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Full-Time Admissions staff and current students will chat with prospective students about the Booth admissions process.

Thursday, January 27, 2011 - 11:00 AM CST

Moderator: Welcome to the chat. Please familiarize yourselves with our student chatters by taking a look at their bios at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/boothconnect/fulltime/GlobalOppsBios.aspx.
Char: Hello! I am one of the Career Coaches in Career Services here at Chicago Booth, and I look forward to "chatting" with you today. We're glad you signed on!
Jessica_O_: Welcome, everyone! I'm Jessica Oldford, Associate Director of International Programs. I'm looking forward to speaking to you about IBEP and the IMBA degree.
Bryce: Hello everyone! I'm Bryce from the Admissions team and look forward to answering any questions you have today.
Jessica_R_: Greetings from the Harper Center - I head up global corporate outreach on behalf of Career Services, with a team on the ground in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. I look forward to chatting!
Jessica_R_: Greetings from the Harper Center - I head up global corporate outreach on behalf of Career Services, with a team on the ground in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. I look forward to chatting!
Adnan: Hey, I am a second-year here at Booth. Looking forward to answering your questions.
Matt: Hi, I'm Matt a first year in the International MBA program. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the program and student life at Booth.
Parisien21__Guest_: what is the process to study abroad? Is there a language prerequisite? What happens if you do not get your primary destination?
Jessica_O_: Students must apply to participate in IBEP. There is a language pre-requisite for a few of our partner schools, but English is offered at the majority of our partner schools. Students typically apply for three, or more, which gives them more of an opportunity to study abroad.
Chao__Guest_: Hi, I heard there is some trips to other countries during the mba program. I wonder how frequency are these activities? Thanks!
Jessica_R_: Hi Chao - There are indeed trips during your program. Students take an active leadership role in developing "treks" - organized opportunities for students to visit cities and companies.For example, this year students have trekked to London to visit corporates and investment banks, Hong Kong to visit PE firms, and this spring, a group of students will travel throughout Latin America visiting infrastructure firms (investors, developers, etc). And even when you are in class in Chicago, our employer development
Jinny: Hi everyone. This is Jinny. I'm a second year International MBA major currently studying at LSE this quarter. Feel free to reach out to me about the iMBA major, any of the student groups I'm involved in, or about a career in development.
mbahopeful__Guest_: Hi, I'm just wondering how the waitlist process works, and how one could increase his/her chances of being admitted after being waitlisted?
Bryce: I think it's best to keep us updated on any changes in your overall profile, and that information will be added to your application. For example, a promotion, etc.
mattwoods__Guest_: How proficient should a student be in a foreign language, to participate in the International Business Exchange Program?
Jessica_O_: Good question, Matt: There are only a few schools that require a foreign language (mainly those in Latin America). Students are required to have an advanced level of Spanish/Portuguese to attend as they take Masters-level courses in that language. All the other partner schools offer coursework in English.
Parisien21__Guest_: Does the school have a process to help students land employment abroad? particularly with african private equity companies?
Char: We have many resources to help students land opportunities abroad. All the career education/training that we do helps students with the search itself, and we have a number of relationships abroad currently that we continue to expand. We're also currently exploring relationships with organizations that help those searching in Africa, and we are expanding our employer development efforts to include Africa so will be expanding our Booth relationships there.
Andrew_1__Guest_: Hello, would you describe the student life at Booth as competitive or collaborative?
Matt: It's very collaborative here. We're actually in the midst of recruiting now, and I've found that folks are really good about helping each other prepare for interviews, sharing information about companies, and generally being supportive.
Matt: In addition, academically, the no grade disclosure policy is really helpful. Nobody has to worry about getting the absolute highest grade for any one class, which really fosters a good classroom atmosphere too. Hope this helps!
Seth__Guest_: Hello, I was wondering to what extent are MBA students involved with the city of Chicago?
Adnan: Booth students have many opportunities to be involved with the city, from the obvious social/cultural events to student groups that perform community service or engage with local businesses and entrepreneurs.
Topher__Guest_: Are the study abroad opportunities limited to the ones listed through IBEP?
Jessica_O_: Hi Topher: Yes, students who participate in IBEP will study abroad at one of our partner schools. As we have 33 partner schools in 21 countries, there are a variety of options to meet your goals from a term abroad.
OA__Guest_: Hi there everyone. My question is about interviews - off campus vs. on campus. I'm doing a campus visit but no interviews were available at that date - so I arranged for an off campus interview. is it acceptable? should I change my interview and try to make it on campus?
Bryce: We view off-campus and on-campus interviews equally. If you can make it to campus, great, but that won't give you any advantage over applicants who interview off-campus. It really comes down to travel availability, timing, and scheduling. Hope this is helpful!
vbermudez1983__Guest_: I would like to know from current students what the Chicago Global Citizens group is exactly about. Thank you
Jinny: Hello. The Chicago Global Citizens group is a student run organization that is focused on providing MBA talent to serve global NGOs, nonprofits, etc. through consulting projects throughout the year. It is a globally-focused organization that wants to bring awareness about development issues in the emerging markets. We also have spring break treks to a developing country which are a mix of service, academics, and fun. If you'd like more information, please refer to http://www.chicagogc.org/. Cheers!
