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Full-Time Admissions staff and current students will chat with prospective students about the Booth admissions process.

Thursday November 11, 2010 - 11:00 AM CST

Donna: Welcome everyone! I look forward to answering your questions today.

Eddie: Good morning. Thanks for joining us.

Bruno: Good morning everyone! My name is Bruno Baratta, I'm a 2nd-year student from Brazil and before school I worked both in Sales & Trading and Consulting. Happy to answer your questions about student life, careers, social, the application process, moving to Chicago from a warm place, or anything else you might want to know.

Todd: Hi, my name is Todd and I am currently a second year student at Booth. Prior to Booth, I spent time in the military as well as a few years in the insurance industry. I am a career switcher will be entering consulting following graduation. Please feel free to ask any questions you have from student life to academics or anything else that is on your mind.

Kurt: Thanks for joining us this morning I am looking forward to answering your questions.

Julia: Hi everyone! My name is Julia McGuire, and I am a second year student here at Chicago Booth. Prior to Booth I was a consultant in the DC-metro area for five years, and will be joining a tech firm on the west coast post-graduation. Please feel free to ask me questions about being a career-switcher, having a partner at school, the application process, and student life on campus.

Joanne: Good morning everyone! I'm Joanne Legler, Associate Director of Admissions. Looking forward to talking with you today!

Joanna: Hello all! My name is Joanna Zisis, from Admissions. I'm looking forward to answering all your great questions today!

osdihg: Hello! Thanks for doing this. I have my interview in a week or so. Do you have any tips for the interview?

Joanna: Hello and congrats on being invited to interview. You can check out some great insight on the interview on our Admissions blog at: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/boothinsider

Neharchi: Hi. My Gmat score 670, but my profile, reccomendations and experience is petty strong.....would the gmat hurt my application

Eddie: Not really. The GMAT is only one part of our review. The other components that you mention are very important to us as well in our selection process.

Raj: Thanks for hosting this chat, it's been a great resource! What happens to my application next, after finishing interview?

Donna: After your interview your application will be reviewed again by the admissions committee. On December 15th, your status will change to admit, denied or wait list.

Vikram: It would be good if you can elucidate on the mode of teaching. From what I have come to know from prospective students and alumni is that Booth adopts a different methodology rather than the typical theoretical/case study method.

Bruno: Hi Vikram - we have a mix of case studies, lectures and lab classes. It really depends on the topic and on the professor. Sometimes even within the same class you could have both cases and lectures.

Interview_Invited: To Booth AdCom : I am 29, 7 years experienced . How much negative weight do higher age and higher experience carry ?

Eddie: Your age will have no bearing on the outcome of your application.

marut: It is my understanding that due to flexible curriculum Booth, unlike other schools, will not have study groups formed at the starting of session. Are there team based projects? How are teams formed?

Bruno: Hi Marut - Most classes will require study groups for all or part of the work. Students usually choose their own groups before or on the first day of classes.

oiiscotland: I have more that 15 years of experience and three degrees- I can't fit all this in one page of resume, is there any restriction on page limitation?

Joanna: Hello! There is actually no restriction on the number of pages in your resume. Good luck!

Neharchi: Do you have any courses on social entrepreneurship.

Kurt: We do have a social entrepreneurship lab class at Booth that invites organizations with this mission to utilize our students as consultants on a variety of real world problems. In addition to this students interested in this space can take up to 6 elective courses outside of Booth. Taking advantage of classes in the Public Policy School the Social Services school and the College. Essentially there are a lot of opportunities to learn about social impact issues.

Interview_Invited: To Booth Students : What are the various ways of learning leadership at Booth , through curriculum , through CEO speaks or club leadership experiences?

Todd: At Booth there are tons of ways to get experience with leadership. It starts with Booth's LEAD program which is a quarter long program that your whole class will take together. In this program you will focus on everything from communication to styles of interaction. During the academic year there are also many lab courses as well as traditional lecture classes that expose you both to leadership theory and practical application. Finally, almost every day there are business leaders that come to Booth to talk about their experiences.

Kevin: Hi, I have a question concerning the IMBA. How are the students selected to go to one school or another? Is it first to ask, first served or does it depend on grades? Thank you

Joanne: Hi Kevin. The IMBA is a great choice for those who are looking to internationalize their experience. It does require a study abroad experience, which is done through an application process. Thus, it does depend on the strength of the individual application, and some programs are more popular than others. You can get more information on the International Programs website at http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/index.aspx.

Interview_Invited: To Booth Students : Would you please like to share one or more specific instances where the Booth Alumni community helped you in reaching your short-term or long-term goals.

Julia: I found Booth Alumni to be extremely helpful during the career search and interview process. For example, during my job search I connected with alumni through our community directory where I was able to conduct numerous informational interviews with alumni at firms I was targeting. Additionally, the marketing group here on campus assigns alumni to students as mentors to help students prep for interviews and guide them through the entire job search process.

pohao: What's the Life is like studying in booth? How much time do student usually spend after class to study on average?

Todd: In general, classes require approximately 5-6 hours outside of class. There are some classes that take more and some that take less depending on the material.

Will: Questions for Julie - What is your favorite aspect of the Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital club? Did you expect to join when you applied to Booth? Thanks

Julia: Hi Will, the EVC club is one of my favorite clubs here because of the numerous events they hold, especially because of the experiential activities they promote. Also their conference is great and is a big event here at Booth each year.

bheinima: Hi - a question on timing of decisions. While I understand that Round 1 applicant decisions will be released "by" December 15, will admits be notified in waves starting significantly prior to this? Or does everyone hear at once? Are communications always via e-mail?

Eddie: All decisions are released at the same time. Typically, 9AM Central Standard Time and are posted on our site. With your login information you'll be able to see your decision.

Kavi: Hi. Would the Booth Admissions Team prefer a letter of recommendation from a current supervisor that we have not been working with for too long, or two from previous supervisors who we worked with for a long time?

Eddie: We give you the option to choose. It's a good idea to find the best person who can speak to your specific professional attributes.

marut: How is the program structured - is it based on semesters or quarters?

Todd: Booth's program is based on the quarter system. Each year you will have 3 quarters of academics. Between your first and second year you will also have a 10 week paid internship.

