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Join the Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA Admissions staff for a live chat with prospective students. We will chat about the Fall 2011 application and the Booth admissions process.

Thursday September 9, 2010 - 11:00 AM CDT

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat with Full-Time Admissions is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat in 20 minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Bryce: Thanks for joining us today! Hope everyone is having a good week.

Moderator: Thanks again everyone for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for one hour. We'll begin the chat promptly in 10 minutes. Please go ahead and ask any questions you may have.

Moderator: We'll begin the chat promptly in 5 minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Kurt: Thanks for joining us this morning I look forward to answering your questions.

Kelley: Looking forward to chatting with you today!

Carrie: Welcome! I'm Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to answering your questions!

Eddie: Hello from beautiful Hyde Park here on the south side of Chicago!

Joanna: Welcome to the live chat today, everyone. Look forward to chatting with you!

G-499863616: Is Booth a general management MBA?

Carrie: Great question! As Booth has such a flexible curriculum, the MBA can take whatever form you'd like it to take. If you are interested in general management, you can tailor the curriculum to focus on that. Conversely, if you are looking for a more specific focus, you can do that as well.

G-499863616: I am a prospective student from India. I have done Bachelors in Management, a 3 year course, from Mumbai University. This makes my fulltime study years total to 15. Does Booth accept students without a 16 year education?

Eddie: Yes. You are still eligible to apply to Chicago Booth.

Borja: Good morning all, regarding the third essay, can you please advice? I am lost

Kelley: Hi Borja. Since we’re providing you with “blank pages,” what you decide to address in your response to this question is up to you. Look at the other aspects of your application. Are there messages that you have not yet been able to communicate to the Committee? If so, then the presentation will be an opportunity for you to share this info with us. Or, is there something else from your application that you want to emphasize to the Committee? After reviewing your response to essay 3, we want to have a better understanding of who you are and how you think.

G-499863616: How helpful is a Booth MBA for Entrepreneurs? Also How does Booth MBA help in developing leadership skill?

Kelley: If you're interested in entrepreneurship, then Chicago Booth is a great place to be a student. Entrepreneurship is actually the second largest concentration at Booth. And, we're home to the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship which facilitates our entrepreneurship curriculum, brings speakers to campus for lectures and brown bag lunches, and sponsors the New Venture Challenge which is an opportunity for students to present a new business plan. They also oversee lab opportunities if you're interested in private equity, venture capital or social entrepreneurship. To learn more about entrepreneurship opportunities at Booth, visit http://research.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/

Anirudh_1: Firstly, thanks for conducting this session. Is it required to request a waiver for TOEFL (in case of undergrad degree in English language)? Or to submit any respective proof?

Bryce: Anytime! You will need to take the TOEFL unless your undergraduate degree is from an institution in which English is the language of instruction. Also, here's a link that might be helpful:

Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/englishexams.aspx

zoe: How do you consider re-applicants

Carrie: Hi, Zoe. We evaluate re-applicants much in the same way we evaluate first-time applicants. Your current application is reviewed within the larger pool, and we have your previous application on file in the event that we need to reference it. One of the major differences is the additional question for re-applicants, where we hope to get a sense of what has changed since you last applied. For more information, please consult: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/reapplicants.aspx.

Borja: Can you please give a few examples that would fit what you are looking for in the third essay?

Joanna: Hello Borja, For essay number 3, we're not looking for anything specific and so there is really no right or wrong way to complete this essay. Therefore, giving examples would only make applicants feel they had to do their essay in a similar or certain way. This is your opportunity to make this essay what you want! We suggest you have fun with it.

Anirudh_1: I had a great part-time experience while pursuing my undergrad. Where in the application is the place to mention it?

Carrie: Hi, Anirudh. I think it really depends upon the experience, and what you'd like to share. If it is work experience, you can certainly share in your resume, or perhaps in one of the essays. If you feel it does not fit in one of the existing sections, you are welcome to briefly provide an explanation in the additional essay.

Christian: Do you consider old GMAT scores when evaluating the application?

Eddie: Your GMAT score is only valid for 5 years from the date of the test. We can't use an expired test score to evaluate your file.

Tag: Hi all, I wanted to find out the impact of the global financial market meltdown on the ability of Booth MBA's to gain financial assistance once admitted and subsequently to gain employment after graduation. Thanks, Tag

Kurt: Booth has loan programs for domestic and international students so securing financing for your MBA is not an issue. In terms of employment the economy has certainly had an impact but not as much as you might think. Our internship number still are very high with placement being around 99%, and full-time numbers are in the low to mid 90 percentile vs. mid to upper 90 percentile prior to the economic downturn. These numbers are pretty consistent with those of other top business schools.

