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Curious about applying to Chicago Booth? Chat with the Admissions team about the 2011-2012 application, essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation and more.

Wednesday, August 10, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

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Moderator: Welcome to the chat. The chat will begin in 15 minutes. Feel free to start submitting your questions.
Moderator: Welcome to the chat. The chat will begin in 5 minutes. Feel free to start submitting your questions.
Moderator: Welcome to the chat! Feel free to start submitting your questions.
Amy: Hi everyone, welcome to the chat today. I look forward to answering your questions.
Eddie: Thanks for joining us. I hope you've got some good questions for us!
Donna: Hi everyone!
Bryce: Hello everyone! Thanks so much for joining us today.
Joanne: Hello all! Thanks for taking the time to join us today. I'm Joanne Legler, Associate Director of Admissions and I look forward to answering your questions.
Joanna: Thanks for joining us today and we look forward to answering your questions, and seeing you on the road at one of our info sessions as well! Come meet us in person: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/
Pimmba12: Good morning! Will you please provide insight to the "Activities" section of the application? Specifically, how deep in our past is too deep and is there guidance to how much detail/wordcount is appropriate in the "Description of Involvement" field?
Joanna: Hello Pimmba12, Thanks for joining us today. The answer will be different for everyone in terms of how far back you go, what you include etc. You really have to use your own judgment in determining what kind of story you want to tell the committee. All in all we are looking for what types of things interest you, your passions and some idea of what you might contribute to this community. Just help us get to know you better and what makes you tick!
sunnyday: Hi? i would like to know if it is necessary for me to get and send the official transcript to Booth before the deadline of a round? thank you
Donna: For applicants we only accept unofficial transcripts. Please upload a scanned copy of your transcript (both sides!) We only accept official transcripts from admitted students.
G-459017465: I have just changed my job with a better Designation and work profile. If my application is all ready, should I apply in the First round itself or wait for the material work to happen in the new work profile to write more about the new profile in the essays and then apply in the 2nd Round?
Eddie: We always say "Apply when you're ready"! You can wait if your new responsibilities are going to add more to your profile.
Namita: In terms of work ex , what is the general range and how difficult or easy would it be for someone with 8 yrs of work ex
Bryce: Our average work experience is 5 years, but again, that's just an average. It's important to articulate how your experience to date has shaped you and why an MBA from Booth will help you reach your goals.
G-459017465: Last year, the essays submitted were written in haste and were not up to the mark. While I would be reapplying, should I re-write the essays or just opt for writing the Add'l Essay mentioning the changes since last application? If I re-write the essays with better language and Finishing, wont the university consider it as being dishonest and think I have taken help from somone else to write the essays for me?
Donna: Good thing we have different questions this year! For those not admitted it is a good idea to review your prior application in its entirety. Try to identify areas you can improve and try again. We expect applicants to re-write the essays each year since we ask different questions.
Shyam: Thank you for offering this live chat for prospective students. Quiet a few tech companies recruit in Booth, but there is no specific course for Technology Management. Apart from utilizing High Tech group, are there any avenues for one to learn technology management or new product development?
Joanne: Hi Shyam. The answer to your question depends a bit on what area you're most interested in, but overall there are several classes that you might find useful at Booth, through both the Entrepreneurship and Marketing Concentrations, such as Commercializing Innovation, Technology Strategy, the Clean Tech Lab, as well as Marketing Strategy and Pricing Strategy, which can be useful across industries. Additionally, the founders of Groupon taught a class here last year, and will do so again this year!
Shyam: My second question, are there any opportunities for prospective students to talk to Professors or current students or alumni? If I would like to talk to certain people, will admission committee help me establish a communication channel
Amy: Hi Shyam, there are certainly opportunities for you to engage with different members of our community. For example, you can schedule a campus visit (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx) or join us for a Booth Live (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/boothlive.aspx). These are unique opportunities for you to engage with our staff and current students. You will also have the opportunity to meet with our faculty when you visit a class or mock discussion [Booth Live]. In addition, we have admissions receptions, fairs, and student-hosted events in which you will have the opportunity to engage with students and possibly alumni as well. For more information about these events, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/.
rbangre: What makes Chicago Booth Special? I have read few stories from internet but I want to hear from someone who not only knows but also feels about Booth. Thanks in advance
Joanna: Well rbange, I wish we could chat in person as this isn't an easy question to answer in just a few lines. But I'll try! The Chicago Booth experience is one that is all about the idea,creating, questioning and refining to get to the best outcomes. We do this by focusing on a fundamentals based approach, the most flexible curriculum on the planet. At Booth you will learn to be a confident decision maker as you gain confidence in business disciplines and choose the path that is best for you. And as the only US business school with campuses on three continents, we offer a worldwide network for our students. I highly encourage you to check out our latest online viewbook to hear directly from students: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/transform/?source=ft-vb2011-wid-ft
CravingIB: Hi everyone! I know someone asked this question before, but i wanted to make sure i got it right. Work experience (number of years) is recorded up to the point of Aug. 2012. Can I go ahead and fill my application that way and put the date say August 2012 (of course if i will be working at the same place by then)?
