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Join the Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA Admissions staff for a live chat with prospective students. We will chat about the Fall 2011 application and the Booth admissions process.

Tuesday August 17, 2010 - 11:00 AM CDT

Kurt: Good morning welcome to our online chat. I look forward to answering your questions.

Eddie: Good morning and thanks for joining us!

Carrie: Welcome to the chat! My name is Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to answering your questions.

Joanne: Hello everyone, and thanks for joining us! We're looking forward to answering your questions today.

Kelley: Looking forward to chatting with you today!

Brijesh: 3) I work on the quant side of a major investment bank. My work involves working on sophisticated mathematical models. How specific should I be in explaining my current work responsibilities? And how specific should I be in mentioning my future goals. Thanks!

Carrie: Hi Brijesh. I would advise you to use your best judgment in this area. While the admissions committee is well-versed in a variety of different industries and functions, feel free to elaborate on particular job duties that you feel are essential to understanding your career up to this point. As for your your goals, we encourage you to be specific in distinguishing your short- and long-term goals.

Eddie: Those letters will be fine. What we are looking for is good content and how much the letters can reveal about your contributions to the organizations.

Brijesh: 1) Goodmorning! My Question is regarding recommendation letter: I currently work for a top tier investment bank (non client facing). On weekends, I work for a start up firm which involves teaching and exploring new business areas. This firm’s director can better comment on my leadership, business presentation skills, teaching skills etc. How would the committee judge the credibility of this letter coming from the head of a start up firm? Considering, I will have another letter from my current workplace. Tha

G-4160674: I'm having difficulties determining what would fit me best, a Ph.D. or and MBA. Is there someone who can I could speak to in order to get a better feel of what would be best for me?

Kurt: I would encourage you to contact our office and ask to speak with an Admissions Director. Our main line is 773-702-7369. Obviously there are some significant differences which would be difficult to outline in the chat format.

G-4160674: What do you suggest as the best way to finance a full-time MBA program with minimal loans?

Joanne: Hello! Most of our Full Time students choose to finance their education with loans, so if you choose to use loans, you will be in good company. Over 30% of our Full Time students finance their entire MBA with loans and 70% take out partial loans. Other choices are to use one's own savings; some students get help from parents or other family members. There is some availability for scholarship and fellowships to offset loans, but these only help towards tuition, so you'll still need either your own money,

Moderator: Hello everyone,

Moderator: We are getting some great questions; please keep them coming! Please also note that many of your questions cover the same topics, so if your specific question is not addressed, you will likely be able to find your answer somewhere else in the transcript.

Brijesh: 2) I completed an undergraduate study and independent research program at UC Berkeley as summer internship during undergraduation. I just have a transcript mentioning ‘pass’ grade for this. Where should I include this study? Thanks!

Joanne: You can include this in the optional essay, if it's not obvious from the description on the transcript.

Javu: Hello, I would like to ask whether high GMAT scores can compensate for the short working experience and low GPA?

Eddie: Short work experience can offer us what type of value you can bring to the community. Your GPA does reveal the work you've completed in college. A GMAT really can't "compensate" for either. We look at your file in a holistic manner and review all components before making a decision. One part of the application doesn't outweigh the others.

Sandeep: Hi, I am from India and all my education has been in English. My question is regarding the TOEFEL waiver.

Kelley: Hi Sandeep! If you earned your undergraduate degree from a university where the classes were taught in English, then you will not need to take the TOEFL.

Adam_1: I am currently working as a Comerical Sales Engineer in the heating and air conditioning business but would like to make a career change to Investment Banking. What would you like to see from me in my essays to show that I am knowledgable about I-banking?

Carrie: Hi, Adam. As many of our students are career-switchers, we realize that part of your motivation for getting your MBA is to learn the skills to become successful in your desired industry. While it is helpful to demonstrate knowledge in your future industry, it is more important to demonstrate that you have put much thought into your desired career transition.

G-4151455: Is it possible to make appointments for personal meetings with admission officers and financial aid officers during the daily campus visit program?

