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Art Middlebrooks, Professor of Marketing and Executive Director of the Kilts Center for Marketing, along with current students and Admissions Staff, will chat with prospective students about the Marketing program at Chicago Booth. We'll also be able to answer your admissions-related questions.

Thursday, October 20 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm CT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello. Our chat will begin in 10 minutes. Feel free to start submitting your questions!
Brittney -> Everyone Hi, I'm Brittney! I'm a second-year student and a Marketing Group Co-Chair. Thanks so much for joining us today!
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to the chat! Today we're focused on Marketing at Chicago Booth. We have Art Middlebrooks, Clinical Professor of Marketing; Executive Director, Kilts Center for Marketing, Katie Bell, Assistant Director, Kilts Center for Marketing, and current students. Please start submitting your questions!
Art -> Everyone Welcome! I'm Art Middlebrooks - Executive Director of the Kilts Center for Marketing, Booth alumnus (1988), and I also teach 2 classes: "New Product Development" and "Marketing of Services". Look forward to your questions!
Taria -> Everyone Hi! I'm Taria, and I'm a second year marketing student at Booth. I look forward to answering all your questions today!
Ryan -> Everyone Greetings! I'm Ryan Bennett, a second-year student, a Marketing Fellow, and a Kilts Scholar. This summer I was an Assistant Brand Manager Intern on Old Spice at Procter & Gamble. I'm excited to answer your questions!
Eddie -> Everyone Good morning! I'm Eddie Pulliam from the Admissions Office. Thanks for joining us.
Cindy -> Everyone Welcome! My name is Cindy and I am a second year student at Booth pursuing Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Thanks for joining us!
Joanne -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thanks for joining our chat today. My name is Joanne Legler, Associate Director of Admissions for the Full-Time MBA Program. Looking forward to answering your questions about Chicago Booth!
Oksana -> Art Hello, marketing is one of my intended concentrations (with strategy and finance). I have heard from school representatives that marketing courses are strong at Booth. The question is what are the strong points of marketing program, both theoretical and practical, given that Booth is usually associated with Finance?
Art -> Oksana Oksana, thanks for your message! Booth has a full-service course offering in Marketing, we have a strong cross-disciplinary emphasis (i.e. how Marketing interacts with other functions such as like sales, operations, manufacturing, R&D, finance, etc.), and a focus on using data for strategic decision-making. Finally, we have multiple "Lab" courses where students apply concepts learned in a marketing course to company-sponsored projects. This is a great way to get practical marketing experience, especially for students doing a career switch into Marketing or general management.
Ray -> Art Hi - Do the majority of students who concentrate in marketing/strategic/operations management end up at consulting firms? why?
Art -> Ray Hi Ray - about 20% of students get a Marketing concentration at Booth. I can't speak for students who get strategy/ops concentrations. Of the 20% who get a Marketing concentration, about 11% accept a full-time Marketing job. So the rest are taking other jobs (including consulting). From my consulting experience, many consulting projects deal with Marketing-related issues ... i.e. how to drive top-line revenue growth.
JH -> Cindy Hi? I am JH and I applied in Round 1. I would like to learn a bit more about Marketing Lab courses. How are these courses ran(e.g. how are the project sponsors selected, how does faculty guide students throughout the project) and what would be the most significant benefit the students can get from the experience?
Cindy -> JH Hi JH! Thanks for joining us today. I am actually enrolled in a lab class this quarter called Digital Marketing. We usually work in groups, and each group work with a different client on a real-world issue. So for example, my group is working with Motorola on a second screen project (how users interact with Iphone/Ipad while they're watching TV). Faculty pre-screens potential client projects before class and select based on how well they fit with the class curriculum.
Katie -> Everyone Hi my name is Katie Bell, assistant director with the Kilts Center for Marketing. Our efforts, programs, and events for students help make Chicago Booth the premiere MBA program for marketing. Thanks for joining!
Ruchi_Pandey -> Eddie I have a maters in English. Does it place me at a disadvantage?
Eddie -> Ruchi_Pandey Ruchi - You won't be at a disadvantage. We have students apply every year with graduate degrees.
Xuebin_Guan -> Brittney I'm most interested in learning more about marketing management program, e.g, the most interesting projects in the Kilt's Center you've taken.
Brittney -> Xuebin_Guan Xuebin - Thanks for your questions! The Kilts Center is a fantastic resource for students interested in Marketing. Though I have not taken any lab classes specifically, I took Developing New Products with Art Middlebrooks, the Executive Director of the Kilts Center, and it was a fantastic way to get hands-on experience working in teams to create a strategy for a novel product in an established company. Additionally, the Kilts Center has established relationships with really impressive alumni, and they have been instrumental in helping the Marketing Group secure speakers for our events.
Chaoying_jI -> Eddie actually i am interested in Booth very much....but i am running a business with my friends....and don't have much time to prepare for the tests....is it possible to get an offer without excellent scores....really have no idea about that...
Eddie -> Chaoying_jI Chaoying - If you don't send in your scores your file will be incomplete and we can't review it.
Zachary_Kaplan -> Katie Can you give us any examples of the "Lab" courses? this seems like a great way to get hands on experience.
Katie -> Zachary_Kaplan Hi Zachary. We offer four marketing "lab" courses: Digital Marketing Strategy (new this year), Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, and Developing New Products and Services. These are an excellent way to apply your marketing skills to real-world projects that are paid for by a variety of companies.
Sumi_Lim -> Art I met a few Chicago alumni. and I told them that my post-MBA goal is to do global business (Asian market marketing) at a multinational consumer goods firm in US. Many of them told me that Chicago is better for finance professionals and they haven't seen many recrutiers for such jobs that I am looking for. I want to hear about it from Marketing professors.
Art -> Sumi_Lim Hi Sumi_Lim: most CPG firms are multi-national and offer opportunities for international assignments. Many CPG companies recruit for Marketing at Booth. Take a look at the Recruiters tab on this website for examples of companies who recruit for Marketing at Booth: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/macb/
DZ -> Eddie hi there. nice to meet you and thanks for doing this. my question is: I took the GMAT in July and had it sent to Booth. If I apply next year(2012) instead of this year, do i need to have the GMAT sent to Booth again?
Eddie -> DZ DZ - Your score is good for 5 years. We should still have it. When you apply you'll be able to check your account and see if it's missing.
Andres -> Joanne Hi and thanks for holding this chat session! I have a very short admissions-related question: when will you send the first interview invites?
Joanne -> Andres Hi Andres, thanks for joining us. We will be sending out interview invitations for those who applied in Round 1 very shortly! This will continue on a rolling basis until the mid-decision date of November 9th.
Mong_Hsun_Lin -> Joanne Is there scholarship programs for international students?
Joanne -> Mong_Hsun_Lin Yes, all of our merit-based scholarships are available to all students, both domestic and international.
Sandeep.M.Kashyap -> Eddie What are the types of financial aid i can avail from the school? Are there any need-based financial aids? And what's the average Gmat cut-off for MBA-Marketing?
Eddie -> Sandeep.M.Kashyap Sandeep - Our scholarships are merit based. We don't have cut-offs when reviewing your file.
Steve_Kang -> Art How does Booth continue to adapt the marketing curriculum to changes in the marketplace (e.g. the explosion of digital consumption, social networking, etc.)?
Art -> Steve_Kang Hi Steve - we offer a Digital Marketing Strategy class. Many of the marketing faculty have added digital/social/mobile topics to their course ... for example, the Marketing Channels class, the Integrated Brand Communications course, and the Data-Driven Marketing course.
Neetika -> Joanne Hello! My name is Neetika. I'm working, about two years out of college and am contemplating going for an MBA.
