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With the Round One deadline approaching on October 12, we want to provide you with an opportunity to have any of your lingering questions about the application process answered. Here's your chance to chat with the Admissions team about the application, essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation and more.

Wednesday, September 21 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm CT

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Moderator: Welcome to the chat. The chat will begin in 15 minutes. Feel free to start submitting your questions.
Moderator: Welcome to the chat. The chat will begin in 5 minutes. Feel free to start submitting your questions.
Moderator: Thank you for joining our live chat! The chat has now begun. Please feel free to submit questions anytime by entering them below.
Donna: Welcome to the chat! My name is Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions and I look forward to answering your questions.
Karen: Welcome everyone to the chat! My name is Karen and I look forward to answering your questions today!
Kurt: Thanks for joining us this morning I look forward to answering your questions.
Amy: Hi everyone, thanks for joining us today. I look forward to answering your questions.
Donna: Hi everyone! Enjoy the chat today.
Chris__Guest_: With regards to recommendations, for one of them I would like to ask someone who provided seed capital for a business venture of mine in China to write about me. He would prefer to write the recommendation in Chinese. What is the school's policy with regards to recommendation letters in languages other than English? Thanks!
Carrie: Hi, Chris. Your recommender can definitely write and submit his letter in Chinese, but he will also have to provide a translated letter (and upload them both).
Damola__Guest_: Can GMAT scores be resubmitted after the application deadline?
Donna: You may submit your application with an unofficial score. We will review the application with this score.
RajP__Guest_: I had a specific question about the Application. In the Work Experience section, you have a description section. I was wondering specifically what you were looking for here, since we are already submitting our resumes? (description of the company, responsibilities, etc?)
Amy: Hi RajP,
Amy: For that section, we are looking for a brief description of your responsibilities and duties.
G-515296164__Guest_: Also, I wanted to know, if I can have 2 letters of recommendation from my college professors and 1 from my boss(the main partner in the firm I am working for)?
Karen: Dear G, It is fine to submit 2 letters of recommendations from college professors as long as they provide an insight into your skills that may not have already be addressed. Good Luck!
Chuck__Guest_: Thanks for hosting today chat. I just took my GMAT last week so I finally am able to fully move forward with my applications. I am planning on applying to Booth but will not be able to visit campus before the first round application deadline. Will this fact hinder my consideration or would I be better off waiting until the second round to give me time for a visit? Or is there anything else I can do to demonstrate to the council my interest in Booth? Also, how heavily is the GMAT score weighted in the overall decision process and does Booth consider the aggregate score or the individual GMAT sections, specifically the AWA?
Kurt: Visiting campus is more for your benefit than the committee. Having the time to experience Booth first hand can help you better articulate your sense of fit and connection to the program. This will hopefully help in your submitting a more compelling application. As far as GMAT is concerned, it is one aspect of the application, not the only aspect. We take a very holistic view of our candidates and recognize there is more to recognizing fit with culture and future success than a test score. Finally we look at all aspects of the GMAT score to tell the most comprehensive story; that includes the AWA.
Gaurav__Guest_: Hi, I have a little more than 2 years of work ex and planning to apply in the second round.. I have done an integrated program in engineering and management. How will this be seen by the adcom
Amy: Hi Gaurav,
Amy: We are unable to address your specific situation during this chat. However, I can say that we will evaluate your application accordingly, with respect to the rest of the applicant pool at the time. We use a holistic evaluation process and will certainly consider your work and academic experiences.
Viks__Guest_: Hi, I am taking my GMAT exam on October 12th and will have my unofficial score report by 3:30 PM EST. Given that my official score will not be reported to the schools for at least 10-15 days (as per GMAC ) would I be still eligible for Round 1 applications if I submit my score and application my midnight October 12th? Thanks.
Karen: Hello Viks, It is fine to submit your unofficial GMAT score received on October 12th and still be considered for Round 1. Please be sure to have your official score sent using our school code: H9X-9F-34
niki__Guest_: I have a technical question regarding the transcripts from foreign universities, issued in a foreign language. In this case, do the scan of the original version of the transcript in a foreign language AND the translation in English need to be uploaded? Can applicants translate their transcripts themselves?
Donna: Both should be uploaded. You may translate your own transcript but it should be certified by an official translation service or even translated by such a service.
Noti__Guest_: How do you view recommendation from colleages / peers?
