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Full-Time Admissions staff and current students will chat with prospective students about the Booth admissions process.

Thursday December 16, 2010 - 11:00 AM CST

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Full-Time Admissions Live Chat! The chat will begin promptly at 11:00am CST, but please feel free to start submitting your questions now!

Bryce: Thanks for joining us today!

Carrie: Welcome all! My name is Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions and I look forward to answering your questions.

Karen: Welcome to Chicago Booth Chat, my name is Karen Watt and I look forward to answering your questions.

Kelley: Hi, I'm Kelley Curtin in the Admissions Office and I'm looking forward to chatting with you today!

Joanne: Hi everyone! My name is Joanne Legler and I work in Admissions here at Booth. I'm looking forward to answering any admissions questions you may have.

Ping: My current industry is M&A. I want to focus on finance and general management in MBA education. What is your suggestion about my study in Booth? Thank you!

Carrie: Hi, Ping. The beauty of our flexible curriculum is that you are able to select the course of study most relevant for you. In your specific case, you could opt to have both a finance concentration and a general management concentration. For more information on concentrations, please visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/index.aspx.

G-160637027: Will letters of recommendation from Booth alumni weigh heavier than letters from non alumni?

Bryce: It's great to hear their perspective because they have actually gone through the program; however, they aren't weighed heavier than other letters of recommendation.

CharlesF: In your opinion, what are some of the most interesting marketing courses available at Booth?

Kelley: Our Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research classes take on projects from outside companies. I encourage you to visit the Kilts Center Web site for more information about our marketing curriculum: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx

Chadd: Are the part-time and full-time programs transferrable?

Karen: Hello Chad,

Karen: While both the full-time and part-time programs are similar. They are not transferable.

Mike_1: 1. Employment outside of home country. Most of my employment was here in the U.S. and not in my home country. Should I talk about my U.S. experience?

Bryce: I think it's valuable to hear about your whole career progression, both in and out of your home country.

Abhi: Hi, I am an Indian living in Singapore working in IT consulting wanting to apply to Chicago to shift into Strategy Consulting. I have two questions: 1. Chicago is known as a very strong Finance school, if so is it a good fit for my aspirations of moving into strategy? 2. Chicago application has explicit questions on community service and it seems to value it strongly. I do not have any community service experience will it count negatively in my application and may lead to rejection of my application to Chic

Joanne: Wow, long question! Let me break it down. 1. Chicago Booth has a well-deserved reputation in Finance, for certain. However, all of our departments and concentrations are strong. No matter your future field or industry, from strategy to marketing to operations, Chicago Booth offers a well-rounded education in the basic fundamentals and our flexible curriculum allows you to concentrate in the area that fits you best. 2. Chicago Booth's application values all extracurricular activities--some candidates ar

G-160557350: If you have worked multiple positions in the same company how would you like us to represent that in the work experience section of the application form? One entry per position or one entry per company?

Karen: You can list multiple positions within each company and the titles for each role. Or, you can outline each position within the company on your resume.

Mike_1: 2. The transcript from my last school includes credits/grades/classes from the two schools I attended previously. Should I still provide separate transcripts from the first two schools?

Joanne: If you did not receive degrees from those previous schools, you do not need to submit a transcript. If they are listed on your final, degree-granting institution's transcript, that'll be fine.

Steven818: What percentage of people (or more importantly, what percentage of admitted students) submit a fourth essay? What is typically discussed in this essay?

Kelley: Hi Steven--Applicants typically submit the optional essay if they want to discuss an anomaly in their application. For instance, if there was a semester at school where something that affected their grades or if there is a gap in their resume.

Chelsea: How much experience with marketing does the average student have upon entering the MBA marketing program?

Bryce: It really depends on the student. Some come from a marketing background, while others are transitioning to marketing from another field. In general though, our average work experience is 5 years.

G-160555477: Good Afternnon- I am applying to Chicago Booth during round two and my application is complete save for my recommendations and my GMAT score. I take the GMAT in 2 weeks and my recommenders are in the process of completing the letters. Can I submit my application prior to these letters being uploaded and inputting my GMAT score, or should I wait until everything is in?

Carrie: Great question! If you submit an application with missing components your status will become incomplete. You will have an opportunity to provide missing materials (GMAT score,recommendations, etc) If you we do not receive within a two weeks after the deadline, your application may move into the next round.