Joanne -> Neetika Hi Neetika. You are welcome to apply when you feel you are ready; Chicago Booth does not have a minimum requirement for number of years of work experience.
Neetika -> Taria I've been reading up about Chicago Booth and as my first question, I'd like to ask how Booth sees itself and what specific & particular traits it is it proud of in its student body?
Taria -> Neetika Thanks for your question, Neetika. Booth sees itself as a place that values independence of thought and intellectual curiosity. Students are encouraged to leverage their backgrounds and work/personal experiences when engaging other students, faculty and staff. That's what makes classroom discussions rich and study groups effective. Also, the students here are very diverse. I have classmates who've sang in operas, were cage fighters, and played in the NFL. No matter the background, students who come here are typically successful in their endeavors.
DZ -> Joanne Another question is: If i got rejected in the 1st round, will i be automatically considered for the 2nd and 3rd rounds?
Joanne -> DZ Hi DZ. If you are denied admission, you are no longer considered for admission for that year. You are welcome to re-apply in another year. If you are waitlisted in one round, however, your application will be considered for subsequent rounds.
Richard -> Katie How does the marketing mentor program work? I have heard that students that do not get the fellowship can also get a mentor. Is this accurate?
Katie -> Richard Hi Richard. Our Kilts Mentoring program is a terrific way to connect with alumni who can offer career advice and networking opportunities. First year students (in FT or EW - Evening/Weekend) can sign up through the student marketing groups - Marketing Group (FT) or Booth Marketing Club (EW) during their first quarter. The program is open to members of both these groups, and as long as students are willing to make the year-long commitment, we will do what we can to match you with a mentor.
Elli_Karagiorgas -> Brittney Hi - What are some examples of marketing-related internships that students have participated in recently?
Brittney -> Elli_Karagiorgas Elli - Great question! I interned with Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (now owned by Mars) here in Chicago, and I did brand management for Starburst at Wrigley and had a fantastic experience! Many of my friends did internships in CPG (consumer packaged goods) as well, at companies like Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Sara Lee, and PepsiCo. But it's not all about brand management and CPG... many of my classmates had marketing internships in health care (like Abbott and Eli Lilly), financial services (like American Express), and many more! The opportunities for recruiting with fantastic companies, both on- and off-campus, are extremely plentiful.
Muhammad_Zaheer -> Art Hello Professor Middlebrooks, I attended your New Product Venture class last week on Friday, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for hosting this chat. I am interested in pursuing an opportunity at a tech start-up upon completion of my MBA from Booth. How closely does the marketing department work with startups for a 'lab' experience?
Art -> Muhammad_Zaheer Muhammad - the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship offers multiple lab courses focused on start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. Check out this web page for all of the details on Experiential Learning at Booth: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/experiential/lab_courses.aspx
Fumi -> Ryan Thank you for hosting this chat. How difficult is it for career switchers without a marketing background to land an internship/job in marketing?
Ryan -> Fumi Hi Fumi! It's not difficult for career switchers to secure internships and full-time offers in Marketing. In fact, your past experiences may prove to be extremely valuable as you engage with other functions (e.g., R&D, Finance, Sales). For example, before coming to Booth, I spent 5 years on Wall Street, and the perspective I gained there was a great point of differentiation both during interviews and while on the job. Booth will help facilitate the transition by providing terrific skill building opportunities in the classroom and exceptional support via the Marketing Group.
Whitney_Morgan -> Cindy Hi Cindy, can you speak more about any opportunities you've taken advantage of with regards to entrepreneurship? new venture challenge, eip, etc. and your experience/takeaway with them. Thanks!
Cindy -> Whitney_Morgan Hi Whitney, while I personally have not taken part in New Venture Challenge, I know it is a great experience for those who have been involved. You're given a great number of resources as well as faculty support/mentorship. There's a great class here taught by Professor Deutsche called Building the New Venture that mimics the experience of New Venture Challenge as well. This quarter, I am actually taking two classes called Entrepreneurial Selling and New Venture Strategy that has given me incredible tools, not just in entrepreneurship but also for marketing, strategy, sales, etc. You also have the opportunity to pursue an internship of your choosing in entrepreneurship over the summer and Booth offers financial support for that as well.
Sandeep.M.Kashyap -> Eddie Thanks for your reply. Will all the students avail merit based scholarships who gets into the school?
Eddie -> Sandeep.M.Kashyap Sandeep - Only admitted students are considered for scholarships.
Oksana -> Taria Thank you, Art. Is it realistic to pursue a triple concentration? (Strategy, Marketing, Finance) in a full-time MBA? (I plan to switch career to consulting)?
Taria -> Oksana Oksana, a large number of Booth students pursue three (and sometimes four) concentrations. Because of our flexible curriculum, students are able to tailor their education to their interests and needs. Also, many of our classes count toward multiple concentrations, so pursuing three concentrations is not difficult.
Katie_Arnold -> Art How are Marketing Fellows chosen? I know that you have to intend to choose a marketing concentration at Booth and a career in marketing or general management. How do you choose from there?
Art -> Katie_Arnold Katie: All students interested in Marketing are eligible for the Kilts Marketing Fellowships. We look at students' past performance (undergrad GPA, GMAT score, work experience) and their desired future plans post-MBA. You don't need to have Marketing experience in the past. More details can be found here: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/students/fellowships/
Vaibhav_Pandey -> Eddie How much does the interview contribute to the overall candidacy of an applicant. Is it a make or break deal?
Eddie -> Vaibhav_Pandey Vaibhav- The interview gives us another perspective of the candidate. We take the responses very seriously when considering admission.
nav -> Eddie My GMAT score is not the best and I know I can do much better in my second attempt.. how does that affect during the selection process?
Eddie -> nav Nav - We take the highest score. We don't average them. Don't worry. We have seen students with more than 2 GMAT scores!
Elliott_Gluck -> Art Hi- I'm curious what percentage of students who choose marketing come from a marketing focused background? Do you place extra emphasis on those people who have either studied marketing or worked in marketing before coming to booth?
Art -> Elliott_Gluck Elliott: About 11% of admitted students list Marketing as one of their top 2 concentrations. As a rough estimate, less than 20% of those have a marketing background. In terms of "place extra emphasis on those people who have studied/worked in marketing", I assume you mean for the Marketing Fellowships. For these Fellowships, marketing background is not required.
SteveK -> Art How has recruiting for marketing majors changed in recent years (for better or for worse) at Booth? (e.g. change in # of companies, in type of marketing positions companies are looking to fill with Booth grads)
Art -> SteveK Steve,
Aditi -> Katie Hi, I wanted to know what type of courses/interactions/opportunities do students get with the Kilts Center for Marketing?
Katie -> Aditi Hi Aditi. Thanks for your interest in the Kilts Center. Our efforts support for attracting, training, supporting, and placing marketing students. We do this through the four Marketing "Lab" courses, which offer real-world marketing experience; networking opportunities (Kilts Mentoring Program, student marketing group events); events featuring CMO's, CEO's, and other alumni; and scholarships (for FT students). We are also developing some opportunities for students interested in getting experience with the Nielsen Company marketing data.
Thushan_Hemachandra -> Taria At what point in the 2-year program do you advise doing internships, and how many different internships do you recommend completing during the program?
Taria -> Thushan_Hemachandra Students typically complete one internship during the summer between their first and second years. However, there are handful of entrepreneurship students who do internships throughout the year.
Art -> Everyone Steve, sorry I hit return to soon! The number of recruiters coming to Booth for Marketing continues to be on the rise. Beyond CPG marketing, we see growing interest in High Tech, Pharma, and Consumer Services industries. And more firms are looking for students to fill digital marketing roles.
SteveK -> Ryan Hi, I'm interested in moving into Brand Management post-MBA. Are there specific classes or concentrations within Booth that are specifically geared toward a brand management focus?
