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Curious about applying to Chicago Booth? Chat with admissions staff concerning the application, essays, transcripts, test scores and more.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 - 11:00 am CST

ritachen: Welcome to the chat. The chat will begin in 10 minutes. Feel free to start submitting your questions.
ritachen: Welcome to the chat. The chat will begin in 5 minutes. Feel free to start submitting your questions.
Moderator: Thank you for joining our live chat! The chat has now begun. Please feel free to submit questions anytime by entering them below.
Donna: hi everyone!
Joanne: Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us on today's chat. I'm Joanne Legler, Associate Director of Admissions at Chicsgo Booth. Looking forward to answering your questions today!
Carrie: Welcome to the chat! My name is Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to answering your questions.
Bryce: Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us today.
Joanna: Thanks for joining us. Looking forward to chatting with you today!
mmandal: the time for work ex is calculated till the date of application or is it calculated till the date of joining the prog?
Donna: We ask for the months of work experience as of the first day of classes, not the time of app.
DSlenk: Hi, I'm traveling in South America and am just wondering what affect that might have on an application process - being unable to show for an in-person interview, perhaps going several days at a time without internet access, etc. Would that be a big hinderance to a successful application?
Joanna: Hello DS, Truthfully you will want to check your email as often as you can to see if you have been invited to interview and also to schedule you interview should you receive an invitation. In addition, you can conduct your interview with an alumni in the city you are located in so that is not an issue if you cannot make it to campus.
Jeff: What is the most important characteristic does Booth require for prospective students?
Carrie: Hi Jeff. We use a holistic evaluation process, so there is no one characteristic that is more important than another. Above all, we are looking for people who will be a good fit with Chicago Booth's distinctive culture and community.
Peter_China: What kind of background best fits Booth, and what is the most popular field recruitting Booth graduates?
Joanne: One of the wonderful things about Chicago Booth is the diversity of our student body. There is no one background that fits best with Booth. We seek to enroll a class of students each year that is full of people who are interesting in what they bring to the community. Our students are former professional athletes, bankers, consultants, professional musicians--you name it! Post MBA, Chicago Booth students enter the fields of finance and consulting in the greatest numbers.
TofunmiO: I just wonder about students in the GSAL Program. Are their credits transferrable?
Donna: You may petition to have up to three classes to transfer towards the MBA.
TofunmiO: Also, is January admission an option?
Bryce: The full-time MBA program actually only admits a class once a year in the fall quarter.
Mike: I'm interested in a career in financial risk management and was wondering if it's possible for Booth students to enroll in matmatical finance classes offered by the department of mathematics?
Carrie: Hi Mike. One of the great things about Booth's flexible curriculum is that every student has the option to take up to six electives within the larger university community, which means that you would be able to take classes within the Mathematics department.
Devika: Hi my name is Ankush from India; I am planning to apply for MBA this year. I have few queries:-1. Which is best time to apply round 1 or round 2?2. I don't have extracurricular due to bad financial conditions, will it affect my application. I have done best in my academics and I am hoping for 710+ in GMAT. I have 2 years working experience (still working)3. Please guide me what should I do to make my application outstanding.
Donna: I cannot advise on how to make your application outstanding. Most successful applicants are usually clear on their goals, who they are and know their story.
Moderator: Thank you for your questions! Please remember to refrain from including personal information and/or specifics about test scores in a public space. Thank you.
kp: HI...How imp is Gmat score....also my transcripts are not in GPA...i hve a 3 yr degree.Do I hve to convert my % into GPA?
Bryce: It's definitely an important component of the application, but we weight all components equally. Also, we read a range of transcripts from all over the world with different scales.
Vikas: Hi my name is Vikas and I am interested in applying to Chicago Booth for the 2011-2012 application round. Thank you for offering this live chat for prospective students. When will the online application become available and when do you expect the updated list of essay questions to be posted on the Chicago Booth website? Thanks!
Carrie: Hi Vikas. We are in the process of finalizing our application right now, and it will be available in early August. However, we will be releasing our decision dates and essay questions by mid-July.
brent: i have low cgpa in my undergrad...how can i compensate for that
Bryce: We evaluate applications holistically. I would focus your time on the other components of the application to make your overall profile more competitive.
Aim4booth: Everybody says that booth is known for finance. But how strong is it from the perspective of strategy and general management careers ?
