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Live Chat with Full-Time MBA Program Admissions

Admissions staff will chat with prospective students about the Booth admissions process and the 2011 application — just in time for the Round 1 Application Deadline!

Tuesday October 12, 2010 - 11:00 AM CDT

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Live Chat with the Full-Time MBA Program at Chicago Booth. The chat will begin promptly at 11:00am CST, but please feel free to start submitting questions now.

Bryce: Welcome everyone! I look forward to answering any questions you might have today.

Carrie: Welcome! My name is Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to answering your questions!

Joanna: Welcome to our chat! We look forward to answering your questions.

Donna: Greetings from Chicago where it is sunny and 75 degrees today! I am happy to chat with you.

Will: I have a question about the flexible curriculum- can you take elective classes during the first semester or are you required to take the foundation courses first. Specifically, I'm interested in taking foreign language classes throughout my pursuit of an MBA and wanted to see if this was possible. Thanks!

Carrie: Hi Will. The beauty of the flexible curriculum is that you can start taking electives immediately, which includes the option of taking up to six within the larger university.

newton: what does booth think of young leaders? Do you prefer or dislike those guys as MBA candidates?

Joanna: Hello Newton, Booth welcomes early career candidates. Contrary to popular belief, Chicago Booth encourages applications from candidates who have less than the average of five years of full-time work experience.

cs1981: I gave my gmat in dec 06, 2005, is my score valid for round two admissions?

Donna: Scores need to be less than five years old from the day you submit your application. As long as you have the scores sent to us and submit your application prior to Dec 6th your score will be valid.

Eddie: Good morning everyone. Let the questions fly!!

Santiago: Hello Admin Staff, I want to know if there are any disadvantages in applying in second round in comparisson to first round

Joanna: Hello Santiago, The difference in the level of competition between rounds 1 and 2 is not that significant. Our advice is always to apply when your application is best.

AZ: Hi, I am applying for Round 1. Is it possible for my recommenders to submit the recommendation after the deadline?

Donna: We will accept recommendations up to one week after the deadline. All applications submitted in round one will need to have all missing material received by 10/29. If your application is missing anything at that time, it may be reviewed in the second round.

Tarun: I am assuming that I do not have to mention any "Reason for Leaving" under my current job. Is this ok?

Eddie: Some applicants say "because I am applying to business school," but you don't have to.

Tarun: Is there any limit on the number of words to be used while talking about the duties in the employment section of the apllication?

Donna: I believe it is a 256 character limit.

Sneha: Hi! this is Sneha. I am from India and will be applying to round 2 application process!...I have been working in the US for the past two years at a client site...when can you be exempt from toelf?

Bryce: If you graduated from an English speaking undergraduate institution, you would then be exempt from the TOEFL. Here's a link that might be helpful:

Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/international.aspx

deenanath: hi all - thank you for taking the time to answer our questions today. I heard from a friend that recommenders can send in their letters by 20th and the application will be counted in round 1 as long as it is submitted by 13th. True?

Joanna: Hello! Your application must be submitted and complete by the 13th, but your recommenders have until the 20th to submit their letters.

Chris: My first question is related to the English test. Since I need to submit IELTS instead of TOEFL to illustrate my English proficiency, I need to know whether applicants who submit IELTS scores rather than TOEFL will be discriminated.

Eddie: No, we are just giving you an option as far as the test is concerned. The IELTS offered a speaking section before TOEFL did. You can use either one. TOEFL now offers the same option.

tf: If I finish my application online by the 13th, but a transcript or letter of recomendation does not make it in till a day or two later, will that push me back to round 2?

Donna: All missing materials need to be received by 10/29th. If at that time anything is missing we may move an application to round two.

pb06: Hi...I'm from india and am interested in a career in human resources, organizational change etc..in cosulting mostly...i was wondering how many people form booth usually choose such a career path?

Carrie: Consulting is one of the most popular career paths at Booth. For our class of 2009, it was the most popular industry with 23% of full-time students entering consulting.

Joy: I have submitted my application, and got the message that it was incomplete - missing the recommendations and transcript of first degree. I have mailed across the transcripts to admissions@chicagobooth.edu on 10th Oct, and I have ensured that the recommendations have been submitted (As per my application status page, they have been submitted on 11th Oct). However my status is still showing "incomplete" and there has been no reply to my e-mail sent containing the additional documents.

