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Curious about applying to Chicago Booth? Chat with admissions staff concerning the application, essays, transcripts, test scores and more.

Wednesday, April 25 from 11:00 am - Noon pm CT

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Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining. We will begin the chat in about 10 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining our chat. The chat will begin in 5 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to our chat. The chat has now begun. Feel free to submit your questions now.
kurt -> Everyone Thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth and thanks for joining us, I am looking forward to answering your questions.
Eddie -> Everyone Thanks for joining us. I'm Eddie Pulliam with the Admissions Office and I'm looking forward to answering your questions.
Emily -> Everyone I look forward to chatting with you!
Donna -> Everyone Welcome everyone! I look forward to answering your questions today.
Carrie -> Everyone Hi! I'm Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to answering your questions.
Amy -> Everyone Hi everyone, thanks for joining us today. Looking forward to answering your questions.
arrav -> Emily What is the average GMAT score required for admiission in Full time MBA program?
Emily -> arrav Hi Arrav. We evaluate each applicant in a holistic manner as we appreciate the diversity of experiences each student brings. Therefore, we do not have a minimum or average score that is required for admission. Feel free to check out the class profiles on our website to see previous class averages.
VasishtaAtmuri -> Carrie April 25 has been mentioned as the mid admission date for Round 3. Does this mean that all the interview invites will be sent out by this date?
Carrie -> VasishtaAtmuri Hi Vasishta. The mid-decision date is the date by which we release the following decisions: invited to interview, denied without interview, or incomplete final.
Rinkal -> Amy Hello. How can I get in touch with current or former alumni in London, UK?
Amy -> Rinkal Hi Rinkal, you can contact the respective alumni club: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/alumni/clubs/uk/contact.aspx.
arrav -> Emily Explain eligibility criteria for admission in 2year full time MBA program
Emily -> arrav Hi Arrav. Feel free to check out the Application Process section of our website for specifics regarding applications. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/apply.aspx
G.Watkins -> Donna What would be your advice to a prospective applicant who has substantial work experience (8+ years) with demonstrated leadership but has a low undergraduate GPA? Would a high score on GMAT (90th percentile)balance out the GPA?
Donna -> G.Watkins Our review process looks at each application holistically. We really look at the whole candidate and not just the GPA or GMAT. To assess academic aptitude we look at each applicant's academic history, GMAT scores, work history and any certificates received.
MwendeMutisya -> Eddie On the issue of scholarships, can international students take up jobs within campus or even of-campus to supplement their income? Secondly, may i apply for a joint degree once i am admitted to Booth? I wish to apply for the Master of Public Policy. Thirdly, what is the maximum number of units one can take? And if one does so, can they complete the MBA program in about 16-18months? Lastly, do we have to do summer internships summer break?
Eddie -> MwendeMutisya We don't encourage any students to work while they are in the program. It takes away from your networking and recruiting opportunities. You can apply for a joint degree program once you've been admitted. You need 21 courses to complete the full time MBA program. Students will be recruiting for their summer internships during their first year of study.
DeepikaDarshan -> kurt Is GRE score considered for admission?
kurt -> DeepikaDarshan We are in the process of reviewing our application for next year and are seriously considering accepting the GRE. I would expect us to have a final decision very shortly.
RyanBrown -> Carrie When evaluating application materials from perspective students, will a student that has graduated from a top tier university have an advantage over a student that has attended a smaller, less known school?
Carrie -> RyanBrown Hi Ryan. The application process is a holistic one, and we look at many different aspects of your candidacy to determine fit. In terms of institution, we are more concerned about how an applicant performed at their educational system than the program itself. Given that many factors determine a student's choice of institution, it is difficult to place more or less weight on the institution, which is why we focus on your performance there.
VasishtaAtmuri -> Eddie Does the adcom go through all the essays (including additional essay) if it doesn't find the requirement up to the mark for their school? For example, if GPA is low and the reason is addressed in the additional essay, does the adcom go through it while considering the applicant?
Eddie -> VasishtaAtmuri We read every application from front to back no matter what your scores are.
Joe -> Amy Hi, my name is Joe Qiao from Denver. I am interested in the Chicago Booth Full time MBA programI graduated from my university in 2011. I am working at a big four accounting firm. I was wondering how many years experience would you recommend before i apply for the full time MBA?
Amy -> Joe Hi Joe, while we don't have a standard requirement for work experience, we have seen that students with at least two years of work experience are better able to benefit from the MBA experience at Booth. However, through our holistic evaluation process, work experience is only one factor that we consider.
RyanBrown -> Eddie With the amount of time that I put in at work in a given week, including weekends, I have been unable to contribute time to community service. Will this reflect poorly on me when my application is reviewed?
Eddie -> RyanBrown No, we recognize that there are some jobs that require long hours at work. You can find ways of getting involved at your company. That's very encouraging!
mikem -> Emily How much value do you put into the letters of recommendation? Specifically, is it more beneficial to obtain one from someone who works with you regularly or from someone of a higher profile position?
Emily -> mikem As we take a holistic view to each application, the letters of recommendation serve as an additional resource for us to learn more about you. It is important to choose someone who knows you well, has observed your work and can comment on the areas listed on the reference form.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for your active participation in our chat. As a reminder, a chat transcript of this session will be posted on our public chat page. If you can please refrain from posting any details of your individual background in your question that would be helpful. Thanks!