Joanne: We do not take individual appointments during the campus visit program. However, if you have specific questions that are not answered during the information session or tour, you can ask to speak to a staff member before you leave campus.

chicago21: are there any changes in the adcom's expectations and criteria for 21 applications compared to previous years... for example-higher GMAT average, youner applicants, more diversied representation with industries or countries,etc?

Kurt: No, our evaluation criteria will stay the same. We are looking to bring in the most talented and diverse population of students who also fit well with the Booth culture that we can.

Mendi: I read that a student can take upto 6 courses outside Chicago Booth, at Chicago University. How can I know what kind of courses one can opt for ?

Eddie: Those are electives and you will work with an academic counselor to help you select them.

G-4102733: Hi - I have already completed a full-time MBA from India, however I did so when I had no experience. Now after almost 4.5 yrs of experience in consulting, I'd like to change my field to marketing and hence participate in another MBA program. Does Booth encourage 2nd MBA programs and are there any other students with second MBAs who are part of the current batch. Thanks !

Kurt: We do get candidates who apply to Booth with an MBA already completed. Recognizing that many of the principal courses and skills you picked up in a previous MBA will naturally overlap with those Booth provides, it is important for you really lay out why you think another MBA is critical for your make this career transition, and why you feel it is not possible given your current credentials.

Brijesh: In reference to my earlier question regarding mentioning specific details of current work profile- Do people from similar professional backgrounds get to evaluate our essays?

Kelley: Your application will be reviewed by members of our Admissions Committee. We do not have people from similar professional backgrounds review your essays.

Mendi: I learned that spouse on a dependent VISA cannot have a work permit in USA. is there anything Booth can do to provide employment for spouses ?

Joanne: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide assistance with finding employment for partners and spouses. However, your partner will find support through the Booth Partners Club.

chicago21: How do MBA candidates transition ito a PHD?

Eddie: You can't "transition" into a PhD program. Several of our MBA students do enter the program but you must still go through their application/selection process.

FLOWER: Hello to everyone. I have a question regarding the letters. I’ve changed bosses recently and I don’t believe my new boss knows me enough to write an application letter. How can I compensate this? Is sending a letter from an extracurricular activity a good idea?

Carrie: Hi, Flower. Above all, we would like to see letters of recommendation from people who know you well. In this case, a letter from someone you've worked with in an extracurricular activity would be fine. You might also think about using a previous supervisor or manager.

Mendi: When you say that Booth's AdCom follows a holistic approach. What exactly do you mean my holistic ?

Kurt: Holistic means we factor in all aspects of the application and the applicants profile into our decision making process. We do not use formulas or focus on specific data points to make our decisions. We look at the complete picture of a candidate's application to inform strength of the candidate and fit with the institution.

Abhishek: Hi, with whom should we get in touch to get another perspective on the essay answers?

Eddie: I'm not sure who you may have approached already but you can reach out to current students.

MBA23: Hello, when will the schedule for class visits after october 4th be available (Fall Quarter)?

Joanne: Thanks for your patience with this! We are working on implementing a new events program and we hope to have the RSVP link online soon. However, we can tell you that class visits will be available every weekday (with exceptions that are posted on our website) from 8:30-10:15am and 1:30-3pm. Soon you'll be able to see the list of available classes, but you will not choose your class until your arrival at Booth Admissions.

Leon: Hey, I wanted to ask if I need to prepare another request for a scholarship or is the application itself sufficient?

Joanne: We do not have a separate application for Booth Scholarships or Fellowships; all students are considered for all available awards at the time of evaluation for admission. If we need more information, or if an interview is required, you will be notified individually.

ChicagoBooth: I would like to take letters of recommendations from my supervisor and my swimming coach as I think that combination will best describe me to the AdCom.But my client can also give very good recommedation.Whom amongst these three should I take the recommendation from?Many thanks in advance.

Eddie: You really need to decide of the three, which two will provide you with the best profile. We really can't make that call for you.

Javu: Do you recommend a person with only two years' working experience to apply?