Hrvoje: Please, hello to everyone. My question is about the Toefl exam. If I have MBA diploma from the university of United Kingdom, do I need TOEFL exam? Thx.

Eddie: If the language of instruction was in English you are eligible for a TOEFL waiver.

alan: I am 32 yrs old now. How do you evaluate an old applicant who is ambitious to pursue an entrepreneur career? Will my age impair my chances of admission? Thanks for your answer!

Carrie: Hi Alan. We do not have any limitations on age when it comes to the admissions process. While our average age in the first year class is 27.5 - we certainly have people above and below that. What is most important to us is that you can articulate why the Full-Time MBA program is the best fit for you and your career goals.

alan: My first essay exceeds 20 words of your 300 words maximum. Is that acceptable?

Eddie: We really want you to follow the instructions and keep it under the word limit. Try reviewing your response and see if you can edit it.

himanshi: hie i am himanshi from IIT Delhi.India.i wanted to know that whether one can directly apply after college without full timw work experience

Joanna: Hello Himanshi, Chicago Booth does not have a minimum requirement for work experience in order to apply. Good luck.

Christian: If two recommendors have the same knowledge about the applicant, does a letter of recommendation by an important person (i.e. CEO of a large company) have more weight in the application?

Kurt: Title really does not have a great impact on our impression of a recommender. It is more about the strength of the relationship they have with an applicant and their ability to provide a comprehensive evaluation of their abilities and potential fit for an MBA.

JimP: Is it possible to cross register for related courses at the University or liberal arts Graduate programs?

Kelley: Yes! Booth students can take classes outside of Chicago Booth at the University of Chicago. Booth students have 11 electives and they can use 6 of those to take classes outside of Booth. We want our students to take advantage of the opportunities available at the University.

Septend: I participated Booth events in Asia last week. Thank Kelley and Joanne for your kindness and patience. I have a question: Is it more helpful for my application to obtain recommendations from alumni of Booth than from others?

Kelley: Glad that you enjoyed the info session last week! It's best to obtain letters of recommendation from people who know you best. If you know a Booth alum, but don't know them well, then it's probably best to obtain a recommendation from someone with whom you have a closer relationship.

anothermba: hi, thank you for hosting the chat. I have a question on the admissions event in India. Will Kurt and team be visiting us?

Bryce: Kurt actually won't be on that trip, but Eddie and I will be there. Hope to see you there!

Mike: What key characteristics distinguished those students who were admitted to Booth vs. those who were not?

Kurt: This is a hard question to answer because it varies from applicant to applicant. At the end of the day students admitted are smart, successful on many levels and in many contexts, self-aware, proactive, and open to possibilities. In essence the challenge of this process is for you to define your story and subsequently your perceived fit with our culture. Again that marriage varies tremendously from person to person, and that is how we are able to select a very talented yet divers student body.

anothermba: Hi, I'm from the over-represented pool of Indian-IT applicants. My GMAT is 700, which is not too great. Would Booth still look at such a candidature favorably based on other accomplishments and goals?

Bryce: We take a holistic approach when reviewing applications, so I encourage you to highlight your strengths throughout the whole process.

AbrahamianA: I am interested in the joint MBA/MPP program with the Harris School of Public Policy. Is it recommended to apply to both programs simultaneously or to apply to one, then apply to the other during my first year on campus?

Bryce: Yes, you will need to be accepted to both programs if you choose to pursue a joint degree. If admitted to one program, you can apply to the other during your first quarter.

anothermba: Hi, may I know the opportunities in sports management firms after Booth MBA?

Carrie: Sports management is definitely a growing interest at Booth, and our Media, Entertainment and Sports (MESG) student group is very active. Through networking events, conferences, and treks, MESG is an important leadership and career development opportunity at Booth. In terms of your specific career search, Career Services will work with you to identify the types of firms you are interested in targeting, and will help you create your customized recruiting plan. To read more about the specific firms we work with, please review our Employment report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx.

Chris: Hi, I registered in your online application system last year. But I did not finish and submit the application. Will you consider me as reapplicant or not this year if I apply 'again'?

Eddie: No, you wouldn't be considered a re-applicant because you never submitted the file for a decision.

evelyn: how long usually the program is ?

Bryce: It's a 21 month long program.

Matt: Hi, thanks for having this chat session. I had a question about the recommendation process - does Booth have specific questions for the recomender to answer or should the recommendation just take the form of a letter?

Carrie: Hi Matt - great question! We have a specific form with questions that we will send directly to the recommender, and they are welcome to address those questions in a letter form.

Gaspar: I would love to visit Booth to get to know the school. Could I do it during December? When I take some vacations to travel to the US?