Hanad: Dear Adcom, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Briefly, I am applying for the 2nd round (Jan 2011) and I have background in cancer research but seek a career in asset management. Consequently, I am currently gaining valuable business operational experience as a Trade & Compliance associate for a luxury apparel company. Since, I dont have undergradute business education, I can you tell me what "pre-MBA" classes/courses I should take before enrolling in say booth for 2011. Thank you

Joanna: Dear Hanad, Half of our class will have undergraduate degrees in areas other than business actually. As for pre-MBA classes, we do not require or suggest any in particular. Its up to the student whether they choose to do so or not. Our flexible curriculum allows students to choose courses from the introductory level to the advanced to satisfy the core requirements.

Moderator: Hello everyone! We just got a very exciting announcement. Booth has been ranked #1 in Business Week magazine's rankings of FT MBA programs!

marut: In my understanding other than LEAD, taking 20 classes is mandatory for a Full Time 2Y MBA course. How are these classes divided over semesters / quarters?

Julia: Students typically choose to divide their courses over their quarters depending on how they want to manage their career search. Academic services provides guidelines to help you plan out your year according to your career search. For example, if you're career search is mainly on campus your Winter quarter will be extremely busy so many choose to take 3 courses in the Winter. However, it is very dependent on the individual and the course load (hours per class).

G-99928949: I guess i will not be able to send my application untill the 3rd round. Is this 3rd round much more difficult in order to get the admission?

Donna: It can be difficult simply because we receive a lot of quality applicants in rounds 1 & 2. We definitely admit people from round three, but cannot predict.

marut: What support is provided to the students to make the most of the flexible curriculum?

Todd: There is great support to help with the flexible curriculum. We have an entire academic services department that helps you plan out your classes and determine which classes will help you achieve your goals following your MBA.

G-99928949: Does Chicago Booth help the students from abroad to find a place to live during the MBA period?

Bruno: Hi G-99928949 - There are plenty of resources from school for you to find a place to live, and also current students are a great resource. During Admit Weekend we also run neighborhood / apartment tours, when you'll have a chance to check on some of the areas you're interested in and visit current student's apartments. Overall, don't worry, it is quite easy to find a place to live here and about 55% of the class live within 4 or 5 buildings downtown.

Abhi: Hi, I am an Indian applicant with over 5 years of workex and already do have an Indian MBA (pursued straight out of undergrad college). Although my motivations for pursuing a second MBA are clear, i just wanted to gain your perspective on whether this would looked upon negatively by the adcom? And where exactly should i highlight my motivations

Kurt: You are right that we are going to be very interested in your motivations for a second MBA. As always, the best place to talk about this will be in your essays. If you feel like you cannot do so, you can use the optional essay. You are not at a disadvantage, but we certainly encourage you to talk about the need for the second degree.

dcowen: Schools tend to be welcoming students at earlier and earlier stages of their careers. Does Booth have any age quotas (at eithe the high or low end) and is there an agenda towards admitting younger students?

Eddie: We have no quotas. We are looking for the best candidates to join us here at Chicago Booth.

Niladri: Could you please advise me a little about the difference between the questions - "Walk me through your resume" and "Tell me about yourself'

Joanna: Hello Niladri, I think the former is probably more about your career to date while the latter seems more general or casual - an opportunity where one can speak to both career and personal topics.

RKN: I have an alumni interview next week. Do I have to submit the same resume that was part of my application or can I add new development over 1 month since application?

Joanne: Congratulations on the invitation to interview! You can submit an updated resume if you like, particularly if there are new items you'd like your interviewer to know about.

Niso: Hey. I would like to hear a bit about the social activities in Booth.

Julia: Hi Niso! Chicago Booth is an extremely social school because of the numerous student groups and the fact that students live in several neighborhoods throughout Chicago. This allows students to gain a great Chicago experience up north, downtown, and in Hyde Park. Students are involved in clubs such as the epicurean club, wine club, and also partake in various intramural sports.

akshay: I am a prospective student from India. Would like to know if companies tend to prefer hiring students with permanent work authorization in the US. What kind of assistance does the career office/any student body offer to international students in this regard?

Bruno: Hi Akshay - Career Services is always here to give orientation on that matter, and they work really hard with firms towards our interest. Overall, it really depends on what industry you are recruiting for. For example, in investment banking and consulting for the most part it is not a problem at all.

vaibrasil: Hello. I was wondering what percentage of the Round 1 applicants invited to interview will be offered a spot in the class of 2013.

Donna: We do not know the percentage for this year. In the past it has been between 20% to 40%. This includes those who are waitlisted and ultimately granted admission.

marut: This question is for Mr. Garner. What are the elements in Booth's MBA Program that help one to pursue a career in management consulting?

Kurt: There are tons of elements that help with consulting. To start with, most companies view Booth as one of their core recruiting schools, this means they have a large on-campus presence and there are lots of opportunities to interact with them. Second, we have a career services department that goes above and beyond in making sure our resumes and interviewing skills are at their best. Finally, we have a management consulting group and a student body that are all too willing to help each other prepare for their case interviews. I felt fully prepared by the time I recruited.

Interview_Invited: To Booth AdCom : Interviewee is often asked what are the other schools she is applying to and what will she do if waitlisted at Booth . How much does the answer to this question affect admission decision by Adcom ?

Kurt: To be candid this is not a question we actively look to have answered; unfortunately, this might be the work of some individual interviewers' creativity. The intent of the interview is to measure your fit with the school so I would approach all questions from that standpoint and gear your answers accordingly.

G-99519048: Can you please tell us about your favorite class and faculty member?

Julia: My favorite class thus far is New Venture Strategy with James Schrager. He's an engaging professor and the class allows you gain the skills needed to think strategically about starting a new business.

Anna: Hello from Russia! I'm the last (fifth) year student. I will get my University diploma only in May, 2011(it's going to be A-level). I haven't had any work experience so far. And I'm going to apply for a scholarship at Booth. Are there any chances to be accepted for the full-time MBA and to receive a scholarship?

Joanne: Hello Anna! Just to clarify, students do not apply for scholarships at Chicago Booth; we award these at the time of admission based on the strength of your application relative to the strength of the pool. It is a competitive process, as is the general admissions process.