Ramon -> Carrie Hi, I would like to know what was the rate of applicants interviewed for round 3?
Carrie -> Ramon Hi Ramon. Unfortunately, we do not release our specific interview percentages per round. However, in each round we generally invite anywhere between 30-60 percent of the class.
Manish -> Emily do u guys offer any dual degree .... like jd/mba or so on
Emily -> Manish Hi Manish. We have a wide variety of dual degree programs. All of the programs can be found at this website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/index.aspx
vk -> Eddie Hi, I am interested in the MBA + MPP dual degree program offered by Booth & Harris. Could you pl share some info about the program in general and the eligibility criteria in particular..
Eddie -> vk It's very specific. You may want to look at our website - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/index.aspx and explore the joint degree section. You will have to apply to both programs separately.
Steph -> Amy Hi. What is the average section size and how many sections are there typically?
Amy -> Steph Hi Steph, I suspect you mean the average class size. Our average class has about 50 students, and classes are held Monday through Friday, in the morning and afternoon. If you mean cohorts, we do not have cohorts at Booth, except for LEAD, which is the first course that you would take as a Booth student.
G_bra -> Eddie Hi. I had a master degree in macroeconomics. In Adcom view, could this be considered negative when evaluating my application?
Eddie -> G_bra No, we have several students every year that apply with graduate degrees. It's not reviewed in a negative manner.
RyanBrown -> kurt Are students encouraged to explore MBA concentrations other than the one they came to school to study? If so, have students switched concentrations after this period of exploration? For example, a student has a desire to study finance upon entering the program, but after taking a class or two in strategic management they decide that the latter is the path they ultimately want to pursue.
kurt -> RyanBrown Ryan interestingly enough I would say most students here choose the classes they want to take and the concentrations reveal themselves based on those choices, rather than selecting concentrations first. Whichever strategy you choose the amount of electives we provide in the curriculum allow our students to graduate with at least two concentrations with some getting as many as five. My point is you could easily do Finance and Strategic Management and if those don't work out you should have enough flexibility to change or pick up something else if you decide to do so.
Rose -> Carrie Good morning! How do you view students who have taken time off from work to pursue hobbies/projects?
Carrie -> Rose Hi Rose. Given that each application and applicant's story is different, we would look at that particular situation within the context of the rest of the application. Generally speaking, if an applicant is following her passion and explains how it fits into her story/path, it would definitely be considered a relevant experience!
toots -> Eddie Joining from London! Firstly, can you please tell me how much grant or scholarships are available to international students and what your criteria is in awarding these?Secondly,does chicago booth help in the guaranteeing of loans?
Eddie -> toots All students are considered for our scholarships and awards. As for loans, everyone is eligible to apply for them.
PatrickP -> Amy I'm going to be in Chicago for the first time this August, is there any way I can get a tour of the university? I realize it's outside of the traditional school semester, but do you have tours/information sessions going on?
Amy -> PatrickP Hi PatrickP, yes, we offer campus visits year-round. During the month of August, we will be offering abbreviated campus visits, which will include an information session and building tour led by an admissions staff. For more information about the Daily Campus Visit Program, please feel free to visit us online: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx.
Che -> Emily I'm 30 now, am I considered too old for my MBA (in terms of current b-schools inclination to recently graduated kids)?
Emily -> Che We do not have a minimum or maximum number of years of work experience to be considered for admission. Typically our students have 3-5 years of work experience, however many have more than that. Whenever you feel that you could gain the most from the MBA experience is when you should consider applying regardless of your amount of work experience.
Rita -> Carrie I am a prospective MBA candidate and I intend to join a MBA program in 2013. I wanted to know if there is any current student directory? How I could touch base with them?
Carrie -> Rita Great question! There are several ways to get in touch with our current students. You can view the leaders from every student group, and their contact information, on our website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx. Additionally, if you choose to visit campus, you can interact with students during your visit.
Frank -> Donna What advice would you give re-applicants to improve his or her propsect of admission?
Donna -> Frank Great question! We advise applicants who are not successful to read their application and look for weaknesses. Were your goals clear? Were you able to explain why you need an MBA? Did you answer all of the questions? Show a friend your application. Do they think you answered the questions and have clarity of your future? We will have a blog post in the near future with more advice.
alan -> Emily Hi, My name is Alan. I am very interested in Booth. I just wondering if GMAT score would be a important factor for MBA candidate consideration. My Gmat is 690, would I be considered when I apply for Booth?
Emily -> alan Hi Alan. The GMAT is just one of many factors that is considered during the application process. We take a holistic view of every application and therefore have no minimum GMAT requirement.
Vivek -> Donna Hello. When is the application for the 2013 Full time MBA program expected to become available?
Donna -> Vivek The essay questions will be available in July while the application will be available around August 1st.
Bhanu -> Emily How many letters of recommendation are needed for the application process? Also, is there a standard distribution for the same (say academic, work ex related etc.)?
Emily -> Bhanu Hi Bhanu. We require two letters of recommendation. One should be from a direct supervisor and we just ask that the second is professional in nature.
Che -> Carrie In case of reapplying, do I need to redo my presentation or goals essay & reapplicants' one is enough
Carrie -> Che Hi Che. As a reapplicant, we would encourage you to fill out the new application in its entirety, as that will be the application you are evaluated on. The questions may be the same next year, but they may be different as well. Our new application will be live later this summer.
