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With the Round 2 application deadline approaching on January 4, the Admissions team will be available to answer any of your questions related to the application or the admissions process.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 - 11:00 AM CST

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thanks for joining our chat. The chat will begin in 15 minutes. Please feel free to start submitting your questions.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello! Thanks for joining our chat. We will begin in 5 minutes. Please feel free to submit any questions you may have.
Moderator -> Everyone The chat has now begun! Feel free to submit any questions you may have and we will do our best to answer as many as we can!
Carrie -> Everyone Hi! My name is Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to chatting with everyone!
Danielle -> Everyone Welcome to the Booth MBA chat! I look forward to answering your questions, and helping you understand more about Booth.
Joanne -> Everyone Hi everyone! My name is Joanne Legler, Associate Director of Admissions; looking forward to talking with you!
Bryce -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us today. I look forward to answering your questions!
Eddie -> Everyone Good morning from Chicago Booth. My name is Eddie Pulliam and I'm glad you could make it!
Joanna -> Everyone Welcome! Looking forward to answering your questions about Booth.
Daniel -> Joanna Since I am working in a small town close to arctic in Canada, I am not able to attend Booth events or do campus visit. But I learn about Booth from websit and other Booth MBA students' reviews. My question is whether applicant's interaction with Booth during the application process affects admission result. Thanks.
Joanna -> Daniel Hello Daniel, while we would love for you to visit, we certainly understand that it is not possible for many people, especially those form outside the US. Therefore, whether or not you visit campus or attend an event has no bearing on your admissions evaluation.
kd -> Carrie Dear Team, thanks for giving us opportunity to seek information at this crucial stage. I have the following questions:1. Can you please let us know the number of Applications (a range of numbers) you typically receive in R2 and R3 and the % of admit offers (% of the Applications received) that the school makes in each of these rounds.2. Do you specifically look for evidence of efforts that students take to engage with Chicago community ( eg. Attending info sessions, connecting with alumnis/other representatives etc.) while evaluating Applications? Is there some specific importance/weightage attached to such efforts?3. I am highly interested in select courses offered in Economics and Finance. Is double concentration permitted? Can I choose a mix of electives in each of these streams as per my interests? Can you give some specific examples of programs (like lab courses etc.) where students learn through practical applications in these two disciplines.
Carrie -> kd Hi kd. I've answered your questions using the numbers you provided! 1) Unfortunately, we do not release our application numbers, and the number of offers we release varies from round to round and year to year. Generally speaking, though, we tend to receive more applications in Round 2 than in other rounds. 2) Your involvement in the Booth community does not have an impact on our admissions decisions. That said, many candidates find that their interactions with the community at events, on campus, etc help them to learn more about the program and better assess their fit with the community. 3) The flexibility at Booth allows you to select the courses you are most interested in, and most students graduate with 3-5 concentrations. We offer a variety of lab courses, ranging from our management lab to our private equity lab to our clean tech lab.
vikramsun7 -> Danielle Hi and thank you all for the Hosting this Q&A session. How does Booth view engineering undergrads? Is there any consideration concerning GPA for engineering undergrads?
Danielle -> vikramsun7 We certainly welcome all undergraduate majors to apply. We look at each GPA in respect to the individual's selected area of study.
sayantan -> Eddie Being from a very competitive field of applications from India and with a GMAT score of 680 i would like to know how much weightage a GMAT score is given to a application
Eddie -> sayantan The GMAT is only one part of the application process. We have to review the entire application and see where your other strengths may lie.
bradi -> Joanna Is the third round open to international applicants?
Joanna -> bradi Hello Bradi, Yes, you can apply in Round Three. We do however encourage international applicants to try to apply in Rounds one or two, just because it can give you more time in acquiring your visa. But in any case, you can certainly apply when you feel the time is right.
AJ -> Carrie I have still to take my GMAT.What would you say are the chances of getting in Booth in the 3rd Round? Or does the Admission commitee become too picky for the 3rd round
Carrie -> AJ Hi AJ. We make offers of admission in every round. However, we will release a large portion of our admissions offers in Rounds 1 and 2, so there will be fewer spots available in Round 3. That said, good applications always rise to the top!
AK -> Danielle Hi could you please provide some tips on the presentation - I'm stuck on that one?
Danielle -> AK The power point presentation is an opportunity for you to showcase any areas of your personal or professional life that you would like us to know. It is a great outlet for us to "get to know you" as an individual, and see your personality. You are welcome to use the slides as you wish- there is no specific structure or format that you need to use. We encourage you to be creative and provide new information in the slides.
Mitch -> Eddie What are the additional steps in applying for the International Business Exchange Program (IBEP)? Do all those steps need to be completed before the initial application deadline or can they be completed on admission? If one applies for the IBEP, can he be denied admission to the program but still admitted for a Booth MBA?
Eddie -> Mitch Once you've been admitted to the MBA program you'll be able to apply to the IBEP once you are on campus. You'll work with the Office of Academic Programs in order to apply for that program.
boMBArder -> Bryce Could you elaborate more on the teaching methodology adopted at Chicago Booth.
Bryce -> boMBArder I'd say the teaching methodology is very collaborative; it's one where you're learning from your classmates just as much as the faculty members teaching the course. The environment is flexible and supportive, so you can push yourself to the develop the way you need to in order to meet your goals.
PremPanchalTX -> Danielle I understand the program has incredibly flexibility compared to other top programs; is it possible to pursue both analytic finance and entrepreneurship?
Danielle -> PremPanchalTX Yes, the program is quite flexible. Students are able to choose their curriculum based on their areas of interest. You may take courses in entrepreneurship as well as courses in analytic finance. The only required course is LEAD- we do not have core courses, like many other schools.
Tara -> Eddie Hello! Thanks for hosting the chat today. My question is - How welcoming are you towards applicants from small family business backgrounds?
Eddie -> Tara Very! You may have a very different perspective on running a business and can add to the conversations held in class. That experience can be very helpful to you at Chicago Booth.
Vadim_S. -> Carrie How much do essays change from year to year?
Carrie -> Vadim_S. Hi Vadim. Our essay questions generally change every year. That said, we will typically ask one essay question that has to do with your career path and plan, motivation for the MBA and why you are interested in Booth. Beyond that, our second and third essay questions may change considerably from year to year.
Sameeraj -> Carrie How do you intend to distinguish & evaluate the old format GMAT score with the new style GMAT coming up in 2012? Will the old score still hold for 5 years? And is the GMAT score constantly weighted the same throughout the 5 years?
Carrie -> Sameeraj Hi Sameeraj. We will be honoring current GMAT scores for up to 5 years, and will evaluate the current and new GMAT scores independently of one another.
Ankita -> Eddie I would like to know about any clubs or activities related to social service
Eddie -> Ankita Net Impact, Givng Something Back. There are opportunities with our social entrepreneruship labs. There are many opportunities listed on our website - www.chicagobooth.edu .
Will -> Danielle Regarding my resume. What percentage of the page do you think is necessary to dedicate to "activities and volunteer work"? Given that there is a detailed activities section, should I spend less time on my resume on this topic?
Danielle -> Will The rule of thumb is to utilize your resume to highlight your skill set. If you feel that there are skills that are shown via your activities and volunteer work, then spend more time in that section. If you feel that your skill set is shown via your professional experience, focus your time there. There are many opportunities for you to discuss both your professional and volunteer work on the application, so I encourage you to use that space as well.
Rahul -> Joanna I am interested in exploring non-profit sector and pro bono consulting during my MBA. please shed some light on such opportunities at Booth.