Joanna: Dear Aim, Yes, Booth is known to be strong in finance, however, as a program focusing on understanding the fundamentals of business, we also place high emphasis on economics, statistics, and the behavioral sciences. As someone interested in a career in GM or strategy, you will want to take advantage of coursework and opportunities across all of these areas in order to be able to have a broad based view. You will take classes that prepare you across different functional areas in addition to broad strategy classes. We also offer excellent fundamentals courses including Marketing Strategy, Operations Strategy, Corporate Finance and Competitive Strategy. Your options are quite endless. You should also check out our employment report to see where our students go and what they do after graduation: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx
G-400480675: Are MBA students able to work as graduate assistants at the business school ????????????
Joanne: Yes...in the second year, many of our students are able to work in leadership positions at Chicago Booth, such as LEAD facilitator, Career Advisor, Admissions Fellow or TA for a professor.
spi3: Is 720 a good score for a candidate apping for 2014 considering the avg scores seem to be increasing in the last years
Joanne: We admit people with a wide range of GMAT scores. Keep in mind our median GMAT is 720 so half of the class has a GMAT which is higher and half has a GMAt score which is lower.
pawas: Can a student register for joint Degree program at Chicago Booth ?
Bryce: Yes, we offer joint degree programs at Chicago Booth. Here is a link that runs through some of the details:
Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/index.aspx
Jyotsana: Hi A Very Good Morning, my question to admission staff is What should we do in coming 6 months i.e. how to strategise to make our application competent ?
Joanne: Good morning! Our staff just wrote a terrific article on this very topic for our latest Admissions Insider; check it out at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/boothconnect/fulltime/SummerPrepTips.aspx.
Pulkit: When is the best time for overseas students to apply. I am Chicago Booth aspirant from India with a GMAT score of 650. I would be writing the GMAT in August this year again. Would it be better to apply with a score of 650 before August?
Donna: Our application deadline will be in October so your application will not be evaluated until that time.
nickfromnewyork: Hello and good morning! I was curious as to how quick the turn around in applications tends to be on average. For example, if I submit my application very early in August will I hear back quicker than most round 1 applicants or are all round 1 applicants considered simultaneously?
Carrie: Hi Nick. We process all applications after the application deadline, so it doesn't matter to us if you submit it in August or at 4:59pm on the deadline day. Take the time you need to submit the best application possible!
zachary_harrison: When will Booth release its Fall application essay questions and submission deadlines?
Donna: We hope to do this Mid-July.
kp: I am not from the traditional industry.I am workin in airline industry started as a cabin crew and graduated into a pilot do u think my profile stands a chance amongst all d wizkids from finance or engineering?
Joanne: While we cannot comment on anyone's chances of being admitted to Chicago Booth, we welcome the application of anyone with a college degree and a GMAT score. Chicago Booth students come from a wide variety of industries pre-MBA, and that diversity adds dimension and texture to each class that enrolls.
Justin: Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. When do classes resume at Booth, and when would be the best time for us to visit the school?
Joanne: Hi Justin! Classes resume on September 22nd, and our full Daily Campus Visit Program will start back up on Monday, October 4th. If you want to interact with our students, it is best to wait until then to visit, but the Office of Admissions is open each day in the summer for an information session and tour.
Amal: Hi. Thanks for the opportunity interact with you all. I am keen understand if international work experience (work ex outside of my home country) is a requirement for admission to the MBA program. Request advice.
Carrie: Hi Amal. There are no requirements regarding the location of your work experience. When evaluating your work experience, we look at the quality of your performance.
Viv: How much weightage is given to GMAT score in terms of overall application? From your past experiences, what has been the average GMAT score of qualifying students?
Donna: We look at the whole application not just individual sections. Our average GMAT is close to 720 this year and our 80th percentile ranges from 660 to 760.
mmandal: I am a recent graduate...should i apply this year to chicago booth or should i gain some more work ex?i want to work as a strategy consultant in future...
Joanne: We encourage you to apply when you feel the time is right and when you feel your application is the best representation of your strengths and abilities. For some, that's a year or two out of undergrad, while for others, it's with several years of professional work experience. The choice is yours!
Aim4booth: Climate Change and Sustainability is a hot topic and will be a major factor in carrying out successful business in future. How sensitive is booth towards this sector and do students coming from such backgrounds preferred?
Carrie: Sustainability is definitely a growing interest at Booth, which is reflected in our student population and the larger university. From the Energy Group (boothenergy.org) to University's commitment to sustainability (sustainability.uchicago.edu).