Charles_Wilson -> Eddie My question is for Mr. Eddie Pulliam...I am half Navajo and was curious about underrepresented minority funding. Are there any grants or scholarships I would be automatically considered for (I am a poor undergrad)? Also, I have a question about applying for the MBA program as a Psychology major. Are there any suggestions for undergraduate coursework to help strengthen my application? I am interested in the Managerial and Organizational Behavior focused MBA program. Does anyone have suggestions on professors I can research in that program, or any contact information for the director of that program?
Eddie -> Charles_Wilson Hi Charles. There are scholarships and merit awards available for all underrepresented groups. As for your major we are basically concerned with how well you performed and your transcripts help us understand your academic strength. If you haven't studied any quantitative courses it might be helpful to take an accounting, calculus or statistics course before applying. Here's the link to our faculty page - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/faculty/directory.aspx You might want to take a look at their bios!
Alexander -> Emily Hi, if an applicant re-takes the GMAT after an app has been submitted, will the adcom consider the new score if it is higher than the original?
Emily -> Alexander Hi Alexander. It depends on where we are in our decision process. If we have not yet rendered a decision on your application, then we will do our best to take into account the new score.
ruffiga -> Amy Good Morning and thank you for holding this event. My question is in regards to letters of recommendation. By the time I submit my application materials to Booth for the Fall of 2013, 5 years will have passed since I graduated from undergrad. Is it still appropriate to have someone (a professor or department chair) write a letter for me considering the time lapse? Thank you so much!
Amy -> ruffiga Hi Ruffiga, regarding letters of recommendation, we encourage you to consider individuals who can provide a more in-depth perspective of who you are as an individual and certain qualities that may not be highlighted in other parts of your application. Only one recommendation needs to be from a supervisor. Should you feel that the professor/department chair who you have in mind can provide a letter of value, then great! Otherwise, we would encourage to reconsider an individual who might be able to speak to your more recent (professional and otherwise) experiences.
JasonF -> Donna The GMAT is changing soon. Will all applicants who apply in Fall 2012 be required to submit scores from the new GMAT? How about applicants who apply in Fall 2013?
Donna -> JasonF GMAT scores are good for five years. As long as your score is valid we will accept it. We will not require the new version of the test.
Andrew_M -> Carrie As a waitlisted candidate, is there anything that I could be doing at this point to further my prospects of admission?
Carrie -> Andrew_M Hi Andrew. We recognize that the waiting process is a long one, and thank you for your patience! At this point, you are welcome to send in any updates that are relevant to your candidacy by April 30th and we will definitely consider those as we evaluate your application.
BMoore -> Emily Is there any part of the application requirements(ie, gpa, gmat score, work experience, community service, interview) that weighs more in the acceptance decision than the other?
Emily -> BMoore We evaluate applications in a holistic manner and therefore, use all of the components to come to a decision on each applicant.
Andrew -> Carrie Hi, may I know if the interview invitations are sent out in a rolling basis or are all sent out in the same day?
Carrie -> Andrew Hi Andrew! We release interview invitations on a rolling basis through the mid-decision date.
Che -> Eddie How does adcom evaluate job experience within a start-up (not a founder)?
Eddie -> Che Hi Che. We just want to see how well you have contributed to your organization no matter what industry it is. The LORs should be very specific about your strengths, leadership and management skills.
Christopher -> Donna Does performance in a graduate program outweigh performance in an undergraduate program?
Donna -> Christopher We will look at your entire academic history. We do not weigh one degree more than another.
Jinmin -> Carrie Hi, thanks for the chat! I am currently waitlisted from Round 2. For those admitted off of a waitlist after the Admitted Students Weekend takes place, are there other activities of similar nature the latecomers could benefit from?
Carrie -> Jinmin Hi Jinmin! Although we don't offer an Admitted Students Weekend in Round 3, there are still many ways to connect with the community. We can schedule personalized visits, as well as connect you with other admitted students.
Che -> Donna I consider reapplying the next year and my goals slightly changed (bse of a new job). Will it be considered inconsistence bse of my previous goals essay?
Donna -> Che No. Just make sure you address this in the re-applicant section of the application.
Seokhwan -> Eddie I heard that round 1 is advantageous for international applicants. Is it true?
Eddie -> Seokhwan We have strong applicants in every round. It doesn't matter when you apply because we are looking for strong qualities from all applicants in every round.
Bouba -> Amy What is the best age to apply? I am 29 and wonder if there is a concern about age. Thank
Amy -> Bouba Hi Bouba, rest assured that your application would not be evaluated regarding your age. Rather, we consider your experience, in addition to other factors that we consider in our holistic evaluation process, that helps to determine a potential mutual fit.
alan -> Emily Regarding the letters of recommendation. My supervisor right now is a senior level staff in my company, who is working very close with me, but he doesn't have a high title or high degree, does it will affect my quality of recommendation?
Emily -> alan Hi Alan. The title of your direct supervisor is not something we evaluate. It is important only that your recommender know you well and are able to comment on your abilities.
KDH -> Carrie I've been waitlisted in the 2nd round and would like to submit one more recommendation letter. How should I send it?
Carrie -> KDH Hi, KDH! You can send your recommendation to admissions@chicagobooth.edu or upload it to the system. If your recommender would like to email it to us directly, they can do so at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Mohit -> Amy Hello everyone.... my question is with respect to recommendation letters... If for some reason I am unable to obtain letters of recommendation from my current supervisor, is it possible that I obtain one letter of recommendation from a social service organisation where I volunteer and one from a previous employer (I left my last employment 1 year 6 months back)?