Joanna -> Rahul Hello Rahul, There are many opportunities at Booth to get involved in social enterprise. We actually have two career counselors dedicated to this space for our students. You can also get involved with Net Impact while here as well, check them out here: http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/netimpact/index.htm. And of course the many opportunities through the Polsky Center for entrepreneurship like the social venture lab or the new social venture challenge. Learn more: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/initiatives/
ChrisL -> Joanne Approximately how many veterans are in a typical full-time program? How are they reviewed in the process (ie. not typical background)?
Joanne -> ChrisL Hi Chris. We see many students each year both active in the military and veterans and from both the US and internationally. Our military candidates are looked at the same as any other candidate, but we are always very aware of special circumstances they face, including unique work experience, time spent out of the country and special skills they have acquired in the military. Booth offers several resources you should be aware of, such as the student-run AFG or Armed Forces Group (more info online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/afg.aspx), participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program to all veterans who qualify and a special fellowship given to one military candidate each year.
PABS -> Carrie is their any disadvantage of submitting an application in the last couple days of the deadline. Are these applications reviewed with equal priority as the ones received earlier or do they risk the chance of being put aside in haste if the number of applications in these days is over the handling capacity ...
Carrie -> PABS Hi PABS. We do not begin our review process until the application deadline has passed, so it makes no difference to us when you submit!
Rahul -> Bryce Is there a grace period after the deadlines till which the recommenders can submit their recommendations?
Bryce -> Rahul Ideally, we'd like to have all components of the application prior to the deadline. However, if you're still waiting on letters of recommendation, we typically allow a week grace period. I would reach out to your writers, just to follow-up with their progress though.
TeresaG -> Danielle Do you begin reviewing applications as soon as you receive them or only after the January 4th deadline? Is there a disadvantage to turning applications in too close to the deadline?
Danielle -> TeresaG We only begin reviewing applications after the deadline. There is no advantage or disadvantage in the timing of your application in reference to deadlines.
Chandan_C -> Joanna hello admission team, with reference to the 4-slide presentation deck, I understand that an applicant is free to write whatever best content he/she feels. Can you suggest some ideas around this? Thanks, Chandan
Joanna -> Chandan_C Hello Chandon. We don't suggest ideas to applicants because that is really the assignment! For you to tell us what you feel is important to your candidacy. here is no wrong way to approach this essay. Good luck!
Sonia -> Eddie Hi Team Booth- thanks for being here today to answer our questions: Should we include the most pertinent activities in the activities section (which are most likely already highlighted in the resume), or try to include those activities which have fallen off/don't fit on our resumes?
Eddie -> Sonia You should list all activities that are important to your profile. You want to show us your versatility, community involvement or any other attribute that you feel the committee should recognize about you.
jichen -> Danielle I understand that there is a lot of flexibility in the curriculum. Does that also apply to the first year?
Danielle -> jichen Yes, the curriculum is very flexible, to include the first year. The only required course is LEAD. We do not have a core curriculum.
Amanda -> Eddie Hi, I am currently studying in UK, I don't know how to convert my score to GPA standard? do you have any guild line?
Eddie -> Amanda You can just send in your transcripts. As long as they are in English you'll be fine.
DLouie -> Danielle Thank you for taking this time to answer our questions. The people I have selected to write recommendations have asked why their mailing address has been requested. Should they expect documents to be mailed to them?
Danielle -> DLouie No, we will not mail them anything. We use the address in case we need to contact them for any reason regarding their comments about an applicant.
sayantan -> Bryce I would like to have a career in renewable energy industry post my MBA and i am currently working in the Oil and Gas industry. Post my mba i want to join consulting firm with focus on energy sector projects. I would like to know what opportunities booth provides for students who wants to join the energy industry post mba?
Bryce -> sayantan There are a options here for you to gather a bit more information. I'd first recommend that you review our employment report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/corp/hire/employmentreports/
Mitch -> Carrie What is the timeline for interview invitations - are there different rounds of interview invitations (i.e. some which are sent out earlier than the Mid-Decision Date)?
Carrie -> Mitch Hi Mitch. While everyone will receive a decision by the mid-decision date, we generally begin releasing interview invitations two weeks prior to the mid-decision date. That said, please know that we are still reviewing applications up to the mid-decision date, so there is no need to worry if you haven't heard from us by then!
Chandan_C -> Danielle With respect to the slides, I undestand that technicality of presentation is not critical. Does that mean that i can use some relevant (of course) images/photographs if the story demands so.
Danielle -> Chandan_C The power point is your opportunity to showcase your personality and creative side. There is no specific format or structure. You are welcome to use what you feel will best provide new information for us, and help us get to know you as a candidate.
Will -> Joanna I have heard that Booth students and alumni sometimes give peer recommendations to prospective students. Is this true? Is it beneficial to do this?
Joanna -> Will Hello Will, it is common for students and alumni to write notes supporting an applicant. If you know an alum or student well enough to submit a note that can add value, you can certainly do this if you would like. But it is important to know that applicants are not at a disadvantage without. Good luck!
punit -> Eddie My question is about the post MBA goals essay. If my goal is entrepreneurship and I have a business idea in mind, Should I reveal my idea in the essay, and if so how much detail should I add? Also, how can I be sure that it will remain confidential?
Eddie -> punit You don't have to tell us your idea. You should focus on why you want to have entrepreneurship as your concentration.
steve -> Danielle What attributes are you looking for in the leadership essay (e.g. past influences, how past experiences impacted current leadership, how Booth will contribute to future leadership, any others)?
Danielle -> steve Every leader is different, therefore there is not one specific answer that we look for. We do, however, hope to see an applicant provide concrete examples of how they have applied their leadership style in various situations. You are welcome to use whatever context you feel will best help us understand your leadership abilities, and where your style stemmed from.
Anderson -> Joanna Which one is more important to be admitted by Booth, the achievements in the applicant's life or the GMAT score?
Joanna -> Anderson Anderson, in a holistic application evaluation approach like ours, we will look at all aspects. Its important to have a well rounded and balanced application as there are no components that will be more important than another.
DaveM -> Carrie Regarding essay 2, the leadership essay, can you give a specifc example / tell a story of an experience that helped develop you leadership abilities and explain how you used the experience to become a better leader?
Carrie -> DaveM Hi Dave. It's entirely up to you! If that experience was pivotal in your leadership development, then it could be a great example to share. Overall, we hope to learn more about the key values, experiences and motivations that have shaped you as a leader.
AJISA -> Eddie I'm a International Student working in the US for the Last 3 years after completing my Masters. How would you Judge a student who already has a masters. Is it a plus or a negative? And do you have any kind of Financial Aid for the MBA students?
Eddie -> AJISA It doesn't matter that you already have a graduate degree. We have students in our program who hold one. It's not a negative.Our financial aid program is designed for MBA students and we list our awards and loan programs on our website.
Tarun_Khurana -> Danielle What kind of weightage is given to other professional qualifications that a candidate might have? e.g. would a CFA charter-holder be a better fit in finance community and hence stand a better chance?
Danielle -> Tarun_Khurana Certifications do not necessarily give you a better edge than another candidate. We certainly take into account your ability to do high-level quantitative work, but since we take a holistic approach to the application package, we are looking at all areas of your application to determine whether you are a strong fit for Booth. Please put any certifications on your application!
Ivan -> Joanna Hello. I would like to know the percentage of candidates who are invited for an interview and if it's possible to make the interview in Switzerland, or if only in Chicago. Thank you.