RoLoBu: Regarding transcripts, should I translate my transcript from spanish to english or is spanish ok? Furthermore, would you be needing a brief explanation of each course taken in college?
Carrie: Hi RoLoBu. We do need certified translated transcripts, and can work with individual applicants if there are any concerns/issues. We do not need descriptions of each course unless you feel there is a course with which we would not be familiar and/or understand.
G-400454848: Good Morning. I wish to pursue a concentration in Entrepeneurship. How are students at Booth able to gain exposure/experience to the industry in which they have ideas for their start-up before launching? How does the Polsky Center foster an environment for the candidate to understand their industry inside and out while building upon their ideas?
Bryce: Thanks for the question. A few great ways to gain exposure is that space are utilizing our lab courses and also participating in the New Venture Challenge. Lab courses are ones in which you have the opportunity to work on company sponsored projects, while NVC is one of our business plan competitions.
spi3: How does the school look at an applicant who already has an MBA outside USA and is applying again for an MBA
Joanna: Dear Spi, It depends! It will be important for you to be able to illustrate why an additional MBA is important to you and why it makes sense.
wmorgan: Is there a best Round for early-applicants (with technically 2 years of full time work experience) to apply?
Donna: No, we do not have a best round for anyone. We do advise students who will need a student visa to apply in r1 or r2.
Jeff: What is the mim GPA ?
Bryce: We actually don't have minimum GPA requirements, but our average is typically around a 3.5
nickfromnewyork: And also will Booth be holding any events in NYC either this summer or early fall? :)
Joanna: Hello Nick From New York - yes, we will be in New York in September and November for Information Sessions. You can check these pages for full updates soon: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/northamerica.aspx
Peter_China: Is international experience a necessary part of application, how do you describe international experience, does the short experience such as less than a month working oversea or personal trip to another countries count?
Joanne: International experience is not required to apply to Chicago Booth. Since we do not require it, we don't have a strict definition for it, but we are always pleased to see when students have worked or traveled outside of their home countries and experienced other cultures and cities.
G-400484913: In evaluating work experience during the admission process, is pre-undergrad work considered as well? In short I have two years of restaurant management experience prior to returning for my undergrad and 3 years now post-undergrad in corporate finance and wondering how the experience will be evaluated
Donna: We evaluate your application in its entirety. We will review all of your information on your resume. In the work experience section we ask for only work post undergrad.
spi3: Do you a significant impact in recruitment in the Investment banking space post 2008. Would like to have your views on this
Joanna: Dear Spi, As all schools and our entire global economy experienced a challenging 2008, our students actually fared quite well thanks to our unique Employer Development team with our Career Services department developing and maintaining relationships with employers all over the world. You can see a historical view of how our graduates did here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx
Asha: I'm Asha, from Bangalore, India. I intend ton study MBA or MS in Marketing. Can you please guide me for the same?
Joanne: Hi Asha, unfortunately, our expertise here is only with the MBA program, so we can't advise you about what degree is best for your and your career goals. I encourage you to research both types of degrees and once you decide, I encourage you to find out more about our wonderful Marketing Program here at Chicago Booth. Our data-driven approach, coupled with Fellowship and mentorship resources through the Kilts Center for Marketing, truly make this program stand out at Booth.
Lindsey: when is the best time to visit campus if I'm looking at applying this fall/winter?
Joanna: Hi Lindsey, we welcome you all year! However, there are times you might find it more advantageous. For example, summer visits are on an abbreviated schedule since our students are off for their internships. By mid September, we additionally offer class visits, lunch with students etc. So, check our visit pages for more info: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/
G-400480911: When do the applications come out?
Carrie: Our online application will be available in early August, and we will be posting our deadlines and essay questions in mid-July. Stay tuned for more information!
Moderator: Thank you for participating in our chat! Keep the questions coming!
Steve: How does Booth intend to address the issue from recent articles critiquing business schools' curriculums and schedules on the lack of time afforded to students to reflect on complex issues to gain valuable knowledge based skill and enhance their problem solving ability? Recent graduates suggest too much emphasis has been placed on networking or socializing rather than rigorous study.
Joanna: Dear Steve, Yes, many schools have been criticized as such. However, Booth has a long standing history to be known for its intellectual rigor, spirit of debate and a routine of questioning that helps our students learn to solve complex business questions, build confidence in fulling understanding the fundamental pillars of business. BUT it is important to note that in order to be a transformational experience,, your MBA should also place importance on incorporating others viewpoints and building lasting relationships - all of which can be helped by a rich community and social life, which we are proud to be able to say is strong here at Booth! We encourage you to visit, chat with our alums and students and experience this for yourself! We welcome to host you on campus.
