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Curious about applying to Chicago Booth? Chat with admissions staff concerning the application, essays, transcripts, test scores and more.

Wednesday 26, 2010 - 11:00 AM CDT

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! The chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat in 5minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Rose: Good morning and welcome to our "make-up" chat due to last week's technical difficulties. We look forward to chatting. Rose

Eddie: Good morning and thanks for joining us.

Joanne: Hello everyone! Looking forward to talking with you this morning!

Bryce: Good morning everyone! I look forward to helping you out with any questions you might have. Welcome!

boothR2WL: Today was a decision date for wailist candidates. When are decisions expected to be released today?

Rose: We will be making a few decisions later today. For everyone on the waitlist, this is a good time for me to explain what's happening. June 4 is our second deposit for all students admitted in Rounds 1 & 2. At that point, we will have a sense of what our class composition looks like. If we see any movement (which we see each year), we'll make decisions the following Wednesday. So at this point, we're in a bit of holding pattern until we see what happens on June 4.s

curtis002: Hi! Thank you for hosting this chat. I have the following question: is the Admissions Committe able to indicate at a high-level the total number of candidates that were admitted into the programme from the waitlist? Many thanks

Rose: I don't have a precise number of students admitted from the waitlist, but I know that it is well above 100 at this time, and our plans are to continue to go out with decisions as we have openings.

curtis002: Apologies, just to clarify my last question: I referring to the last year or n fact any prior year. Many thanks.

Rose: My earlier answer was about this year. The number of students admitted from the waitlist each year fluctuates a good bit due to yield and economics in addition to how other schools manage their admisisons process.

Adriana: I used to work at a media company but since last march I've started working in my familiy's business. Since I don't find adequate submiting recomandations from my family members (them being my current bosses) would it be Ok to send letters from my supervisors in my previous job?

Eddie: That would be just fine. You can explain it if you'd like with the optional essay!

MJ: Im an accounting major student, if i wanna apply for MBA for accounting, is the work experience in accounting firm better than that in bank? Or both are equivalent?

Eddie: Either would be great for us to hear about.

Sam: Does an applicant with corporate sponsorship have any advantage over another applicant of similar/better qualifications but no sponsorship?

Eddie: No. It's nice to know that someone will help support your academic career!

Sam: What GMAT score, in the ad-com’s view, would place an applicant at a disadvantage/ misjudgment for attempting to re-take the GMAT?

Eddie: I'm not quite sure if I understand your question. If you take the GMAT multiple times we'll take the highest score; we hope that if you think your score isn't your best you would consider taking it again.

David: Does the admissions committee admit indiviuals from research backgrounds into the MBA program or do they prefer concrete "business" experience? (i.e. Research Associate's who wish to move into business instead of pursue a career in academia)

Rose: Yes, each year we admit a good number of students who have been working in research who have plans to move their careers into business.

BigDen: What oppotunities do you have for people looking to change career scope from Management Consulting to Private Equity

Rose: Booth affords lots of opportunities for students who wish to transition to Private Equity -- from courses, student groups, and laboratory courses. I would check out some of the information on our PE student group website, as well as the Polsky Center at http://research.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/.

Sam: What kind of accommodation (e.g. assistance with work permit, Booth activities/clubs) does Booth provide for spouses and significant-others?

Joanne: Hi Sam. Booth has a wonderful partners program that your spouse can take advantage of; it's a great way to become connected to other partners and network and socialize. Partners may also be invited to different activities on campus through student groups you will a part of as a student. We are not able to offer assitance with work permits or finding employment through Booth, though through groups and networking, your partner should have plenty of advice and support in a job search.

Melody: whats the percentage of students that have 0-2 years of work experience that get accepted in to the program?

Rose: This year, of the admitted students so far this year, 11% had between 0-2 years of experience.

MJ: What format does Adcom prefer, the bullet for every activity with explaination or comprehensive essay? And what kind of explaination for my activities do you expect in an essay?

Eddie: Either is acceptable but please make sure you are specific and stay away from acronyms if possible. We don't know them all!

Waitlisted: Hi - thanks for hosting this chat. As you know many WL cadidates are currently anxious about their status and any movement on the list. Could you tell us if any decisions are expected today (the date mentioned in the latest WL letter)? Also, what are some future "check point" dates (R2 second deposit, R3 first deposit, R3 second deposit)? Many thanks in advance for your responses.

Rose: I certainly understand the anxiety of our waitlisted candidates. There are a couple of key deadlines that will impact our decision to use the waitlist. June 4 is our second deposit for rounds 1 & 2. July 1 is the second deposit for Round 3. Typically, this is a time where we see a bit of movement which allows us to go back to the waitlist. As for decisions today, we'll be making a "few" admit decisions later today. No other decisions will be made today. I hope that is somewhat helpful.

Sam: Does the ad-com consider a competitive GMAT score from the first attempt advantageous for “doing it right from the first time” over another applicant who scored the same competitive score, on his/her third attempt for instance?

Joanne: There is no extra credit given to getting a high GMAT score on the first attempt. We encourage students to do the best they can and if it's necessary to take the exam twice or three times to obtain a score that the applicant is confident about, and feels is a good representation of his or her strengths, that's fine.

