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Live Chat with Full-Time MBA Program Admissions

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - 11 AM CST

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Live Chat about less traditional careers at Booth! The chat willbegin promptly at 11:00am CST, but please feel free to start submitting questions now!

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Admissions Live Chat! The chat will begin promptly at 11:00am CST, but please feel free to start submitting your questions now!

Moderator: Please note, as we often get repeats of questions, we will try to address the general topics (if not your specific question).

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Admissions Live Chat! The chat will begin in about 5 minutes, so please feel free to start submitting your questions now!

Rose: Welcome to our Round 3 admissions chat. We look forward to a productive exchange. We will try to answer as many questions as possible, but may not answer your specific question if we've already addressed it in an earlier post. Let's get started.

Eddie: Good morning. Thanks for joining us.

Donna: Hi Everyone! My name is Donna Swinford and I am looking forward to answering your questions.

Joanne: Hello everyone! My name is Joanne Legler, Associate Director of Admissions. I'm looking forward to talking with you today!

G-472609598: I would fall under the category of an early career candidate. I was not able to find an average GMAT score for that particular set of applicants, is one available?

Eddie: No, we don't keep a separate average for early career candidates.

Florent: Hello, I have just graduated from my French university in a MPA program. Thus I do lack professional experience. Is it worth it trying to be admitted in Chicago Booth MBA ?

Rose: While we do admit a number of students directly from college, the vast majority of these students have had significant internship experience. Since the MBA is a professional degree, some work experience is highly recommended in order to get the full benefit of the experience.

Joanne: Hello All, My name is Karen Watt, Admissions Counselor. I look forward to answering your questions today.

Sumeer: I am applying for RD3 application process. I have a question regarding letters of recommendation. How soon we should have letters submitted? is it by deadline Mar 10th or it can wait?.As my direct supervisor is out of town for few days but he will be back soon.

Donna: Hi Sumeer! We will accept letters of recommendation up to one week after the round deadline. If the recommender needs an additional extension we will work directly with the individual.

G-472625806: Is it significantly more difficult to be accepted in round 3 than in rounds 1 or 2?

Eddie: The biggest difference is that we have fewer seats available. The quality of your application is one of the most important factors for us in any round.

G-472633852: What is the acceptance rate in the 3rd round relative to the other 2 rounds?

Rose: That's tough to say since we have not yet made Round 2 decisions. I expect that we will make a good number of offers in Round 3 (from Round 3 applications and Round 2 waitlist candidates) in our hope to manage the size of our incoming class a bit better than we did last year.

Hindol: I am Hindol. I am from India. Is it possible to get full financial support from Booth School so that I can do my MBA?

Joanne: Hi Hindol. Chicago Booth offers about 25% of the incoming class scholarships and fellowships. For international students, we offer loan programs both for students with and without cosigners. Those loans cover the cost of attendance, including tuition, school and living expenses.

Russ: Thank you for chatting with us. Do we have to provide transcripts for schools we did not obtain a degree from? Also, for the slide part of the essay. Do you mainly want photos to portray our interests. I just want to make sure. Thanks.

Eddie: You're welcome! We would like to see a transcript from every school where you have received a letter grade. It's really up to you as far as the content. We would hope that the photos identify something that is unique about you or helps us understand your reason for applying. It's really your story and you'll have to decide what's the best way to convey who you are.

Aanand: If my GMAT is a 540, how much of a chance do I have to get into the Full Time MBA program, now that its so late in the rounds?

Joanne: Hi Aanand. Without a full application, we cannot assess anyone's chances of being admitted to any of our rounds, regardless of certain pieces of information, like the GMAT score. We encourage you to apply when you're ready and when you feel all aspects of your application are the best reflection of your strengths. You can see a full profile of the first year class online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/index.aspx

KD: If you are waitlisted from Round 1, will you hear back during Round 2? Or could you just be waitlisted until decisions during Round 3? And what is the normal amount/average of persons who come off the waitlist in Round 2 and round 3 respectively?