G-400480911: If I just fraduated from college how can I make my apllication stand out since I do not really have work experience
Joanne: We encourage you to apply at the time you're ready to do so; however, we do value work experience, so we'll look closely at any part-time or internship experience you have to evaluate that component of your application. For any Early Career (less than 3 years of work experience) candidates, we also look to your undergraduate leadership experience, and will look closely at your other components, such as letters of recommendation.
G-400460980: Does Booth have age limit for int'l MBA?
Bryce: No, we don't have an age limit for our International MBA.
G-400480911: What is student life at Booth
Bryce: The overall student life experience and community at Booth is very active. Some great places to start might be a Random Walk or joining one of our over 70 student groups. Here is a link for a bit more detail:
Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/index.aspx
Karan: I wanted to ask how important is the work experience factor? I am applying for 2012 fall by then I WOULD ONLY HAVE 3.5 YEARS OF WORK EX .
Joanne: Hi Karan. Work experience is important; we believe that the best MBA students are those that can fully participate and add to class discussions and draw on their own experience to do so. However, it's up to you to decide when the time is right to apply. We don't have a minimum of work experience required, so if you feel the time is right to apply after 3.5 years, you're welcome to do so.
teja: Thanks for providing this opportunity to ask questions regarding the application process to Booth. My question is about applicants who are interested in nonprofit management and working in the social sector. What percentage of Booth students move into this sector and what kinds of opportunities are available as a Booth student in the nonprofit/social sector?
Carrie: Hi Teja. In our most recent Employment Report (2010), 2.3% of graduating students found employment in the social sector, and 4.4% of first year students found internships with the social sector. This is definitely a growing interest for our students, and there are many opportunities at Booth for those interested in social enterprise, entrepreneurship and non-profit work. From a student side, there are many different student groups, such as Net Impact, Giving Something Back, and Chicago Global Citizens, among others (read more about them here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx). We also offer a Social Entrepreneurship lab, as well as the Social New Venture Challenge (http://research.chicagobooth.edu/nvc/resources.aspx).
JD: Thank you for hosting this chat- How involved are current students involved in the admissions process- what roles do they play?
Carrie: Hi JD. Current students are an integral part of the admissions process. We hire and train second year student leaders to work with us as Admissions Fellows. They act as general ambassadors, as well as read applications and interview candidates.
Jeff: Hi everyone. Can i ask you a question? What kind of student do you think is the best fit for Booth?
Donna: To re-iterate Joanne's answer above - One of the wonderful things about Chicago Booth is the diversity of our student body. There is no one background that fits best with Booth. We seek to enroll a class of students each year that is full of people who are interesting in what they bring to the community. Our students are former professional athletes, bankers, consultants, professional musicians--you name it! Post MBA, Chicago Booth students enter the fields of finance and consulting in the greatest numbers.
MCK: what sort of math preparation do you recommend to do well at Booth?
Joanna: Dear MCK, that's a tough one. It really depends on your background, your skill levels now and your career path. Don't forget we do offer a flexible curriculum where you can choose your core courses. That being said, some students elect to take refresher courses the summer prior to starting. In the end, it's really a personal decision.
JD: Most programs offer a cohort system that provides a unique bond for students. With Booth's flexibile curriculum, it is difficult to provide this for students. How is Booth addressing this need for students (if any)?
Joanne: Hi JD. During Orientation, the LEAD program offers incoming students the chance to be part of a 60-person cohort and an 8-10 person squad; it's here that students are able to bond with their incoming classmates. That cohort pride continues into the school year with friendly competitions, such as the Golden Gargoyles film competition. In addition, many students will choose to go on a Random Walks trip prior to Orientation; these trips are for first years, but led by second years, which gives students a chance to connect in a completely casual setting. During the year, the Harper Center really is conducive to allowing students to connect outside of class, with our open spaces for socializing and meeting up. Finally, the over 80 student groups that Chicago Booth offers gives each student the chance to work, play and connect with students in both classes. Chicago Booth has a strong, vibrant community and we seek students who are excited to become a part of that!