DWM326: Good morning to all! I am a 26 year old undergrad student attending Penn State. I am also an eight year veteran of the US Marine Corps. I am inquiring as to what I can do now in my first semester of studies, to set a path that will lead me to Booth. I am majoring in Business Management, but are certain courses required for me to take that Penn State may not require?

Eddie: Well it helps if you cover a few quant courses -statistics, accounting, or calculus. Maintain a good GPA, some extra-curricular activity would be great as well.

Sam: Most Canadian Universities, especially ones in Ontario, do not use the 4.0 GPA scale on their transcript, and some don’t even display the cumulative % mark for all years. If this is the case, what overall mark should the applicant provide on the Booth MBA application?

Joanne: The application gives you the opportunity to submit your grades on the scale your school uses; we are very aware that different schools use different scales. If a numerical grade scale is not available, you can use the Optional Essay to explain the grading scale for your school, and your GPA as it relates to the overall scale.

G-84786762: Good afternoon! I would like to know what's the weight of the GMAT in the 'Academics evaluation dimension'. If I performed very well (eg. top 5%) before, is the GMAT score as important as it is to someone that inderperformed during undergrad? Thanks!

Eddie: Every part of the application is weighed equally into our decision. A good GMAT? We want to see what type of courses appear on your transcript. We value every component that you submit in your complete application.

David: If someone is applying after working only 1-3 years, do you prefer to have letters of recommendation come from his employer or do you wish to see a letter of recommendation from a former professor?

Bryce: We require 2 letters of recommendation during the application process. You can select an employer or a professor, but it's recommended that you at least have one recommender who has either been in a supervisor role or has a good understanding of your career growth.

Joanne: The application gives you the opportunity to submit your grades on the scale your school uses; we are very aware that different schools use different scales. If a numerical grade scale is not available, you can use the Optional Essay to explain the grading scale for your school, and your GPA as it relates to the overall scale.

Dave: I started a Part-Time MBA program in part because my employer was sponsoring me, but they recently changed their policy due to budget constraints. I've decided I want to attend a full-time program. Does my previous enrollment make me a less viable candidate at Booth?

Rose: Helping us to understand your decision-making will be important in applying to a full-time MBA program. Just realize that you will need to complete the full 20 courses at Booth. The good news is that our flexible curriculum will prevent you from repeating coursework should you be accepted.

Duke_AA6: My GMAT score was only 580 (35% Verbal, 70% math); TOEFL PBT was only 597. How well would be the chance I can be accepted to your MBA?

Joanne: Without a full application, it is not possible to comment on your chances of being admitted to Booth. We can tell you that Booth students typically score between 650-750; our average last year was a 714. We take many factors into account when making admissions decisions, and we do not have a minimum GMAT.

David: Does the committee primarily look at the overall undergraduate GPA, or will they take into account specific courses? (i.e. Did poorly in language courses which depresses the overall GPA significantly but very well in the rest of his collegiate career)

Joanne: David, we take everything into account when we evaluate applications. That includes the overall GPA, as well as specific courses, the difficulty of a student's courses and any upward or downward trends in grades.

MJ: Is there any preference to either online application or mail application?

Joanne: Chicago Booth no longer accepts paper applications; we require that everyone apply using our online system.

Dorothy: My question is are you also contemplating accepting GRE in place of GMAT if that is the one available to the Candidate and will it have any effect on one,s candidacy?

Rose: Chicago Booth is not planning on accepting the GRE exam in its current format. The GRE will be updated in a new form in the summer of 2011. We will revisit this decision at that time.

Tony: How do you view the letters of recommendation?

Bryce: We give equal weight to all components of the application process. The letters of recommendations are a great way to hear more about your career progression and possible fit with Booth.

T: I have a question regarding the possibility of applying directly to the MBA programme after college. I am managing my own business for 6 years during college and considering the MBA programme. First of all, how do you consider this work experience? And what would you recommend?

Joanne: You are welcome to apply to Chicago Booth after your successful graduation from your undergraduate program. We take into account all work experience, whether that's part time, teaching assistantships, or entrepreneurial pursuits. We are not in the position to recommend to anyone when they should apply to business school; that decision is up to you, and it is your job in the application to convince the committee that you have made the best choice in applying to school at that time.

Andrew: Is there a list of currently active organizations/clubs at Chicago Booth?

Bryce: Yes, here's a link that might be helpful - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx

Andrew: The informational material for the Full-Time MBA program provides a breakdown of undergraduate degrees for the accepted class. I'm curious why engineering seems underrepresented; is it possible to see the breakdown of applicants for the year, rather than the accepted class?

Rose: Typically, the admitted class is a reflection of the applicant pool, so while there may be a small bit of variability, it should not be far off from the admitted class.

G-84676182: Good Morning, I'm an Undergrad, scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2011, I have more than 5 years work experience; 3.7 School GPA, I'll graduate with Honors in my Major, but my cummulative is low, 2.8-2.9? That's the cummulative now, will the cummulative affect me in applying for admissions? I'm considering applying this year, no later than round 2? Please advise as to how to deal with the low cummulative grade, is this something that should be mentioned in the essay's?

Eddie: If there is some particular circumstance that affected your GPA you can use the optional essay. If not, we will evaluate the contents of your entire application before making a call on your candidacy.