Ton__Guest_: Does the recruiting schedule for HK investment banking differ from the typical US-based schedule?
Char: Hi Ton! Investment banking recruiting for Hong Kong is similar to the regular recruiting cycle, and the recruiters in the Hong Kong offices often work through their US counterparts. Students explore in the fall and meet representatives from firms, and many will go on Hong Kong Bank Week (a student trek to various banks in Hong Kong) in mid-December, the same week as the individuals participating in New York Bank Week. Interviewing and offer decisions will then happen in mid-to-late January and early Febr
Topher__Guest_: Does one have to apply for the iMBA program?
Jessica_O_: Good question: Students who want to join the IMBA community declare the degree during autumn quarter of first year. While there's no application process, there is a declaration process.
OA__Guest_: This questions is about living solutions - are there any on-campus living solutions or only off-campus ones?
Matt: Hi. There is the International House, which is where some folks live (not all of them international, by the way). The great majority of folks live off campus though, with about 90% living around the center of the city and about 10% living in Hyde Park near campus.
Chao__Guest_: Hi, this is Frank from China. I am interested to know how Chicago's career services can help job-hunting in a foreign country, say, China?
Jessica_R_: Hi Frank - Career Services will support you both from the prep and career management side, as well as with identifying and connecting with opportunities in China. On campus, there is an active Chicago Asia Pacific student group with which we work closely. Our colleague Leslie Taylor is based in Hong Kong, and travels throughout the Asia Pacific region to cultivate our corporate relationships and make sure opportunities come back to the Booth community via job postings, on-campus activities, or perhaps a con
JKW__Guest_: Hello! Thanks for taking the time to chat about IMBA. To any of the current students: what was the biggest sacrifice you made in your curriculum by studying abroad for a term?
Jinny: Hello. I am currently studying abroad and I think the biggest sacrifice comes in terms of recruiting. Since I am pursuing a non- traditional career, I am not on campus and close to where I want to end up to network and make those connections in order to secure a full time position. But,I am able to network with people here at the LSE and there are great resources here and a great network of scholars and experts in the field. Additionally, I wasn't able to be an Admissions Fellow because I am gone during the
SalehA__Guest_: I am interested in a career in international finance focusing on Middle Eastern markets. Does the Office of Career Development cooperate with any firms based in the Middle East for recruiting?
Adnan: Career Services in conjunction with the student run career-focused groups (Investment Banking, Management Consulting, Middle East North Africa, etc.) work together to maintain relationships with many firms hiring interns and FT employees in the Middle East. In addition, Chicago Booth has a good alumni presence in the region. There are many ME focused firms that recruit on campus.
Parisien21__Guest_: How do you go about forming study groups at Booth given that few people know each other from the onset of the program? What part does LEAD play in helping form study teams? Would it be hard to find students seeking to be on the dean's list?
Adnan: Forming study groups is a fairly easy and fun process ... a great way to get to know your classmates and learn collaboratively. Initially students bond with each other during CORE (orientation) and with members of their cohort during LEAD. Once recruiting begins, it becomes easier to meet peers with similar interests and career aspirations.
Shanghaiedflip__Guest_: Hi I'm interested in the MBA/AM International Relations option at Booth. I was wondering if the IMBA can be pursued together with this track or if the timing or coursework makes it difficult to do so? Also, what kind of careers do IMBA students and/or students doing the MBA/AM International Relations end up pursuing after grad?
Jessica_O_: Unfortunately it's not possible to pursue the IMBA degree as a joint-degree student. As you've mentioned, the coursework for the IMBA prevents dual enrollment into another program (joint-degree). There's no one field that all IMBA graduates go into. IMBA grads go into a number of fields: finance, consulting, marketing, etc. You can read the bios, which shows industry/current jobs of the current IMBA students at: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/imba/meet2ndyears.aspx
Jman__Guest_: How much weightage is the GMAT score given at the time of awarding scholarships ?
Bryce: Just like the overall application, we review possible scholarship opportunities in a holistic manner as well. We don't weigh one component over another; it really comes down to the competitiveness of the entire application.
Jerome__Guest_: Pluses / minuses of iMBA vs. regular MBA?
Matt: I think the IMBA is a real differentiator. If you really want to have an international career, it both gives you good classes in that direction and strongly signals to company recruiters that you are serious about taking your career in that kind of direction. I'd say the minuses are that it does constrict your range of motion with regards to the concentrations you can take. Since it has several additional class requirements, it can make it hard to get as many concentrations as folks who are not doing the pr
Seth_1__Guest_: How competitive is the process to study abroad? What are you "giving up" by going abroad? Do you miss recruiting months where you give up the chance to interview for summer internships or full time jobs?
Jinny: Hello! The process for study abroad is always fairly competitive, especially for the highly impacted schools such as LBS, LSE, and IESE. But, the competitiveness of each school varies each year. I don't know the exact numbers, but I know that definitely not everyone who applied was offered a study abroad spot. In terms of what you are giving up, yes, if you are doing a non-traditional career path or if you don't have a full-time position set yet, then yes, you will be giving up on recruiting while you study
Parisien21__Guest_: What level of support can I expect to lead a career trek in areas of the world not heavily covered by career services? Would I need to have a certain number of students volunteering to participate before the school can help out?