Avi: I have working for a while and not so much in touch with college quant courses. I am thinking of taking up quant courses in Local Community college before applying. First Q - Will the admission committee see any value in such endeavour? Secondly, what courses do you think I should take?
Carrie: Hi Avi. This is a great question, and the answer is that it is entirely up to you! We generally advise people to take those classes if they feel it would be beneficial to them in the MBA program. From an admissions perspective - it can be helpful if you do not have a quantitative background or did not do well in quantitative classes in previous educational settings.
Fred: Generally, from what I have heard there is never a wrong time to apply (as far as age of the applicant goes). If an applicant of say 31 years old served a 2 year service mission, thus delaying graduation, would that fact that he served the 2 year mission be looked at more favorably than someone who was 31 and didnt serve a mission (i.e., possibly be compared to applicants who are 29 years old)?
Bryce: I wouldn't say that a 2-year service mission alone would give that applicant an advantage because we evaluate the entire application holistically. It really comes down to reflecting back on your overall life experience and career to date, and asking yourself if now is the best time to pursue an MBA.
Justin_1: How does Booth value an entrepreneurial background. I started my own business and sold it at the begginning of the year. How would i be able to substantiate what I accomplished?
Donna: We like people with all different backgrounds and interests. There are always opportunities talk about how experiences shape you and what you have learned.
SGGal: Hello, all! Can you speak a little more about how the ad-com looks at letters of recommendation, particularly with regard to how much time has passed since an applicant has worked with a potential recommendation-writer?
Donna: We do want one of the letters of recommendation to be from a professional supervisor. We know it is not always possible to ask your current supervisor so a previous supervisor is ok. The other recommendation can be someone with whom who you work, volunteer, participate on a team, etc.
G-400495112: What is the most important part of the applicant profile?
Donna: We do not feel anyone section is more important than any other. We really do review the whole application. We cannot pick one part out and make a decision since you are whole person. Not just your scores, education or goals.
robw: Hi everyone - thank you for hosting this chat! I am planning on applying round 1 and would like to visit Booth before I do so. Is the summer a good time to visit or should I wait until the school year begins (say September)? Thanks!
Joanne: It really depends on whether or not you're hoping to interact with students during your visit. While we do offer a daily information session and tour each day in the summer, our students are not here. However, they are a big part of our Daily Campus Visit (starting on Monday, October 4th) during the school year (we don't start classes until Sept. 22nd, so summer extends until then for us!). If you are interested in meeting with students, I'd encourage you to keep an eye on our website and if possible, attend one of our Summer Student-Hosted events. These are casual gatherings hosted by our students, and can compliment a summer visit to campus. We'll update our website soon with these cities and dates.
G-400496147: Hello everyone, I am considering to apply for Round 1 2011 but I'm not sure the official transcripts of my GMAT would be ready by then. Do you accept unofficial transcripts (given at the end of the test) first?
Donna: We only require official transcripts after we admit an applicant. We do not want or review official transcripts from applicants since the unofficial needs to be uploaded when someone applies. We will not review an application without a GMAT score.
JDL: Hello, thanks for hosting the chat! I was curious if you could speak to the grade non-disclosure policy - specifically, why Booth chooses to keep grades private.
Bryce: It's actually a student policy, which allows them the flexibility to push themselves and take courses out of their comfort zone. It also lessons competitiveness among the student body, so you can focus on your own class success.
Saiveer: What are some of the key / main distinctive factors of a Chicago Booth mba that define its culture and sets it apart from other leading business schools
Joanna: Dear Saiveer, Chicago Booth is known for its fundamentals approach to business and its flexible curriculum, as well as world class support offered to its students. We place an emphasis on analyzing problems, generating key insights and implementing creative solutions. I suggest you come meet us on the road to hear for yourself in person. Soon, our events page will be updated and we hope you will join us at an event: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/
Stella: If you are accepted into the part time program, can you transfer to full time and vice versa?
Donna: We do not allow for transfers between programs.
JD: What changes can we expect for the essay questions? Will the infamous Question 3 remain?
Carrie: Hi JD. We are currently working on our essay questions right now and will publish them on our website in mid-July. While we have not finalized our questions, we do not anticipate changing the third essay question!
Tiffany: Hi - about what % of students stay in Chicago / the midwest after getting his/her MBA - vs the west coast?
Carrie: Hi Tiffany. Our alumni network is incredibly global, and our graduating class each year is also representative of this. In 2010, approximately 78% of our class were placed domestically, and 22% were placed internationally. Of those working in the US, 30% were placed in the Midwest, 28.5% in the Northeast, and 9.4% were placed in the West Coast. For more specific information, please look at our employment report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/location.aspx.