Kelley: Thanks for your question, Javu. We have students in our program who are early in their careers and those who have been working for awhile. When you decide to apply to business school is really up to you. It's important for you to understand why the MBA is the right degree for you and why now is the right time for you to pursue the degree. Also, you should have a good idea of what you want to accomplish after getting your MBA. How can the MBA help you achieve your professional goals? If you have a clear

sl_app: In the flexible curriculum format, what sort of guidance is provided to the students to ensure that the subjects they choose are appropriate for their career goals?

Carrie: Great question! While Chicago Booth incorporates much flexibility into the program, we do so with a great deal of support. For example, with the curriculum, you can work with academic advisors, student mentors, career advisors, and faculty to help select the best classes to meet your goals.

Sandeep: My undergrad transcripts clearly show indicate that the language of instruction is English. Do I need to sumbit seperate documentation or proof to be eligible for the TOEFL waiver?

Kelley: Hi Sandeep. If your transcripts clearly indicate that the language of instruction is English, then you do not have to submit any additional documentation.

Gil: How detailed do you want applicants to be in terms of future goals and career plans? It is necessary to discuss specific job functions in addition to the industry you hope to join

Joanne: This is entirely up to you! We'd like to have a good sense that you know what direction you're headed in, but if you're not entirely sure what functions you plan to perform, that's ok. Give us as much information as you can, and remember to tie it into your need/desire for the MBA.

chicago21: Under what circumstances do you permit candidates to defer admissions by a year?

Carrie: Hi Chicago21. As a general policy, we encourage candidates to apply for the year they intend to enroll. We will consider deferral requests on a case-by-case basis for those with extenuating circumstances.

Farhan: For students with spouses, how well do the spouses integrate with the Booth culture and community? Are there resources available for spouses to feel included in the events and activities?

Joanne: The Booth Partners Club is a great resource for all partners! You can read more online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/chipart.aspx. The Club offers a great network for socializing, adjusting to living in Chicago and, if you have kids, getting together with other parents for activities and outings.

Syed: I am an international student attending another university in the fall for an MBA. Is there any way for me to transfer into Chicago Booth for the spring semester onward?

Eddie: We only admit students for the full-time program for the autumn quarter. Please be aware that we don't accept another school's (MBA) credits towards our MBA.

Todd: Is there anything I can do to demonstrate that Chicago Booth MBA program is my top choice?

Joanne: If that is the case, you can feel free to mention that in your application or your interview; however, this will not have any impact on the evaluation of your application.

G-439898290: Good morning. Is an applicant's ability to visit or tour the campus given any weight in the application process?

Joanne: No, it's not. While we'd love to have as many applicants as possible visit us to get a sense of the culture and facilities at Chicago Booth, visiting or not visiting will not have any impact on your application.

chicago21: Whats the backround of the admission committee-Liberal arts, engineering and business, pure business?

Eddie: We all come from different backgrounds and you can find our profiles on the website.

Shrimant: Hello, thanks for hosting this chat. I wanted to find out if there was a resume template that we need to follow for the professional resume.

Eddie: Thanks for joining us! There isn't a resume template that we use for our application.

Patrick: Are there exceptions to the admissions deposit date? I was told that in RD1, if admitted, a deposit would be required to hold the spot by around 3/7.

Eddie: There are no exceptions, but you're correct about the 3/7 date.

Mendi: I believe a graduate school experience in enriched with club participation. What kind of clubs does Booth has and how flexible is Booth in appreciating students to initiate new groups ?

Carrie: Hi, Mendi. Chicago Booth students are very involved in the community, and have over 70 different student groups that range from purely social to career-focused. Each year, new student groups develop based on student interest, and this is something that is both welcome and encouraged. To read more about our student groups, please visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx

Rohit: Given the global business environment - does international experience hold a lot of importance for applicants?

Kelley: We look at many different factors when reviewing an application and no one aspect holds more importance than the other. However, for someone who has international experience, it shows that they have had the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds. At Booth, our students come from 48 different countries.

Ricardo: How do joint-degree programs factor in the admissions process for Booth? Is admission to either one contingent on acceptance to the other?

Eddie: No. We only review the MBA application.