Rose: The vast majority of applicants waitlisted in Round 1 will hear something on March 24. Our plan is to review the Round 2 waitlisted candidates first as part of this round's evaluation process. We've admitted quite a good number of waitlisted candidates in this round in prior years. If you do not hear anything, it means we're still very interested in your candidacy, but we want to hold on to your file for further consideration. We try not to hold people on the waitlist for mulitple rounds.

Avi: First of all thank you for conducting these most helpful chat sessions. I applied during Round 3 and have was interviewed by an alumnus a few weeks ago. I would like to know if decision notification is only on March 24 or do you notify earlier once a decision is reached?

Karen: Yes, all Round 2 applicants can check the updated status of their application on March 24, 2010, 9:00 am CT. Good luck!

G-472609598: I am still in my undergraduate coursework. Should I wait to have the official transcript sent until I have completed my degree, or have the partial one sent now?

Eddie: You can have the partial one sent to use during the review of your file.

AnxiousRound2er: Please describe the Final Decision Notification Process: Delivered all on the same day? Executed via phone or/and email?

Donna: The final decisions for round 2 will be released on the decision date, March 24th at 9:00 am. Everyone will receive an email prompting them to log in to the system to check their status. If time permits we may attempt to call the admitted students prior to 9:00 am release time. Keep in mind we are not always successful in reaching everyone prior to the decision release.

G-472633852: Are there specific qualities that you are looking for in Candidates in the 3rd round?

Rose: Round 3 candidates are evaluated just like any other applicant in earlier rounds. What may be limiting is the number of seats still available. Make sure you put together the best application possible.

K-10: Hi, My question is regarding the community involvement aspect of a candidate's profile. While in undergrad, i participated heavily in community and social service projects, but since the beginning of my job about 2 years ago, my community involvement has become more "monetary" rather than "time involvements", because of the strenous hours of my job. How does the admissions committee look upon such a shift?

Rose: We evaluate your history of involvement since we know so many people have limited schedules due to work commitments.

Jefferson: Thanks for holding this chat. Is there any scholarship money available for Round 3 applicants? If so, could you please provide some color (e.g. all types of scholarships, very limited, etc)?

Joanne: Yes, there are some scholarship opportunities available in Round 3, but they are very limited. Most, if not all, of our Fellowships will no longer be available for Round 3 applicants, though.

G-341264695: Thank you so much for your time today. I applied to Round 2 and was invited to interview. I understand that we will be notified by March 24th on whether we are admitted. Does that mean all applicants will find out on March 24, or will admissions decisions be shared as they are made up until the 24th?

Eddie: We are happy that you wanted to join us. We will release all decisions on the same day.

CEK: Hi -if an applicant submits a gmat score with the application and then retakes the test with an improved score, will the second score be accepted past the application deadline?

Joanne: Hi! You are welcome to submit updated information, including new GMAT scores, after our deadline; however, we cannot guarantee that this new information will be used in the evaluation of your application, since the reading process happens quickly.

G-472633852: Any last minute tips to improve candidacy?

Karen: At this point you are at the waiting stage. Once your application is submitted, it is reviewed by committee and hopefully, you are extended an invitation to interview.

Karen: Good Luck!

Toks: Hello everyone. My questions is about the 24th of March decision notice date. Is this date the date BY WHICH or ON WHICH all applicants will be notified about the success of their application? Many thanks

Donna: The online system will be updated at 9:00 am on the 24th. At that time all decisions will be released. If time allows we attempt to call admitted students prior to the release date. Keep in mine, we are not always successful in reaching everyone.

Andy: Approximately when will the 2010 application become available?

Joanne: The application for Fall 2011 will be available online in July, 2010.

mwoods: Hi Rose and Joanne, Is there a point where your work experience (to much experience) could be considered a negative.

Rose: Chicago Booth offers programs for professionals at all stages of their careers -- whether full-time, part-time, or executive. What's important is that you understand what you need and the tradeoffs that you are willing to make. Typically, full-time students range in experience from 2-10 years, part-time from 5-20 years; and executive 12 plus years of experience.

Hindol: Many thanks for the Funding ans. I would also like to know what aspect do you look for when considering the scholarship? or Full financial funding.