Eddie: Sure but you want to check our visitor's schedule. There are a few days when we are closed. Also be aware that the students may be gone for their break and no classes may be in session.

Bakur: Hi Bryce, everybody. I was wondering what options do you provide of financing (for international students)?

Bryce: We offer loan programs regardless of an applicants citizenship. Also, there are merit based scholarships and fellowships. Below is a link that might be helpful:

Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/financialaid.aspx

MF2011: How many letters of recomendation are you allowed to upload? Is more better?

Joanna: We ask for two letters. If you submit more than two, make sure the third letter adds value by touching on points your other two may not. This is a place in the application where you'll want to use your judgment as the committee really only requires two. Think quality over quantity.

round1applicant: For the career goals essay question, how detailed do we need to make out short-term career goal? Do we need to have specific firms in mind, or is it better to have just general characteristics of companies?

Joanna: This is really up to you. Think about what you want to convey and what detail the committee needs to have in order to understand your plans.

G-513837919: Hi, I am still waiting my TOEFL score to come out, so I wanna know whether I can apply for Booth if I only get a score of 102 or 103, while the minimum score required by Booth is 104

Eddie: We will review your application but we strongly encourage at least a 104.

Ting: How many early career applicants will be admitted?Is there any percentage?

Eddie: About 10% of our class this year are early career candidates.

Spandan: Hi, I am Spandan. I would like to thank everyone for taking time out to answer our questions. I am a re-applicant from last year. I had applied last year in R2 and was waitlisted. I finally got rejected in June. I have two questions: 1. How are my chances as a re-applicant? Does Chicago Booth look at re-applicants more favorably or less favorably? 2. I have been sending updates to Chicago Booth almost all the way till June. My application might not be too different since the last time I applied, especially if you include all my updates (and additional recommendation) in my application and if I were to apply in R1 (considering only a few months would have gone by). Is that ok or should I be trying something else?

Kurt: First off I am sorry that the final decision was not what you were hoping for and appreciate your commitment to Booth. With that said if you were held on the WL for that long you clearly submitted a competitive application and there were aspects of it that really resonated with the committee. At the same time there were also aspects of your application that were deficient otherwise you would have probably been admitted vs. WL. What I would encourage you to do is review your application and try to pull out the things you felt were weaknesses and try to strengthen them in your new. Re-applicants who are successful demonstrate an ability to be reflective and learn from their previous experience. Given we have a familiarity with you, i.e your previous app, we are looking for growth maturity and the tightening up their application and overall ability to convey a strong sense of fit. Finally give yourself as much time as you need to reevaluate and strength your application. If that means waiting for round two so be it. Do not short change yourself by accelerating the process and submitting a mediocre application.

Nikolay: What is the average age of students?

Joanna: The average age of students in the incoming class is 28.

rsb: I had great work experience, but was laid off last year and haven't been able to find work. Also, my undergrad gpa isn't good (2.7) with a 710 GMAT, do I have a chance of being admitted?

Eddie: We really have to review the entire application before making a call on your candidacy. It's important to show us how competitive you are in every component of the application requirements.

Aurora: One of my recommender is kindda worry about her English writing ability. Will it matters? Do I have to find some who is good at English?

Eddie: Although we are not evaluating him/her, it would be nice if we can understand what it is they are trying to communicate regarding your professional skills. You might want to find another person to write your letter.

robwalker3: Hello! Could you explain what the difference is in the evaluation process between an applicant who submits his/her application for round 1 versus round 2? What is the benefit to an applicant of submitting an application by the round 1 deadline? Thanks!

Kelley: Hi Rob. There isn't a difference between submitting your application for round 1 versus round 2. We recommend applying when you feel that your application is at its best and you're most prepared. For example, if you're thinking about round 1 but don't feel like your essays are where you want them to be, then you might want to consider applying for round 2 so you can spend more time on the essays. Good luck!

Dongwon: I'm wondering do Booth prefer future consulting/banking candidates to candidates who will work in the manufacturing industry. I got a sponsorhip from the company that I won't be able to change my career.

Kelley: Thanks for your question, Dongwon. We're not looking for applicants who come from the same professional background or who have the same professional goals. Our students have had a wide variety of experiences before coming to Booth and they each have different professional goals after graduating from Booth. If you end up staying in the manufacturing industry after you graduate, that's okay!

Shubhra: Hi.. I have two questions. One, what sets Booth apart frm other B-schools. Second, is there a difference between applying in first deadline versus second?