Amy: Hi Noti,
Amy: We value the insight that he or she will provide into your professional skills and other qualities that you may not have a chance to include in the rest of your application. Please note that we require two recommendation letters, one of which needs to come from an employer, supervisor, or manager.
Ray__Guest_: How significant are GMAT scores in the selection process? Also, is the TOEFL requirement of 105 a bare minimum?
Donna: GMAT scores are just one part of the application. We look at application holistically. (We really do!) Scores, previous work experience, previous degrees, certifications all give us an understanding if someone can handle the coursework here at Booth.
Donna: We will review applications with scores less than 104 for the TOEFL and look for other evidence of English fluency.
clairezqb__Guest_: Hello. My major is English. Would it be an obstacle for me to apply?
Carrie: Hi, Claire. Not at all! Our applicants and students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and this year almost 30% come from liberal arts backgrounds - and 70% come from non-business educational backgrounds. The most important thing is that you demonstrate why you are interested in an MBA and how it will help you advance your career goals.
em__Guest_: my undergrad transcript list's my gpa as 3.4 (rounded to the nearest 10th) and no where do they calculate it out to the hundred's place. On your application you ask for gpa in x.xx format. Should i put 3.40 or should i calculate it out? (it would be a 3.3x if I did so)
Donna: Please put the GPA as it appears on your transcript. If it is 3.4, please enter it as 3.40.
Premal__Guest_: I myself have started a career in Corporate Finance, but have always had a passion for Marketing (within the same company that I currently work in). However, my company only hires MBA students for their Marketing roles. I decided to go into Finance, as an undergrad, within that same company thinking it would be more worthwhile and could gain a well rounded experience within the financial side before I made the transition into Marketing. Given that the average admissions stats show the booth student to have a 4-5 years of work experience, do you think it is better for students like me to gain years of experience before making such a transition?
Kurt: Premal I hope I am interpreting your question correctly; if not, follow up. Most students who attend a full-time MBA program do so to change careers. At Booth because you can tailor your curriculum from the first day, you have opportunity to take Marketing classes very early on. This exposure coupled with your other skills should put you in a very good position to land a Marketing internship after your first year. We hope to give you the marketing saavy you will need to change careers to this field, and although exposure to Marketing prior to coming in can be helpful, it is not critical.
G-515316080__Guest_: Hello. My name is Nancy. Thank you so much for organizing this chat session to answer our questions. I have a question regarding English Equivalency test. I have a Master's Degree from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor degree from China. I took the TOEFL paper-based test in 2005 and scored 647. Can my TOEFL score be waived considering my Master's education and my U.S. work experience?
Carrie: Hi, Nancy. Since you have received a degree from an institution where English is the official language, you can opt out of taking the TOEFL exam.
Moderator: We've received a lot of great questions so far! Please remember to refrain from sharing your personal information in this public forum. Thank you!
tnng__Guest_: Hi. I have a question on GMAT. I took the test before and planned to submit in R1. Also, I plan to retake the test to improve the score. Can I just submit the old test score first to meet the R1 deadline, and then update later after the new test? How can I contact the AdCom for that after already submitting the application? Thank you.
Kurt: The simple answer is yes, you can do this. I would caution you though that once an application is complete we go ahead and start the evaluation process. So if your new score comes in significantly after the deadline there is a chance we do not get in time to factor it into your decision. To alert us to this you can put this information in your optional essay and/or send an email to our admissions@chicagobooth.edu account.
Yasser__Guest_: Thank you for hosting this chat session. Could you provide guidance on what the admissions panel is looking for in the 'Presentation' document?
Karen: Hello Yasser, The PowerPoint slide is an opportunity for us to learn as much about you within the guidelines provided.
sk__Guest_: can people with accomplished professional career and strong social impact though without undergradute degree apply to your esteemed program ? lot of other schools accept applications from such candidates (hbs, lbs, insead etc)
Carrie: While we encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply, we do require a 4-year undergraduate degree or equivalent to maintain our certification.
G-515312121__Guest_: As a candidate from a typically over-represented population (male with 3-4 years of financial and consulting experience) is a strong GMAT score enough to differentiate myself from the field? What type of characteristics do you look for to distinguish between candidates in over-represented pools of applicants?
