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Meet members of Booth's diverse international student body during our live chat on January 12. Learn about classes, faculty, recruiting, student life and living in Chicago from current students who come from countries around the world.

Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 09:44 - 11:02 AM PST

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Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome! We'll begin the chat in 15 minutes. Feel free to begin submitting your questions.
Aditi M ->PabloHi Everyone! For the current students, how did you get back into the groove of classes, homework, exams? Was it a difficult transition?
Pablo -> Aditi MIt was difficult at the beginning but there is so much going on that you catch up with the pace really fast. You just have to learn how to manage time in a short time frame.
Moderator -> EveryoneThe chat has begun! Please continue submitting questions; we'll answer as many as we can during the next hour.
Katie B. -> EveryoneHi Everyone! I'm Katie, a first-year student from the United States. I look forward to answering any questions you may have.
Ben -> EveryoneHey Everybody, I am Ben Mactiernan a 1st year student here at Booth from Australia.
Carrie -> EveryoneHi! I'm Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions, and look forward to answering your questions!
Justin -> EveryoneHello welcome to the chat! I'm Justin Zhang and I'm a 2nd year student here. I grew up in Shanghai China and I am happy to answer any questions you have about school, recruiting, social activities, opportunities for international students, etc.
Pablo -> EveryoneHi everyone! I'm Pablo - 2nd year. I'm from Argentina, co-chair in the High Tech Group and I look forward to answering your questions.
Eddie -> EveryoneGood morning everyone. I'm Eddie Pulliam with the admissions office. Snowing a bit here in the Windy City but we're ready to go!
Ansh ->BenI am interested to know more about Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Private Equity Clubs at Chicago Booth. Some insights of career opportunities that past graduates have gone into from the above mentioned areas will also be helpful.
Ben -> AnshHi there Ansh, I am an active participant in the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital club here at Booth. There is an unbelievable amount of support for budding entrepreneurs and veture capitalists through the Polsky centre, including: the New Venture Challenge, Hyde park angles, treks to local and east and west coast firms and great experimental learning subjects with VC and PE gurus Scott Meadow and Steve Kaplan. I my self have started a company whist here at Booth and many of my class mates have also.
Jaime -> EveryoneHi, welcome to everybody to the chat! bienvenidos! My name is Jaime and I'm a first year MBA student from Spain. Looking forward to answering your questions about Booth!
SeaMan ->CarrieMy recommender submitted the recommendation late by a couple of days. Does this affect my candidacy's evaluation ?
Carrie -> SeaManHi SeaMan. We understand that recommenders have busy schedules and will not penalize an applicant if the recommendation is late, as long as we have it within a week or so of the application deadline.
Sinem -> EveryoneHi everyone, this is Sinem Guzelce. Welcome to the chat! I am a second year from Turkey. Look forward to your questions.
Don ->Katie B.Are there any opportunities to engage with non-profits at the Booth program? I've read up on the NetImpact group. Are there any other programs that will give me exposure to the non-profit world?
Katie B. -> DonHi Don- There are lots of opportunities to engage with non-profits at Booth. Net Impact provides opportunities through offering both non-profit consulting projects, offering information on careers in the social sector, and offering opportunities to sit on non-profit boards. Chicago Global Citizens offers international non-profit and social sector opportunities, similar to Net Impact, including international non-profit consulting projects and also offers the chance to do a service project over spring break. Giving Something Back provides largely volunteer experiences within the Chicago community. Also, the Social New Venture Challenge offers opportunities to either start or work on a new social sector business or non-profit.
ADOLFO ->JaimeWat type of compañías do you have contact with during the program?
Jaime -> ADOLFOHi Adolfo. Almost every company come to campus to do presentations, conferences, and many other events during October and November (I'm talking about 1st years) and then in January and February for interviewing. In my case, I have been in contact with consulting firms (BCG, Bain, McKinsey, Deloitte, etc) and High Tech (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.) and will be interviewing with them in a couple of weeks for internship position.
rahul ->EddieI'll have 3+ years of work experience till the time of application and 4+ yrs by the time programme starts - do I stand a chance of rejection due to less work exp?
Eddie -> rahulWe're going to be looking at your entire file. Your work experience is only one part of the review.
dilip->PabloWhat support do you offer to help students find internships?
Pablo -> dilipThere are student groups that are industry focused and they offer lots of activities to assist with the preparation for recruiting. For instance, the High Tech Group organizes a Tech Trek to the west coast as well as interview preparation events among other things.
sushri ->CarrieI have one question - Is there any difference between Round 2 and Round 3 admissions? Is applying to Round 3 tougher?
Carrie -> sushriHi Sushri. The only difference between Rounds 2 and 3 is that we generally receive more applications in Round 2 and thus make more offers of admission. In Round 3, we have fewer applications and make fewer offers - but good applications always rise to the top. The best advice when you are looking at rounds is to apply when you feel your application is ready.
LaSilva->BenHi everyone! This is a question for Ben. I'm a Booth admit for the class of 2014 looking to major in private equity and may find myself in your shoes this time next year. Can you please describe your experience recruiting for private equity firms at Booth and whether Booth's resources and the Chicago geography have proved helpful in the process?
Ben -> LaSilvaHi Sushri. The only difference between Rounds 2 and 3 is that we generally receive more applications in Round 2 and thus make more offers of admission. In Round 3, we have fewer applications and make fewer offers - but good applications always rise to the top. The best advice when you are looking at rounds is to apply when you feel your application is ready.
gayathri->SinemHow did you decide how you wanted to customize your curriculum, and what resources are available to help you choose the right set of classes?
Sinem -> gayathriHi gayathri, I actually had a pretty quantitative background before school (economics undergrad, banking work experience). So when I came to Booth, I wanted to make sure I got classes from areas I have never explored before, such as marketing, business policy, entrepreneurship. I had couple conversations with second years on campus and also met with an academic adviser to see how I can customize my schedule. There is a lot of resources, where you can read up on syllabus, student ratings of the classes etc. as well. All of this is available once you enroll full time and bidding starts.
vips->CarrieHi, when can we expect interview invites for R-2 International applicants to start flowing in?
Carrie -> vipsHi, Vips. We are currently reviewing applications right now, and will likely start releasing interview invitations at the end of January through the mid-decision date of February 15th. We are reading applications up until the mid-decision date, but everyone will receive an update by the 15th!
Adi->Katie B.What are the options available for student housing both on and off campus? Typically where do most of the 1st year students live?