Joanna -> Ivan Hello Ivan, We typically invite anywhere between 40-60% of applicants to interview. If invited, you will have the choice to come to Chicago to interview, or to interview with an alumnus near your home city. Good luck!
mohitk11 -> Joanne Hello. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about Booth. I’d like to know what kind of support is available for aspiring entrepreneurs at Booth. Also, I’d love to learn more about student culture at Booth (i.e. is is highly collaborative, highly competitive or somewhere in the middle) and strength of alumni networks in India specifically
Joanne -> mohitk11 There are many resources available for entrepreneurs at Booth! Most of these are born out of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/), the hub of activity for those looking to start a business or work with startups. You could also decide to complete a concentration in Entrepreneurship as a student here. There is also a very active student group called the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Group that allows like-minded students to connect and discuss, as well as facilitates an annual conference that brings together students, local investors, alumni and faculty. And don't forget the New Venture Challenge, our famous business plan competition that has launched over 75 companies in 16 years! The culture at Booth is highly collaborative (we like to say "ideas compete, but people collaborate"). You will find yourself working in teams in everything you do here, and you'll notice that support at Booth, particularly from student to student, is second to none. Finally, the alumni community in India is strong, with alums coming from all of our programs and working in a variety of industries.
Tina -> Danielle Do ypu have campus visit program recently?
Danielle -> Tina We hold campus visits each day.
Mitch -> Bryce What are the opportunities to study at different campuses in the program - such as the Booth Singapore campus? What is the application procedure, what portion of the MBA can be spent there, is there an extra cost?
Bryce -> Mitch Two great options for studying at different campuses would be our International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) and our International MBA. They both provide you with the opportunity to study abroad at 33 partner schools in 21 different countries. Here's a link that provides a bit more information: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/index.aspx
MikeG -> Carrie I applied during round 1 and was placed on the waitlist. Booth is definitely my top choice, so I'm thinking hard about my supplementary materials and video. When should those materials be submitted? The sooner the better? Thanks!
Carrie -> MikeG Hi Mike. Glad to hear that Booth is a strong fit for you! The deadline for submitting materials is March 1st. For more information on the waitlist, check out our new blog post: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/boothinsider/.
somebody -> Danielle How does an alumni referral impact your chances of getting admitted ? Is there a downside to more than one person referring an applicant ?
Danielle -> somebody We are looking for recommendations that are strong, and highlight why the applicant will be a good fit for Booth, and what skill set they have that will contribute to the Booth community. If this referral comes from an alumni, a colleague, a client, etc., that is more helpful for us to understand a candidate than a generic recommendation that is from an alumni. If the alumni can fulfill the aforementioned areas, that is great, however we don't put preference on alumni recommendations.
opj -> Joanne Question About Recommendation:I am 6 years out of college. Have experience working in top shop in NYC, then moved to China to start my own business. Have a business partner who’s 8 years older/more experienced than me who I work closely with. I have a client that I have worked closely who is submitting a recommendation for me. Question is for the 2nd recommendation letter. Better to have it from my supervisor from NYC (big name shop, worked closely with me but was 3 years ago) or my business partner, who has worked even more closely with me and has worked with me more recently. Business partner has been a better witness to things like leadership, innovative thinking, creating problem solving versus the NY recommender is evaluating me as a much more junior person. Thank you and would appreciate any feedback
Joanne -> opj We really encourage you to think about who you think would have the time and inclination to write you the most positive and thorough letter possible. That might be from the person who knows your most recent work the best, but the choice is really yours. We hope to get complete letters that are full of anecdotes that highlight your strengths and unique attributes, so think about that as you make your decision.
Leonid -> Eddie Dear team, could you pls describe what are major differences between IMBA and MBA? Do I understand right that IMBA is the same program, but with better reputation on the market? and opportunities are almost the same?
Eddie -> Leonid The IMBA - International MBA program has a study abroad component, a 2nd language requirement and specific international coursework applied to it. It's nice to know that it has a good reputation! The opportunities are really the same except that an IMBA student may specifically want to work outside of the US or their country.
DaveC. -> Joanna What would you say is the main differentiator of Booth from the other top schools? The one key point that you offer that you dont see anywhere else?
Joanna -> DaveC. Hello Dave, Great question. While it will be touch to answer in this tiny forum, I can say that the Chicago Booth experience is non prescriptive. We offer the most flexible curriculum of any MBA program, and we hold a focus to the fundamentals of business. You'll learn to evaluate problems and opportunities through fundamental disciplines - you'll see things in new ways.
Justin -> Eddie Is there any suggested word limit on the 4-page slide if we elect to incorporate text and slides?
Eddie -> Justin There's no word limit - just 4 pages!
Will -> Bryce Regarding the employer section of the application. I held multiple positions for the same employer. Should I create a new employer for each position I held or add multiple positions to one employer?
Bryce -> Will I think either would suffice. I would just make sure it's clear, so that the application reader knows that you've progressed at your current employer.
Daniel -> Danielle My toefl speaking score is not high. But I am sure the score doesn't reflect my English ability. Since I may not have enough time to take TOEFL before deadline of round 2. will Booth evaluate applicant's speak ability via interview?
Danielle -> Daniel We will evaluate the TOEFL score, and if selected to interview, we may evaluate your speaking abilities at that time as well. Please feel free to look at our English Language Exams page for other questions: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/englishexams.aspx
Pulak -> Eddie Good morning! Thanks for the chat session! what are the opportunities for US citizens to apply for financial aid such as scholarships and fellowships?
Eddie -> Pulak All admitted students are automatically considered for our awards. If you do not receive an award we have a great loan program open to US and international students.
Ahsan -> Carrie Hi, I have a question abt online application - every time I log on and open my application, I get a message saying an "any error has occurred" but I move on the next page anyway
Carrie -> Ahsan Hi Ahsan. Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with the system. We find that most problems are related to the internet browser used. If you aren't using the most updated browser, you may not be able to see the application properly. I would recommend checking the version of browser you are using, or switching to Google Chrome (www.google.com/chrome). If you are still having problems, please email us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu for assistance.
AKW -> Joanne What is the level of interaction between students and faculty outside the classroom?
Joanne -> AKW Interaction with faculty outside the classroom is high; they are great resources for career advice, act as speakers at our many conferences and can be found roaming the winter garden or having lunch in the cafe! Faculty all hold open office hours and invite their students to approach them to chat about classes and careers.
mimi -> Joanna Mimi: Can we do 2 page resume, since I have relatively more experience?
Joanna -> mimi Hello Mimi, how you choose to represent yourself in the application is up to you. We typically suggest using the same resume you would use in a job search for example. Good luck!
Summer -> Bryce thank you for hold this chatting. I'm from Chinese mainland, I'd like to devote myself in media industry, I wonder if there's some fit club or course in Booth? and is media a good division in Booth?
Bryce -> Summer No worries at all! Regarding student interest in the media industry, I'd checkout the MESG group: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/meg.aspx
JW -> Eddie Hi team. I acctually had a minor trangression on my record which resulted in a misdemeanor. How does this impact my candidacy?
Eddie -> JW We have had applicants in the past explain similar circumstances and it shouldn't affect the way we review your application.
steve -> Danielle how are the presentations viewed by the admissions team (e.g. on a computer, printed out in black and white, or printed in color)? If they are printed, should we assume they are printed on a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet?
Danielle -> steve We view the powerpoint on a computer screen.
