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Live Chat with Full-Time MBA Program Admissions

Associate Dean Rose Martinelli and Admissions staff will chat with prospective students about the Booth admissions process and the 2010 application in time for the Round 1 Application Deadline.

Monday, October 12, 2009 - 11:00 AM CDT

Rose: Hi everyone! We will be starting at 11am. In the meantime, feel free to submit your chat questions!

Kurt: Good morning I know there is a lot to address with the deadline in two days. We will do our best to get to all of your questions answered by the end of the hour.

Joanne: Hi everyone, my name is Joanne and I work here in Admissions. I'm looking forward to answering your questions this morning!

Andrea: Hi everyone! Welcome to the chat. I'm Andrea Schmoyer, Associate Director of Admission and look forward to your questions today.

Rose: Welcome to our pre-Round 1 chat. Let's get started.

Eddie: Good morning. Thanks for joining us. Only a few dats away until our first deadline.

Mehul: How does Chicago Booth admissions look at a low salary during professional experiences? Would this act as a negative?

Andrea: Hi Mehul. The salary is just one factor we are looking at and is never looked at in isolation, but rather looked at within the context of your experiences. What we're mainly concerned with is the experiences you've had and how successful you've been - keeping in mind that salary is just one way in which to measure that, but certainly not the only way. In fact, we get more information regarding your professional experiences from your resume, essays and letters of recommendation.

Reggie: Hi, can you speak about attributes of successful candidates profiles who have less than 3yrs work experience

Rose: Great question. The attributes of an EC candidate are the same as a regular applicant but the time has been compressed -- meaning you have less time to demonstrate those qualities. We seek students who are intellectually curious, have a track record of success (progressing quickly in their career & had leveraged their time in college well). We expect that EC applicants have excellent academic records that demonstrate leadership and how well they leveraged opportunities in college. It's important for EC candidates to have focus and enough maturity in order to get the most out of the program.

Flavia: Hi. As an international student, I have uploaded the translated version of my transcripts. Should I also upload the original school transcript? Thanks

Joanne: Hi Flavia. Yes, please scan and upload the original transcripts as well as the translation.

sp: How can I get an alumni to submit a letter of support outside of the formal recommendations?

Rose: Alumni are always welcome to send letters directly to my attention.

G-154172819: For the transcript requirement, I have access to an unofficial "Student Record Printout" that I can pull right off of my undergraduate university's website. Would that suffice for the transcript requirement?

Eddie: No, we need to see a scanned copy of your official transcript.

Filipino: Can I submit the online application before the recommendation letters?

Eddie: Yes, but your application remains incomplete until we have the LORs.

arav: Is the optional essay to be used only to address extenuating circumstances in one's profile?

Joanne: Yes, our preference if for applicants to use the Optional Essay only to explain unique circumstances or anomolies in the application not explained elsewhere. It should not be used to write another essay.

Bacary: Good morning everyone. My name is Bacary I am Senegalese and work in Morocco. Thank you for this Chat with Admissions. I wish to apply for 2011 Booth Full Time MBA and I will be 34 at that time. As the average age of your MBA class is usually about 28, does age matter?

Rose: People choose to pursue their MBA at different stages of life/career. What's important is that you have done a full analysis of the trade-offs associated with doing a full-time program now versus considering executive MBA programs.

sabo: Hello, My question is: Is there any advantage by applying for the Round 1 vs. applying for the Round 2?

Joanne: The admission rate between first and second round is negligible. The common rule of thumb is to apply when your application is at its best. If you need more time, we suggest that you take it because you are better served by putting forth your best effort than trying to gamble on any perceived advantages of round.

Mehul: Would you give additional weightage to a professional degree, like the Chartered Accountancy in India?

Kurt: Any additional degrees or certificates are certianly things we take note of because they can add greater texture to a candidates overall academic profile. Think of these things as another point of distinction.

Derrick: Your MBA program requires only two recommendation letters for each applicant, and my two supervisors have submitted their letters on-line for me. However, besides the two required letters from my supervisors, I still want to obtain one more letter from a renowned person.My questions are: do you accept an additional recommendation letter from the renowned person after Oct. 14th? Or should I apply for round 2 when I get the three recommendation letters ready?