Katie B. -> AdiHi Adi- Students live both on and off campus, both close to the Booth campus and in other areas throughout the city. The University of Chicago does offer graduate student housing which is the primary on-campus option. If you are interested in this, I would suggest contacting the student housing website at: http://housing.uchicago.edu/. Some students choose to live off-campus, but still in the Hyde Park area near campus, which allows students to be near school and often provides more living space. Most Booth students live downtown in the Loop, due to more access to activities, restaurants, and shopping, and make use of the Metra to get to campus on a daily basis. Other students live in various neighborhoods throughout Chicago including the South Loop, Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Wrigleyville, etc. There are lots of options, but most students live in the Loop area of downtown Chicago.
miteshtank->Justin B.HI all, Mitesh from Mumbai, India here. I wanted to know more about everyone's "Random Walk" experiences. Really appreciate you all taking time out for this. Thanks
Justin -> miteshtankHi Miteshtank, I joined the random walk trip to Turkey before school started and it was wonderful. The trip will be led by 4 second year students, and you will form a group with other 10+ first years. This will be the very first chance for you to get to know your classmates and the trip itself is a lot of fun. For my trip to Turkey, we visited Istanbul and Capadocia - besides the great food, culture explorations, the most memorable experience were the ATV biking tour Sunrise Balloon Ride over the Cappadocian Valleys! You could pick a trip that most interesting to you and I believe you will enjoy a lot!
abhical->Eddie B.Ok, so I have an engineering background, with a masters from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and a GMAT score of 700 (V34, M51, AWA 6.0). I have been a part of my orginization's leadership development program. I want to know the kind of 'fit' that I am for your program. Being an overseas candidate it may be difficult to join a class/ visit campus. So how do I bridge that gap?
Eddie -> abhicalWe have a variety of videos on our website that you give you so many perspectives about Booth from our current students. You'll be able to select from students who may have a similar profile and see how it was for them to make the transition to business school. There are also a lot of student groups to look into as well. These avenues should give you a chance to understand your "fit".
sushri ->CarrieHow differently is the reco from a professor of a business school treated from a reco from an employer? Does this give any advantage?
Carrie -> sushriHi Sushri. We prefer to have professional recommendations when possible, as they tend to be more recent and address your contributions in the professional sector. However, for early career candidates or those who have recently graduated, an academic recommendation is fine.
Adi->BenHi..my question is for Ben.. can you talk a little about the activities of the Energy Club..
Ben ->AdiHi Adi, the energy club performs 3-4 main functions: To organise speakers to come to campus to speak about the industry, to organise recruiting treks to Houston and the West Coast, to organise the annual energy conference and to provide networking opportunities and mentorship for first years looking to go into energy. Outside of the energy club there is an experimental learning class called the "clean tech lab" where, you work on a real renewable energy project for a start-up, VC firm or more established player.
Matthieu->EddieHi, about GMAT and TOEFL marks, what is the "minimum", if there is any?
Eddie ->MatthieuWe don't have a cut-off for the GMAT. The TOEFL and IELTS scores are different and you can find that information on our website - www.chicagobooth.com .
Astitva->SinemHi. I am an admit for the class of 2014. My question : How is the time between now and Fall best utilized ? Is there anything I should be doing to prepare myself ?
Sinem ->AstitvaHi Astitva, I would highly recommend first coming to the Admit Weekend if you can! It's a great opportunity to meet up with other admits. Couple things I did was to meet with other admits in my area to start getting to know my class. I also started looking into areas I might want to recruit in for my internship. Because I only had a financial services background, it was important for me to get some sense of what marketing and consulting jobs would be like. Other than that I just enjoyed my time off and planned my trips before school!
Jitu->CarrieDoes Booth consider PhD experience as work experience? Or for that matter post doctorate?
Carrie ->JituHi Jitu. If you are working on a fellowship or the equivalent, it can certainly count as work experience, whereas your academic/class time should be considered as part of your educational record.
ag321->JaimeMy question to those international students who were not previously already in the US but came from their home countries. How did you find the transition into life at chicago Booth?
Jaime ->ag321Hi ag321. I was actually living in Hong Kong before the MBA and had not any problem adapting to the life at Booth. The school really helps you in the transition. For example, I found my apartment months before arriving to Chicago thanks to a housing agency that works with the university. Everything was very easy. You will get used to the school life very fast, and you have always the school support as well as your classmates'. In addition, almost 40% of the class are international students so there is a strong diversity here.
Saad2014->Katie B.Hey everyone... Im interested in pursuing more than two concentrations in the MBA program. Is it possible to complete more courses than the program requirements?
Katie B. ->Saad2014Hi Saad2014- I would say that it's difficult not to complete more than one concentration. Classes often satisfy requirements for more than one concentration. It's quite easy to complete two concentrations, but you would need to be a bit more strategic to complete more than two concentrations by carefully selecting classes based on the concentrations they meet. Most students complete the 20 courses required to graduate due to both time and cost. However, if you complete the 20 courses prior to graduation, you have the opportunity to take three courses for free. If you're interested in this options, I would suggest speaking with academic services when you enroll to ensure that you are aware of all of the rules around this.
Matthieu->EddieWhat are the key factors of success to be enrolled in your MBA?
Eddie ->MatthieuCollaborative skills, good communication skills and confidence are good starters! Having a pretty good idea what you hope to accomplish with your MBA is always something we find interesting in the application.
lalit->JustinHi All, I am so excited to be here, I am a admit to the class of 2014 and hope to see you guys this fall, I hope you guys enjoyed your winter breaks. The first question i had was regarding internships, how are the fin internships lookin glike this time, particularly in investment banking..
Justin ->lalitHello Lalit, based on my observations, the fin internship hiring is not impacted that much compared to full time hiring - companies come to host corporate presentations and on-campus interviews as usual. Booth has the best career services team amongst all business schools, which not only gives you step-by-step personal guidance for recruiting, but will open up a lot internship/job opportunities with its strong relationships with firms across all industries.
Ansh->BenI would like to know about entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chicago. Are Angel Investors active in Chicago area ? A brief on local VC firms, if any ?
Ben ->AnshHi Ansh, Booth has very close ties with Hyde Park Angles and as a first year you can actually work as an associate for them. Booth is also tied into a range of support groups like "Built in Chicago" http://www.builtinchicago.org/ and a smattering of VC firms around the city, not as many as the West Coast but Chicago is a growing entrepreneurial hub. For example True North recently raised a new 300m Clean Tech VC fund.
Smit->PabloHow difficult is it for an international student to procure financial support? What are the factors affecting the decision?
Pablo ->SmitHi Smit. There is a pretty good program set up for financial support. Chicago Booth works with the Access Group to secure a student loan for you that would cover up to the standard cost of attendance (tuition + health care + living expenses + misc) minus the additional support you may have such as scholarships. You can look up what the cost of attendance is in the admissions' website.
dilip->Carriedo you have any country specific quota for international students to ensure that no particular country is over represented?
Carrie ->dilipHi Dilip. We look for the best candidates first and foremost, which means that we do not have any quotas when selecting a class. That said, we do want to ensure diversity within the class and will double check to make sure that no one group or country is over-represented.
dalg->SinemIs there anything special about living and studying in Chicago? Do you enjoy it?