Donna: The question for Booth is as of September 1, 2012. Answer the question estimating based on that date.
G-459003431: Hi my name is Alejandro Vazquez I am from Mexico City, and I am planning to apply to Booth this first round, I am curious to know if the recommendations of first year students who was my boss last year
Eddie: Hi Alejandro. Sure if he was your boss and can speak to your professional skills in an effective way we'll be happy to receive it.
SS: Hi, whats the average % split between the number of students selected between Round 1 and Round 2?
Donna: The percentage fluctuates each year. We do receive more applications in round two than round one. Approximately 60% of apps are submitted in round two.
G-458951611: Hi, I am Joy from China, thanks for the chance. I have following 4 questions: 1. I will be on a volunteer trip to Tanzania or Kenya begins in Nov, will it hinder me from getting the interview if I can only check email on weekends (the worst case)? 2. Do you have a preference between TOFEL and IELTS?3. There is a dilemma for me to choose the referee, I am wondering whether a professor with strong academic records or an associate professor with work experience in top B-school in US would be preferred? Given that they know almost the same about me. 4. Would you please recommend some books or articles from which we may gain a better understanding of the distinct culture of Chicago Booth, or just some books you think may be beneficial to Chicago Booth prospective students? Thanks.
Bryce: Thanks for the questions Joy! If you're extended an invite to interview during the application process, we will set you up with an alum where you are traveling or schedule a call with one of our admissions directors. We don't necessarily have a preference, but one must be taken if your undergraduate education wasn't instructed in English. As for letters of recommendation, we require two (one professional and then another one that is a bit more flexible). I would select people who can speak to your strengths and that knows you well. For learning and engaging in the Booth community, I would initially start by utilizing the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/engage/index.aspx
G-459017465: In India, there is no concept of GPA for the scoring of undergraduate levels. However, when we convert our percentage scores in terms of GPA, it is very low relatively compared to the GPA's that American institutions award. How do we bring this discrepency in parity?
Eddie: We will be able to determine an accurate calculation on our end. We have experience reviewing applications from many countries and have been able to make the right call on international GPAs. We also have an office on campus that will help us if we need it.
sunnyday: I don't have financial or consulting background, but engineering. But many people say that Booth prefer people from IB or consulting. So could you please introduce about some tips or key points for applicants with engineering background?
Joanne: We do not have a preference for backgrounds with our applicants; we encourage the diversity of backgrounds that our students bring to the class! There are no specific tips we would offer to an engineer over a banker and the advice that we offer is regardless of background--be yourself, answer the questions asked and have a clear sense of how you can leverage your current skills into success at Chicago Booth and beyond.
CB_aspirant: Hi I'm a prospective applicant from India interested in Booth..First and foremost ,Booth is very well known for finance..At the same time is more focus given on other streams such as strategy,marketing..Will I be at diasadvantage if I'm not a typical finance/economics/business person.?
Eddie: No way! We value diversity in students who apply to our program. We'd love to have your application and it doesn't matter if your background is not in finance.
Aravind: I m an Indian Citizen and I know i cant apply for round 1 this time........planning for round 2 if not round 3........will it significantly impact my admission decisison.....how big of a problem did this create for International students in the last couple of years??
Joanna: Aravind, The difference between applying in Round One and Round Two is not very significant in terms of competition. Either Round will afford you enough time for Visa processing. Round three can be more challenging as fewer spots are available in the class and timing might be too close for certain countries' Visa processing standards.
sunnyday: And could you give the data about TOEFL score of the successful aplicants for Booth MBA?
Bryce: I don't know exactly what you mean by "data", but I'm guessing that the following link might be helpful to reference: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/englishexams.aspx
G-459017465: What are the ways that can showcase my deep interest in the program?
Joanna: Hello, interesting question. Probably the best way is to apply with your strongest application - and to really be able to articulate why Booth is right for you. Good luck!
Robin: If you are an early career applicant who did have leadership roles during undergrad because my focus was community involvement/volunteer work outside of school, how does that count against you?
Joanne: I'm not completely clear on your question, but I think what you mean to say is you're wondering if not having leadership roles in official college student groups is viewed negatively. If so, then the answer is "no". We value leadership and community involvement in whatever form it comes from each individual applicant. Some are really involved in traditional activities, while others choose to get involved in community organizations--churches, non-profits, etc.
SS: Are there any specific requirements for the recommenders (eg should be direct supervisor, should be a professor from the university time, etc)
Amy: Hi SS,
Amy: We require two recommendation letters. One needs to be from a supervisor or manager who can speak to your professional skills. The second recommender is up to you. However, do choose someone who can add value to your application that the former recommender has not already addressed.