Andrea: Hi Derrick. We do our best to include additional information submitted after the deadline (assuming the application is complete), but how that weighs into the overall decision depends on where we are at in our review process when the information is received. This sounds like a decision you have to make, but doesn't seem like something that should hold up your application. Also, our guidelines state that 2 recommendations are required, so be very judicious when choosing to submit 3. I would think carefully about the added value of the third recommendation and if it's really necessary. I can think of times when it's been a very good decision and others where it maybe was not the best choice. Again, this is something you will have to decide.

Boechat: Hi Ms Martinelli, do I have to send the official toefl iBT scores during the application process or only when acccepted?

Eddie: We need to see a copy of the score for review. The original will certainly be required if offered admission.

wan: are there any opportunities to get either scholarships or student loan for international student?

Joanne: All of our scholarships and fellowships are available to all admitted students, including international students. Chicago Booth does offer loan programs for international students, for which more information is made available after a student is admitted. There are loans for international students with and without US co-signers.

SJain: Hi Booth team!! I have submitted my application for Round 1 but I’m waiting on one of my recommenders to submit his letter. What happens if he misses the deadline?

Andrea: Hi SJain. Congratulations on completing your application and best of luck in the process. We will accept recommendations up to a week after the deadline.

Alex: Good morning Rose. I have a doubt about Chicago's flexible curriculum. To be honest, it scared me a little, since I do not really want to focus on an specific area during my first year. Do you have support to help students build a general management curriculum or direct it to focus to two areas at the same time like entrepeurnship and consulting for example?

Rose: Chicago's flexibility comes with a high level of personal support. That means you'll be working with an academic counselor to help you choose the courses that makes sense for you depending upon your career aspirations as well as your academic background. Remember at Chicago you have the option to pursue breadth and depth, not either/or.

nick_london: Hello there, Thanks again for arranging this session. Is it possible in the MBA to take subjects outside usual students choice such as Law or psychology ?

Andrea: Hi nick_london. Yes, due to the flexibility of the Chicago Booth MBA, up to 6 courses in our curriculum can be taken anywhere at the University of Chicago.

jvega: What is the average undergraduate GPA of admitted students?

Eddie: 3.5 is the average. Please remember that we don't have "cut-offs". We will review your file with any GPA that is submitted.

marcio: Since Chicago is the business school I'll be applying to, I've been doing a lot of reading about its selection process. Not only that, I've been also talking to friends that recently studied there (they probably can't stand me anymore), and even subscribe to Rose's excelent weblog ("The Rose Report") through my Google Reader. Nonetheless, I still don't have an answer to one of my questions: is "age" a liability in your application process if you are 31 one years old, like I am? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Rose: Age is irrelevant since it is not a good proxy for work experience, readiness and professional/personal needs for wanting an MBA. Focus on those aspects in your application.

pixel: Is there any 'weight' assigned to the powerpoint presentation? In other words, can a great ppt lead to a selection compared to a average one getting you rejected?

Rose: Booth does not use any formal weights or measures in the application. The presentation allows us to see a different aspect of your candidacy outside the normal essays. It is not a make or break component, just another component that provides us with information in the evaluation process.

jvega: Do you grant full-tuition scholarships? If so, how many full-tuition scholarships are granted per year?

Joanne: We offer only a few full-tuition scholarship and fellowships; you can read more about our opportunities online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/gsb-fellowships.aspx.

arav: Hi, how much importance is given to AWA part of GMAT and what other evidence can help negate a low score (4.0)?

Kurt: We do look at the AWA and certainly give it consideration in the evalutation process. It is like everything else evaluated in the context of the overall application and in and of itself is not going to make or break a candidate's chances. That being said if the score is low there should be indicators throughout the application that suggest you have good written communication skills despite a lowere AWA. Evidence of that can come through your essays, support provided by your recommenders and academic performance.

pixel: Hello, I plan to apply to booth the third time. Am I at a disadvantage in doing so? If not, how can I improve my chances this time around? One weak area is my undergrad gpa (though I have a stellar gmat score) but its too late to change that. Will my weak gpa automatically lead to a reject, again? Thanks.

