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Thursday, December 17, 2009 - 11:00 AM CST

Moderator: Good morning, everyone.Thanks for joining us today. Unfortunately Rose Martinelli is under the weather and can't join us today. However, our full admissions committee is here to answer your questions!

Moderator: We'll start the chat promptly at 11am CST, but feel free to start submitting your questions now!

Moderator: Good morning, everyone.Thanks for joining us today. Unfortunately Rose Martinelli is under the weather and can't join us today. However, our full admissions committee is here to answer your questions!

Moderator: We'll start the chat promptly at 11am CST, but feel free to start submitting your questions now!

Karen: Hello Everyone, Welcome to the chat! I look forward to answering your questions.

Moderator: Thanks for joining the chat. Hello and welcome!

Kurt: Happy Holidays to all and thanks for joining us this morning. I am looking forward to answering your questions.

Eddie: Welcome to the chat this morning. I hope you've got some good questions.

Carrie: Hi everyone! I'm Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions. I look forward to answering your questions!

Joanne: Good morning everyone! My name is Joanne Legler, Associate Director of Admissions. Looking forward to talking with you today!

ashish: I have taken the GMAT test late therefore it is very difficult for me to apply in round 2. Do the chances of an admit drop in R3?

Carrie: Hi, Ashish. If you have taken the GMAT by the Round 2 deadline, you can still apply in Round 2. That said, you are welcome to apply in Round 3 as well. We do admit fewer applicants in Round 3, as we have fewer spots available. We suggest that you apply when your application is at its best.

VuNg1: Approximately How many percent of applicants will be invited for interview this year?

Joanne: This all depends on the round. This year, about half of our Round 1 applicants were invited to interview.

Vamsi: I've heard that there has been a 20% increase in the number of R1 applications compared to last year. Do you expect a similar increase for R2 too?

Kurt: It is very hard to predict. Our experience has been performance in one round is not necessarily a good predictor of what will happen in another. We will see in a few short weeks.

Arnab: Hi, Thank You for hosting this chat. Please highlight the difference between the two rounds R1 and R2.

Carrie: Hi, Arnab. There are very few differences between Rounds 1 and 2. Round 1 starts the entire process, and the slate is clean when we begin. Round 2 is typically our largest round, and as a result, we make the most offers of admission.

VuNg1: I don't see any limit about the number of words for the optional essay. In your opionion, How long should the optional essay be?

Joanne: There is no limit; however, we encourage you to keep the optional essay brief, and to be judicious about how to use this portion of the application. It should be utilized to explain any anomalies in the application, or to talk about some aspect of your candidacy that can't be discussed elsewhere.

peru: Good morning and thank you for your time! I will send my application for R2, and I want to confirm if I need to send my official GMAT and TOEFL at this point of the application process. In case I have to, what are your codes? Tks!

Eddie: The TOEFL code is 1832-02 and the GMAT code is H9X-9F-34. Good luck!

ashish: Hi, I have heard that a few mba programs avoid people with more experience due to difficulty in placing them. I have an experience of 9 years in IT , GMAT score of 760, and am a project manager, currently . How would you look at my CV..

Kurt: To be candid we do not focus a lot of attention on years of experience, rather an applicants ability to convey their sense of urgency for enrolling in an MBA program at this stage of their career. Why is now the essential time for you to get an MBA? For some they come to that realization early in their career for others it takes longer, but we need to understand why this makes sense for you at this stage of your career and why it makes sense at Booth.

Vasily_Russia: Hello, dear members of the Admissions Committee. Thank you for being here with us today. I am Vasily from Russia, R1 applicant, and I am currently in the waitlist. My question is – what is the most suitable way to provide additional information to emphasize some advancements in my life (career-related and other) and my interest in Chicago Booth MBA program? Should it be in the form of essay and additional letters of recommendation, or just the list of plain facts? What is the recommended word limit (since it obviously exists)?Thank you!