Yi: Hi I'm planning to apply next year. As a reapplicant, may i know the differences between R1 and R2? or is reapplication encouraged to be conducted as early as possible by R1? thanks!

Karen: Hello,

Karen: We encourage applicants to apply when they feel it is best. The noticeable difference between rounds is the time frames when they may receive their decisions. While the application pool is competitive most of our applications are received in R2.

kh86: Are there any differences in regards to chances of admission between Round 1 and Round 2 applicants?

Joanne: Not really; we always know that Round 2 produces a higher number of applications, so we admit a larger percentage of the class from the Round 2 pool. Thus, the admission rate for the two Rounds is about the same.

lyuba: Hello, my name is Lyuba. I would like to ask about the following issue I am experiencing with GMAT exam. There is only one center for taking the exam In Ukraine and on this reason the earliest date I could schedule is January 27.Is there a possibility that I will apply for the 2nd round by January 5 with all the documents and later will add the GMAT results?

Bryce: You can submit your application without an official GMAT score, but your file will remain incomplete until it arrives.

Roni: Hello! Work experience is preferred; however, are there opportunities for applicants to enter directly from undergrad? Do you have the percentage of current students that have been accepted directly out of undergrad? Thank you

Joanne: While we do not have a minimum number of years of work experience, Chicago Booth does indeed value work experience, so the number of students who enter Booth immediately after graduation is quite small. Those who are admitted usually have some significant part time or internship experience, or have started a venture or company. Having work experience allows students to actively engage in and contribute to class discussions.

Mike_1: 3. In the employment section should we put the beginning salary since the start of employment or since the start of the year? I had my own business, so the starting salary was minimal at first.

Karen: We are asking for the salary at the start of the position/title/job. Do not worry about the smaller salary. We are aware a lot of start-ups do not allow for salaries at the beginning.

Zack_1: Hi. I?d like to clarify that the 4 blank pages is in addition to the relatively short essay questions.

Karen: Hello Zack, The 4 blank pages are indeed an addition to your essay questions.

smk: Hi, I would like to ask if it's okay to submit a third recommendation. If it is possible, would it be a plus on the overall application process?

Bryce: We only require two letters of recommendation; however, if you do provide an additional letter, it will be included in your file.

Dan_1: Hi! I'm a bit curious why Chicago (and other schools) ask for parents' and spouse's education and occupation. Is this relevant to the admissions decision or just an information-only question?

Kelley: Good question, Dan. For parents, it helps to understand where the applicant is coming from. Is the candidate a first generation college student? Is one of the parents an alumnus of Chicago Booth? Does the candidate work for the family business? It's not relevant to the final decision, but it can help us understand the candidate's background and story much better when we have this information. Much of the same is true for spousal information. Additionally, often times partners or spouses apply togethe

G-160555355: How important are college activities and extracurriculars for those that have been out of school 6 to 8 years?

Carrie: Your college and extracurricular activities provide us with a snapshot of your invovlement as a student,

Carrie: Since we use a holistic evaluation process, all pieces of the application are equally important to our evaluation of your candidacy. That said, your undergraduate activities and extracurriculars only provide a snapshot of your invovlement as a student, and your current activities and interests will also give us an indication of your potential involvement as a Booth student.

Bill: Happy holidays -- regarding the requirement to scan/upload transcripts, I have an official encrypted-key PDF transcript from my undergraduate school, do you actually want an uploaded scan of both sides?

Karen: Hello Bill, We ask that you scan both sides of your transcripts and send as an uploaded document. Happy Holidays to you as well!

MBAAP10: It is great to join this chat. My name is Helen from China. What kind of quality does Booth admission committee value most in the application? Is it undergraduate transcript, career background, extra activity in community, essay, or resume? Thanks.

Carrie: Hi, Helen! When we review applications, we use a very holisitic process to obtain as full an understanding as possible of each person's candidacy and potential contribution to the Booth community. As such, there is no one area that is more important or more valued than another.

Sangmin: I have two questions. 1) I am an international student. I expect my TOEFL score to come out at the end of December so it will arrive at the school after the deadline. Would this be a problem? 2) I heard from a current student that there is a club called "Giving Something Back" that caught my interest but I can't find the information from the website.

Kelley: Hi Sangmin. 1)It is fine if we receive your official TOEFL score report after the january 5 deadline. However, we will need this report in order to make a final admissions decision. 2) To learn more about Giving Something Back, visit http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/give_back/

Juan: I was wondering whether probabilities to get admitted are smaller in round three than in previous rounds

Carrie: Great question, Juan! Since we make offers of admission in each round, we typically have fewer spots available in Round 3. That said, good applications always rise to the top, regardless of round.