Ryan -> SteveK Hi Steve! What I appreciate most about Booth is the flexibility to design a curriculum tailored to my personal needs. You can craft a course load to match your career aspirations and tweak it on an ongoing basis to address the specific opportunities where your skill set may need attention. With that in mind, many students interested in Brand Management careers find Marketing, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship concentrations to be helpful. But you can easily customize your academic experience to fill in whatever holes you identify in your skill set.
Tricia_Felice -> Cindy Hello, my name is Tricia and I am a R1 applicant interested in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Cindy: I'd love to know more about your second-screen project with Motorola. How is the interaction with the client organized and have you had a chance to incorporate your interest in entrepreneurship into the project?
Cindy -> Tricia_Felice Hi Tricia, interaction with the client is very much organized by the students. We have set up calls with the client to define project scope and focus. We are actually going to the client's office to see a couple of demos on Friday. Because this project is very much like new product development, it feels very entrepreneurial in nature and we have a lot of room to develop strategies. Along the way, the professor as well as our mentor, someone with a lot of industry experience who was assigned to us, offers guidance and their input as well.
Jim_Funk -> Brittney Hi, Brittney! My name is Jim Funk and I am just beginning my MBA program research, to begin some time in 2012. I was wondering if you could talk about something that completely exceeded your expectations within the Marketing program, now that you have been in for a little while now.
Brittney -> Jim_Funk Jim - Thanks so much for your question! Before coming to Booth, I was actually quite unsure about what career path I wanted to pursue. It was only after speaking at length with my classmates, professors, and Career Services that I realized Marketing and Brand Management were perfect for me. I have been extremely impressed with the culture of Marketing students and faculty at Booth... we all help each other succeed and find our career passions.
Muhammad_Zaheer -> Katie I have a question regarding labs. Are we allowed to participate in multiple lab courses? Is it realistic enough to think that I could participate in two lab courses?
Katie -> Muhammad_Zaheer Hi Muhammad. Our Marketing "Lab" courses are an excellent way to get real-world marketing experience, and we absolutely encourage you to take advantage of as many of these courses as possible while enrolled at Booth. It is definitely realistic to take more than one - or several - of these courses.
Sandeep.M.Kashyap -> Eddie Thanks again Eddie! So you are telling that,if i get admission,i will certainly get scholarship?
Eddie -> Sandeep.M.Kashyap Sandeep - No, all admitted students are considered for scholarships. Everyone doesn't get one.
Amit_Kale -> Brittney At Booth, are there any student clubs that focus on developing marketing skills?
Brittney -> Amit_Kale Amit - The Marketing Group is completely devoted to helping students interested in marketing get the most out of their time here at Booth. We do that through hosting events geared towards marketing education and skill building that will help students secure internships and full-time jobs at great companies. These events include resume reviews, interview workshops, mock interviews with real company representatives, and much more!
Kanad_Chaudhari -> Eddie 1. I want to make it absolutely sure that a 3 year bachelor of commerce degree from India makes me eligible to apply.2. I have also qualified as a chArtered accountant post qualification. A CA favorably compares with a CPA. In fact CA is a much more prestigious degree than BCOM. Will it be given any consideration? Thanks.
Eddie -> Kanad_Chaudhari Kanad - You can apply with a B. Comm. Although the CA or CPA are not requirements to apply we do recognize them as strong indicators of academic strength.
Paula_Huo -> Joanne I recently submitted my application for R1 and my concentration will be strategic management in the health care sector. Will there be any 'lab' experience I can get involved in for the health care or strategy courses I take?
Joanne -> Paula_Huo Hi Paula. Great to hear you are interested in Healthcare. Some of your classes may use healthcare-related case work within the curriculum, but that will always depend on the professor and the subject of the class, including lab courses. However, you can look into our Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP) on our website at http://www.ssa.uchicago.edu/gphap/. Additionally, if you aren't interested in the certificate program, all students may take up to 6 courses outside of Booth, so you may find classes in the Public Policy School, for instance, that meet your interest. Finally, you might consider learning more about the student Healthcare Group at http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/healthcare/index.htm.
Gretchen -> Art If one was to compare the Booth marketing program and the Kellogg program - what would you say the benefits and strengths of the Booth marketing program versus Kellogg?
Art -> Gretchen Gretchen - thanks for your message! At Booth we focus on core disciplines that help students to be very effective in cross-functional marketing roles (e.g. brand management, product management, general management), where you have to work across the organization and the emphasis is on driving growth (rather than working primarily within just the Marketing function). We focus on analyzing data for making better decisions. And we focus on giving students opportunities to "practice" what they learn through multiple Marketing Lab courses. I can't speak on behalf of Kellogg, but I encourage you to visit them and compare what you learn. Please also take a look at my prior response regarding the unique strengths of Booth for more detail. Good luck!
Iris_Mejia -> Joanne I am very interested in Booth. I am a business undergrad and am a consultant. What % of your MBA student were business undergrad?
Joanne -> Iris_Mejia Hi Iris. About 30% majored in business in their undergrad experience.
Jonathan_Bates -> Cindy I visited Booth earlier this month and heard from several students how surprised (delighted) they were with the quantitative aspect of their marketing classes. Is this true in comparison to other marketing programs? How would you speak to that description of your program?
Cindy -> Jonathan_Bates Hi Jonathan - Thanks for your question. I would definitely agree that Booth is unique in its focus on analytical and quantitative marketing. I come from a finance background and so when I was looking at business schools, I wanted something that merged both my quantitative background with marketing. Last spring, I took a course called Data Driven Marketing, which was very helpful in my summer internship at American Express this past summer, as I had to translate data into strategy. Hope this answers your question!
Miguel -> Katie What are Chicago's highlights on experiential learning?
Katie -> Miguel Hi Miguel. The experiential learning opportunities in marketing - what we call Marketing "Lab" courses (Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, and Developing New Products and Services) are unique at Chicago Booth in that we partner with companies (such as Groupon, Motorola, Whirlpool, and redbox) that pay for our students to do research-based consulting on real-world problems. In addition, we have faculty AND project mentors who offer guidance and support on the projects.
Abbas -> Eddie Question for Eddie- My undergrad transcript wasnt v good- graduated overall with 3.3 Cumulative - first 2 years werent good- last 2 were good- final year was excellent- Is your ad comm forgiving for students like me who arent v focussed and mature initially in college? Also im in India, if i want to build and alternative transcript how can i do so--- from India?
Eddie -> Abbas Abbas - It's tough to "repair" your undergraduate experience. We do look for progression and finishing with a good GPA is encouraging. Many students have taken post-graduate classes and sent the transcripts in with their application. We will be happy to review them.
Alyssa_Shadinger -> Joanne How are applicants with less work experience evaluated? Is more emphasis placed on academic performance and internship experiences?
Joanne -> Alyssa_Shadinger All applicants are evaluated exactly the same. For those that have less work experience, we may rely more on evidence of leadership, involvement and success using other metrics, including undergraduate performance and internships, as well as the letters of recommendation. But what's more important is quality, not quantity, of each individual's work experience.
Eli -> Brittney Were any of you, current students, contemplating between a full or part time (evenings/ weekends) program? Why did you pick full time?
Brittney -> Eli Eli - I did actually consider both the full-time and part-time programs, and my fiance is currently a part-time Booth student so I've seen both worlds! I chose to apply to the full-time program because I was unsure about my intended career path and really wanted to be immersed in the program. In general, full-time students participate in many more extracurricular activities than part-time students because we have the advantage of not having to go into an office each day. I've found that because of that, I am building an extremely close network of friends and colleagues. But my fiance is getting almost an identical education class-wise... the courses and the professors are exactly the same (we even take some classes together!), so we're both getting a fantastic education.
vikram -> Eddie Eddie - how are there prospects for getting educational loans in current scenario
Eddie -> vikram Vikram - We have a very good loan progrm. All students are eligible and we work with you in securing those loans.