Randy: Hi,I do not have the full time work experience, but I worked as teaching assistant and had some internships, can these experience be count as work experience?
Joanne: Because Chicago Booth does not have a minimum number of years of work experience required, all experience that is work-related, where you were responsible for a job, is valuable in the admissions process. For those with no full-time work experience, we will look to your internships and part time jobs to assess this part of the application.
Abe: for the career goal essay, do we focus more on the short term goal and less on the long term goal given the limited umber of words
Donna: Our blog entry from yesterday addresses some of our interpretations of our questions. The point of this question is not your short or long term goal but your overall vision of your career path and the role of the MBA.
Donna: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=32
Matt: Thank you for facilitating this chat session. I live out of state and am unable to visit the campus. Is there anything else I can do to show my strong interest in attending Booth outside of my application?
Bryce: No worries at all Matt, thanks for the question! We'd obviously love to have you visit campus, but realize that not everyone can make the trip to Chicago. Initially, I would do two things: attend one of our admissions receptions this fall, and also engage with the community by utilizing the following link:
Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/engage/index.aspx
Bryce: Attend an event:
Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/
Pimmba12: Also, please comment on the expected level of detail for the the field "Why did you choose these two recommenders?" within the Recommendations component. It seems I could describe at length the relationship I have with that individual, and list reasons why he/she would serve me well as a recommender, or I could briefly describe it in a sentence or two.
Joanne: I would suggest brevity. There's no need to go into great detail, as a lot of that information will likely come through in the letter itself. Just a short description of your relationship and the choice will suffice.
AV: I understand that GMAT score is just one component of the application package but considering the highly competitive pool with high GMAT scores from India - Are Indians with score less than GMAT 700 considered?
Amy: Hi AV, rest assured that the admissions committee reviews each and every application holistically. The GMAT score is certainly only one component of the application, so we will definitely consider your application regardless of your GMAT score.
AnatGotfried: I have a question regarding American citizens (native speakers) who have completed their undergraduate degree abroad in a foreign language. Would that person apply as an international student? What elements of the process would be different? Should they try to convert their GPA? Take the TOEFL? Thank you. - Anat
Donna: US citizens should apply as US citizens regardless of where they live, work or study. US citizens are exempt from taking the TOEFL and do not need a student visa.
Donna: If your GPA is not on a 4.0 scale, please do not convert. We want to see the score as reported by the school.
suman: Hi, i am an Indian student. I wished to know about the scholarships and grants that the school provides to its students?
Amy: Hi Suman,
Amy: We certainly have a broad range of scholarships and loans that are available to our students. We do not offer grants. Please note that you do not have to file a separate application for scholarships.
Balakrishna: Good Morning! Thank you for this opportunity to ask questions. This is Bala and I manage an IT Services project. I moved into a general management role and I completed a self-paced online MBA in general management. I am now looking to apply into Chicago Booth to gain analytical skills in Strategic Management as I intend to move into this role. Would the admissions committee look at my online MBA negatively?
Eddie: No. We value any academic background that you've received. You will have to explain to us why a 2nd MBA is important to you.
Kris: Hi good afternoon! I would like to get some tips on how to tackle the presentation question on the Booth application.
Donna: I would suggest reviewing our blog for advice. For example look at this entry from July http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=30.
G-458980277: What sets Booth apart from other top-notch MBA programs?
Joanne: So many things! Chicago Booth offers a discipline-based, flexible curriculum that is unique amongst our peers--you will master the fundamentals of business while choosing the classes that suit you best based on your skills and career goals. The diversity of our students on all levels--nationality, background, work experience, etc.--it also a distinguishing feature, allowing students exposure to those who see the world from unique perspectives. The support you get here is also great--from our world-class Career Services team, amongst the largest in our peer group, to Academic Services to your classmates and our alumni. Everyone here is invested in your success at Booth and beyond.
ss_1: Does it make a diffrence if all recommendations come from people in the same organization/company?
Bryce: That should still be fine, but I would make sure that both writers are sharing a unique perspective and adding value to your overall application. I would coach them on discussing different topics or traits that you have.
Rezinka: Hi. Sorry for the earlier submission. This is Rezinka. I have a question about the teaching method. I have read that it is the most flexible curriculum, what is the method of teaching? Is it more case based/ experiential/ lecture based? Thanks
Eddie: We have a mixture here at Booth. Theory, lectures, cases and experiential learning.
G-459017623: Hello, I plan to make a switch to consulting after MBA so practical assignments sound really interesting. Please tell us more about the Experiential learning, Management Labs in particular. Could you also share about other opportunities to work on real-world projects? Thank you
Joanna: Management labs are a great way to work with a real organization in solving their issues while earning course credit and gaining relevant course instruction. Learn more about the many lab courses here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/experiential/lab_courses.aspx
G-459017465: My GMAT score is 710.. And I wish to retake the test. Would it negatively impact if I am unable to get a higher score? Won't it be considered my deep interest in the program despite of a score lower than the previous one?