Lina: Hi all, thank you for hosting this chat session. Regarding scholarships and fellowships, are those only awarded once we are accepted and commit to Booth? Or will we be made aware of these beforehand?

Carrie: Hi, Lina. We consider all applicants for scholarships and fellowships, and admitted candidates will be awarded scholarships at the time of admission.

Chadd: I'm taking the LSAT in Feb in the hopes of earning dual degrees. should I apply to both schools at the same time, or should I apply for the MBA first and law later? Will applying to both affect my chances for either?

Joanne: This is completely up to you. If you are hoping to complete Booth's joint MBA/JD program, you can apply to both at the same time (you will have to take both the LSAT and the GMAT). The applications are completely separate, though, and you may be admitted to one program, but not the other. The other option is to apply to one school and, if you are admitted, apply to the other once you are enrolled at the first. If you start at Booth, you will need to apply in your first year to reap the benefits of the j

Nimit: Since I am taking my GMAT on the 23rd, there are chances that the official score won't be reported until after the deadline. If I self report my GMAT scores within the deadline, will my application be accepted as part of round 2 applications?

Karen: Hello Nimit, Yes, you can submit yourself reported GMAT scores by January 5, 2011 and still be considered for R2. Your official scores are required if you are invited to interview. Good Luck!

Mike_Dietz: My questions surrounds transcripts. I am getting my transcript prepped for a round 2 submission. I have some transfer credit on my transcripts from courses that I took in high school that were recognized by an affiliated university. Do I need to send those transcripts as well? These are language and humanities courses.

Bryce: As long as the transfer course titles and grades/credits appear on your college transcript you are fine. Also, these transcripts can be unofficial until you're actually admitted to the program.

JTB: Hi. Thank you for hosting the chat. I was wondering if applicants with a family are at an advantage, or disadvantage when being considered for fellowships/scholarships?

Carrie: Hi, JTB. All of our scholarships and fellowships are merit-based, which means that an applicants family situation is not really taken into consideration.

AB: Hi, thanks for arranging this chat session. How much importance is given to the school visit during the admission process? This is specially in view of the fact that most of the international students hardly get chance to visit the school...

Bryce: No worries at all! I hope the chat is helpful for you. We realize that visiting campus at times can be difficult for international students. It isn't weighed one way or the other, but it is noted in your file.

Andrew_1: For a younger applicant (3 years of work experience) is it appropriate to include leadership experiences from undergrad on a resume?

Kelley: Hi Andrew. Yes, for our early career applicants, it is appropriate to put leadership experiences from undergrad on their resume. Since you are earlier in your career, we will look closely at your undergraduate academic record and activities.

Piyush: Hi can i submit my collage transcript through WES

Kelley: We do not retrieve transcripts from WES. So, if you send it to WES, we will not get it from them. They would have to deliver the transcript to us directly.

Change15: Hi, this is Hussain from Pakistan. My question is regarding overseas interviews. How booth facilitate the candidates who are living in countries like Pakistan (to be specific)? Does the admission committee also conducts interview via skype?

Bryce: We have plans to use Skype, but we also conduct off-campus interviews. These interviews are facilitated typically by alumni in those areas.

ievavysh: Hello, I was wondering if you have statistics on how many international students coming to Booth never worked in the US before? A rough percentage?

Carrie: Hi, Ievavysh. We currently do not track that information on international students. That said, roughly 35-40% of our class each year is comprised of international students with a wide variety of work experience.

Sean: Hello, and thank you for taking the time to help out applicants today. I realize that the essay which can be done in PowerPoint can be taken in nearly any direction, but do you have any tips on what to include or what to avoid? (especially around pictures vs. text)

Joanne: Hi Sean. We try not to be too prescriptive about Essay #3, because we're really excited to see what you come up with! We've seen great presentations that are text-only; we've also seen great ones that have a nice mix of pictures, graphs, charts, poetry, etc., and text. There's no one right way to tackle the question. Our best advice is to avoid repeating a lot of information that can be found elsewhere in the application, though the essay is a great place to expand on items you mentioned in your essays

marc: Hi! Thank you for the opportunity. I am interested in Marketing Research. Could you please talk about how students use the Nielsen database at your school? Also, I tried to look at the courses syllabi, but access to those is limited. Any suggestion? Thank you!