Rose: No one component in an application leads to an automatic final decision. The past is the past, but what you've learned about the past, how you've helped us to understand your academic willingness and your discipline to overcome past problems is what is important. My blog, The Rose Report, highlights a few things that reapplicants should ensure they do this year.

Ariel: Hi Rose. I wanted to ask a question about the resume we are supposed to attach. Does it have to be one page, and is there a standard format we should follow? Many thanks!

Kurt: There are no set restriction or preferences to how you submit your resume.

vsanchez: How long do I have to send my re-take GMAT score after I submit application for round 1? (I'm planning on re-taking the GMAT on 10/24/09)

Andrea: Hi vsancez. You can submit the score at any time after the deadline and we will do our best to include it in our evaluation. Keep in mind that the impact of the new score depends on where we are at in the evaluation process when it is received. My best advice is to send the score as soon as you have it.

TiffanyH20: Would you recommend submitting an early application, even if one plans to re-take their GMAT at a later date? Will this be taken into consideration?

Joanne: It's up to you. If you plan to re-take the GMAT after submitting your application, we cannot guarantee that your new score will be present in your file before it is reviewed. It is best to apply only when your application is the best represenation of you and your skills and abilities; if that means re-taking the GMAT, you should hold off and apply in the following round.

Mariana_1: Hello, how does Booth help students to pursue an MBA in the sense of financing 100% of the program, are there any loans granted to intl participants?

Eddie: Yes we do. You can get a good understanding of loans available to int'l students on the financail aid website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/financialaid.aspx

Iman: Is there a major difference in applying in the first round vs. second round?

Kurt: The main distinction is the flexibility it provides the applicant. If you are not admitted to a program in the first round you have time to react and reapply to another school in the second. Given the competitive nature that exists in the third round this is not always the case for people applying in the second round. In terms of profiles and competition of the rounds the first and second are very similar. The overall rule of thumb is apply when you feel your application is at its best.

Booth2010App: Do you find that there is a trend that students have decided to move away from a career in finance after their MBA, given the financial crisis?

Rose: Actually, I think it has freed students up to focus on career fit rather than financial outcomes in selecting their career. We still have many people pursuing finance careers of all kinds. What has changed is the incentive structures (compensation), smoothing the differences in compensation across many top industries/functions.

Keh: Will self-reported scores be considered prior the receipt of the official score the GMAT has been taken close to the deadline?

Eddie: Yes we can use that to review your file before the original is received.

Mahe: When will the interview invitations start going out for Round 1?

Andrea: Hi Mahe. We expect that we will start releasing invitations to interview for Round 1 at the end of the month and will continue to do so through the mid-decision date of Nov. 11th. All Round 1 applicants will receive a detailed email about the process after the Oct. 14th deadline.

carl: What is the earlier someone can apply for the 2011-2012 school year?

Joanne: Our application for the Fall of 2011 will be available online in early July 2010.

Steven: Good morning Rose and Admissions staff! My question is how do you weight AWA score in the application, is there any nice-to-have level on that?

Rose: As I mentioned earlier, we don't use any weights in our evaluation. I've seen some very interesting scores from great applicants, so while I'd like to see everyone score perfectly, we look at the full range of scores (and we'll read the essay too to see what we think).

ASingh: What is the best way to visit campus and meet current students and maybe attend a couple of classes?

Eddie: You can visit our webiste and click on "Visit Campus" to see how to register for our visitor's program. You'll be able to visit campus, sit in on a class, have a lunch with current students and speak with an admissions officer.

pixel: Since the last time I applied I have had time to reflect and have also changed my goals. How will this be viewed by adcom? Also given the world limit, to what extent do I need to address the reason that has led to the change in goals?

Joanne: The committee will use this information as we use all other factors for admission: as one part of the evaluation process for re-applicants, in addition to many others. It's up to you to decide how much space you want to use to explain your change in goals; there may be other things you want to address in that essay, so you'll need to choose wisely and do your best to succintly convey the things that have changed for you since your last application.

npk: I am ready toa apply to Booth but due to my extensive work exp (13 years) and age (34+) , friends are discouraging me. General impression i am getting is that its too late to apply for a full time program at Booth , though i am personally very motivated to go back to school and spend some great time with equally motivated and highly qualified proffessionals. I would like to hear directly from the Booth team. Thanks in advance.