G-255749373: I will be visiting the school in october. Would you say its better to visit and wait to apply for the second round, or if I'm ready should I be applying in the first round?

Joanne: It's entirely your choice. Since a visit has no bearing on the application, you are free to apply when you are ready.

Anuradha: Hi, What is the importance given to role of MBAs in the social sector at Booth? Also, can you give an indication of what kind of campus placements are available in the social sector for Booth students? Also, is there a partial waiver of the student loan if the student decides to pursue a career in the social sector?

Kurt: Many students looking to have careers in the social sector take advantage of the flexible nature that Chicago's curriculum can provide. Taking courses in public policy, sustainability, social services, entrepreneurship etc. The ability to tailor your curriculum to pursue a career in a specific area of the social sector is Booth's competitive advantage, one that is not replicated at other programs. As a result we do have a fair amount of our students seeking out jobs in the public space every year. In terms

MBA23: Hi Everyone, regarding Financial Aid por International Studentswithout US-Co-Signer, the loans available cover the full cost of attendance? or tuition only? or other amount?

Eddie: Chicago Booth is committed to providing financing opportunities for all students regardless of their citizenship and has loan programs available for students without U.S. co-signers. More specific information regarding these programs will be made available via the admitted students website upon admission to the program.

Josh: Hello everyone. My question is about job experience. I would only have 2 years of work experience, and I am a Spanish student so I have a low GPA for American standards. How will that affect my application? Thank you very much

Kelley: Hi Josh. When reviewing your application, we'll closely examine all parts of what you submitted. For instance, when reviewing your transcript, we'll look at your classes and see if you challenged yourself. We'll also look at your GMAT score. We want to make sure that the students we are admitting can succeed academically here at Booth. With regards to work experience, we do accept students who are early in their career. It's important for you to understand why the MBA is the right degree for you and why now

chicago21: How involved is Booth in helping candidates from a non-consulting/banking candidates break into I-banking and consulting besides the students clubs which is usualy driven by the students?

Joanne: Most Full Time students are career switchers, and Career Services is quite skilled in getting students prepared for job searches in areas that are new to them. You'll be set up with a Career Advisor, a 2nd year student who can be instrumental in your internship search. You'll also have a Career Coach, a professional staff member, who will help you as well. In addition, you will find numerous opportunities to meet with employers, fine-tune your resume and hone your interview skills, as well as make use of

Felisha: Are there minimum years of work experience? Is it to the date of application or matriculation?

Carrie: Hi Felisha. We do not have a minimum number of years of work experience required. To answer your second question, when filling out the application, you will be prompted to list the number of months of work experience to the date of matriculation.

Priya: Can the blank pages in the application discuss information presented elsewhere in the application?

Eddie: There is an "optional" that you can use. We rely on your best judgment when using it to discuss additional information.

Farhan: For students with engineering backgrounds, what the is the spread of career choices (fields) they make once they graduate with a MBA? What was the employment rate at graduation for the last class?

Kurt: The employment rate for this graduating class has yet to be revealed as we track this data three month post graduation. Graduation was the third week in June so data will be compiled prior to the start of classes in late September. Anecdotally we are tracking very favorably with years past and I would expect placement to be very similar. In terms of engineers, we do have quite a few admits in our class that come from engineering backgrounds and quite honestly they go into all kinds of different careers, Fin

tanr: Hi. What is the teaching methodology more like at Chicago - project based, case based or team based?

Kelley: There is not one type of learning experience at Booth. Our students take classes that are case, theory or practice based. Group work is involved in almost every class. We also offer a number of lab courses where our students can obtain hands-on learning experience by working for real-world clients.

Todd: Other thant the student Energy Club is there any other resources/oppotunities for students who are going to pursue an energy career?

Carrie: Hi, Todd. There are multiple opportunities to create a strong network in the energy sector while at Booth. While the Energy Club is certainly a strong resource, there are several career-focused energy treks that take place during the year, Lunch and Learn sessions with different energy companies, as well as opportunities to engage in the larger university energy community (Midwest Alternative Energy Forum, Alternative Energy Conference).

huan: Are the loans only a/v to American nationals?

