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Full-Time Admissions staff and current students will chat with prospective students about the Booth admissions process.

Thursday, January 13, 2010 - 11:00 AM CST

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Full-Time Admissions Live Chat! The chat will begin promptly at 11:00am CST, but please feel free to start submitting your questions now!
Moderator: Welcome to the chat. The chat will begin in several minutes. Please familiarize yourselves with our student chatters by taking a look at their bios at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/boothconnect/fulltime/CommunityChatJan13.aspx.
Alejandro: Hi everyone! My name is Alejandro and I am a 2-yr student. Originally from Mexico and for the past 4 years have been working in Finance and Real Estate in Mexico and the Caribbean. I am involved in a number of student groups including the Latin American Business Group, and Dean Students Admissions committee. After Booth I will be doing Investment banking in NY. I look forward to chatting with you!
Taria: Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us today. I look forward to answering your questions about life at Booth!
Katie: Hello! Welcome to today's chat. My name is Katie and I am a second-year student from Lansing, Michigan. I am concentrating in Finance and Strategic Management here at Chicago Booth and am a co-chair of both the Corporate Finance Group and the Dean's Student Admissions Committee. I look forward to helping answer your questions about Chicago Booth today!
Jillian: Hello! My name is Jillian. I am a second year student focused on marketing, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. I am excited to speak with everyone today.
Jason: Good morning, everyone! I'm a first-year student here at Booth concentrating in Finance, General Management, and Marketing. I'm looking forward to answering your questions.
Carrie: Congratulations, Class of 2013, and welcome to the community! My name is Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions. I look forward to answering your questions!
Tsegi__Guest_: What is the best class that you attended
Alejandro: Hi Tsegi, I have enjoyed many classes. But if I have to pick one, it would probably be Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity with Professor Kaplan.
Bizsweagal__Guest_: My questions is relating to the personal development. Have you guys found Chicago Booth MBA improving your personal skills in any shape or form? if yes in what way and what are the tools/techniques provided / taught, if any?
Katie: Hi Bizsweagal - yes, there are plenty of opportunities to improve your personal skills at Chicago Booth. One great example is the LEAD program. There are a variety of modules which students are taken though by their LEAD facilitators. These help students develop their self-awareness. Tools/techniques are not necessarily provided/taught, but rather are naturally picked up during your time in the program. Examples include: working in groups with classmates on class projects, for recruiting, etc.
Shm__Guest_: Hello ! I am a college senior who is about to complete my under graduation this May. I have applied for Chicago Booth in the Round 2. Are there any students straight out of undergraduate study, studying the current batch?
Carrie: We have a wide variety of current and admitted students, including those who have just finished with their undergraduate study. What is most important to us is your vision for your career, why you are interested in an MBA at this point, and how you will contribute to the Booth community.
Ronit: Hi guys, I'm Ronit, first year full time student. Happy to chat with you today!
Flower__Guest_: With all the options and possible career paths Booth offers its students. Have any of you changed career paths towards something you did not expect? In what ways did the university help you make that transition?
Jillian: Great question! On my application to Booth, I noted that my ambition was to enter consulting. After taking marketing strategy my first quarter, I knew that marketing was where I was meant to be. For me, it is the perfect mix of creativity and analytics. The university supported my transition by providing corporate conversations in marketing, mock interviews through the marketing group, and a wonderful marketing alumni mentor.
Josh__Guest_: Hi! Could you talk about the residential aspect of the student community? Do most students live closer to the center of Chicago or do most live on and around the campus? Do students tend to live close by one another? Thanks for your time today.
Taria: Hi, Josh. Most students tend to live in downtown Chicago while the rest live in various Chicago neighborhoods, including Hyde Park. The students who live downtown are all concentrated in one area (River East) and typically live in one of 4 or 5 high rise apartment buildings.
Anshu__Guest_: Hi, how is the recruitment scenario for the international students, especially in sales & trading and capital markets?
Alejandro: Hi Anshu. Career services does a great job supporting international students. They help you with interview prep and building a target list of banks that hire international students as well; they also organize informational sessions on visas and job-related matters. Top-tier banks that recruit at Booth are familiar with the process of hiring international students. For me it has been a pretty smooth transition into investment banking and I have several international friends at Booth going into S&T that have had a similar experience.
Msavage__Guest_: I'd love to hear about where you live. I'm considering the downtown loop (MPP), south loop, and Hyde Park. Can you speak to benefits/drawbacks of living in those areas?
Katie: Hi Msavage - great question! I personally live downtown in the Loop. Students tend to live in 3 major areas: downtown (Loop), Hyde Park, elsewhere in the greater Chicag area (Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, etc.) One benefit of living in Hyde Park is that you are close to the Harper Center where most classes/activities are held during the day. However, I personally enjoy living downtown (Loop) as this is where a large percentage of my fellow classmates live. In fact, it is difficult to enter/leave my building without seeing another Booth student. Living in other areas of Chicago is also a great option, as there are more dinner/bar options there than the other two locations I mentioned. However, you can't really go wrong with any of the options - Chicago is a great place to live!
Pri__Guest_: what is the booth environment like for non-finace focused students?