Amirtha: Hi Bruno, Todd & Julia, can each of you provide us some tips on preparing for admissions interview?

Bruno: Hi Amirtha - I'll give you my take, but it might be different from Julia's and Todd's advice, since I interviewed in Brazil with Alumni. I basically tried to learn a bit about my interviewer's profile, structure my reasoning for the MBA and Booth, and most important - be myself! My interview was really conversational, and it was really about my interviewer getting to know me and having a feeling whether I would have a good fit with the community here.

G-99519048: Can you please tell us about your leadership roles in extracurricular activities?

Todd: At Booth there are tons of options to get involved in leadership roles. Currently I am a co-chair of the Dean's Student Admissions Committee. I am also serving as a mentor for undergraduates who are looking for business careers. While these are just two opportunities, there are many other student groups as well as a student government that you can become involved in.

nino: Hello. I know the GMAT is a requirement, however, is there a possibility to submit an appcation first, see if you qualify and then take a GMAT?

Donna: We will not review an application without a GMAT score. You may submit your application without the score but we will not review until we have received the information.

Ravi: I am Indian. For the perspective of scholarships and aid, Is it better for me to apply in R1 next year or R2 this year?

Joanne: It makes no difference; apply when you're ready. The chances of being awarded a scholarship are the same in Round 1 and Round 2. By Round 3, we have limited funds available, and deadlines for outside awards may have already passed.

marut: I was considerably involved in various extra-curricular activities ranging from involving with NGOs to organizing and participating in events during my days in college. However, constant travelling in my consulting job has not allowed me to be actively participate in such activities. Is this going to be a negative point in my application?

Joanna: Booth is looking for students who have a propensity to be involved in the overall community. What we look for in applicants is a history of involvements and an indication you will be engaged here.

G-99519048: Can you please talk about why you decided to attend Chicago over other schools?

Bruno: Hi G-99519048,

Bruno: There are several reasons, such as all the people I met from Booth, the city itself, outstanding academics, school's facilities, etc. One huge thing for me was the flexible curriculum, since I really wanted to shape my academic experience to my needs. I would also mention that visiting was crucial on my decision process. I would highly recommend visiting the schools in which you're interested, since nothing substitutes being there and seeing the environment live.

RKN: It would be great if any one of the current students can share personal experience with EVC treks and/or Random Walk.

Todd: I went on a Random Walk to China last year with 12 of my fellow classmates. I loved the experience. Overall it was an incredibly well structured trip where essentially all I had to do was show up. I got to see the biggest sights in Beijing and Shanghai but possibly more important, I was able to build lasting friendships with the other 12 people on the trip (they are still some of my closest friends).

JD: Good morning. If I am accepted, my wife will be moving with me to Chicago. Does Booth offer special job search resources for partners of students?

Julia: Hi JD, I found the partners club as well as current students to be a great job search resource for partners of incoming students.

Riju: @Todd: How much specific has Booth been in guiding you courses/projects and in what way to help you develop consulting domain specific skills?

Todd: Booth is not restricting at all in the courses we choose. Personally I knew I had a weakness in Finance so I started taking some courses that would build my Finance skill set. I have also focused on regression and strategy courses as I feel these are not only useful, but also interesting to me. Bottom line, Booth lets you focus where you want and due to the wide variety of consulting needs, there really isn't a wrong answer.

georgev: Hi Joanna, thank you for your time. What is the best way to connect with Booth Alum in Los Angeles

Joanna: Hello George, you can email the office of Admissions asking us to make a connection for you.

Ravi_1: How important is the work experience in the evaluation process? What are the prospects for a young working professional with 2-3 years work experience?

Kurt: From an evaluation standpoint we are more interested in candidates' ability to convey a clear sense of why now is the right time to pursue an MBA. For some they come to that realization very early on in careers and for others it can take longer. As long as you have some professional exposure and a compelling reason for why and how an MBA will impact your future career goals, that is primarily what we are looking for in the application.

Deemario: How can i set up an interview session online

Donna: When an applicant is invited to interview they receive an email with the instructions. Instructions are available online when you login to the admissions system and click the "Invite to Interview" status.

Dylanknee: Hey everybody! So my first question is what kind of advice (outside of what was blogged about) would you give to applicants about the upcoming interviews?

Joanne: Not sure if this is more of the same, but we encourage you to cover the basics (business dress, arrive on time, etc.) and be prepared to tell your story, even if you feel like you've already done so. That includes your interest in Booth, your goals and your motivation for the MBA. Finally, come armed with some great questions to ask your interviewer.

Roger_1: Are non-cosigner loans available for international students?

Donna: We do have an international loan program and it does not require any co-signer.

Trisha: For the current students - is most of the course work team based?

Todd: Hi Trisha, my experience has been that it is 50/50. Half of it has been team based work and half has been more lecture related. To me I think it is a great balance that enables theoretical learning with practical application.

Jim_1: As far as a professional recommendation goes, I work with my Dad in a Father/Son business, is it ok to use him?

Eddie: It would be best to use a client if at all possible. We would like to get an objective opinion.

guru: What is the one thing that stands out for Chicago Booth when compared to other B-school?

Eddie: Selfishly, I would like to say the admissions team but it's got to be our curriculum. Hands down one of the best.

Dan: How important a role do extra-curricular activities play in the application process? Are applicants who have long work hours and miniminal time to invest in sxtra-curricular activities at a disadvantage compared to others in the applicant pool with more extra-curricular activities? (I have about 6 years of post-undergrad work experience)

Eddie: We do like to see any extracurricular activity that you may have. It's a nice balance but we don't hold it against you if you are required to work long hours. We do understand. You can mention activities that you may have participated in while in college.

Amirtha: Hi Julia, what do you wish you had known before you joined Booth?