Joanna: Hello Shubra, the difference in the level of competition between the two rounds is not very significant. We always say, apply when your application is at its best! As for Booth, most notably our flexible curriculum and discipline based approach to education sets us apart. For more detail, visit our site at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/index.aspx

Raj: Hi, Chicago is my top choice. Apart from campus visit and attending events in the city I live in, how else can I express interest in my essays?

Carrie: Hi Raj. While you can certainly include this sentiment directly in your essays, it will likely already be evident in how you discuss the ways Booth will help you to accomplish your goals. What is most important to us is to understand your path and plan, and how Booth fits into that.

muhterem: According to your opinion what is the best value that Chicago can add to students?

Kurt: Chicago Booth gives students an unbelievable process for thinking through problems and creating the best provisional solutions. There is a distinctive routine and approach to problem solving here that is very hard to match. And when you combine a disciplined backed approach to analytic problem solving with complete flexibility in course selection our students leave Booth equipped to deal with whatever challenges they may face in their professional lives.

Gaspar: Hi, what do you consider to be the biggest pitfall(s) applicants fall into when writing their essays?

Carrie: Hi Gaspar. I think the biggest pitfalls we tend to see are when applicants fail to answer the questions, and when applicants tell us what they think we want to hear versus what they really think and believe. In general, we hope to get a better understanding of you and your motivation behind getting an MBA in the essays.

Neal: Hello, I'm wondering how admissions committee view class visits (necessary, nice to have, no extra consideration, etc.) and if its possible to visit a class prior to the Round 1 deadline.

Eddie: Visiting a class could very well give you a better perspective of the "fit" you are looking for in a program and if Chicago Booth is right for you. You can visit a class before our first deadline.

evelyn: usually how big the class is

Kelley: Hi Evelyn. On Monday, we welcomed the Class of 2012 to Booth which consists of 579 students. Our average class size is around 65. Our students take classes with a range of class sizes. Our lab courses typically have 5-7 students while some of our more popular classes have more than 65 students. Our largest classroom holds 125 students. Hope this helps!

NilayB: Hi, i have a question about the courses that a student can take from other university og chicago departments?

Bryce: You can actually take 6 out of your 11 electives at other areas of the university.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. The Full-Time Admissions staff is eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting your questions! Unfortunately we won't be able to review individual profiles or answer every single question but will try to generally address all relevant topics in your questions.

sumedh: Dear Admissions Officer: What is the quality you view most important in the selection of a candidate?? I know its difficult to answer, but there could be criteria's??

Eddie: Every candidate is unique in their own way. We are hoping that you are able to identify that quality and share it with us in your essays.

Rounak: When are applicants notified about interviews for the first round?

Eddie: Interview notifications run from 10/27 through 11/10.

Bakur: Will reference have more result if it is provided by Booth Alumni?

Carrie: Hi, Bakur. While we certainly value alumni recommendations, we are first and foremost looking for recommenders that know the applicant well and can really speak to the applicants strengths and developmental areas with solid examples. If you have a recommender who fits that criteria and happens to be an alum - great! If not, that's absolutely fine, too. The content in the recommendation is what is most important!

wendy: Hello,I have a question about minority student in Booth. How is the requirement of GMAT and TOEFL score in Booth?

Eddie: The requirements are the same for our entire applicant pool.

Ashwarya: I guess I will start :) ...... Do you start evaluating the applications from the time of submission or after the deadlines?

Eddie: We wait until the deadline passes to evaluate the applications.

Jatin: 2) If I want to work in US after completion of MBA and I don't have a US work authorization, will this impact my application negatively?

Joanna: Hi Jatin, no, this will have no impact on how we view your application. Good luck!

G-512985833: How many pages would you expect a resume to be for a candidate with approximately four-five years of experience?

Kelley: We don't place any restrictions on the page number for your resume. If you're resume needs to be more than one-page, then that's fine with us. Just make sure the experience is relevant - you don't have to list every job that you've had since high school.

NCGuy: For lab courses, how much of time is spend on working on a real problem vs. theory?

Kurt: Our traditional lab courses are essentially consulting assignments. You along with a team of 5 to 6 other students work directly with a corporate client on real time project that company has invested in. Essentially you are using this opportunity to apply the theory you have learned in the classroom in other classes and apply this knowledge to a real world situation.

Gushi: Hi, thank you for taking the time. I just want to know if any of you went with your husband/wife and how was the life for them

Joanna: Hello Gushi, great question. Unfortunately all of us here are admissions staff today but I can tell you that 30% of students do attend with a partner. Partners tend to form their own community very quickly via the Booth Partners group. And of course the city of Chicago offers international and domestic students alike many opportunities to create their own experiences at Booth and outside of Booth. You can learn about the Partners group here: http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/chipart/

keller: Hi guys, I have a question. When I was an undergrad, I had decent, but not stellar grades, mainly because I was young and perhaps didn't take it as seriously as I should have. But afterwards, I got my Master's and made pretty good grades. When the admissions committee looks at our past academic performance, is there emphasis upon the undergrad portion, or is it more holistic?