Donna: We review incomplete applications each day. It will take 24 hours for your status to change once we determine that all of the materials have been received.

KT: Hi, Greetings for the day! While uploading my transcripts, i noticed that in one of my mark-sheets the date is mentioned as Nov-2002 whereas it should have been Nov-2003. All the other dates are correct and if required i am ready to get the document attested from my under-grad institution. Will it be fine if i upload the transcript and mention the issue in extra information section?

Eddie: Yes, that would help us out as we review your file!

Bryce: You can certainly take the GMAT again and send the score in, but we will evaluate the initial components of your application.

Chris_1: IF you submit application with one GMAT score but plan on taking again, is it possible to add the new score to your application?

TY: If accepted at the Chicago Booth School of Business what type of scholarships are available to minority students with over ten years of work experience?

Eddie: Their are no specific years of work experience that will get you a special scholarship. If admitted, you will be considered for all scholarships that we have available.

np1989: Are MBA students who are attempting to strengthen their quantitative background allowed to take lower level courses in computer science ?

Donna: MBA students can take up to six courses anywhere at the University of Chicago. This would include any class within Computing Science.

Sandeep: Hi, In the extraciriculars section of the applicaiton, we are asked to mentioned the scope of our involvement. Do I need to specify my involvement in detail or stick to just 1 or 2 lines?

Carrie: Hi Sandeep. In general, I would use your best judgment in regard to how much detail to include. If you feel it needs additional explanation, feel free to provide it. If it is pretty self-explanatory, 1-2 lines describing your involvement would be fine!

alan_1: Morning! Approximately how many days after online submission can we know we will be offered an interview or not? Thnaks!

Eddie: November 10th is the last day to receive information about an invitation to interview.

G-43077998: Is there a specific time the application is due?

Bryce: Your application needs to be submitted by 5:00pm on the deadline date. Here's a link that might be helpful:

Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/apply.aspx

Fernando_Brazil: When do we find out about the financial aid availability, both for financing as well as scholarships?

Joanna: Fernando, applicants find out about scholarships and loans when they are admitted to the program.

Hrishi: How does the admission committee consider multiple GMAT attempts and which score is considered

Joanna: Hello Hrishi, we only consider your highest score. Multiple attempts are fine, but of course you want to use judgment here in how many times you take a standardized test.

Ashot: In your practice what was minimum GMAT score of an accepted student?

Eddie: We don't publish that information. We have more of a range that we look at which is 660 - 760. Please remember that the GMAT isn't the only piece of information we use to make a decision. LORs, essays and interviews have been very successful for students with a "soft" GMAT score.

Donnie: If I planned on applying last year and had my GMAT scores sent to Booth, do I need to resend them before the deadline?

Donna: You will not need to resubmit your scores as long as you have previously requested them to be sent to Booth. We have access to them online.

evan: I just came off active duty in the military, and am wondering if there was any documentation that you need in order to get the fee waiver request approved?

Donna: We do not require proof for the US military fee waiver.

Al: In what ways would you say that Chicago is unique, in how applications (and especially essays) are evaluated?

Carrie: Hi, Al. We use a very holistic process at Booth for evaluating applications. Each piece of the application plays an important role in determining who you are as an applicant. When looking at your essays specifically, we are looking at them in context of your larger application, to get a sense of why an MBA is right for you at this point in your career, and if Booth is the right fit. Additionally, our process is such that each application is read in its entirety by multiple people on the admissions commit

hayastan: My question is more on the curriculum of the program. Is there a limit on the number of concentrations from which we can pick elective courses?

Bryce: You can take your 6 electives at Booth or anywhere at the University of Chicago to round out your MBA. Classes basically count for different concentrations. On average, students typically graduate with 1-3 concentrations.

Sneha: I will submit my application for round 2....when should I typically some for the interview?

Eddie: February 16, 2011 is the last date to receive an invitation to interview for round 2.

Hrishi: Hi, what supporting proof is needed for the TOEFL score wavier based on undergraduation study in English

Donna: If admitted and if we are not familiar with the school we may require a letter or transcript indicating the English instruction. A lot of times we simply access the school's website where they often indicate the language of instruction.

Josh: What proportion of students pursue careers in the same fields they anticipated pursuing before enrolling at Booth full time?