Rose: The timing of pursuing an MBA is up to the candidate. At Booth, we have different types of programs (full-time, executive MBA and part-time programs). Every program will require trade-offs (whether you work and go to school at the same time or decide to pursue the financial investment of lost income and application). Working through these and others in your assessment of the programs will be important for you to build your case. It's a question that we will expect you to address some place in the application.

Michiko: Hello. I saw in the FAQ section that you do not recommend to take the GMAT more than three times. Will it be a disadvantage for me if I take it more than three times? Thank you.

Kurt: There is no golden number or cutoff in terms of the evaluation process. Our point in the FAQ was more that at some point you are better served addressing other parts of your application than just focusing on your GMAT. At some point your score will cap out and taking it over and over for incremental improvements is not generally a wise strategy. Again there is no magic number and in the end we will always use your best GMAT score for evaluataion regardless when you took it.

Vader: Does the university take fresh graduates or is work experience required

Andrea: Hi Vader. We do not have a minimum number of years of work experience and though our average ranges from 5-7, we do typically admit a handfull of students right out of an undergraduate degree each year. I would encourage you to read the early career enrollment section of our website to learn more about how we evaluate these candidates. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/process.aspx

reva: Good morning! I was wondering if there was a preference for recommendation#2-- professional vs club/volunteer association?

Joanne: We do not have a preference for who writes your second letter of recommendation. The choice is yours, knowing that we encourage you to choose people who know you well and can write a thorough letter for you.

Sanjit: Hi there m a reapplicant. Submitted my app today. Super excited! When do the interview invites start rolling? (keeping m fingers crossed)

Eddie: Interview invitations will begin towards the end of October.

Andrew: If the LORs come in after the Round 1 deadline, does that disqualify a candidate from that round. If not, when is the latest date a LOR may be submitted for Round 1? Thank you

Andrea: Hi Andrew. We accept letters of recommendation up to a week after the deadline.

vish: Hi Rose - It would be great if you can throw some light on student interaction at Booth. Does the fact that the school is located in Chicago hamper frequent interaction and hence camaraderie among students ? Thank you.

Rose: To the contrary, I believe it enhances interactions. Because students have the flexibility to take courses and get involved in groups by interest rather than through cohort assignments, the breadth of friendships/relationships is actually larger than you would expect. In addition, Chicago facilitates community not only down on campus but throughout the city. Up to 500 people live around Millennium Park (near Gleacher -- our downtown campus). There's a lot of energy on campus because students are engaged in the process, not just following along a more scripted program.

G-154176365: Should and international applicant get his/her transcripts regraded by WES?

Eddie: Some students have sent their trancripts to WES and it helps. We have several ways to review int'l transcripts here in the admissions office. Our staff has reviewed many int'l applications, some of our current students who help us read are int'l and have attended many of the same programs or we can utilize the Office of Int'l Affairs for assistance.

Alex_1: Morning, could you please elaborate a little bit more with regards to the International MBA (IMBA)

Kurt: You do not have apply to the IMBA until after you are admitted to our general program. Applications for the IMBA are solicited ususally within the first two quarters of your first year. For more information on the program please visit their website or contact their office http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/imba.aspx

Assaf: The finance of the MBA got more difficult along with the world's economy downturn, how did the school assist his students to finance the tuition fee (loans etc.)?

Rose: Ensuring that students have the ability to successfully finance an MBA is a top priority for the school. We believe that the vast majority of students have short-term financing issues so we are able to help students find programs both through federal loan programs and private loan programs to cover the cost of the full student budget (which includes living expenses). Our international students also have a guaranteed loan.

John_1: Will the PPT slide essays be viewed in color by reviewers?

Kurt: Yes, we print all presentations in color.