Amy -> Mohit Hi Mohit, rest assured that we understand that some applicants may not be able to provide that a letter of recommendation from a current supervisor. While we do require a letter of recommendation from a supervisor, that letter can certainly come a from a previous supervisor or employer who can speak to your professional development.
Bouba -> Emily Do you have any TOEFL requirement at BOOTH? Thanks
Emily -> Bouba The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is required of international applicants whose native language is not English, or who did not earn an undergraduate degree or post-graduate degree from an institution in which English is the language of instruction. The minimum TOEFL score required for admission depends on whether applicants take the computerized, Internet-based (iBT), or paper exam. The TOEFL iBT minimum score is 104. The TOEFL computer test minimum score is 250. The TOEFL paper test minimum score is 600. The minimum IELTS score is 7. Applicants who score below the minimums may still apply, but admission would be contingent upon meeting the minimum scores or other language requirements.
Mohit -> Eddie Hello Everyone. I intend to apply to Chicago Booth this fall... I come from a family business background having business in Surface Transportation... my question is with regard to recommendation letters.. since my activities are primarily involved in fleet management and internal office administration, my potential recommenders include my father and drivers... I believe the my father would not qualify as a recommender and I would not want to obtain recommendations from drivers... I am however an active participant in an entrepreneurship promoting social group. Can I obtain recommendations from my superior there? Also, can I obtain recommendations from my previous employer (I left my previous employer 1 year 6 months back)..
Eddie -> Mohit Hi Mohit. You can send in an LOR from a previous manager. A client or the bank that you do business with are also good examples. This is a good opportunity to use the "optional" essay to explain why you aren't using an LOR from your direct manager.
Tainnah -> Emily Regarding the letters of recommendation, if I´m not confortable to talk to my boss about my MBA plans because I think he wouldn't approve it at all and ask someone else at the company who knows me, have seen my work and everything, not having my direct boss recommendation would be a negative sign for my application?
Emily -> Tainnah We understand the concerns about using a current employer. College professors, clients, and other supervisors can be used as references if you are uncomfortable with requesting one from your current employer. Your reference should know you and your work well enough to tell us about your abilities and address the areas indicated on the reference form. If you do not use a current employer, you may comment on the reasons in the optional essay.
Kalil_Nicolas -> Carrie In the typical process, can Round 3 applicants receive a notice of admission before the notification date of May 16?
Carrie -> Kalil_Nicolas Hi Kalil. We officially release all admissions notifications on the final decision day (May 16th for Round 3). That said, we have called applicants in the past to notify them of their decision the day before the deadline. Due to time constraints, time differences, etc we cannot guarantee that this will happen moving forward.
Tara -> kurt Hi, Are there any changes to the Marketing concentration at Booth? Any interesting updates on this front?
kurt -> Tara Tara, Marketing is great concentration at Booth and I will say I am biased given I am a product of the program. Not only is the coursework very analytical and practical in its application but there is a real emphasis on experiential learning opportunities. Through our management labs and lab based courses, students work closely with real companies to get access to "real world" projects in "real time" in the classroom. In addition our Kilts Center for Marketing continues to add extra-curricular programming including student and alumni mentoring opportunities, industry lecture series and brown-bag lunches and industry focused conferences. Finally our exclusive arrangement with Nielsen (http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/chicago-booth-nielsen-collaborateon-groundbreaking-consumer-research-initiative) is opening up tremendous opportunities for our faculty to bring the most innovative research into the classroom in real time. Overall Marketing courses at Booth will give you an incredible analytical perspective and strong understanding of marketing fundamentals and combine that with key relationships in the industry and innovative research to keep you ahead of the curve.
Andy -> Donna I am currently a trader at a top investment bank, and want to remain in trading. I think the MBA will add value to my long term career growth.Does the team frown upon individuals looking to remain in the same industry/job profile as a medium-term career goal?
Donna -> Andy Not at all. There are many people who want to remain at their companies or industries and know the value of the MBA.
arrav -> Amy from where I can obtain admission brochure
Amy -> arrav Hi Arrav, we welcome you to visit us online to view our interactive online version of our viewbook: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/transform/. In addition, we encourage you engage with us in other ways: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/engage/index.aspx.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. We have lots of great questions and are answering as many as we can. Thanks for being patient with us.
Tainnah -> Eddie Does the University encourage couples to apply together? If so, where can we state that in our application?
Eddie -> Tainnah Hi Tainnah. We have couples that apply together every year. There is a place in the application that you use to let us know if that's the case.
Andy -> Carrie What is the typical acceptance rate from the candidate pool for Round 1?
Carrie -> Andy Hi Andy. Unfortunately, we do not share our acceptance rates per round.
Seokhwan -> Emily For interview, do I need to visit Booth campus in person?
Emily -> Seokhwan If you reside within the Chicago area or 100 miles from campus we ask that you do come to campus for an interview. However, those that live outside the area are welcome to interview in their area with one of our local alums.
Steve_Farr -> Carrie Hi everyone, thank you for putting this together. I was curious how the wait-list process works for the 3rd round. Can students be put on the wait-list following 3rd round decisions or will we know a definitive answer on May 16th? Thank you in advance, Steve.