Carrie: Hi, Josh - great question! We typically do not track that information as students may changed their desired goals once they arrive at Booth. However, the majority of students are looking to change or enhance at least one aspect of their careers - industry, function or geography.

Matt: If we are submitting our application for Round 1, approximately when will the interviews take place? Also, is it a disadvantage to interview somewhere other than on Campus?

Eddie: November is the last date for round 1 and it doesn't matter if you interview on campus or with an alum.

Jess: I have a question regarding the unoffical transcript. I have a copy of my offical transcript. Can I scan this into a pdf and simply upload this?

Donna: Yes. Please make sure you upload both sides of the transcript.

Kim: When will I get a confirmation on whether the admission committee has received the completed application?

Eddie: An automated email will be generated when your status is complete.

MRR: Thank you for the hosting the chat sessios on this beautiful day, hope you get to go outside afterwards. Quick question: Does the 300-word limit also apply to the re-application essay? Thanks.

Carrie: You are correct - the 300 word limit does apply to the re-applicant essay question.

Kim: With the round 1 deadline coming up tomorrow, I'm curious about what to expect after submitting the applications:

Joanna: Hi Kim, Yes, tomorrow is an exciting day! After you submit your application, you will receive a detailed email within 24 hours explaining all of our next steps and evaluation process for you. Good luck!

Chris_1: Is it possible to submit a GMAT score later in round if you are retaking?

Bryce: Yes, you can submit a new GMAT score and we will add that to your application.

Mujtaba: Good afternoon from uk! just to confirm once a UK candidate is accepted on the course is it the J1 visa that they need to apply for via the US embassy in london?

Eddie: After the tuition has been set for the 2011-12 year, you can use that information on the I-20 to apply for your visa with your embassy.

Riju: I need some urgent help - I have received a mail confirming submission by one of the refree but in the application status it is still being shown " not submitted"

Donna: Please email the admissions@chicagobooth.edu with specific questions about your application so that we may be of assistance.

Hrishi: Even though I qualify for a TOEFL score waiver, I do have a TOEFL score. do you suggest I submit it?

Donna: I really cannot answer that question since it would be up to you. I would say if you feel it adds value to your application, then submit it.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. Continue submitting those questions!

Rouz: What opportunities does Chicago Booth provide to improve my professional writing skills as an MBA student?

Joanna: Dear Rouz, there are some electives for business writing, but also many opportunities to improve your writing skills in all of the courses you will take as you complete papers, projects, cases, etc!

Solly: Hello! i am Solly from South Africa. i can only visit the campus around late Jan after pressing the submit button on my online application. will i have an opportunity to send additional info after the visits and having already submitted the rest of my application?

Eddie: Once we have verified that your application is complete we begin to review your application. Your decision may have already been made by the time you return home and try to submit additional information.

AWilliams: How does Booth look at a period of unemployment? And how should this be addressed in the application

Carrie: Great question! In general, we look at unemployment in the context of each situation. We certainly understand the economic crisis has significantly impacted our applicants over the last few years, and there are no negative connotations associated with unemployment. We would encourage you to explain any gaps in your employment in your essays (if it fits) or within the optional essay.

Marsha: What if you take the gmat again after the deadline? Which score will be used?

Eddie: We will review the application with the score you have submitted. If you submit 2 scores at the same time we will use the highest score.

Will_1: How does the admissions committee view reapplicants?

Bryce: We view re-applicants like other applicants in the pool for the incoming class. We will see that you are a re-applicant though, so I would highlight your growth and progress over the past year. I wish you the best of luck!

G-43356938: When scanning my official transcript, it is hard to get it to come out clearly because it is holographic. Would it be possible to take a high-quality picture of it with and upload that?

Donna: What ever works best. Sometimes I make a gray scaled copy of the document and then scan. If we cannot read it, we will contact you.

BarrenWuffett: I spent a semester abroad where the institution used an unusual grading scale ranging from -3 to 12, is it necessary to calculate a GPA for this semester abroad?

Carrie: As we are familiar with grading systems across the world and will have a copy of your transcript, you do not need to convert/calculate the GPA for your semester abroad.

Hrishi: Do we need to apply separately for scholarships?

Joanna: When making award decisions, the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid reviews the initial application materials previously submitted by students accepted into the Full-Time MBA Program.