Bryce: I think it's pretty common for applicants to take the GMAT several times, so we don't look at that negatively. We do see all of your historical scores when reading the application; however, we only use the highest scores that you've received.
ss_1: Would you need undergrad transcriots even if one has a master's degree?
Amy: Hi ss_1, yes, in order for us to capture a complete picture of your experiences, we do require your undergraduate transcripts.
Frank_Paris: Hello, My Gmat test being scheduled for end of september, is that ok to provide the provisional results in the R1 application ?
Donna: Sure! We do not need the official score to start reviewing the application.
peter_1: Hi, how would you define the 'FIT' at Booth? a student with an aerospace education background and airline work experience aiming at consulting after MBA will be your fit? Thanks a lot!
Joanne: Fit can be hard to define, but it has little to do with your specific background. Rather it's more of how you see yourself taking advantage of what's offered at Booth. Does the discipline-based approach work for you? Are you looking to be engaged in a really active community? Are you ready to be challenged and to challenge others? Are you ready to take risks? Are you excited to meet classmates from all over the world and expand your network globally? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves when trying to determine if an applicant has demonstrated fit within the application.
rbangre: What is the most common mistake you find on applications?
Joanna: I'd have to say applicants who don't really consider the essays questions and answer them fully. It's important to understand what we're asking and then deliver! Best of luck, Joanna
Manu: I'm interested in the MBA/JD program. How different should be my application?
Amy: Hi Manu, I'm not certain that I understand what you mean, so I'll try my best to be helpful. When you apply for the JD/MBA program, you will have to file separate applications to the two schools. The application to Chicago Booth would not be any different from other Booth applicants. Hope that helps.
ec: i work in a very small family business and the only superiors i have at the company are family members. In this situation would the Admissions team prefer to see a recommendatino from a family member, or a client that i've worked with?
Eddie: You're right on target. We would prefer to receive one from a non-family member. A client, your bank, a manager from another position you may have held would be ideal.
KPurohit: What is the best way to connect with Booth alumni in one's particular city to learn more about the school and the admissions process? I am from Atlanta and I would love to meet Booth alumni who can speak to their experiences and offer any advice for future applicants.
Joanna: Hello K, check our website often for events hosted in Atlanta! We have an info session coming up soon in September where you can meet our alumni. Join us: https://register.applyyourself.com/?id=uchic-gsb&pid=2311&eID=11903&rid=1
Bryan: Good morning, I recently visited the Booth campus at Harper Center, and learned that the overall class is not divided into "clusters" or "sections" like in other MBA programs. Can you elaborate on why Booth does not follow this trend?
Joanna: Hello Bryan, Since we offer the most flexible curriculum of any MBA program in which you choose your own path, following courses with a cohort group is not the best approach to pushing people to choose courses going beyond what they already know! At Booth, you form your networks based on the classes you take, the groups you join and the activities you participate in, rather than a group you are assigned to follow for 2 years. We feel your network is stronger and more meaningful since it is one you created for yourself.
Jenn: I know the best approach for the essays / application is to be yourself, but are there any other principles to live by for the essays / application?
Eddie: We want you to be honest and supply us with clarity - Why an MBA, why Chicago and why now?
jdfoster79: What is the word count range that you typically see in the four-slide Essay #3?
Donna: We do not have a word count for the presentation.
G-458993292: Good morning. When you are looking at the job history of an applicant, what do you value the most when it doesn’t follow a straight career path (like going through one only type of job and going up through the corporate ladder)?
Bryce: We see quite the range of work experience, but I really think it comes down to articulating your overall career path to date and why you've made those transitional decisions.
Steve: What % of the decision making is comprised of undergrad gpa?
Amy: Hi Steve, our admissions committee evaluates each application holistically. So the undergraduate GPA does not carry a specific weight in the evaluation process.
Manny_1: Question 2: Please elaborate on the culture at Booth.
Eddie: It's a very collaborative approach. We encourage teamwork from students, administration and faculty. It's also quite supportive.
Fluke: Hi, Who reads the applications - admissions officers/students/alumni/faculty/combination of some or all? How many people read each app and for how long on avg? Thank you.
Donna: Students and staff read applications. Each application is read by a minimum of three people. If admitted, your application is read by four or more people. Each application varies in the amount of time it takes to read.
e46: I'm contemplating between part-time versus full-time mba. What Pros and Cons would each program offer
Joanna: I wouldn't call them pros and cons, it's really more about what is best suited for you and your future. The classes, degree and professors are all exactly the same. I can say that many times Full-Time students are career switchers or just seeking an opportunity to focus two years on their future career. Evening and Weekend students obviously continue to work while pursuing their MBAs. I suggest you look deeply into both programs and make a decision based on your best fit. Hope that helps.
CB_aspirant: How do you look at a lil older applicant..(29-31) Is it a drawback ?