Sinem ->dalgI personally love Chicago. I grew up in Istanbul, which is a huge and crowded city. So when I first came to the US I wanted that urban feeling and city accessibility (also because I don't drive and am a big public transportation person). I lived in New York for a bit but I found Chicago offers a more manageable setting. It's easy to get around, offers so much to do any day of the week. We have museums, concerts, comedy shows, great restaurants (I am a foodie so eating out is a BIG part of my social calendar). Summers are filled with street festivals every weekend, farmers' markets and outdoor concerts. Travelling-wise, which is something we do a lot at Booth, Chicago is a great hub with two major airports with flights every hour of the day. When it comes to living standards, I would say I am much more comfortable here than I ever was in New York.
MikeMcC->Katie B.Hi everyone. I'd like to ask the first year students how the recruiting process has been, and generally how many people in the class know what they'll be doing this summer at this point?
Katie B. ->MikeMcCHi Mike McC- I would say that very few students know at this point what they'll be doing this summer because our on-campus interviews are not starting until next week. Recruiting starts in October at Booth and from October-December, the recruiting process is largely focused around building relationships with the firms you're interested in and learning more about these companies. Applications are then submitted between mid-December and into February. I would say most students will know where they are headed for the summer by February or March. Recruiting can be intense from a time perspective, so it's a great lesson in time management.
dilip->Eddiehow much weight does the admission committee place on undergrad GPA?
Eddie ->dilipWhen we look at your application it's a holistic view of the file. Your GPA gives us an idea about your academic strength in your specific area of study. We have to look at the entire file to get the best perspective of your potential candidacy.
Vik->JaimeHi everyone. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. What are the opportunity available outside of the classroom for entrepreneurs?
Jaime ->VikHi Vik. There are many opportunities through the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship. There is also an super active student group called the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Group that allows students to connect and discuss, as well as facilitates weekly events and conferences that brings together students, local investors, alumni and faculty. And don't forget the New Venture Challenge, a famous business plan competition that has launched over 75 companies in the last years.
Eren->BenHow soon into the first year does the "internship rush" hit students? Or is it a rush at all? Are opportunities mostly around Chicago and IL or elsewhere as well?
Ben ->ErenHi Eren, it really depends on what you are recruiting for. If you recruit for Banking or Consulting, recruiting starts mid-late October. On the other end of the spectrum off campus recruiting for PE, VC and Start-ups dones't start until March. There are plenty of opportunities in Chicago, but it really depends on what your interests are, i think there is something here for everybody......
Matthieu->EddieHi, about GMAT and TOEFL marks, what is the "minimum", if there is any?
Eddie ->MatthieuThere's no cut-off for the GMAT. Please take a look at our website about specific information regarding the TOEFL or IELTS - www.chicagobooth.edu .
Howard->JustinHi everyone, thanks for taking the time to hold this chat. What are some of your favorite classes so far? professors?
Justin ->HowardHi Howard, sure, there are a couple of Nobel laureates sitting on the faculty and you might not want to miss their classes. For me, as I am particularly interested in finance and entrepreneurship, my favoriate classes so far are Phil Berger's footnote accounting (30116), Steven Kaplan's Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity, Kevin Rock's Cases in Financial Management. Once you get enrolled, you will be presented adequate information about each professor's focus and the flexible curriculum gives you enough space to tailor your MBA study to your personal interest.
AJ->PabloHi everyone and thanks for participating in this chat. I was wondering with the flexible curriculum how difficult is it to get certain popular classes?
Pablo ->AJHi AJ. Thanks for joining the chat to learn about Booth. It is certainly possible to take any popular class you want as long as you make a thoughtful plan of the courses you want to take and manage your bidding points accordingly. While there are trade-off decisions regarding courses you would have to make across time (or across quarters) many popular classes have more than one section per quarter so it is unlikely that you'll miss the ones that you consider to be your priority.
Sangho->CarrieHello, this is Sangho from Seoul. I wonder if you've seen anyone near you who was admitted from waitlist, and I want to ask you about the best practice of getting out of the waitlist.
Carrie ->SanghoHi Sangho. Each year we definitely admit candidates from the waitlist in each round. Our waitlisted candidates are those who we feel would be a good fit at Booth, so there is nothing specific that you need to do to strengthen your chance of admission. However, you are welcome to send in updates about your candidacy and those will be reviewed with your file.
Monet_Dumas->Katie B.Hello- This question is directed to Katie. How have you balanced having three concentrations? And do you feel that you have been able to get a depth of knowledge in each area. I would like to have three concentrations as well.
Katie B. ->Monet_DumasHi Monet_Dumas- Balancing multiple concentrations is about thinking strategically about what classes you'd like to take and whether they satisfy the concentrations you are interested in. If you are only focused on completing the concentrations from a resume perspective, then you should be able to pick classes to meet all three concentrations fairly easily within the 20 classes you'll take at Booth. I would caution against thinking strictly about concentrations though and focus on what classes you feel would best round our your skill set. If they meet concentration requirements, that's great - but if not, take what will be most interesting and educational for you within our flexible curriculum.
lalit->Katie B.My spouse has a Masters in Social work and she would be travelling with me on a F2 visa while i would be studying at Booth, how good are her chances to do non profit volunteering work at Chicago, as she has good expirience in it
Katie B. ->lalitHi Lalit- There are lots of opportunities to volunteer in the city of Chicago. Most big cities in the United States have many non-profit organizations because they are meeting the needs of a very diverse population. If your spouse has skills to offer, I would think that it would be fairly easy to find a non-profit that would love to have her assistance.
EAA->BenHi everyone, could you please give us some details about the unique opportunities in energy and entrepreneurship at Booth?
Ben ->EAAHi EAA, Please see my earlier responses to Ansh and Edi. But I will reiterate that the Polsky centre has been unbelievable! They have held a range of ideation sessions with Argonne laboratories and out of this I have started a company with some scientists from Argonne looking at commercialising technology used for the rapid diagnosis of Bovine Mastitis. The Polsky centre have facilitated this marriage and been super supportive of the rest of my class mates new ventures.
carro103->JustinThanks for hosting this chat. For the current students, what has been the biggest surprise in your time so far at Booth?
Justin ->carro103Hello carro103, thank you for the question. I am extremely impressed by the great career services and the diversity of the student body. You will get very personal advice for your career choice, recruiting strategies and interview tips, and the career services team is always there ready to help you out. There are lot of interesting student clubs led by a diverse group of students as well - what "bothers" me is which club to join as each one seems so appealing to me!
Maria->PabloHi, I am interested on learning about the markeing program, what are the advantages of Chicago against other programs, and how students succeed in recruiting of marketing positions against other similar schools?
Pablo ->MariaHi Maria. While I did not recruit for CPG companies, I'm concentrating in marketing can definitely see the value of the Booth MBA approach. Booth provides a combined approach to marketing - there are both soft and analytical courses offered. You will find high-level courses such as Marketing Strategy, soft courses like Consumer Behavior as well as hard ones like Pricing Strategy and Data Driven Marketing - definitely must take courses for any marketer that wants to land a job in the increasingly analytical marketing world. Most of the important CPG companies actively recruit at Booth and even sponsor activities through the student-led Marketing Group. There are marketing positions offered by industries such as High Tech.