Joanna: There is no formal application process for merit-based scholarships, Chicago Booth fellowships, or corporate fellowships.

RK: I am having trouble finding details on courses offered aside from the general "curriculum" section of the web site. Are the class listings posted online for prospective students to see? Thanks

Joanna: Hi RK, you can find course listings on our portal here: http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/user/guest/2

G-42719960: Good afternoon, is the IMBA application process the same for the Full-Time MBA program. I noticed the second language proficiency requirement and assuming there would be an assesment for that piece.

Carrie: You do not need to declare your interest in the IMBA program until you are a student at Booth. In the application process, you can simply indicate your interest, and would work with our International Programs advisor when you arrive on campus. For the language proficiency requirement, you simply need to pass the exam by week 4 of your graduating quarter.

G-43389070: Hi, How does Booth view extracurriculars that do not necessarily involve being part of an established organization; for instance, organizing a group of colleagues to tutor underprivileged kids?

Eddie: That's fine. We are interested in any sort of community work that is performed. We may want to follow up on that activity so there needs to be some way for us to contact someone to verify dates and the activity if needed.

JoMo: Hello! Do you all consider how many times someone has taken the GMAT to achieve his/her score or do you only consider the score itself?

Bryce: We evaluate your highest score; however, we can see how many times you've taken the exam.

grr: How are the recruitement statistics in Booth?

Joanna: Hello. You can see our full employment report here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx

Chris_1: For early career students, i have 3 years of work experience and am currently in a 1 year Masters program, would this hurt my chances since I am not currently working?

Eddie: No, we value early career candidates. The comments in your essays and letters of recommendation will certainly help during the review.

Raj: How does the Adcom look at individuals with no extra curricular activities for example like people from rural background in India. Are those candidates at disadvantage?

Carrie: Hi Raj. When reviewing extracurricular activities, we certainly take cultural differences into account. In that section, we are trying to assess leadership roles and interests to get a sense for how involved an applicant might be within the Booth community. For those who do not have specific extracurricular activities, we would encourage you to share more information about your involvement within your community, workplace, as well as general interests.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 15 minutes. Please continue to submit your final questions! Please note, as we often get repeats of questions, we will try to address the general topic (if not your specific question).

anant: Hi. how much does international exposure count when it comes to evaluating a profile?? Is it the quantity or the quality of work that matters more?

Donna: I wish I could give you a good answer but it does not exist. International exposure is only one small part of a person's profile. We review applications holistically therefore look at all aspects of a person's profile together. We are not able to say we require X% international exposure or Y type of work experience or Z.... etc.

Angelo: Is there a separate application for scholarships/ fin aid and if so, when is that deadline?

Bryce: There isn't a separate application for scholarships and fellowships. We evaluate you based on your overall application. For financial aid, you will work through the packages that might be a fit after being admitted.

Shrutisagar: What percentage of the class typically chooses the IBEP option?

Joanna: Hello Shrutisagar,Anywhere between 15-20% of students take advantage of IBEP each year!

anant: Hi ! Thanks a tonne for you time and guidance. I have accumulated some experience over retail under e-commerce from a functional perspective. My question is , can I amass selectives in such a way to achieve my longer goal of general Management while targetting the short term goal for a career in retail???

Carrie: Hi Anant. The beauty of the flexible curriculum is that you can take classes specific to both your short- and long-term goals. Additionally, you can complement your curriculum with involvement in the Retail and Luxury group, which will help your short-term goal of a career in retail.

Dhruv: Hello. If one of my reccommenders cannot complete the recommendation in time will my application be moved to round 2?

Joanna: Hello Dhruv, your recommenders actually have until October 20th to submit their letters. Hope this helps.javascript:void(0)

anant: Hi. For essay 3, you have asked people to show what you can do, creatively, yet its restricted to what can be done only on paper. So if some one just write essays, will he/she be at a disadvantage than someone showing creativity???

Bryce: Essay 3 is your chance to round out your application by sharing something that you think would be of value to the admissions team. We understand that there is minimal direction, but this gives applicants a chance to choose for themselves.

JKim: How does the Career Services Center help students find a job/internship?