Julia: Hi Amirtha, I wish I had known how quickly recruiting season begins as a first year. Career services has many resources available to first years, and it's vital that as a first year that you utilize them when you get here in the Fall to target industries, functions, and companies you're interested in.

vidi: Hi sir, my question does booth welcome candidates from social ventures backround? I for examople have worked in an non government organisation

Joanne: Yes, we see more and more candidates who are coming from non-profit and NGO backgrounds each year. If they plan to stay in that field, they are realizing that the MBA degree can be a valuable tool for running organizations.

abhishek: Hi Donna,i understand that the adcom takes a holistic view of the application before a decision is made. However, approximately how much importance is given to the interview on a scale of 1 to 10

Donna: After the interview the application will be reviewed again by an admissions director in its entirety. The interview is not more nor less important than any other part of the application.

Chris: hi, thanks for making this available for prospective students. my first question is about where students normally live? on campus, off campus?

Bruno: Hi Chris,

Bruno: Most students live in the Loop (downtown -about 50% to 60%), and for the most part within 4 or 5 buildings. Another fairly big part in Hyde Park (campus area) and the rest in different areas in the city. The reason why the Loop attracts so many students is that it is close to all the bars, restaurants, and areas where students usually go out in Chicago, but at the same time it is a block away from the Metra, the train system that takes you to school in 15 minutes, and from the downtown campus, where you can take night classes and participate in study groups.

Bruno: That also snowballs over time, since a big "Booth community" is created within those 4 or 5 buildings I mentioned.

Will_1: Would you please talk a bit about the interplay between the school and the Chicago urban landscape?

Eddie: I'm not sure I understand your question. We are involved in a lot of community work in and around Hyde Park. We also have a lot of volunteer networks here.

Rahul: Good morning to all. My name is rahul and i am from India. I am re-taking my GMAT at the end of the month and i am making every effort to apply before the second deadline. Considering i am a foreign applicant and the deadlines are fast approaching, is it realistic to try for the 2011 fall batch. please advise.

Joanna: Hello Rahul, we have two deadlines left for class incoming in Fall 2011 so you absolutely have time, especially since you are trying for Round Two. The majority of applications actually come in during Rounds 1 and 2! Best of luck.

Troika: Hi, my first question is - Booth talks about discipline based approach. Can you please elaborate what it means ?

Kurt: Discipline-based essentially is an analytical framework we apply to problem solving. Booth believes that markets and organizations are all built upon basic business fundamentals or disciplines, Economics, Accounting, Statistics and the Behavioral Sciences. Being able to understand, recognize and interpret these disciplines in any given situation makes our student not only effective problem solvers but confident leaders. Essentially it does not matter how complex or ambiguous a problem may appear at Booth you will be equipped to break down complexity to these core disciplines, analyze them, and build them up in a way that you can better understand and enact effective solutions.

J: As a current student, what do you feel is "best" about Booth?

Todd: It is really hard to quantify one "best" so I am going to say two. First is the community. From Professors to Students, Booth is a community where people are truly committed to each other's growth as well as lasting relationships. Second, is the curriculum. While it is often cliché to mention this, I love the fact that I can take classes that interest me and fill in my weak areas rather than a carte blanche schedule. Overall, these two things have led to a great environment both academically and socially that I am sure are going to build the network and skills necessary for me to become a future leader.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. Continue submitting those questions!

bheinima: Hi Julia - a partner question for you, since you offered. I am from Chicago and currently live here with my wife. Do a lot of locals (students already from Chicago) get involved in the partners activities?

Julia: For partners from Chicago, they find a lot of benefit to meeting other partners of Booth students (and students) through the partners group or by attending Booth social events in general. It's a great way for both the student and partner to be involved in the Booth community.

G-99441058: I really appreciate you all hosting this chat today and taking time from your busy schedules. I am finishing undergraduate at University of Tennessee, but am a non-traditional student who worked at Countrywide and Bank of America before the crisis happened and now am back in school. Would that type of experience be sufficient for admissions given strong gmat scores, honors graduation, double majoring, etc. etc.?

Joanne: It's impossible to comment on any applicant's chances for admission without seeing a full application. You can get more information about our class profile here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/index.aspx. We do not have a minimum requirement for work experience, so anyone is welcome to apply. We encourage you to use your essays--including the optional essay if necessary--to fully explain your story and background.

G-100090988: I am considering applying for 2nd Round. Are 2nd Round admissions more competitive than 1st Round admissions?

Joanna: The difference in competition between rounds 1 and 2 is fairly insignificant since the majority of applications come in these 2 rounds. Best of luck!

G-512955198: Hi Bruno, which is the main purpose of the Latin American Bussines Group?

Bruno: Hi G-512955198,

Bruno: The LABG helps gathering the Latin American community within Booth, so it is a mix of career and social-oriented club. It both promotes social events, such as the famous barbecues, and reaches out to students regarding specific professional opportunities for Latin American students (a lot of times companies will contact LABG directly, if they have a specific position in Latin America).

marut: During which semester / quarter is the LEAD program organized?

Joanne: The LEAD program starts on the first day of Orientation and continues through most of the first (Fall) quarter. In fact, LEAD concludes this weekend with the "Golden Gargoyles" event, in which cohorts will show videos they've made.

EasternEurope: Does a campus visit add some weigh on improving admission chances?

Joanna: Dear EasternEurope, not being able to visit campus does not negatively impact your application. We realize that not everyone can make a trip to Chicago before applying! Good luck! Joanna

rashaad: Julia, can you comment on the experience your partner has had during your time at Booth? What have they liked or not liked about the experience?

Julia: Hi Rashaad, my husband - although he has some friends in the Chicago area - often comes to social events I attend and has been able to get to know a lot of Booth students and some other partners as well. He's found it beneficial for him because he is able to also extend his network and has met people who also work or have worked in his industry.

Steve: I know it is a freeform, essay, but I was looking for some guidance on the Third Essay? Is writing a traditional essay discouraged? Am I supposed to find pictures, charts and graphs, etc.

Kurt: Essentially you should have a strategy on how to use this space. What is it you feel would be important for us to know about you that has not already been covered in the rest of the application. How you convey that information is up to you. There is no proper format or points given for graphic creativity. The choice is up to you because the form that your presentation takes on is as telling as the content itself.

Santiago: Hello everyone, my question is tu Bruno: how did your experience at accentre helped you towards the application process and in classes at Booth?

Bruno: Hi Santiago,

Bruno: Not sure if this is what you're asking about, but my experience at Accenture was my most meaningful professional experience before school, so a big part of my application was related to it.