Saad2014->EddieCould someone tell me more about the interview process and tips for preparing for the interview?
Eddie ->Saad2014Interviews are by "invitation" only. We read your file first and then make a decision about an interview. It lasts about 30 minutes. If you come to campus you'll most likely be interviewed by a 2nd year student or you can choose to do an alumni interview in your town if we have alumni in your area. THEY BOTH HOLD THE SAME WEIGHT! It's a "blind" interview meaning the person who interviews you has not read your file. The only thing your interviewer will have is your resume. You really should brush up on the points you made about "Why an MBA" and "Why Chicago Booth?".
carro103->SinemFor the current students, what made you choose Booth over other schools you received admission to?
Sinem ->carro103Hi carro103, I actually have somewhat of a different background, I went to UofC undergrad and I was a Booth scholars. So I always knew I was coming back here and didn't consider any other schools. However what made me so determined about Booth was couple of things. Having interacted with alumni and current students before coming here, I was amazed at the collaborative spirit, unpretentious/humble attitude when it came to helping a classmate out. And now I am here, I can say that in addition, I am just amazed by everyone around me. Caliber of your classmates is something that never stops surprising you. Aside from the people, I admire the University of Chicago brand from an academic standpoint and you definitely feel the academic rigor in the classes. When you combine that rigor with the classes you want to take (flexibility really matters here!), you are challenged every day.
phoenix->BenBen, following up on your comment on PE, are most Booth students looking to get into PE post-school searching for opportunities in the Chicago area? Do you think students looking in NYC are at a disadvantage simply due to location?
Ben ->phoenixHi Phoenix, I have several friends looking at recruiting for PE in NYC, they PE club organises treks to NYC for networking and there are many Booth alum working in NYC. My classmates tell me that Alum have been really helpful when Booth students reach out to them.
Ridal->JaimeHey guys! Couple of qns: 1) loans for international students. I know it was not an issue so far, is it still the case? 2) for students who come with wives, are there enough opportunities to keep partners enjoy their lives? Thanks! Ridal
Jaime ->RidalHi Ridal. About loans, the school has a strong financial aid department and it really helps on this, there are many international students that have loans. Also, there are many scholarships for first years and for second years. There is for more information here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/financialaid.aspx About students who come with their partners, the school has a very active club, Booth Partners (http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/chipart/index.php). Also, there are many events where partners can come, and partners can even attend many classes! Finally, Chicago city offers a great deal of opportunities for partners. For example, there are many other universities where many partners study other programs during our MBA.
Don->EddieMy application indicates my GMAT score report was submitted on the 10th. Does this hurt my chances of being reviewed in round 2?
Eddie ->DonNo, we will still review your file.
anya->CarrieHello Everybody.... As a prospective student, does applying in R3 puts me at a disadvantage for getting an admit (as against R1 & R2)?
Carrie ->anyaHi Anya. In all rounds, we are looking for the best candidates and good applications always rise to the top. While we do make more offers of admission in Rounds 1 and 2, we also receive more applications in those rounds. Our best advice is to apply when you feel most confident about your application.
Saad2014->BenCan you tell me a bit about networking with alumni while at Booth?
Ben ->Saad2014Hi Saad2014. I have reached out to several Booth alum whilst recruiting for off campus positions. Almost always I get a friendly and helpful response. Also, the Alumni team hold a range of networking nights for students and alum to get together in a social environment, which have always been great nights.
Gio->PabloHi Pablo, from your experience, what does the High Tech Group has to offer to a candidate with a strong tech background?
Pablo ->GioHi Gio! While a strong tech background helps, tech companies do not come to recruit MBAs for engineering roles (except for Product Management) - so an MBA with a tech background still has to be able to demonstrate he understands the business aspects of high-tech. Thus, since the engineering recruiting process is significantly different from that targeted to MBAs - the HTG helps you prepare for the types of interviews you'd face when trying to land a job on the business departments of these companies (such as marketing, finance, strategy or operations)
Moderator -> EveryoneHi everyone, thank you for your patience; we'll try to answer as many questions as we can during the time allotted.
VH->CarrieI am applying for Fall 2013. Would you recommend waiting until Fall 2012 to go on a campus visit or do it if I can in the next few months
Carrie ->VHHi VH. It's entirely up to you. We offer a full campus visit program through the beginning of June 2012, as well as a shortened program through the summer months. If possible, I would suggest coming during the full campus visit program - but otherwise the timing is up to you. It might be most helpful to visit before you submit your application, as it may help you learn more about the program.
Kumar->CarrieI am planning to apply for both MBA & JD. Now my question is if i succeed in getting into MBA but not the JD at Chicago Uni then is there flexibly in program to allow me attend any other law school concurrently. Thanks
Carrie ->KumarHi Kumar. You are open to enroll in another law school, but it would not be considered a joint degree program and you would have to juggle both programs independently.
Miguel->Katie B.Hi everyone, and thanks for being here today! I'm Miguel, from Spain. I find LEAD one of the most interesting things about the MBA Program, and would like to hear some of your experiences. Thank you!
Katie B. ->MiguelHi Miguel- I have found LEAD to be one of the most applicable and useful parts of the Booth program. The LEAD program really helps develop your soft skills or interpersonal skills, and also helps you to reflect on yourself as a leader. No matter what career you wish to enter post Booth, these skills will be invaluable as you will always be working with and often managing others. I found it to be an incredible personal growth opportunity and a great way to build even stronger relationships with the other students in my cohort.
Ben_Ashkan->EddieHi Guys! I'm an Internet Entrepreneur from California and was wondering whether my non-traditional background might be a disadvantage in terms of admissions.
Eddie ->Ben_AshkanNot at all. We value diversity in our applicants. What you've learned in your field can be very useful to others in case discussions and in classroom participation. "How" you think can be very rewarding to others.
dalg->SinemHi, Sinem! I'm from Azerbaijan, Turkey's neighbor. How do you see the value of US MBA program, particularly Booth, for your career back home?
Sinem ->dalgHi Dalg! Welcome to the chat. To give you a bit more context, for now I am planning on staying in Chicago and return to McKinsey for a full time position. However my entire family is still back in Turkey and going back may definitely be in the cards someday. In the mean time, I can tell you that based on my experience and my friends' experience, MBAs are being more and more valued every day. Especially as the international companies increase their presence in our countries they are demanding employees to have a more global view of the world and at least in Turkey executive levels are more and more frequently being occupied by people with US MBAs. People are more aware of the value of an MBA but also value of the Chicago Booth brand. It immediately increases your credibility.