Sam: The Booth website mentions that the three broad themes used to evaluate an applicant are Curriculum, Community, and Career. Do these 3 themes have equal weights in terms of evaluating an applicant? Is the Community theme purely intertwined with extracurricular activities, or could it also be evaluated indirectly through one’s professional career?

Joanne: AS you can imagine, Sam, there's no direct answer to this question! All aspects of every application are taken into consideration in our evaluation process equally, so no one factor is weighted more heavily than another. Community can mean a number of different things; extracurricular activities, leadership at work or elsewhere, involvement in volunteer activities, travel, hobbies, or other activities.

GK: What advice do you have for re-applicants? Do re-applicants have the choice of doing an entirely new application or just the reapplicant essays?

Eddie: If your application is older than 2 years you'll have to submit a new application. Less than 2 years you'll be able to use the re-applicant question and we will review your previous application.

Jen: Will the new application include a PowerPoint presentation requirement?

Rose: We're in the midst of reviewing our application components for next year. We expect to publish our new essays questions and application requirements in mid-June.

NERABro213: Hi, I consider myself a laid back California dude and am concerned that Booth's culture is not a good fit for me. What are the personality traits of the typical booth student? What's the best way to investigate Booth's culture?

Rose: The best way to check out fit is to visit when class is in session. The culture of Booth is one that you make due to our choice driven culture. Come check us out!

Nathan: Hello, my question is in regards to the age of applicants. As a 30 year old, I understand I am on the higher end of the average. I have been working overseas and am now just returning to the US. Will my age be a limiting factor on my application?

Rose: Let's take age out of the equation. For me your level of experience should be taken into careful consideration when chooing the type of MBA program. There's no right or wrong answer here, but the investment and return may be different based on what you hope to achieve, what career path you wish to pursue and how much support you will need to do all of the above. Booth has a number of programs to fit students at differing points in your career. It's up to you.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far! Since we receive so many, and they are often similar, we try to answer one or two specifically and avoid repeating too much. If you've joined the chat midway and don't see an answer to your question, we encourage you to read the transcripts, posted within 48 hours after the chat.

G-84786762: Good afternoon! I would like to know if there is any difference, in terms of chances/possibilities, between applying in the 1st or 2nd round. In average, what % of the class is chosen in each of this rounds?

Bryce: Both rounds are equally competitive. I would say that the advantage of applying in round 1 is that you'll know the outcome earlier in the process.

G-71701845: How many recommendations are required in the application process? Do you prefer that all recommendations come from work supervisors or would you rather receive recommendations from a variety of sources (e.g., volunteer organizations, professors)?

Bryce: 2 letters of recommendation are required in the application process. It's helpful to have at least one work supervisor, but other sources are certainly accepted.

Rex: Are you going to Manila this Summer?

Karen: Currently, we are currently working on our travel calendar this year and as of now we have not finalized plans to attend Manila. We should have locations finalized within a few weeks.

Dan: What are you looking for in the essays?

Joanne: Many things! We are looking for our applicants to tell their story across the essays, so that we have a full and complete sense of your background, your goals, your interest in the MBA and your unique contribution to our community. We always advise applicants to be sure they are answering the question asked, and to perhaps have a friend or family member read them for clarity and any spelling or grammar issues.

G-84768517: Hi everyone! I know the selection process is an holistic one and every factor counts and that they are weighted.But what would be and decisive factor where do you draw the line? No work experience? Less than 500 score on GMAT? No ambition?

Rose: Taken together, all of the above would be killers. Probably the worst of the three would be the "no ambition". Why spend $100k plus if you're not going to use it!

DED: This might sound like a generic question. But I wanted to know what the characteristics of a strong application are

Rose: Actually it's a good question. A record of success, a sense of direction, and an awareness of self and others. Within that, curiosity, resilience, and an ability to navigate ambiguity are attributes that signal a good fit with Booth.

Andrew: Can you explain or point me to more information on the Grad Program in Health Administration and Policy?

Karen: GPHAP allows students to earn a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy while earning a master's degree in one of the participating graduate schools on campus: The Booth School of Business, the Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies, and the School of Social Service Administration. For more information you can visit the website: http://gphap.uchicago.edu/

Dorothy: My next question is I want to know your view concerning a low GPA,an average GMAT and a very progressive and meaningful work experience.Will such a person stand a chance in the admission process?

Karen: Here at Chicago Booth we use a holistic approach when evaluating your application. If you feel your application is much lower than the average score, we suggest that you retake the GMAT. Good Luck!

Chirag: I am 30 years old now and will be 31 at matriculation. Is it too old to apply for regular MBA?

Eddie: No, please feel free to submit your application!

Adam: When the term "Fall 2010" is used on the Admissions website, does this refer to the application round starting in Fall 2010 or to the application for students beginning study in Fall 2010? For example, are the essay questions listed at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/essays_slides.aspx for this year's application or last years?

Joanne: "Fall 2010" as it's currently used on our site means entrance in Fall 2010; that's the incoming class, and the questions that are currently on our website were for this year's application, which is now closed. Our application for entrance in Fall 2011 will be available in a few months, July 2010.

Melody: Does the Adcom review all of the GMAT scores even though only the highest is used for selection?