DanielF -> Carrie Is it mandatory to upload a notarized English translation of the transcripts at the moment of application?, I have mine in spanish, and probably wont be able to complete the translation by the second deadline.
Carrie -> DanielF Hi Daniel. Unfortunately, we do need a copy of your transcripts in English so that we can properly assess your educational background. Please contact us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu to discuss your situation and determine if you may be able to submit your application in Round 2.
Chai -> Joanne Hi, thanks for organizing this chat. My question is that are there any advantages if my IELTS band is 7, but some section is below 7?
Joanne -> Chai We look at the overall IELTS score as well as the subsections. The minimum score for each is 7.
Sandy -> Danielle Is an interview a necessary component of the admission process? Will applicants be admitted without being interviewed?
Danielle -> Sandy We select candidates that we wish to interview, and if selected for an interview, it must be completed in order for a candidate to further be considered for admission. Not every student will be selected for an interview.
asharma -> Bryce Hi everyone. I wanted to discuss admission prospects of people looking to make a career switch. Does Booth see value in these candidates?
Bryce -> asharma It's actually relatively common to utilize the MBA degree to transition into another career path. I think there's certainly a value there, but a lot will come down to how it's articulated in the application.
Scarlett -> Eddie About career goal essay, if I plan to switch to management consulting, is it necessary to point out clear industry forcus?
Eddie -> Scarlett It's best to provide clarity behind your decisions on your short/long term goals. Think it through and walk us carefully through your thought process.
Jett_Miller -> Joanna On the "Why Booth" portion of the first essay, would you recommend discussing particular classes that we know are going to be helpful in our pursuit of our professional goals? Especially if we have friends in the program currently. Further, would it be acceptable to incorporate first hand experiences that have been shared with me from current/past students?
Joanna -> Jett_Miller Hi Jett, Its a great question but tough to answer. Its really up to you and your own personal reasons for why you might choose Booth - and you have the freedom to express that any way you feel relevant. I hope this helps.
Jett_Miller -> Joanne On the presentation, do you see stronger submissions that have a "theme" or more of a comprehensive overview on why we are unique?
Joanne -> Jett_Miller No easy answer to this question! We've seen it all, and really leave it up to you to decide what the best format will be to let the committee know all about your unique story. We do not favor one approach over another.
Josh_McConnell -> Bryce Hi everyone. Bryce, thank you for your time during a somewhat recent info session and class visit.
Bryce -> Josh_McConnell Hi Josh, thanks so much for the note! Good luck with the application process and happy holidays.
Guest1234 -> Carrie Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions this morning. Much appreciated! I have a couple logistical questions about the waitlist: 1) If we submit additional materials, is there any particular timing we should keep in mind, e.g. a “cutoff” date? 2) I’ve read that additional materials should be submitted through the online application, but I’ve also read that we can submit additional material via email. Does the Admissions Committee have a preference for how we submit additional material? Thanks!
Carrie -> Guest1234 Great questions! The submission date for additional materials is March 1, 2012. You are welcome to upload your materials directly into the application system or email us - whichever is more convenient for you. In each case, they will be added to your file and reviewed with your application during the waitlist review process. f
punit -> Eddie Thanks Eddie for the response. I understand that I dont necessarily have to reveal my idea, but will it have a positive/negative impact if I do?
Eddie -> punit Not really Punit. We really want to see your focus on being an entrepreneur. After you enter school your idea may change. The MBA can do that for you!
Josh_McConnell -> Joanna Sorry, question is the following: I've moved to Chicago recently for several reasons and will begin an MBA program in 2012. Given that I have a clear preference to Booth over all other schools, is it appropriate or advisable to indicate that anywhere in the application?
Joanna -> Josh_McConnell Hi Josh, that's really up to you and how relevant you feel it is to your story! Best of luck!
kk -> Eddie Eddie, hallo, I’m now 35 years old. I feel quite matured to have my full-time MBA now. Does my age deviates from what is considered acceptable for full-time in Chicago? And, if so, don’t you think it contradicts with a global tendency of ageing population in developed countries?
Eddie -> kk Your age is not something that we will base our decision upon. In fact, your experience may be to your advantage!
Juan -> Joanna Two booth alumni have expressed their interest in sending a support email on my behalf. Is this permitted? If so, who should they address their email to? Thanks.
Joanna -> Juan Hello Juan, Those alumni should contact us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu for direction on how to do so.
Arnav -> Danielle Hi, I am an international applicant from India and have completed my engineering from a university which had medium of instruction exclusively in English (mentioned in the transcript). Hence I have petitioned my waiver request in the application itself. Can I be certain that I will be given a waiver?
Danielle -> Arnav You are welcome to view our English speaking requirements online: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/englishexams.aspx
Sederia -> Bryce Hello Everyone! My question is what companies have a strong relationship with the Booth business school? I know that some companies have certain business schools where they love to recruit because of the quality of the students
Bryce -> Sederia Good question Sederia! I think a great place to start would be to checkout our employment report; that should give you a decent sense as to where students have interned or gained full-time employment.
hs -> Joanna I have my financial consultancy. Since my work role is a project-driven one, I do not feel my clients would be able to offer detailed insights into my candidacy. Can I request my senior associate to provide with one recommendation letter? The other recommendation will be submitted by my previous supervisor
Joanna -> hs Dear hs, per our guidelines we request one letter from your direct supervisor and the other can be from anyone you choose. Good Luck!
RyanB -> Eddie Hi, My name is Ryan and I will be applying in Round 2. Thank you for having the chat. I am an English major, trying to find ways to showcase my quant side besides my gmat score. Are you aware of mbamath.com? The program markets itself as proving to admissions departments that an applicant can do the math required of an mba. Do you accept their transcripts? Is that program looked at positively at Booth?
Eddie -> RyanB We'll consider it but the GMAT and your undergraduate GPA are required components for our review. MBAmath.com isn't.
Mike -> Danielle Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. How does the AdCom view taking the GMAT multiple times, but with increasing scores?
Danielle -> Mike We will take the highest overall GMAT score, no matter how many times you choose to take the exam. We have seen applicants take the GMAT up to 10 times, therefore it is not uncommon for someone to have multiple scores.
Juan -> Carrie Hello and thank you for this chat. Booth requires that the recommender use a corporate email to send his recommendation. One of my recommenders has expressed his preference to use his personal gmail account, especially since he will be traveling during the holiday season and will not have access to his corporate email. Would my application be hurt in case he uses his personal email?
Carrie -> Juan Hi Juan. While we prefer a corporate email address, we certainly understand that this is not always possible. You can use your recommenders personal email address, but I would encourage you to include a brief explanation in the optional essay.
mimi -> Joanne I have healthcare industry background. Does Booth welcome this background? Can you introduce some activities/clubs regarding healthcare industry on campus?
Joanne -> mimi Hi mimi-of course, we welcome students from ALL backgrounds! We have many resources at Booth for those interested in Healthcare, including the student-run Healthcare Group (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/healthcare.aspx), which facilitates the Healthcare Conference, and the opportunity to pursue a certificate program called the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy, or GPHAP (http://www.ssa.uchicago.edu/gphap/).
DanielF -> Eddie Where in the application forms would be most appropriate to include information on some pro bono work that I have been doing for the last few months?, is this type of information valuable to you?
Eddie -> DanielF It would be interesting to see. You can list it under the "activities" section.
Drew -> Carrie Hello, and thanks for hosting this session. Do official GMAT scores need to be received prior to the Jan. 4th deadline for round 2, or like official transcripts can they arrive after the deadline and have the application still be considered for round 2?