Kurt: Simple answer is no, a strong GMAT is not enough to differentiate. True differentiation comes from how you approach the application. If you put the time and thought into the process and develop a story that connects with why you are a strong fit for Booth, you should have a better chance for success. The choices you make and the approach you take to the application should provide enough of a unique signature that you will differentiate yourself from others with similar profiles. Hence be thoughtful, be instrospective and be strategic in your approach to the application. Do not just "check boxes".
goclass2014__Guest_: 2 years ago, I applied for class 2012 (2010 enrollment). Now I'm applying for class 2014 (2012 enrollment).Can you answer my 3 questions below? Regarding my previous application: 1. Will admission team pull out my previous application and read it, like upfront? (considering it's 2 years old) 2. Your on-line application system says "email not associated with an account", when I login with my old username and email. Is there a reason for that? (Booth upgraded the system? Old system used an assigned user name, not email address.) 3. I'd like to pull it out for my own reference. What should I do? (I lost it with my old laptop.)
Carrie: Since you have applied within the last two years, we will have access to your previous application during the evaluation process. That said, we will be using your current application as the basis for your evaluation. To start your new application, go to: apply.chicagobooth.edu/apply and log in as a new visitor. We have recently upgraded to a new system and all users need to create new accounts. To access your old application, you can log-in to our previous system here: https://admissions.chicagobooth.edu/admissions
clairezqb__Guest_: About how many students with no work experience are admitted each year?
Amy: Hi clairezqb,
Amy: We certainly receive a considerable number of applications from early-career applicants each year. In order to fully engage with and contribute to the community and classroom, most of our students come with some work experience. For early-career applicants, we consider professional and leadership experiences during college and possibly high school. We use a holistic evaluation process, so we certainly factor in all of your experiences. At the present time, the number of students with no previous work experience is fairly small.
G-515302974__Guest_: Thank you in advance for having this chat. How does Booth view prospective students with professional doctorate degrees? Also, how is Booth responding to the changes in the job market for MBA candidates (Programs/Outreach/etc.)?
Donna: In our recent entering class close to 20% of the students have advanced degrees. For anyone applying to the MBA program you will need to know your story and be able to convey why an MBA is right for you at this time.
Donna: Our Career Services department is always proactively working with employers, alumni and students. If there is a need for additional programming, they have the ability to create. We also have a large Employer Development team who work to to build the Booth network. They meet with companies all over the world and discuss the merits of Chicago Booth students and alumni.
scott__Guest_: what advice can you provide a reapplicant? I have taken a statistics class and retaken the GMAT (though was not able to increase my score). I feel my GMAT is the main weakness on my application, though I am not sure yet another retake would produce a particularly competitive score.
Carrie: It sounds as if you are doing all the right things! What we generally advise reapplicants is to take a look through their previous application and identify areas that might be weaker than others and see if you can work on those. In terms of what you should do specifically on your GMAT - that's for you to ultimately decide. If you feel there is value in retaking it and that it will yield a better score - by all means do that. If you think it it isn't going to make a big difference, perhaps you should put more time and effort into strengthening the rest of your application. Remember that we evaluate the entire application, and the GMAT is only one part.
Moderator: We're working to answer as many of your questions as possible during this chat session. Thank you for your patience!
Prashant__Guest_: Hi.. I am a banking professional from india with 4 years of work experience.. Is there any threshold for GMAT score for acceptance in the booth school
Donna: We really do not have any threshold for GMAT scores.
boothgrad_2014__Guest_: Hello, thanks for your time this afternoon. My question is, how old is too old for B-school?
Amy: Hi boothgrad_2014,
Amy: When we evaluate applications, we certainly look for qualities of the individual that fit with the culture and values of Chicago Booth. Age is only relative to the experience that one brings.
anya_1__Guest_: Hi, my question was regarding letters of recommendation - as I am my own boss (entrepreneur), it will be difficult for me to get LORs from people with whom I am associated during this phase of my career. However, prior to doing something myself, I was working for a software company and can get LORs from people within that company and with whom I have worked. Would this be an issue when applying to Chicago Booth?
Kurt: No, this would not be an issue. You have an opportunity in the application to explain to us who you chose as your recommender and why. We recognize these choices can be influenced by many factors and are open to why you chose the person you did. One thing to think about as an entrepreneur however is: do you have investors or clients that can write your recommendation? In essence, they are your bosses, so they may also be able to provide a unique prospective that meets the fundamental requirements of the recommendation letter.