Eddie: Yes we will have access to all scores and review them if you chose to send them to us but we will only use the highest score.

G-84804995: If an Isreali admit does not accept admission, does AdCom specifically check the waitlist for another capable Isreali student. Or does the yardstick tend towards professional experience and industry?

Rose: If a student from any country or industry does not accept our offer, or withdraws after matriculating, the admissions committee goes back to to see what areas in the class we would like to add to or emphasize. We typically don't replace one candidate from a particular country with another.

G-84509230: In speaking to current & former MBA students, I've heard that Booth is primarily a 'quant' school. Is this true, and if so, is it important to have a strong quantitative background to thrive at Booth?

Bryce: You'll definitely hear a range of opinions when researching MBAs, but we'd consider ourselves a very well-rounded institution. We really focus on shaping classes where diverse perspectives can debate with the outcome being the best provisional idea.

Duke_AA6: If I want to be enrolled in this Fall semester for MBA, would it be possilbe I submit my application now?

Eddie: Our application will be available in July. If you complete it and send it in to us we won't review it until the deadline you have applied to has passed.

Toby: Good morning, can you explain the letter of recommendation process? Does the recommender have to answer specific questions?

Eddie: In these letters we hope to get a good picture of who you are as far as your leadership/management qualities are concerned. There is a form in the application for him/her to use with an opportunity to speak freely and offer us more specific comments if needed.

DWM326: I just started my undergrad as an adult learner. What can I do now to help my chances of standing out as an applicant?

Rose: Everyone has their own path/plan. Take advantage of your academic experience by getting as much out of it as possible. Booth looks at each applicant individually and we have many students who have followed a similar path.

DED: Hello Rose. Here is another question: what constitutes a strong transcript. GPA? course load?

Rose: We evaluate the breadth of classes across areas, the level of difficulty as well as your grades and class rank. We also take into account what you did in terms of extracurricular activities or leadership that may have had an impact on your grades.

addgg7: Hello. I am an early career applicant. In regards to the letter of recommendation for an instructor, would the Adcom place more weight on a letter from a graduate accounting instructor, an undergrad instructor in which I have had several classes with but have not conversed with since 2009 or a graduate communication instructor that have knowledge of my writing abilities, presentation style, etc.?

Joanne: It is entirely up to you who you choose to write your letters of recommendation; we do not know your selection set, so we put a lot of trust in your judgment to choose the people who know you best. Our advice is to pick someone who knows you well, can use specific instances and anecdotes to support the points being made and has time to write you a full and complete letter of recommendation.

Vic: Hi, I would like o know when would be a suitable time to visit the campus

Karen: While applicants can visit campus yearly excluding holidays and block-out dates, we suggest that you visit campus during the time when student are on grounds. Given that information, student leave campus mid-June for summer break.

MLQ: May we submit 3 recommendations? (Given that there is value-added from each recommender.) How is that viewed by the Admissions Office?

Joanne: We require 2 letters of recommendation; if a third is added, it should be substantially and significantly different, and should add value to your application in a different way. Otherwise, we prefer that you keep it to 2 letters only.

addgg7: How does Adcom view excused grades on a transcript, especially in graduate school? Should the circumstances be discussed in the application, and, if so, in how much detail?

Rose: I would prefer those types of situations are discussed in the optional essays, especially if there are patterns.

Jen: When would you recommend starting the application process for Round 1?

Bryce: I would start the process as soon as you can. It's just helpful to have as much knowledge and information early on, so you can make the best decision for your future.

NC27: Is it worth it to visit the campus during the summer? Or should I wait till the classes start?

Karen: While applicants can visit campus yearly excluding holidays and block-out dates, we suggest that you visit campus during the time when student are on grounds. Given that information, student leave campus mid-June for summer break.

Owen: Hi, I recently left my corporate position to pursue a new business venture. Will I require a letter of recommendation from my former supervisor, or can letters of recommendation from business partners and clients be used instead?

Eddie: You can use letters from business partners and clients but you may want to explain to us why you aren't using your former supervisor.

Asfar: Hi, I want to know, how do you consider a candidate who has taken GMAT more than 3 times in order to get the score he wants?

Eddie: We will take the highest score. If you feel you need the additional tests to get to your best score we appreciate your tenacity to secure a spot in the class.

Junior: When taking classes to supplement a college transcript, does it matter where those supplmental classes are taken (eg. 4-year college vs. community college)

Rose: The choice is up to you.

Chris_Fall11: how can an applicant with a low undergraduate GPA still put together a competitive application? Beyond a strong GMAT score of course...

Joanne: If you have a lower GPA from college, you can first use the application to give the committee some context as to why your grades might have been low (any major life events, illnesses, etc.). You could also consider taking a local class in an area of interest for you, or, if it makes sense for your career, a certificate program. Keep in mind that many factors go into account when we make decisions about admission.

Toby: A a business owner, can you generally describe how this experience reflects in your admissions acceptance process? Do many admitted students come into b school with this experience?

Rose: We actually have a fair number of entrepreneurs who apply each year, so you will not be alone.

Vikas: Hello, Thank You for hosting this chat, my question is on diversity of student body: What comprehensive measures CHICAGO BOOTH takes to improve diversity of student body and what parameters should an applicant focus on to highlight his distinctiveness.