Alex_1: What is the percentage of applicants that will get an interview?
Donna: We average approximately 50% interview rate.
Abifafun: Hi I am interested in the finance concetration and want to know if opportunities for intership with the big 4 accounting firms are available through the Chicago booth MBA program.
Bryce: Yes, the career services team does a great job of exposing our students to large firms in that space, along with start-ups where you can utilize the same skill-set.
Harsha: is there a requirement that an applicant for a full-time MBA to have a minimum Work experience ?
Donna: We do not have any requirements for application other than an undergraduate degree and the GMAT.
Stella: How welcoming of an environment is booth for entrepreneurs?
Joanna: Stella, Thanks for your question. We are very welcoming and encouraging of our students with interest in entrepreneurship. Please take a look at our Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/
joshk: when do you anticipate the schedule of on campus information sessions and the essay prompts are going to be released?
Joanne: We currently have information on our daily information sessions and tours on our website; we are open each day through the summer (because of the quarter system, that takes us through the end of September). We will post our schedule for campus visits for the Fall Quarter sometime in August or early September.
G-400454848: Is it viewed more favorable by admissions if an applicant knows already how he or she intends to benefit from their education from Booth and how they will use it?
Donna: We do like our students to have a good understanding on why they want an MBA and how it will help them in their future.
Justin_1: Do students have the opportunity to continue working during the program or is it strongly recommended to solely focus on the course work at hand?
Joanna: Dear Justin, For the Full Time MBA program, students will tell you it is a full immersion experience and so working during the program would be extremely difficult. However for those who wish to keep their careers, many find the Evening and Weekend Program more of a fit.
Moderator: There are 15 minutes left in the chat. Please continue to submit your questions and we will answer as many as we can!
Karan: How would you describe the distinctive culture and community?
Joanne: Chicago Booth is certainly a distinctive community! While it's hard to capture in a short answer (and I think everyone has their own answer to this question), my opinion is that the culture community is tight-knit, collaborative, cooperative and team-oriented. Students here are seeking to be a part of the overall community, and make an impact while they are here, whether that's through student groups, conferences, in class or through the various leadership activities offered. You will be encouraged to question assumptions, challenge yourself and your classmates (and even your professors!) and take advantage of all the wonderful resources Booth has to offer. Students are encouraged to take an active role in this transformational experience, both in and out of the classroom.
Sagar: Do you have interviews held in Bangalore, India?
Bryce: If you're invited to interview during the application process, you can either come on campus or interview with an alum in your area. We've had students from Bangalore do both in the past.
Abifafun: for how long can an admission be defered?
Donna: We do not allow for deferrals. In extreme cases a person may petition the committee to request a deferral, usually for medical, military or family issues.
G-400460980: Do you have one year program?
Bryce: No, the full-time program is 2 years in length.
G-400454848: How managable is dual concentration within the same timeframe?
Joanne: Most students actually have 2 or 3 concentrations! Chicago Booth offers 14 concentrations, each of which requires 3-4 classes to obtain. The flexibility of our program allows students to make the choices that best fit their goals.
JLJ: Hi, I was wondering if you look at younger applicants differently? I'll have three years of work experience post-undergrad at the time of matriculation. I know this is about your average, but was wondering what you look for in particular when there is less work experience. Is there anything else I should highlight to compensate for that?
Donna: Each year we have approximately 10 to 12% of the class with less than three years of work experience. We don't look at these applicants any differently but may look for leadership, experiences, etc in other sections of the application.
Nitant: I am currently into Marketing Research and looking for my majors in Marketing. Going through the concentrations, I was actually interested in Econometrics, Economics, Marketing Management & General Mgmt. Considering all of them will have seperate courses within each. So how many electives can we take at max? Or there is no such cap.
Joanna: Hi Nitant, great question. Keep in mind you may take courses that actually apply to more thank one concentration. Also, there is no cap on the number of electives one can take, however within a two year time frame, students find that 21 courses are adequate to achieving their goals.
Steve: Hello, thank you for taking the time to conduct this live discussion forum. Will Booth offer any flexability on admitting students to complete their MBA on a part-time basis while fully employeed?
Donna: Booth has both an Evening and Weekend MBA program. These programs allow for students to take classes while working.