KC__Guest_: When will round 1 interviews take place and is it possible to postpone them if I'm out of the country in November?
Donna: The interviews will take place on campus from November 12th to the 30th. Alumni interviews will be available from November 2nd to the 30th. If you are invited and cannot arrange an interview during these times, please contact our office so that we may make arrangements.
clairezqb__Guest_: What is the range of GMAT scores and GPA for admitted students?
Amy: Hi clairezqb,
Amy: You can get a snapshot of our students via http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/index.aspx. However, please understand that we don't use any statistics as a standard. Rather, we employ a holistic evaluation process that allows us to thoroughly understand the experiences and qualities that each applicant brings and that will help to decide whether we are the right fit.
Toshi__Guest_: Hello, I want to ask about your Investment management club. Can we have enough opportunities to actually invest? I know students can make recommendations for IMG Equity Fund, but how about other strategies, such as relative value investment and global macro.....
Kurt: Toshi, the simple answer is "yes". The details behind that "yes" are a little more fuzzy. However, I would encourage you to ask the club members directly. They are starting to arrive back on campus and should start making themselves available to prospects. http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/img/
meghamathur__Guest_: After college, I worked at a bank for three years and spent the past year in a grassroots fellowship, which could be perceived as a year of volunteering. When it comes time for recommendations are traditional employer recommendations more valued?
Carrie: We would like you to submit the best recommendations possible, and those generally come from the people who know you best. Given your situation, you can certainly choose to use a recommendation from your fellowship, as it is still a professional experience. Ideally, at least one of your recommenders would be a current supervisor, and the other can be from the same organization/company or from a past company.
Premal__Guest_: I am still a few years from applying for an MBA. From your experiences, what advice can you give to students like me so that we can build a strong application for admission (aside from the normal requirements such competitive GMAT score, academics, etc.).
Karen: Dear Premal, There is no specific profile applicants must full to gain admissions. We are looking for applicants that make the most from opportunities presented to them. We encourage that you be yourself and wish you the best of luck!
Robbie__Guest_: What would you consider to be Chicago Booth's core strengths? What makes Chicago Booth unique vs. other MBA programs?
Kurt: The list on this is long, but on a high level I would say it is its non-prescriptive approach. We very much respect our students as individuals and given them a tremendous amount of freedom in constructing an MBA experience that is right for them. From choosing your own curriculum, to fostering your own teams and networks, to where you live. This MBA is what you make it, not what we make it. To add to that we also have one of the largest most supportive professional and volunteer networks of any of the top schools. We need this to help facilitate choice and give our students the full confidence to set their own paths and follow them effectively.
Moderator: We're about halfway through the chat! Please continue to submit your questions, and we will answer as many as possible in the time remaining.
Hyppo__Guest_: Are the chances to be admitted really higher when submitting in the first round rather than in the second?
Amy: Hi Hyppo,
Amy: We admit students in all three rounds during the year. Our evaluation process does not change, and we certainly admit students who are the right fit for us and vice versa. We always recommend that applicants apply when they feel that their application is strongest.
Shashi__Guest_: Hi,would you please specify how much importance the college gives to a student's academic record?
Carrie: Hi, Shashi. When we are evaluating your transcript, we are looking primarily to see how you performed within the classroom. We certainly recognize that some institutions are noted for their rigor, and in those cases we take that into consideration. That said, there are many factors that influence undergraduate school selection - so we mainly look at how an individual performed within their institution. It is also important to note that we are looking at your educational background, GMAT scores, certifications, etc. to assess your academic aptitude.
Robbie__Guest_: What is a typical student's day like in Chicago Booth?
Amy: Hi Robbie,
Amy: Great question! I would encourage you to come to campus and get your question answered! We offer a couple of options, including the Daily Campus Visit Program and Chicago Booth Live events. During a campus visit [our fall full visits begin on Monday, October 3rd], you will get to sit in on an information session, tour the building with current students, have lunch with current students, and visit a class. Chicago Booth Live events are a full-day experience that typically includes an array of activities including a Chicago Booth Overview, Faculty Discussion, lunch and tour, as well as an Application Overview. For more information, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/.
Zaheer__Guest_: Hello, thank you for holding this chat. My question is related to essay question 2. The question asks how culture/environment/family influenced. Although I am supporiting my arguments with a specific example from my past. are we expected to answer "why" such events influenced us?