Rose: Diversity is exceptionally important in an academic environment such as Booth. Diversity includes industry and function as well as culture experience, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc., etc.... What's most important is that you help to provide the admissions committee what you think is important yet relevant to us in our selection process.

addgg7: Hello. I am currently working on an entrepreneurial endeavor. When determining how many months of full-time work experience I have should I use the date I started working on the business idea or the official launch date?

Bryce: We'll certainly take into consideration all work experience attained.

Jess: When do you expect to release the questions for the application for the class of 2013?

Karen: Hello Jess, Applications are expected to become available by the end of June.

Dan: Is there another Booth Live event scheduled? I couldn't find one on the website.

Joanne: We do not have any more Booth Live events scheduled for this academic year. However, we already have several on the calendar for next year, starting in September 2010. The updated calendar and dates will be available online in July.

Mario: Hello, is a pause from work before joining the program considered as a disadvantage?

Joanne: Not necessarily, but it very much depends on the circumstances. We encourage you to not only explain any gaps in your resume, but to also consider giving the committee some sense of what you've been doing during the gaps.

dcd: I am a rd 2 waitlist.. Just to clarify but as of now you seem to have a pretty sound foundation for your 2011 incoming class. Does that mean that at this point those still on the wailist have a slim chance of acceptance?

Rose: Actually, we will continue to actively use the waitlist. We've taken a number of students recently from our Round 1 waitlist as well as Round 2. Be patient, we're definitely not done yet.

NC27: Thanks for taking questions. What is the best way to get in touch with current Booth students to find out more about the school?

Bryce: My pleasure! I'd recommend scheduling a campus visit. That way you can get a better sense of the Booth community as a whole.

victor: Is there a minimum requirement of 2 years work-ex before applying ?

Eddie: We don't have a minimum for work experience.

Val: I started an engineering nonprofit organzination for minorities Does Booth have a entrrepreneurship/nonprfoit focus

Rose: Booth has a strong entrepreneurship program and a growing number of courses in social entrepreneurship. You'll find lots of folks with similar interests at Booth.

Vikas: How applicant can help Admission committee understand quality of their under-Graduate & Graduate Institution, Can they submit additional material i.e. ranking etc. or does Admission committee relies on its own research.

Eddie: We do have a diverse group of students who help us review application and help us with many of the schools that are submitted. The admissions team has a large volume of resources and experience to help us understand the schools reported in your applications.

NC27: What % of students start their own companies / join startups after MBA at Booth?

Joanne: Good question! I don't have a specific statistic for you, but I would encourage you to have a look at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship's website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/index.aspx. Many students start companies while they are at Booth, most through the New Venture Challenge. Several students each year also take part in our Entrepreneurship Internship Program, which allows them to work with a start up or non profit company during their summer internship.

mayur: Hi many thanks for holding this chat. Its really helful. I had a question regarding placements for internships and jobs, does being located in chicago instead of NYC put you at some kind of disadvantage as compared to others

Rose: Our students pursue internships across the globe, so being located in Chicago at Booth has no bearing on your professional options and outcomes.

lori: What makes booth stand out from other gaduate schools

Rose: Choice! At Booth you have the opportunity to design an academic program that builds upon your academic background and professional experience to prepare you for your career. So while we do have a core set of courses, it's a menu. You can select the order, difficulty, faculty, teaching methods and time of day when designing your curriculum. No other program allows you that flexibility and opportunity pursue electives on day one, which can help to prepare you for a very competitive recruiting process where you will be compared with students from other top tier institutions.

Kevin: Next May I will be graduating with a double in finance and accounting. However, I have no relavent work history in either of those fields. Will the lack of experience hinder my application process?

Eddie: We do have many applicants who apply with little or no work experience. We find that many of these applicants are quite competitive.

Valeriya: Hello. Can you talk a little bit about Marketing Concentration at Booth? Where can I get more info? Thanks.

Rose: Booth has a very strong marketing concentration. You can visit our concentration pages (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/mrktg-mngmt.aspx) and the Kilts Center for marketing for more specific information.

shail: Does Booth guarantee cosignor-free loans to international applicants?

Rose: Chicago Booth has a guaranteed loan program for all our international students as long as you do not have any defaulted loans in your record both in the US and abroad.

Svitlana: Dear Rose, dear AdCom, thanks for having this chart! My question is: in re-application guidiline, you require new letters of recommendation. I am not particularly happy to disclose my MBA plans to my current employer. Therefore, I consider either having the same recommenders, or choosing new from previous job or social projects I`m involved in. The question is, however, that both know little of my most recent progress as they are unrelated to my current employment. Could that be a disadvantage? Thank you!

Joanne: This could be a disadvantage, but in choosing your recommenders, we encourage you to take the time to sit down and have conversation about your most recent employment, goals and plans for the MBA. It is your job to get your recommenders up to speed so that they can write you great letters of recommendation.

Simona: With a 10% unemployment rate, how do you view candidates who are unemployed at the time of the application process?

Eddie: We have no cut-off for work experience. We also value the strength of your GPA.

pradyot: Do I need to know exactly what I want to do after business school when applying to Booth? Is it ok if I have 2-3 career paths I would like to explore and investigate (through networking with alumni, summer internships, etc.) during my years at business school?