Kelley: Hi Marc. In our Data-Driven Marketing course this spring, our students will have access to the Nielsen data where they will be able to research new questions. For more information about Marketing at Booth, I strongly recommend going to the Kilts Center for Marketing: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx

Alejandra: What Study Trips do you organize? Are these faculty-led?

Kelley: We organize industry treks for our students. In these treks, our students travel across the US and the globe to meet with companies in different fields. These treks are planned by our industry-specific student groups and our Career Services Office. To read more about industry treks, check out the Booth Insider blog, there was a recent post about the treks: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/boothinsider. Now, if you're interested in studying abroad, you should look into our International Business Exchange Progra

Chat: Hi all. I won't have the option to visit the school before the January 5th (R2 deadline)Is visiting the school after the this date makes sense?

Joanne: Definitely! If you are invited to interview, that can be a great opportunity to visit. If you will be visiting before interview decisions are released, we'd still encourage a visit; if you are interviewed and admitted, you will make the decision-making process for yourself easier by knowing if Chicago Booth is where you can see yourself based in part on your visit. We will re-start our full Campus Visit Program on Monday, January 10, 2011.

Jay_1: Hi, What kind of virtual/online events do you offer? I see a lot of events avaialble for prospective students scheduled on campus....unfortunately those does not help someone like me with a full time job and being a new mom...what are my options to still connect with Booth but virtually? Thanks for your time.

Bryce: Good question! Here are a few options to consider moving forward:

Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/engage/index.aspx

DW: Hi I can find only course samples of electives. do u have the full list of electives?

Carrie: Hi, DW. You can access our full course directory here: http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/community/course_search/205.

mary: What is the optimal length admissions would prefer to read for the Duties and Extracurricular questions on the application?

Karen: Hello Mary, There is no set limit on how much information that is required. We ask that you use your judgment.

sinchic: On a similar note of recommendation letters, would Booth prefer recommendations from employers or professors? Is there a limit on the number of recommendation letters to submit?

Bryce: We only require two letters of recommendation, but if additional letters are provided they will be included in your file. Regarding the types of recommenders, we have seen both employers and professors, but just be sure that they add value to your application and speak to your strengths.

G-160482161: I want to pursue a career in social entrepreneurship. What are Booth's strengths in this area?

Carrie: Social entrepreneurship is definitely a growing area of interest to our students, and an area of strength at Booth. Given the broad scope of social entrepreneurship - there are many ways it can take shape here. From experiential learning (via our Social Entrepreneurship lab course) to our student groups (Net Impact, Chicago Global Citizens, Giving Something Back) there are many options for those interested in a social impact career. Given the flexible curriculum at Booth, you are able to create an MBA ex

Ed: I am visiting on the 20th of Dec, which I believe is an abbreviated day. Do you have any suggestions concerning how to get the most of my short visit? I am interested in strategy and sustainability.

Joanne: Hi Ed. At this time of year, our students and faculty are no longer available for the Campus Visit Program, so the only options we have for the Abbreviated Visit is the information session with our staff and the campus tour. However, we'd be happy to put you in touch with a student to talk with once the year starts back up on Jan. 3rd to talk more about your specific areas of interest.

AseemG: Is there an upper limit to the number of years of experience you want candidates to have? Am I eligible if I have 13 years of experience?

Bryce: Yes, you're certainly eligible. We look at applications in a wholistic manner. I just think it's important to speak on your career progression and why you are pursuing an MBA at this point in your life.

MBAAP10: Does Booth welcome students outside the Finance field? And how well does this program support the other concerntrations, such as marketing, general management and strategy? Thanks.

Kelley: Yes! We have many students who are interested in areas other than finance. Our students have many diverse interests. We have a fantastic marketing concentration which is supported by the Kilts Center for Marketing. And, we also have concentrations in general management and strategic management. While concentrations are not required, most students typically pursue 2-3 concentrations while they're here.

vbermudez1983: Hello, do you a have a minimum GMAT score?

Bryce: No, we don't have a minimum GMAT score, but an official score will eventually need to be provided.

Alejandra: If I transferred between schools in my undergraduate education, should I attempt to calculate an overall GPA or keep them separate?

Bryce: You can keep them separate, but we'll require unofficial transcripts from each institution when you apply.

Juan: Is there a deadline for merit scholarships or fellowships?