Divya_Venkatachari -> Joanne Would you have statistics on what % of applicants from Round 1 you interview and subsequently what % you accept/waitlist?
Joanne -> Divya_Venkatachari Hi Divya. It's too soon to tell for this year, but typically about half of those who apply will be offered an interview. However, this is always dependent on the size and strength of the applicant pool in any given year.
Richard -> Art When looking at the list of companies that students took positions with after attending Booth, I did not see many internet companies (Google, Yahoo, Amazon etc). What is Booth doing to build relationships with companies that rely heavily on the internet for their marketing?
Art -> Richard Hi Richard, many recent graduates have taken jobs with tech & internet companies, including the ones you mention plus many others (e.g. Zynga, Electronics Arts, LinkedIn, Groupon, VM Ware, Stumbled Upon, Oracle, Microsoft, Invidia, etc.). We have a strong presence with high-tech recruiters, and we're continuing to invest in these relationships. For exampe, I spent a week in August meeting with over 15 recruiters in the Bay area.
Puneet_Agarwal -> Ryan Hi thanks for taking time out. I am Puneet, an applicant to the fulltime MBA program starting 2012.What are the kind of marketing challenges that an MBA candidate is typically exposed to at Booth? i.e. What opportunities does one get in marketing?
Ryan -> Puneet_Agarwal Hi Puneet! Inside the classroom, you'll be exposed to a wide variety of marketing challenges through rigorous case discussions. You will dive deep into industries you never even knew existed (for example, there are companies that manufacture contact lenses for chickens). The classes here tend to be extremely analytic and quantitative, which will pay dividends during your internship and full-time career. In terms of extracurricular activities, there are lots of case competitions and opportunities to apply the material you learn in class in practical settings. Personally, I've enjoyed partnering with classmates competing in the New Venture Challenge who are looking to build marketing plans for their budding businesses.
Franck_J_Litzler -> Eddie Hello Eddie, this is Franck, R1 applicant. I would have one more question about scholarships: if admitted, when would we know whether we are granted on? Thanks a lot!
Eddie -> Franck_J_Litzler Franck - You will be notified at the time of admission!
Heng_Liu -> Joanne Im a full time mba applicant who's not interested in switching industry. Im very passionate about the industry I'm in - cleantech and the work that I do - strategy. Will this make my case a unusual one?
Joanne -> Heng_Liu Not at all! While many students are looking for a career switch, there's always a good number who apply to the MBA program to advance in their field, or are looking for new opportunities.
Neetika -> Taria Joanne and Taria, thanks for the response. I've been very lucky with my present job where I've had the opportunity to work not just in our technical engineering section but also sales and marketing. I'm interested in marketing on the whole but I understand marketing is divided into general mgmt and the more strategic marketing side. Would you talk a little about the orientation of the former. I've got the jist of the latter from some of the other wonderful questions people have already asked.
Taria -> Neetika Neetika, marketing strategy focuses more on how a company can use marketing tactics to achieve certain objectives (e.g. drive consumer awareness, increase sales, gain market share, etc.). Booth offers classes like Digital Marketing and Integrated Brand Communication to help future marketers learn what those tactics are.
abhaar_gupta -> Joanne Hi! Do you just look at the overall GMAT score or the sectional scores are also considered while making a judgement?
Joanne -> abhaar_gupta We look at all areas of the GMAT when we are evaluating applications for admission.
Franck_J_Litzler -> Cindy Hello Cindy! I'm Franck, Round 1 applicant. I consider embracing entrepreneurship and I wonder which Marketing classes would be most appropriate for such a project? Thanks a lot!
Cindy -> Franck_J_Litzler Hi Franck - I would say that Marketing and Entrepreneurship goes hand in hand in many classes. I highly recommend Developing New Products and Services as well as the marketing lab classes, as they give you a framework for how to strategize and implement. Furthermore, some of these classes also count towards both the Entrepreneurship and Marketing concentrations.
Katie_Arnold -> Joanne Are interviews for Chicago area applicants held on-campus or off-campus?
Joanne -> Katie_Arnold Hi Katie. Interviews take place both on- and off-campus. If you are selected to interview, you will be given the choice of interviewing on campus with our students, or staying in your hometown (or wherever you are!) with one of our distinguished alumni. It's up to you; there is no advantage from an admissions perspective if you come to campus versus conducting your interview in your current location.
Anna_Augustin -> Brittney Hi Brittney, could you please share more about Booth's Marketing and Brand Management programs - in what ways have they been a good fit for you?
Brittney -> Anna_Augustin Anna - The marketing program at Booth is one that allows you to tailor your education and experiences to a career path that suits your passions. I found that Brand Management in particular was a great fit for me, but many of my friends and colleagues also pursued careers in other types of marketing (like consumer insights, marketing research, marketing for start-ups, etc.). Brand management generally allows marketers to be the "hub of the wheel," and I really enjoy feeling like I'm making a real impact on my company and that I'm at the center of all of the crucial decisions being made for my brand.
Ky_Choi -> Ryan Can you tell me how much access students have to professors?
Ryan -> Ky_Choi Hi Ky! I have had excellent access to professors. I regularly engage with the faculty outside of class, and not just to ask follow-up on questions I have from lectures and case discussions. My professors are wonderful mentors who provide invaluable career advice as well. I look forward to staying in touch with these mentors throughout my career, especially if they give me the chance to return to Booth as an occasional guest lecturer!
Candi_B -> Eddie I graduated magna cum laude from a HBCU last year. I am a member of different honors societies, but, I have no work experience. Can I still apply?
Eddie -> Candi_B Candi - You are eligible to apply. Having work experience helps you with case discussions and some of the projects you'll be working on but it's not a requirement.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for all of your questions! We welcome any opportunity to help you learn more about Booth and about Marketing at Chicago Booth. If you have specific questions about your individual situation regarding admissions, please send us an email at admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu.
AshishSJ -> Katie Thank you for hosting this chat. Professor Middlebrooks, Are the projects in the marketing lab courses sponsored mainly by US companies only? I am planning a start a small manufacturing company in an emerging market. What course/lab options do I have to understand the subtle differences between marketing in US and in Emerging Markets?
Katie -> AshishSJ Hi Ashish. I think I can help you here...Our marketing "lab" classes include projects from many global companies such as Whirlpool, Groupon, Inc., and Motorola. All of the marketing courses - including "lab" classes - teach the fundamentals in marketing that would be useful to you. Some of the classes will include cases that deal with emerging markets, but we don't have any classes specifically targeted at this topic.
Riley_Siddoway -> Joanne My name is Riley. I am planning on applying R2.....is there much of a difference between R1 and R2?
Joanne -> Riley_Siddoway Hi Riley. From an admissions point of view, there really is no difference between the Rounds. We really encourage students to apply when they're ready and not a minute before! We get the largest volume in Round 2. The big difference is really for you; obviously, you'll find out about your admission status before the end of the year if you apply in Round 1, so if you're anxious to start making plans, Round 1 may be a good choice for you.
JH -> Art I have noticed Booth's tremendous efforts on establishing Booth as a Marketing Force. What is your vision for next decade and how can a MBA student contribute in the process?
Art -> JH JH: The world of marketing is becoming more data-driven and real-time. We are well-positioned for that trend. On that note, the Kilts Center has a unique relationship with The Nielsen Company to serve as the clearinghouse for Nielsen data in the academic market. Faculty from all US-based universities and colleges will apply to the Kilts Center to access this data. Subsets of this data is already accessible in multiple Booth courses (e.g. Data-Driven Marketing, Data Mining). We are working with several students to increase the opportunities for student access to this data. If you attend Booth, we would love your contributions to that effort!