Joanne: That's definitely ok! While we encourage you to research different career paths during the application process, part of the great thing about Booth is the opportunity to explore. In your first few days and weeks on campus, you'll be exposed to careers through Career Services programming, through your classmates and friends, and through company visits to campus. We hope you'll know yourself well, but be open to exploring new possibilities too.

Vic: Regarding Rose question, Is it possible for international students to engage in private equity within the U.S.?

Rose: Private Equity professional opportunities are primarily relationship driven. While we help to facilitate your job search, you will actually own it. So yes there are opportunities, but it will be up to you to prove your worthy of the investment.

Sean: How are reapplicants evaluated by the admission committee? What about a reapplicant who was waitlist the prior year?

Eddie: When we review a re-application we like to see if your focus/long term goals have changed or if you were able to address any perceived weaknesses that you found in your previous application. If you were waitlisted in your previous attempt we have to remember that you are applying to a brand new applicant pool and it's just as competitive if not more than the previous year.

pradyot: What are 1-2 unique value proposition features (beside the highly flexible course structure) that Booth offers?

Bryce: Here at Booth, it's really all about the "Idea". Our entire value proposition is based on creating a community where ideas flow freely and diverse perspectives challenging each other to find the best provisional idea. Some other areas to consider are our discipline-based approach, diversity, and support.

Adriana: How are transcripts from universities from other countries seen. They are very different from the US, do your analyze them based on previous students from same backround?

Eddie: We have several resources here on campus along with our team that helps us evaluate international transcripts.

Reginald: I'm very interested in doing the international Business program, what would be the benefit of doing that over just the regular MBA in Management

Joanne: Let me clarify for you; the International IMBA is a degree you can obtain at Booth, and contains the exact same requirements as the regular MBA, with a few extras: proficiency in a second language, the completion of 5 designated International Business courses and a study abroad experience. The other option is to do the MBA with an International Business concentration, and perhaps a general management concentration. More information the IMBA can be found online at http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/.

victor: Do the undergrad transcripts have to be sent directly by the undergrad schools or the candidate has to send them?

Eddie: As long as the transcripts are signed and sealed we will accept them from either source.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Thank you for such great, hard hitting questions! While we can't get to all of them, again, we encourage you to read the transcripts posted after the chat, or go back and read through transcripts from previous chats at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/.

Moderator: We have received many questions regarding the make up of the incoming class. Unfortunately, the class has not been finalized and that information is not available.

Mariano: Hi! I am interested in applying full time program for 2013 class. How can I get in contact with students and former students from Argentina, where I am from.

Karen: Hello Mariano, You can reach out to students in your are by visiting one of our receptions in South America. Locations will be posted on our website within a few weeks at:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/. You can also post questions for other viewers on the discussion forum at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/engage/

JM: Who do you recommend give recommendations? What are you looking for in the recommendations. I work for a small company and report to the VP & President as my direct mgmt. Should I have both of them fill out recommendations or also have a peer or non-work related person fill out an additional recommendation?

Eddie: The comments in your LORs should be very specific about your leadership and management experience and what you actually contribute to the team. Please choose wisely and make sure the person who sends it in will be honest and and offer substantial text that helps us understand you and your value to the organization.

addgg7: What are the uses of the optional essay? Is it okay to use a narrative that provides a personal new dimension or should this essay only be used to explain extenuating circumstances? Can it be used as a combination of both?

Bryce: It's really up to you on how you'd like to use the optional essay. Just keep in mind that we'd like to get a better sense of who you are and how you'd be a good fit for the Booth community.

DGJ: Good morning. I’ve been offered a great job but my plan is to send my application to Booth in October 2010. If I tell the potential employer that I plan to apply to school he will change his mind (he needs somebody for the long term). I examined my personal values and I believe I shouldn’t take the job (without telling the truth, which means I wouldn’t get the job). However, I would like to know if the admissions team values more personal values or professional experience?

Rose: That's a tough question and one that is not simple to answer since so many things can happen between now and the time you plan on applying for business school. Be honest with yourself and others -- that's always the best course of action.

Taha: Hi. Taha from Waterloo, ON here. I am interested in pursuing a part-time weekend/evening MBA. How does Chicago-Booth help with accomodations over the weekend/weeknights?

Karen: Hello Taha, Questions regarding the Evening and Weekend programs can be answered via our website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/index.aspx

Karen: Regards,

AB: Hi Rose how many applications and admist from India did Chicago have over the last couple of years?

Rose: I don't have our class stats at this point, but we have had a large number of applicants from India over the past several years. The number admitted have more to do with the quality of the applicant rather than any fixed number or quota.

Asfar: Hi, Is it true, that when you evaluate the profile of an Indian Student coming from an IT background, you give a lot of emphasis on his GMAT scores?

Rose: No, we don't put additional emphasis on particular components in the application, but rather evaluate each applicant holistically.

Chris_Fall11: When is the next admission event at Booth? I would like to travel from Detroit to check out the campus, meet with students and individuals within the admissions office this spring/summer...