Carrie -> Drew Hi Drew. As long as you have included your self-reported GMAT score in the application, you can apply in Round 2. We do not need your verified GMAT score until the point of admission.
Nitin -> Bryce Hi - I am Nitin and interested in applying for full time MBA. Post MBA I wanted to become a product manager in high tech and want to understand the concentrations that I need to take at Booth since you don't have a single focused concentration for the same
Bryce -> Nitin I honestly don't think there is a set path. A lot will depend on how each student would like to develop throughout their 2 years here. Here's additional link that might be helpful: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/htg.aspx
Min_Suk_Park -> Carrie Hi, I served in the mandatory military for two years. Does this expereince count for full-time work experience?
Carrie -> Min_Suk_Park Mi Min Suk Park. Your military experience can definitely counts toward your full-time work experience.
esc_123 -> Joanne If I am interested in the Health Administrations Studies certification through the GPHAP program do I have to apply for this program separately? And if so, is that done after getting accepted?
Joanne -> esc_123 Yes, the GPHAP certificate process happens once you are admitted and enrolled at Booth; then there is a separate application process. You can learn more online here at http://www.ssa.uchicago.edu/gphap-admissions.
briancks -> Eddie If I understand correctly, a third recommendation letter is neither encouraged or discouraged, correct?
Eddie -> briancks We only require 2. You should really find the best people to send in those letters. Additional letters sometimes don't offer any real unique perspective.
Sara -> Joanna Hello everyone. I was curious as to how many students take an internship in his/her intended field but for some reason or another, choose not to pursue that career path afterward. Are these student at a disadvantage when looking for a full time position in a different field? For example, a student concentrating and taking an internship in marketing...but finding that his/her interest lies more within consulting. Any insight on this would be helpful to know! Thanks!
Joanna -> Sara Hello Sara, You pose an interesting question.It does happen at times as the internship can allow people to understand they may want to pursue a different path. We do have programming in place via our Career Services to help students make this transition. And of course our flexible curriculum also makes it easier to switch gears when the need arises.
mimi -> Danielle If we don't use current supervisor as a recommender, does Booth require to explain it in the optional essay? If not required, is it better to explain or not necessary? Same question apply to the career gap?
Danielle -> mimi That decision is completely up to you. You may use whomever you feel will highlight your strengths and speak about your leadership abilities in a letter of recommendation. It does not need to come from a supervisor.
Yvonne -> Joanne Helllo...besides a strong gmat score, how can candidates with a low gpa show that they are capable of handling the quantitative rigor of B-school?
Joanne -> Yvonne Please remember that the evaluation process is holistic, meaning that we carefully evaluate all aspects of the application before making final admissions decisions. For those with lower GPAs, a GMAT score can balance things out, but we'll also look to see how and what you're doing in your daily work life, or if you've taken some classes or certificate programs since your college graduation. If you believe there were extenuating circumstances that led to a low GPA, you can use the Optional Essay to offer an explanation.
hhzhang -> Carrie Is there a preferred essay format (font size, double/single space) for the application?
Carrie -> hhzhang We do not currently have a preferred essay format, but do encourage you to use your best judgment. We read applications electronically and all submitted files are converted to a PDF. While I would adhere to the word limits in each question, you do not need to worry about page limits (except for the presentation).
Sherul -> Eddie Hi Eddie, What are the opportunities for experimental learning that booth provides?
Eddie -> Sherul We have the management labs which give you real time, hands on experience working with companies in the city of Chicago on projects that require valuable input you've learned from our professors!
CPP -> Joanna How much weight dose the interview count in the whole package? Any tips for a good interview vs. bad interview with Booth?
Joanna -> CPP CPP, the interview is an important step in the application evaluation process and so I do suggest preparation for that meeting with either one of our students or an alumni. After the interview, a summary is used in your applciation to add texture for the subsequent reviewers. All in all, the interview is significant, but it is not a make or break interaction so to speak. You can read more here: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=44
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for your questions! We try to answer as many as we can. If you have any additional questions please feel free to submit them.
Ankita -> Bryce Dear Team, could you please tell us more about the LEAD program?
Bryce -> Ankita There are two parts to LEAD. The Leadership Orientation Retreat, which is held up in Wisconsin just before orientation starts. Your participate in a variety of outdoor team building activities, ropes courses, etc. Then you'll come back to campus and spend the remainder of the program in a classroom setting working through a range of skills to become an effective leader. Here's a link that might be helpful: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/experiential/lead.aspx
Eric -> Joanne Hello, can you speak about opportunities for students interested in management consulting careers?
Joanne -> Eric For those pursuing consulting, one of the best resources is the student-run Management Consulting Group (read more at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/mcg.aspx). Group members will assist one another with networking and prepping for interviews. You will also find that Career Services provides programming such as mock interviews, resume reviews and the opportunity to connect with a second-year Career Advisor, all of whom are chosen to advice first years by industry. You'll also notice many firms coming to campus for information sessions and on-campus interviews.
Franco -> Carrie I attented one semester the University of Sydney during my undergraduate studies. My university language of instruction was spanish. Should I present TOEFL to prove my level of English?
Carrie -> Franco Hi Franco. To waive the TOEFL requirement, you must either be a citizen or permanent resident of a country where the official language is English, or have received an undergraduate or graduate degree from an institution where English is the language of instruction. In this case, if the language of instruction in your main university was not English, you would need to submit the TOEFL.
Howard -> Eddie Hi thanks for holding this session. If we are selected for interview, would we look more favorably if we did the interview on campus vs. at another location?
Eddie -> Howard It's your choice. They both hold the same weight. If you've never been to campus you may want to come and have it conducted here in Chicago. The Harper Center is a sight to behold!
Andy_R -> Danielle Hello, when I attended on campus event, you stressed that career center is one of the best in the world. Could you tell us about 'why' Booth career center is different?
Danielle -> Andy_R Our career center really stresses creating a relationship with each student in order to best help and guide them through the internship and job search process. We invite the best companies on campus to recruit our students, which is a unique opportunity for Booth students to engage with high level corporate recruiters. In addition, we provide employment reports, resume building skills (crucial to standing out amongst other MBA graduates), resources for you as an alumni, resume databases, and access to top jobs. I encourage you to learn more about our top-tier career center online: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx
Sandy -> Eddie Can we submit optional essays to explain certain situations such as why I'm not using my current supervisor as my recommender?
Eddie -> Sandy Yes! That's a great use for the optional essay.
Youngjick -> Bryce Hello? Thanks for hosting this on-line chat. I'm a re-applicant to Chicago Booth. Is there any disadvantage to the re-applicant? During 8 months, I enhanced my GMAT, TOEFL as well as several accomplishments. I really want to be Chicago MBA.
Bryce -> Youngjick No worries at all, hopefully you find it helpful. With a very competitive applicant pool every year, it's relatively common to reapply. I wouldn't say that you're at a disadvantage. It's just very important to reflect and re-state your case as to why you're pursuing an MBA from Booth.
dawsonlemus -> Carrie Hello, I was wondering how you review applicants who have more than one nationality. If they've never lived in the U.S., yet have an american passport, will they be reviewed as international applicants?
Carrie -> dawsonlemus Hi Dawson. In the application, we ask for both primary and secondary citizenship. We will consider your primary citizenship to determine international or domestic status. When evaluating your application, however, we will see both nationalities.
Sharan -> Joanna Hi, would you pls talk about the student club, courses, social events and recruiters in the field of private equity in Booth? Thanks.