Jessica_R_: Our student treks are truly student-initiated, Booth supported, making them excellent leadership opportunities for students interested in a particular geography or industry. If you have an idea for a additional outreach, we'll sit down with you and chat about how we can best work together to make that happen. Sometimes it is via a trek if there are a group of students interested in exploring one topic/geography. Other times it may be a more individual visit to a city for a few days of informational intervie
Nupur__Guest_: When do most students participate in the IBEP? When would you recommend participating in one such that it doesn't affect recruiting efforts..
Matt: Hi. Most students do their term abroad in the winter of their second year. I think that's a good idea because it gives you the whole first year in Chicago to concentrate on meeting people. Plus the first year is a lot of work, especially with recruiting. That said, some people do go abroad their first year spring, which may be best if the partner school does not have an academic schedule that overlaps well with our quarter schedule in the winter.
Matt: Another reason to recommend going abroad in the winter of second year is that you get to be away when the weather isn't as nice here -- better to be in Chicago in the spring when the weather is great!
matt_b__Guest_: Hi! I was wondering apart from IMBA and IBEP, what opportunities are there for Booth students to get some exposure to international business issues?
Adnan: Between the various career-focused and social student groups, and the courses offered each quarter, there are many opportunities to be exposed to international business issues. In addition, there are a multitude of guest speakers and professional opportunities from all over the world.
Seth_1__Guest_: Do the abroad semesters coincide with the same schedule at Booth? Or is the timing different based on the study abroad university?
Matt: Hi Seth,
Matt: It depends on the university. Since we are on the quarter system some of the partner schools' schedules may differ based on their academic calendar or even on the year (for example in some countries when Easter falls determines their quarters). So it's good to plan ahead by talking with the study abroad program directors to make sure there will be overlap.
Matt: Most students go abroad in their second winter, but if those quarters don't overlap sometimes if they have a particular school in mind they might need to go abroad in the spring quarter of their first year.
valleyboy__Guest_: For budding entrepreneurs what kind of help does the career services provide ?
Char: We work closely with the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship to support students in a variety of career pursuits. If students are considering another path as well, a Career Coach can help explore both options and help with the decision to move forward with entrepreneurship or another route (often times working at a start-up). We work with the Polsky Center to provide a Mentoring Program that matches budding entrepreneurs with experienced entrepreneurs. We also have several programs to help students tell t
G-223512676__Guest_: Good Morning everyone. Is the IBEP program very competative or do most people get to take part in one of their top choices?
Jessica_O_: Hello: IBEP is a competitive process. As such, we encourage students to list many school choices which, ultimately, gives them more opportunity to study abroad. We typically get 125+ applications and place 75 students.
Nupur__Guest_: How do students source international internship opportunities?
Jessica_R_: There are a number of tactics through which to source opportunities, and since there are so many opportunities/company/contacts out there, we will first work with you to hone in on what your unique target is, whether it be functional, industry, or geography, and develop those critical target lists (our Career Resource Center hosts some excellent programs on research and target lists). From there we get into the tactics of uncovering your network and your opportunities. We make our company contacts visible t
RPP__Guest_: Jinny, I am interested in a career in development and was wondering what types of resources Booth offers in terms of career - did you get your internship through Career Services?
Jinny: Hello. I did not get my internship through Career Services, but I utilized the great network of students and alumni to find my internship at Grameen. There currently are no dedicated resources and events through Career Services, but the student groups are also a great resource- they put on nonprofit and development career panels, and have a great network of speakers from various development organizations.
Parisien21__Guest_: Jessica, is there a language requirements for the schools in China?
Jessica_O_: Our partner schools in Hong Kong (Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) have many courses in English. Our partner school in mainland China tends to have limited coursework in English.
Parisien21__Guest_: How can I work with career services to insure that I can land a job with an emerging market private equity company?
Jessica_R_: We'll first ask you - and help you - to develop your target list of firms doing the investing that you seek. There are many, many PE firms doing work in emerging markets, and you may want to leverage your past geographic or industry experience to then hone in on those firms that would truly be a fit. One of our alumni from the Class of 2010 did just that - he targeted firms that were investing in Brazil, his home country, networked and developed the relationships...and when the job came open, the firm came
Young__Guest_: Do IMBA students feel that their networking opportunities with other MBA students are limited relative to their non-iMBA peers because of their different course requirements?
Matt: Not at all. The great bulk of my friends are not doing the IMBA, and there are no social differences at all. The IMBA has the same requirements as the regular MBA, with a few classes added on top of that. Those classes are not only for IMBA students and the majority of people in any of those classes will be MBA folks. So don't worry at all that you would be socially isolated by doing the IMBA, that's not the case at all.
G-223512676__Guest_: For those of you that took part in the IBEP program, though I'm sure what is gained more than compensates for what you miss, what were the downsides of not being at Booth for the one quarter that you were in the program?
Jinny: Well I am currently in London right now, so my answer may be different the longer I am here, but you miss out on recruiting opportunities and of course on the community. I miss the Booth community and my great friends. Also, I miss the teaching style at Booth. A social sciences masters program in Europe is taught quite a bit differently than in the business school environment.