Xuebin_Guan -> Eddie Will the interview be held by the admission officer or the students on the admission committee or the alumni?
Eddie -> Xuebin_Guan Xuebin - You can ask for an alumni interview which will be conducted in your city if we have alumni available. If you choose to come to campus you will be interviewed by one of our Admissions Fellows (2nd year student) or a staff member.
Jayesh -> Taria Thanks for this the chat session, what kind of pre-mba activities candidates can participate to network with fellow classmates....
Taria -> Jayesh Jayesh, admitted students have opportunities to interact with their future classmates during Admitted Student Weekend. Additionally, admitted students tend to form social groups in their geographical areas, and there is a Google Group for the class as a whole. Students who sign up for a Random Walk also will spend a week abroad with their classmates.
Alyssa_Shadinger -> Brittney How does the Marketing Mentors program work? How are mentees selected?
Brittney -> Alyssa_Shadinger Alyssa - All Marketing Group members are eligible to participate in the Marketing Mentors program and to have a alumni mentor. We try to pair students up with mentors that can help guide them through the process of recruiting, interviewing, and ultimately succeeding as a marketer after Booth. My mentor was a Booth alumnus who now works for Campbell's, and she has been an incredible resource for me!
Karan_Gill -> Art What does Booth have to offer for those who are interested in making a switch towards Strategy and General Management?
Art -> Karan_Gill Hi Karan: Booth offers concentrations in both Strategy & General Management. There is a student group called Corporate Management & Strategy Group, that has a lot of resources to support students interested in these career paths. And we have many recruiters coming to Booth for general management roles, rotational programs, and corporate strategy roles. Good luck with your career transition!
Nithin_Naik -> Joanne Hello, I am Nithin Naik and I am planning to apply in R2 for the 2012 intake. Does Booth provide opportunities for students across concentrations to work for cross-functional assignments or is mostly a concentration specific cohort learning environment during the 2 year period?
Joanne -> Nithin_Naik Hi Nithin. Because of Booth's flexible curriculum and our non-cohorted system, you will choose every single one of your classes, and your concentrations. Most students have 2 concentrations, though many have 3. Either way, you'll choose what makes the most sense for you based on your interests and goals. One of the great things about the flexibility and not having cohorts is that every time your class changes, your classmates change--first years and second years all take classes together, so you're constantly being exposed to and creating relationships with so many of your classmates.
Ky_Choi -> Cindy Hi Cindy - you mentioned that your favorite part of Booth experience is lab classes that offer "real world experience" - can you please elaborate on that?
Cindy -> Ky_Choi Hi! I can definitely elaborate - in these lab classes, we get to work with real world clients who have problems that they need to address. For example, in my digital marketing class, students are working with Pizza Hut, Motorola, Sears. We manage relationships with the clients and the final deliverables. Almost like a mini-internship!
Elli_Karagiorgas -> Art Hi - Who are the big recruiters for marketing-focused students?
Art -> Elli_Karagiorgas Elli - you can take a look at our publication (online) that lists key Marketing recruiters. Here's the web address: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/macb/ . Click on the Recruiters tab.
Shari_Singh -> Eddie What kind of opportunities or resources are there to study or work abroad? Is that a popular path at Booth?
Eddie -> Shari_Singh Shari - You can study abroad by becoming an IMBA (International MBA) or IBEP (International Business Exchange Program) student. There are about 25 - 30 IMBA students The number for IBEP students is a little higher.
Puneet -> Taria Hi, thanks for hosting this chat. At Booth, do students learn and use regression models to predict market demand for a product?
Taria -> Puneet Puneet, let's just say that I can now do regressions in my sleep! Seriously, many students take the regression class to fulfill their statistic requirement, and most marketing students take Data Driven Marketing, which teaches students how to use regression for marketing purposes.
Roman -> Joanne Hello everyone, thank you so much for wonderful session. My question is how you evaluate marketing background of Booth applicants. I'm having more than 7 years of Marketing background and going to apply in R2 this year. (I'm 33 now, but I hope this won't be a critical problem).
Joanne -> Roman Hi Roman. We evaluate all applications in the same way, regardless of your background. For those with a number of years of work experience, we're looking to see how well you've progressed in your field, what opportunities or responsibilities you've had over time, and your leadership skills.
Vaibhav_Pandey -> Eddie Thank you, Eddie! I would like also to know the job prospects for international students given the grim market situation especially for visa dependent jobs.
Eddie -> Vaibhav_Pandey Vaibhav - You may want to check out the Career Services report on their website. It's pretty informative.
Kanad_Chaudhari -> Katie When you say experiential learning, what exactly do you mean? Could you jot down a few avenues where students get such opportunities?
Katie -> Kanad_Chaudhari Hi Kanad. One example of experiential learning are the four marketing "lab" classes that we offer (digital marketing strategy, consumer behavior, marketing research, developing new products and services). These courses are unique in that they include a team project for companies who need research-based consulting on real-world business problems. Students work with faculty AND project mentors on these 10-week projects. All four courses offer an excellent opportunity to get real-world experience in marketing.
Elli_Karagiorgas -> Art To what degree is social media a focus in marketing coursework?
Art -> Elli_Karagiorgas Hi Elli -- Thanks for your message. We have a digital marketing course, and then social media is also being addressed in other courses such as Integrated Brand Communications.
Ky_Choi -> Ryan This question is for current students - can you tell me how the Marketing program at Booth has prepared you for internships?
Ryan -> Ky_Choi Hello again Ky! I used material I learned from my Data-Driven Marketing class every single day during my internship. I was able to pull unique, actionable insights from Nielsen data that surprised and delighted managers many rungs up the ladder from me. More broadly, I think Booth has taught me to apply an analytic and out-of-box approach to problem solving, which helped me deliver extremely creative solutions to complex problems the business faced. Lastly, I cannot emphasize enough what a boon it was to have quantitative credentials during my internship.
Xuebin_Guan -> Brittney Hi, I'd like to know more about the student-led club Marketing Group.Can you describe more about the activities and events? Since I lived in Hyde Park, any event open to non-students?
Brittney -> Xuebin_Guan Xuebin - The Marketing Group's mission is to educate students on the world of marketing, to help them secure jobs that they love, and to create a network for colleagues, faculty, and alumni. We have events all year long that allow us to satisfy this mission including a Marketing Conference with impressive alumni, interview workshops, resume reviews, and fantastic socials each quarter!
Wei_Wang -> Eddie Hello, I have around one and half years employment gap because of the economic downturn, is that gonna be a weakness for my application?
Eddie -> Wei_Wang Wei - Please acknowledge this in the optional essay. It will not be viewed negatively.
vikram -> Joanne Joanne - I have heard that Booth focuses on Quant score , is it correct
Joanne -> vikram Hi Vikram. Incorrect! We do not focus in on any one part of the application; it's a truly holistic process, where we read and evaluate each and every piece of the application. The quantitative section of the GMAT is just one of many, many factors used to make admissions decisions.
Omar_Parris-Dione -> Art Art - would you mind speaking about the synergies that exist between marketing students and those pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors? Would you also mind speaking about the incorporation of digital marketing in your program? Thank you!
Art -> Omar_Parris-Dione Hi Omar - there are a few posts already about digital marketing. We have a Digital Marketing course, and several other Marketing courses also address various aspects digital Marketing topics: Channel Strategy, Integrated Brand Communications, and Data-Driven marketing. In terms of synergy with entrepreneurial endeavors -- in starting a new business, you have to be able to attract, retain and profitably serve customers with differentiated offerings! Successful entrepreneurial ventures require very good marketing stills. So many of Booth's marketing classes are very popular with our entrepreneurship students.