Carrie: Hi, Keller. When we are reviewing your academic record, we are looking at it holistically. We will take into consideration both undergraduate and graduate work, as well as your GMAT score to give us a sense of how you will perform in the classroom here. Also, if you feel the need to explain any anomalies in your record, you can do so in the optional essay.

donkeykong: Hi!dark and wet in New Delhi ,India!What is the general profile of an Indian student particularly with respect to previous work experience and academics?

Eddie: Students from India remain very competitive in regards to their academics and work experience.

Bakur: I am 30 year-old entrepreneur from Georgia (country in Europe), running my own businesses since undergraduate school. I will be 31 in Fall 2011 (potencial entry date). I have heard several times that b-schools require at least explanation of why would one want to pursue MBA in that age. Is it correct?

Bryce: We review all applications in an holistic manner. We recommend that all applicants share why they're pursuing an MBA at this point in their life and also why they feel as though Booth is the best fit.

Eugene: How are lay-offs/position elimiations that are solely due to economic reasons viewed by the admissions team?

Joanna: Great question, Eugene. Unfortunately as we are globally in an economic downtown, we do understand that many of our applicants will have had to experience layoffs or downsizing. Its how you spend your time and what you do about it that tells us about you.

EmorySprinter200: Thanks for hosting todays chat. I have noticed the average work experience is 5 years. Is that representative of the experience when applying or experience upong entering the school? I ask because I have a little over 2 years of experience, but will have over 3 years when entering. I know 2 years is generally seen as not much experience.

Bryce: No worries at all! The 5 years typically represents the experience accumulated when they matriculate. However, it's more about conveying the urgency of getting an MBA right now in your life.

Stoycho: How many credit hours (classes) can be transfered from the Graham School as a Graduate Student at Large to the full-time program?

Bryce: Thanks for the question; however, we actually don't accept transfer credits.

NCGuy: For the first essay, do we need to answer each part separately or answer all of them in one seamless essay?

Bryce: Please answer them separately within the word count limit.

CB: what % of lectures are case studies

Bryce: It really depends on the faculty member teaching the course, but it's approximately 50/50.

DG1984: Is there any specialized focus that can be done on Social Enterprise at Booth?

Kurt: Social Enterprise can encompass a lot of different things and a lot if different industries. As such you want to have the flexibility to tailor your curriculum encompassing Non-Profit, Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility type coursework with traditional Management coursework. At Chicago unlike other programs who have Non-Profit or Social Impact Majors Chicago is not prescriptive, recognizing that your goals and direction within this field might be more or less specific than what these defined curricula provide. Again here you create your own experience, you can take classes at Booth in policy and Social Entrepreneurship, you can take classes at the Law School, The Public Policy School, The College, The School for Social Service Administration, you can work with Sustainability institute for courses and conferences, or you can participate in the Non-Profits and Social Innovation Workshop. You can be a member of any number of Socially Impactful student groups. In total you can have a very full and comprehensive experience within this discipline at Booth and the best part is you will create it for yourself.

G-512985833: My undergraduate program has weighted letter grades. That is, an "A" in a six unit course is weighted more than an "A" in a three unit course. Will the admission committee be familiar with these nuances?

Eddie: Sure. We have many resources to evaluate transcripts and universities where students have attended.

Matt_1: Obviously, there are many applicants who come from banking and consulting backgrounds already. I happen to work in Alternative Risk Fiannce in the insurance industry, which is not a common skill. Does Booth look for diverse candidates with unique backgrounds more than it looks for traditional banking or consulting backgrounds?

Joanna: Hi Matt, we seek out diversity in every aspect - gender, undergraduate study, current career etc. But to answer your question, we will certainly hope to have students from each of the profiles you mentioned, and others, in our class!

SR: Hi, I applied to Booth last year and received an invitation to interview. Unfortunately, I was not accepted and would like to reapply this year. I was unable to receive any feedback on last year's application. Do you have any suggestions on how to approach this year's application?

Carrie: Hi SR. Unfortunately, based on our limited resources we are unable to provide specific feedback on applications and we thank you for your understanding on that. In general, we would advise you to think about what (if anything) has changed over the past year, and to approach this application with a refreshed focus on your motivation for pursuing an MBA. The essay questions are different this year, so you have the opportunity to provide us with new information. Best of luck!

G-512985833: With respect to greatest risks, what would you consider as out-dated? (how recent should the risk taken be?)