Joanne: Chicago Booth offers a very limited number of full tuition awards. Full financial funding is possible through all of our loan programs and you'll go through this process with our financial aid staff after you are enrolled. Scholarships and Fellowships are quite competitive and we use a variety of factors within your application to make those decisions, depending on the award.

applicant: Hi, I am interested in applying but have been warned about high crime rate in campus. Can you speak on that?

Rose: I have lived in the Hyde Park neighborhood for the past 5 years and I am unaware of high crime rates beyond what's typical for a big city. Students need to be aware of their surroundings and behave appropriately like you would if you lived in any other city.

MBA2012: I have a question about reporting GMAT scores. The FAQ states: "Self-reported scores are considered unofficial. Your official scores are required once you are invited to interview." However, within the application system, the wording is: "For the purposes of submitting your application we accept self-reported test scores. However, official test reports are required to be submitted [...] by the application deadline in which you are applying." Could you clarify the process?

Donna: We would like to have the test reports as soon as possible. We do like to have them prior to submitting the application. If a test report is not received but you have provided your unofficial test score we will attempt to review. We may not be able to make a decision until we have the official report.

Gio: Hi! Do you consider letters of recommendation coming in after the round 2 deadline from current students and alumni? If so, where should they send these letters? Thank you!

Joanne: Yes, we will accept letters from students and alumni, though at this point, we cannot guarantee that they will be used in the evaluation of your application, as we are in the final process of Round 2 at this time. These letters can be submitted to admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

applicant: How do you convert percentage (100 point scale) into GPA for academic comparison of different applicants. For example, 70% is my country is considered great but in US it would translate to C grade, something shameful?

Donna: We do not convert GPA scores into the 4.0 scale nor do we compare your score to other applicants. Instead we review the individual transcripts based on the scale used by the school.

Aram: Hi! I am an early career applicant with one year of work experience applying in the third round. And I want to ask you some questions: Do you compare applications of early career applicants with each other or you compare them with those of people with many years of work experience? And in case of an early career applicant, do you pay more attention to the academic portion of the application(GMAT, GPA, etc.) that to the professional portion(work experience, etc.)?

Rose: We take a holistic view of early career applicants. We will look a bit more to your experience in college (leadership & internships) in addition to your current work experience. What is most important is that you can explain "why now" versus waiting a few more years. There's no right answer here, but it will be important for you to proactively address that question.

Ray: How are people who are looking for employment in current situations looked at?

Eddie: If you are currently looking for employment just let us know in the optional essay. We will still review your application based on the other components - GMAT, GPA, Letters of recommendation, etc. We have candidates apply to the program with less than the average in every round.

applicant: How many pf your students pursue consulting and how many of them end up with consulting jobs? I am asking to get a sense if students have to make compromises later.

Rose: About a quarter (to one-third) of our student will pursue some type of consulting work post MBA.

degeorge: All else in an application being equal, how far does a graduate certificate with 3.9 GPA from a top grad program go to offsetting a poor undergrad performance?

Rose: It helps! I would also encourage you to tell us more about your undergraduate record and why there is such a difference in outcomes between degrees.

Sumeer: I have question regarding flexible curriculum. Full time program consists of 20 classes and we have flexibility of choosing 3 course from foundation six from functions, management which makes it total 9 courses. How is it totaling to 20 courses? Is that electives covering rest of the courses?

Karen: Hello Sameer, yes, the remaining 11 courses are used to define the areas of study you would like to purse. You also have the option of taking up to 6 courses from any University of Chicago departments.

anita: how many students you plan to admit in this year?

Rose: Roughly 900.

Nick: Hello, my husband and I both applied for Chicago. He was not accepted, does this influence the decision you may take for me?

Rose: Not at all. It's all about merit.

Adi: Hi Rose. This is Adity from India. I met you at a session in Bangalore. I would like to know the chances for an International student to get admitted in 3rd round application.

Rose: Though we recommend international students apply in the first two rounds, we always admit international students in Round 3. There's plenty of time for those admits to process their visa paperwork in time for the start of school in September.

NYC2Chicago: would you take into account the number of times one takes the gmat? let say someone takes the gmat 7 to 8 times? would you take the best score or average all scores?