Donna: The way you answer the question is up to you. We wrote a blog regarding the essay questions which may provide better insight.
Donna: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=32
Michael_1__Guest_: In the work experience section of the application, it asks me to input my starting compensation annual bonus and my ending compensation annual bonus.Does 'starting compensation annual bonus,' mean the bonus I received during my first year at the company?And then would 'ending compensation annual bonus,' mean the bonus I received over the course of the last 12 months?I don't understand how these bonuses differ from each other.
Carrie: Hi, Michael. You would enter the annual bonus you received during your first year, and your most recent annual bonus for the ending bonus.
SB1985__Guest_: How much weight does the academic prestige of your undergraduate insitution hold? For instance does an 3.7 GPA engineering degree from a public state university hold less weight than a 3.1 GPA engineering degree from MIT?
Kurt: We take everything into context. We certainly are cognizant of the quality of degrees and programs, but we are also cognizant of the fact people make decsions to attend schools or pursue majors for many different reasons. What is most important to us is how well you did under the circumstances you were in. Did you take advantage of your opportunities and demonstrate a commitment to learning and success in your given major and school?
Ashley__Guest_: Hi my name is Ashley, and I was wondering if I submit my application in round three will this harm my chances of receiving grants etc. because of limited funding if I am accepted?
Karen: Hi Ashley, We encourage applicants to apply when they feel it is the best time for them. However, the majority (not all) of our scholarships are offered by Round 2.
swissmiss__Guest_: what, if any, prerequisite classes would be required for an applicant with a social sciences undergrad major?
Karen: Hi Swissmiss, We do not require you to have credits in specific courses before applying. If you receive an offer of admission, you are welcome to take our summer Pre-MBA courses in Accounting and Statistics. These are designed to help students from non-business backgrounds prepare for intensive coursework at Chicago Booth.
Drew__Guest___Guest_: For the career goals essays is Booth interested in knowing only the short term and long term goals or also a description of the careeer path of a candidate till date?
Donna: Hi! To get insight as to what we are looking for in your essay questions please read our blog.
Donna: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=32
Zaheer__Guest_: I consider humor to be an important aspect of who I am. For essay question 3, is it safe to add humor into the slides?
Amy: Hi Zaheer,
Amy: Certainly, we welcome creativity and innovativeness for the presentation. However, we trust that our applicants will use wise discretion when sharing information on the application.
meghamathur__Guest_: what percent of the currrent full-time mbas are pursuring a joint MBA / international relations degree?
Donna: We have a lot of interest in international relations. Many students forgo the joint degree and instead take advantage of our flexible curriculum which allows for students to take up to six classes anywhere on campus.
SB1985__Guest_: How much weight the academic prestige of your undergraduate insitution hold? For instance does an 3.7 GPA engineering degree from a public state university hold less weight than a 3.1 GPA engineering degree from MIT?
Carrie: Hi, SB. We do not give specific weight to your grade point average in the evaluation process - as it truly is holistic. When we are assessing your academic aptitude we look at a variety of factors (GPA, class selection, GMAT, certifications, professional experience, etc). We recognize that certain programs are known for rigor, but we also know that many factors impact undergraduate school selection. So we will take rigor into consideration, but we never compare applicants on this particular data point.
G-515316080__Guest_: Do I have to complete every part of the application by October 1st in order to be considered for the first round? I am still waiting for my recommendation letters to arrive.
Donna: Our deadline is October 12th and all applications for round one need to be submitted by that date. We will allow for recommendations to be submitted after the deadline but will need then shortly afterwards.
JL__Guest_: Hi, Can you tell me a little bit more about LEAD? What does it encompass? Is it a full course that all students take in the Fall Quarter?
Kurt: LEAD is a program designed to help you develop your own style of leadership. Through different modules related to leadership (communication, ethics, conflict resolution etc.) you will get constant real time feedback from peers and instructors on how you handled the given situation. LEAD is less about theory and more about action. It is a comprehensive and personal way of learning what leadership means for you. The class is 125 hours and ends right around mid-terms in the first quarter.
G-515349730__Guest_: Are interviews typically held on-campus or is there an option for off-campus interviewing, as well?