Carrie: Hi, Vasily, and thanks for your question. We welcome you to send in additional information if you feel it adds insight to your application. The format to do so is really up to you -- any of your options would be fine. In terms of a word limit, we do not have one but suggest you use your best judgment. For more information, please consult: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/boothconnect/fulltime/WaitlistFAQs.aspx

Greg: Hi! My girlfriend has been accepted by Booth in round one. I am applying for round 2. Would like to know 1) what constitutes a "partner" when I'm filling out the application and 2) how will that be considered as part of my application. Thank you very much. - Greg

Joanne: Hi Greg. It's up to you how to define "partner"; this can include spouses, fiancees, domestic partners or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. If you choose to identify yourself as a partner of your girlfriend on the application, you're welcome to do so. We note this information in our decision making process but your applications stand alone in the process.

Flower: Is min Gmat , min gpa is reqd for admission to full time MBA course?

Kurt: Hello Flower, The admission committee evaluates each application in a holistic manner. While we do not have a minimum GMAT or GPA score, it is good to fall within the range based on the application pool. To view more information regarding the pool, you can visit our website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/index.aspx

Kurt: Good Luck!

Ron: I am going to apply for the round 2. But I am still preparing my application, GMAT, reference, etc. If I cannot get my full appplication ready for this round , does it mean that my chance of being admitted in round 3 is very minimal?

Joanne: Hi Ron. We suggest you submit your application when it is complete and the best representation of your candidacy. If you can submit by Round 2, that's great; however, if you decide you're not ready by then, you can apply in Round 3. Historically, the chances of being admitted in Round 3 are a bit slimmer, as at that point, we have already admitted a good portion of the class and have fewer spots available by then.

Boothfall10: Great! Could you please elaborate on the slide presentation? Should it take form in a picture format? Essay? What is rewarded for this task? Creativity? Innovative thinking? What exactly is a slide presentation? Can it simply communicate our interests? goals?

Carrie: Hi, Boothfall10. The slide presentation is an opportunity for you to share additional information with us in a format that bests suits you. There are no strict guidelines for this, as we would like to give you the freedom to express yourself. The only restrictions to the slide presentation are including sound or motion graphics, as we print out the presentation (in color). Our best advice for the presentation is to use it strategically within your application. Make sure that the information you choose to share is not included elsewhere in the application, and that it answers the question posed. Good luck!

Aaron: Hi AdCom. What do you think characterizes the student culture at Booth?

Kurt: I think fundamentally this is a place defined by a commitment to personal development, not credential development. Meaning, students come here to accomplish something specific to them, whether it is building on strengths and experiences, working on perceived weaknesses or really looking for an opportunity to stretch their minds. For Booth students they are more passionate about creating the ideal MBA experience for them and maximizing their overall return, and the degree itself is really a byproduct of their journey.

Sean: Good morning. How long does it generally take for interviews to get scheduled after the second round application deadline?

Eddie: Invitations for interviews will begin after 1/20/09. If you choose to conduct an alumni interview it can take a few days for you to connect to one of our alums.

G-288228476: How many clubs/organisations can a first year student be actively engaged in without compromising quality of work in his/her activities?

Kurt: It depends on the student, in general first year students join somewhere between 3 & 5 clubs, with that number going down in their second year as they take on leadership positions and time becomes a little more focused. Again their is no right approach it is based on your individual interests and preferences.

Flower: What are the basic criteria you will look at for admission?

Karen: Hello Flower, The basic application criteria can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/faq/index.aspx

peru: Do you expect to receive more female students for the class of 2012? Is there any specific scholarship available for women? If there is, how is the application process?

Joanne: We always hope to continue to enroll more and more women at Chicago Booth. However, that always depends on the quality of the pool and the number of applicants. There are many scholarships available for women, and they are listed on our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/. These are only available to admitted students, and more information will be made available on our Admit Website. There is no formal application process for any of our scholarships or fellowships.

Lauren: How many Early MBA applicants are generally admitted to the full-time MBA program?

Kurt: I am not sure how to answer this. We do not have an Early Admit policy. We may begin to read applicants who apply to the program early earlier than other applicants and hence they might get invited to an interview earlier, but that is not going to impact whether or not they are admitted at any greater rate than someone who applies on the deadline.

Mila: Are Early Career Applicants at a disadvantage to regular applicants? Do you have any recommendations to someone who is planning on applying to Booth early in their career?