Jillian: I am focused on marketing, entrepreneurship, and strategic management (almost everything but finance!). On the social side, when you participate in orientation your first few weeks, you will make friends from every concentration. On the academic side, you will interact with both finance and non-finance students immediately as a result of the flexible curriculum. Also, I have not seen any difference in the amount of resources or opportunities that I have as a result of being non-finance focused.
Tsegi__Guest_: How did you find the community?
Jason: Good question! The strong community here is one of the biggest reasons I decided to come to Booth. You get the chance to start bonding with other students very early on with a Random Walk trip (a 1-week trip with other incoming first-years before school starts) and the LEAD classes ('Leadership Effectiveness and Development'), where you have a lot of interaction with the same cohort of about 60 students. Throughout the rest of the year you have more social events, study groups, and other opportunities to meet people than you'll have time for! The best way to really get a good sense of the community is to visit campus -- I would encourage you to do so if you haven't already!
Pri__Guest_: Given that the class is not cohorted, now do students make a community for themselves?
Katie: Hi Pri - it is true that our class is not cohorted. However, you do have a cohort for the duration of the LEAD program when you first begin at Booth. This is a group of approximately 60 students - within which you will have an even smaller "squad" of 6-7 students. This allows you to establish community as soon as you start. However, this is definitely not the only opportunity to build community. Before classes begin, students have the opportunity to attend Random Walks with 12 of their fellow classmates for a week long adventure. Additionally, there are several student groups and activities which allow you to build community with those that have similar career/social interests as you do. Essentially, your community is what you make of it - you are not forced to be a part of a community based on a randomly selected cohort.
Andrew__Guest_: Would you describe the atmosphere at Booth as more competitive or collaborative among classmates?
Taria: Hi, Andrew. The Booth culture is definitely collaborative. Here at Booth, students adhere to a grade non-disclosure (GND) policy, which means that we are not allowed to disclose our grades to recruiters. Because we don't compete for jobs using our grades, GND allows for a very collaborative environment. For instance, I currently have study groups for all of my classes this quarter. My classmates are smart and talented, and I consider them one of my best resources!
G-201586230__Guest_: Hi everyone -- I'm interested to hear about a current student's experience at Booth who's strategy or motivation behind an MBA is to change their career. How has Booth helped you do that?
Ronit: I'm pursuing a career change inside the technology industry. Most second year students and recruiters I met suggested that I focus on how my current skills will help me in the new role I'm pursuing, and why I want to work in this industry. You need to work more on explaining why you are the right person to this job, but it is possible.
Moderator: Hello everyone,
Moderator: Thank you for your participation in the chat. We have a very high number of participants at the moment, so please be patient as we try to respond to everyone. In the meantime, enjoy reading the questions and answers that have already been posted.
Raj__Guest_: Hi, and thanks for hosting this chat. Does the recent email for waitlisters imply that admits may come by February 16th, or just the rejections?
Carrie: Hi Raj. Before our Round 2 mid-decision date on February 16, we will evaluate wait-listed candidates based on the quality of the applicant pool in Round 2. At this point, we’ll make some decisions regarding the wait-list. While many will continue to remain on the wait-list, we will release some final decisions at that time. For those who will continue to be on the wait-list, decisions will be released as part of our Round 2 process on March 16. There will be the possibility of receiving a final decision or continuing to be on the wait-list into the next application round. I hope this helps clarify!
adubs__Guest_: As far as housing...is there anything you wish you knew ahead of time that you can tell us about now? Do most students live on campus? How about locations for study groups, going out, etc. Thanks!
Jillian: I did a lot of research on housing before moving to Chicago and decided to live downtown. I am happy that I chose to live there since a lot of the other students do. As a result, it is easier to coordinate study groups and share cabs to social activities. That said, if I didn't have to commute to Hyde Park, I would have lived in Lincoln Park/Lakeview/etc. since that is where most of the social activities are.
Simon__Guest_: Thank you for the opportunity. 1. Could you describe the class room experience at Booth? Is class size small? Are there a lot of discussions involved? 2. I heard the competition between students is cutting-throat at Booth. Is that true?
Taria: Hi, Simon. The typical class size here at Booth is about 65. Students here are very curious and not shy about asking questions. That said, there is a significant discussion component to many of my classes, especially case-based classes where discussion is necessary. Because we adhere to a grade non-disclosure policy, competition in the classroom is minimal; however, competition for jobs is more intense. Still, most students do interview prep with other students. I currently have a standing appointment with 3 of my classmates to do interview prep this weekend!
souray__Guest_: Advantages of studying at Chicago Booth?
Jason: There are a few advantages in terms of academics that I've really been impressed with. 1) The faculty are not only all-stars in their fields, but they are extremely accessible and love meeting with students outside of class. 2) The students really love to challenge themselves and each other, so going to class is very exciting. 3) The flexible curriculum here allows you to design your curriculum around your interests (for instance, I have a finance background so I like that I can bypass introductory courses for some more advanced ones).
Richling__Guest_: Could you compare the curriculum of Booth to that of a school which teaches almost entirely in the Case Method? With that, how well prepared do you feel you are for an interview where the questions asked may be case based?
Ronit: Most classes I'm taking include cases. However, unlike other schools, most teachers here divide the class: first they review the material, and the second half is the case discussion. However, basic classes like accounting usually don't include cases and I found it great because this was a more technical class, and a teacher knew best how to explain the material. Moreover, most cases in interviews are not really similar to the cases being taught in class because they are more practical and are not intended to teach anything.