Bryce: Our average age is 28, but again, that's an average. We're really looking at your overall perspective and how you hope to contribute to the Booth community.
Nitin: Dear Admissions commitee, I'm currently working in London, could you please advise what is the best time to visit the campus and have a chat with other students and even attend a class ?
Amy: Hi Nitin, schedule permitting, I would recommend that you come to campus on or after September 30th. September 30th is our first Booth Live (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx), which is an extended day visit. The regular campus visit begins on October 3rd (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx). In addition, I would like to note that we have events happening in London this summer, where you'll have the opportunity to meet with the admissions team, current students, and possibly alumni. For more information about our global events, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/europe.aspx.
G-458980277: For those interested in entrepreneurship, how specific should a candidate be (in the essays) on what they want to do specifically?
Joanne: We recognize that not everyone will know exactly what they want to do post-MBA. Having said that, it is crucial to be able to articulate the direction of your career path and how you see the MBA and the resources available at Chicago Booth. We'd love to hear more about your ideas and how you plan to explore perhaps starting your own business at or after Booth.
van_hailen: Hi..when is usually the interview after applicants have submitted their application?
Eddie: It's about 3 weeks after the decision deadline if you are invited. You can have it here on campus or we can have alumni conduct it for you.
EduardoGarcia: Hello admissions, if I had made the waitlist back for the class of 2011, and chose to apply again this year for R1, would I still qualify as a reapplicant and do the additional essay? Furthermore, do you still have my old application in your records and go back to assess it against my current application?
Donna: Anyone who has applied within two years is considered a re-applicant. We will have your old application available to the readers.
Astitva: Hi All..Thanks for doing this..How is the mood at booth right now given the financial uncertainties in the US ? In terms of careers services..
Joanna: Hello Astitva, actually we are quite optimistic and positive here as so far our students are faring quite well. Numbers for job offers have returned to 2008 levels. Booth is quite different and fortunate to have a dedicated Employer Relations staff in Chicago, Hong Kong and London that travel the globe seeking opportunities for our students with top companies you'd expect but also middle market and boutique firms too for example. Our proactive approach over the last few years has made a difference in our students' success.
Ray: Does the official GMAT score need to be sent prior to the application deadline or can it be sent afterward?
Bryce: We encourage you to submit your scores as soon as possible but we can start reviewing your application without it.
Matt: Understanding that you look at applicant’s qualifications holistically, what would you need to see from an applicant, who has a lower than average GMAT score, in order to still grant admission?
Joanne: You are right, our process is holistic and there is no one factor that determines success in the admissions process. For someone with a lower GMAT score, there are ways to balance it out to give the committee evidence of your ability to be successful at Booth. A solid GPA can help there; in addition, please let us know if you have taken classes, or certificate programs, other evidence of your intellectual curiosity and success in a classroom. Finally, there may be parts of what you do at work that speak to similar elements of your success with either quantitative or verbal work.
kate: For the leadership essay, what is the appropriate balance between "leadership style" and "family/culture/environment"
Donna: Instead of looking at a balance between leadership and family/culture/environment you should make sure you answer the question. Yesterday's blog addresses our questions. http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=32
Parley: I plan to apply, and feel confident that Booth is one of my top choices; how important is it to the adcom that I do a class visit before I submit my application? All things being equal, does that make my application "stronger" - in and of itself?
Joanna: Parley, It can make your application stronger if you leave with a greater understanding of Booth or your goals and that comes through in your application. But we will not use information about whether or not you visit campus in our application evaluation process.
krutika: I wanted to ask you that do u admit people with less than 2 years of work experience in the early career category for full-time MBA program?
Joanne: Anyone is welcome to apply to Chicago Booth regardless of number of years of work experience. We don't have a separate category of admissions for early career candidates. Students with less work experience than our average of 5 are certainly successful in our admissions pool. Remember that it's less about quantity and more about quality.
G-428326758: Is there a link available online where we can read about all of the class offerings and course descriptions?
Joanne: Sure! Here you go - http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/community/course_search/205
Sergej: Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I am a German citizen and a US permanent resident. My permanent address is in Chicago, but I currently live in Paris (for the next year). Should I use the same application as if I lived in the US? Also, given my background, would I need to submit a TOEFL score?
Donna: We have one application for all full-time applicants. US citizens and perm residents are exempt from taking the Toefl.
Jasi: Hi, good morning! How does Chicago Booth feel about recommendations from relatives? I run a small business, and was hoping to submit a recommendation from one of my biggest clients, who just happens to be a relative. Is there a problem with this?
Joanne: We really leave the choice of recommenders up to you. While there's no inherent problem in getting a letter of recommendation from a relative, you may consider how truly neutral and objective this person can be if they are part of your family.
masrod: Is there a certain resume format that should be followed? I'm curious how promotions or new job titles within the same company should be listed.
Amy: Hi Masrod, we don't have a specific format requirement for resumes. We simply require a professional resume.