Eddie: Early career candidates are not at a disadvantage. We are looking for the best applicants. Many of our early career candidates do a great job explaining their career path, work experience (if any), level of maturity and reasons for getting an MBA from Chicago Booth.

kancan: Does the admissions committee look at a students entire undergrad transcript or are they only concerned with the GPA obtained at the end of the curriculum ? How does the committee differentiate students' GPA between different degree programs and schools ?

Carrie: Hi, Kancan. The Admissions Committee looks at both your GPA and your transcripts. We are interested in how you did overall, but we are also interested in the classes you completed. As for your second question, we are well versed in undergraduate and graduate institutions and programs, and take that into consideration when looking at your academic history.

G-288278517: Good morning! Thanks for having this chat. My questions deals with admissions: How important, if important at all, is volunteer work for prospective candidates apply to Chicago's Full-Time MBA program?

Kurt: We are more interested in your involvement and commitment to things other than your professional development. What are your interests and passions, how do you give or yourself and how might that translate into your contributions here on campus. There is no formula for the EC section, if you are passionate about volunteer work than you should volunteer if you are not pursue that which you are passionate about.

G-288305137: Thank you so much for hosting the chat. I really appreciate this feature and am excited to be able to attend as opposed to simply read the transcript. I was recently laid off, is this something necessary to discuss in the optional essay? If so, to what extent?

Joanne: It's up to you to decide how to discuss your employment status in your application. Some students will use the optional essay, while others will embed this into their essays; still others will mention it in the data portion of the application under "Employment" and "Reason for Leaving". You should provide us with enough information for us to understand the situation as it relates to your interest in the MBA program.

G-288286947: Hello from sunny California! I have a question related to the flexible curriculum: I am very interested in pursuing a dual concentration in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. At which point does a student “declare” their concentrations, and is there a possibility to add an additional concentration(s) during a student’s time at Booth?

Carrie: Thanks for your question! Because our curriculum is so flexible, you do not have to formally declare your concentrations. Most likely, the classes that you choose to take will fall into several concentrations. This is something that happens organically, and as long as you fulfill the classes required during your two years, you will receive the appropriate concentrations.

G-288264272: Can I apply for R2 and mention that I will be retaking the GMAT in Jan. Will the adcom take that into consideration when shortlisting?

Eddie: You can alert us to that fact but if we don't have the new score when we begin to read your file we have to move forward with the review. If it appears before a decision is granted we can take another look at your file.

sam_1: Do recommenders get specific questions to answer or general recommendation letter. I did not find such questions on admission website. Please advise

Joanne: While our letters do not have a specific format, recommenders are given guidelines for topics to consider when writing and submitting letters of recommendation. This is not available on our website, but is available when we contact recommenders with instructions on submitting.

G-288246124: Hi, who performs the interviews?

Eddie: 2nd year students, alumni and the admissions staff.

Andy: Hi, This is Andy from Japan. Are Students at Booth allowed to cross register for courses with the Harris School of Public policy? Do these courses count against the credits?

Kurt: Hello Andy, Yes,student can take up to six out of eleven electives anywhere within the University of Chicago program.

Jon: Do you use current students to evaluate applications?

Joanne: Hi Jon. Yes, trained second year students, known as Admissions Fellows, are hired each year to be part of the Admissions Committee. They are supervised by members of our professional staff, and are the first readers of all the applications to Chicago Booth. We highly value their input and expertise in our admissions process, and it gives our students a wonderful leadership experience at Booth.

Dhruv: Hi. I wanted to know how Booth conducts interviews in India. Do Adcom members come to India, or do alumni in India conduct them

Joanne: All off-campus interviews are almost always conducted by alumni, regardless of location; in the past, we have had staff travel to some areas where the demand for interviews exceeds the capacity of our alumni to conduct them.

Nate: Hi, this is Nate from South Korea :) I know for fact that Booth offers flexible curriculum, which, I think, is a wonderful way for students to really have opportunity to personalize their courses. In regards to that, I was wondering how that could affect 1st year students when it comes to getting to know each other? I'm asking this question because if students are all taking different courses then you might not have much opportunity to get to know each other.