Didier__Guest_: Is there a way to connect with current students during a visit to Chicago?
Bryce: Absolutely! I recommend signing up for our Daily Campus Visit Program. During the day, you'll have a chance to visit a class, meet with someone from the admissions team, have lunch with current students, and also get a building tour. Here's a link to sign-up:
Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx
tkotee__Guest_: Matt, why is it that most students live off campus?
Matt: The great bulk of students live off campus I think because they've been out of college for a while, and I think most folks just don't want to go back to the student housing lifestyle. That being said, I do know people who have lived in the International House and liked it.
Matt: Of the majority who live off campus, most live downtown or around the center of the city. I think that's because there are a lot more cultural and nightlife activities there. I actually live in Hyde Park, and I'd say about 10% of the class does. It has its own advantages because it's cheaper and really easy to get to school. Plus going to and from downtown is incredibly easy because the train runs all the time and is very cheap.
wlm__Guest_: Hi this is Whitney. Jinny, could you speak aobut the goals/activities/etc of the Women in Business group?
Jinny: Hi Whitney. I'd love to. The Women in Business group really is a group designed to bring the women at Booth together through a combination of professional, social, and academic activities such as conferences, networking opportunities, and holiday parties. We have a Fall Conference we put on every year that has various panelists and speakers from a variety of industries speaking about a variety of topics. We also put on golf lessons, lunch and learns on self defense, a spring dinner, a charity event, you nam
Wildcats__Guest_: How was the internship recruiting for students wanting to pursue a career in S&T at BB banks?
Jessica_R_: In the last few years, the numbers of S&T roles has gone down due to the overall market; I think that has been the case across the S&T function, so not just at Booth. We are currently right in the middle of interviews for the bulge bracket banks here in our Harper Center, so while it's too soon to tell for this year, students who are committed and pursue those roles do land them. Take a look at our Employment Report website online - that will give you a great snapshot.
Didier__Guest_: Hello - is it possible to do an IMBA and still have two concentrations such as Finance and Strategic Management?
Matt: Definitely, I'm hoping to do three concentrations while doing the IMBA. Remember that your required IMBA courses can also count toward concentrations at the same time.
Seth__Guest_: My question is about career changers and their chances at internship recruiting. Do people without experience in the field they are seeking a new career find they face an insurmountable disadvantage? I imagine this varies by industry? In what ways can they leverage the Booth network prior to arriving on campus?
Adnan: While it is obviously a little tougher to switch careers, there are many resources and opportunities here at Booth to help. Based on my experience, many people switch careers. The most important factors are crafting a career vision which incorporates your previous work experiences and leveraging the resources in academic and career services to signal that(concentrations, meeting recruiters, etc.). At the end of the day, firms are looking for individuals who are passionate about what they are offering, and
tarik_1__Guest_: how strong is the Booth brand in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe?
Adnan: Based on my experiences in the Middle East this past summer, the Booth brand is strong because of our alumni and how well prepared Booth graduates are (i.e., and getter stronger). More importantly, strengthening our brand internationally is a focus of the administration and the school going forward.
Topher__Guest_: When do admitted students find out about financial aid?
Bryce: It really depends on the type of loan and also whether or not you're an international student. I would check the admitted student website, but here's another link that might be helpful to reference: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/financialaid.aspx
RokYoung__Guest_: Is there any disadvantages of studying outside of US, if someone wants to come back to work in the US
Char: Hi Rok! I'm assuming you're referring to studying abroad for one quarter during your time at Booth. There are many things to gain from studying abroad if a student chooses to do so. The experience can certainly contribute to his or her story about working in the U.S. if it's related to his or her long term plans (i.e. if someone is interested in a firm with global opportunities, it helps make the case of one having a global perspective). The one challenge is that it can be a bit tougher to do a U.S.-base
G-223516973__Guest_: How competitative Chicago IMBA program among admitted students?
Jessica_O_: Once admitted, all Chicago Booth students can declare the IMBA degree. As such, there's no separate application process as it's open to everyone.
G-223512676__Guest_: What is the basis of the study abroad selection process?
Jessica_O_: First-year students use their autumn quarter to research partner schools and study abroad options. IBEP applications are available in early-February and due in late-February. The IBEP application consists of many pieces: GPA, extracurricular activities, 2 essay questions, etc. An IBEP Committee of Booth staff read all IBEP applications and determine the best fit for the student and school. Decisions are released via e-mail three weeks after the application deadline.
Happysunny__Guest_: Please tell me about the summer internship. How did it help you prepare for your post-MBA career plan?
Jinny: Well I worked at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, and since I want to work in development post MBA, it was a perfect match to give me the real hands-on experience I needed as an ex- finance consultant. Basically, it gave me real skills and legitimacy. I got an in-depth view on the operations and financial cost structures of a microfinance bank, which will help me in the development finance field later on.
Mark__Guest_: I am interested in a career in finance related to the energy/cleantech sectors. Is the Booth Energy Network specifically for alumni? What other networks, clubs, or resources are available to someone like me?