Moderator: There are 15 minutes left in the chat. Please continue to submit your questions and we will answer as many as we can!
G-428326758: Hi, I know from my Booth Live visit in May that the school places a big emphasis on students' evaluations of their courses. Is that data made available to prospective students?
Eddie: No, prospective students can't see that data.
Parley: For example, because of yield, and fit etc some schools strongly encourage you to visit and even though they won't admit it on the record, they want people who "really want them" - so i don't want to handicap myself by not coming but at the same time work schedule etc might not allow me to get out there to do a full visit
Joanne: At Chicago Booth, we see applications from students from all over the globe! We do not have any expectation at all that students visit our campus and doing so, or not, has no bearing on an admissions decisions.
G-459003759: Hello Admission Team....I have a Bachelor's from India and an MS from a US university. Am i required to take TOEFL?
Amy: Hi G-459003759, you may not have to take the TOEFL if either of your degrees was instructed in English. For more information about the application requirements for international students, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/englishexams.aspx.
G-458995645: Thanks for hosting this chat! I have held two jobs since graduating college, one with Teach for America and one with an education advocacy organization. If an applicant has had multiple jobs, is it better for recommendation letters to represent a span of jobs, or would it ever make sense to have two letters from different superiors at the same job?
Joanna: Who you choose is entirely up to you - there really is no right answer. We ask that one come form your immediate supervisor if possible, and the other is up to you. I suggest that you think more about what people may be able to say about you, rather than where they worked with you. Who knows you best? What combination of people can tell a full picture? Its up to you! Hope this helps.
Daniel_1: Good morning! Thank you for taking our questions today. I'll be applying to Chicago this fall having been out of college for about 3 years, and will have 48 months of work experience by the time I enroll. My question is, in describing leadership experiences, how much weight should I give to college extracurriculars relative to post-college work experience?
Joanne: We will take all the information you provide us with to get a sense of your leadership abilities and experience. All of this information is important, regardless of when it happened--while more recent information and experience is great, we do recognize that not everyone has post-college leadership opportunities, so college leadership is always great to see!
JimmyFromCostaRica: Hello representative: I would like to know what other resources, aside from the career center, can students count on when they attend Booth
Eddie: If you're talking about specific help with your career search you'll get a career advisor, opportunities to network with alumni, our career services blog and the career services research library. There are also "lunch and learns", career treks and various programming that the Career Services office will offer you.
Nate: Hello -- are there any undergraduate course requirements needed for admission?
Amy: Hi Nate, we do not have specific required undergraduate courses. We certainly review the courses that you took to see in what areas you were interested and explored.
Clifford: Hi Joanna, I have a few questions regarding the interview process. First, if I am applying during Round 1, is there a rough timeframe when interviews are held? Secondly, are interviews held on campus, or is there the opportunity for remote interviews for out of town applicants?
Joanna: Hello Clifford, Round one interviews take place from mid-November to mid-December. You can interview on campus with students or in your city with Booth alumni!
Ashley: Hello, I am looking to apply this season. What are the consequences of applying in a later cycle, as opposed to in October?
Bryce: I recommend that you apply when you are ready and most comfortable with your application. Something to keep in mind though, Round 3 is typically our smallest round, and by that point fewer seats and scholarships are available.
G-459020672: Hello! Thank you for hosting this chat today. I am currently in the pharmaceutical industry and am interested to see if Booth offers classes that focus on the pharma/biotech/healthcare sector?
Joanne: Chicago Booth does not offer specific courses in these areas, but there are lots of ways to learn more in this area! Many of our entrepreneurship and marketing courses, such as Commercializing Innovation or Marketing Strategy, can be helpful in the HC industry and an alum recently noted how helpful taking a Management Lab was in her career in the biotech field. Additionally, Chicago Booth offers a certificate program called the Graduate Program in Health Administration & Policy, which allows Booth students to take courses across the University to pursue careers in healthcare. You can learn more at http://www.ssa.uchicago.edu/gphap/about.shtml. Finally the student Healthcare Group can be a great resource.
CR: Thx for hosting this chat. I have two questions. 1. How will a Toefl score under 104 be evaluated in the whole applying package? Will the score of 102 be considered a material weakness? 2. Does Booth have a standard template for resume?
Donna: For those who have scores lower than 104 we will look for other evidence for English proficiency. We also require an interview for all of those we admit, therefore allowing us to waive the 104 requirement.
Donna: As for the resume we do not have a template. Instead we would like to see your professional resume.
Kris: I am impressed by the international opportunities that Booth offers. In particular the dual MBA / AM in Area Studies. However, I am most interested in the Africa region, which is currently not provided. Is there any flexibility in this regard? Is there a chance that the AFrica region will be added soon?