Bruno: In terms of classes, I would give a similar answer. A lot of the knowledge I get from classes comes from bringing my past professional experiences to the classroom environment, sharing it with classmates, and listening to different points of view. Obviously, not to mention that a lot of the technical knowledge I have came from work experience.

Ravi_1: Hello everyone. My question is as follows: How important is the work experience in the evaluation process? What are the prospects for a young working professional with 2-3 years work experience?

Eddie: Work experience can add a bit of texture to an applicant. The experience can come into play during a debate in the classroom. We have noticed that some candidates may have had great internships or have worked on an entrepreneurial venture or family business during school. That can make a difference. We look for the quality of work that someone has - not always the quantity!

Chris: Question for Todd: have you gone skiing with other Booth students? If so, where did you go and how was the experience?

Todd: Hi Chris, Every year the Booth Ski Club arranges 2 trips (Winter and Spring). Both last year and this year I will be going on the winter trip and this year I might go on the spring trip as well. Last year the Winter trip was ~200 students at Steamboat and this year it will be about the same number in Sun Valley. The trip is a ton of fun and we got some great snow as well.

akshat: How does admission comitte view multiple attempt at GMAT.Is a candidate at a disadvantage if he has taken more than 2 attempts?

Joanne: We don't worry too much about second attempts at the GMAT. When we see a student has taken it many times, though, it concerns us that the student feels they must achieve a certain score to be competitive in the admissions process. The fact is that we look at each application holistically, and take all factors into account when making decisions.

HerwinGill: Booth does a good job educating potential candidates about its program. However, there's always an element of surprise to any ventures we pursue. As a current student, what did you find surprising about Booth?

Julia: What I found most surprising was the benefit of the treks Booth offers over the Winter. Prior to coming to Booth, I had known I wanted to live on the west coast post-graduation but wasn't quite sure how feasible that was going to be being at a midwest school. The west quest trek enabled me to visit many companies on the west coast I was interested in and ultimately led to contacts that helped me greatly through the recruiting process during Winter quarter.

Francisco: Thanks for the chat! Very useful resource. Any advice for reapplicants? I decided not to apply on 1st round since I'm expecting a promotion that I think will be helpful when telling my story. Did I do right?

Joanna: Hello Francisco, the best advice I can give a re-applicant is to take a fresh approach to your application. It always helps to look at your previous application and identify areas you'd like to strengthen. The admissions committee will have access to your previous application for reference, but will mostly focus on your current application. Good luck!

HerwinGill: For the alumni, why did you personally choose Booth over other schools you applied to?

Todd: Herwin, I chose Booth for for a few reasons. First I knew there were some weaknesses I wanted to address. Booth's curriculum let me take classes that met this goal. Second, while it is hard to quantify, when I visited Booth, I was left with a sense of community, energy, and passion that drew me in. After I visited the campus for Admit Weekend, there was no question in my mind; Booth was by far the best fit for me. If you have the ability, I highly recommend visiting the campus so you can experience it first-hand as well.

rflo: To current students: One of the main attractions to Booth is its flexible curriculum, however, did any of you find it difficult to really customize your education due to the volume of students interested in the same courses? Are there courses you hoped to take but weren't able?

Bruno: Hi rflo,

Bruno: Overall you shouldn't have a problem getting the classes you want. I've been able to get pretty much every class/professor I wanted.

abhishek: Hi-i understand that the adcom takes a holistic view of the application before a decision is made. However, approximately how much importance is given to the interview on a scale of 1 to 10

Joanne: We simply don't assess candidates that way. The interview is simply one more piece of information that is used in the evaluation process. It is an important piece, for certain, and we look forward to finding out more about you through the interview.

Andrew: I am interested in The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy. Do I need to apply to this program at the same time as my MBA application, and if so, how will this effect my chances of acceptance?

Joanne: You do not need to apply to GPHAP when you apply to Booth, though there is a space to indicate your interest in the application. It will not impact your evaluation for admissions.

Upjit: Hi,Thanks for this opportunity to clarify our doubts. I have two questions:1. I hold an MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management. However, I am clear in my mind that a second MBA is critical for me to achieve my career aspirations. But how do you view candidates who already hold an MBA degree?2. Is there a special focus (including courses and mentorship) on Private Equity and Venture Capital industry? If yes, can you share some details?

Eddie: We do have students in our program with MBA degrees already. They made a great case for getting another one in their application. We have some great labs here at Chicago dealing with PE and VC. Great professors too! Please visit our website for a closer look.

G-99511968: How do you Evaluate an Early career Mba Applicant & specially who wanted to change its career?

Joanna: Early career candidates are actually not evaluated differently. What we're looking for in any applicant interested in switching careers is that your goals and plan make sense! Remember also that most Full-Time students are career switchers, so you are in good company.

chuckd: Given the lead time between admittance and the first days of class, does Booth offer deferred acceptance? What if I receive a massive promotion, or something along those lines?

Donna: We do not offer deferrals. If an admit requires a deferral they may petition the admissions committee. Reasons we may grant deferrals include health reasons, family issues, military service, etc.

Riju: Can you speak a little more about the "Lab Classes"?

Kurt: We offer a variety of Lab based courses. We have management labs which work with fortune 500 companies on a variety of real world projects. We have New Venture labs that focus on working with companies in the start up space. We have a PE/VC lab which pairs student interns with PE/VC firms. We have classes that unlike our traditional labs combine corporate projects with weekly lectures. The work is complemented by the lectures of the course whereas our traditional labs do not have lectures incorporated; they are simply consulting projects. Lab classes include Marketing Methods, Social Entrepreneurship, and Clean Tech Lab to name a few.

RD: Hi Todd, I am from the military background, and was a combat pilot in the Indian Air Force. Currently working in operations in aviation Industry. I am touching 36, considering the age profile, will it be relevant for me to aspire for Booth? I wish to switch to consulting in the aviation business, keeping my experience in mind.

Todd: Hi RD, You should absoluteley consider Booth. There are many classmates that I know of that have similar profiles and who are also transitioning into consulting. Booth is looking for people that will add to the community, not some specific profile.