Carrie -> Steve_Farr Great question, Steve! We will be maintaining a wait list after Round 3, so it is possible that you could be added to the waitlist on May 16th.
FODLDNY -> Eddie hello, my name is Felipe, what are the professional backgrounds of students in the school?
Eddie -> FODLDNY Hi Felipe. We have students to apply from just about every walk of life. There are too many for me to list here! It doesn't matter what you do we just want to be sure that you've thought carefully about why the MBA is right for you.
BMoore -> Emily What kind of study abroad opportunities does Booth offer?
Emily -> BMoore We offer study abroad opportunities through our International Business Exchange Program (IBEP). More specifics on this program can be found here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/ibep.aspx
Tainnah -> Donna How will the new part of GMAT - Integrated Reasoning - will be evaluated, considering that many applicants already have their GMAT score without this new part?
Donna -> Tainnah At this time we don't know. We will be working with the GMAC to understand what the new score means.
Ron -> Donna Hi guys, thanks for coming on to do the chat. I am currently a waitlisted applicant in Round 2. In terms of submitting supplemental materials, should I upload relevant documents as "post-decision material"? I am a little confused because I initially tried the portfolio which I realized was just for video submissions (please correct me if I'm wrong) Thanks!
Donna -> Ron You can submit submit supplemental materials via the web or you can send your materials to admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
slowcountry -> Amy Are there any possibilities to get a scholarship especially for Russian students?
Amy -> slowcountry Hi slowcountry, rest assured that all applicants are automatically considered for scholarships when they apply. While we do not currently have a scholarship or fellowship designated for Russian applicants specifically, we do have a broad range of scholarships and fellowships. For more information about our scholarships and fellowships, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/index.aspx.
Rinkal -> kurt I am an international student wishing to return to Europe after completion of the course. Are there many in my position? And do the career services assist in international placements (and internships)?
kurt -> Rinkal Rinkal, there are many students who are looking to work in places other than the US post-graduation. The Employment Report can give you a better perspective on placement abroad (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx). Our career services team and our alumni can play an active role in assisting you to achieve these goals. In fact we have career services professionals who are housed in Europe at our London Campus and they travel throughout the continent regularly meeting with companies and alumni to create more opportunities for our students.
Ben_B -> Carrie As a follow-up to the question regarding GMAT scores, do you view the score as a real differentiator in candidates? I scored well (720), but feel that I can improve that. Understanding that the evaluation process is holistic, would you recommend investing more time and energy in that area, or focusing on other aspects of the application?
Carrie -> Ben_B Hi Ben! Your question is valid, but is really one that only you can answer. While the GMAT is only one component of the application, it is still an important one. If you feel that you can do better, it will only strengthen your application to do so. At the same time, your score is well within our range, so focusing on other areas of your application will also strengthen your application. As you noted, it is a holistic process, and we are looking to evaluate you as an applicant, not just as your scores, essays, etc.
slowcountry -> Eddie What average IELTS score needed for MBA program?
Eddie -> slowcountry I think you should take a look at our website that talks about English Language exams. The minimal score is "7". Here's the link - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/englishexams.aspx
Andrew -> Donna Hi, my name is Andrew. May I know if my GMAT score will be discounted if I have taken the test multiple times?
Donna -> Andrew The number of times you took the GMAT is just one answer on the application. If you took the test 10 times we may question it, if you took it 2 to 4 times maybe or maybe not. It all depends on the rest of the application.
Tofson -> Carrie Can you please comment on the number of people placed on the waitlist and/or the odds of being admitted off of the waitlist?
Carrie -> Tofson Hi Tofson. Unfortunately, we do not release our waitlist numbers, and do not know how many people we are looking to remove from the waitlist at this point. I can say, however, that we will definitely re-evaluate waitlisted candidates for admission in Round 3, and will likely admit from the waitlist.
Che -> Donna Thanx a lot guys for your great job! I wonder if some additional references from Booth grads (neither my employers, nor co-workers) strengthen my application
Donna -> Che The best recommendations are from those who know you the best. The recommendation's job title or Booth connection does not matter.
Ben_B -> Carrie How well formed do you expect applicants' post-grad plans to be upon application? Specific industries, companies, roles, etc?
Carrie -> Ben_B Hi Ben. We are looking for candidates that have a path and plan for their career, understanding that it may evolve during their time at Booth. Because our program is so flexible, it is important to come in with a solid idea of what you want to do post-MBA to be successful in the recruiting process. While we don't need to know specific companies/job titles, we would like to ensure that you have a well-developed plan that includes your industry preferences and desired trajectory.
Moderator -> Everyone Thanks for all of the great questions! We have 25 minutes remaining in our chat.
FODLDNY -> Donna would completing the 3 CFA level tests be an additional attribute considered in the application process? could that be weighted with academic performance?
Donna -> FODLDNY When looking at the academic aptitude we look at past academic history, GMAT scores, certification and work experience.
SKB -> Donna When will the applications for R1 be available? Also, do I need to re-report the GMAT score if I already reported it last year after taking the test but did not apply?
Donna -> SKB The essays will be available in July and the application will be live in August. We accept self-reported test scores and only require official scores if admitted. As long as you have had GMAC send these scores to us you should be fine.