Bryce: I'm unaware that Africa will be added to the MA in area studies in the near future, but there are other options to gain experience and perspective in that area. You could utilize the flexibility of our electives to take courses at the University of Chicago that focus on that continent. Also, I'd get involved in some of our related student groups:
Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/cabg.aspx
Ajay: What are the opportunities available to students to pursue internships outside USA particularly in Southeast Asia region?
Joanna: Dear Ajay, Career Services and other Booth organizations do our best to source internship opportunities all over the world. Students who also have interest in interning in certain areas also work hard to make their own contacts as well with support from Booth.
Ranjani: I intend to apply to Booth for the Fall 2012 Class. My question is this - I am a working mom, with an active 3.5 yr old daughter. I would like to know what the Booth experience is likely to be for me, based on your experience - As compared to other students, How different willl it be for me to manage the classes, projects, clubs and my daughter (she is at an age where she needs a lot of my time and attention)?
Eddie: We have students who are parents at Booth and manage their lives very well including studies and recruiting. You can join one of our groups - the Partner's Group or Mothers at Booth. They both offer a lot of support for parents attending our program.
Daniel: Hello, This is Daniel from China and I am extremely interested in Booth's lab courses, espeically the PE/VC one, and I have two questions here: 1) is it an opportunity to work in actual business environement in addition to summer intern? and 2) are there still any projects about investment in China (coz I saw sample project does relate to China, it's exciting to be)
Joanna: Daniel, the PE/VC lab is an opportunity to work 15-20 hours a week interning with a PE or VC firm. We also have had other labs with with companies in China in the past, and my guess is we will see that again. But since these are real organizations that come to us in real time to work with our students, it is hard to predict in advance where Labs may take place! We do however offer several international exposure opportunities to explore. All the best!
van_hailen: Regarding scholarships, how does it work? or how are they granted? Do applicants have to wait for decision that they pass the program before they apply into scholarships?
Bryce: You're evaluated for scholarships and fellowships off of your original application. Also, we notify most recipients of merit-based awards during our admit calls.
Manu: I saw that around Booth school there are a lot of parkimeters. Is there any parking lot exclusive for students?
Amy: Manu, Chicago Booth students may apply for a parking permit to one of several lots available around campus. The parking rate is typically around $75 a month. For more information about parking permits, please visit http://safety-security.uchicago.edu/transportation/parking/rates.shtml. In addition, there are possible (but less available) free residential parking around campus.
CB_aspirant: How does the MBA experience at Booth help one in getting into the business world. I hope that Booth is not one of those schools who are just into placing people in top consulting & financial firms..(no sarcasm intended!) Bottom line is how much does Booth help a student in getting a rich experience
Joanne: Chicago Booth's experience is rich in and of itself. In addition to successfully placing students and graduates into meaningful and exciting internships and jobs, the two-year program offers many opportunities to expand your network through our 45,000-strong alumni network and improve your leadership and communication skills through classes and activities. The MBA is a versatile degree, but the Chicago Booth experience is one that is valuable both during the two years and beyond as an alumnus.
RTiezzi: Hi everyone. I have a question on letters of recommendation. I have already selected two of my bosses to write me the letters, but I also have some colleagues who are now taking the MBA at Booth and could also write some words about me. Should I ask them to do so? What would be the most appropriate way to send these extra letters to Admissions?
Joanna: RT, students and alumni can always submit informal recommendations via www.shapetheclass.com. Direct them to this site. Good luck.
AnkushM: Hello everybody, thanks for taking time to answer the questions. My question is realted to Career switch. How mny students in recent history were able to do a career switch . (if you keep such a statistics).
Joanna: Ankush, most Full-Time students are career switchers. You can view our employment report to see their success: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx
Moderator: The chat will end in 5 minutes. Feel free to submit any final questions.
Murtaza: I have been admitted to the Harris School of Public Policy Studies and would be joining the School this Fall. I am interested in applying for the joint program and as I understand I can pursue this by making an application to the Booth School for the intake of Fall 2012. I would really appreciate if you could provide me with clarifications on certain areas. As regards the Harris School I am very clear on their course/distribution/residency requirements.1. What are the core and distribution requirements in Booth School for completion of the MBA & MPP joint program.2. What are the number of Booth School courses i.e. courses offered by Booth School that i am required to complete? What is the residency requirement?
Donna: HI! Congrats on starting Harris this fall. Once you arrive on campus we will hold an information session at your school regarding the joint degree. You will also have the opportunity to come and meet personally with our staff to talk through your options. Please go ahead and contact admissions@chicagobooth.edu for specific questions.
Stefanie: Do admissions officers view applicants negatively if they choose to submit recommendations from previous employers/supervisiors and do not submit recommendations from their current supervisor/employer?
Eddie: You may want to explain this to us in the optional essay. Students have explained to us that they can't approach their current boss for an LOR for fear of losing their job, promotion or a bonus.