Danny: Hi, Carrie, you mentioned Booth's distinctive culture and community in previous answers. Could you please specify what's Booth unique characters?
Carrie: Hi Danny - great question! While it's difficult to capture everything in a short answer, there are a few things that make Booth distinctly unique in the landscape of business schools. Given that our culture and curriculum are incredibly flexible, our students tend to be very curious, driven, focus and engaged. As a result, the community is active, involved, and people are not afraid to challenge themselves and each other. Additionally, we value diversity in experience, thought and opinion, which creates a class where everyone learns from each other. However, the best way to understand our culture and community is to experience it first-hand! We encourage you to visit campus, talk to our students, or attend our events across the world.
JimO: Are there any summer transation programs available for people hoping to be part of the Fall 2012 class
Joanne: Depedending on where you are in your career, you might consider the Summer Scholars Program; it's geared toward college students and recent college grads, and gives an opportunity to connect with others from around the world, and take classes from Chicago Booth faculty. You can learn more at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/summerscholars/index.aspx.
Praveen: Hi Folks, I dropped in a question before the chat. Not sure if it went in. How good are the chances of entering the oil and gas industry after an MBA in GM from booth?
Bryce: We've certainly had students pursue that area in the past. I would reference our Employment Report for specific placement in that space: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/corp/hire/employmentreports/
Toshi: Can you accept applicants who have the TOEFL score less than 104?
Donna: We can. Since we require an interview, we are able to admit those with lower Toefl scores.
Brad: What are the core required classes that are part of the full time MBA? What is the percentage of required classes to electives?
Joanna: Dear Brad, The program consists of 21 courses, 9 of which are core requirements. You can see how our curriculum works here:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/index.aspx
JDL: I have read many top schools are expecting fewer applications this season vs last - are you expecting the same?
Donna: Unfortunately, I do not know to answer this. I know that trends in GMAC data and other sources may indicate flat or decrease application numbers.
Sason: Hi, I am a reapplicant (last year had 3 yr work ex at joining) ... on the site it seems that criteria is diff for early career (with less than 3 yr ex) and other candidates ... how would my reapplicantion would be evaluated this time ...
Carrie: Hi Sason. When evaluating reapplicants, we are looking for the same qualities as first-time applicants, but also for a sense of what may have changed since your last application. In regards to work experience, we are assessing your performance, the opportunities you've taken advantage of, as well as leadership. For those with fewer years of work experience, we will look for leadership opportunities elsewhere in the application as well, understanding that professional leadership opportunities may be limited.
Syed_1: Given a student has no Accounting , Economics and Finance background and did not take any such lcourses in the undergrad - and then gets admitted into Booth - will they he/she have any cumbersome taks to catch up OR take additional classes before they can get an MBA focusing in Finance / Investmentr banking
Joanne: Students enter Chicago Booth with a variety of backgrounds in those fundamental topics. For those that are less confident of their skills, we do offer pre-MBA accounting and the Academic Services staff does offer a list of resources to incoming students to allow them to brush up on or get familiar with these areas; this is all optional. Because of Chicago Booth's flexible curriculum, you will always have the chance to take the classes that make the most sense for you based on your background and/or ability level.
G-400496147: Is the application process any different for the International MBA track?
Joanna: Great question, the process is exactly the same. Once a student is enrolled at Chicago Booth, they then begin to make the right steps in pursuing the IMBA degree. Learn more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/index.aspx
Lisa: Hello. Do you have a rough percentage of the companies that recruit on campus that are not either consulting or finance? Do a lot of students find that the career office provides enough resources for the full-time job search (outside of consulting/finance), or is it common for students to rely on outside resources as well?
Joanna: Lisa, our Career Services department supports students in all fields and industries. Our Employer Relations team works to build relationships across the globe and across all functions. But you can see some details here in our Employment Report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx
venkata: hi donna..do you have any cut off on GMAT scores?
Donna: We do not have a cut off score. The GMAT is only one part of the application and since we review them in their entirety we do not have minimums for anything.
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Toshi: Hello, I want to go to MBA which has strong in investment industry including hedge fund. And, Hedge Fund Group is interesting for me. Are there any requirements for join this club? In addition, I want to know other options to survey and join the hedge fund industry through Booth school.
Bryce: Yes, the Hedge Fund Group would be a great starting point to get the student-perspective in that space. Also, our student-led groups don't have specific requirements to join.
Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/hfg.aspx
Justin_1: Does Booth render an absolute decision for applicants in December or does it sometimes defer students to a wait list?
Donna: Round one applicants may be placed on a waitlist for review with round two. You may even continue on the waitlist through round three and the summer.
Naveen: Are there options to study abroad?
Carrie: Yes! We offer a wide array of study abroad opportunities through the International Business Exchange Program. http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/ibep/index.aspx
Danny_1: Are there any advantages in terms of entering school with a CFA Charter? Would this allow a student to pass out of some financial theory classes?
Joanna: Dear Danny, Having a CFA is not an advantage per se, but it does give us a broader picture of your academic and quantitative ability. And with our flexible curriculum, you will mostly choose core courses you feel are appropriate for you.
Devika: Thanks Donna. Also i will appreciate if you can advice me Booth is better for MBA in International business or Marketing
Donna: We have strengths in many different areas including International Business and Marketing. We have an International Masters of Business Administration (IMBA), a concentration in international business, opportunities to participate in international exchange programs, and interact with a student population which is 35% international. As for marketing, we have our Kilts Center of Marketing http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx, a marketing concentration and many alumni in key roles throughout the world.
G-400499283: What % of the class is married?
Donna: It averages 18%. If you look at those who bring significant others, this number increases to over 30%.
liucmjc: Is recommendation letter from a supervisor of volunteer program accepted? or two letters from professionals will be preferred? I took part in the volunteer program for 9 months.
Joanna: Dear Liu, We ask that applicants submit one letter from a current supervisor and the other is from whoever you choose. A letter from an outside of activity is acceptable.
neegej: Booth has a reputation for having a curriculum that is heavy in quantitative analysis. Does the school believe this and embrace it or would it like to be known as more than a quant heavy curriculum?
Joanne: People often confuse "quant-heavy" with "analytical." We believe that rather than a quant-heavy curriculum, Chicago Booth is really more analytical vs. quantitative. Our curriculum is flexible, so because students can choose their classes, each individual can decide which classes are best for them. But certainly, Chicago Booth does encourage a data-driven, analytical approach in all classes.
YMT: Would booth students expect any changes with the new dean joining the booth community?
Donna: We are all excited about our Dean, Sunil Kumar, who started in January. Dean Kumar does not plan on any overhauls of our programs. Instead he is interested in building the Booth brand.
Abe: How would I know whether I am a "good fit" for Booth . What exactly should I be checking in myself to know that ?
Carrie: Hi Abe. This is a great question, and one that is difficult for us to answer. I would encourage you to first understand what it is that you are seeking in an MBA program, school, and community. After that, you can help to find the program that most closely matches that. To help understand the community, I would recommend visiting campus, as well as talking with students and alumni.
JimO: I am interested in a career in private equity/venture capital what type of resources does Booth provide to make that a possibility?
Bryce: A great place to start would be joining the student-led group in that space, but also taking the PE/VC lab. That will give you real-world experience and also help you to start your network. Another area that will help broaden this area are our career treks.
Mike: Carrie, thank you for answering my question. As a follow up, what is the qualification process like for taking classes within other departments? Are there pre-approved classes for Booth students or would you need to prove comptetency in certain subjects before being allowed to enroll in a given class.
Carrie: Hi Mike. It is entirely dependent upon each student and the desired classes they wish to take. There are not pre-approved classes, but you can work with an academic advisor to determine which classes would be a good fit.
leechen: Does Booth offer any financial aids to perspective students? especially for married coupon and with children? Thanks
Bryce: Yes, we offer financial aid to our students. Here is a link to reference: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/financialaid.aspx
joshk: i learned quite a bit more about the program when I interviewed on campus last year and connected with students- is there a way to connect with current students with shared backgrounds or interests prior to applying?
Joanne: Yes, you can always connect with current students via our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx. This will take you to the list of student groups, and each group is headed up by 3-5 co-chairs, and you're welcome to contact them with questions you might have. This summer, many of them will be hosting small, casual gatherings around the world. We'll update our website soon with this information.
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Carrie: Great questions! Good luck in the process and we hope to see you at events over the next few months, both on campus as well as all over the world!
Donna: Thanks everyone!
Joanne: Thanks to everyone for participating in today's chat!
Bryce: Hope the chat today was helpful! Good luck with the application process and stay in touch.
Joanna: Thanks for joining us. We hope to see you on the road this summer and fall! Check out our travel schedule here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/
Joanna: All the best, Joanna