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Curious about applying to Chicago Booth? Chat with admissions staff concerning the application, essays, transcripts, test scores and more.

Thursday May 20, 2010 - 11:00 AM CDT

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Live Chat with the Full-Time MBA Program at Chicago Booth. The chat will begin promptly at 11:00am CST, but please feel free to start submitting questions now.

Rose: Good morning and welcome to our monthly admissions chat. While we're beginning to wind down the admission year for fall entry, we're gearing up for the beginning of the new cycle too. Let's get started.

Eddie: Great sunny day here in Chicago. Thanks for joining us!

Karen: Hello All, Welcome to the live chat today! My name is Karen and I look forward to answering your questions.

Bryce: Thanks for joining our monthly chat! I'm Bryce and hope to help you with any questions that come up today. Welcome!

Gaurav: Can the work experience make up for a low GMAT score?

Rose: The evaluation process is very holistic -- looking at all components including academic history, work experience, path/plan, self-awareness, etc. in how we make decisions. The GMAT is just one part and a good academic record can also help.

Melody: Hello thank you for taking the time to answer questions about the admissions process. I wanted to know how are Masters degrees viewed in the MBA admission process when they are not related to current job ex. I want to pursue a public policy degree to do more with leading this non-for-profit organization but im a tax professional?

Eddie: Masters degrees give us an idea about your ability to handle graduate level work. We like to review the transcripts as well and see what type of courses you've taken that could add to your diversity in the class.

Mauricio: I saw in the website that there is a program in economics in the mba. It means that I can do the mba almost entirely in economics?

Rose: Booth offers 14 different concentrations including economics. Most concentrations are comprised of 4 courses, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

AjayRao: Hello, thank you for hosting this chat. My transcripts have percentage scores. Should I get this converted to American GPA through organisations such as WES?

Eddie: Using WES would be a great help to us but we have quite a few resources here on campus.

Boon: I am an applicant from Round one for the class of 2012 and I have been waitlisted up until R3. I was wondering what would be the best strategy towards my application at this point? Should I sit tight and wait for the results or possibly focus on reapplying this coming fall? Thank you.

Rose: A little bit of both. We are not done yet with admissions for this year, though we recognize that puts our international students in a bit of limbo. Hang tight.

xuefang: Will the essays questions be same as last year's? When will they be released?

Rose: We're in the midst of planning for next year's application. The questions will likely be different, and we hope to have them available by the end of June.

xuefang: hi, good morning, I would like to know the best time for international students to apply for Booth

Eddie: We strongly encourage our international applicants to apply during the first two deadlines. It helps if you are admitted because of the visa process. That process can add some delays and it's always nice to get a jump on it if you are admitted in earlier rounds.

Shawn: All inputs considered i.e. GPA, Extracurricular, Work Experience, Fulbright Awards etc. what range in a GMAT score would make a candidate very competitive for acceptance at Booth?

Bryce: Just to give you a rough idea, our current class snapshot shows 80% of the scores falling within the 660-760 range.

Gaurav: What proportion of the class is with sourcing and supply chain background?

Rose: While I don't have the specific number of students, we have a good number of students who pursue operations. Check out our Operations Student Group: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/groups/osg.aspx. Feel free to reach out to those students directly.

xuefang: what weight does every part take in the whole package of application?

Rose: Booth evaluates each application completely, but place no specific weights on each of the components due how diverse our applicant pool is. Think about each of the components as part of the entire story you wish to communicate.

LoisJ: Someday I want to work for WB would MBA affect on it?

Rose: We have many students who pursuing work at the World Bank or IFC after graduation. The MBA is a professional degree which provides you with broad frameworks that apply across many industries and functions.

Gaurav: Is there any preference given to candidates with experience in finance and consulting?

Bryce: No, we consider applicants from a variety of backgrounds and factor in a range of criteria when evaluating applicants. Being from finance or consulting doesn't necessarily mean you'll have an advantage on getting admitted.

addgg7: Hello. Thank you for hosting this chat today. I was wondering if Admissions have ever allowed extensions for the first deposit after a student have been accepted? I have heard that it is generally due around the middle of March, but I know of some fellowships for other schools (particularly the Consortium) that do not announce their fellowships until the middle of March. Is asking for a one to two week extension common? I am just wondering so I can determine which round I should apply.

Rose: Interesting question. Depending upon the situation, Booth can be very flexible in terms of granting extensions for the matriculation deposit.

life_actuary: Hi, I am an interested applicant for the intake of 2011 or 2012 (most probably 2012). I am a Life Actuary in Chile for a multinational insurer. How do you suggest people that have very quant jobs to improve their application.

Rose: I would imagine that your life consists of much more than work, and the work that you do involves people and strategy in addition to numbers. The application evaluates the choices that you have made both personal and professional, so make sure that your application reflects both.

addgg7: I have started the blog which is the foundation of my business. I will have several student bloggers under my employment and some part-time workers. Do you consider this entrepreneurial? If so, should I put this under work experience and on my resume as fulltime experience as this is the time I am putting towards it while holding a parttime job?

Rose: I'm not sure how best to answer this since I don't know the full extent of your business. Either one is fine as long as you can help us understand in your resume and data forms of the extent of your work.

uzb: Hi. I am interested in placement of Booth graduates in investment firms and hedge funds.

Rose: As you can imagine, Booth students do very well in investment management. I would encourage you to check out our career report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx.

hdcdude: I was wondering when the 2011 application would become available this year...