Joanna -> Sharan Hello Sharan, Private Equity as you can imagine is quite popular at Booth and is supported by strong programming. Most students interested in PE will join the Private Equity Group: http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/pe/ or participate in the Elfman-Wareham Private Equity & Venture Capital Lab - http://polskycenter.com/pelab/. These are just a few examples of opportunities, outside of support form the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and our Career Services!
Alvares -> Danielle How is change of Career at an age of 35 seen at Booth and what if your previous experience is not related to shipping and you want to shif into investment banking.
Danielle -> Alvares The MBA is a perfect opportunity for a student to learn a new skill set and transition into a new industry. It is not so much about your age, it is more about the value of your work experience and how that will translate into the MBA and afterwards. You will have the tools at Booth you would need to make the career switch.
Scarlett -> Bryce Is there any baseline for TOEFL and GMAT for international students?
Bryce -> Scarlett Thanks for the question. Here's a link that would be helpful to initially review: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/englishexams.aspx
Chandan_C -> Danielle Are recommendations from ex-supervisors (both I and supervisor no longer work in that common firm) ok to go ahead, as long as the supervision was at least an year long?
Danielle -> Chandan_C You are welcome to submit letters of recommendation from any individual whom you believe will highlight your skill set and leadership abilities. It does not need to be from a current supervisor.
miteshtank -> Carrie Hi all, really appreciate you taking time out for this Q&A, I was curious whether the scholarship opportunities are the same for R1 and R2? Also on an average, what percentage of applications receive an interview call?
Carrie -> miteshtank We do offer a similar amount of scholarship and fellowship opportunities in Rounds 1 and 2. In terms of interviews, it varies from round to round and year to year, but we generally interview between 40-60% of the applicant pool.
Leonid -> Eddie Dear all, could you pls describe what are opportunities for SOs on the campus? Can they participate in classes? What are major clubs available for SO?
Eddie -> Leonid We have the Partner's Group and Mothers at Booth for starters. Both provide opportunities to be a part of the Booth community. SOs can't "audit" a class but they may be interested in taking a non-degree seeking class downtown at the Gleacher Center with the Graham School.
Vadim_S. -> Carrie When do the essays usually get released for the following year?
Carrie -> Vadim_S. Hi, Vadim. We will release our new essay questions in July 2012.
Will -> Joanne Does Booth have any specialized courses about the digital advertising industry (i.e., targeted display advertising, the evolution of advertising in the digital space)?
Joanne -> Will Yes, our Marketing faculty has recently added a course, taught this past fall, entitled "Digital Marketing Strategy"; according to our course description the objective is to provide a conceptual foundation and the tools for how to reduce the challenges posed by the evolving digital environment to create opportunities and competitive advantages. Sounds great!
opj -> Eddie Does a campus visit/physical presence at any of the satellite presentations affect in any way my chances of gaining admission?
Eddie -> opj No. It does give you an opportunity to meet staff, current students and alumni. Many times you can get an answer that pertains to your specific profile a bit faster.
Andrew -> Joanna Hi and thank you for hosting this chat. As someone who is looking to work post-MBA in finance in NYC, how does the number of NYC recruiters to Booth compare to that of other top MBA programs in the country?
Joanna -> Andrew Hello Andrew, As you can imagine Booth has some strong relationships with employers in finance fields and that is true for new york. Almost 30% of our 2010 grads accepted positions in the NYC metro area. You can check out our latest Employment Report for details on employers, industries and locations: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx
Manoj -> Danielle Almost all schools stress on the 'case study' method. I did not find any particular mention of the same on the Booth website. However, I did find something similar - 'experimental learning'. Is the 'case study' method prominent at Booth and how similar or different is it to 'experimental learning'?
Danielle -> Manoj We have a flexible curriculum that allows students to blend many forms of learning- experiential is a key component of this learning process. We are not built off a case-study model. You are welcome to learn more about our academics online: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/index.aspx
hs -> Danielle I was not able to visit campus in previous months because of hectic work schedule. However, I have taken few weeks off in January and would like to visit Booth then. Can I visit the campus after submitting my application as I will be submitting my app in R2?
Danielle -> hs You are welcome to visit campus at any point- just make sure to register online.
Chandan_C -> Bryce Does Booth have any minimum cut off GMAT score beyond which application's other aspects would be considered?
Bryce -> Chandan_C We actually don't have a minimum cut off for the GMAT score. We focus on reading holistically, but below is a link that shows our required components: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/apply.aspx
sayantan -> Joanna What are the scholarship opportunities for applicants? Is scholarship in anyway related to which round one applies to R1 or R2?
Joanna -> sayantan Santayan, you can read about scholarships here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/
boMBArder -> Danielle I am thinking of applying in round 2 for fall 2012 admissions and I have a pretty good plan for my career goals. In this regard, I have recently shifted into a new job which is more in alignment with my career goals as it would help me during MBA and in securing internship. Does this decrease my chances of getting into your MBA program- like changing jobs before MBA?
Danielle -> boMBArder We will look at all components of your application, and you are able to discuss your current professional track and goals in the first essay. Changing jobs before the MBA does not affect your chances of being accepted.
miteshtank -> Moderator Thanks Carrie for your insights during this chat and during my campus visit early this year. Looking forward to put together a strong application for Booth 2012 intake. Thanks
Angie -> Eddie Hi everyone! Regarding the flexible curriculum, are there any counselors that sit down with you at the beginning of the year and discuss the courses you should take based on your goals?
Eddie -> Angie Yes. You'll have an academic counselor to work with you on the classes you take, an advisor from the Career Services office with help on your employment search and 2nd year students help in many, many ways!
Nicole -> Joanne Hi Joanne, I just noticed your reply about IELTS scores. Do you mean if any subsection of the score is below 7, the applicant will not be accepted at all?
Joanne -> Nicole Hi Nicole; not necessarily, students may still apply and may be invited to interview with lower IELTS or TOEFL scores. Since Chicago Booth requires an interview to be admitted, we then rely on that measure of a student's language abilities to help us determine if they are at a level of English language skill to be successful at Booth.
Nina_Saxena -> Danielle I know this differs from school to school - for Booth, do you recommend applicants to write the Optional Essay only to address gaps or more "negative" aspects of their application to fill in holes? Or is there something else you're looking for?
Danielle -> Nina_Saxena That is up to your discretion. The optional essay can be used to explain a gap in a resume, address a low GPA, or to highlight a skill that you feel is particularly strong. If you feel you are able to use other areas of the application to best showcase your strengths, then the optional essay is not necessary, nor a requirment.
Chandan_C -> Joanna Joanna, what kind of impact could Booth alumni's support email may have on an applicant's admission chances?
Joanna -> Chandan_C Hello Chandan, alumni support is simply noted on your application and can give us some additional insight. If applicants want to gain alumni support, they should ask people who do in fact know you well. Its important also to note that many applicants do not have alumni support and this is not a disadvantage. Good luck.
bradi -> Bryce how does the admission committee view low gpa, say in the region of 2.9(american)
Bryce -> bradi We read holistically, so your evaluation wouldn't only be based off of your GPA. And, we can look into other areas of the application to gauge your ability to handle the rigor of the program.
Mike_N -> Carrie Do you expect a response to essay 2 on leadership style to conform to some well-known type of leadership? Should I try to fit my experiences into a specific category?