Vaibhav_Pandey -> Brittney For someone from a purely technical background, how helpful is Chicago Booth's marketing program to prepare such a student for a full time marketing job?
Brittney -> Vaibhav_Pandey Vaibhav - I was a career switcher, and I feel like I have been given all of the tools and resources I need to succeed in a marketing career. The curriculum is extremely interesting and provides a good foundation for what the real world of marketing is like. Additionally, the Marketing Group has so many events each year that prepare our members for careers in marketing, so coming in with no knowledge of the field is no problem at all! Your individual skills and background make you a unique candidate, and simply having a passion for the field can get you very far.
Paula_Huo -> Taria do most students join the company projects/labs and is it part of a course or part of a club activity?
Taria -> Paula_Huo Paula, many students take courses that have a company project or lab component. I'm currently enrolled in the Digital Marketing class where my team and I are helping a Fortune 500 company expand into a new market by using social media and blogs to engage consumers digitally.
Karan_Gill -> Joanne Beyond the basics (GMAT score, GPA, Work Ex, Extra curriculars), what makes a candidate appying to Booth stand out?
Joanne -> Karan_Gill Hi Karan. Each application is evaluated using every single part of the application, so no one piece is more important than another. Each applicant is viewed individually, so what stands out is always going to be different for each applicant. In general, we are looking for people who show a strong understanding of their need for the MBA, a clear path for post-MBA career, an understanding of Chicago Booth's culture and their own fit to the program. Some people will stand out because they have unique, interesting and/or successful careers to date, some will have had amazing travel opportunities, and others will have shown impressive leadership to date. It's what makes the process of reading so interesting for us!
vikram -> Eddie Can i apply to school of Public Policy during any time of my 2nd year
Eddie -> vikram Vikram - Sure. It sounds like you are interested in the joint degree program. Good for you!
J._Payne -> Cindy Hello, are there opportunities to take "treks" or get exposure to marketing teachings through other short-term real world experiences? In particular, do these opportunities exist for students not intending to have a marketing concentration but wish to have that well-rounded knowledge?
Cindy -> J._Payne Hi! I can definitely speak to that. Every year, the Marketing Group leads a "Brand Week Trek" to visit companies like Mars, Campbell Soup, American Express, Interbrand Communications, etc. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about the different roles within marketing and each company's corporate culture. There are also marketing case competitions like the annual Kraft Case Competition hosted at Booth that all students, regardless of concentration, can participate in.
Amanda -> Joanne If I run my own business, who would you suggest that I get my recommendations from?
Joanne -> Amanda Hi Amanda. Your best bet is probably a client or customer. If you have a business partner, though, that could be a good choice too. If you've only had your business a short time, you might even consider a supervisor from your past job or work experience.
Katie -> Everyone For those of you interested in our experiential learning opportunities - what we call our marketing "lab" courses - these are a great opportunity to get real-world, hands-on marketing experience by working on projects paid for by companies who want research-based consulting on actual business problems. Faculty AND project mentors support students throughout this course. There are four courses - Digital Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, and Developing New Products and Services. These courses are one example of how the Kilts Center for Marketing trains and enables students for successful careers in marketing.
Sumi_Lim -> Eddie Cna you tell the differences between i-internation MBA and full time MBA?
Eddie -> Sumi_Lim Sumi - The IMBA program requires a 2nd language (other than English), 5 international courses and studying abroad for 1 quarter. IBEP is a program for someone who wants an academic and cultural experience. Both great opportunities as a Chicago Booth student.
Ray -> Brittney I work for a large manufacturing company that is well known for their leadership/skills development programs. In all the training sessions I have had, the company placed an emphasis on using theoretical skills in practical work-related situations. How does Booth approach theor vs. practical application?
Brittney -> Ray Ray - In my experience, Booth provides an excellent combination of both theoretical concepts and practical applications. Many courses at Booth are founded in economic concepts, which are always at the heart of business decisions. But there are many classes that allow you to get hands-on experiences that will mimic what you do as a full-time marketer as well.
Gillian -> Art Hi, I applied in round 1 and come from a market research / data analytics background. Art - I am interested in your comment that your program focuses on using data for strategic decision-making. Can you expand on the methods that you employ and how you balance data-driven decision-making against NPD which may tend to be a little "fuzzier"?
Art -> Gillian Hi Gillian: in my New Product Development (NPD) course, we cover both qualitative and quantitative tools for identifying new opportunities, generating new product/service concepts, and optimizing these. All of the techniques (qualitative and quantitative) help students to use data to make better decisions. We cover qualitative tools (such as ethnography, metaphor elicitation) for getting deeper consumer insights. We cover quantitative tools (such as conjoint analysis and perceptual mapping) for optimizing/pricing/positioning new product concepts.
Andrei -> Eddie Could the fact that I am working for tobacco company be an issue?
Eddie -> Andrei Andrei - Not at all! We encourage diversity in our program!
Kristin -> Ryan Hello. Thank you for making time to chat today. I have a question for the students. What were some of the factors that influenced you to select Booth over other MBA programs that offer Marketing concentrations?
Ryan -> Kristin Hi Kristin! Personally, I loved the flexibility of the curriculum that Booth offers. In my first year, I devoted almost half my course load to Marketing classes, which was tremendously helpful preparation for my internship. You can tailor your education here to closely mirror your career aspirations and personal interests. Another reason I chose Booth was because Marketing is becoming intensively quantitative and data-driven and it was critical that my education embraced that shift. Lastly, there are tremendous synergies between Marketing and Finance, so I wanted a school that was strong in both departments.
Jorge_Moreno -> Joanne Hi, thanks for holding this chat, I'm from Mexico City and work in consulting for family companies. I'd like to know what the opportunities are for social enterprise at Booth
Joanne -> Jorge_Moreno Hi Jorge. You would probably be interested in the offerings of the Polsky Center and the Entrepreneurship curriculum, including the Social Entrepreneurship Lab, where students explore social entrepreneurship first-hand by working with local non-profit and for-profit enterprises that have social missions. You might also use some of your electives to take classes at the Public Policy or Social Services Administration School. You might consider applying to our Entrepreneurship Internship Program, which allows students to participate in a subsidized internship with a start-up company or venture capital firm over the summer and then develop their internships into case studies through an autumn-term course. Internships can be in traditional, global, or socially focused areas. Finally, you might choose to join student groups like Net Impact, Chicago Global Citizens, Giving Something Back or the Family Business Group.
Gretchen -> Taria I have a general question about Booth and the "flexible curriculum". Could someone talk to the benefits of having this flexibility and how there can still be consistency in your MBA despite not having a formal "core curriculum"? Thanks.
Taria -> Gretchen Gretchen, our flexible curriculum allows students to take classes they are interested in. Each student wants to get something slightly different out of their MBA experience, and a flexible curriculum enables students to customize their experience. The Booth MBA is consistent in that all the courses offered are relevant to the business issues/needs companies deal with everyday. Also, the variety of courses offered ensures that students will gain a breadth of knowledge that will enable them to be flexible and forward-thinking in their future careers.
Katie -> Everyone Get to know more about the Kilts Center and Marketing at Chicago Booth! Check out an online version of this year's marketing brochure: http://ChicagoBooth.edu/MACB
Fadel_Ibrahim -> Art Hello. Marketing is possibly the most unexplored field for an engineer who has worked only in very technical areas. Which steps should a person with this background follow before pursuing his MBA... any recommendations on activities or courses to get involved in before the MBA?
Art -> Fadel_Ibrahim Hi Fadel - engineering is a great background for a future marketing career. I suggest getting involved in several marketing associations as a way of getting exposure to marketing trends & issues (e.g. AMA, BMA, PDMA). I suggest looking within your current company for opportunities as well.