Joanne: Hi Juan. No, there is no deadline, nor is there a separate process for this. Students are awarded merit scholarships at the time of admission. Fellowships are allocated after admission, but before the first deadline to deposit and enroll at Booth. Some have separate essays or phone interviews, but we'll let you know about that if you are selected for those specific Fellowships. All admitted students are considered for all available Fellowships.

CharlesF: I have heard of the great flexibility that Booth students have in terms of structuring their education in their first year at Booth. If there are any, what subjects do required courses cover?

Carrie: Hi Charles. There is only one course that every student takes at Booth, which is our Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD) Course. After that, each student may have a slightly different roadmap to their curriculum, based on their experience and goals. Instead of a set of required courses, we have required subject areas, but allow students to pick the course that best meets their skill level. This way, all students will have a fundamental understanding of the foundations of business (economics,

Sid: How important is multi country work experience as part of the application?

Bryce: That's great if you have international work experience, but it doesn't necessary put you at an advantage. We look at your application and career progression as a whole during our review.

TNB_1: With the flexible curriculum are there opportunities to get involved with faculty research during the course of the MBA Program?

Carrie: As with most things at Booth, it's really up to each student! While there are no formal assistantships for MBA students to work on research, students are welcome to approach faculty to explore research opportunities with them.

JM55: To what extent are graduate degree GPAs considered when evaluating an applicant's academic record? It seems undergraduate GPAs are given more weight; is this true?

Joanne: Undergraduate GPAs are one factor of the decision process. A student's GPA, along with course choices, GMAT, and any graduate degrees or certifications are pieces of evidence for the committee to help evaluate your academic strength and match for Chicago Booth. However, no one part of the application is more important to us than another. We read very holistically.

Liran: Could you give some background regarding big internet firms that are recruiting MBA graduates from Chicago Booth? Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon etc.For what positions are they recruiting Booth's MBA graduates?

Carrie: Hi, Liran. We certainly have alumni at many of those companies, and their functions vary from marketing to finance to general management. You can read more about this in our employment report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx.

madtown: Have you seen any change in the quantity or quality of applicants this year?

Karen: Hello, The quality of applicants continue to improve every year, while the quantity is similar to last year.

Jhawar_NYC: What facets of an applicant are you looking to gauge through an interview?

Bryce: We're honestly just trying to get a better sense of who you are during the interview. And also give you a chance to meet someone in our community who might be able to answer some of your questions.

KateC: Are the letters of recommendation in a question-and-answer form, or may the recommenders submit a standard letter covering the requested topics?

Karen: Hello, It is acceptable for recommenders to submit a standard letter, however, we ask that they cover the topics discussed.

Chelsea: Do many students hold a PT or FT job while in the fulltime MBA program?

Joanne: Hi Chelsea. No, most students do not hold other jobs while they are at Chicago Booth. Our courses are all held during the day, which makes it impossible to hold down a full time job, and the pace and workload of classes, participation in student groups and social life make considering a part time job nearly impossible also. Some students are hired in the second year for part time jobs around Booth; for instance, second years can work as Admissions Fellows, Career Advisors, or Teaching Assistants for facu

valleyboy: When are the official academic transcripts required ? Are they to be sent directly by the respective schools ?

Karen: Hello, Official transcripts are required only if you are offered admissions.

Jay: And where there are specific courses that apply to running family businesses?

Kelley: We many entrepreneurship classes that would provide information helpful to running a family business. We also have the Family Enterprise Group, a student group on campus for students interested in family business. They have a A student-run workshop series, in which students present their family business and get advice from the group. They also provide workshops with family business managers and alumni to discuss their experiences as well as Lunch & Learns with faculty members and experts from outside Chicag

G-160595829: Can we address weaknesses such as bad under graduate GPA in the optional essay?

Joanne: Absolutely! That is an ideal use for the optional essay.

Fiona: sorry i just suddenly closed this window. I am wondering whether Booth discourage people who have lower than 104 on TOEFL iBT to apply?

Kelley: The 104 is the TOEFL score set by the University of Chicago. However, we have admitted students with less than a 104 because we are able to interview our applicants.

Rahul: Is there any specific format to submit transcripts

Karen: Hello Rahul, We encourage that you scan both sides of your transcript and upload a version in pdf then submit

MBAdream: Hello, Good morning! it nice to see the booth admission and students spare time even after the session ended. I have one specific question. Are the faculty open to questions and sharing their experiences at Booth with prospective students? Does one have to setup time or can they be approached during the campus visits?