Amy: Hi G-515349730,
Amy: Interviews are conducted both on and off campus. Applicants who are invited for an interview will have the option to interview on campus with a current student or off campus (locally) with an alumnus/aluma.
anujloomba__Guest___Guest_: Pleae clarify how do you weigh one aspect against another. How does one know whether he has enough GMAT to counterbalance against low GP? Do you have a standard for that or is it done on a go-no go basis of the admission panel
Donna: We don't weigh one aspect against another. We truly look at the application holistically. Your scores are just a small part of your application. There are so many other aspects of who you are as a person that can appear as strengths and counterbalance what you perceive as a weakness.
Drew__Guest_: What is the difference between the career section of the HTML forms and the CV? Are the HTML forms more for a description of the roles undertaken and the CV to highlight achievements in those roles?
Carrie: Hi, Drew. The career section of the application helps us make sure we are getting the same information from all applicants, whereas the resume is up to each applicant to create, and generally includes some additional information. It is fine if there is overlap between the two, but remember that we will be looking at both sections in the evaluation process.
miteshtank__Guest_: Thanks for this opportunity to interact. I had a couple of questions. First, would the scanned copies of the marksheets of CFA and FRM exams suffice as transcripts?
Carrie: Hi Miteshtank. We only need transcripts from your undergraduate and/or graduate degrees, which means you do not need to submit marksheets from professional exams such as the CFA or FRM.
Ashley__Guest_: Another question what type of references are acceptable? I am not currently working so I wanted to get references from my counselor at school and my advisor is that okay?
Karen: Hello Ashley, We encourage that your letter of recommendations are from people who know you best and can provide valuable insight into your professional experience and skill sets. It will be fine to use a professor or counselor.
G-508717265__Guest_: I opted to have my GMAT score submitted directly to Booth, but the online application still lists the score as self reported. Is there anything that I need to do to ensure that my GMAT score is properly matched with my profile?
Carrie: Great question! We will match your self-reported score and your official score report on the back end, so there is nothing specific that you need to do.
em__Guest_: I am looking at your deadlines and decisions dates. Can you please comment on when someone may be invited to interview and if the decision notification date is a hard deadline. Also, what is the significance of the "mid-decision" date?
Donna: Mid-decisions are the dates in which everyone will know when they are invited to interview or denied. If invited, the decision notification date is a hard deadline for all decisions for that round.
dbl0879__Guest_: As a career changer with a non-business background (architecture in my case) what advice can you offer in regards to how to approach the application?
Amy: Hi dbl0879,
Amy: Please note that a good portion of our class tends to come from non-traditional backgrounds. We use a holistic evaluation process that allows us to consider your academic and professional experiences to assess whether you are the right fit for us and vice versa. Simply leverage all of the space on application to convey why you are pursuing an MBA and why Chicago Booth is the best place for you to do so.
Jay__Guest_: I'm planning to apply for the first round, but I've been hearing from some of my friends that I'd actually benefit from applying in the second round, since my undergrad gpa is abysmal. Since I have a big weakness in my application, would it make more sense to apply later in the round?
Carrie: Hi Jay. The best advice here is: apply when you feel your application is ready! If you feel that you are ready to apply in Round 1 - go for it. The quality of the pool remains steady between the rounds. Remember that we use a holistic evaluation process, and your GPA is only one factor. We also recognize that your GPA is the one area that is, at this point, out of your control. If you feel this is the biggest area of weakness for you, make sure you spend time strengthening the other areas of the application (GMAT, essays, recommendations, etc).
Hussain__Guest_: Hi Team, This is Hussain. Some professional certifications like chartered accountancy doesn't have the GPA system. So is it ok if Chartered Accountants dont mention any undergrad GPA in their application?
Donna: If you do not have a GPA on your transcript, do not report one. Only supply the information given.
pravi__Guest_: Hi all, I am Ravi. I work with an NGO towards slum and rural development. My long term goal is to work towards development of my village - a naxalite affected remote village in forests of east India. but m not yet confident enough to take a step towards it. I don't have a specific plan either. But i feel an MBA concentrating in social entrepreneurship can help me a lot - in terms of plan, skillset, funds, as well as like-minded people for support and advice.Please tell how correct I am in my perception and is it worth investing money in such a course? I will need to fund most of the education with loans.