Steve->JustinThanks for taking the time to speak with us, it's greatly appreciated. I noticed that a lot of you all are participating in several extracurricular activities. I was hoping you could provide some insight on how you're able to participate in so many, while at the same time, maintain a rigorous course schedule. How much time is spent each week for the activities? Also, specifically for Justin, how have you found the PE Group? Thanks, Steve
Justin ->SteveHello Steve, thank you for your question. I would say MBA at Booth gives you much flexibility in managing your time and priorizing your commitments. For instance, during winter quarter you will have to devote a lot time to recruiting and you might want to select fewer courses and selectively participate in social events, while during the spring quarter, you will have more time for social. And also, your classmates are extremely helpful and they will help you handle your multi-tasks more efficiently. For the PE group, it's a student club focusing on private equity - I joined in my very first quarter and benefited a lot from the activities of the club (they offer resume reviews and mock interviews, invite well-known guest speakers, host annual private equity conferences and send out weekly newsletter with recruting and industry news.)
ScottK->EddieDear Carrie or Eddie, I applied for the joint degree MBA/International Relations program. Are the joint degree candidates considered separately from the remaining MBA applicants?
Eddie ->ScottKYour application will not be reviewed separately from the rest of the pool.
Ridal->JaimeGuys, does anyone know what case competitions do Booth students participate in? AT Kearney Case competition type of things.
Jaime ->RidalHi Ridal. There are many competitions of all kind, I really find them very interesting and really a learning experience. I participated myself in the Deloitte National Case Competition for Booth, a 3-day competition in teams of 4. There were like 20 teams from Booth, and the winner competed nationally with the other b-schools.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe're halfway through the chat! You can continue submitting questions, and we'll answer as many as possible.
Miguel->BenHi Ben, what are, in your opinion, the chances for an engineer with no financial working experience to get into PE after the MBA? Do you believe Investment Banking is a must step for someone like me?
Ben ->MiguelHi Miguel: PE firms do generally like IB or previous PE experience, however if you have a strong operational and industry background which you feel can add value to the firm then they will be interested in you. The trick is not go after the more targeted firms who specialise in certain the industries for which you have very good operational experience. The company screening tools available here at Booth make identifying these companies quite simple.
peco->CarrieWhat is your biggest advice for a candidate who has been waitlisted, especially with regard to the new 'optional' video feature?
Carrie ->pecoHi Peco. There isn't any specific advice that we offer to help strengthen your candidacy, but you are welcome to send in any updates that you feel would be relevant. Those updates can come in the form of an email, a letter of support, or visit to campus, or a video. These updates, including the video, are optional. We have added the video component this year as we recognize that many candidates want to make a more personal connection with the Admissions Committee, and this allows an opportunity to do so. It is in no way necessary, and will not hinder your chances for admissions should you choose not to submit a video.
Ram->Katie B.Thanks for putting up this chat. How do Booth students generally network beyond the classroom, given that the student body lives fragmented all over the city ?
Katie B. ->RamHi Ram - Great question! Booth students network in many ways. Student groups - both career focused and recreational - offer a great way for students to network within their proposed career focus or otherwise. Also, because of our flexible curriculum, you meet an incredible amount of students through your classes because you are not confined to classes with the same cohort of students for your entire first year. Additionally, our longer orientation schedule prior to classes starting in the fall provides students another opportunity to get to know and network with other Booth students - as does our Random Walk program prior to first year classes beginning.
Vahan->EddieHi. I am a reapplicant this year. What are the chances of reapplicants? Do you have any admissions rate? Will I be at a disadvantage?
Eddie ->VahanYour application will be reviewed with the entire pool. We have a good rate of success for those who reapply and show us how they have progressed since their previous application especially their goals and how Chicago Booth can assist you. You are not at a disadvantage at all.
sabhat->SinemHi, my question is for Sinem. Can you talk a little about why you decided to switch from finance to consulting?
Sinem ->sabhatHi Sabhat, in my recent years of doing corporate finance, I was heavily involved in projects with Product Management and Strategy groups. I started to realize that I enjoyed the project driven approach those groups took, at least in my company, and I enjoyed the way they were involved with so many different divisions within the firm. I thought that was more wholesome of an approach and a challenging problem solving environment. When I did banking, I loved the deal momentum and working in teams, when I switched to corporate finance, I loved the life style but found the work not as challenging. So when I realized I found this project driven corporate strategy world, I realized I can see myself in it one day. But first I had to figure out what industry I wanted to get into. This is where consulting came as the perfect fit. It offers you a generalist role, it is very project and very team driven. You learn very applicable tools, you get to work in a lot of different industries and different functions and it is also quantitative enough that I will not miss my financial modelling days.
Saad2014->BenI'm very interested in taking some of the Lab Course offered at Booth. Particularly Clean Tech and Management Labs. How is the overall experience
Ben ->Saad2014Hi Saad2014. I took the cleantech lab last quarter, which was very interesting! The project I worked was basically looking into the commercialisation of a waste stream from the diary industry. Other groups worked on projects for start up wind, solar and cellulostic ethanol and biomass projects. The projects are real and the firms that commission us to do the work generally follow the recommendation provided by the project team. We are obviously also provided support and guidance by the professor who started Mckinsey's Clean Tech practise
Howard->JustinCan you discuss the recruiting process for private equity? Additionally, can you discuss the recruiting process for international opportunities?
Justin ->HowardHi Howard, recuiting for private equity is a bit different from banking / consulting / corporates as it is mostly off campus, which means you will spend a lot of time doing company research, talking to industry insiders, networking with alumni to get some intelligence about which firms are hiring. Career services, 2nd years, and PE group will offer you much information as well. To be honest, PE opportunities are relatively limited and you will have to be more proactive. As for international opportunities, apart from what I have mentioned above, Booth has career services team based outside of US (e.g. Leslie Taylor covering HK and Singapore), and they will keep you updated about job postings in those regions. At the same time, some firms come to the US every year to recruit people - you will find such information from 2nd years, student groups, Booth career services website etc.
abhical->CarrieI got a question for Carrie. In my case, given the openness of my organization, it may be difficult to get a reco from my current supervisor. So if I get one from my earlier manager (with whom I worked till 3 years back), would it be considered less effective?
Carrie ->abhicalHi Abhical. We certainly understand that it isn't always possible to have your current supervisor write your letter of recommendation. In that situation, you can definitely include a recommendation from a prior supervisor, and one that is more current but from a different source (e.g. volunteer group, client, colleague, non-direct supervisor, etc). In the application, we ask you to explain why you chose your recommenders, and in this scenario, just be sure to explain why you didn't choose your current supervisor.
Maggie->PabloHi guys! From your experience so far, what do you think makes Booth,its students and faculty stand out from other MBA programs?
Pablo ->MaggieHi Maggie. Based on my experience, I would say what probably stands out is how collaborative the environment is. I was initially impressed by people's willingness to spend their valuable and scarce time helping each other. For instance, second year students spend a considerable percentage of their time in the fall and winter quarters helping first year students prepare for internship recruiting - ranging from formal coaching programs organized with Career Services and events organized by student-led groups to informal meetings for resume reviews, mock interviews and general recruiting tips.
whitney->Katie B.How hard is it to mix school, networking, social with an internship during the school year if you're looking to take an extra step in moving closer towards your postMBA industry?