Ani: Hi, I am currently working for a family company of which I am part owner and hold a leadership position in a non-profit organization. Since the work I do for this organization might count as a second job without being paid due to the amount of hours dedicated per week, would it be acceptable to submit a letter of recommendation from a co-worker as well as from someone in this organization?

Eddie: You can, but we want to be sure the letter is objective, can speak to your professional strengths and is honest about your contributions you make.

Francisco: Question for Bruno...I read that you're in the PE club. Has the PE conference ever had a focus on Latin America?

Bruno: Hi Francisco - I don't think the Conference ever had a complete focus on Latin America, but that said we try to bring speakers from every part of the world to our conferences, and LatAm being a hot market right now that is obviously a focus (actually we just had our first Emerging Markets Conference last Friday, and I helped bringing in a speaker from one of the top funds in Brazil).

Bruno: We also usually bring LatAm PE speakers for the Latin American Conference.

paras: How often is the interaction with the alumni and what kind of support structure is extended to promote relations with the alumni?

Joanne: Booth students are encouraged to reach out at any time to Booth alumni; you will have access to every one of our 43,000 alumni all over the world once you enroll at Booth! Some students use this network extensively for things related to the internship or job search while others may not use this resource as often. Booth students are invited to all local alumni club events, which can be a great way to meet alumni. In addition, Booth alumni are always here to recruit with their companies and are used extensively for Booth events such as conferences and career treks.

Puru: Hi, i am re applicant. By fall next year I would have 10 years of experience. Would my age 30 be a concern for ad com when reviewing my application

Donna: The median age of the class of 2012 was 28. This means half of the class is older and also half is younger. We look at applicants holistically and work/life experience is just one aspect. No matter what age the applicant maybe, he/she should be able to articulate why an MBA at this time.

Zhen: I understand that GMAT scores are good for 5 years. I took mine in June 2006, will it be valid for round two this year, and possibily for early round one next year?

Joanna: Your score is valid until Jule 2011 (5 years). GMAT scores must be valid when you submit your application. This makes your score valid for a Round Two application, but not for Round One 2011 application.

SS: I am an Indian resident in UK. I am planning to aply for second round fulltime MBA. However, I have also applied for my citizenship in UK. Does it really matter if my citizenship changes after my application is submitted? Where shall I mention this information in my application?

Donna: It will not matter if your citizenship changes after you submit your application. If your citizenship changes, you can send an email to the admissions@chicagobooth.edu to update your application.

Jim: Good morning! My question is for Todd. How has your prior Air Force service influenced your experience at Booth?

Todd: Hey Jim: In the Air Force I had a lot of exposure to leadership as well as governmental operations. Part of what makes the Booth community so great is that the diversity of backgrounds gives individuals a large exposure to problems and solutions that they may face in the business world. I have found that I have been able to contribute a new perspective in most of my classes and have also built upon my experiences by hearing from others as well.

Cat: Hi all, I'm a prospective student and am curious about small business management and entrepreneurialship (sp?). Any insight on why Booth rates highly as an entrepreneurial school?

Kurt: There are a lot of reasons, too many to really cover in this format, but principally Booth's flexible format naturally attracts a lot of entrepreneurs because they are able to essentially create a curriculum and experience that is unique to them. Couple this with the offerings and support our Polsky Center provides (Make sure you look the Polsky Center up on our website for a lot of information on Entrep) and world class faculty and you will see why we are such a strong school for Entrepreneurship.

BillY: Is there any interaction between Booth and the other schools, both graduate and undergraduate?

Eddie: Yes. You can take classes at any of the other graduate programs and the college. The student groups have activities together or you are invited to attend other events outside of Chicago Booth.

Webb: Julia, how do most students handle the process of targeting West Coast tech firms? Do they primarily use their own network and resources?

Julia: Hi Webb, it is a mix depending on the type of west coast firm the student is interested in. Many tech firms do recruit on campus in the Winter. However, many also network through alumni, personal, and student contacts throughout the year for the Spring since many tech and media companies recruit in the Spring as well. I did a mix of both.

Thomas: Hi all! A question for Bruno: did you participate in the Bank Week? What was this like?

Bruno: Hi Thomas,

Bruno: I did participate in Bank Week. You basically have a week of meetings with pretty much every investment bank willing to hire MBA students in NYC. Banks host both events and informational interviews, and you spend 4 or 5 days going around NYC for those events. It is a great way to learn more about the banks, see their environment live, show your interest, and be in front of bankers in a more personal environment. I would say it is crucial for those that want to recruit for IB in NYC.

marut: Are all courses available in all quarters? How often does it happen that a student is unable to get a class of choice during a particular quarter?

Julia: Marut, not all classes are available in all quarters. There are 6 rounds of bidding for classes, and if a student isn't able to get into a course they can either bid again on that course or bid on another course they're interested in, in a following round.

Sonny: Does the IMBA has a different admission process and criteria than the regular MBA program?

Joanne: Not at the time of application; there is no separate process, but you may indicate your interest in the application. Once you are enrolled, you will meet with the Office of International Programs to start charting your course to complete the requirements for the degree. More info can be found online at http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/imba/index.aspx.

Akki: They say R1 and R2 are given same weightage. Is it true? or applicants of R1 possess better chances than others?

Donna: Honestly chances of admission are not greater in either round. We interview approximately 50% of the applicants and admit 20 to 40% of those interviewed.

soup: hi team, i have a question about the resume for the interview. should it be tweaked somehow (currently its the same if i were to apply to another job in my industry)

Eddie: Your resume should just give us an accurate account of your work history. The industry shouldn't make a difference.

anil: As Booth has flexible course..many students will not be having the same classmates across teh classes...how does the collaboration for clubs get affected by this approach?

Julia: Anil, students meet many of their classmates through other events and through courses they take throughout the year. I found this to be a benefit because as a Booth student you're able to meet a variety of people and are not limited to a cohort throughout your first year. Collaboration or finding groups in classes has not been an issue in my experience.

daphne: is average work experience for the class calculated based on the number of year upon entering the MBA or number of years at time of the application

Donna: It is at the time of entry into the program.

SS: Good Morning. I am Siva, working in IT with 10 years of experience. I considered both full time and executive MBA - however I wanted to pursue fulltime. Does my age/experience is a disadvantage for a fulltime candidate?