Matt: The Energy Group here is excellent, both in quality of events and the folks involved. It provides great opportunities to meet alumni, plus we have weekly meetings that discuss current energy topics, have two treks each year (one to Houston and one to California) that put students directly in front of companies, and we also have a phenomenal energy conference each March. I'm helping organize this year's and we are going to have a really impressive slate of panelists from both traditional and renewable energy
Jo__Guest_: Hi, I'm very interested in working either in Latin America or in US companies doing business in Latin America after graduation. Can you speak to Booth's connections and opportunities to develop relationships with companies in Latin America?
Jessica_R_: Latin America is firmly on our radar! As timing would have it (and I mentioned it earlier), we'll be traveling with a group of students over spring break to visit companies within the infrastructure space in Latin America, and we are hosting a Chicago Conversations networking and panel event in Chile in March (check out the Chicago Conversations website for more info on that series...and if you happen to be in Chile, we invite all prospective and admitted students!). In the last year, career services has vi
Steve_SLC__Guest_: How would you rate the quality of instruction at other schools in the IBEP? How was it compared to your classes at Booth?
Jinny: I miss the rigor of classes at Booth. The expectations for students at LSE is quite a bit lower than at Booth, and students are assessed very differently than at Booth. For example, in my classes right now, there are no assignments, just a massive amount of reading, and then a long paper due at the end. Therefore, many students don't show up to lecture, or discussion session, because they aren't assessed on anything but the paper and the end of semester exam. So, I find it quite challenging to adapt to, may
tkotee__Guest_: What are some of the post MBA opportunities that current 2nd year IMBA students have landed
Jessica_O_: Our second year IMBA students have diverse career interests. To learn about their career interests (as well as study abroad, languages, etc.), please visit: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/imba/meet2ndyears.aspx
Ritesh__Guest_: Hi, this question is for a current student, who has participated in any of the entrepreneurial competitions organized by the Polsky Center. How has the participation enhanced your learning experience? What is it that this participation provided that could not have been learned in the classroom?
Adnan: I participated in the New Venture Challenge and can say that it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at Booth. The exposure to the Polsky Center, the entrepreneurship professors, and the entrepreneurial community here in Chicago was great. In addition, the hands-on experience building a business model, pounding the pavement, and camaraderie have impacted all other aspects of my business school experience since the completion of the competition.
G-223516973__Guest_: Hello. I am Jaehyoung Park, 2nd round applicant from Seoul, Korea. Thanks a lot for the help of current students and admission committee. Are there any club activities related to IBEP? How is the ratio of IMBA students/IMBA applicants among already admitted students? I mean the admitted rate of IMBA.
Jessica_O_: Hi Jaehyoung: All admitted IBEP students have the opportunity to participate in IBEP programming (i.e., meetings, orientations, social events, etc.). The IMBA degree is not a separate application process--we typically have 30 students declare the IMBA degree each year.
jerseygirl__Guest_: How does the LEAD program and global opportunities present a way to develop leadership in Global context?
Matt: LEAD does a great job of helping new students meet as many new folks as possible in a short amount of time. Both by putting the class into cohorts and then breaking it down into small squads, and through a ton of different exercises and social events that help you meet people outside your cohort. Regarding a global context, the student body is very international and the LEAD program does a great job of mixing international and US students. For example, of the four closest friends I made during LEAD, two of
iti__Guest_: Hi... I just got an interview call and I am super excited. I wanted tips on how to prepare for an interview. Thanks :)
Bryce: Congrats! The interview really gives you an opportunity to get some facetime with a current student or an alum, and to highlight your skills and personality. The interviewer hopes to learn more about who you are, your motivation for an MBA, and how you'll contribute to the overall Booth community.
Bryce: Also, here's a link that might be a good resource for you:http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?webtag=boothinsider
tkotee__Guest_: Does the International Finance Corporation recruit on campus?
Jessica_R_: IFC has not recruited on campus in the last few years, though they do post their positions with us (meaning they seek talent, but conduct the interviews outside of the Harper Center). There are also contacts at IFC with whom you can connect, all of which are viewable in our jobs portal, GTS.
jaime__Guest_: Can you tell me more about the Chicago Global Citizens Student Group? How competitive is it to get on a project? Is there travel involved? What is the time commitment? etc?
Jinny: Hello! Please go to our website, http://www.chicagogc.org/ to find out more about our organization and the types of consulting projects we've done in the past. In terms of how competitive it is, it all depends. Some projects are more popular than others. However, supply doesn't always meet demand. I wouldn't worry though, if you have a good set of qualifications and are genuine and enthusiastic about the mission of CGC, I am sure you will be able to get on a project. There may be travel involved, depending
Seth_1__Guest_: Are there many summer internships abroad?
Char: Hi Seth! Historically about a quarter of the class goes abroad for their summer internship so yes, there are many international opportunities for students. You can look at our Employment Report online to get a sense for where students have landed in the past several years. Many are sources through on-campus interviewing and also through Job Postings from companies abroad looking for internship talent. If you're an admitted student, go to the Career Services web site and click on Offers and Negotiations,
G-223523397__Guest_: What is it that makes different Booth from other MBA programs, which is the main value of Booth
Matt: The people really make Booth great. I've found that there is an extremely cooperative and friendly atmosphere here. At the same time, people work really hard and help each other out. The courses here are really great too--in that they teach the really useful skills that are essential to succeeding in business. Getting a grasp of accounting, statistics, economics is really really valuable up-front and serves you well for all the later classes you will take.