G-154208766: as part of the "normal" mba---- ie not the imba--- is it possible to spend time overseas--- i know yuo have a presence in singapore---- i lived in beijing---- and was curious if as part of the regular mba program i could spend time over there studying, or is that exclusive to the imba?

Joanne: All MBA students are welcome to take part in IBEP, or International Business Exchange Program; it is not exclusive to IMBA candidates. We partner with 33 schools in 21 countries offering classes in 7 languages. Opportunities range from a few weeks (IBEP Short-term) to one term (IBEP). While there is an opportunity to study in Singapore at Nanyang Business School, FT students cannot study at Booth's campus there, which is exclusive to the Executive Program.

G-154203431: Good morning, Rose. I was waitlisted last year and plan to reapply. Can I use optional essay to explain specifically how I have used the time since my first application to strengthen my ability if I can't fully address in the two essays and slide presentation? Thank you.

Rose: Reapplicants also have part B of the first question that answer that question. If it's not enough space, feel free to use the optional essay.

Nee: Hi Rose, can one alumnus write a personal LOR for more than one applicant?

Rose: Certainly.

JR2012: Timeline question - If we submitted prior to the R1 deadline (ie last week), should we expect to hear about the interview sooner than the mid-decision deadline?

Rose: Absolutely. We've started reading applications already, so those applications submitted prior to the application deadline will be queued up first for evaluation. On the deadline it will be much more random.

Arthur: Thank you for dedicating this time to us. Is it possible to submit the online application with out a GMAT score, I plan to take it until early next year? I should know this, but excuse me for asking it again, when is the second round deadline?

Andrea: Hi Arthur. A GMAT score is a required component of the application, so if you were to submit without one, your application would be considered incomplete and thus not reviewed. I would wait until you have actually taken the test to apply. The round 2 deadline is January 6, 2010.

Anter: Hi, I have a question regarding the application form. I served for a long time in the military prior to my undergraduate studies. Can I account this time as part of my full-time professional background and mention it in the post undergraduate professional information?

Rose: Yes, by all means. If you feel like it won't be clear, explain in the optional essay.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. Dean Martinelli and the Admissions staff are eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting your questions!

prucea: The current status of my application says unofficial transcript has been uploaded, but official transcript has not been received. I did not realize I needed to have my school send in an official transcript.

Andrea: Hi prucea. You are correct - you do not need an official transcript at the time you apply. This is something we will ask for if you are admitted, so do not worry about the status at this time.

agrewal: I had heard from other schools that international loans were hard to secure for last year. Has booth faced the same problem and if yes, what steps have you taken to address the issue?

Rose: Chicago Booth was lucky enough to secure another program for our students and it will continue going forward.

ASingh: What is the official way to schedule a campus visit and meet current students and maybe attend a couple of classes?

Eddie: You can go to our website and click on "visit campus". You'll be able to go to class, meet students and staff and get a good look at the Chicago Booth community.

xma: Hello! I've started my own company right upon graduation, so I never had a chance to have any supervisor at all. Whom should I ask to write recommendation letters for me?

Eddie: Many entrepreneurs or students who work for family businesses will look to clients or to the bank where they do business to give us the perspective we look for.

ak: Do the international students have to mention their GPA in the application, especially as the scale is different. We are submitting the transcripts.

Andrea: Hi ak. No, you do not have to convert your scores to a US GPA. If it makes sense to include the scoring system used at your instution, then feel free to do so.

Kaznaur: If I’m invited for the interview, is visiting the campus the only choice for conducting it? Since it is a log trip from republic of Georgia to US, may there be alternative ways to attend the interview other than arriving to US?

Joanne: It is not necessary to travel to Chicago for the admissions interview; we offer alumni interviews for students who are not able to come to campus. If there are no alumni in an area, we will instead conduct a phone interview with staff.

dev: How do you evaluate FIT while reading the application ?

Kurt: Essentially we use every aspect of the application to reveal overall fit with Chicago Booth. The hope is that there are distinctive aspects of your profile that resonate well with our culture and value system. This fit can be different from applicant to applicant because people interpret and reveal their fit differently. The issue is how do you think you would impact and take full advantage of the opportunities you will be presented with specifically at Chicago Booth based on your life experiences and path and plan.

gsb_aspirant: Hi. Thank you for the chat. What are key changes The Chicago Booth looks in reapplicants? Since my goals remain the same, what updates are expected in essays?