Carrie: Hi, Nate! That is a great question, and there are plenty of opportunities to form bonds with your classmates in and outside of the classroom. For example, all first year students participate in CORE (orientation) prior to starting classes. During this time, you are placed in cohorts and smaller squads for the LEAD program. You will work with these same people for the first 12 weeks at Booth as you complete different leadership modules. Beyond that, you can expand your network by meeting 1st and 2nd years in classes, and joining student groups. In short, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know your classmates!

Rob: If you were recently laid off, should this be addresed in an optional essay or what is the best way to address this issue?

Joanne: It's up to you to decide how to discuss your employment status in your application. Some students will use the optional essay, while others will embed this into their essays; still others will mention it in the data portion of the application under "Employment" and "Reason for Leaving". You should provide us with enough information for us to understand the situation as it relates to your interest in the MBA program.

G-288278257: Could you please provide some insights into Chicago Booth’s focus on entrepreneurship and the Polsky centre in particular.

Kurt: Chicago Booth is inherently a very entrepreneurial culture, given the amount of choice and flexibility we provide. With that said Polsky also add to depth of programming and support we can provide to future entreps. Through the lecture series, labs and conferences they do a lot to provide unique learning opportunities around entrep. They also coordinate alumni networks specific to entrep, VC/PE. They coordinate and host the New Venture Challenge every year. They play an active role in employer development. They sponsor the Entrep Internship Program which provides summer funding for a large amount of our students pursuing internships with start-ups. I would encourage to visit the Polsky Center site online for more specific information but we are a great school in entrep thanks largely to the efforts of this center.

David_1: Can I student declare a dual-degree during his 1st year at Booth? Or must you apply for the secondary program before you matriculate to the business school?

Eddie: You can apply for a joint degree if you begin the program as a Booth student. You may want to check the website for the other programs to make sure that you are following their guidelines as well.

magurie: I have toefl test result, which is expired already. Do i need to retake it by R2 deadline?

Eddie: Yes, you will need to re-take the exam. We can't review your file with expired test scores.

Dinesh: Does an international student need to show any financial statements while applying?

Eddie: No but if you are admitted you will when the visa process starts.

ASB: Are admission interviews carried out by alumni or by admissions staff? Is it a blind interview or will the interviewer have access to my application?

Kurt: Interviews are general held by alumni and second year students. It is considered a blind interview allowing a non-bias evaluation for your application process.

Jason: hi, who's gonna host Seoul Event on 21st of Dec.?

Carrie: Hi, Jason. A group of six students who are in Seoul over the break will be hosting this reception.

PEtoMBA: Hi, can you provide a little color regarding the mid-decision date? About what percentage of applicants hear something by that date? Are all/most interview invites sent out by then?

Eddie: The mid-decision date usually includes all invitations to interview.

VuNg1: I heard that applicants who apply and get accepted in round 1 or 2 are often offered better financial aid package than those who apply in round 3. Is it true?

Joanne: In part, yes; we do distribute most of our available scholarships and fellowships in Round 1 and 2. By the time we admit Round 3, we have very little left in the way of resources. Additionally, many awards that are external to Chicago Booth have deadlines in advance of the Round 3 deadline. However, this does not impact your financial aid; Chicago Booth does not "package" financial aid, but instead processes loans for our students who plan to use them to finance their MBA. Applying in Round 3 does not affect your ability to obtain a loan.

booth789654: what sort of activities do new admits go through together that helps them in mingling well with each other?

Carrie: Great question! Once a student is admitted to Booth, they gain access to the Admit Website and discussion forums where they can begin meeting their future classmates. We also host admitted student receptions throughout the United States, student-hosted events around the world, as well as hosting our Admitted Students Weekend. These activities help new admits get to know each other, current students, and alumni, and get a feel for Chicago Booth. Additionally, all admitted students attend CORE (orientation) for several weeks prior to the start of classes, which is a great opportunity to form bonds.

G-288287388: Overall have you seen an increase in applications for the 2010 year with the current state of the economy? And how does the application committee view applicants from currently unemployed prospects?