Young__Guest_: Regarding the foreign language proficiency to satisfy the IMBA, what is considered passing? (Basic conversation, reading a foreign newpaper/novel, writing a thesis paper?)
Jessica_O_: Hi Young: IMBA students must obtain an 'Advanced-Low' level for the IMBA language requirement. Chicago Booth uses the ACTFL testing agency for the IMBA language tests.
G-223555769__Guest_: Hi, is it possible to combine school with doing part-time work?
Matt: Hi,
Matt: I'm sure it's possible, but if you are planning to recruit for a summer internship I would strongly caution you not to over-extend yourself, especially in the first two quarters. You will be surprised at how busy you are between classes and recruiting! Working part-time is probably a lot more feasible once recruiting is finished.
G-223522614__Guest_: Hi, could someone explain me the methodology to choose your courses and how it is possible to be with the professors you want?
Adnan: Course selection is done via a bidding system, that while it sounds complicated, is fairly user-friendly. Most students choose courses based on preferences: preparation for interviews/summer internship (or FT job), desire to pursue a particular concentration (for academic curiosity or signaling value), or based on professor. While it is very difficult to meet all of these needs every quarter, most people are able to have access/exposure to the professors they want to learn from.
Niladri__Guest_: Hello, I am interested in working in the emerging markets in Asia, and in short-term, want to join an international development organization (Asian Development Bank, World Bank etc.). What are the opportunities from the Career Services point of view in this area? I am a Transportation Engineer by profession, and my future industry after MBA will be infrastructure finance and development. Thank you..niladri.
Jessica_R_: With your background and interest, you would be really keen to learn about the Infrastructure Trek series that our students have hosted since 2009. Last year they traveled throughout Asia (my colleague accompanied them on the visits), this year they will be in Latin America and we are hosting an infrastructure event in Chile in March. I say this all to underscore that you are in good company wtih your interest, and the Booth brand is strong in the global sector. Specifically, firms like Asian Development Ba
Matt_1__Guest_: Is anyone familiar with the emerging markets group? If so, would you be willing to talk about the opportunities it offers and whether students travel abroad with the group? Thanks
Jinny: Hello. I am one of the co-chairs of Emerging Markets Group. This is a career oriented group that focuses on people who are interested in careers in the emerging markets. We have two conferences: one in the Fall, and the Microfinance conference in the Spring. We also have various lunch and learns and speakers and a PE trek to DC, a Nonprofit trek to NY, and an Infrastructure trek that is in Latin America this year. Students will generally travel abroad with the Infrastructure trek during spring break if they
Wildcats__Guest_: Have all the students seeking internships have been able to secure one?
Char: We're still in the middle of internship interviewing for this year, and so far, it's going well. Historically, yes, nearly every student who searches for an internship lands one (anywhere from 99-100% of first years who pursued an internship for the past several years landed one.)
G-223561872__Guest_: Hi! I'd like to know how many specializations can one opt for at Booth? Say Marketing, Strategy and Decision models
Jinny: As many as you can manage! I am doing the iMBA and planning to concentrate in Economics and strategy. It takes a bit of planning however, so if you really care about what concentrations you want to have, you have to plan ahead. I know some people who have three or even four. It's definitely doable.
Didier__Guest_: What type of exposure does an IMBA give students to international employers? Are you allowed access to the career services at the partnering schools as well?
Jessica_O_: The IMBA shows employers that students have a solid foundation in international business through the three additional requirements. IMBA students must prove fluency in a second language, study abroad for a full term, and enroll into five international business courses.
Jessica_O_: Outgoing exchange students tend to have a limited access to the partner schools' career services.
Seth_1__Guest_: If you studied abroad during undergraduate or worked abroad prior to Booth, does it hurt/help your chances at all of studying abroad again while doing an MBA?
Jessica_O_: Hi Seth, The IBEP Committee (which consists of Booth staff) look at all aspects of the IBEP applicant. It's a very holistic look at the applicant and previous study abroad is just one piece of the IBEP application.
Sanka__Guest_: Hello all. I have scoured the internet but have not been able to find info about the specifics of the admissions process online. Can you walk us through what happens once an application is submitted? (who looks at the apps, how many people, how are interview decisions made, and how many interview decisions are given out)
Bryce: Once an application is submitted, it's actually reviewed by 3 people (one 2nd year student and two admissions directors) before our mid-decision date(invite to interviews). If you're invited to interview, after the interview is conducted 2 additional people on the admissions team review your application before a final decision is made.
Jo__Guest_: I have a question for Jinny regarding the IMBA- how have recruiters viewed the IMBA versus the MBA? I understand it's like having a specialization in Int'l Business, but do recruiters understand that and value that?
Jinny: I honestly can't answer that question, because I have never been asked about it. But, I am also pursuing an off the beaten track career where I am lucky if they even want or appreciate MBAs, so I think for more sophisticated recruiters or for consulting and banking, they likely would value it more, but I haven't had experience with that. Especially if you want to have a global career in consulting or in banking, the iMBA will definitely help. I am not sure how aware they are of the difference between the tw
Guest: Can anyone discuss the enviornment for significant others. How do they mesh with the Booth community?