Joanne: Our office is open every day for visitors. We offer an information session at 10:30am, followed by a tour. During the academic year, we also offer the opportunity to sit in on a class and have lunch with our students. Class visits and students lunches are available for this year only through next week; after that, we offer the 10:30 information session and a tour only through the summer months. If you'd like to wait until our students are back, you are welcome to join us in October 2011.

G-71683945: Do you find it helpful for applicants to call out relavant quantative courseload in their resume or would this be redundant with their transcripit?

Eddie: We will certainly capture it in your transcripts.

Kevin: I am planning a visit this fall with my wife. Would she be able to meet with members of a spouses group to answer any questions she may have?

Joanne: Hi Kevin. It may be possible to meet with someone from the Partners group when you're on campus. My suggestion is to get in touch with the co-chairs of Chicago Partners; contact information can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/chipart.aspx.

G-84805011: What is the percentage of foreign students on the MBA?

Rose: We're still in the midst of making decisions this year, but we have 36% students representing 51 countries in our class entering this past fall.

nguyen: Hi, I've study in ELI, USF, FL for 1 year, but haven't taken iBT test yet. I'll take it on Jun, 12. Is it too late to apply for this Fall?

Eddie: It is too late to apply for the full time program. You may want to refer to our website if you are interested in one of our part time programs.

G-268681615: Can you please clarify if the GMAT score needs to be valid while submitting the application, or while getting admitted ? Lsts say I gave my GMAT in Nov 2005 and it will expire in Nov 2010, then do I need to give GMAT again to apply for session starting in Aug 2011 ?

Eddie: Your GMAT score is good for 5 years from the date of the test. Your score must be valid at the time we review your file or it will be incomplete.

Fingers_Crossed: Hi all! Thanks for holding this chat. I was wondering if there is a certain date by which you try to provide international applicants a final decision to provide time to sort out visa concerns. Thanks in advance!

Rose: We plan to communicate decisions to international students on the waitlist no later than the end of June.

Toby: Are there opportunties to visit the campus and meet with the admissions department during the summer months?

Karen: Hello Toby, You can visit campus during the summer months to participate in an information sessions along with building tour. For a detailed schedule visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx

Fernando: If there is no extra credit given to getting a high GMAT score on the first attempt, do you know why schools ask how many times one has taken it?

Joanne: This information sometimes gives us a sense of how you've progressed, or not, over time. It can also potentially tell us about individual student behaviors, which is useful in our overall work in admissions.

Jess: Also, I wish to pursue a JD/MBA at U of Chicago. Would you suggest applying for both at the same time? Because I know for sure that I want to pursue an MBA at Booth, I intend to apply first round. However, I will not have taken my LSAT by then. If I indicate that an application for the joint JD will follow, will that at all affect my MBA application to Booth (i.e. would it cause admissions to want to wait longer on my MBA app to see my JD app come in?) I know I want to go to Booth, regardless of whether I get into the joint JD program.

Bryce: When pursuing a joint degree, you'll have to be accepted into both programs. I would start as early as you can in the process, so you can work on all the necessary requirements. If you're definitely planning to pursue Booth, I'd apply when ready and notify us on your joint degree goals. We will only be evaluating your Booth application.

pradyot: I took GMAT 2 years ago and scored a 710. Do you "depriciate" GMAT score over the years? Will it be better if I take GMAT again (even if I score almost same or less)?

Joanne: You are welcome to take the GMAT again; as long as it's taken within 5 years of application, it makes no difference when you scored your highest score.

Jess: If we have a lot of publications, are you at all interested to seeing those to get a sense of what we've written about? How important is it that we keep our resume down to just one page?

Eddie: We really appreciate a one page resume. If we require to see a list of your publications we would notify you for your assistance in supplying it to us.

helendao: I am among the 0-2 years of experience group. I would like to ask you about your experience with the 11 percent accepted. How has they been doing in class. Do you see any difficulties for them to catch up with the more experienced. Is their internship earning affected by the young age.

Rose: We've not seen any problems with these students largely since they have the requisite focus, professional experience, and direction needed to navigate this much flexilibity.

Sam: Thank you Joanne for the prompt answers! Here is another question: What value does another graduate degree (e.g. Master of Engineering) add on an application and is it the norm for such candidates to have less work experience when applying?

Joanne: It is always great to see when candidates have taken the initiative to obtain an advanced degree, though it is not a major factor in admissions decisions. There's no real "norm" for work experience for these candidates; some are lucky enough to do both degrees in a relatively quick period of time, or work while going to school, which can increase their number of years of work experience. Others may be in school for many years before working full time.

G-84676182: If I'm a senior in College, which is the best time to apply to the full time mba program? Round 1, Round 2, Round 3?

Joanne: The best time to apply is when you are ready! However, for college seniors, it may be advantageous for us to see your Fall grades, particularly if you are trying to show an upward trend in your GPA. In that case, Round 2 might be a better option, but the choice is yours.

PatrickHenry: How would you describe the classroom teaching model at Booth? 100% case method? 50/50 split between case and lecture?

Bryce: It is a mixture of case, lecture and experiential. You will absolutely be exposed to very diverse classroom experiences.

helendao: Would a recommendation letter from a Chicago alumni be of greater weight?