Kurt: We have seen an increase in applications in the first round but that is not necessarily an indicator of what we will see in round 2. For those who are unemployed we completely recognize that is an all too common reality for many applicants and as such we do not see this as a negative in a person's application. For those who are unemployed though we like to see some indication that you are being productive and continuing to push forward despite difficult circumstances. Essentially are you simply sitting back and waiting for an opportunity to go to b-school or are exploring things in your life. Whether it be new job opportunities, volunteering, teaching a foreign language in another country. Whatever. The key for us is how have you responded to your given situation.

lala: Hi, how many of the R1 admitted applicants received merit-based scholarships?

Joanne: About 25% of each round's admitted pool is awarded a merit-based scholarship.

Subu: I have taken a couple of one-off courses from local schools, part time. Do I need to submit transcripts from these schools too?

Carrie: Hi Subu. We prefer that you submit transcripts for all institutions attended.

Gloria: One more question: what does the "mid-decision" date mean? Date some applicants are notified of the admission decision or date when you send interview invitations? Thanks for your time.

Eddie: It's the date that invitations to interview have been completed.

umich2003: I have a campus visit sheduled for Monday. Since I will be there anyway, is there anything you recommend I check out while I am there to get the true Booth experience?

Andrea: Since it is now winter break and classes are not in session, it might be tough to get the "true Booth experience." When you visit campus on Monday you will be able to meet with one of us in the Admissions Office and have a tour of the building. We can certainly answer any questions you have about the program, but it will likely be pretty quiet on campus. Our students are also hosting events all over the world this winter which would also give you the opportunity to meet current students in a casual setting.

aluther: Good morning. I have an 3 year undergraduate diploma from India with a cetification letter from my university (which now awards degrees), that it is equivalent to a degree. Am I eligible to apply for the full time program?

Joanne: Yes, we will accept the three year degree, and you are welcome to apply.

G-288272410: If waitlisted in Round I, can an applicant add to their application package with any updates that come about in the interim?

Carrie: Thanks for your question. Waitlisted applicants are welcome to submit additional information if adds insight to your application. For more information on this, please consult our Waitlist FAQs: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/boothconnect/fulltime/WaitlistFAQs.aspx.

Rob: What types of international programs/experiences/classes do you offer?

Karen: Hello Rob, Great question! We offer two types of programs for students interested in an international experience. Students can study abroad through our International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) along with the opportunity to obtain an International MBA degree. To view more information visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/index.aspx

umich2003: How much advanced notice is given to allow us to choose between an alumni interview off campus (e.g. California) or to fly in to Chicago for an on-campus interview?

Eddie: You can choose an alumni or on-campus interview at the time you receive an invitation to interview.

Rgeorge: Has the size of the incoming class gone up?

Kurt: The size of the current first year class did go up but not totally by our choice. We had a very good yield this year which increased the number of students attending. Our class size is 550-560 and that is where I would expect us to be when the class enrolls this fall.

Dimple: Well, I was preparing for 2nd round of application but I can't take GMAT before Jan 12. Is it possible to plug in my score later but still be considered for round 2. If not, How what is the approx % seats available for the round 3.

Carrie: Hi Dimple. If you have taken the GMAT before, you can submit your application for Round 2 and send us your updated score at a later date. If you have never taken the GMAT, you would need to wait until Round 3. We do not have a slotted number of offers for Round 3, as it it varies greatly depending on the offers made in Round 2.

G-288265321: Hi all. Hope you are well. I'm not from the Midwest but I've seen the weather in Chicago's been pretty bad as of late. I know Chicago would be a great fit academically -- but those temperatures make me wonder if I would enjoy the winters! What do you do to make them a little less frightful and a little more delightful?

Joanne: We would certainly encourage you to make the decision to attend the best business school for you, regardless of the weather patterns! Most of the top schools are, in fact, located in chilly winter climates and there are years where the East Coast gets more snow and cold temps than the Midwest. We suggest a good sturdy pair of boots, a warm coat and a positive attitude!

Carlos: Hi. I attended last night the Paris event with first year Booth students and it was very interesting listening to their experiences at Booth. I’m planning to apply to R2 and I was wondering you have seen an increase in the number of international applications.

Kurt: Carlos I am glad you enjoyed the event last night in Paris and am happy to hear it was informative. We saw an overall increase in applications in the first round which includes international students. This is now however predictive of round two where international applications could be up, down or level with last year.