Carrie: Our Career Services staff exist to help our MBA students conduct a successful internship and job search. From providing key programming to make sure you are prepared for recruiting to creating relationships with companies all over the world, our Career Services staff will partner with you to help you reach your goals. We offer a wide variety of educational programming, as well as guidance for on and off campus recruiting.

nkr82: Does not waiving your right to examine a recommendation have any effect of how your application is evaluated ?

Bryce: No, it's simply your choice.

cwill20: Can applicants highlight abroad experiences before college?

Eddie: Sure. Please explain its relevance to your profile.

Michael: I've uploaded my unofficial transcript to the application. Do I need to request an official transcript be sent to Booth to complete my application, or are official transcripts only required if admitted?

Joanna: Hello Michael, you only need to submit an official transcript if you are admitted to the program.

tarik: is there a difference in chances of obtaining a scholarship between R1 and R2 applicants?

Carrie: Hi Tarik. We allocate scholarships in both Rounds 1 and 2, so there is a possibility to receive scholarships in both rounds. That said, we do begin to award fellowships in Round 1, so certain fellowships may no longer be available in Round 2.

wazir: how many credits is one required to take ?

Bryce: The program is 21 courses in total. Here's a link that might be helpful: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/index.aspx

LeoTang: I have some entrepreneurial experiences in parallel to my full-time work. Where should I mention these in the online application?

Eddie: You can mention this in the work experience section or the optional essay.

G-42719934: Hello all, i have a question regarding international candidates, do you recommend that we apply in a particular round?

Carrie: We recommend that everyone apply when their application is at its best! That said, for international applicants, applying in Rounds 1 or 2 allows for additional time to secure financing and visas should you be admitted.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 5 minutes. We will answer as many remaining questions as possible.

Luke: Does Chicago have a loan assistance program or fellowship for students interested in taking low-paying nonprofit jobs after graduation?

Donna: Chicago Booth does not have a loan forgiveness program. Instead we have other ways we support those who are interested in the nonprofit industry. For example we created the Internship Community Fund for students interested in nonprofit. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/magazine/32/2/alumninews/alumni2.aspx.

Redskins: For the job duties description in the employment section, is it inadvisable to use some of the of the same bulleted information that is on your resume?

Bryce: The actual wording is up to you, but I don't see a problem with utilizing some of the language used on your resume.

Riju: While doing MBA can I choose an elective in Public policy in some other school in the same university to fulfill the credit requirement?

Carrie: Hi Riju. You are welcome to take up to six classes within the larger university as part of your Booth electives. As a result, you are welcome to take a class in public policy at the Harris School for Public Policy or our School for Social Service Administration.

emoryjumper24: When reviewing applications, do you pool applicants by their background? I.e IB with IB applicants, real estate applicants with other real estate background applicants? Or do you look at everyone together when trying to get a diversification in backgrounds?

Eddie: No, we don't batch the files together by industry.

AWilliams: Hello, I wanted to know about the dual degree program with the Harris School. Does it leave enough time to go abroad as well?

Donna: Access this link to find out more about the MBA/MPP http://harrisschool.uchicago.edu/Programs/degrees/joint.asp#gsb. Contact us directly at admissions@chicagobooth.edu to find out about the degree requirements and options.

Will_1: Can 5 years of good work experience soften the impact of an "up-and-down" undergraduate record?

Carrie: Hi Will. We look at your application from a holistic perspective, which allows for both strengths and weaknesses to factor in to our decision. As a result, most weaknesses are balanced out by other strong areas in the application.

anant: Hi. thanks for all the advise. Got another question. After subitting the application, if a candidate happens to achieve something extra, can he/she add that to his profile???

Eddie: Please be aware that once your application is complete we begin to review the file. We may make the decision before receiving any additional information and it may not be used in the final decision

G-43078994: Hi, I don't live at US so, if I'm invited for an interview, do I need to fly to the States"

Eddie: You can select the option to interview with an alum if we have someone in your area.

Raj_1: Thanks for the chat! Are admitted students emailed their status or does adcom call them?

Bryce: No worries at all; I hope you've found it helpful! Regarding your question, you will receive an email with your admit notification. Good luck!

Eddie: Great questions and good luck this year.

Carrie: Thanks so much for your questions and best of luck in the process!

Bryce: Thanks everyone! Hope you found the session helpful. Good luck!

Joanna: Thanks for joining us!