Bhanu -> Eddie Hi, well this may seem very trivial but here it goes.I am an engineering graduate from a Tier 1 institute in India (graduated in 2010). Great academic and extra curricular record.Currently working in a multi-billion dollar IT giant. Part of a fast-track management program here. I have worked in several capabilities as part of this program, few of them being: Software developer, business analyst, assistant product manager and in my next role I will be joining the Chief Strategy Office as a Senior analyst.I have an inclination towards finance & strategy and have cleared my CFA level 1 in Dec 2011 (Level 2 candidate, June 2012). Does this profile sound like a Chicago Booth MBA candidate? If I apply for class joining in 2013, will the work experience hold back the profile?Also, my GMAT score is 700 (June 2009), do I need to give the exam again as it is already 3 year old score.Thanks in advance!
Eddie -> Bhanu Hi Bhanu. You have a very interesting profile but without taking a look at your essays and LORs it would be unfair for me to comment on your profile. Your responses in an interview (if granted) would also have to be taken into consideration. Currently the GMAT is good for 5 years from the date of the test so we could still use it. As far as your work experience goes I really would have to see what is revealed in your LORs. Work experience is not a requirement but the impact you have on your organization certainly is!
ChrisS -> Carrie Hi, im on the Round 2 waitlist and am putting finishing touches on my video. I like what it says about me, but it also says im not a professional video editor. Are more looking at content or presentation? Thanks
Carrie -> ChrisS Hi Chris! That is a great question and one many of your fellow waitlisted candidates will benefit from hearing about. We are solely concerned about the content of the video, not the editing skills/professional polish of it. We offered this as an option to further connect with the Admissions Committee, not to assess your film-making skills or to cause stress about them! As long as you like what it says about you, your video will be a success!
Mohit -> Donna With regard to the Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship, do we need to submit a separate application?
Donna -> Mohit No, the application you submit when you apply will be reviewed by the selection committee.
Stan -> Amy Besides a campus visit and attending an information event (whether in Chicago or elsewhere), what other pre-application events do you recommend?
Amy -> Stan Hi Stan, thanks for your interest in Chicago Booth. We encourage you to engage with us (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/engage/index.aspx) in various ways, including joining admissions staff, current students, and alumni at upcoming summer and fall events (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/). In addition, you're welcome to learn more about the over 70 student groups (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx) that are on campus and reach out to the co-chairs/officers to learn more about their experiences. Furthermore, you can engage with our Dean's Student Admissions Committee (DSAC), through The Booth Experience (http://boothstudents.blogspot.com/). If you're interested in our international community, we also have Country Captains, first- and second-year who represent countries all over the world (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/community/international/).
Finally, if you're in town on May 11, join us for Chicago Booth Live (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/boothlive.aspx), which is an integrative, full-day event at Harper Center.
Also, regarding campus visits, we also offer a series of special monthly lunches that are hosted by select student groups (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx).
Udit -> Donna Hello. Given that I was a researcher (doctoral student) for many years and that I am now working in the industry since the past two years, I do not have as many years of actual INDUSTRY experience as many other candidates do. How do you view ACADEMIC experience as opposed to INDUSTRY experience? I'd eventually like to start some tech firm, and would therefore like to combine my existing technical experience with knowledge of how a business operates.
Donna -> Udit We don't view it one way or another. We look at your entire candidacy.
MBA2012 -> Eddie What can the Full time MBA program offer to healthcare management aspirants?
Eddie -> MBA2012 We have a great opportunity - the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy. It's a certificate you can land along with your MBA degree that focuses on healthcare - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/certificate.aspx . Take a look!
Jake_Webb. -> Carrie I would just like some further information about applying to study any Master postgraduate degree you have in the fields of Economics. Currently, I am studying in the UK, and I wanted to know more on the transition from a university in the UK to one in the USA. Please could you also provide me further information regarding the entry requirements and expenses of studying abroad and the master’s programme? FYI: I am a UK national student.Many ThanksJake
Carrie -> Jake_Webb. Hi, Jake. Chicago Booth's MBA program is a versatile degree, and offers many classes in Economics. The University of Chicago also has other post-graduate programs, and you can read about those here: http://economics.uchicago.edu/graduate/. In terms of the transition from studying in the UK to the US, we would encourage you to connect with some of our international students to get their perspective: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/community/international/uk.aspx For more information about tuition and requirements, please visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/costs.aspx
Akshat -> Amy I just changed jobs. My direct manager has only had very little time to evaluate me and may not be in a good position to write a good letter of recommendation? Can I have my old manager write a letter of recommendation instead?
Amy -> Akshat Hi Akshat, yes, of course! Rest assured that we understand that some applicants may not be able to provide a letter of recommendation from a current supervisor. While we do require a letter of recommendation from a supervisor, that letter can certainly come a from a previous supervisor or employer who can speak to your professional development.
CB -> Donna Would the admissions office take into consideration a third recommendation letter, if it's from an experience that the candidate values highly?
Donna -> CB We do not encourage a third recommendation. If a third one is submitted it should offer a very different perspective to your candidacy than the other two.
doug_21 -> Eddie I am interested in Part time MBA for starters but is it possible that while I am doing Part time MBA, I get converted to Full time and may be finish the courses faster?
Eddie -> doug_21 Doug - we anticipate you will matriculate into and complete the program you apply to be it full time or part time. Since it is a flexible curriculum you can take fewer or more classes with the approval of the Dean of Students in order to manage the completion of your degree.
Udit -> Carrie How much do essay questions change from year to year? Also, what is the difference between a 'slide' and one page as concerns the word limit?