Sonia: How do you view applicants who already have a masters ? Is there a particular policy for those alresady having an MBA from abroad?

Carrie: Hi Sonia. We have many students that have additional graduate degrees. In regard to your second question, we do not have an official policy for applicants who already hold an MBA. That said, we encourage you to explain in your application why you are interested in pursuing a second MBA.

Russ: Besides the international aspect of it, how much different is the IMBA from the MBA. Also, how seperate, if it all, is it from the regular MBA students.

Joanne: Hi Russ. The international MBA is exactly the same as the MBA, other than the international pieces (study abroad, language requirement, and taking 5 international business classes). It is not separate from the regular MBA program, and IMBA and MBA students take classes together.

jaycn: As an international applicant, can I request an interview in another country which is convenient for me?

Eddie: Yes, we do have a variety of alumni interviewers in various countries.

Mahesh: Considering the economic slowdown it has been a difficult year all round. How are the placements scenario at Booth?

Kurt: Mahesh I do not have any placement data for this recruiting to share at this point, but anecdotally hiring seems to be going and there is a great deal of activity on campus. Last year we actually did quite well for both full-time and internship recruiting and I would encourage you check out the employment data on the website for more specifics. Our goal obviously is to exceed these numbers this year but we will have a better indication of where we are at once the winter quarter is complete.

Carlos: Hi, this is Carlos from France. Do I need to submit an official translation of the transcripts at the time of the application?

Carrie: Hi Carlos. You only need to submit a copy of your transcripts at the time of application. We prefer that you scan them and upload them to your application. Once admitted, we will require official transcripts.

G-288346853: Are there any specfic steps you need to take in order to be considered for a scholarship, chicago booth fellowship or corporate fellowship?

Joanne: No; we make all of these decisions internally and based on the information contained in your orginal application for admission. We distributed all merit-based scholarships at this time for Round 1. If your application is selected for further consideration for our Fellowships, we will be in touch with you. There is nothing you need to do at this time.

BrianB: Hello - I have a few questions about the full-time program vs. the part-time program. Is it possible to transfer between the two? And is the admission process much more competitive for one vs. the other? I've decided to apply to the full-time program, but I currently live in Chicago and it obviously may make more sense from a financial standpoint to attend the part-time program. Thank you for your time.

Kurt: The degree and the academic experience is exactly the same for both programs. The selection criteria and competition for admission is also very comparable between programs. At the end of the day the primary determinant on where to apply should be lifestyle. As a PT student schools tends to take a backseat to your work whereas FT students are focused entirely on school. There is no opportunity to transfer from PT to FT so unfortunately that is not an option to consider. FT students can take a PT load but that will impact FA if you choose to do that.

G-288235870: What percent of students are from "non-traditional" backgrounds?

Andrea: There is a diverse range of backgrounds in our community. The Class Profile on our website should help give you a perspective on the make-up of the class http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/community/stats.aspx.

JJT: Are there any planned Booth events hosted by current students over the next month?

Joanne: Yes! Our current students will be hosting about 60 Winter events all over the world during the winter break. You can view them and RSVP on our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/.

Moderator: We now have 15 minutes left in our chat. We'll try our best to get to as many of your questions as possible before we end at 12pm!

G-288264316: I've observed that many accepted applicants come from corporate or established organizational backgrounds. How does being a small business owner help or hinder one's admissions prospects?

Andrea: I would say that being a small business owner neither helps nor hinders your candidacy. We actually see applicants from all sorts of backgrounds, including entrepreneurs. We're looking for the best candidates for our program, not necessarily that someone has come from a specific background or industry. When we're evaluating candidates we're looking at the full scope of their experience, their reasons for pursuing an MBA at Booth and what they bring to the community.

Mahesh: I am targeting the second round for submitting the applications. Is it necessary for my evaluators to submit recommendations before Jan 6th?

Eddie: It is strongly encouraged. If we begin to process your application and find that something is missing you can be pushed to round 3!

DK: Do you have any specific advice for re-applicants? I applied two years ago and was waitlisted before eventually being denied admission.

Eddie: I would look at the profile at this year's class to get an idea of who is currently enrolled. You may want to consider taking the GMAT again, deciding who is going to write your LORs and really deciding what your path is going to be post-MBA. Have your long term goals changed? Have you chosen a different career? We don't keep applications longer than 2 years.