Eli -> Eddie I am trying to understand if full time students are competing for the same full time job offerings as part time students, or companies offer different positions to those 2 groups.
Eddie -> Eli Eli - The full time MBA Career Services office only services full time students. Recruiters come to the full time campus to recruit only fulltime students.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for all of your great questions! We have 15 minutes left in the chat and will try to answer your questions. Thanks for being patient with us.
Nithin_Naik -> Joanne Joanne, Thanks for your response. Would applicants be required to decide or explain on the concentrations/electives during the admission process to demonstrate their depth of interest? Also, are students allowed to change concentrations midway during the course if they have a strong reason to do so?
Joanne -> Nithin_Naik Hi Nithin. You can indicate your interest in our 14 concentrations when you apply, but since you are not applying to a specific concentration, you can always change your mind at any point. However, your choices should support your career goals, so in that way, it is important to connect all the dots of how the MBA program will be crucial to the next steps in your life. You can read more about concentrations online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/index.aspx.
Fan -> Eddie Hi Eddie, I'm Fan. Can you tell me how important is the recommendation letter vs. essays/slides in the process? I submitted for R1 already.
Eddie -> Fan Fan - there isn't one part of the application that is more important than another. It's a holistic view of the application. Every piece is important to us.
DT -> Taria What are some of the most frequent Marketing positions Booth students take on after graduation?
Taria -> DT DT, marketing students typically accept full-time positions in brand management, consumer insights/marketing research and marketing consulting.
Charles_Okoye -> Brittney Question for Brittney. Given your consulting background how and why have you fallen in love with marketing? I'm sure a lot of career switchers who go into marketing would like to go into consulting because of the broad base of challenges confronted. Are opportunities similar on the corporate side?
Brittney -> Charles_Okoye Charles - I honestly feel like my consulting experiences and those I've found in marketing are extremely different in many ways. At Wrigley, I particularly enjoyed the work-life balance and culture, which were very different than what I found in consulting. Additionally, as a Brand Manager, I like very much that I am able to see my projects through from conception to fruition, which is not something I experienced much as a consultant. That being said, at Wrigley and as a consultant, my job was very different day-to-day and the challenges never stopped interesting me.
RayD -> Joanne Hi Joanne. Rd 1 applicant here. Will interview invitations all go out on the mid-decision date or will they start going out before?
Joanne -> RayD Hi Ray. Interview invitations will begin to go out within the next few days for Round 1 applicants and will continue until the mid-decision day of November 9th.
Paula_Huo -> Ryan Is it possible to have more than one concentrations in the first year? How will the employers see if a student is taking courses in both marketing and health care management? Will that convey the message that this candidate is not committed enough or haven't totally decided what he/she wants to do?
Ryan -> Paula_Huo Hi Paula! The flexibility of the curriculum here is tremendous and you can focus narrowly on one concentration or take a wide variety of classes across disciplines (there are advantages to both). I think recruiters care much more about how you think about your education holistically versus classes individually.
Srikanth_Sridhar -> Cindy Hi Cindy. You mentioned that you're pursuing both Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I'm curious to know what sort of collaborations happen between the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and the Kilts Center for Marketing ? Also, what industry are you going into?
Cindy -> Srikanth_Sridhar Hi Srikanth, great question! Marketing is a great foundation for entrepreneurship. Polsky and Kilts have certainly collaborated on events in the past, although I can't say for sure which programs they have cohosted together. There are a couple of entrepreneurs in my Digital Marketing class who are using the class as a way to develop their marketing strategy. To answer your second question, I will probably go into a product management role at American Express after business school for the opportunity to possess ownership/P&L responsibilities while still having the resources of a large company.
Yi_Chen -> Katie What are the availability of the lab courses for marketing. Is there more demand than labs available?
Katie -> Yi_Chen Hi Yi. There are
Jonathan_guest -> Brittney Hi. Does prior experience in Marketing increase the value contribution of a student in Marketing classes?
Brittney -> Jonathan_guest Jonathan - I think each student's unique experiences help to add to value in the classroom, and almost everyone at Booth is a career switcher of some kind. If you have experience on the subject, it will always help to enrich the learning environment for your classmates, but it certainly is not a prerequisite to succeeding in marketing at Booth.
Heng_Liu -> Eddie i understand that professional recommenders (managers, supervisors) are preferred to professors, right?
Eddie -> Heng_Liu Heng - We are looking for the person who can give us the best perspective of who you are. It's completely your choice. Professors are fine but if you've been out of school for a while he/she may not know how good you are since you graduated.
Fumi -> Art Could you give us examples of learning opportunities that focus on quantitative marketing?
Art -> Fumi Hi Fumi - we have several courses that deal with quantitative marketing: for example, Data-driven Marketing, Pricing Strategy, and Marketing Research. The Data Mining course (which is a Statistics course) is also great for this. Most of our Marketing courses expose students to a variety of quantitative tools.
Katie -> Everyone Yi- sorry I hit send prematurely - our lab classes are popular, but the demand varies by quarter and year.
Abbas -> Brittney Sorry if i repeated this question- not sure if it went through- Do you have a range of courses in Luxury or Fashion Industry marketing and business development ?
Brittney -> Abbas Abbas - While there aren't any courses that I know of that are specifically geared towards Luxury or Fashion, we do have a retail and fashion student group here at Booth, and they provide activities to educate their members and help them find jobs in those fields. Additionally, the Marketing Group works hard to always have a wide range of speakers at our events... just last night, Bill McComb, the CEO of Liz Clairborne, was the keynote speaker at our Marketing Conference!
Saunvit_Pandya -> Taria The Data-Driven Marketing class really perked my interest when I was researching Booth. What kind of topics are covered in that class? Is there active involvement with industry? I am hoping that Booth thought leaders are on the cutting edge with the data boom currently going on in business.
Taria -> Saunvit_Pandya The Data-Driven Marketing course introduces several modern data sources, and discusses how these data can be exploited in practice to implement various elements of the marketing mix using statistical models. The following are examples of applications that we will discuss in detail: How can a credit card company exploit information on past credit behavior when targeting new customers? How should a company determine the shelf price of the products in its product line? By how much do promotional activities in retail stores boost sales, and what is the profitability from such a sales "lift"? How should a pharmaceutical company manage its promotion money to maximize the return on this budget? Which customers should a catalog retailer select to send a catalog to? How can the sales effect of TV advertising be measured?
Ricardo_Tiezzi -> Brittney Hi folks. I am very interested in following Finance and Economics concentrations. However, I also have interest in hearing something about Marketing at Booth. So, what are the 2-3 marketing classes that you consider a "must see"?
Brittney -> Ricardo_Tiezzi Ricardo - Some of the best marketing classes I've taken have been Developing New Products and Services, Marketing Strategy (a pre-req for all other marketing courses), and Pricing Strategies.
Vivian -> Eddie Hi Joanne, I'm a MBA R2 applicant. Is there a extended deadline for student to deliver GMAT score? Would admission committee still accept GMAT/TOEFL after deadline?
Eddie -> Vivian Vivian - Joanne's answering another question and asked me to respond - We would prefer to receive the score with your application. Your application will remain incomplete until we get it. and we won't be able to review your file. You may also be pushed to round 3.
Catalina -> Ryan Hi. I want to know more about Ryan's experience as an assistant brand manager for Old Spice, because that is what I'm interested in doing as well.
Ryan -> Catalina Hi Catalina! I loved working on Old Spice! I learned a ton during my 12 weeks at P&G and feel lucky to have been assigned to a dynamic brand on such a great growth trajectory. One lesson I took away from the internship was the importance of being fluent across a large number of functions. As a result, I'm spending a lot more time in my 2nd Year complementing my Marketing classes with courses in Entrepreneurship, Finance and Operations. Again, this is where the flexibility of the curriculum is so wonderful. I can customize the next couple of terms to build out a very specific skill set.