Eddie: No, we have a loan program for international students as well.

Rohit: How important is the position of the person writing recomendations (VP vs. a Manager) ?

Kelley: It's more important for you to obtain letters of recommendation from people who know you well. We'd rather see a recommendation from someone who has worked with you closely than from someone who has a fancy title. Check out our Booth Insider blog to learn more about common mistakes applicants make when submitting letters of recommendation: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/boothinsider

KatieB: How does Booth view the Teach for America experience?

Joanne: Very positively! It's great work experience that can hone and develop leadership and organization skills, to name a few. For us, it is considered full time work experience.

G-4104827: What are some glaring application mistakes you've seen in the past?

Kurt: There are always the obvious issues mainly related to proofreading, but the more subtle issue is students really fail to consider their own fit with institution and instead rely on data points to tell their story. For example they have a good GMAT, GPA and work history and they think that this alone will get them admitted. However, most applicants are very competitive on these metrics, so it is the ones that relay their sense of personal fit with the culture and community of Booth that in the end experience

Moderator: Hello everyone: We are now halfway through the chat and have a lot of great questions. Please bear with us as we answer as many as possible.

Elizabeth: Aside from what is posted on your website, do you have any additional advice for Early Career Applicants? (I'll have just over two years work experience during the application process). Thank You!

Joanne: I think what you've found online is pretty thorough. In the application, we'll look for evidence of readiness, any opportunities you've had to take on extra work, or where you've had chances to take on leadership roles, either at work or in your extracurricular life. If you are invited to interview, we'll also look for evidence of maturity and ability to fit in with classmates that will range in experience levels.

Jay: I have a question on this year's 2nd essay topic on taking risks: what are the differences between risk and challenge? what kind of learning do we associate with taking risks? (cuz normarlly I play safe than take risks). Thanks!

Carrie: Hi, Jay. I would encourage you to use your best judgment when selecting your topic. While a challenge could certainly be a risk, it may not always be. We hope to read about an experience when you took a risk (positive or negative) and what you learned in the process (about yourself and/or others).

FLOWER: Hello! I have a question about the TOEFL. will ypu be taking the highest grade or the last grade?

Eddie: First, We do have a minimum score for that test. Please be sure that you are submitting a score that meets that credential. The highest score is used.

G-4102733: Hi - How important are college grades after 5 yrs of experience

Eddie: All transcripts (especially "letter" grades)that you submit are valuable when determining your candidacy.

Ben: I'm a returned Peace Corps volunteer with a desire to work for an international non-profit, and I'm specifically interested in the IMBA program. Is there a way to directly apply for the international degree separately, or is that something to discuss after someone has been admitted as a full time student.

Eddie: You have to be admitted to the full-time program before you can apply to the IMBA program.

Eddie: I've got 2 answers!

Adam: Hi! I have two questions. (i) I sent my GMAT score sent to Booth when I took the test in May of 29. I decide not to apply last year. Do I need to have my score resent to Booth? (ii) For my second recommendation I am contemplating having an individual who supervised the work I performed in a volunteer capacity. She does not have a “professional” e-mail; will this recommendation be looked upon with more scrutiny? Or should I find another source for my second recommendation?

Eddie: - we should still have your score on file. It's good for 5 years.

Eddie: - Professional email? As long as there is solid and supportive content in the letter it's fine for us to use when reviewing your file.

CaHtIlCaAnGtOa: I've looked the pages about scholarships and fellowships. How widely available are these and what percentage of the tuition does this cover?

Joanne: Scholarships and Fellowships are available to all our applicants; about 25-30% of the incoming class will receive a scholarship or fellowship and the awards vary from $10,0 a year to a very few that cover full tuition. There is no separate application necessary for any of our awards.

mike: Good Morning All and thank you for the time. I am curious as to when applicants will have the ability to sign up for Chicago Booth Live. Thanks.

Joanne: Thanks for your patience as we work through getting ready to implement a new events system. We hope to have the RSVP link for Booth Live up and running next week.