Omar: What's the approximate average work experience of the class in any given year?

Carrie: Hi, Omar. For the first year class this year, the average work experience was five years.

Dinesh: Is there anything in particular that international students have to do during the application process?

Karen: International applicants have the same requirements as domestic applicants with the only exception are that they take a TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum TOEFL score required for admission depends on whether applicants take the computerized, Internet-based (iBT), or paper exam. The TOEFL iBT minimum score is 104. The TOEFL computer test minimum score is 250. The TOEFL paper test minimum score is 600. The minimum IELTS score is 7. Applicants who score below the minimums may still apply, but admission would be contingent upon meeting the minimum scores or other language requirements.

G-288328871: Hi all. Once admitted does Booth will assist in arranging financial loan to fund the tuition fee? And does an applicant applying in round two eligible for merit based and other scholarships?

Carrie: Thanks for your question. Chicago Booth offers merit-based scholarships and fellowships to approximately 25% of admitted students. Our Financial Aid office helps students apply for loans to pay for tuition and living expenses.

G-288286947: 2. Hello group. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. I have a question related to letters of support from alumni. In addition to my letters of reference from my work supervisors, I have close relationships with Booth alumni who offered to write letters of support on my behalf. What is the protocol for this?

Andrea: Alumni are always welcome to write additional letters of support on your behalf.

Sean: Do most students live in Hyde Park or do you find that students live in various parts of Chicago?

Andrea: Hi Sean. Chicago is a great backdrop to the MBA experience and our students definitely enjoy all that the city has to offer. About 23% of the students live in Hyde Park and the rest live elsewhere in the city, with a large percentage living right downtown. Much like the flexibility of the curriculum, students have the option to choose where they live in Chicago based on their individual needs.

kevinikeda: If I take the GMAT close to the round 2 deadline, my official scores won't be available immediately. Is it ok to report the unofficial scores on the application?

Karen: Hi kevinikeda, Yes, you can submit a self-reported score online through your application. You will need to submit your official score prior to being invited to interview. Good Luck!

umich2003: What percentage of your graduates end up getting hired full time in the Chicagoland area?

Carrie: Great question. You can find that information, as well as additional placement information in our interim employment report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx.

Stoycho: Are loans available for international students?

Joanne: Yes, we have options for international students with and without a cosigner. More information is available after students are admitted to Chicago Booth, and loans are processed in the Spring.

Joanne: Yes! Our current students will be hosting about 60 Winter events all over the world during the winter break. You can view them and RSVP on our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/.

MBuff: Has Booth's career services office made any changes to help students find jobs in this year's tough economy?

Kurt: Career services has really stepped up its commitment to outreach and coaching. Every student has been assigned a specific coach and that was made possible by the schools commimtent to add four additional positions to our corporate and employment development team. We now have 6 and half people worldwide doing nothing but developing new relationships for the program, allowing greater bandwith for coaching and additional internal programming work. To give you some sense of the payoff, in years past our outreach team would visit around 100 companies over the summer months, this year we came close to 400. This effort and commitment will pay big dividends for years to come. While other schools have cut staff in this tough time we have worked hard to add roles that will support our students in this tough economy.

Tingting: If I want to be considered as a candidate for IBEP not IMBA, do I need to specify in my application? Generally what is the percentage of Booth students that join such program each year?

Eddie: Yes, it helps if your reasons for an MBA from Chicago Booth are specific. About 20 students take on the IMBA program. It's about the same for the IBEP program.

umich2003: Where can I find job placement statistics for last year's graduating class?

Carrie: Hi Umich2003. You can find placement information in our intermim employment report, located here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx.

G-288346853: Do you know the status of the student-sponsored event in Guatemala?

Andrea: At this point there is an event planned, but the details have not yet been determined. Many of our students are participating in career treks this week and are on their way home afterwards. Keep watching our website as details should be posted soon. We will also send an invitation to all prospective students in our database living in the area.

jlietard: What specific qualities do you look for in candidates with less work experience (1-2 years) relative to the general applicant pool?