Katie B. ->whitneyHi Whitney- I think it would probably be pretty challenging to mix school, networking, and a social life with an internship during the school year. While I understand the desire to gain more experience and work towards your future industry during the school year, I don't know that you would gain as much from the Booth experience. I'm sure there are students who do intern during the school year, but since we only have 2 years at Booth, my focus has typically been on ensuring that I get the most out of my Booth experience as there will be plenty of time to work in your post MBA industry later.
Steven->SinemSinem, could you comment on your experiences with the Warren Buffet Group?
Sinem ->StevenHi Steven, so Warren Buffet group is actually all about this trip that we take during our second year to visit him. Every year, Warren Buffet chooses couple schools to host. Chicago Booth is one of these schools and every year a group of us, go and visit him in Omaha in an informal setting. He set some quotas such as number of people, number of women etc. So if there is higher demand than expected, we do a quiz to see who knows the most and gets to go on the trip. But obviously there is a larger theme that brings us together. We are either interested in or come from financial services and that also leads itself to some fun group meetings.
Steven->BenBen, I also am coming from Australia (spent the last two years in Sydney). How has Booth helped you form strong relationships with potential private equity and venture capital firms? Most of my relationships are in Australia and I am interested in how Booth can help me form those relationships here.
Ben ->StevenHi Steven, at the moment I haven't been looking into firms in Australia so I cannot direct relate. However, my experience has been that people from PE and VC firms in other parts of the world are happy to talk to somebody with the Booth brand name behind them. You also have to remember that there are very few Australian's with top flight US MBAs behind them, so it is a differentiating factor that you have over other candidates when looking for a job back in Australia.
filmarinko->CarrieHi, thanks for doing this. I'm an entrepreneur investigating whether an MBA would be useful in honing my skills and furthering the success of my ventures. Apart from a 750 GMAT score and a solid liberal arts education at a private college in the northeast I don't get the impression mine is a standard Booth applicant profile. If I'm not interested in pursuing a career in investment banking or private equity, would Booth still be a good place for me?
Carrie ->filmarinkoHi Filmarinko. Great question! While there are certainly many students interested in finance-related careers, we have many students who come to Booth to that are interested in entrepreneurship, marketing, social impact, consulting, healthcare, high tech, etc. The beauty of Booth's program is that it is very flexible, which allows for everyone to have a distinct path. And for entrepreneurs, Booth offers a robust program - from entrepreneurship classes to hands-on lab courses to business plan competitions!
whitney->JaimeThis question is for any of the students. Did you do the preAccounting class and was it worth it? Thank you!
Jaime ->whitneyHi Whitney. I did the Pre-Accounting course. It started right after the Random Walk trips. It's an intensive 5-days course and I just loved it! My professor was great, I learned a lot and it was very helpful. In my view, it was worth to spend that money on the course, given what I learned. In addition, the fee also includes the books that you will need for the actual Financial Accounting course (if you take it). By the way, there are many people who attend the pre-MBA Accounting course, even people who did their undergraduate in Accounting or worked in Accounting before, so that way they can skip the basic Accounting class during the MBA. Hope it helps!
houston_cowboy->EddieThis is question for Eddie-- I see that he's involved in recruiting under-represented minorities, including LGBT students. What is the current representation on campus of LGBT students? Are there any specific recruiting initiatives of which I should be aware?
Eddie ->houston_cowboyGLiB (Gays and Lesbians in Business) is our student organization for LGBT students. We don't disclose any numbers for our LGBT students because we respect your privacy. GLiB is a very active organization on campus and works with Career Services and companies that are looking for diversity within their workforce. We also take part in the "Coming Out" conference every year. GLiB also helps the admissions office reach out to LGBT students at their request.
Charles->SinemHello and thanks for hosting? For those looking to switch careers post MBA, how difficult is it to convince potential employers to give you a chance in a new field?
Sinem ->CharlesHi Charles, I would say it is not difficult at all. Many of us are doing it and the employers that come to recruit MBAs expects that. Also when you come to campus, Career Services is also extremely helpful and they teach you how to talk about your experiences in the most relevant way, how to gain more knowledge about the new field and how to prepare for the interviews.
nycdigitalmedia605->JustinJustin, I read your bio and it looks like you have a lot of experience in Asia. How have you managed recruiting? Through your own personal networks or through career services?
Justin ->nycdigitalmedia605hello nycdigitalmedia605, yes I basically want to go back to Asia after school. I recruited for private equity in Asia and I tried to manage it through both personal networks and career services - as mentioned in my answer to Howard, you have to be more proactive if you recruit for PE, so I fly back during winter break to meet people in HK and China (there is a Asia Finance Trek during that time organized by career services and Chicago Asia Pacific Group.) I also get a lot of help from career services, 2nd years, student groups re internship opportunities, interview prep, etc. If you want to recruit for banking/consulting in Asia, don't worry, you will be kept posted about all information all the time (via career services, student groups) and their Asia team will fly to the US and host interviews here (for banking, maybe phone interviews for 1st round and final interviews in NYC).
Piotr.Holysz->SinemHello and thank you for this chat-session! Are you able to estimate what proportion of the class manages to do a career transition while at Booth?
Sinem ->Piotr.HolyszHi Piotr.Holysz, it is difficult to track that information and it changes year to year. But I can comfortably say more than half the class is career switchers.
Kevin_Lundquist->PabloHi all, thanks for taking the time - I'd love to hear more from the current students about your networking experiences, both among classmates and companies coming to Booth. Have you found that you have to search opportunities out, or do you find yourself prioritizing which may be best?
Pablo ->Kevin_LundquistHi Kevin. Thanks for joining the chat to learn more about Booth! I guess you're asking about networking while seeking a job. While I have to admit that learning to be disciplined with your networking efforts at the beginning, students are very collaborative and it's definitely feasible and common to reach out to the Booth network for learning about opportunities and getting a push. I would say anyone I have talked with has networked with our alumni network up to some extent. I believe no one finds it easy to land an MBA job as companies are seeking the best talent for a limited number of opportunities, but I can tell you everyone looking for an internship got one and I know several people that attained 2-3 offers from top companies before taking one.
lalit->CarrieI am a current admit, If i submit my $2000 deposit to secure my seat much before the deadline in June, can I expect to recieve the 120 earlier as well, so that I can process my VISA, book my tickets and look for housing early?
Carrie ->lalitHi Lalit. First off- congrats on your admission! While you are welcome to deposit in advance of the deadlines, it won't necessarily affect the visa processing. As the visa process can only begin 120 days prior to the start of Orientation (September 5, 2012), you will have plenty of time to get your visa documents in order.
lalit->JustinHow feasible is a job search in Asian financial markets specifically Hong Kong/Singapore and how does Booth leverage its campus in Singapore for that
Justin ->lalitHello Lalit, Booth has a very strong presence in HK/Singapore - we have a lot alumni and career services team based in HK. Please kindly refer to my answer to nycdigitalmedia605 for more detailed information about recruiting for Asia, and of course feel free to send me emails if you have any specific questions.
monal82->Eddiehi eddie. i have one question to you. well i believe my credentials and my work is pretty good as i working in government and looking after project $70 million single point of contact and done pretty good projects before that too, but my major problem is i have 490 on GMAT which is definitely below my actually capability. but since fall 2012 deadline , round 3 is coming up. So should i go ahead and apply for the program as time is running out for this year admission for me. Kindly suggest me?