Eddie: We take the highest score that you submit to us.

Melody: How is being a former Summer Business Scholar weighted when applying for full time admission? Will participations and grades have to be included with application?

Joanne: Hi Melody. Your participation in the Summer Business Scholars program is great, and is just one of many factors we consider when we evaluate your candidacy for admission. You are welcome to submit your grades, but it is not mandatory.

anita: after the interview, what is the process of evaluate our application materials? some one said interview is very important, some one said it's just 10% weight in the whole package?

Eddie: After the interview is completed your file will return to the "committee" and only the staff reviews the applications at that time. It is a very important piece to the review process because it reveals a lot about your personality, commitment, knowledge about Chicago Booth and why now is the right time for you to go after your MBA. We look at the entire package and we don't place percentages over any particular component of your application.

Ivan: When you consider applicants fresh out of undergraduate without significant work experience, what are some of the qualities you are looking for that are different, or that would be more important as compared to someone with more work experience?

Joanne: Hi Ivan. We welcome candidate to apply from their senior year in college, but look for significant internship, entrepreneurial, part time or assistantship experience from these candidates. In addition, we'll take a closer look at your leadership experiences in extracurricular activities during college, and pay close attention to your letters of recommendation for evidence of maturity, preparedness for a graduate level program and success in the classroom (which is why we encourage a letter from a professor). It'll also be important for you to explain the timing of your application and why you feel it makes sense at this point in your life, versus later on down the road.

mwoods_1: Hi Rose, this is Matt Woods. Is there a point when years of work experience (to much experience) would be considered a negative?

Rose: Matt -- I answered this question a bit earlier. If you joined the chat afterward and don't see this question/answer, take a look at the full chat transcripts posted online 48 hours after the chat has ended.

MarcosOjeda: Hello, my name is Marcos and I am an international student applying from Spain. My government recently gave me a full scolarship that covers full tuition and living expenses to study at your university, but, how can I attached the letter they have written so that the committee can read it when reviewing my application? Is it to late to apply, considering that I am an international student and I will apply on the third deadline?

Rose: International students can definitely apply in the third round. International students are usually encouraged to apply earlier to allow for sufficient time to apply for the visa. There is sufficient time for students to apply for and secure a visa in Round 3. In the additional information field you can provide information about the sponsorship. Email a copy of the letter to admissions@chicagobooth.edu so that we may include it in your file.

Kiran: Hi,thanks for this chat. i applied in round 2, and have not got an interview call. Are all selected candidates interviewed first? thanks.

Donna: We review all applications and by the mid-decision all applicants will either receive a final decision or be invited to interview. If there are issues with your status, please contact admissions@chicagobooth.edu directly.

Sumeer: How many electives can we choose out of 14 concentrations?

Eddie: 11 electives, 6 you can take outside of Chicago Booth.

Kiran: What is the percentage of international students admitted in round 2 typically?

Rose: Wow, that's tough to say since I have not seen all Round 2 applications. We're roughly 1/3 international. Hope that helps.

KD: I'm launching my second scholarship/mentorship program. Would that fall under community involvement?

Karen: Hello KD, You can include this under community involvement along with detailed information regarding your participation.

G-472625806: How specific should our post-mba goals be when applying? While I know what I want to do after getting the degree, most people that I've talked to say they've changed (some drastically) their function and/or industry upon graduation.

Rose: While we (administrators) know that your goals will likely change due to your experience in the MBA program, you should have a clear sense of path and plan coming into the program so that you can navigate through all the flexibility and options well. Also, as an investor, you should be clear in what you hope to achieve during your experience.

Cheers: Hello. I applied during RD2 and interviewed last week. Are you automatically considered for the Kilts marketing scholarships if you express an interest in marketing in your application or is there a separate process once you're admitted/enrolled?

Joanne: Congratulations on being invited to interview! We will evaluate candidate for all of our Fellowships based on the information included in the application. After that point, you may be contacted by faculty or corporate partners to have additional conversations or meetings to gain more informational about your candidacy.

Sumeer: I am more interested in social enterpreneurship? Can you throw some light on polsky centre and specifically on "social enterpreneurhip lab"?