Joanne: We look for the same qualities, regardless of number of years of work experience, such as leadership, motivation and professional and academic success. With early career candidates, we look a bit more closely at your experiences in college or university, and look for strong evidence of maturity, readiness and the ability to articulate the need or desire for the MBA at this point in their career.

G-288278517: How active is the GLBT community at Booth, and do you see the opportunity for new student organizations on campus if there are none yet?

Carrie: Great question! The LGBT community at Booth is very active, and plan programming though a group called Gays and Lesbians in Business (GLiB). In addition to career networking opportunities, GLiB members participate in the annual Reaching Out MBA Conference. If you are interested in connecting with students in GLiB, please contact me directly at carrie.lydon@chicagobooth.edu.

Modell: Hi, this is Modell from Taiwan. How do I give you the up-to-date resume if I get a promotion after submitting the application? I think I might be in this situation.

Carrie: Hi Modell. Congratulations on receiving a promotion! You can submit an updated resume to admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we will do our best to include it in your file.

mimi: I read that the Dean Synder will be stepping down in 2010, how will this affect the Booth program, especially in terms of curriculum and program initatives?

Kurt: We will be sad to see Dean Snyder go, his efforts during his tenure as Dean have been incredible. Transforming this institution in so many ways, however our fundamental culture and mission has not changed under his watch and will not change moving forward. We have a tremendously talented group of senior administrators who will stay in place, and a very focused faculty hiring committee that will ensure that who ever is Ted's successor will continue to develop Chicago Booth in a way that upholds and strengthens the values and vision this school was founded on.

G-288284110: What can one expecet for living expenses in Chicago

Karen: Hello G-288284110, Living expenses in Chicago varies based on your needs. However, the average living expense is $1,500 per month.

kancan: Does an international student with a US undergrad degree need to take the TOEFL ?

Eddie: No, if you have a degree from a US institution you don't have to sit for the exam.

sam_1: Is there any Student-sponsored winter event planned in Houston? I see the name of city in the list but dates - TBD. Please advise

Andrea: Hi sam_1. At this point, yes, there is a student planning to host an event in Houston but the details have not been determined. The various career treks are winding down this week so we'll likely know more next week. Keep watching our website for the details as they should be posted soon!

Boothfall10: What is the average amount of debt does the average student graduate with?

Joanne: This is entirely dependent on each student's individual situation; some have resources, scholarships, or sponsorship, in addition to loans. Please have a look at our website to see the estimated budget for this current year (the budget for next year will be available in the Spring) http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/costs.aspx.

JJT: Are there any planned Booth events hosted by current students over the next month?

Joanne: Yes! Our current students will be hosting about 60 Winter events all over the world during the winter break. You can view them and RSVP on our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/.

mariotjia: Good morning. I have a question related to Booth students and their opportunity to take classes outside of the business school. Is this encouraged, and will there be enough time to fit into a student's schedule?

Kurt: This is definitely encouraged and many of our students take advantage of this opportunity. The challenge becomes what trade-offs will you make to take classes elsewhere. With hundreds of interesting courses taught here at Booth it can be difficult to skip one here to take it at another U of C school. This is one problem though that many of our students are happy to deal with.

Kurt: Thanks for the great questions, happy holidays and I look forward to chatting again with you in the New Year. Good luck to all of you as you finalize your applications in the next few weeks.

G-288328563: Can I submit additional support letter other than the two recommendations?

Karen: Hello, you can use an additional letter of recommendation if the recommender will provide information not already conveyed in your application. Good Luck!

Mariana: Hi, I am Mariana from Mexico. I want to know, where I can find the different companies that hired alumni of MBA after graduating?

Eddie: You may want to check outthe career services report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/topjobs.aspx

Andrea: Thanks for joining the chat today! Wishing you a very happy holiday season!

Carrie: Thanks so much for your questions. We look forward to reading your applications and hope you visit campus. Happy holidays!

Moderator: The chat has now ended. Thank you for joining us!

Joanne: Thanks everyone for participating in today's chat! Good luck to those who are applying in Round 2 and Happy New Year!

Eddie: Thanks for joining us! Happy New Year!!

Karen: It was great talking with everyone today! Good Luck with your applicaiton and Happy Holidays!