MDT__Guest_: Hi, everyone - I have a question to Alejandro since I am interested in Investment banking. How is recruiting with investment firms? How many firms did you apply for? Tell me any experience you would like to share?
Alejandro: Recruiting for Investment banking is a very structured process at Booth. During the fall several banks come to campus and organize “lunch and learns” where they present their firms and teams, then during the Winter you interview with them. In general people apply to 5 to 10 firms depending on your desired geography, industry and group focus. The experience has been great overall; as a career switcher and an international student I received a lot support from career services, my classmates and Booth alums!
Soli__Guest_: hello all! i am looking at focusing on marketing and strategy with a huge alternative energy bias at Booth. any heads up, Jillian or anyone?
Alejandro: Soli, I know a lot of fellow students that are interested in energy as well and combine that interest with marketing and strategy. There are several entrepreneurship and marketing classes where you can pick the industry that you focus on for projects. In addition, I acted as the marketing representative in an alternative energy case competition, which would be open to you.
G-201564449__Guest_: This question is for Jillian, I am also planning on focusing on marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship and wanted to know what you are planning on doing with it after you graduate.
Taria: I'm a Kilts Marketing Fellow, and I plan to focus in marketing, entrepreneurship and strategy. I am currently trying to land an internship with a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company as an Assistant Brand Manager. I also plan to participate in Booth's New Venture Challenge (NVC) this year in order to unleash that entrepreneur inside of me!
Ashish__Guest_: Hi, My question is guided toward Ronit, since she is recruiting for Product Management roles in technology companies. This is synonymous with my short-term goal. How will you describe your experience until now at Booth and how is Booth helping you toward your goal?
Ronit: Booth has the best career services support. They hold many events that are very helpful for recruiting, including how to approach alumni, thank you letters, interviews etc. Although Booth is not known for technology, all major tech companies recruit on campus. Booth has also developed strong relationships with many technology companies, there are many alumni you can reach while in the recruiting process, and they are usually very cooperative!
PBaer__Guest_: Following the residential questions - for those that live in Hyde Park how much time do you spend downtown Chicago to meet students that live there for activities, etc?
Taria: Hi, PBaer. I live in Hyde Park, and I only go downtown for social events and for corporate happy hours. All of my classes and substantially most of my group meetings take place at the Harper Center in Hyde Park.
cbrown__Guest_: Hello, I have a question regarding class scheduling- are the majority of the classes held during the day, or does the class schedule vary between morning, afternoon, and evening classes?
Ronit: Most classes are held during the day, for the full time students. However, I believe over 95% of them have classes also in either the weekend, evening, or sometimes both.
MKambic__Guest_: Good morning...thanks for taking the time to chat with us today...my first question is, after you found out you were accepted, how did you prepare yourself for arriving at Chicago Booth? Is there anything specific I should make sure I do before I arrive?
Jason: You're certainly welcome -- it's my pleasure to be here. In terms of summer preparation, I did a little bit of career research (as I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to do) and updated my resume, but there will be time to do that once you get on campus as well. The best advice I can give you is to relax, have fun, and enjoy your summer! Business school can get very busy so it's nice to have some down time after you finish working.
JasonGuo__Guest_: Morning, I'm so glad to have all you chicago force to answer my questions. I just submit my application for round 2 intake, and my application status has been updated as complete. What should I prepare for the coming interview, if I pass your first round applications screening?
Carrie: Hi, Jason. Congrats on submitting your application! In terms of the interview, we hope that it will be an opportunity for you to connect with a Chicago Booth student or alum to share why you are interested in getting an MBA, and how Booth fits into your path and plan. The interviews are blind, meaning that your interviewer will not have read your application, so be prepared to share information on your goals, vision and background. Overall, we hope it is a good opportunity for an engaging conversation. Best of luck!
Mark__Guest_: Jillian: can you expand a bit on how the marketing alumni mentor helped you?
Jillian: Hi Mark! My alumni marketing mentor has been, and continues to be, a large part of my experience here. He helped prepare me for interviews, go through my offers (both internship and full-time), and celebrate when I signed. He has helped beyond the career search as well, acting as a sounding board for my business ideas. Lastly, I interned at Amazon.com this summer and he works in Seattle as well, for Starbucks. I was able to have many interactions with him over the summer as well.
Tsegi__Guest_: Why did you choose Chicago University?
Katie: Hi Tsegi - I chose to attend Chicago Booth for a variety of reasons. When I first visited Booth before applying, I was impressed by all of the students that I met. Everyone was extremely friendly and I really felt like Booth was a place where I would fit in well. Additionally, I was drawn to Chicago - it really is a great city with a lot to offer. Lastly, the every interaction that I had with the school - from the Admissions Office to alums - was professional and helpful. It was really somewhere that I could see myself!
Young__Guest_: Do students who do not participate on a random walk feel left out in terms of bonding with other booth students?
Katie: Young - although participating in a Random Walk is a great way to start meeting classmates before classes begin, this is definitely not the only opportunity to bond with other Booth students prior to the start of classes. I moved to Chicago in early August before classes began. A Google group is set up by the Admissions Office, and every day there were classmates looking for people to go to the beach with, go to Ikea with (for new apartment furniture), or make plans for dinner or going out at night. I knew several classmates - and had several new Facebook friends - before classes even began!