Adnan: The Booth community is very inclusive for SOs - from the Partners Club to all of the social events (both formally organized and informal). SOs can be as involved as they want. In addition, SOs generally tend to bond with other SOs as well, enhancing the experience for the student.
OA__Guest_: Can you tell me a little about the size of classes - how much one gets to participate in each class?
Adnan: Generally speaking, classes are made up of 65-75 students. Given the classroom layouts and the professors' ability to engage with students, there is ample opportunity to participate in class. Most professors usually expect participation - it can make up 10-30% of your grade.
Moderator: The chat will end in 10 minutes. Feel free to submit any final questions.
Young__Guest_: What's the average out of pocket expense for doing IBEP?
Jessica_O_: Young: There is no average out-of-pocket expense and it can greatly vary depending on your host country (i.e., the cost of living is much lower in India compared to London). That said, all outgoing IBEP students pay Booth tuition for three courses. Additionally, they are responsible for international airfare and living expenses while abroad.
G-223571776__Guest_: Where are some of the interesting places that are apart of the IMBA
Jinny: Well, it depends on what you think is interesting! I am in London right now, and I've never lived there long term, so I love it and think it's great. There are also programs in Barcelona, Paris, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, S Korea, Beijing, S Africa, Australia, etc. I believe the information is on the international programs website.
MDT__Guest_: Hi, I have a question. Do students go to take classes in London and Singapore campus?
Jessica_O_: Good question: Full-time MBA students cannot study at the London and Singapore campuses as they are solely dedicated to the Executive Education program. That said, we have partner schools in both London (LBS and LSE) and Singapore (Nanyang Business School).
G-223512514__Guest_: Are there opportunities to work and earn on real time industry projects?
Adnan: Absolutely. Booth offers many lab courses - private equity, management, social venture, marketing to name a few - that provide hands-on experience at a firm/venture. In addition, Booth offers many opportunities to work on entrepreneurial endeavors and with local start-ups.
G-223561872__Guest_: How does Booth offer a chance to choose a specific concentration to a student?
Adnan: Concentrations are based on the courses you take - you really don't even need to get one. It is just a signal to the market that you completed a few (3-4) courses in a particular subject. In other words, concentrations are very easy to obtain and will 'fall-out' based on the courses you pursue.
G-223561658__Guest_: Can international students expect a financial support? What are the factors that govern scholarship grant?
Bryce: The decisions for scholarships are made in a similar fashion as the application process. We look at it holistically compared to the overall competitiveness of the applicant pool.
Bryce: Also, here's a link that might be helpful to reference regarding financial aid:
Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/financialaid.aspx
G-223549437__Guest_: Thank you all for your time today. Are international summer internships as common as domestic ones, generally speaking? And how important are they for placements overseas for US citizens? - Michael Mullins, Boston MA
Jessica_R_: Hi Michael - I hate to answer with this general response, but it truly depends on your regional interest and functional goal. There are absolutely opportunities, and our employer development team spends a lot of time on the ground outside of the US developing the Booth brand and assuring that companies seek Booth talent when an internship opportunity, or a project that could be a summer internship, is available. That internship experience is helpful if your full-time goal is to land overseas. It gives you e
jerseygirl__Guest_: When does one apply to IBEP?
Jessica_O_: Good question: Full-time MBA students apply to IBEP during winter quarter (February) of first year. The majority of Full-time students will study abroad during winter quarter of second year.
asimzafir__Guest_: which program is more effective regular mba or executive?
Char: They are both incredibly effective programs that target different student audiences and are organized differently. The full-time program includes students on average with 5 years of work experience (and some with a little less and some with a little more) and the classes are geared toward that experience level. The Executive MBA program includes much more experienced leaders and both the timing of the classes and the class content are developed to target that audience.
SK__Guest_: Jinny, could you comment on what sort of jobs you would be interested in having upon graduation. I have similar interests in emerging markets and finance but am not sure how that would materialize in to a specific job
Jinny: Well I have a location limitation, as in I have to be in the U.S. long term, so I am looking into development organizations that are based out of the U.S., social venture funds, and/or foundations that are global in their investment focus. If you are willing to work in the emerging markets, then a whole world of opportunities are available to you- from banking jobs to NGOs to small business development in the local markets. But, I believe that you would have to do a lot of the legwork to look for opportunit
Jman__Guest_: Hi ! I am an engineer from India. What suggestion would you give to someone with just 2 years of work experience at the time of matriculation ? Should he apply to Booth? Is Booth looking to take in younger applicants ?
Bryce: Our average work experience is 5 years, but again, that's an average. I think it really comes down to articulating why are you pursuing an MBA at this point in your life and why is Booth the right fit.
G-223561872__Guest_: How are the job prospects once you've graduated from Booth?
Jessica_R_: Take a look at the Employment Report - that will give you an excellent overview of where are students go, as well as what firms specifically sourced Booth talent over the last few years. If you are an admitted student, you'll find the link on our Career Services student site under Publications; if you are a prospective students, take a look at it from the Chicago Booth site, under Recruiters and Companies.
tarik_1__Guest_: hi adnan, can you tell me about your experience at Moubadala? how was it? do you plan on going back? what advice would you give to people interested in it?