Kurt: Ravi I agree that an MBA can be valuable in gaining a deeper understanding of how organizations and markets work. It will teach you how to be a more effective and confident leader in your future regardless of industry. It will also open you up to a global network which can be helpful both short and long term. My caution to you is you should have a more concrete set of expectations for yourself and an MBA program before you invest the time and money in it. The industry you are looking at is going to require you to be focused and proactive in your career search, and two years moves incredibly fast. If you do not have a strong plan and expect to explore options while here it is possible but can impose some challenges as well. To get the most out of a program like Booth, it is best to apply when you have the confidence in what you want and how you want to leverage our assets to get there. I hope this helps.
WB__Guest_: For reapplicants, I know you allow the same recommenders as the previous application, however, do you suggest new reviewers this time around? Or would it be more meaningful for the same recommenders to discuss my progress and growth?
Kurt: We are looking for new perspective so you are welcome to use the same recommenders but would like to see new information. The default on recommenders is choose the people who you feel can write the comprehensive and compelling recommendations.
G-515330491__Guest_: I am an applicant from India and I have a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech. Will I be required to take the TOEFL?
Donna: No, you will not. As long as you have received degree from an institution in which English is the language of instruction, you are exempt.
onomatopoeia__Guest_: I read that the GMAT is absolutely not waivable, but I know some schools waive it if you recently obtained a J.D. (not to mention from a top law school). True of Booth? I'm assuming not?
Amy: Hi onomatopoeia,
Amy: We do require that all applications take and submit their GMAT scores. For more information about our admissions criteria, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/criteria.aspx.
SB1985__Guest_: If we are promoted or other important events take place after application submission should we contact admissions to inform them?
Carrie: Hi SB. You are welcome to send an email to admissions@chicagobooth.edu with any updates and we will add them to your file. That said, depending on when we receive them we cannot guarantee that they will be incorporated into the evaluation, though we will make our best effort to do so.
asian_hopeful__Guest___Guest_: Hi. Do we need to get confirmation from Booth/GMAC whether the score reports have reached the admissions office? Or would we get notified if the report is not yet available?
Donna: If we do not have access to your score we will contact you.
G-515309488__Guest_: Hello! I have a GMAT-related question. I've taken the test three times. Two are old (two years ago before my newest accomplishments) and one is fresh. The old ones are not competitive. The fresh one is fine, 690. Will my old score be a problem?
Donna: We will review the application with the score you provide. We may have access to the older scores but we look at the highest.
Zach__Guest_: Can we substitute a GRE score for the GMAT?
Carrie: Hi, Zach. At this time, we are unable to accept GRE scores and require that all applicants submit a GMAT Score.
JT__Guest_: How much would a low GPA affect my application, assuming all other parts of my application are strong.
Carrie: Hi, JT. Your GPA is only one piece of your application, and we take everything into consideration in the evaluation process. When we are assessing your academic aptitude we will look at multiple areas, including your GPA (and any trends associated with it), the classes you chose to take, your GMAT score, and any professional certifications. We also recognize that your GPA is not an area that you have the luxury to change at this point! Focus your efforts on strengthening the areas in the application that you do have control over (essays, choice of recommenders, GMAT, etc), and you will be fine!
niya__Guest_: What is expected of the presentation which is a part of the application? other than the fact that it must be limited to four slides?
Kurt: Insight. The application is primarily fixed and finite real estate. We ask the questions you provide the answers in limited space. The presentation is your space. What you do with it should help to strengthen the argument why you are a strong fit for Booth.
Evan__Guest_: If I indicate I am "jointly applying" with my significant other, how does that affect the way our applications are viewed?
Amy: Hi Evan,
Amy: In short, it doesn't. Your applications will be evaluated separately, and you will receive a separate admissions decision.
prateek12__Guest_: Hi.. will I be eligible for a TOEFL waiver if my UG transcripts authenticate that the medium of instriction was english.... ??
Donna: Yes, you are eligible.
sameer__Guest_: does taking gmat more than 3 times affect application?
Donna: No. We will review the score you supply on the application. We may have access to the previous scores but look at the last score.
asian_hopeful__Guest_: Could you please calrify whether competitions/activities internal the company at which the applicant is employed, is counted as extra curricular activities?
Amy: Hi asian_hopeful,
Amy: Yes, you can certainly include activities that you feel are relevant to a specific section of the application.
Kristen__Guest_: In the past, you've allowed people to include notes with their slides. That's not mentioned in this year's application. Should we assume that they are no longer permitted?
Kurt: Our hope is that you should be able to convey your thoughts and concepts clearly in the space provided. As such we did not see a need to include the option to provide notes.