Eddie ->monal82Our last deadline isn't until April 4, 2012. You do have time to study and prepare for it. If you have only taken the test once I would encourage you to think about sitting for it again. This is really a decision that you'll have to make especially if you feel you can do better!
SeaMan->EddieHow does the number of times one take GMAT seen upon for evalutation ? Is there an upper limit on that ?
Eddie ->SeaManWe don't average the scores. We only take the highest one.
MBA_Fin->PabloHi, thanks so much for the chat! What would you say is the distribution by function (marketing, finance, strategy and operations) of open positions that high tech companies (Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon) recruit for at Booth? Is it spread fairly evenly across departments, more focused on finance or strategy, etc? And when do they typically recruit for interns?
Pablo ->MBA_FinHi! Based on my experience and what I've heard, while it is true that tech companies used to recruit Booth talent for finance roles, this has drastically shifted for several reasons and companies now recruit all across the board. I do not know what the distribution is but I would say it's partly aligned with the size of those departments. There are many opportunities in marketing, finance, operations and sales and less openings in strategy but just because those departments are relatively much smaller. Internship recruiting takes place mostly in the winter quarter.
jwquinn->BenHow would you describe the atmosphere at Booth? Is it more of a community in which fellow students work together or is more competitive?
Ben ->jwquinnHi jwquinn: I would definitely not say that the atmosphere is competitive here at Booth. I have personally been amazed by the diversity of the background of the class and unpretentious attitude that the students have. When you look at student's resumes, they have done some amazing things, but are very humble about themselves. One other attribute that i love here is the "pay it forward" culture. Second year students are very helpful in preparing first years for recruiting through interview preparation, advice and mentoring. The don't get compensated for any of this but commit huge amounts of time to help others out, as other helped them out the year before.
Travis->CarrieHello Everyone-How much emphasis is placed on your work experience by the admission's team? I would like to apply for admission next fall but by that time I would only have a little over two years of work experience with my background being in engineering consulting.
Carrie ->TravisHi Travis. Work experience is only one of the factors we consider in admission, and we are very interested in the quality of the work experience (as opposed to quantity). For those earlier in their career, we understand that they may not have as many leadership opportunities within their professional sphere, so we will look elsewhere in the application for examples of that type of experience. If you feel that you are ready for the MBA experience and that now is the right time, we welcome you to apply!
houston_cowboy->EddieAs a prospective student with a limited quantitative background, I'm interested in Booth for its analytical rigor. What's the best way to make sure I 'catch up' holistically on hard skills I missed in my undergrad education?
Eddie ->houston_cowboyMany students have taken a course before they begin the program either at a community college, an undergraduate institution or at a graduate level.
Anshu_Ag->Katie B.What all events and activities are included in "Women in Business Fall Conference" and how does they help women at booth?
Katie B. ->Anshu_AgHi Anshu-Ag- The Women in Business Fall Conference is organized by CWiB (Chicago Women in Business - a student group at Booth) and offers keynote speakers and panels led by successful female Booth alums on topics that range from challenges women face in business to negotiating skills to any number of other topics. Following this event, there is a networking event with representatives from firms from a variety of industries where the women in attendance get to network with companies of interest in a smaller, more intimate setting.
MBA_Fin->BenHi, I read somewhere that a group of Booth students were playing outdoor ice hockey twice a week during finals - is that true? Is there an active sporting community at Booth?
Ben ->MBA_FinHi MBA-Fin, I have personally played Soccer, Rugby, Cricket and flag football during my first quarter here at Booth. I don't know about ice hockey, but I it wouldn't have surprised me if they were playing during finals. In general I would say that there is enough sport around if that is what you are interested in.
takhtani->EddieHello everyone, thanks for taking the time for organizing this chat. My question is regarding my application for R2 where it is indicated that my GMAT score is still awaited, whereas I had sent my score to Booth way back in October itself. Is there a way I can follow up on this, I have the acknowledgement from GMAC where it confirmed the submission of scores.
Eddie ->takhtaniYou should be OK. We are still verifying scores. Continue to check your status. If there's a problem send me an email!
filmarinko->CarrieAs an entrepreneur who should I be looking to get recommendations from?
Carrie ->filmarinkoHi Filmarinko. As an entrepreneur, your situation is a bit different we certainly understand that. Often, we find that entrepreneurs will seek recommendations from clients, partners or investors - people who are familiar with their professional experience and what they have contributed.
miteshtank->Katie B.HI current students, thanks for organizing the chat. Mitesh from India here. I was just going through the Polsky View Book and it talks about Impact Investing Summit. I was interested to know more big is social entrepreneurship at Booth
Katie B. ->miteshtankHi Mitesh- In addition to the Impact Investing Summit, Booth has a Social New Venture challenge that offers resources and a course around starting a social new venture. Additionally, there are several entrepreneurship classes that are geared more towards social entrepreneurship, including a social entrepreneurship lab that involves hands on work with a local social venture. Booth students also compete in case competitions that are focused on the social secto
phoenix->JustinJustin, for those of us that would like to get into PE but do not have banking or PE experience, is the likely career path to spend a few/several years in banking (M&A, etc.) then transition? Many current MBAs have told me that without prior PE experience, it is difficult to make that transition right out of school.
Justin ->phoenixHi Phoenix, this is a good question and people are always debating whether to spend a few years in banking or consulting first after school. I would say it would easier for you to get into PE industry with such experience, but you would still have chance if you have deep experience in a specific industry or a specific corporate function - some companies might look for expertise in a specific industry and you will have your edge in approaching them. Of course, you need to be well equipped with basic finance and accounting knowledge. Booth will be the right place for you with its strong presence and resources in PE industry.
Asatu->CarrieHi All. I know that Booth recently embarked on Africa MBA tours and was wondering if that is going to be an annual event in the future. Also, do current MBAs get to participate in that recruitment event?
Carrie ->AsatuHi Asata. We are currently planning our recruitment calendar and will be releasing that in the coming months. We try to involve our alumni and current MBA students in our recruitment events whenever possible.
dilip->Katie B.Is there any cohort system at booth?Will the students be grouped upon matriculation?
Katie B. ->dilipHi Dilip - There is a cohort system at Booth, but it is probably different from the typical MBA cohort system you are thinking of. Students are grouped upon matriculation for their cohort, but you will only go through the LEAD program (a leadership development course in the Fall quarter) with these students. It's a great way to build relationships with a core group of students in the LEAD program at the beginning of your Booth career, but allows you to meet and engage with a greater variety of Booth students over your Booth career as you take the rest of your courses with the greater Booth community based on who enrolls in the courses you select.