Carrie -> Mike_N Hi, Mike. In the second essay, we hope to learn about the experiences and values that have shaped you personally as a leader, and this will obviously vary from person to person. It does not need to correspond to leadership theory or defined leadership styles unless you feel that it is relevant to your story. Hope this helps!
Lpinto -> Eddie Hello! I see the curriculum is very flexible, which is great! I have a question though, how many majors can one take?
Eddie -> Lpinto Most students have more than one concentration by the time of graduation!!
Ahsan -> Danielle Do Chicago Booth graduates opt for careers in non-profit sector as well? what about social entrepreneurship?
Danielle -> Ahsan Yes, Booth graduates are seeking jobs in all professions, non-profit and social entrepreneurship are certainly areas in which our students focus on.
PremPanchalTX -> Joanna I would just note that the class visit program answered a majority of my questions with regard to admissions. I highly suggest it to potential applicants! Joanna was very informative. Thanks again for the insight!
Joanna -> PremPanchalTX Hello Prem, thanks for visiting! To others who are interested in coming to campus, learn more here on how to register: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/
TeresaG -> Joanne How does one go about applying for the marketing fellowship? Will students be notified that they have been chosen for the fellowship before or after accepting an offer?
Joanne -> TeresaG Hi Teresa; as with all of our Fellowships, there is no formal application process for the Marketing Fellowship. Students are identified by Admissions staff as potential candidates for that Fellowship and we then involve our faculty members in the next steps, which may include a phone call and meeting with faculty. We try to make all of these final decisions before an admitted student needs to decide about enrolling at Booth so that you have as much information as possible. There are also opportunities for 2nd year students to receive Marketing awards as well.
lawhorns04 -> Danielle If am a lawyer, will my law school grades be considered more important than my undergrad grades or vice versa?
Danielle -> lawhorns04 We will look at both sets of grades separately. Neither is "more important" than the other, as we will be evaluating your academic aptitude through all courses taken at the undergraduate and graduate level.
EricS14 -> Carrie Hi thanks for putting together this forum; it is very helpful! Regarding the posting of Academic records. The application states that you'll need to upload a scanned copy at the time of application, but there is no upload button on that particular page. Will a prompt to upload transcripts show up when I am finalizing the application?
Carrie -> EricS14 Hi Eric. You should be able to submit your transcript in the Academic Record section of the application, when you add an institution. If you are not able to see this, there may be an issue with your browser. Please contact us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu for assistance!
Dave_Stefani -> Joanna In addition to the Booth School of Business, I am also extremely interested in being admitted into the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy. When exactly would one apply to that program after they are admitted into Booth? Thank you for taking my question.
Joanna -> Dave_Stefani Hello Dave, youc an apply to this program within your first year at Booth. Learn more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/certificate.aspx
Reetika -> Joanne Hi, I have been working for about 1.5yr now and have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills in the community and now slowly rising at work. I would like to take up an MBA early in my career. Is it a good time for me to apply? Does Booth encourage such students?
Joanne -> Reetika Hi Reetika--you are welcome to apply whenever you determine the time is right in your career path. For some people, that's early on and if you feel the time is best, we look forward to your application!
Rajiv -> Bryce What is the average experience of Booth admits? I have 7 years of work-experience, is it on the higher side?
Bryce -> Rajiv Our average work experience is 5 years, but again, that's an average. We're looking at all aspects of your application when you evaluate your profile. Here's our incoming class snapshot: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/index.aspx
Srikanth -> Joanne In my case, I'm not able to divulge my plans to pursue a full-time MBA to my current supervisor. And because of the small size of my company, it is very hard for me to ask one of my peers, a letter of recommendation and still trust that the news of my applying for MBA would not pass to my supervisor. Therefore, I'm reulctant towards asking anyone from my current workplace. So, I'm planning to get letter of recommendation from one of my ex-bosses who now works for a different company. And the 2nd letter from one my clients or from my manager at community service. Is this acceptable? Would I be penalized for not getting ANY letter from my current coworkers?
Joanne -> Srikanth You are welcome to choose whomever you like to write your letters of recommendation; you are not alone in not feeling comfortable in getting one from someone you work with, so it is acceptable to get one from a past supervisor.
Nicole -> Joanna Will students work in groups or individually in LEAD? Or both?
Joanna -> Nicole Hi Nicole, LEAD is a very dynamic program that uses many different methods. There is a combination of individual and group work and activity, though I would say there is more group oriented. You can learn more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/experiential/lead.aspx
chams4u -> Eddie In continuation to a previous question asked by Franco, How will we prove that the medium of education in my undergrad course was English? Do I need a letter from my college of some other proof ?
Eddie -> chams4u Many students have shown us a statement on the school's website. It may also appear on the transcript.
Stoycho -> Carrie Hello! Could you, please, provide more numerical details for what you expect to happen in round 3? Eg. number of applicants applied vs admitted; if there is any change compared to last or previous years; if you give more preference to US or international students; any other details? Thank you.
Carrie -> Stoycho Hi Stoycho. Unfortunately it is hard to provide any information at this point, as we haven't yet passed our Round 2 deadline. Additionally, the number of applications vary from year to year in Round 3. In terms of evaluation, we will be assessing and admitting the most qualified candidates, regardless of their international or domestic status.
briancks -> Eddie Hi Eddie, I understand that Booth requires only two. But I really have three: One booth alum who is my past supervisor; one is my current supervisor, and one is a mentor at church who can offer a very different perspective on my strengths. I would like to know if Adcom will look at all three. Thanks.
Eddie -> briancks Sure, we will look at them all.
veb -> Danielle Hello. Beside its challenging intelectual focus, I look forward to Chicago Booth´s excellent career services. I want to do a career shift, but I´m afraid that stating so in my essays would make my short and long run goals unclear. What do you suggest?
Danielle -> veb Many people use the MBA to shift careers and professional goals. We encourage you to discuss those goals and shifts in your essays. Transitioning from one industry to another is certainly possible, and very common. Make sure you are able to make a clear connection between what you are currently doing, and why you want to transition into something new.
Chris -> Bryce Thanks for hosting. Bryce, if you get this, sorry about your Browns this year, rough season. I am working on my powerpoint question and find its both about accomplishments and goals of mine as well as some facts in general. I am trying to make it "pretty" but thats not my expertise. Should i worry about look or do my best and focus on the content and telling you something about me: past/future?
Bryce -> Chris No worries at all, thanks for joining us! As for my Browns, I'm used to being let disappointed...tough OT loss on Sunday though. I would focus on the content of the presentation essay and make sure that it's relevant and adding value. We're not evaluated your design abilities on that one. Good luck!
kk -> Joanne Joanne, hi from Moscow! I and my spouse choose Chicago Booth as a primary one at the list after your presentation. We are planning to apply in the second round. But we do not want to compete with each other. If we both apply, will it reduce our individual chances to be enrolled?
Joanne -> kk Hi! Glad you were able to make it to our event in Moscow! If you and your partner want to be at the same school, you should apply together; doing so will not in any way reduce your chances at being admitted. We see many spouses and partners apply together each year and while each applicant will be evaluated on his and her own merits, we do take into account when we see partners applying together.
Siddharth_Dhapola -> Carrie Hello. Thank you for holding this session. Since i hail from an extremely competitive applicant pool (Indian male), I was wondering if there is a "maximum number" from any one background that Booth accepts each year?
Carrie -> Siddharth_Dhapola Hi Siddharth. In the evaluation process, we are looking for the most qualified applicants, regardless of their demographic information. Thus, we have no maximum number of applicants that we look for from any particular group.