Saunvit_Pandya -> Cindy How do marketing labs work? Can students pick a sponsor if they are interested in a particular industry?
Cindy -> Saunvit_Pandya Hi Saunvit, marketing labs are structured as a class so you just have to be enrolled in the class to participate. For my Digital Marketing class, we were given a list of potential projects and we ranked our first 5 choices. I believe the actual matching was based on the students' backgrounds and preferences. So while you can certainly pick a sponsor, you are not necessarily guaranteed your first choice but you'll probably get one of your top three.
Joanne -> Everyone For those that are interested in visiting our campus, please consider joining us for Booth Live Marketing on November 11th! This is a great opportunity to hear about the excellent Marketing Program at Chicago Booth, from both faculty (like Art Middlebrooks!) and our students. Join us by registering online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/boothlive.aspx.
Honora -> Brittney I'm more interested in marketing ideas instead of products. Are there any such marketing classes/opportunites at Booth?
Brittney -> Honora Honora - Many of our classes are founded in economic and marketing theories. Outside the classroom, there are career opportunities that focus on "ideas" available to marketing students, such as internships and full-time jobs at marketing consulting companies like Boston Consulting Group, Cambridge Group, and Prophet.
Namita -> Art Do you have electives on marketing in information technology sector and how do you see marketing trends in that industry , how many of students who pass out have ventured into IT marketing ?
Art -> Namita Hi Namita - we don't have industry specific marketing courses. One exception is my Services Marketing course. In general we teach concepts & tools that have broad applicability to many different industries, and use examples and cases from many different industries and geographies. We have alumni doing marketing in many different industries, including high-tech marketing and marketing of technology-based services.
Jayesh -> Taria I am sure throughout MBA, things are going to move pretty fast. How early do students start working with career services to apply for summer internships.
Taria -> Jayesh Career services start working with students at the start of school. First-year students have the opportunity to participate in career prep and industry immersions prior to the start of classes.
SteveK -> Ryan With such flexible cirriculum options at Booth, is it difficult to build relationships with those you don't share many classes with? How does Booth help bring its MBA students together throughout the 2 year process?
Ryan -> SteveK Hi Steve! Booth does a terrific job of making sure that students do not silo themselves. I also think the smArtest students here look to actively diversify study groups with folks across functions. My best teams have been with a mix of classmates with finance and operations backgrounds/aspirations. Our different perspectives complement each other very well and we ultimately end up with much more creative solutions.
Eli -> Art Regarding marketing recruiters list for 2010, were those companies recruiting exclusively full time students? Or they were offering positions to all students disregarding their enrollment status?
Art -> Eli Hi Eli: part-time MBA students can also recruit for full-time positions through the On-campus Recruiting process. For more details, you'll want to speak with the part-Time admissions department about this. I'm not aware that companies differentiate between Full-Time and part-Time students.
Srikanth_Sridhar -> Cindy Does Booth follow Semester-term system or the quarter-term system?
Cindy -> Srikanth_Sridhar Hi Srikanth - Booth follows the quarter system so we have three academic cycles throughout the fall, winter, and spring.
JH -> Taria A question for Taria. You mentioned that some students pursue a career in marketing consulting. Where do they usually land their career? Would it be management consulting firms like McKinsey or firms specialized in marketing services such as Simon-Kucher?
Taria -> JH JH, students actually have have gone to both management consulting and specialized consulting firms.
VaroonKumar -> Joanne R1 applicant here. If you haven't received the official GMAT score report, will you review the application or do you wait for this? I reported my score but it appears that you are still awaiting the GMAT official score report.
Joanne -> VaroonKumar We can and will review applications with self-reported GMAT scores, and your official score report will follow shortly.
Ying_Liu -> Ryan Ryan, can you explain what is a Marketing Fellow and the benefits you have received from this program? Also, what is the application process?
Ryan -> Ying_Liu What I appreciate most about being a Marketing Fellow is the mentoring I've received. I have regular access to an industry CEO and his perspective has been highly valuable as I apply what I am learning in class in the real world.
Paula_Huo -> Joanne I've submitted my application for R1, however, under the GMAT report, the status is still showing as 'not matched'. I've asked GMAC to send my score report on Oct 12. Will that be a problem for me in terms of getting interview invite?
Joanne -> Paula_Huo Hi Paula. Your status will remain that way until we receive your score report, but we can move forward with evaluating your application with your self-reported score.
Sophia_Stone -> Eddie On the webiste, it says Booth only has 9% minority, can you speak a little to this and what Booth is doing to increase this number?
Eddie -> Sophia_Stone Sophia - Actually that's for the class of 2011. I'll make sure we fix that! We are at 10%. We are having our Chicago Booth Diversity Live event on October 28th. You should try to come. I also work with several organizations to help recruit talented underrepresented students - MLT, SEO and the Riordan Program. We are also looking at adding additional schools to our recruiting calendar.
Nithin_Naik -> Ryan Couple of questions for the current students. What differentiation have your experienced by Booth's marketing program that is not quite known outside? Would you rate the overall environment as more collaborative or competitive?
Ryan -> Nithin_Naik Hi Nithin! I would say the overall is extremely collaborative (a benefit of grade non disclosure!). I think that the greatest point of differentiation is that our education is so deeply rooted in a quantitative foundation.
Satyendra_Kumar -> Cindy What is basic difference between concentrations and electives?
Cindy -> Satyendra_Kumar Hi Satyendra - some of your electives can certainly count towards your concentration. Booth requires a certain number of foundation classes and electives for you to graduate.
Franck_J_Litzler -> Cindy Hi Brittney, this is Franck, R1 applicant. Are there any classes or labs focused on Marketing applied to the financial industry? Thanks!
Cindy -> Franck_J_Litzler Hi Franck, I actually did a marketing internship at American Express this summer and the quantitative nature of the marketing classes at Booth like Data Driven Marketing was very helpful to making my summer a success.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat has now ended. The transcript will be posted within 48 hours at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/
Deepak_Chandrasekara -> Eddie These kind of chat sessions have been great. Great learning from questions being posted by other curious students. Thanks for taking time and hosting this. I would like to attend sessions on Strategy and Operations Management. Is this something that will be hosted in the near horizon?
Eddie -> Deepak_Chandrasekara Deepak - Thanks for your support! We are looking at having a chat session in January or February on strategy. Please check our calendar and join us!
Brittney -> Everyone Thanks so much for joining us, everyone! Best of luck with the application process.
Katie -> Everyone Thanks to everyone who joined us! For more information about the Kilts Center and Marketing at Chicago Booth, check out our most recent publication online: http://ChicagoBooth.edu/MACB And - Please feel free to contact me with other questions about the Kilts Center programs and experiential learning opportunities. katherine.bell@ChicagoBooth.edu
Taria -> Everyone It was nice chatting with everyone. Thanks for joining!
Art -> Everyone Everyone - Thanks so much for joining us! There's a Booth Live event on November 11th. I hope many of you can make it!
Joanne -> Everyone Thanks to everyone for participating in our chat today! We hope to see you for our Daily Campus Visits, or at one of our upcoming Booth Live events--Diversity Booth Live on Oct. 28th and Marketing Booth Live on Nov. 11th!
Ryan -> Everyone I really enjoyed answering your questions today! Thanks so much for joining us. I definitely recommend coming out to Hyde Park to visit and learn more about Marketing at Booth. Hope to see you on campus soon!
Cindy -> Everyone Thank you joining us. Good luck!
Eddie -> Everyone Wow! Some great questions. I hope we were able to help you if not contact me in the admissions office!