Adnan: I had a great experience at Mubadala and will be heading back there full-time. My advice to anyone interested in pursuing an international career after Booth is to be thoughtful in your reasons, passionate about your choice, and tenacious. Be honest with yourself about your current skills and use the Booth MBA to help you fill in the skills you need going forward. With respect to the ME, it is imperative to be consistent in your desire to live/work there.
mbahopeful__Guest_: Hi, I'm just wondering how the waitlist process works, and how one could increase his/her chances of being admitted after being waitlisted?
Bryce: It's best to just stay in touch and keep us posted on any changes in your overall application. For example, new job, promotion, etc.
Parisien21__Guest_: how are the communities serviced by the global citizens club chosen? How to add a destination not currently on the list?
Jinny: Well for the consulting projects, we don't pick communities, we pick organizations. So qualified organizations with legitimate projects where we think students can add value are chosen. In terms of the Spring Break trip, we pick a different region every year. Last year we looked in S and SE Asia, and ended up going to the Philippines for our service project. This year, we picked Latin America, and are going to Colombia for the project. We are flexible in terms of location.
Eric__Guest_: Hello! My question is for Char and Jessica. For students who end focusing on international business, what do their jobs usually end up entailing? International business is such a large category - are the jobs they secure more along the lines of finance, supply chain operations, non-profit, or something else?
Char: Hi Eric! It can really be all of those things - "international" can mean an interest in international business (so may mean careers like banking, S&T, and consulting abroad) or it can also mean the business operations of an international firm, and it really depends on the student's interest.
tkotee__Guest_: Hi Jessica, just to be clear, If I am a Booth student, I can be accepted into the IMBA program even though I only speak English?
Jessica_O_: Hello! The IMBA program requires students to have fluency in a second language. That said, you could study abroad through IBEP at one of our partner schools that offer coursework in English.
Topher__Guest_: Can we take foreign language courses at Booth or at the partner school overseas?
Jessica_R_: Yes, to both! To take a foreign language abroad, it would have to be a credited course in order to get credit for it at Booth.
Niki__Guest_: I am currently a technology consultant and am interested in pursuing opportunities in international development post-MBA. What advice would you give to someone like me without a finance background to gain experience and build marketable skills to demonstrate that he or she is a good candidate for an IMBA and to prepare himself for that post-MBA job?
Jessica_R_: It is all in your story - really honing in on your target, leveraging your background and experience, figuring out where those transferable skills and experiences are (and they are there!) and then honing that story for that target. Your networking will also build your brand in your target, and that's what you want to do - build your brand within corporate development so that you become viewed as an invaluable asset. Then your internship experience can really help you round out those skills and experiences.
tarik_1__Guest_: Hi Adnan, what do most of middleastern recruiters want to hire for? finance? consulting? marketing?...
Adnan: The majority of ME recruiters fall into a few buckets - consulting, finance, and real estate. The majority of 'on-campus' recruiting for the ME is done by larger firms (consultancies, banks, government-related entities, etc.). That being said, all firms are looking for individuals passionate about the region.
Kimberly__Guest_: I am graduating with my undergraduate degree in May, do I need to wait until I graduate to apply to Booth or can I apply knowing that I will graduate?
Bryce: You can certainly apply, but again, I would be sure to articulate in your application why you are pursuing an MBA directly out of undergrad.
Lavinia__Guest_: Jessica, can you please tell us if the support/assimilation to US culture program includes a leadership style adjustment component? To be more specific, there are differences in leadership styles around the world, with some leadership characteristics being seen as desirable or less so depending on geographic region and/or business culture?
Jessica_O_: Hi Lavinia: The International Student Orientation tends to focus on assimilation into U.S. and Booth culture. While there are topics on leadership within the U.S., you'll really get in-depth training and insight into leadership through the LEAD program.
Jinny: Thanks everyone for all the great questions! It was great chatting with you all.
Shanghaiedflip__Guest_: With regard to career opportunities in emerging markets, are there any students currently working or planning to work in less developed countries in the ASEAN reegion? What kind of connections does Booth's career services have in this region?
Jessica_R_: I've mentioned our team member who is based in Hong Kong a few times, and she is again relevant here! She spends 60% of her time on the road, and has visited companies and conferences in southeast Asia. Our goal is to develop a network that supports our students' searches, as well as assure that job opportunities in these emerging markets come our way, when available.
Bryce: Thanks so much for joining us today! Hopefully you found the chat helpful. Have a good one!
Adnan: Thanks for all of the great questions. Have a great day!
Jessica_O_: It's been great chatting with everyone! I look forward to working with you all soon!
Jessica_R_: It's been a great - quick! - hour. Thanks to all of you for your great questions. To learn more about some of what I have referenced today, check out our Chicago Conversations series (we'll be in Chile and Frankfurt in the coming months). Talk to you soon!
Char: It was great to chat with all of you. Very good questions! We have upcoming chats on Entrepreneurship, Consulting, and Finance in February. Best of luck to you as you continue to explore your next steps.