Joanne: Faculty are generally very open to talking with prospective students; in fact, you can easily find their email addresses on our website. Meetings with faculty are not part of our campus visit offerings, though. However, you can sit in on a class while you're here and you are encouraged to introduce yourself to the professor before or after class.

Sid: If my university did not have a system of GPA can I leave the question blank and simply submit my transcripts

Kelley: Hi Sid. Yes, if your university does not calculate a GPA, you can leave the answer to this question blank and submit your transcripts.

sinchic: I did my undergraduate at UChicago. Would this affect my application to Booth in any way?

Joanne: While we always love to see UofC alumni apply to Booth, this fact alone does not impact the admissions decision.

Deepika: Hi, I work for a social enterprise wherein i am the associate director so i am slightly confused about who to ask for recommendation? What would be preferable : my client or the director of the firm ?

Bryce: Yes, that can certainly be tricky at times. I think it really comes down to who can speak to your strengths and also add value to the overall strategy of your application.

Divyanshu: Would an applicant working in a Fortune 500 company have advantage over someone working in a small company?

Bryce: No, it really comes down to the actual experience you've attained during your career progression. Specific experiences vary from company to company.

mpNYC: What tips would you have while tackling the powerpoint question? Seems like one should talk more from a personal perspective as the rest of the questions are very targeted towards professional experience.

Carrie: Great question, mpNYC! It is entirely up to you to decide the content of the third essay. We leave it open-ended to see what you feel is important to your candidacy. There are no right or wrong approaches or designs. Overall, my best recommendation is to be strategic as you have limited real estate elsewhere in the application!

aaron: I was recently offered a position with a new firm and will begin my employment in January of 2011. How do I reflect this in the work experience section of the application and on my professional CV? My salary is TBD - should I leave that section blank in the application if that portion of my offer is not solidified until after my application is submitted?

Kelley: Hi Aaron. On your application, you can add your new position and leave the salary blank. You can always provide the Admissions Office with an update after your salary has been confirmed. You can send this update to admissions@chicagobooth.edu

G-160555477: My application is complete for round 2 save for the recommendations and GMAT score. Can I submit prior to my recommenders uploading the letters?

Karen: Yes, we encourage that you submit your application even if your recommender has not submitted their documents. Once all your information is received your application will be considered compete. You can login to your application periodically to verify if all your documents are received. Good Luck!

jerrykid: How do the student-run clubs help in finding interns/ jobs for Booth Students i.e. are they doing a good job in connecting recruiters and students?

Joanne: Student groups are great for networking, both with other students and with alumni and corporate connections that the groups have. Second year students are also very helpful to first years in prepping them for interviews for internships. Many of the student groups also sponsor treks over the winter and spring breaks, which are great for networking with alumni and companies.

Piyush: I have served for 10 years in the military, but in middle of my career I completed my full time 3 year engineering degree. So, for the number of work experience should I mention 10 years or 7 years. The degree was done from the collage of military engineering while on active service

Kelley: Hi Piyush. You would count it as 10 years of work experience.

MBAdream: Is the kilt's center for marketing dedicated to research and the kilt fellows or can all students use rexources at the center?

Joanne: Any student interested in Marketing can use the resources available through the Kilts Center. All students are welcome to attend speaker sessions or the Marketing conference that takes place every year.

itu: Also the non profit I worked was started by my father. Will that be taken in negative light ? How best can I put forth my case?

Bryce: It won't be taken in a negative light. We have a fair amount of applicants who work for family businesses.

Sourav: Hi. I am based out of India. I would want to know how is an Admissions Interview like? What kind of a discussion is it? What does one need to prepare for?

Carrie: Hi Sourav. The purpose of the interview is to get another perspective of who you are as an applicant. All intervies are blind, meaning that your interviewer has not read your application, but they will have a copy of your resume. We try our best to make our interviews conversational and allow applicants the opportunity to both share their vision for why they are interested in an MBA, their long and short term goals, and why Booth is a good fit. It is also a great opportunity to ask our alumni and studen

AseemG: What is the middle 80 percentage of GMAT scores for admitted applicants? Do you look only at overall GMAT score or Quant and English scores too?

G-160636040: Hi, what percent of the applicant pool is international and is there a limit to the percentage of international applicants admitted to the program

Joanne: A large portion of our applicants come from countries outside the US. We do not have a limit to how many international students are admitted to Booth, and the percentage that enrolls each year changes slightly. This year, Booth's first year class is about 33% international.