JW__Guest_: Hello, could you comment on the biggest misconception you think applicants have about the MBA experience or the MBA degree? For example, that it'll open all doors or that it'll solve all my problems...
Katie: Hi JW - I would have to say that one of the major misconceptions about the MBA is that it'll help you decide what you want to do with your life. It is definitely necessary to at least have some sort of idea about what you want to do with your MBA - as the purpose of the program is not to help you figure this out. The purpose is to help get you there.
Young__Guest_: Now that most of you are close to graduation, what has been the single most valuable thing you're gained from booth?
Jillian: Confidence! As I am about to graduate, I feel absolutely confident in my future opportunities. At Booth, you will constantly be challenged and humbled. Through this experience, and my summer internship, I have the confidence that I can handle any business problem that comes my way. More importantly, if I ever have any doubt, I can rely on my fellow classmates and alumni for the answer.
Dimitris_Greece__Guest_: Do R3 application have a disadvantage from R1 o R2?
Carrie: Hi Dimitris. It's important to remember that all good applications rise to the top, regardless of round. That being said, we do have fewer spots available by Round 3 and admit fewer students as a result. The most important thing is to apply when your application is at its best!
Paddy__Guest_: Hi! Good morning! what is the duration for each classroom session?
Taria: Hi, Paddy. Each class is three hours, and there's usually a 15-minute break at the halfway mark.
cbrown__Guest_: I am currently a U.S. Army Officer and I've recently reached out to the Armed Forces Group via e-mail in regard to my application for 2011. The student group web page says that one of the group's goals is to advocate on behalf of qualified applicants, so my question is what role do these groups play in the admissions process and how much interaction is there between the Student Admission Committee, the student-groups and the admission committee itself?
Ronit: There is no regular communication between the student groups and admissions. Student groups are a great way for you to find and communicate with first and second year. If they believe you are a good fit for Chicago Booth's culture, they might choose to approach admissions, but it's completely voluntary.
Moderator: We're halfway through the chat right now. Please continue submitting your great questions!
GCazalaa__Guest_: Hi there, my name is Guillaume Cazalaa, I applied to round 2 and have a question re. recruiting. What exposure do international students get to companies that do not have any or just small presence in the US and the midwest? i.e do you find that students get placement outside the US principally through their own initiave and the alumni network? Thanks!
Alejandro: Hi Cazalaa! Several students recruit for positions in Europe, Latin America and Asia and, Career Services supports them throughout the process. For example, Career Services has an employer development team traveling around the world that is responsible for building relationships with a wide range of firms. You can take a look at our employment report for more information. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx
Alejandro: You can also take a look at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/corp/hire/contact.aspx
Alejandro: Hope this helps to answer your question!
Deb__Guest_: Hi ..Good Morning.... can someone please talk about Consulting opportunities in public sector / social enterprise that are available while at school and beyond through campus recruitment?
Katie: Deb, our Career Services office is awesome! They do a great job of coordinating events and information about positions within all of the different functions - including consulting - and insuring that you are prepared. Additionally, the Career Resources Center (CRC) is a library in the Harper Center with a plethora of information regarding opportunities at different firms (both consulting and non-consulting) and help to answer specific questions related to the public sector / social enterprise. Additionally, you cannot forget the power of the our alums. There is a database that has the professional and contact information of alums - this is a perfect way to hear hands-on information about a particular/specific area you are interested in and to help build your network. Lastly, there are specific student groups that tailor to specific interests such as the ones you mentioned. These groups bring companies to campus that are looking for people with these interests.
G-201531571__Guest_: Hi all! My question is related to admissions. I wanted to apply in Round 2, but a few things came up at work and I was unable to get an adequate application done. I've heard that getting in in round 3 is really difficult. Am I better off waiting to apply next year?
Carrie: Good question! We do make fewer offers of admission in Round 3, but we still do make offers! The decision to apply is entirely up to you, but if your application is ready, I would encourage you to apply in Round 3 if you are interested in starting in the fall. If you feel you need more time to strengthen your application, you are welcome to wait until next year. Good luck!
G-201555759__Guest_: Would current students have any guidance in terms of planning out a curriculum, seeing as Booth affords so much flexibility?
Ronit: Before school starts, you will have half a day that academic services holds and professors explain about the different classes and concentrations. Also, second year students, and especially my LEAD facilitators, were very helpful in deciding which classes to take.
Kathryn__Guest_: Hi All, thank you for taking the time to answer questions today. Can you all share some of the factors that contributed to your choice to attend Chicago Booth over its peer schools?
Jason: Hi Kathryn. There were a few things that drew me to Booth. 1) The flexible curriculum would let me choose the classes that really excited me, 2) The reputation for intellectual rigor and amazing faculty -- I really wanted to challenge myself, 3) Chicago is an amazing city and I would be closer to family. But more than anything, what sold me on the school was my campus visit. The students here were extremely welcoming, and felt generally warmer and friendlier than those I met at other schools I had applied to. In visiting the schools I tried to 'feel out' who I thought I would most enjoy spending a lot of time with, and I went with my gut in the end.