Rose: Social Entrepreneurship is a growing area of interest for many of our students. The Polsky Center supports students pursuing this pathway. In addition, we launched a new lab in social entrepreneurship two years ago, which has gotten a lot of traction. I would encourage you to check out some of our student groups (like Net Impact or Entrepreneurship) to learn more about these opportunities.

dd0017: on march 24th, will scholarship/fellowship information also be relayed to candidates who are accepted?

Donna: Scholarship decisions are made at the time we make an offer of admission based on the overall merit of the application factoring in academics, GMAT, work experience, etc. Fellowships are decided afterward by outside committees that may include admissions committe members, faculty and/or corporate partners.

applicant: For the slides, can we add color? Will adcom take color print or back and white print? If it's b/w then I want to choose my shades carefully, that's why I am asking.

Karen: Hello, Our software is designed to print applicant’s PowerPoint presentations in color, so by all means you can add color to your slides.

Cangussu: Not sure if this was asked, but does job history hold a large place in admissions? I have a high gpa and good GMAT scores but though i was in the airforce, i have no work time with my degree.

Eddie: That's fine. We have a lot of students in our program with a military background. We also have a club dedicated to them as well!

mwoods_1: Hi Rose, this is Matt Woods, I am applying for Fall of 2011. Where is the best place for me to start researching what scholarships are available to me?

Joanne: Hi Matt. You can learn more about our fellowships and scholarships on our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/. We also encourage you to search for outside opportunities, some of which are listed on that site.

sittingtight: Hi Rose/Donna, thanks for holding this chat. My question is: what percentage of interviewed applicants in round 2 are (on an average) admitted?

Rose: That's tough to answer without having read all the applications yet, but it's likely somewhere near 1 in 4.

applicant: I have an unfinished masters (while applying) which I intend to complete before joining the MBA program. To what extent will this scenario affect my admission? There is a gap of 5 years between starting masters and going back to finish it.

Rose: Just make sure to explain that in your application.

KD: For waitlisted candidates from Round 1, what is the latest date for submitting new information? In particular, can we still submit new community involvements and awards beyond the February 24 date?

Donna: We requested all information to be sent to our office by February 24th in order to guarantee that we can add it to the file. Anything received after this date we cannot guarantee its inclusion in your file.

Tech_M: Hi. I am looking to start at Chicago Booth in 2012. How do you review Advanced degrees in Engineering?

Joanne: It is always interesting and valuable when applicants decide to extend their education beyond the undergraduate degree. We evaluate all components of the application holistically.

MarcosOjeda: How many students had apply to the full time MBA so far this year?

Rose: More than applied last year at this same time.

spinthis: I understand that you give different weight to GPA depending on your view of the quality of a university. How do you view Brigham Young University in comparison to other universities?

Rose: We have a long history of understanding the rigor of grading at different institutions. We don't, however, use weights to balance those differences.

candidate2010: where can I get the employment report for the class which graduated in 2009?

Eddie: You can find that on the website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx.

Anu_1: Hi, I was wondering what percent of your incoming class last year had people with advanced degrees

Donna: 18% of the class of 2011 had advanced degrees.

NAJ: Thank you for the Chat. My question is on placements in Consulting. From the stats already published on the website and from conversations with Alumni I am not able to figure which offices leading Consulting companies recruit for from Booth. Can you help me with some data here?

Eddie: Try this recent chat transcript. It should be very helpful! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/chat/transcript/2010-02-09_admissions.aspx

ssrivas: Hi there,I completed my interview and waiting for results.I had provided my up to date resume to my interviewer wherein I had mentioned an award that I won recently.I would like to pass on the same information to admissions team as well,can I send my up to date resume to admissions team?

Donna: You can send additional materials to your file by emailing admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

Kiran: By when are the Round 3 interview calls decided?

Karen: Hello Kiran, Round 3 invites to interview are April 7 – April 21.

NYC2Chicago: How is your perception of candidates who take the gmat several times before getting a decent score? Is it a red flag?

Eddie: We take the higher score. We do like to see some sort of progression but it's the highest score that we are concerned with during the review of your file.