Priyanka: How favourably does the school look at applicants who are applying to do a second mba in booth
Bryce: We occasionally see applicants who already have an MBA degree. I think it really comes down to you articulating why you're pursuing an additional MBA and how that will help you reach you goals.
tk84: I'm just completing my Bachelor's degree, and have worked for the past year and a half for a major company, at a significant role. Prior to that, I served in the military as an officer for over 4 years. Does the fact that I'm a college senior damage my application in any way?
Joanne: We encourage students to apply when they are ready to apply! Four years in the military is significant work experience, and many of our applicants will choose to pursue their college degrees after their military service. It's not important that you are just finishing your college degree--the crucial piece is your background, your work experience to date and your reasons for pursuing the MBA at this point in your life.
Dave: Hello all! I have a question about the Yellow Ribbon program, a top-off to the GI Bill. By law it's first-come first-serve, and Booth allows 10 Yellow Ribbon applicants per year. Is the first-come first-serve based on time of submission, or are all Round 1 applicants treated equally? How many military members generally apply and are accepted each year?
Donna: Chicago Booth has changed to allow for unlimited yellow ribbons moving forward. Here is the link to the press release.
Donna: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/newsmedia/releases/2011-04-26-Military-Scholarships.aspx
MDF: In the employer section it asks applicants to state the 'Amount of last annual bonus.' I do not make an annual bonus, instead I accumulate bonuses and commission throughout the year based on the company's performance and what I sell. To formulate this total, would it be okay to add up all of my commissions & bonuses from the 12 months prior to submitting my application?
Donna: You can enter the yearly average for bonuses.
JorgeMonraz: Hello, I am an Mexican prospect student. I would like to know if you recommend me to visit Booth before I finish my application or to attend for the interview in case I am invited to one. I do not think I can afford two visits.
Joanne: You are welcome to visit anytime! We do not have requirements for visiting campus, so it's absolutely up to you when you want to come to see us. If you cannot make it to campus for your interview, it's not a problem; we'll arrange an alumni interview instead.
BoothQ: Good morning! Thanks for taking our questions. I noticed that the application asks for our starting and ending base/bonus compensation for our jobs. If our bonus is discretionary, how should we approach that question for a bonus that won't be paid until summer 2012?
Donna: I would not report any bonus you have not received. You can use your prior year's average.
CravingIB: Hello everyone! How many of your foreign students get employment in US?
Joanna: CravingIB, last year, 48% of international students accepted jobs in the US. 27% of all students also accepted jobs in countries they were not automatically authorized to work in. Hope this helps.
KPurohit: I have a keen interest in pursuing a concentration in Entrepreneurship because of my background and future career aspirations. I once worked for the family business and I plan on going back after I get my MBA. Does Booth offer any specific classes or learning opportunities for those who are interested in joining a family business? Thanks!
Eddie: This would be covered if you chose our entrepreneurship concentration. We have had students who return to a family business and need to gain specific skills to grow the business or they may have plans to take it over and into another direction. There are many options to explore at the Polsky Center which concentrates specifically on entrepreneurs.
JimmyFromCostaRica: What housing options do you offer for international students?
Amy: Hi JimmyFromCostaRica, most of our international students will actually seek their own apartments in the city. However, we do have graduate housing available to all of our MBA students. In addition, students can apply to live at the International House on campus. For more information about the I-House, please visit http://ihouse.uchicago.edu/residency/residency_apply.shtml.
Pimmba12: Acknowledging the advantages of Booth's flexible curriculum, are there resources besides class descriptions available to guide and help determine the most adventageous classes to take to fulfill one's individual objectives?
Bryce: I think a great starting point would be setting up sometime with our academic services team. They can certainly help you navigate though course selection. Another great resource will be 2nd year students.
masrod: Does Booth place emphasis on industry? I've heard that a lot of business schools are now trying to accept a more diverse class, veering from the previous investment banker/consultant model.
Joanne: Chicago Booth has always had an interest in enrolling an interesting and diverse class full of students who are coming from really unique backgrounds. That will be the same moving forward, giving all of our enrolled students an opportunity to meet and learn from as many students, whose backgrounds and ways of seeing the world vary from one student to the next, as possible.
AnkushM: One more question i have is, how much percentage of student admitted in Class of 2011 were of Non Finance back ground? Is there any extra help provided to students (refresher course) if student wants to switch to Finance ...
Donna: We offer pre-accounting and other summer work you can do to freshen up on topics.
Donna: Close to 70% of our students come from a non-finance industry.
Moderator: Thank you for participating in our chat! The chat has now ended. You can read a transcript of this chat within 48 hours at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/archive.aspx
Bryce: Great questions today everyone! I hope you found the session beneficial. Have a great rest of the week!
Joanne: Thank you all for participating today! Looking forward to seeing you on campus or on my travels this fall.
Amy: Thanks for your questions today! Best of luck to you all!
Joanna: Thanks for joining us and hope to see you at one of our Information Sessions in your city!
Eddie: Thanks everyone. These were some great questions. I hope to see you here on campus or on the road!
Donna: Best of luck!