Rose: The changes we seek come from you in terms of how you've changed from having gone through the process last year -- what did you learn about yourself, how has your focus changed or sharpened, etc. Changes could also be substantive -- new goals, new scores, etc., but the vast majority will revolve around self-awareness.

David_1: How do you look at multiple GMAT attempts? Will you take the highest Quant. and Verbal scores, or only look at one overall test? Do you advise applicants to submit the score with the higher quant?

Andrea: Hi David_1. We are mainly concerned with the highest overall score, but the GMAT report will list the full test history for the past 5 years. It's quite common for applicants to take the GMAT multiple times, so this is typically not a concern unless it becomes excessive. You probably want to submit the highest overall score since we will see the GMAT report and the quantitive score is just one component.

Mahesh: Is international business exchange program (IBEP) open to all students? Does it have enrolling?

Rose: All MBA students are welcome to take part in IBEP, or International Business Exchange Program; it is not exclusive to IMBA candidates. We partner with 33 schools in 21 countries offering classes in 7 languages. Opportunities range from a few weeks (IBEP Short-term) to one term (IBEP). An application must be made to the program of your choice and you must be accepted to take part in the program.

dev: Hi, Thanks for conducting the chat !! My question is, how do you guys evaluate FIT while reading the application ?

Rose: Fit, broadly defined, means that you know what types of resources you will need in order to reach your goals, and you can link it to the resources that a particular program provides. So you'll need to know enough about the program to highlight how it will support your pursuits.

MHarris: Greetings. Most of my work experience lies with the military. I have seen the Yellow Ribbon Program is utilized at Booth. I was wondering if you know the number of applicants that you are allotting to participate in the program this coming year?

Rose: This year, we have alloted 5-$10,000 matching awards on a first-come, first-served basis.

Andy: Eddie, As part of this chat you responded to a question that unofficial transcripts are not acceptable. However, on the Booth website the transcript requirement states: "unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary education institutions". I have been planning on using the unofficial version based on the website and it will be difficult to get an official version scanned just two days before the deadline. Can you let me know if the information on the website is incorrect?

Eddie: That's fine but you should get any transcripts that reflect your academic strengths to us as soon as possible to your file, so that we can make the best call

tysonjens_1: Is there a word limit for the extra curricular section of the application? I don't plan on writing a book, but what I plan on submitting is nearly the size of an essay

Kurt: I don't believe there is an official word limit, but as you indicated I would err on being concise.

Arti_1: In regards to Extracurricular Actitivites, how much importance is given to consistent involvement in an organization vs. sporadic involvement in an organization over the course of several years?

Rose: Every person has a unique story, so we'll look at the history of involvement along with more recent involvements. Consistent involvement is a good thing.

G-146655654: Hello. I have a question regarding academic transcripts. The Booth website says to submit transcripts for all post-secondary institutions from which I have earned a degree. In the application, however, it says to submit transcripts for all post-secondary schools that I have attended. I recently completed a statistics course at a community college. Do I need to submit this transcript in addition to my undergraduate degree transcript? Please clarify. Thank you.

Andrea: You should submit transcripts for all post-secondary schools that you have attended, so yes, please submit a transcript for the statistics course. Sorry for the confusion.

MBA2010_1: one of my recommenders is recovering from the flu for the past week, is there a grace period for round 1 and what is the procedure? thanks

Eddie: We will take the application but it will remain incomplete until we receive the LOR. Checking your account will inform you of your status and if we have counted your file for the deadline you applied for.

Karthic: Hi Team.....I wish to know how well is the marketing stream in BOOTH?.. I came to know that BOOTH is well known for its financial background.I'm missing an answer to my question...Could you please answer this.

Rose: Marketing is a very important area of study at Booth. We recently received the ACNeilsen database about consumer purchases. Booth's marketing is well-known for both our analytical and behavioral approach to marketing. I'd encourage you to check out the Kilts Center for more information. We also just held a marketing chat just last week. Look for that transcript on our website for more information.