Sumeer: Do you send some kind of feedback to candidate in case the candidacy is rejected? Like the reason so that candidate can try to improve on weak points and re-apply

Joanne: Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to offer feedback to denied applicants.

Ivan: Thank you Joanne. Does mentioning or describing independent research help an application in demonstrating those points?

Joanne: It is always good to mention these types of unique experiences in your resume, and they will be considered holistically and within the context of the entire application.

SD: Hi. I have a question regarding the submission of the GMAT scores. I have already had my interview for the Round 2. Do I need to contact the GMAC for them to send the score officially to Chicago ?

Donna: If you have not submitted your score to us, please have GMAC do so as soon as possible. We ideally would have had the official report prior to the application deadline but really need this in order to make a final decision.

Anu: Do you recommend addressing why candidate is applying in r3 versus earlier rounds?

Eddie: Rose wrote a great blog addressing this:

Eddie: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/rosereport

Eddie: Check it out!

steve: In essay #2, you ask about how we handled certain situations. Does Booth have any suggestions as to what type of points to address? For instance, MIT likes applicants to address the way the applicant "thought, felt, said, and did".

Rose: Our focus in on lessons learned.

sandeep: how does the adcom look at applicants who already possess a MBA degree?

Rose: Booth does admit students with prior MBA degrees. Candidates should explain clearly what they hope to achieve by a second degree.

Mahe: Can we expect to see any movement in the waitlist after Round 2 decisions?

Rose: There will definitely be movement in the waitlist when we release decisions in Round 2.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in about 15 minutes. Please continue to submit your final questions! Please note, as we often get repeats of questions, we will try to address the general topic (if not your specific question).

anita: I'm very interested in the exchange program, but when can I apply for? in the first year or 2nd year?will it affect my job-hunting?

Joanne: All Booth students can apply to the IBEP program during their first year for study abroad during their second year. Because most students will be abroad in the Winter Quarter of their second year, most recruiting will be over by that time, and would not affect your job search. However, some students may find themselves still recruiting at that time and will have to work with our International Programs and Career Services staff to make the decision about what steps to take next.

Sumeer: Karen - Is it allowed to break down the electives in seperate years of MBA course?. Like can i take enterpreneurial elective in year 1 and then finance / economics in Year 2

Karen: Yes, you can design a curriculum to take your electives during a time that is best for you.

sittingtight: What has been the change in demographic profile of applicants in the last two years (given the financial crisis and recession)?

Rose: Very interesting question. While there may have been some change in the applicant pool, the admitted class has remained pretty much the same.

TurboXL: Can a student submit the GMAT score after the March 10th deadline and still have their application considered?

Donna: We will review the application but would like to have the report as soon as possible. We may not be able to make a final decision without the official report.

rdeharo: Good morning, Rose. I just had my interview last week and I am now in the waiting game...However, I was wondering if there is anything else I can do to demonstrate my interest in being a part of the Class of 2012 and that Booth is my number one choice?

Rose: There is really nothing you can do at this point, which makes it the most difficult time for you. Hang in there; think positive thoughts; and catch up on your laundry.

steve: Where can I go to find out more information on Booth's entreprenuership groups and labs. How could I talk with a student in the concentration?

Joanne: You can find links to the websites of all of our student groups at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx. You'll also find the contact information for all of the co-chairs on these sites, and you're welcome to get in touch with any of our students this way.

Rmba: Is it ok if you have been unemployed almost a year because you worked in the financial sector? I am from Puerto Rico and the market still has not recovered here to the point were job opportunities are available in the financial sector.

Eddie: That's fine. We do recognize that the market has not bounced back as quickly. We would like to know what you have been doing during this time. For example any volunteer work, school, etc.

Tech_M: can you switch from part-time to full-time at any point?

Rose: Students cannot transfer between programs, however, students can adjust the pace of completion based on individual circumstances. That decision would be made in concert with your academic advisor.

Yue: Hello, i am applying for Fall of 2011, is it the earlier the better for the applicants? Thanks!

Joanne: Chicago Booth has 3 rounds of application deadlines; we encourage you to apply to the round that is best suited for you, knowing that there may be very few seats left in the class by our Round 3 deadline. Within each round, it does not matter at all at what point you apply, so long as it by the deadline!