David: How detailed do you expect candidates with 1-3 years of work experience to be when describing future career plans?

Kelley: Hi David. You should have a fairly good idea of what you hope to pursue after obtaining your MBA. You don't need to give us the specific names of companies or titles, but you should have a relative idea of what you would like to do after your MBA. It's important for you to understand how the MBA will help you achieve your professional goals.

Goose: Where in the application process is it best to talk about your extra-cirricular volunteer experience?

Eddie: There is a section in the application that allows you to tell us about your extra-curricular activity.

Muhamad: I'd like to visit the campus. Is there a significant difference between the short day (summer quarter) and the full day (fall)? I'd like to attend before I submit my application for R1, but the first full day visits are around the deadline.

Joanne: Yes, there is a pretty big difference in that our campus visit program after Oct. 4th will allow for a class visit; since we do not teach summer classes here, we cannot offer that option over the summer. Classes for Booth students do not start until September 23rd, and then we cannot offer visitors the chance to sit in until the quarter has had about a week to get settled. So, you're right-the window is small between when our full campus visit program starts and the Round 1 deadline. You are welcome to c

Todd: What do you feel are the most unique features about Chicago MBA program?

Kurt: Chicago principally has a very unique culture and community. A place where the strength of the idea establishes the hierarchy. We recognize that ideas come from anywhere and anyone, therefore it is important as future managers to recognize that and be able to incorporate different perspective and ask effective questions to always get at the best provisional idea. As such we focus on four things to facilitate a culture where students become adept at finding and refining great ideas. I would encourage you to

Susan: From an admissions acceptance standpoint, what are the advantages of applying in round 1 versus applying in round 2?

Carrie: Hi, Susan. We encourage applicants to apply in the round in which their application is at its best. There are some differences between the rounds, but they are nominal. In Round 1, the slate is clean and we have yet to review applications. In Round 2, we typically receive the largest number of applications and make the largest number of admissions offers.

Pranati: Do I automatically get considered for financial aid or do I have to do something other than the normal application process?

Joanne: Financial aid at Booth is in the form of loans; that process doesn't begin until after you are admitted and choose to attend Booth. Scholarships and fellowships are awarded at the time of admission, so there's nothing more or additional you need to do to be considered.

Himali: If I already have a masters will this be viewed in an unfavourable light?

Kelley: For applicants who already have advanced degrees, we do not view this in an unfavorable light. However, you will need to be able to communicate how an MBA will complement our build off of what you have already studied. Close to 20% of our entering class has a master's degree upon enrolling at Booth.

G-4102779: When our references submit recommendation letters, should they submit them electronically or is there another format?

Kelley: They should submit their letters of recommendation electronically. When you provide their names and contact information via the online application, we will email them instructions on how to submit their letters.

Kelley: A nice thing about going to Booth is that our students can choose where they want to live. About a quarter of students prefer to live close to campus in Hyde Park, while half prefer to live downtown. The rest are spread throughout the city. Chicago has so many wonderful neighborhoods that our students want to experience everything the city has to offer.

Kuharido: Thank you for taking your time for this chat. My question revolves around Campus life experience at UChocago in general and the Booth community in specific. My research indicates that most students chose to live in Downtown as opposed to Hyde Park, I was wondering if you could provide some rough figures in percentage, and whether this dynamic affects the campus experience, as well as how much time to expect to commute daily back and forth. Merci

Arvind: How many freshers were selected last year for the MBA program ?

Eddie: This continues to be a small population of our class. It continues to grow and we look forward to reviewing many more of those applications during our application season.

Chris: I am interested in learning more about programs / opportunities related to social enterprise and education at Booth. What programs currently exist in this area and who are the best people to speak with to learn more about them?