Carrie -> Udit Hi Udit. Each year the Admissions Committee assesses the application and the essay questions to improve and change the process for the following year. In most years, the questions do change, but it is too soon in the process for us to project for next year. We will be releasing our new application later this summer. In terms of your second question, we do not provide a word limit for the presentation as we would like to give you the freedom to submit what you feel is relevant.
Seokhwan -> Amy Number of taking GMAT exams will be considered in your evaluation process?
Amy -> Seokhwan Hi Seokhwan, we consider your highest GMAT scores when evaluating your application. While we don't enforce a minimum or maximum number of times that an applicant can take the GMAT, we do question when an applicant has taken the GMAT numerous times.
BenM -> kurt Hi - Thank you for taking the time to answer questions on the Booth Full-Time MBA. I am curious as to how you view the more flexible nature of the Booth program vs others that tend to be more rigid in their curriculum?
kurt -> BenM Ben, the flexible curriculum is a real differentiators for Booth and in my opinion a big advantage. What flexibility affords our students in the unique opportunity to fully take advantage of every aspect of the MBA experience. Every component of this program is customizable to what you want to achieve with your MBA and it fundamentally allows you to get maximum return on your investment of time and money. However to take full advantage of this program I think you need to have a good understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve with your two years. If you have a plan and are excited by the prospect of carving out your own experience than Booth is an excellent choice for you MBA.
PatrickP -> Eddie I pursued a graduate engineering degree from a top 5 school while being employed full-time. I would say I did "just OK/average" with a 3.4/4.0 average when I finished last year. Is this something I should address (subpar GPA)? In other words, explaining my work demands, community engagement committments, and graduate study of 2 classes a semester?
Eddie -> PatrickP Patrick - If you feel that you need to address your transcripts/GPA you can use the optional essay.
ABE -> Amy What are se of students favorite clubs?
Amy -> ABE Hi Abe, the answer would vary depending on the student. However, we do find that many students join the Epicurean Club and Wine Club. There's certainly a wide array of career-focused groups as well. For more information about our student groups, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx.
Mohit -> Eddie Do we need to make a separate application for the Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship?
Eddie -> Mohit Mohit - No, there isn't a separate application.
Bhanu -> Carrie Is a 3 year old GMAT score of 700 good to go for the application or do I need to write the exam again? Also, is there a provision of submitting an extra letter of recommendation?
Carrie -> Bhanu Hi Bhanu. It is entirely up to you to decide whether or not to take the GMAT again. We do evaluate your application using a holistic process, and look at many factors beyond the GMAT. That said, the GMAT is an important component in the process. Our average GMAT is a 719, and the 80th percentile is 660-760 - so that gives you a good sense of where the majority of students fall. As for your second question, we require two letters of recommendation. If you feel that a third letter will provide a different perspective to your candidacy, you can submit it through the application system and we will review it.
JLEE -> kurt Hi, do you have any suggestions for applicants who were waitlisted in both Rd1 and Rd2? I have already submitted several update letters, the video, and two additional letters of recommendation. Is there anything else waitlisted applicants can do to show their commitment to attending Booth, if given the opportunity? Thank you for your response.
kurt -> JLEE Unfortunately I don't have any additional recommendations. If you feel you have been thorough in presenting your case to the committee than it is simply a matter of waiting for the decision.
heFe -> Donna Hello I'm from Spain but actually I'm working in Italy. I am a civil engineer and I wish to do an MBA in a top school. I know that Chicago Booth is one of the best business school, so for me, studying an MBA there it will be a dream come true. I just did the GMAT (I got 710 Q45 V41) and now I am preparing the TOEFL. I have 6 years of experience working abroad. Do you think that I have possibilities of being admitted? What would you advise me?
Donna -> heFe Unfortunately I cannot give predictions or odds on admissions. Your candidacy is so much more than numbers or your resume. I would recommend getting to know the schools you are interested in learning about. Talk to students and alumni to learn more about their experiences.
Ashley -> Amy Hello, are scholarship/fellowship decisions communicated at the same time that admission is offered to admitted students?
Amy -> Ashley Hi Ashley, for the most part, scholarship and fellowship decisions are delivered at the same as the admissions decision. However, there is a chance that additional scholarship and fellowships become available after the admissions decisions date, at which time all admitted students would be evaluated for a match, and the respective students would then be notified accordingly.
Uzbek -> Eddie Have you admitted any prospective student with previous MBA degree from a US university? Thank you for such a great chat opportunity.
Eddie -> Uzbek Uzbek - We will review an application with a previous MBA from any university but you must explain why you are seeking a 2nd MBA.
Daryn_Katzen -> Carrie Regarding the waitlist video, is there a strict cutoff at 90 seconds or can it run a couple seconds longer?
Carrie -> Daryn_Katzen Hi Daryn. The software will not cut you off at 90 seconds, but I would encourage you to keep it close to the 90-second limit.
FODLDNY -> Amy in addition, how much value do you put into out of work activities like being part of the boards of non profit organizations?
Amy -> FODLDNY Hi FODLDNY, because we use a holistic evaluation process, we are able to consider everything that you put in your application. We consider extracurricular activities ranging from college to activities at work. Through our holistic evaluation process, we don't put more weight on one particular element than another. We would assess for a mutual overall fit between you and Chicago Booth.
Itamar -> Carrie Is it still possible to receive a scholarship or merit award as a waitlisted candidate?