Filipino: Is it hard for an international student to find a job in the US after MBA because of the global crisis

Rose: There are three levers a student can pull when looking for a career -- industry, function and geography. The more levers you pull, the more complicated your search can be. That said, our international students faired very well in the career search process this past year, taking positions not only in the US but throughout the world.

ethanyu: Morning, I am a current first year MBA student but want to reapply Booth, does school accept this kind of applicant? what's special process if any? thanks

Kurt: You can re-apply but I would use the optional essay to help us understand why you would leave your current program to do so. It is also important to understand that should you be admitted we do not accept transfer credit. Something to consider and possibly address as you justify making this transition in your essays.

Gautam: Regarding entering in academic information, should I include a semester in a study abroad program separately, or, if the classes themselves are shown on the US school's transcript, should I not include it separately?

Eddie: If that grade appears on your final transcript you don't have to send in a separate transcript.

2012DFWORDBNA: Hi there, could you please elaborate on the community aspect of Booth. How does Chicago faciliate strong student friendships/bonds outside of the classroom when the student body lives all over the city?

Rose: Chicago is definitely NOT a commuter campus. We call this the MBA for adults because students have the choice to engage in many activities with their peers -- from various teams in classes, to student groups to the many social aspects of the MBA. Students spend time together in various places beyond the Harper & Gleacher Center. People are glued together because of this freedom.

ambitious: Good Morning, does Chicago Booth offer need-basis financial support, similar to those of other ivy league institutions? Or are students responsible for finding their own financial means to cover their costs throughout the duration of their studies?

Joanne: Currently, Chicago Booth does not offer need-based aid, but we offer several scholarships and fellowships that are based on merit. Beyond that, Chicago Booth offers loan programs for both dometic and international students. Our office of Fiancial Aid works with each student to find the best course of action after they are admitted.

Joseph: On the date of the deadline, is there an exact time, say 5 pm, that all applications will be due?

Eddie: All applications should be submitted by the close of business which is 5pm Central Standard Time.

Zander: Alot of recent MBA grads are telling me I "have to know why" a particular school. To which I usually respond that is has to do with the program. I'm feeling pressue to "have to know" what career path and "why that school." But admissions people say it doesn't matter...any direction here?

Rose: You have to know yourself well in order to make a case for why you need an MBA. In that process, hopefully, you'll figure out the school attributes that meet your needs. If you can talk about what you need with the schools that meet those needs, that's all that's required.

addgg7: Are you just looking at leadership positions in the extracurricular component of the application (have I have an extensive list) or all involvement even in membership capacity?

Joanne: We look at all aspects of your involvement in extracurricular activities; you are welcome to mention your involvement in any activities that are meaningful to you, and be sure to highlight when you have had leadership experience.

addgg7: What is the percentage of early applicants accepted? What sets these applicants apart from the general application pool? Are these students eligible to receive fellowships. specifically the distinguished fellows program? What is the probability of this?

Rose: EC applicants are considered for all merit-fellowships along with the entired amitted student group. What makes an EC applicant successful is much the same as a regular applicant however the time of accomplishment is compressed. An outstanding record of success along with focus and maturity are critical for a student to get the most out an MBA at Booth so we'll be very careful to look for those answers.

G-154176365: Hi, many thanks for arranging this session. My Institution mentions that they use a percentage scoring system and do not recommend its conversion into GPA, however if someone wishes to do so then they have provided a translation table. However, the recommmended table is way off the mark to what WES or any other reputed service would use. (Yes this sounds a bit opinionated, but then I was in the top 5% of my class and I would end up with a GPA of 2.5 if we were to use my schools conversion table.) Hence my question is, does Chicago admissions committee use a GPA coversion suggested by the institution on its transcripts or it would consider more professional approach for the conversion? Should applicants like me need to mention anything in the optional essay about it or we should just submit the regraded transcripts?

Kurt: For schools that do not use a GPA to measure academic performance we do not require people to convert their academic profile to a GPA. We evaluate all applicants in the context of where they went to school. The overwhelming majority of schools send a transcript and information on the grading system at that school so we can interpret your performance in the context of the schoool you went to. So in this case we may look at the conversion the school provides but we would also look more broadly at what that conversion means at that school as well as consider the strenght of curriculum you took.