Rose: Hello, Rose: Great question! 2011 Applications will be available online by early-July. Feel free to revisit our website at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/apply.aspx

Shawn: I have taken the GMAT once and plan on doing so one more time. Does Chicago Booth consider the highest submitted GMAT score or would Booth take an average of the 2 scores?

Karen: Hi Shawn, The Admissions Committee looks favorably on taking the GMAT more than once, although we do not recommend taking the test more than three times. The highest of your valid scores will be considered the official one.

G-71649684: How does the adcom view the Summer Business Scholars Program?

Eddie: We love it. It helps us find a host of new candidates to the program.

Gaurav: What percentage of graduating class goes for new ventures in Supply chain?

Bryce: We place graduates in a wide range of industries. Check out our career services link to give you additional class details:

Bryce: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx

Sebastien: As applicants, we develop ideas in our heads that certain schools like certain types (e.g entrepreneurial) of students. I know every school will say they don't have a type and value diversity, but if you had to characterize your student body with a few words that describe them and differentiate them from students at other schools, what would those words be?

Rose: While I don't know the quality of students at other schools, I do know that we seek students who are fundamentally curious about the world, rarely accept things at face value and are compelled to ask questions, dig deeper, and explore alternatives. They are not intimidated by ambiguity. Booth attracts people who want the opportunity to design the MBA path specific to achieving their goals rather than having a path prescribed for them.

Edgar: I´d like to know what is the minimum score required in the GMAT to be accepted in this program

Eddie: There is no minimum score. We will review your application with the score you submit. Our range is more like 670 and up.

Moderator: Hi everyone. We are experiencing some technical difficulties, which is making it difficult for us to answer and publish questions and answers in a timely manner. We are working on the issue, so please be patient.

addgg7: On the extracurriculars portion of the application, what format does Adcom prefer: comprehensive essay or bullet for each activity explaining responsibilities, impact and lessons learned?

Eddie: Really it's up to you. If it's a project/group that needs and explanation that would really helps us as we read the files.

Vipul: What type of entrepreneurical environment do you guys provide ?

Bryce: Just to give you an idea, we have an entire research center devoted to entrepreneurship. Check out the link at http://research.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/

G-71637750: Can you describe in more detail what is involved during the Summer Session Campus Visits? They are denoted "abbreviated."

Karen: During the abbreviated campus visit program current students are away for the summer. Visitors have the opportunity to speak with a staff member and participate in a building tour opposed to attending class and lunch with students.

jcouv: Hello, I am looking to apply for Sept 2011. When will applications become available?

Karen: Hello, 2011 Applications will become available online by early-July. We ask that you revisit our website at that time at https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/apply/

G-71665905: Good Morning! I reviewed the employment stats on your website. The data indicates that there are alum who accepted positions in Brand/Product Management; however, the major employers are primarily consulting/ financial services firms. What companies recruit for marketing brand management positions? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Rose: We're just about ready to post the full career report website which will include all the companies. In the meantime, I would encourage you to reach out to the Marketing Group website fore more information: http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/mktg/index.htm.

MariaP: Good morning Rose, good morning everyone. I will start with the questions. I am from Colombia and I am currently on the waitlist (R2) and I wanted to know if you are still offering scholarships and fellowships.

Rose: Yes, while we are nearing the end of the cycle, there are still a number of scholarships available.

Dorothy: What is the ideal score on the GMAT that is highly competitive to your team and will surely have a place in Booth?

Carrie: Hi, Dorothy. Thanks so much for your question. Since we take a holistic approach to evaluating applications, there is no ideal score for the GMAT. It is one piece of your larger application and is evaluated in conjunction with your GPA, work experience, essays, etc. To give you a sense of the GMAT range in the first year class, the average GMAT score is a 714, with the 80th percentile being 660-760.

Ayush: How best to mitigate low GPA?

Carrie: Hi Ayush. We evaluate applications from a holistic perspective and take multiple items into consideration. When looking at academics, we look at your GPA, the classes you chose to take, and your GMAT score to give us a sense of how you will perform academically.

addgg7: I am having difficulty in determining which supervisor would be best for my application. My supervisor until June (same position for me) has known me since my freshmen year of college, but was recently laid off. We still remain in contact with me even though her management of me is starting to subside. My new supervisor will only have a few months of experience with me by the time applications are due. Which recommendation do you believe will be more advantageous?

Carrie: Hi, Addgg7. In this situation, we would recommend that you choose the supervisor who knows you best. In the application, you can explain the situation. Thanks!

cmizelle: Thank for taking the time...A quick leadoff question when do you anticipate releasing next years deadlines and essay prompts?

Carrie: Hi Cmizelle. We will be releasing the new application and deadlines by July 1, 2010.

Mel: Thanks for hosting this chat. Can you tell me when campus and class visits will officially begin again? Are there any opportunities to do so over the summer?

Carrie: Hi Mel. You are welcome to visit us over the summer, but we offer a limited visit program that consists of an information session and tour. The full visit program will resume in October.

G-71649684: What can you tell me about the exchange program Booth has with other universities?

Carrie: Great question! Chicago Booth has the International Business Exchange Program (IBEP), and we work with 33 partner schools across the world. To read more about those schools, visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/ibep.aspx.

Moderator: Hi everyone. We apologize, but are still experiencing technical difficulties and unable to continue answering questions. We will reschedule the chat for next week and will send out an email announcement with details.

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