Brendon__Guest_: If a student doesn't live downtown, do they miss out on the Booth experience in any way? Is it more difficult to network or develop friendships with classmates?
Taria: Hi, Brendon. Since I live in Hyde Park, I do feel like I miss out in some ways. My classmates who live downtown pretty much live in dorms (to an extent), so they get to see each other and hang out often outside of class. Still, I don't think it's been difficult to develop friendships or my network. Students spend A LOT of time at the Harper Center (classes, study groups, RECRUITING!), so I interact with my classmates often. I also go downtown to hang out with them, and they come here to Hyde Park as well.
Maverick__Guest_: Good morning guys, rephrasing an earlier question. I narrowly missed the Round 2 deadline, so would there be any advantage in my submitting my application now vs sometime later before Round 3 deadline? (from an adcom point of view).
Carrie: Hi Maverick. We will not begin to review Round 3 applications until the deadline. While you can certainly submit your application now, it will be viewed within the same time frame as those who submit just before the deadline.
G-133419410__Guest_: What is the most significant impact/ change Booth has on you ??
Katie: Wow - that's a good question, that may be difficult to answer considering that I have not yet graduated. However, at this point, I would have to say that the most significant impact/change Booth has had on me is that I feel much more confident in my business acumen. During my internship at American Express this summer, I surprised myself with how much knowledge I had picked up over the last year and how I was better able to present that information than prior to attending Booth.
Ian__Guest_: While Booth is considered #1 in a lot of rankings, it is still perceived to be below the usual suspects (Wharton, HBS, Stanford). How do you as students compare yourself to your peers at the W,H,and S? What do you think it is about Booth that the rankings rank it as the best?
Jillian: Hi Ian! As a second year, recently out of my internship, I can tell you that employers highly value Booth students. After I received my internship offer, I was able to tailor my spring quarter to my internship, enter prepared, and exceed expectations. As a result of this flexibility, there was a very clear difference between my skill set and those of students from peer schools. Additionally, even as a marketer, the Booth reputation for being highly analytical followed me to my internship. As a result, I was constantly given difficult projects, which allow for larger impact, with the school's reputation cited as the reason.
Brendon__Guest_: Is it difficult to get into Professor Kaplan's class? Have you had any trouble getting into classes you want in general?
Alejandro: Hi Brendon! Although Kaplan’s Class is one of the most "expensive" classes from a bidding stand point of view, if you are strategic about how you use your points you can make sure you get into the class. In general, I have not had any major issues getting into classes, but you do have to make choices about in which quarter you take them.
Marut__Guest_: When the cycle of internships start? What support does the career services provide for the same?
Ronit: The internship process has a few stages. The employers' presentations happen in the second and third months after arriving to Booth. The application process starts at the beginning of November and interviews start in the middle of January. The interview date depends also on which role you are recruiting for.
Tanvi__Guest_: What are the top 3 things you love about Booth?
Taria: Hi, Tanvi! Here are the three things I love about Booth: (1) being surrounded by extremely smart, yet personable people, (2) the ability to tailor my experience to my goals and personality, (3) having access to people and opportunities (jobs, alumni, etc.) that I would not have had otherwise, (3.5) WE'RE #1!
G-201568128__Guest_: hello all, can you please tell us a little more about the life on campus in general
Jason: Hello -- As is the case with most business schools, the best way to describe campus life is "busy"! But it is a ton of fun. Most of your time will be split among classes, study groups, recruiting, volunteering, and clubs. But we also spend a lot of time socializing in the Winter Garden (a big open atrium in the Harper Center, where most of our classes are held).
k__Guest_: ello all,I am an international applicant from India.The medium of education in my undergrad was english.Does this exempt me from taking TOEFL?
Carrie: Yes - as long as the institution's official language of instruction is English.
Mike__Guest_: What would a typical day schedule look like for those involved in student organizations?
Ronit: As a first year, I mostly participated in the events so far. Opportunities to arrange events start around this time of the year. Most organizations hold a few events each quarter, which are great ways to network and meet fellow classmates. They are part of my everyday schedule, but they vary from week to week depending on the amount of work I have and the recruiting process.
SKurn__Guest_: On that note, what social events to you most look forward to on a weekly/yearly basis?
Jillian: There are many! On a weekly basis, there is an organized gathering that many students go to on Thursdays (various locations around Chicago). There are also many nights where you and your friends from school will plan an activity yourselves. Other students also play on intramural sports teams. On a less frequent basis, I look forward to the formal events, alumni dinners, and the yearly charity auction, which is run by the community service group that I co-chair. (I could continue to answer this question for the rest of the chat time!)
Joe__Guest_: Hi Katie, I read your bio. Actually I am also an alumni from Deloitte Consulting, more on TI and Oracle service. I understand you would be backing to DC after graduation. May you share some of your thoughts about your choice and what you expect from Booth's education to assist you in future days in DC? will you transfer to S&O from EA?
Katie: Hi Joe - it's good to have another Deloitte Consultant in the room! I will indeed be heading back to Deloitte after graduation this spring. I expect that the Booth education will help me to better understand the business problems associated with the current technology strategy of companies. This was the reason I pursued an MBA to begin with (as I felt I was deficient in this area). Additionally, the "soft skills" I have picked up while at Booth will most definitely be useful: from time management to how to better manage both your supervisor and your team. I will not be transferring to Strategy & Operations from Technology as I have a strong passion for helping clients with their technology problems. However, I may switch to another area of Technology within the firm to get a greater breadth of experience.