Joanne: While this is a pretty broad topic, Booth does offer many programs and opportunities for those considering careers in social enterprise and education. The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship is a great resource for those considering internships in the non-profit realm; one way they do this is through the EIP, Entrepreneurship Internship Program, which helps to subsidize your salary in areas that traditionally cannot pay summer interns. You'll also find courses within the Entrepreneurship concentration that

Sandeep: My question is regarding the academic cirriculum at Chicago. The flexibility to choose electives and concentrations is great. But I want to know if there are any plans to add new concentrations? My area of interest is Product Management in high tech industry and I have seen courses under Marketing and General Management concentrations to be interesting. I wish to know whether firms that recruit are particular about the concentrations an MBA student chooses. If yes, are there any plans to add new concentrati

Kurt: As of now I am not aware of any discussions to add concentrations, although a year ago we added Analytic Management so it does happen. My understanding is concentrations are good signals for employers but they are not the focal point for the recruitment process. More often than not students allow their interests in classes to guide their course selection and the concentrations are a byproduct. That is not to say you cannot focus your attention on completing specific concentrations, but more to your question

huan: could you give a moderate budget for the total duration of the program?

Joanne: We are a two year program. $82,595 is the current cost for the first year of study.

Mj: Hello. Thanks for hosting this chat. I previously applied (unsuccessfully) to the full-time program in 27. Per the instructions on the site, I would therefore not be considered a reapplicant this year. However, there is a question on the application that asks about previous applications to Booth - can you please speak to how this information is used in the decision-making process? Thanks.

Joanne: You are considered a re-applicant; however, we do not keep records of students who apply for more than 2 years, so you will essentially have to apply as if for the first time, including submitting all transcripts and test scores again. We ask about previous applications to Booth for our own record-keeping but overall, this has no bearing on your current application to Booth.

RDay: How do students apply to the IBEP, and when would they do so?

Kelley: Our students typically participate in IBEP during the winter quarter of their 2nd year. So they apply to IBEP during the winter quarter of their 1st year and find out the following quarter in the spring. For more information, visit International Programs at http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/

Moderator: Hello all: We have just over 10 minutes left in our chat and your questions so far have been great. If you have any additional ones, this is the time to get them in!

Covington: What would you say is the most important characteristic to have to be successful in the Booth program and more importantly after the program?

Kurt: This is a really difficult question to answer as value a lot of characteristics. If pushed I would probably go with being open to the journey. Because Chicago is not a prescriptive environment, people who thrive here tend to be those who are more focused on the journey than the outcome. They recognize that things are constantly changing and the ability to recognize that and adapt to influence results is paramount to overall success. At Booth your experiences and abilities will define your overall success, n

G-4145212: The application asks why we chose our recommenders; are you looking for an answer that describes our relationship factually, or to understand the strategy behind our decision?

Joanne: We are looking to better understand the logic behind the choice of recommender. It's helpful to know the context of the relationship as well as better understand how well your recommender knows you and can speak to specific facets of your work experience. In addition, it's also a great place for applicants to talk about why they did not choose (but not requirement) for a professional recommendation.

BigD: What do you have in offer for students looking to switch career from management consulting to Private Equity?

Carrie: As many of our students are career switchers, we offer much programming to help you in that transition. In terms of preparing students for careers in Private Equity, Booth offers a wide variety of resources that range from student groups to lab courses. The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship helps to manage our class offerings, leads the Private Equity lab course, runs the New Venture Challenge, and advises the Private Equity group in their annual conference. The Private Equity lab course is a great oppor

Lucas: I have a question about significant others: is my wife elegible to attend some classes at Chicago University?

Joanne: Partners are unfortunately not allowed to sit in on classes at the University of Chicago. She is welcome to sign up to attend classes through the Graham School for Continuing Education or by applying to one of the programs offered.

123: what are the primary industries/companies/regions represented in the graduating class when they gain employment after the Booth MBA program?

Kelley: For specific information about where our students obtain summer internships and where they go after graduating from Booth, I encourage you to check out our 29 Employment Report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx.

Nitasha: Is there anyway I can get in touch with Booth Alumni living in my city? I would love to know about their experiences in Booth

Carrie: Hi Nitasha. I would encourage you to attend one of our admissions receptions this fall, where our alumni will be present to answer questions and meet with prospective students. To register for an event in your city, please visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/

Susan: I heard that second-year students review applications - is this true and to what extent?