Joanna: Hello, great question. Its really up to you to decide what experience in your life is relevant or had the greatest impact. The answer as to when the risk should have been taken will differ for anyone. Use your judgment and good luck!

G-512900841: What kind of support can a student expect to get from the Polsky Center if interested in launching a business while in school?

Eddie: The support that the Polsky Center offers is key to students who are looking to start a business. There are a variety of ways to find support including but not limited to networking opportunities with companies and alumni, exposure to new advances in business and support from the faculty to help you build your strategic business plans.

Rishi: Thanks for offering this chat! I have a question about the word limit for essays. Is +10% on the word count acceptable? So for a 300 word limit essay, is 330 words acceptable?

Carrie: Hi Rishi. In general, we leave it up to you to use your best judgment. Although we will not be counting the words in your essays, we can certainly tell if when essays are significantly above the word limit.

NilayB: what are prospects of working in the entertainment and media industry after a Booth mba?

Kelley: Our Career Services Office has a program called "On Time on Target" to help students who are conducting off campus job searches in careers such as media. We also have a Media Entertainment & Sports student group to help position Booth students for careers in these industries. For more information, visit http://sites.google.com/site/megatbooth/

Lauren: If you are interested in private equity or venture capital, what is the typical academic path?

Kelley: Hi Lauren. With our flexible curriculum, each student defines their own experience. As a result, there is no typical path - you create the path that is right for you. You'll select classes based on your previous experience and what you want to accomplish after graduating from booth. We do offer an entrepreneurship concentration as well as a Private Equity & Venture Capital Lab where you can work for a private equity or venture capital firm while a student at Booth. You will work closely with our Academic Advising and Career Services staff to identify courses that you should take if you're interested in PE/VC. You will receive a lot of support at Booth to help you create the path that is right for you. For more information about our entrepreneurship curriculum, visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/entrep.aspx

Jatin: 3) How is Booth's Marketing program ranked? And do you have some special track for market research?

Kurt: Booth's Marketing program is very well respected and I would encourage you to check out the Kilts Center for Marketing on offerings and what makes our program distinctive http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx

Kurt: In terms of special tracks we have quite a few classes the focus on the research components of marketing, courses like Data Driven Marketing, Marketing Methods, Advanced Marketing Strategy, Regression Analysis are all classes that will give you great skills for research. Although to be candid all of our classes in marketing pay special attention to the quantitative and empirical methods of research that better inform marketing decisions.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 15 minutes. Please continue to submit your final questions! Please note, as we often get repeats of questions, we will try to address the general topic (if not your specific question).

sumedh_1: What questions, my manager and supervisor will be required to answer in the Letter of Recommendation??

Bryce: There is actually a sample letter of recommendation to reference when you enter the application system. This should be a helpful resource.

G-512985833: I believe that Booth has unique part-time program that allows you to take up to four courses. In the event that someone is not admitted into the full-time program, would you recommend applying for the part-time program?

Joanna: For applicants we think its important to really consider which program is best for you before applying. The part-time and full-time programs offer the same curriculum, value system and faculty and therefore we look for the same standard in the application process for both. Applicants who are not admitted to the full-time program are eligible to apply to the Evening and Weekend programs after waiting for the next application cycle, similar to the Full-Time re-applicant process.

G-512985833: One of the strengths of Booth is the unique culture and community. What do you look for when assessing a candidates fit with the culture and community of Booth?

Carrie: Great question! Since the culture and community are so important here, we are looking for prospective students who will thrive in an environment that promotes active engagement, collaboration, intellectual curiosity, risk-taking, and self direction. In the admissions process, we use each piece of the application to tell us more about the applicant's goals and personality -- and how those might fit within the Chicago Booth culture.

aru: Good morning.....How important is undergrad grades and do we need to convert to GPA

Joanna: Hello Aru, Your past academic history is important as we determine if applicants can perform in our rigorous program. That being said, it's not all we look at. In our holistic process all aspects of the application are equally as important. In any case, you do not need to convert your GPA for us as we are familiar with most international schools and programs.

Young: What are the top 5 concentrations at Booth?

Bryce: It certainly changes from year to year, but typically they are Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Strategic Management, and Economics.

Ashwarya: Hi, Do the applications start getting evaluated from the time of submission or after the deadlines?

Eddie: Applications are evaluated immediately after the deadline.

Andrew_1: Hello, should the stated length of work experience be determined by the time of application or by matriculation? Thanks!

Eddie: It should be stated by the time of application.