FelipeA: Hi all. Are additional support letters from Booth students/alumni recommended for Round 1 waitlist candidates at this stage?

Joanne: We requested all information to be sent to our office by February 24th in order to guarantee that we can add it to the file. Anything that is received after this date, we cannot guarantee its inclusion in your file.

John: Has the GMAT average changed much for this year's accepted applicants

Donna: The average GMAT score for last year's entering class was 714. We do not anticipate it going up much more for the class of 2012. The round one applicant's GMAT was right in line with last year's.

Joe2010R2: For applicants interested in a joint degree, MBA/MPP, can you apply to the joint degree after admission and when would you do the summer internship (2nd/3rd year)?

Eddie: Students already admitted to one of the Schools may apply during their first quarter for admission to the other. You are assigned a career counselor to work with you concerning the timing of your internship.

Ivan: Thank you! For community service, if a lot of service or organized events occured outside of the university and the US, ie abroad, is that also acceptable to mention?

Eddie: Yes it is. That gives you international exposure which can be valuable during discussions in and out of class.

EK: How does self employed students who work in non-conventional fields count toward work experience?

Rose: All experience is valid. You will likely have to explain what you do and in what context for us to get a full sense of your employment, but we count it the same as working for another company.

applicant: I will not have visited campus while applying but planning to do so for interview. Will not visiting campus affect my chances of admission?

Joanne: No, this will not at all affect your admission to Chicago Booth. While we encourage everyone to visit anytime, we realize that this is not a possibility for everyone.

Andy: How has the recruiting for international students been impacted at Booth by the current downturn and the subsequent visa restrictions by IBs and other financial services firms?

Rose: Actually, our international students have done very well in the employment market globally. The US financial markets are still tight, but our students are still getting offers to work in the US.

Mimi: I had a second recommender lined up but that person and to drop out because of an increasing workload. So I am now looking for another recommendor. If he does not submit by the deadline how will that affect my application?

Joanne: We will accept letters of recommendation up to one week after the round deadline. If the recommender needs an additional extension we will work directly with the individual.

G-457895357: Hi there, thanks a lot for holding this chat today. I have a question for you re GMAT. I took it once and did not have a very good experience – there was a technical trouble throughout the exam. As a result I scored badly in verbal after the technical error, and this decreased significantly my overall score. GMAC issued an official letter to you stating that there was a trouble out of my control. Will you consider this issue while evaluating my application or you suggest that I retake? Thank you for your attention to this.

Rose: We will definitely take your technical difficulties into consideration, but I would encourage you to retake the test at Pearson's expense.

livechat: For the loans you offer to international students, can I get a rough sense on the terms? (interest rates, the usual repayment period, etc) Thanks!

Rose: We're literally just finishing the negotiations so I cannot share with you terms, beyond that it is a variable rate based on 1 month LIBOR and repayment is 20 years. We'll be posting more information to our admitted students shortly.

wei: hi, i applied in round 2 and already finished my interview. do I have to wait until Mar 24 to know the final decision?

Karen: Hello Wei, After the interview process, the committee must revisit the application to reach a final decision. All decisions will be available on March 24, 2010.

NewVision: Hi, Thanks a lot for all the answers. Would you be kind enough to tell me, if there is some place for people from 3rd world countries whose dad are not rich enough to make them CEO just after graduation.

Rose: We admit students from all types of backgrounds who pursue all types of careers post MBA. Booth does have financing programs available for all international students who do not have a cosigner. In addition, we have merit-based scholarships.

Miso: Hi, I am Miso, an international student. I currently scored 99 in TOEFL, and I know Booth has minimum requirement of TOEFL. I want to know if my TOEFL score is a decisive disadvantage in my application, or if there is anything I can do now to compensate this disavantage.

Rose: Your current TOEFL score will certainly raise concerns about your language ability. We'll look to your GMAT sccore, your essays and your interview to help us get a better sense of your abilities. You might want to also consider retaking the exam at some point.

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Eddie: Great questions. Look out out student life chat at the end of March!

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