Kurt: Put simply, no. Chicago is a place that really looks for diversity in its student body and that includes length of work experience. What we are more concerned about from an evaluation perspective is how well an applicant can convey their argument for Why Now? Essentially we want to understand why a person feels that now is the best time for them to apply and how their experiences leading up to this moment has helped shape their goals and better equipped them to contribute to this community.

Cat: I'll be travelling through the Spring for work, if I get an interview after I submit my application, will I be able to set one up internationally, or will I need to be in the States?

Eddie: You can set up an alumni interview if we have someone in the country where you are going.

Shawn: I scheduled a Booth Campus Visit in a few weeks and have also been invited to interview as a ROund 1 applicant. I recieved an online questionaire regarding my visit. One point in the questionaire asked if I would be performing an on campus interview. I replied yes but the questionaire did not provide the Saturday date in which I will interview at Booth. It is the special Saturday interviw session of the 20th. Should I advise anyone of this issue so that the Campus Visit questionaire accurately reflects this?

Joanne: Thanks, Shawn, I'll look into this. Yes, might be helpful to send a quick email to admissions@chicagobooth.edu so that we can be sure we know when you'll be coming to campus for your interview.

G-512955198: Bruno, did you find difficult for us (southamericans) to adapt to the northamerican culture?

Bruno: Hi G-512955198,

Bruno: Not at all. There are differences, obviously, but have in mind that you're in an environment where people are willing to meet new people with different backgrounds, and that's actually a great addition to everyone's experiences.

G-99435987: My questions relates to the letters of recommendation and in particular the second letter in which Booth does not have a preference on who writes it. Is there any sort of guidance you can give on how a previous employer recommendation vs a peer recommendation would be viewed?

Joanna: Who you choose to write your second letter is completely up to you and the qualities or aspects of your candidacy you would like to highlight via that recommender's experience with you. We do not have a particular preference for the second letter.

G-99441077: Is the interview extended after the application has been submitted?

Eddie: Yes. We extend an invitation to interview after your application is reviewed.

marut: To Booth students: What is it that you found lacking in Booth's MBA program? Is there any aspect that you wish was different in any way?

Todd: Hi Marut, I really don't find anything lacking in the Booth experience. In terms of what I wish was different, at Booth classes meet once a week for 3 hours at a time. While you get use to it, I personally prefer meeting a few times a week. This being said, however, the once-a-week approach does ensure you have plenty of time to dig deep into issues without having a discussion split up across several days.

akshay: What is your policy on re-application? Is it likely for a student to be rejected in the 3rd round solely due to the fact that you have filled all available seats. In such cases would you grant deferred admits or encourage to apply again?

Joanne: We encourage students to reapply if they are still interested in attending Chicago Booth. Round 3 may be a bit more competitive, as by then, we have filled most of our available seats in the class. However, we do not make decisions based on any one factor, including availability. We do not offer deferrals, but do encourage you to reapply in another year.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please continue to submit your final questions! Please note, as we often get repeats of questions, we will try to address the general topic (if not your specific question).

xiao85yu: Looks like a couple of you are career-switchers, how did you present your story of wanting to switch careers to Booth when you interviewed?

Julia: For my interviews I constructed my story by tying my background and applicable skills, as well as clubs and courses I took here at Booth to show my interest for that function or industry the interview was for. Career services can help you construct your story for the potential employer.

Naman: I'm from Singapore, will it be a good idea to visit the Singapore campus ? Who can I contact there?

Joanne: You are welcome to stop by the Singapore campus--very conveniently located and a beautiful building! However, the campus is home only to the Executive Asia program; they will not have any information on the Full-Time program, so it might not be the best resource for you, but it is open to visitors.

Mohit: Is just having 2 years of work experience considered a disadvantage

Joanna: Dear Mohit, Booth seeks students with varying years of work experience, so no, this is not a disadvantage. You can read more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/

G-100140553: Hi i'm looking to apply in 2nd round my question is: do you have any standard GPA requirements? I'm an undergraduate from UK so do I have to convert my UK grading to US GPA?

Joanna: Hello. We do not have a GPA requirement for applicants. International applicants do not have to worry about converting to a US GPA. Good luck!

nellz: i'd love to learn more about students & community involvement--how actively involved is the student body with local charities/nonprofit organizations?

Todd: Hi Nellz,

Todd: At Booth there is a focus on being an active member of the community... this can mean the Booth community or the larger Chicago community. There are a few student groups with a fairly large membership that are focused solely on community service. One in particular is called "Giving Something Back." There are also many opportunities to get involved in non-profit opportunities, some of which can even extend into careers after you graduate.

tamarack: How difficult is it to get a spot in the Lab Courses? I would imagine it is pretty competitive. Are most students only able to take one?

Bruno: Hi Tamarak - It really depends on which lab course you're referring to. I'm now taking one of them (Cleantech Lab), and you basically just need to bid for it (and by the way - I got it for zero points). Now a lab like the PE Lab has some competition, so you need to apply and there's a percentage of students that are selected.

Stas: What unique opportunities exist for individuals who own a business or have a specific product/service they are developing and attempting to bring to market? In other words, in that regard, what does Booth offer that other top programs do not?

Kurt: Our Polsky Center is awesome. We have a very strong entrepreneurship concentration. It's very popular here. Several of our students have had their ideas come to life. They have become very successful as a result of getting involved with competitions, the labs we offer, the faculty and the alumni network. Check out "Bump" technology for the iPhone...it was started right here at Chicago Booth!

daphne: I heard at a recent Booth info session that more students are finding jobs abroad after completing their education and that Booth has been instrumental in helping job placement. I'd love to hear more about this as it seems to be a really unique attribute to the school.

Joanna: Hello Daphne, you may find our Employment Report helpful. It will outline the companies where our students have gone to work, as well as the cities they've gone to. You can view it here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx

elliotb2: Can you tell me about Booth's presence in East Asia? I got an email announcing the opening of the Carter Center in Beijing. What are they up to out there?

Kurt: Chicago Booth has had its Asian Executive Program in Singapore for the last 10 years so our presence in the region is well established. However, this year the University of Chicago working with Booth established an academic center in Beijing to increase the University's presence specifically in a very influential market. The center will work provide opportunities for greater collaboration and research between the University of Chicago and a variety of top Chinese Universities and organizations.