Eddie: We value LORs from our alumni but it's best if you have actually worked for this person and that we get a good picture of your professional expertise.

victor: If I have any doubts regarding the application process, can we talk to the some one from the admission department to help us out with the process? Also, the recommendations to be submitted online

Bryce: You can contact the admissions team if you have any questions along the way.

Kevin: I flunked out of school when I first went to college in '98. I have recently had those first 3 semesters wiped from my GPA, but they remain on my transcript. Will my graduation GPA of 3.75 or my cumulative GPA of 2.9 be used in the decision process?

Rose: We all grow up at different times, and while we'd like to undo the past, we can't. We will definitely look at both transcripts, but will look to you to explain what happened and how you changed, what you learned, in an optional essay. We're looking for growth, not perfection.

DiegoFlorez: Good morning. There are cases in which GPAs from two different schools are not comparable because each one uses different methogologies when calculating it. Do you take that into account when evaluating applications?

Bryce: We absolutely take this into account.

KC: I am thinking of completing a few "pre-MBA" courses before applying. I have a science undergraduate degree (not Engineering) and I have zero business background. I figure this is a great way to show my "academic ability" for the MBA. My plan is to take the classes via UCLA extension online. Do you think it will negatively affect my application since these are online classes as opposed to classrom courses?

Bryce: KC look at this as added intellectual capital. You have learned new skills and information that are directly applicable to being more prepared for an MBA. We do not focus on whether this information was obtained online or in the classroom.

deadlee: if i send an update for the WL to the AdCom, should I just assume that its been received and filed, since there's no way of confirming receipt?

Karen: Hello Deadlee, When sending information to admissions@chicagobooth.edu, you should receive confirmation informing you that your documents are received and will be added to your file for review.

Jess: Or should I not even mention in my MBA app that I want to pursue the joint JD given that I won't have submitted the JD app yet?

Bryce: You can certainly mention it in your application, if that's an interest of yours.

ChiPride2012: Rose, thank you for the transparency on the waitlist process. Last year, you advised applicants to let the Admissions Committee know at what point they can no longer remain on the waitlist. Is this still the case this year?

Rose: Yes, that's still the case. After we pass the June 4 second deposit deadline, we'll be communicating with the waitlist about personal deadlines.

Sam: Most Canadian Universities, especially ones in Ontario, do not use the 4.0 GPA scale on their transcript, and some don’t even display the cumulative % mark for all years. If this is the case, what overall mark should the applicant provide on the Booth MBA application?

Joanne: The application gives you the opportunity to submit your grades on the scale your school uses; we are very aware that different schools use different scales. If a numerical grade scale is not available, you can use the Optional Essay to explain the grading scale for your school, and your GPA as it relates to the overall scale.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. You can remain in the chat room as we post the last few answers. Or you can review the transcripts at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/. Thanks again for joining us!

shail: Does Booth offer any evaluation services to candidates for them to judge if it is the right time to apply to Booth?

Bryce: We try to be very transparent in the application process so prospective students can make these decisions for themselves. We do not have a formal evaluation/consultation service to inform students if now is the right time to apply. That is a decision we leave in your hands.

Adrian: Thank you for your time. Is there a club or are there opportunities for students interested in sales and trading?

Bryce: You're welcome! There are a variety of professional and social clubs. Check out this link http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx

Dane: Does Booth do unofficial interviews during campus visits?

Eddie: No, all of our interviews are by invitation only.

AB: Apart from the Booth website what are the other resources available for a prospective international student to touch base with booth students/alumni in their region? Is their a way to communcate with a Booth professor researching in an area of interest similar to the prospective to know more details about the opportunities in that field? And how can a prospective student obtain the contact information for the professor/alumni?

Joanne: The website really is the best resource for connecting with students in their region. If you look here, http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/community/international/, you'll notice that we have several country captains who can serve as a resource for international students, and may even be able to connect you with Booth alumni. I'd also suggest that you come to our admissions events when we begin travel around the world in the Fall. Similarly, you can find contact information for our faculty, as well as further information on their research, at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/faculty/directory.aspx.

Sunil: If I am looking to work outside the US after my MBA, what kind of support will I get during recruitment season ? Does Booth attract interanational/foreign companies ?

Rose: Yes, Booth proactively seeks out relationships with companies around the world through our career development teams. In addition, you own your career search, so you'll have the opportunity to communicate with Career services to expand the list of companies based on your interests.

Waitlisted: Thanks for hosting this chat and for providing us information on the WL. I have sent a couple of updates via email (attachments as well) since being first put on the WL - how do I know all my materials were received and were included in my file? Thanks.

Joanne: Please email admissions@chicagobooth.edu. One of our staff members can confirm the receipt of your materials.

Javier: I am currently working in IT consulting and am looking to transition into a corporate finance role at a large multinational, do you think that this a reasonable career switch goal?

Bryce: Yes, that's a reasonable career switch. We see applicants in a variety of transitions.

Rose: Thank you for joining us today, and for asking great questions. For those of you on the waitlist, hang in there. For the rest of you, wishing you a happy holiday weekend! Rose

Eddie: A lot of great questions. Thank you so much.

Joanne: Thanks everyone for your terrific questions. Best of luck to all!
Bryce: Thanks for joining us today! I hope it was helpful.