Amar: I have a question regarding the loan program, for an F1 visa, we have to furnish the source of funding for both the years, will the college extend it for both the years or is it only for the first year

Eddie: When applying for a visa to attend Booth you have to show the funding for only your first year.

sumedh: I would like to post my profile overview and have you judge the strength on my candidacy and based on your feedback , I will try to improve. I have done a through research and feel that Booth is where I will like to do my MBA from,

Kelley: For this chat, we're just answering general questions that might be applicable to all chat participants. Also, we typically don't judge applicants based on a profile overview. There are so many different aspects of an application -- your essays, letter of recommendation, etc. -- that we cannot make an assessment based on a summary profile or numbers alone.

Lopez: Hi, I will be visiting Chicago on the week of September 27 but on the website there is no way of registering for visits on this particular week. Can I still visit Booth?

Eddie: The admissions office is open Monday through Friday. You can speak with an admissions officer. The class visits don't begin until the first week in October. Stop by!

Fernando: Good morning. I have a very specific question. If my gmat is scheduled for the very same day of your deadline for R1, can I still apply for this round?

Joanna: Hello Fernando, you can still apply. We will hold your application however as incomplete until your official score arrives to us.

anks: Do you have tie-ups with financial institutions without the need of a US citizen as co-sponsor for loans to international applicants

Eddie: Chicago Booth does have a loan option for international students that doesn't require a US co-signer.

George: How do you look at participation in/completion of the CFA program? To what extent does it serve as an indicator of an applicant's ability to handle the quantitative/analytical nature of Booth?

Carrie: Hi, George. It largely depends on the applicant's background and goals. Participation in/completion of the CFA program is an additional piece of information when we are evaluating your ability to handle the rigor of classes, as well as potential success in the recruiting process (if it aligns with career goals, of course).

G-512978284: Is there a minimum work experience requirement?

Joanna: Hello! Chicago Booth does not have a minimum work experience requirement to apply. Good luck!

icysnow: I am taking an IELTS test instead of Toefl and when my test day for IELTS Test is on Oct. 9th. This means I can't submit the test score with the application. Would it be ok?

Joanna: Hello icysnow, You can still apply but we will hold your application as incomplete until your score arrives. best of luck.

Aurora: Hi, I am going to apply to your full-time MBA program as an early career applicant. I've checked the list of recommended requirements for us and found that you required an GPA of 3.3 or above. However, my overall GPA has only gotten 2.9, while my Major GPA has reached 3.3. What can I do to compensate this GPA defect and to impress you?

Carrie: Hi Aurora. When we are evaluating early career applicants, we are using much of the same criteria as any other candidate. When it comes to your academic history, we are looking for candidates who will be successful in the classroom here. In order to assess that, we evaluate your undergraduate transcript to see how you did overall and in your major, and the types of classes you chose to take. We also use your GMAT score to help us understand how you will perform in MBA-level classes. As a result, we are looking at your academic record (and application in general) in a very holistic way. There is no section of the application that is more or less important. If you feel that one section is weaker than others, make sure to bolster the other sections of the application.

rainmaker: Hi GUys. Thanks for this session. My question is regarding career switchers. What programs does booth offer to help career-switchers? How does booth career services help career switchers find internships/jobs in the desired field

Kurt: To be candid the majority of students attending business schools are there to switch careers so you are not alone in this pursuit by a wide margin. Booth is particularly committed to partnering with our students from day one to make sure they are making the right choices for themselves from both a curricular perspective and a professional one. From the time you are admitted to the program you are given access to students, you are provided a mentor, you have access to staff, you conduct professional surveys and personality tests, all so we can better get to know you and goals prior to enrolling. From there you will go through a 3 week comprehensive orientation prior to the start of school. You will meet with academic advisers, career advisers, faculty advisers and second year students all of whom can better shape your plans. The best part is these resources are available to you throughout your time at Booth so you have contact guidance and resources at your disposal to shape your curriculum, your plans, your pitch and your eventual pursuit of the right internship/career for you.

Tina: If someone takes the GMAT more than once, do you choose the highest score, or average out both of them?

Bryce: Good question Tina! We actually take the highest GMAT score when you apply.

Bill: Bill Asks: Not sure you received my earlier question, so reposting. Booth is my first choice. I'm considering applying via the Consortium (15 Nov). In order to demonstrate sincere interest, is it best to apply independent of the Consortium?

Eddie: Our decision on your file will have nothing to do with the consortium since we are not a part of that group.

Tyler_1: Hi there. Does Booth have plans to accept the GRE in the future?

Kurt: We will definitely be looking at the newly released version of the GRE and see how it has changed. So we are open to the possibility but as of now we are strictly accepting the GMAT, but stay tuned.

CSM: If we apply to the full time program, will we be able to sign up for part-time and weekend classes? Is this frowned upon?