Eddie: Second year students are part of the "Admission Fellows" team and we have used them to help us review the contents of your file.

Kadam: Hello, As a long term career goal I am inclined towards starting my own business. May I know what percentage of Booth students pursue entreprenuership after graduation and how much a full-time Booth MBA program be helpful in this regard?

Eddie: Currently about 49% of our students have had an entrepreneur concentration upon graduation. The Polsky Center is an ideal place to begin your work when looking for a long term goal as an entrepreneur.

Monicaleticia: greetings from Washington DC. I'm writing you from work as we speak. I wanted to ask about the MA-MBA program. I'm interested in merging international affairs with a business curriculum and wanted to know more about Booth's program

Kurt: I hate to take the easy way out but it would be difficult to give you the type of answer you are looking for in this format. Therefore I would encourage you to view the following links for greater details. http://cir.uchicago.edu/

Kurt: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/international-relations.aspx

RN: How does the adcom determine what a competetive GPA is if it is not on a 4.0 scale (Some international universities use a 10.0 scale)

Carrie: Hi, RN. We are very familiar with different grading styles used within and outside of the United States, and look at each applicant's overall GPA or marks, as well as their performance in each class, individually to determine their academic performance.

TO3: If I am not able to attend an admissions event due to my location, will this reflect negatively on my candidacy?

Eddie: No. we are happy to have you join us for our chats, following us on Twitter and looking at our blogs. We try to supply you with generous information using these tools as well!

huan: How about the prospect for an International graduates working in the USA after completion?

Joanne: It depends on many factors, including industry and the employers who are willing to hire international students to work in the states. Overall, though about half of our international students who seek to work in the US post-MBA are able to find opportunities with the support of Career Services.

Atul: My previous supervisor moved to another location within the company 6 months back and knows me for 2.5 years. Is it ok to ask for his rocommendation or does the adcom strictly require the recommendation from current supervisor (who in my case knows me for less than 6 months)

Joanne: We do not require a letter from a current supervisor, so if you would like to submit one from a past supervisor, you are welcome to do so. You can use the application to explain your choices.

Muhamad: How should one approach the "blank pages" essay? I have an idea of what I want to write about, but am worried (even though the question is a free for all) my approach is a bit silly.

Carrie: Hi, Muhamad. We encourage you to use your best judgment on this essay, as we have intentionally omitted strict guidelines. There are no right or wrong approaches, and we hope that you are able to utilize the space to share something new with the admissions committee. Go with your instinct!

TO3: Would I be able to take language classes while earning an MBA?

Kelley: As part of our flexible curriculum, our students have 11 electives and they can take 6 of those electives outside of Booth. This means that you can take language classes while earning your MBA. You can pursue this interest at Booth.

Eugene: Hello. I wanted to know your views on prospective applicants that were laid off in the past year. How can an applicant show that being laid off from an employer was not as a result of performance, but was simply from the downturn of the economy?

Joanne: This is a common occurrence, and can be explained either in the essays or in the optional essay, if it requires further explanation. The more information we have about the circumstances, the better!

G-4102786: Hello, I am interested in the analytic management concentration. Is there more information available about this concentration?

Kurt: Analytic Management was a concentration developed to essentially get at skill sets that a lot of consulting firms point to as critical areas of understanding. This isn't to say that if you want consulting that you have to do this concentration, rather we try to prepare our students for their ideal careers post MBA and this was an area that made sense based on its adherance to our Disciplined Based focus. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/analytic-management.aspx

Eddie: A lot of great questions. Thanks for keeping us on our toes! I hope to see many of you on the road at one of our presentations.

Carrie: Thanks for attending the chat - great questions! I hope to see you at our fall receptions, and wish you the best in the application process.

Joanne: Thank you to everyone for joining our chat today! I'll be in Asia soon, and I look forward to seeing you in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing or Shanghai.

Kelley: Great chatting with you today! Hope to meet you on campus or see you on the road this Fall.

Kurt: Thanks for joining us this morning and I hope you will take the opportunity to come see us in your area of the world. If you have not registered for one of our admissions receptions please do so and I will look forward to continued conversations.