Sam: I would like to understand if one wanted to understand policy and business of healthcare is there a joint degree program?

Carrie: Yes, there is a joint MBA/MPP with the Harris School of Public Policy. You can read more about this here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/jointdegree.aspx

juanp: Hello! I have a question; I have worked for the same employer, but in different positions. Do I have to fill only one Employment Record, and in Duties section separate them by positions? Or do I have to fill one Employment Record for every position I held in the same institution?

Karen: Hello, You encourage you to follow the same format as your resume.

juanp: I am applying as an international student, but I am not clear about the difference between “Home Address” and “Permanent International Residence Information” on the contact information section.

Bryce: Basically, the home address is where we would eventually send information and the International Residence Information will need to be filled out by all international applicants.

Rafael: What percentage of students participate in the graduate program in health admin and policy certificate program?

Kelley: A small percentage of Booth students participate in GPHAP. Also, GPHAP also consists of students from across the University of Chicago.

abhinab: Hi, how the the numbers of times I've taken the GMAT factor in the decision making process, or does the admission committee focus on the highest score reported? Thanks you.

Joanne: We do use the highest score you've achieved in our evaluation process. However, we are aware of how many times the GMAT is attempted, and there may be some concern if we notice that students have attempted the exam many times. We encourage you to try it twice if you'd like, but since Chicago Booth's process is so holistic, the GMAT is just one of many factors used in the evaluation of each application. Multiple attempts can signal a belief on the applicant's part that a better score means a better chance

G-160555269: Hi, I have already started a firm and the main objectives of pursuing an MBA is to explore and understand small and medium scale sector globally and develop the skills required as an entrepreneur. Will I get opportunities to research on specific sector at Chicago?

Carrie: Given the flexbility of our curriculum, you have the option to focus your study as narrow or broad as you like. For more information on specific concentrations, please visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/index.aspx.

Yi: is the transcript of this chatting still available 24hrs later?

Kelley: Yes, the transcript will be available within the next few days.

G-160555355: The Booth website states that interviews are on an invitation-only basis. Does this mean if I'm asked to interview, I've made it past some degree of a "cut-off"? Or rather, do you only interview candidates where you feel you'd like supplemental information to evaluate the candidate by? Thanks!

Karen: Hello, If you are invited to interview, this means you have made it to the next step in the application process and your application will continue to be reviewed for acceptance.

Aibrem: Hi, thank you for doing this, my name is Ibrahima, I'm a prospective student from Paris. I plan to apply on the 3rd round and wonder if there will be a chance to be interviewed here in Paris area or London or do I need to go to Chicago? Thanks

Kelley: Hi Aibrem. You do not need to come to Chicago for your interview. We understand that not everyone can take time off of work to come here. So, yes, you can have your interview in either Paris or London.

Robert: Are GRE scores of significant value towards admission?

Kelley: We do not accept the GRE - only the GMAT.

azhar: Hi, if I don't have time to have a campus visit, will it be a disadvantage with me for the addmision?

Joanne: Not at all; we'd love to have you visit us here at the Harper Center, but recognize that this is not possible for each applicant.

2013hopeful: If I took a course (Financial Accounting) for professional development, (non-degree), how should I indicate this in my application? Is resume fine or do I need to include in "Academic Record" section?

Carrie: We prefer that you submit a transcript for all institutions where you have taken courses, as well as mentioning it in the Academic Record section.

MBAdream: Are the interviews conducted by the ad com or a combination of ad com, alumni current studnets?

Karen: Interviews are conducted by a combination of alumni, second year students and admissions committee members.

Joanne: Thanks to everyone for participating in today's chat! It was great to hear all your terrific questions. Happy Holidays to all!

Ping: I read from a book that introduces B-schools. It is said Booth has a "cut-throat" reputation. What do you think about it? It really boosts my interests in Booth.

Carrie: Hi, Ping. While Booth students are certainly competitive, the environment at Booth is one of collaboration and friendly competition!

Karen: It was a pleasure answering your questions today! Good luck with your applications! Regards

Kelley: It was great chatting with you today. Happy Holidays!

Bryce Thanks so much everyone! I hope you found today's chat helpful. Have a nice weekend!

Carrie: Thanks so much for your questions! We look forward to your applications in Rounds 2 and 3. Happy Holidays!