Alvares -> Danielle Can I get loan funding as an international student for the whole cost of atendance including living expenses.
Danielle -> Alvares I would encourage you to read through our fellowships and scholarships for international students online: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/
Moderator -> Everyone We have 10 minutes left in the chat. We will continue to try to answer as many questions as we can. Thank you!
rajat.arora -> Bryce Can you please tell about the resources for someone interested in private equity career
Bryce -> rajat.arora An initial starting point would be to review our PE student group: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/pe.aspx
Arnav -> Danielle Does Booth have a preferred # of years of work experience when looking at candidates? Is someone having 38 months of work experience on matriculation at a disadvantage?
Danielle -> Arnav The average student has 5 years of work experience. As this is an average, we also look at the quality of work experience and not just the length of work experience.
Juan -> Danielle If there is a change of employer during the time the applicant is submitting his application, what is the appropriate way to inform Booth Admissions about this? (I have already completed my application materials based on my former employer experiences and won´t be starting my new job until mid Jan.). Thanks.
Danielle -> Juan You may send that information to us via an email, or update it online in your application.
BR -> Carrie I received a pdf of my transcript directly from my college, not a scanned image of it. Is that alright to upload as well?
Carrie -> BR Hi BR. You can definitely upload the PDF copy from your college.
abhijeet -> Joanne Hello Admissions Team et all, How would you describe a day in a life of a Booth student( if you were to tell 3 things one would do apart from classes, what would they be ?)
Joanne -> abhijeet Well, there's definitely no such thing as a typical day! Since none of us are students here, I'll direct you to our DSAC (Dean's Student Admissions Committee) blog at http://boothstudents.blogspot.com/. In particular you should check out the entry from Didier on December 7th, entitled "Double Header: A Look Back on 1st Quarter of Business School".
corporate30 -> Joanna Hi. What is the view of Chicago Booth for reapplicants that were previously waitlisted? thanks
Joanna -> corporate30 Hi Corporate30. Great question. We highly value and encourage re-applicants. As you know this is a very competitive process since our applicant pool is so strong and we do unfortunately have to wait-list or even deny admission to many talented people each year.
Nino -> Danielle I know that you're holding abbreviated campus visits this week; have you had prospective students visiting with the holidays coming up?
Danielle -> Nino Yes, absolutely. We are welcoming students for abbreviated visits during the holidays.
Tina -> Bryce I'm a little confused about the demands of TOEFL. Is there any limition? thanks.
Bryce -> Tina Below is a link that runs through some of our requirements. In some cases you can still be extended an invitation to interview with scores close to the minimum: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/englishexams.aspx
BR -> Carrie I have a few questions about the essays for the application. 1. For the leadership essay, how would the admissions committee view a story that explains how one's family and environment impacted them as a leader, but primarily used specific examples to demonstrate it? In other words, is it alright for the majority of the essay to focus on examples? 2. For the essay focused on short-term/long-term goals and why a Booth MBA would help you achieve those goals, would you recommend goals take up half the essay text length and "why Booth?" take up the other half?
Carrie -> BR Hi BR. For the leadership essay, that sounds like a fine approach! We hope to learn more about the motivations and values that have impacted you as a leader. For the first essay question, it's entirely up to you! In that essay, we hope to learn more about your path and plan as well as why Booth is the best fit for you.
Kriti -> Bryce I completed my bachelors degree from India and currently working full time in USA. I am a premanent US resident. Is it mandatory for me to submit TOEFL scores?
Bryce -> Kriti You will be required to submit a TOEFL score if your undergraduate language of instruction was not in English. Here's a bit more information:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/englishexams.aspx
Nitin -> Eddie What kind of coaching does Booth offer before internship since it is right after we join Booth ?
Eddie -> Nitin You'll be working with your career advisor on the company and the industry that you want to go into. There will also be a chance for you to work with a 2nd year student who has worked in the same industry. We try to help you in a variety of ways.
Dechao -> Joanna Every Booth alumni says that career service is extremely strong. I want to know how this plays out in China? Do u have any specific initiatives/ambassadors/staff dedicated to Asia or China?
Joanna -> Dechao Hello Dechao, we actually have employer development staff located in Chicago, London, and Singapore who are actively pursuing and maintaining employer relationships. We also have one of the largest career counselor staffs among our peers. These counselors are dedicated to all industries in all areas of the world. So yes, you will be in good hands! You can see details of our employment report : http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx
Howard -> Joanne Can you talk about the global perspectives of Booth and the opportunities available to students?
Joanne -> Howard Chicago Booth is certainly a global place, especially with 4 campuses on 3 continents and 43,000 alumni in over 100 countries about the world! You might consider the IMBA or International MBA, as an alternative to the traditional MBA; you might think about engaging with IBEP to do a study abroad opportunity for a quarter at one of our 33 partner institutions; and/or you could participate in any of our many co-curricular activities, like Career Treks, Random Walks, or being a member of one of our student led groups. More information and lots of links for further research are available on our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/index.aspx.
hhzhang -> Bryce can you provide more details on the flexibility of Chicago first-year curriculum?
Bryce -> hhzhang We only have one required course, which is LEAD. Other than that, you can shape your curriculum as you see fit. Academic Services will certainly support you on this journey though.
Nik -> Carrie Hi there, thanks for hosting the chat today. I'm currently in a situation where work commitments prevent me from applying earlier than round 3. Is it true that typically over 80% of spots would have been taken up by round 2. And also, does Booth penalise unsuccessful 3rd round applicants in the following year application?
Carrie -> Nik Hi Nik. We do release the majority of our admissions offers in Rounds 1 and 2, but do release admissions offers in Round 3. As for your second question, we do not penalize reapplicants who applied in the previous year.
Moderator -> Everyone We try to answer as many questions as we can during these chats. If you need further assistance please email: admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu. Thank you!
steve -> Bryce I took a leave of absense for a semester in college. Should I address thi gap within the education section of the application or within the optional essay?
Bryce -> steve Yes, if are any areas of the application that you'd like to explain more, I'd explain things in the optional essay.
Himanshu -> Joanne Hi, I am a college senior, and I will be applying to booth in the upcoming deadline. I would like to know firstly how may students make it to booth directly after college also, How can my application be stronger apart from a good GMAT score?
Joanne -> Himanshu Hi Himanshu; we see a relatively small number of students who apply directly from undergrad each year. There are many ways to produce a solid application and I direct you to our admissions blog at http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/boothinsider, which offers a lot of information, straight from Admissions staff, about how to offer the committee a strong application. We look forward to learning more about you!
Angie -> Bryce Is there an opportunity to take advanced language courses?
Bryce -> Angie You can actually take 6 of your 11 electives outside of Booth, but still at the University of Chicago. So yes, some of those could be language related.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat! We hope you have learned more about Chicago Booth. The chat has now ended. A copy of the chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/
Danielle -> Everyone Thank you for your questions, as we enjoyed chatting with you. If you have additional questions, please email admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Carrie -> Everyone Thank you so much for your questions. Best of luck in the application process!
Joanne -> Everyone Thanks everyone! Great hearing from everyone and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!
Eddie -> Everyone Wow! You had some really good questions. I know we didn't get to you all but feel free to send your questions to - admissions@chicagobooth.edu . If you visit campus make sure you stop by and say "Hello"!
Joanna -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. Good luck in the application process and hope to see you on campus.
Bryce -> Everyone Thanks so much for joining us today! Hopefully you found it helpful, and I'm sorry if some of your questions didn't get answered. Just stay engaged!