Dimitris_Greece__Guest_: Do international students have easy access to student loans?
Carrie: Hi Dimitris. Chicago Booth offers a guaranteed loan program for our international students that do not require a US co-signer. Although the rates and lender may vary from year to year, we are committed to making sure that there are loan options for international students.
JW__Guest_: Hello, once school gets under way, just how much time can I expect to have to get involved with extra-curriculars?
Jason: You will definitely be busy with other things, but almost everyone here is involved with multiple extra-curricular activities. It's a big part of the community here and a great way to meet people and work on those leadership skills!
SDelgado__Guest_: This is a question for Alejandro. Can you tell me about your experience moving into an IB role as a Latin American and how Booth has helped you in the process?
Alejandro: Hola SDelgado! Without the help of Booth, it would have been extremely difficult to transition from real estate in the Caribbean to investment banking in NY. Career Services help me build a target list of top tier banks that have a track record of hiring international students. 2nd years students enhanced my interview skills through workshops and mock interviews and finally I have been able to access a huge network of alums that have been available for informational phone calls regarding the banks where I applied.
Vladimir__Guest_: Thinking of the flexible curriculum, could you describe in a few words how course selection for the “required” components of the academic program takes place, i.e. before you can move on to the true electives? Could you also talk about the role of your academic adviser? Many thanks!
Ronit: If you have a specific background in any of the 7 functions or the 3 core classes you can always choose to take a more advanced class in that subject. Otherwise, you have to take the basic class first. Many of my friends took footnote accounting instead of the basic managerial accounting because they had previous accounting experience. Academic advisors were a great source of information for me, and they helped me decide what to take for my fourth class in the first quarter.
Matteo_Italy__Guest_: Hi- maybe Jillian already answered this question, anyway.. It is well-known that Chicago Booth is one of the best b-schools for Finance. Is there any Marketing student who can tell me his/her opinion about this? How do you find the marketing program offered by the Kilts Center ?
Taria: Hi, Matteo. This is a question I had when I was deciding to come to Booth. Booth's marketing curriculum is amongst the top in the nation (consult any ranking). Many of the marketing firms that recruit at a marketing school like Kellogg recruit at Booth, so opportunities are in abundance. The benefit of studying marketing at Booth is that everything comes back full circle - at the end of the day, firms are looking to turn a profit. Additionally, Booth's data-driven marketing approach teaches students how to synthesize marketing data and make management decisions based on that data. It's also nice being a big fish in a small pond :)
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Gyl__Guest_: What does Booth AdCom look in Applicants without work experience?
Carrie: Hi Gyl. We use a holistic evaluation process for all applicants, taking many factors into consideration. For our early career candidates, we look at any internships and leadership within extra-curriculars to provide insight in lieu of full-time work experience. For more information, please check out: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/
Mark__Guest_: Jillian: I am interested in brand management as well as roational/leadership programs (pref. in CPG / hi tech). Can you provide some details on opportunities in those areas from your first hand experience? Thanks!!
Jillian: Hi Mark! I am glad to see that you have mentioned CPG and HiTech. When I first started learning about marketing, I thought that CPG held most of the opportunities. While there are a lot of opportunities there, it is just the beginning. I focused on Retail, HiTech, and a little CPG. To give you an idea of the diversity of companies I was deciding between: Amazon.com, American Express, Orbitz.com, Campbells Soup, Anheuser-Busch, Threadless.com, Target, etc.
MED__Guest_: How would you describe the culture at Booth? The old stereotype was that Booth was all quant-jocks (and perhaps a bit nerdy), but I know they have been actively been trying to combat that stereotype. What are your classmates really like?
Katie: Hi MED - as an ex-cheerleader and self-proclaimed outgoing person, I can most definitely say that the nerdy/quant-jock stereotype of Booth students is completely FALSE! Don't get me wrong, the people here are extremely intelligent and do enjoy the occasional "nerdy" activity. However, this is definitely not what defines my classmates - everyone is personable and likable. If you haven't had the chance to visit campus, I would definitely recommend trying to do so - as you will easily see that there is much more to Booth students than the old stereotype.
Helen__Guest_: When will we find out info on Random Walk trips this year?
Jason: Hi, Helen. The Random Walk info will be released in a couple of weeks before the first Admit Weekend. At the Admit Weekends you will have the chance to meet with the trip leaders for all of the destinations and learn a bit more. You will also be able to submit a list of your preferences.
Edward__Guest_: Could you tell me some of the resources, such as the clubs related the investment banking and how it helps to get close to the
Alejandro: Hi Edward. There are multiple resources that help you get a better understanding of Investment Banking. There is a student-led investment banking group, then you have career services that has a deep knowledge of the industry and tips on how to secure a position. Company presentations and social events are also a great opportunity to discover if banking is right for you. By the way, this also applies for all other functions and industries!
Brad__Guest_: If there was one elective class you think everyone should take while at Booth what would it be?