Moderator: The chat will end in 5 minutes. Feel free to submit any final questions.
Fanying__Guest_: Hello, I have a question about my CGA education - After graduating from university, I joined the Certified General Accountant (CGA) Association in Canada and took 3 accounting courses there. Do I need to provide the transcript and/or the program information about this as well? If so, where and how should I provide this?
Carrie: Hi, Fanying. We require transcripts from all institutions where you have received a degree, but welcome you to submit transcripts from all classes taken. You can add it in as an academic institution and include the transcript there.
Shawn__Guest_: Thanks for Hosting. Can you talk about joint programs at Booth, and in particular, GPHAP, for those interested in Healthcare? How would the application process for these programs differ from the traditional program if at all?
Donna: For the GPHAP, after you are admitted to Booth you would then be invited to apply to the program.
miteshtank__Guest_: Hi Kurt, I was looking forward to visit the campus on 28th October for the Chicago Booth Live program, while going through the schedule, I noticed that there is a "Mock Application Overview/Q&A" session from 3 PM to 4:30 PM. Can you tell us more about this?
Kurt: This is a session led by a member of the staff in which you will walk through an application and see first hand how we evaluate and think about the selection process.
David__Guest_: If I submit my application prior to the deadline, but my GMAT score is not ready, will it be considered AFTER the deadline
Carrie: Hi, David. While we do not need your official GMAT score report at the time of application, all applicants must have taken the GMAT and need to submit an unofficial score.
John__Guest_: I have recently changed jobs and am working for a project that will last until right before the start of classes in 2012. My plan has been to apply in Round 1, and given the short amount of time I have been at my new job I have asked supervisors from my previous job to write my recommendations. Will this detract from my application?
Amy: Hi John,
Amy: A recommendation letter from a previous supervisor is absolutely acceptable. We certainly value the insight that your recommenders will provide into your professional skills.
Chris__Guest_: How integrated is Chicago Booth with the other schools within University of Chicago. As an MBA student, do we have the option to audit specific classes perhaps from the Law School or Economics department depending on our interest?
Donna: All Booth students can take up to 6 classes anywhere on campus. This includes the law school, public policy, the college, etc. These classes will count towards your MBA degree.
Krishna__Guest_: Hi, I live in India at present and cannot arrange for a campus visit. Are there any lecture videos that can help me see how a real classroom discussion progresses?
Carrie: Hi Krishna. While we don't have any specific lectures that you can watch, there are many ways to get a feel for what the classroom is like. I encourage you to interact with our current students, participate in chats, attend events in your area where faculty are presenting, etc. Additionally, if you are admitted, you can attend Admit Weekend, where you will have much exposure to faculty before you make a decision.
Karen: It was a pleasure speaking with you today! Good luck to everyone with your applications!
nfield__Guest_: I was curious as to when the itinerary materials for Chicago Booth Live are being sent out for next Friday? I will be leaving NYC Thursday morning so I want to make sure they will arrive in time. Also, what class is the 'mock' class going to be based on? Thanks!
Amy: Hi nfield,
Amy: You will be able to pick up an information packet when you arrive on campus. We will be sending reminders via email that will include all of the information that you need before arriving. We are still finalizing the specific content for the mock class.
chelsey__Guest_: In High School, I took some dual enrollment courses through a community college. These were included in my university transcripts. Do I need to list the community college as a separate school?
Carrie: Hi Chelsey. If they were listed on your university transcript, you do not need to upload separate transcripts.
Jayesh__Guest_: For last years adminissions, how many students were admitted from round 1 and how many were admitted from round 2
Kurt: I am going to take this question to a different level, namely both rounds are equally competitive and you should base your decision of which round to apply for on when you are most prepared.
Mexico__Guest_: Hello. I have three (!) last names and it maskes it very complicated to submit scores, and in general for a life in the US. Would it be OK if in my application I only write down my first last name, even if official scores will have a lot more?
Donna: If you are admitted we will need your name as it appears on your passport. You are definitely not alone here!
Moderator: The chat has now ended. You can read a transcript of this chat within 48 hours at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat
Amy: Thanks for your questions today!
Carrie: Thanks for your questions! We look forward to seeing you on campus and reading your applications!
Kurt: Thanks to all of you for taking the time to join us this morning. I hope this was helpful and look forward to future interactions with you.
Donna: Thanks for your questions! Best of luck in the process!