In fact, the largest portion of our classes have liberal art or other non-business degrees. If you are admitted, we will give some advice about classes or resources to consider to gear up for your first MBA courses.
Gabby -> Joanne Hi Joanne, if we can only visit during the summer, would it be possible to meet current students who are interning in the Chicago area in addition to the Campus tour?
Joanne -> Gabby Unfortunately, no. Our students are in internships over the summer months, but you should join us at our student-hosted summer events instead!
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining our chat! The chat has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours at: http://chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat
Taria -> Everyone Thanks for all of your questions! I was great chatting with all of you!
Yesim -> Everyone Thank you everyone for joining us today! I really enjoyed chatting with you, and wish you best of luck in your business school adventure!
Elaine -> Everyone Thanks all! We hope that we have answered your questions and provided you with helpful information and insights on our experiences here at Booth. It is certainly a special place!
Zina -> Everyone You've asked wonderful questions, and keep asking them! I encourage you all to consider the MBA and especially Chicago Booth. If you believe it's right for you, then go for it! I'm glad I didn't wait. It changed my life and was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Jaime S -> Everyone It was great chatting with all of you today and GOOD LUCK with the application process! Be yourself and really take the time to see if Booth is the right fit for you. I hope to see you at a campus visit next year and as part of the Class of 2015!
Joanne -> Everyone Thank you so much for joining our chat! Don't forget to RSVP for Women's Week!
Sara -> Everyone Good luck everyone! It was great chatting with all of you!