Katie: Brad, my favorite class was "Network Structures of Effective Management." I took this class last spring, and after reading the syllabus, I thought it sounded interesting, but had the potentially to be a little "fluffy." In the end, it was not fluffy at all. The class essentially walked us though how we should manage our personal network at all stages of our career - from right out of our MBA program though potentially being a CEO of a company someday. The concepts that I learned in this class are things that will be helpful to me wherever my career brings me.
JW__Guest_: Hi, what do you feel are the distinctives of Booth MBA experience to others?
Ronit: I can't compare with other school. I can only speak to how I feel today. I am very happy with the flexible curriculum, because it allows me to take the classes I'm most interested in and will contribute to my summer internship. Also, the students here are amazing. Having a medium-size class enables you to know many students, but also to meet new exciting ones almost everyday. Also, studying together with second year students creates a more interesting group. The affordable cost of living in Chicago and the area that most students live in, downtown Chicago, was the ultimate reason I chose to come to Booth, and I don't regret it!
Aditya__Guest_: Hi..I noticed that Booth offers its students a very flexible curriculum with only one required course. What assistance is provided to students to design a curriculum that helps them achieve their career goals
Taria: Hi, Aditya. Before students register for classes, the Academic Services office encourages students to schedule appointments to discuss class selection. I've met with them several times to help me decide my class selection. We typically discuss my career goals and the all the things I expect to have going on during the quarter and how those things should influence my course selection decision.
TC__Guest_: Hello. Could you please talk a little about the career resources at Booth and how they helped you determine your summer internship or career path after graduation?
Alejandro: TC - I used the career resources more for my internship than for full-time. While they are robust, I found the best result came from a mix of three avenues - first, formal career resources, on-campus interviews, and interview preparation; second, utilizing career resources alumni information to reach out to people personally; third, blindly reaching out on my own. I ended up with 5-6 offers for my summer internship and career resources helped with 4 of them.
Brian__Guest_: Do you have any tips for the admissions interview?
Carrie: Hi Brian. The interview is your opportunity to highlight your skills and personality in ways that a written application cannot. Being prepared is the best way to feel confident and get the most out of your Booth interview. Yes, your interviewer wants to learn about your strengths and development areas, but they also want to get to know you as a person. They want to understand how you can contribute to the Booth community. So be prepared to be engaged, and to engage your interviewer. Also, be sure to review your application thoroughly to prepare for your interview. Know how you will want to convey your story, your career plan and your unique goals. If your goals and motivations are clear, you can expect a lively conversation and lots of good questions by the interviewer.
Carrie: Additionally, you should also use the interview as an opportunity to learn more about Booth! There will be time at the end of the interview for you to ask your interviewer questions. Most importantly though - relax and be yourself! Good luck!
RJ_158506__Guest_: For finance focused folks, how do you manage the necessity to network in North east while being in mid-west ? How frequently do you guys travel out to other financial centers? Has it been a constraint for a few of your colleagues given the travel cost considerations?
Jason: For most of the big-name finance employers (and even a lot of smaller ones as well), I think you'll find that being in the Midwest is not a disadvantage as 1) They visit campus at least once (usually multiple times) in the fall for networking opportunities, and again in the winter to hold interviews here on campus, 2) Booth is known as a premier finance school, so Booth students are at the fore of finance employers' minds in recruiting season, and 3) Clubs like the Investment Management Group and the Investment Banking Group organize 'treks' to New York, Boston, etc. and organize meetings for Booth students to network with employers over winter break.
farhanahmed__Guest_: What time does a typical day start for a Booth student? When does the first class start and do students meet before class to prepare for it?
Taria: There are two class periods for the full-time program: AM and PM. Am classes are from 8:30am-11:30am and PM classes are from 1:30pm-4:30pm. I usually do my readings, complete my problem sets, and meet with my group a day or two before class. During recruiting season, your day can begin as early as 7:00am and go as long as 9:00 pm.
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Aanand__Guest_: Many school stress on the 'competitive yet collaborative' environment. How does Booth hold up to this?
Jillian: Great question! I can honestly say that I have not felt the "competitive" piece with my fellow classmates. I think grade non-disclosure helps to create the non-competitive atmosphere. If there is competition, it seems like more people simply compete against themselves to become better, smarter, more involved, etc. We are, however, certainly collaborative. I am taking three classes right now and every class is dominated by group work. I am happy to say that this feeling extends outside the classroom in our intramural sports and when students rally around a cause, such as the charity auction.
souray__Guest_: What is the class demography? Engineers?
Carrie: Hi Souray. Of our first year students, approximately 18% had an undergraduate background in engineering. To read the entire class profile, click here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/community/stats.aspx?tab=1.
confuzzled__Guest_: Hi everyone! I want to know more about consulting-specific activities that happen through the first/second year. Practical projects/assignments/sync-up-sessions. If you could explain with actual examples of events it would be great! Thanks! :)
Katie: Hi confuzzled - there are TONS of consulting-specific activities that happen both throughout first/second year. Of course, there is the programming put together by the Career Services office. For first years, this includes sessions that help students understand exactly what a career in consulting is all about. The office also coordinates firms' visits to campus throughout the recruiting season - this includes Corporate Conversations and Networking Nights. Additionally, there are second year Career Advisors that are on-hand to assist with resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation. Beyond those examples, the Management Consulting Group on campus puts on a variety of programming to give students another opportunity to learn about companies at Lunch and Learns, practice case interviews and prepare for internships. Lastly, companies sponsor a variety of Case Competitions on campus. This is not only a great way to prepare for case interviews, but it is also a good way to network with the firms that you are most interested in.