Carrie -> Itamar Hi Itamar. We consider all applicants for scholarships and fellowships. That said, we do award those in each round, so by Round 3 we have fewer scholarships and fellowships to award.
Sabee -> Carrie I am in the middle of a career switch between industries and would like to know how a break in employment, with active volunteer experience, is considered.
Carrie -> Sabee Hi Sabee. We understand that career paths take many different trajectories, and as long as any gaps are explained, you should be fine!
Rita -> Donna Does Booth have a day care center for new born babies to help new moms to attend schools?
Donna -> Rita We don't. There are support systems in place for parents through a couple of students groups, Moms at Booth(http://mothersatbooth.wordpress.com/) and the Parents with Little Ones. At the University there is a Family Resource Center http://grad-affairs.uchicago.edu/services/frc1.shtml.
susan -> Amy How important is the Analytical Writing score in GMAT - is there any minimum score you are looking for?
Amy -> susan Hi Susan, our holistic evaluation process enables us to fully evaluate an applicant for potential fit with Chicago Booth. As such, when we evaluate your application, we do consider your analytical writing score, but there is no minimum score. For more information about the criteria to apply, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/criteria.aspx.
Alexander -> Donna Are post-interview admissions decisions sent out on a rolling basis? Thanks!
Donna -> Alexander No. All decisions will be released on May 16th.
punit -> kurt Whenever I talk to someone about Booth--- we talk about the fact that you are the number one school in thw world for someone looking for a career in Finance. How about someone who is looking for a career in sales, specifically, in health care. Do you have a strong career network/alumni for such people?
kurt -> punit Booth is certainly proud of its reputation for finance but we are also proud of our reputation in many other fields including but not limited to Entrepreneurship, Strategic and General Management and Marketing. All areas that could be of tremendous benefit for someone interested in Sales and Health Care. We have an award winning class in Sales and Entrepreneurship taught by Professor Craig Wortman and we also have a certificate program called GPHAP (Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy) as just two quick reference points. In addition we have a very active Health Care Group that orchestrates conferences, speakers series and networking opportunities for our students.
leyla -> Eddie Once someone is admitted, are there special eligibility requirements to be admitted into the International MBA program?
Eddie -> leyla Hi Leyla -Once you've been admitted to the full time MBA program you can meet with an officer from the MBA programs office to apply for the IMBA program. Here are the requirements you should be aware of - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/index.aspx#International MBA
Stan -> Amy Where will you be posting this chat when the session is complete?
Amy -> Stan Hi Stan, the chat transcript will be available on http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/ within 48 hours of the close of this chat.
anthony12 -> Carrie So the October deadline this year is for what MBA class. Approximately when does it start and end? Thankyou
Carrie -> anthony12 Hi Anthony. We have not yet released our application deadlines, and expect to release those in mid-summer. That said, the October deadline considers applicants for admission in the following fall. For example, those who applied in October 2011 will be starting classes in September of 2012, and they are expected to graduate in June of 2014.
Priya -> Donna Hi. This is Priya from India. I would like to apply for Sept. 2012 intake. I have done my Bachelor of Commerce, which will be a 15 years of schooling. Is it accepted?
Donna -> Priya The full-time application for 2012 is closed. The application for 2013 will be available in August. We accept three year degrees from non-US schools to meet the undergraduate requirement. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/international.aspx
Nik -> Carrie Hi there, thanks for holding this session. If rd3 applicants are placed on the waitlist, will they have an opportunity to provide a video as well?
Carrie -> Nik Hi Nik. Yes - any waitlisted candidate will have the opportunity to provide a video update.
Sandy -> Eddie Hi everyone, Since I have missed application for this fall, does school provide any chance for the application for 2013 Spring? or does school have Spring semester?
Eddie -> Sandy Hi Sandy. The full time MBA program only admits students for the autumn quarter. You'll have to apply to the part time program if you interested in starting in the spring.
anthony12 -> Amy When are the exact start times of the MBA programs. If I submit my application for the first round this October when does the MBA program start?
Amy -> anthony12 Hi anthony12, we offer three rounds of admission during the year, but the start of the program is always the fall of the following school year. So if you were to apply in October 2012 (round 1) and be admitted, you would start your studies in fall 2013.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat has now ended. The transcript will be posted within 48 hours at: www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/
Eddie -> Everyone Wow! You guys have a lot of good questions. I hope we were able to help in some way. Please feel free to come to campus and visit us or take a look at our website. Thanks!
Amy -> Everyone Thanks again for joining us today! We hope you were able to get many of your questions answered.
Donna -> Everyone good luck everyone!
Carrie -> Everyone Thank you so much for your questions and best of luck in the process!
amitsingh -> kurt Good Afternoon AdCom... From my limited research of Chicago Booth.. the students are known to be a bit more individualistic which is a good thing actually. Is this correct? How does Booth promote team work and a sense of community?
kurt -> amitsingh Teamwork is a big part of the Booth culture, the difference here is teamwork is born out of a more organic and intrinsic process, rather than one that is prescribed. Our students all come in with personal objectives and expectations for what they want their MBA experience to be, but they recognize that in order to make it truly differentiating they need to leverage the talented people around them. Much like the real world students seek out their groups and networks on their own (with some minimal help from the school) and we feel this leads to more lasting and impactful relationships. I think our community and overall team dynamic are strengthened by the personal nature of group selection.
kurt -> Everyone Thanks for the great questions and best of luck.