Dan: Is it harder to get in if you apply in later rounds?

Eddie: There are fewer seats in the last round but we still make offers of admission.

vaibrasil: To Mr. Kockroach: How many Brazilians are there in the class of 2011, and how does this number compare to the number of Brazilians in other top U.S. schools? I am trying to assess the network strength in Brazil, since I plan to return to our country after my MBA.

Bruno: Hey Vaibrasil,

Bruno: Class of 2011 has 15 Brazilians, and Class of 2012 has 12 Brazilians. In terms of the network strength I guess I'll give you one real example, which is I got one of my internships directly through and alum in Brazil.

G-100130468: Dear Bruno, Todd or Julia: could you tell us a bit about your internship experiences? How did you see the current job market? I'm a prospective student with background in IT and would be interested in developing a career in the media and new technologies industry. Do you have any particular classes you have attended and would like to recommend which are related to that industry?

Julia: My summer internship was a great experience in terms of being given a challenging project, experiencing a new culture in the tech industry (which was very different from my previous work experience), and being a part of new products. The tech industry moves very quickly, so it tends to be a stimulating environment when you work for a firm constantly generating new ideas. I found the current job market for tech to offer a variety of positions (from marketing to finance to operations). Booth offers a tech strategy course here that I would recommend, as well as a new course called "Building an Internet Start-up."

Raider: do u have a specific cutoff for the Indian applicant in terms of GMAT.. I have heard rumours that almost all Indian admitted have scores in the High 700's. however the admissions session representatives always encourage to apply irrespective of the score.. Can u plz clarify or validate..this rumour / fact

Donna: We do not have minimum cutoffs for any applicant. This includes no minimum for GMAT, for GPA, for work experience, for age, etc. We want to admit the best students and the best students cannot be found simply by looking at raw numbers. We review applications holistically to find the best.

Sierra: Hi, thanks for having this chat. My question is regarding interview- do you have any recommendations for preparing for that besides knowing the program well, knowing your career path etc. Does Chicago use any of the brainteaser-type questions in interview, for example

Joanna: Hello Sieera, interviews with Booth are meant to be more conversational. Interviewers have not seen your application or know anything about your profile. We feel this allows you to have a real interaction and conversation with your interviewer. We do not encourage the use of brain-teasers, case questions etc. Good luck!

Nabil: Hello again. I have been trying to find information online about this but unsuccessful. Some programs have sustainability as a track or certificate. Does Booth offer something similar?

Kurt: We do not have a track or certificate but we do have many options to explore in this space across the University. To learn more please check out the following link. http://sustainability.uchicago.edu/

G-99441062: Hi, I'm Tim from Taiwan. Thank you for taking my question. Regarding the Essay 3, I'd like to know do you have any limit on the number of slides for the PowerPoint format file?

Eddie: We only ask you to use 4 pages.

Aleped: Hello. I am interested in social enterprise but it is not one of the 14 Concentrations. I've heard there is one professor who teaches a class in non-profit or social enterprise. Could you please let me know who she is and if there are more than just one class in this arena?

Joanne: You may be thinking of Social Entrepreneurship, which is taught by Linda Darragh and Robert Gertner. Gertner is also teaching a class called New Social Ventures this Spring. Besides the classes offered here, students are also invited to take courses in other graduate programs at the University of Chicago, including the Harris School for Public Policy or the School of Social Service Administration, which can supplement your knowledge and coursework at Booth.

Stoycho: If admitted in the full-time program for 2011, could a student postpone his education to the following year calendar year for valid reasons. If so, what is a valid reason?

Eddie: We grant deferments on a case-by-case basis. You'll have to give us your reason and we will take it under review.

Ashutosh: Hi - I have already submitted my GMAT score for the weekend MBA program. I am applying to the full time program instead. Do I need to resubmit my GMAT score?

Joanne: No, you do not; we will be able to obtain your official scores as long as they were submitted to any of Booth's programs.

Harry: Hi. I have done my Masters from IIT-Chicagoon Construction Management and have around 4 years experience. Do you consider people with experience with 3-4 years of experience and what are my chances to pursue my MBA in either Operations or Consulting. Thank you.

Eddie: We enjoy students who are looking to make a career change. We will certainly be able to review your application for admission.

soup: Hi, Is there any way to know the interviewer before Campus interview?

Joanne: No; our interviews are done blindly, so you will not know who will be interviewing you before your arrival to campus. You will likely be interviewed by a second year Admissions Fellow, though if you are coming for one of our Saturday interview days, you may interview with an alumnus instead.

Niall: I work for a small company that would not support me leaving them to attend school, therefore I can't ask a supervisor for a rec. letter. I have two other strong candidates that will help, but how should I approach this subject in my application?

Eddie: We give you an opportunity to select the right folks to write your letters and you can tell us why you chose them in the application.

G-99519048: What opportunities does Booth offer to gain a global perspective?

Kurt: This question is tough to answer thoroughly in this space, but Chicago Booth is a globally recognized and respected institution attracting students and faculty from around the world. In our entering class 55 countries are represented and we alumni in over 113 countries. We offer an International MBA program and an International Business Exchange Program with sister schools in 21 different countries. Beyond that there are Career Treks, Random Walks, Student Clubs, Lecture Series that all focus on providing students with international exposure. This does not even touch on the several hundred courses taught at Booth and the University that give you access to global issues, policies and cultural study.

Julia: It was a pleasure chatting with you all today! Good luck on the application process!

Joanna: Thanks for joining us today! Best of luck in the application process!

Kurt: Thanks for the time today we really appreciate your questions and look forward to future chats.

Donna: Thanks for the questions!

Joanne: Thanks to everyone for joining in today's chat. For those that are interviewing, best of luck in the coming weeks and good luck too to those getting ready for Round 2.

Bruno: Thank you all for your questions and good luck on the application!

Eddie: Thanks for joining us. If you haven't visited us here in Chicago, we would love to have you stop by!

Todd: It was a pleasure talking with you. If you have the chance, definately come and visit us on Campus.

Todd: Take care, Todd

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. Have a great day!