Maverick__Guest_: Hi, Would like to know if submitting my application right now would make any difference when it comes to processing ? (Round 3 deadline is faraway and I narrowly missed Round 2)
Carrie: We will not be reviewing any Round 3 applications until the deadline - so feel free to submit your application whenever is most convenient for you!
Ajay__Guest_: Alejandro, Can you please talk about the entrepreneurship concentration and related student clubs and activities?
Alejandro: Hi Ajay, great question! You can find info on the entrepreneurship concentration at
Alejandro: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/entrep.aspx
Alejandro: There are multiple student groups and labs related to this concentration. For example the
Alejandro: Booth Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (BETA) http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/beta.aspx, or the Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital student.ChicagoBooth.edu/group/evc
Alejandro: Also the Polsky center is a great resource to develop entrepreneurial skills and even incubate your business ideas. Make sure you check their website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/!
G-201569046__Guest_: Hello, my name is David, I´m from Brazil, and I’ve applied for Booth MBA in the 2nd round. I have visited Chicago and Booth this December, and I really enjoyed everything. The cold and wind didn’t bother me at all! If I am approved I will move in with my girlfriend – she’s a physician, and will be doing research at the University. I heard that Booth has a program that allows student’s couples to meet and integrate, and also to know Chicago’s nice spots… Do you know this program? Do anyone participate it this program?
Taria: Hi, David. Booth has a very active program for Partners. This club helps partners of students link up with each other so that they can plan social events. I can truly say that the relationships my boyfriend has formed with other partners has been very beneficial for us. The link for the partners' club is here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/chipart.aspx.
G-201586230__Guest_: How do you current students view the faculty? Are they accessible? Great teachers? Do their teaching styles vary?
Jason: Teaching styles do vary depending on the course. Last quarter most of my classes involved lectures and problem sets, while this quarter I have all case-based courses and class time involves a lot of discussion and debate. I've been extremely pleased with the quality of the faculty at Booth, and have found that as a whole they love teaching and getting to know students. For instance, Eugene Fama, who many regard as the 'father of modern finance' and who has been a pioneer in the field for decades, still teaches and holds office hours for students. And yesterday my study group met with our Marketing professor(another highly regarded figure) for 20 minutes just to chat and get to know each other. So the faculty have been a big highlight of my Booth experience thus far.
Pri__Guest_: What is the booth environment like for non-finance focused students?
Jillian: Hi Pri! I answered a similar question earlier in the chat. Please look at the transcript when it is posted, which should be in 48 hours. To briefly answer, the environment isn't any different for non-finance students. We still have amazing resources and take classes with students from every concentration. Students bond more on what classes they are taking rather than what concentration they are from.
Cityglam__Guest_: Hi! Please tell us about the strength and responsiveness of the Booth alumni.
Alejandro: Booth alums have been very helpful with my recruiting strategy at Booth. Once a week, alums organize breakfasts with current students to share they experience and career progression. They have also been great mentors and provided me specific information about the firms I was recruiting for.
Jillian: Thanks for spending the hour with us. I wish everyone the best!
Paddy__Guest_: what are the sports played on campus?
Ronit: There are many sports groups that are active. Volleyball and Yoga are just two of them. If you want to know more, look at the group website in the Chicago Booth website.
Taria: I had a great time chatting with everyone today. Congrats to those of you who've been admitted and good luck to those of you who have applied!
Ronit: It was nice chatting with you, good luck everyone!
Jason: It's been great chatting with you all. Good luck to those who are still applying and for those who have been admitted, I hope to see you all in the fall!
Carrie: It's been great chatting with you today. For our admitted students - congratulations! And for our prospective students - best of luck in the process!
RJ_158506__Guest_: Can you talk more about the Grade non-disclosure (GND) policy and the reasons behind it? What happens when it faces resistance from recruiters?
Alejandro: Good bye everyone! I really enjoyed talking to all of you. Thank you for your interest in Booth!
Katie: Hi RJ, the GND policy is basically that you are not able to put your GPA on your resume or share it with companies during the recruiting process. There are several reasons for the policy - it promotes learning in the way that students are more concerned with actual learning in the classroom rather than just getting a good grade. Additionally, it gives students different opportunities to differentiate themselves to recruiters (i.e. getting involved on campus, putting in the time networking, etc.). Recruiters know that Booth students are "smart" they don't need to see the GPA number to establish this. Additionally, recruiters are familiar with the GND policy and know not to ask about student's GPAs. Also, if a student gets asked by a recruiter, they know to inform the recruiter of our policy and it is not an issue. Despite the policy, let me be clear that this does not mean that students do not care about grades; that is definitely not the case.
Katie: It was great chatting with everyone today. Congratulations to the admitted students - Booth is a great place! To those still in the application process - best of luck, hang in there! I hope that you were able to get your questions about Chicago Booth answered.
Moderator: The chat has now ended. You can read a transcript of this chat within 48 hours at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/archive.aspx.