Joanna: Hi CSM, Actually full-time and evening weekend classes are the same - same curriculum and faculty. The only difference is that our evening weekend classes are held at our downtown location, The Gleacher Center. Full-time students are welcome to register for those courses as well.

NCGuy: Do I need to send in official transcripts for the application?

Kelley: No, you don't need to submit official transcripts for your application. Unofficial transcripts are fine. However, if you are admitted, then you will need to provide official transcripts.

Leyun: If my long term career goal is to be an Entrepreneurs, but not sure in which area. Will you consider I am not clear about what I wanna do in the future? Thanks again.

Joanna: Dear Leyun, it's probably best to expand on what you do know about your future goals. It's never a good idea to feel pressured to create specific goals because you feel that is what the committee wants to hear. Authentic essays are always best.

Eugene: Are campus visits and attendance at information sessions noted and added to the applicant's file? I know that visits help the applicant to determine "fit", but are visits considered a "strong" indication of the seriousness of the applicant and weighed favorably in the admissions decision?

Carrie: Hi Eugene. While we do note event/visit attendance in an applicant's file, it has no bearing on the admissions decision. Visiting campus is a great way to understand the culture and community at Booth, but we recognize that it may not be possible for everyone to visit.

Patrick: Hello I know most top MBA programs have preference for potential students with consulting and IBanking backgrounds. As someone with 4 years Big 4 Experience mainly on the audit side what are the key areas to focus on in my application in regards to work experience?

Kurt: Patrick the notion that top business schools prefer students with I-banking or consulting experience is a myth. The reality is these industries naturally send the most people to business schools. Big difference. For us we are committed to enrolling a very diverse class of people which includes industry. Therefore focus on your story and don't worry about the broader context of the applicant pool.

G-512985905: Thanks for holding this on-line chat. My questions is that what's the difference betwetn R1 and R2 for international applicants?

Bryce: We look at them equally, but I just recommend that you apply when you're ready and feel as though you've put together a competitive application. It's best to start early and not rush the process. Good luck!

Rounak: Can one have more than one concentration?

Eddie: Yes. Many of our students have more than one concentration.

Moderator: We will be wrapping up the chat in just a couple minutes. We'll be addressing as many questions as we can. Don't forget to look at the transcript of this chat session to review all answered questions.

Derek: As highly-ranked schools in the same city, Booth and Kellogg are often compared. I'm aware of their reputations and more finance-focused and more marketing-focused, respectively, but could you please highlight some other key differences between the two programs?

Kelley: Hi Derek. Since I don't work at Kellogg, it's hard for me to make a comparison between both schools. I would recommend that you research each school individually and talk to students and alumni from both schools to obtain a better idea of what each school represents. And, while Booth has a reputation for being finance-focused, we're more than just a finance institution. For example, we have a strong marketing and entrepreneurship curriculum. We also have students who pursue areas like international business, technology and healthcare. The choice is really up to you and you'll be supported by our staff and students during your time here.

Ashish: Another question on the previous lines, if I am involved in social service for past 2 yrs, how will admission commitee see this w.r.t my other properties?

Carrie: Hi, Ashish. Regardless of which sector your work experience is in, we are more concerned with your individual performance, and how that has shaped your goals and motivation for an MBA. As we use a holistic evaluation approach, we take into consideration all aspects of the application when making decisions.

Alessandro: but a GMAT score taken a year ago is fine for an application?

Joanna: Hi Alessandro, GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.

Uttam: For international students, how do you treat their undergrad GPA. Since Indian institutions do not score in terms of GPA would you convert our percentage into GPA or would you leave it as is?

Kurt: Leave as is. We do not convert we look at your performance in the strict context of your academic program. Your school's registrar will provide us with the information we need on your official transcript to make an informed judgement on your academic experience.

Jason: Hi, I am a reapplicant with a question on the 4 blank pages we get to create this year. My question is: Since I think my powerpoint presentation from last year made the point I wanted to make, would it look bad if I used parts of last year's presentation in my application this year?

Joanna: Hi Jason, You'll have to use your best judgment here. It's really up to you. the Admissions Committee will also have your previous application to review along with your new pone. Do keep in mind that all of our essay questions do vary each year. Best of luck.

Kelley: Thanks for your questions. It's been fun!

Kurt: Thanks for the great questions, hopefully this was helpful. Best of luck and chat with you soon.

Carrie: Thanks for participating today. I hope to see you at our many admissions receptions over the next few weeks!

Bryce: Good questions today everyone! Thanks for your time.

Eddie: Thanks everyone for your questions. Good luck with your applications!

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. You can review the transcripts at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/. Thanks again for joining us!