Hal_B->SinemHow would you describe the student culture at Booth?
Sinem ->Hal_BHi Hal_B, I would say the student body here is extremely diverse, which leads to ranges of activities and student groups. They are also extremely humble and in my opinion also very humbling, I am amazed at how accomplished and how nice people are. Continuing on the last note, people are genuinely nice. You may not know a person but he/she may stop you in the middle of the road because you are wearing a Booth t-shirt and pick up a conversation, this recently happened to me at my gym :). There is also definitely a culture of giving back and helping your peers out. Giving back is something we learned from second years when we were trying to choose classes or prepare for interviews. I would email second years I never met and spent half an hour chatting with them about their internship. Now as a second year, I spent 5-6 hours per week helping out first years with their recruiting efforts. Overall it is a very natural, relaxed environment where people are genuinely helpful, nice and just awesome.
Matthieu->PabloWhat makes the booth's mba different from other?
Pablo ->MatthieuHi Matthieu. There is a combination of factors that makes the Booth MBA stand out. Among them, the flexibility of the curriculum - you design your own MBA based on what you want to specialize in and your other commitments, the collaborative environment, the quality of faculty and staff - such as the top notch Career Services department - and its quantitative and interdisciplinary approach. Also, I have to say that being able to live in such an amazing city like Chicago makes the whole experience even much more enjoyable. If you've never been to Chicago and the UofC campus - you definitely have to come see it for yourself.
Roberto->Katie B.Hello and sorry for the delay (at a meeting). I am concerned that Booth is well known for "producing" MBA graduates who concentrate on finance. Could anyone speak based upon experience about students wanting to concentrate on other areas such as marketing, biz dev, etc?
Katie B. ->RobertoHi Roberto- I was concerned about the idea that Booth would mostly be geared for students pursuing a career in finance as well. However, I have found the Booth community to be incredibly diverse both in background and in future career interests among Booth students. I'm recruiting for both management consulting and marketing and have found it to be very easy to find both great classes and career opportunities in these areas at Booth. Our marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship classes are some of the strongest we offer at Booth, in addition to our strong finance and economics courses.
Brian->CarrieAs a member of the waitlist, what is the best way to maintain contact with adcom? Does it help to communicate information such as raises and bonuses from current employment, as well as professional scholarship awards, etc.?
Carrie ->BrianHi Brian. The best way to stay in contact with the admissions committee is through sending updates (whether via email, in person, or video). You can either directly upload them to your file through the application system, or email them to us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu. In terms of the content - it's entirely up to you! We are definitely interested in professional updates or promotions - feel free to send those along.
Matt->Katie B.Given the class size at Booth, how easy/difficult is it to get to know most of your classmates in your two years in school? Is the class segmented into smaller batches?
Katie B. ->MattHi Matt- The class is segmented into smaller batches called cohorts, with whom you will take your LEAD class with in the fall quarter of your first year. You will get to know these students very well during this class and then will be able to use them to build study groups, etc., in future courses. Additionally, the Random Walk experience provides students the opportunity to bond with a group of about 15 students on an international trip during the week prior to orientation. This is a great way to bond and make your first friends at Booth. Because of our flexible curriculum, you will have lots of opportunities to meet additional students through your courses, as well as through student clubs and organizations.
monal82->SinemHi to all..How good in booth for a career in Consultancy and what all events does booth organize in this regard.
Sinem ->monal82Hi Monal82, recruiting for consulting is one of the more structured paths, where there is as much hand holding as you need it to be. I had no consulting background and I needed a lot of guidance. Career services, Management Consulting Group and second years who did consulting were extremely helpful getting me ready for the interviews. On the other end of the recruiting cycle, almost every single company you can think of comes to campus for presentations. All the big ones have campus representatives that hang out on campus to hold individual or small group coffee chats. Also because we have so many alumni in consulting firms all over the world, it is very easy to reach out to them and create connections that way as well.
Pablo ->EveryoneMBA_Fin, just to add to what Ben said, there is an ice skating rink open during the winter right there in the Midway (1-2 blocks from the Harper Center). Thus, I wouldn't be surprised if hockey fans went to play to relax during finals week.
Trader4Life->JustinHi - what kind of career opportunities does Booth offer to its students? For example, I am interested in working in Hong Kong post-MBA and am interested in investment banking or trading
Justin ->Trader4LifeHi Trader4Life, you could pursue any job opportunities at Booth - there are lot of options, in different industries, functions and job locations. Career services is extremely helpful and will help you explore your career aspirations and give you step-by-step guidance along the way. Working in IB/trading in HK is 100% possible and there are dozens students working in Asia for internship or full-time.
lalit->Jaimehow easy or difficult is it to get University provided housing, say I am going to stay with my spouse, and roughly what percentage of boothies staying with partners, opt for university provided housing
Jaime ->lalitHi lalit, many students come to Chicago with partners. While there are university provided housing on campus and you can certainly take advantage of it, it's true that 80-90% of students live downtown Chicago in 4 or 5 buildings between the lake, North Michigan avenue, Millenium Park and the river (great location and super views!). I live with my wife and we found the apartment through a housing agency that works with the University. They were very efficient and we signed the apartment online. When I arrived to Chicago everything was organized and the apartment was ready for me: a 40th floor apartment with views to the lake and Millenium Park, and almost all my classmates within a 5' walk in similar apartments. I think it's great to live in the city so you can enjoy it too.
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you to everyone for attending this chat session! The transcript will be posted to http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/ within 48 hours.
Katie B. ->EveryoneThanks for all your great questions! Good luck and hope we see you soon here at Booth!
Carrie ->EveryoneThanks so much for your questions! We look forward to seeing you on campus at some point!
Justin ->EveryoneThank you everyone for the great questions. I enjoy interacting with you today. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me. Good luck and see you soon.
Jaime ->EveryoneIt was great chatting with you all, all the best!
Eddie ->EveryoneThanks so much for joining us today. Please visit our website for more information - www.chicagobooth.edu , Check out the Booth Insider, read our blogs and please visit campus if you can! You're always welcome to stop by!
Pablo ->EveryoneThanks a lot for joining the chat to learn about Booth! Good luck to everyone with your applications and hope to see you around campus!
RayD->BenThank you for organizing this chat. Students, who are some of your favorite professors and what are some of your favorite classes?
Ben ->RayDHi RayD: There are some unbelievable professors here who are leaders in their field and who are really passionate about teaching. Personally I have enjoyed statistics with Prof Bester and Macro Economics with Prof Hurst, who are both very excitable and engaging. I am really looking forward to taking classes with Profs: Burt, Thaler, Meadow, Kaplan and Mcgill who are supposed to be great.
Sinem ->EveryoneThank you everyone for all the questions!
Ben ->EveryoneI am off to class now, was great talking with you all.