Anirudh: I am a part time musician and have been for the past 5 years. Even though success has taken its time, I have stuck to my guns and have continued my pursuit in music in whatever best way possible. How can that help in my extra curricular aspect of the application

Rose: Your passion for music is what helps to define you and will give us an idea about your values and your well roundedness. If you feel you need more room to explain this, use the optional essay or the presentation.

Filipino: I attended two undergraduate universities but graduated from one undergraduate degree. Since my degree granted university has a record on my grades from my first university that I attended, is it possible to submit one transcript?

Joanne: You only need to submit the transcript from the school from which you were awarded your degree.

MWB: Hi morning! If I want to join the IMBA program, do I need to write the essay 1 as why Chicago IMBA? or I could just make it a part of why Chicago? Thanks!

Kurt: The application is for the traditional MBA with the application process for IMBA being after you are enrolled. However if the IMBA is the primary motivator for your application to Booth than I would certainly include that in your application somewhere.

2010: Are applicants filtered based on GMAT scores?

Rose: Absolutely not.

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Ivo: One thing business schools look at when making the selection of particular class i sdiversity. Does it help if the candidate has quite diverse background with some unique combination of experiences?

Joanne: We believe everyone is unique in their own way, so we look to you to use the application to highlight the different ways in which you will add diversity to the class, including background, geography and industry, just to name a few.

robotrix_anant: how is the competition among the indian candidates, especially with the typical IT background entrants? what do u use as the selection criteria in this parrticular instance?

Rose: While many students may look the same based on accomplishments, a person is unique from what they learn from those experiences, their backgrounds, their passions, and their dreams. So if you know yourself well, you'll be much more than a bunch of datapoints.

b_1: Does it make a difference to the admissions committee whether or not an applicant waives his/her right to view the LOR? (is it frowned upon if we do not waive that right?)

Kurt: No.

Applicant: Hello Team - Could you please answer this question? Does a recommendation have to be from someone within the organisation I've worked for? Would a business associate I have worked under qualify to write one?

Joanne: We require one professional recommendation from someone who is now, or has in the past, supervised your work. A collegue or coworker does not qualify, so choose someone who can speak to your work and knows you well.

G-154227238: are there file size limits for the file uploads (i.e. resume, transcripts, ppt)?

Eddie: To be certain you can send an email to: donna.swinford@chicagobooth.edu . She's our tech person and can help you.

Neha: At the time of making a decision, how are students with different years of experience compared in terms of their leadership potential ? Thank you.

Rose: Leadership potential has nothing to do with the level of experience. We've seen lots of students with minimum experience be strong leaders and have displayed that potential in their undergraduate college days.

Guilherme: Is there a strong interaction between Booth grads and undergrads at Chicago? As in clubs, social events and so on...

Joanne: This depends on the activities you wish to become a part of. We do have some undergrads who are approved to take Booth classes, and some Booth students choose to take undergrad classes as electives, so there may be interaction in the classroom. You may also notice some University-wide activities (sports clubs, for example) that everyone is invited to as well.

Dave-CT: Hello Rose, I have an application question for your team. Can you please provide color on approximately what percentage of accepted applicants submit applications 1st vs. 2nd round?

Rose: I wish I knew. Typically, we'll receive a bit more than a third in the first round.

Abby: Hello. I have my TOEFL sent to "U of Chicago Grad School of Business" under the TOEFL code of 1819-02 when I took the test more than half year ago. It was not until yesterday when I was about to submit the application for Round 1 that I discovered that the test code you suggested is 1832-02. In such circumstance, will my TOEFL be deemed as "received", or shall I re-send the score to 1832-02? If I need to resend the score, Will it hurt my candidacy in Round 1?

Eddie: You can re-send the score. It won't hurt your status. You can also send an email to: anthone.jointer@chicagobooth.edu . Anthone can check for you to see if we have it on file.

G-154200350: Is it acceptable, if one of the recommenders is no longer associated with the organisation I am currently working for?

Joanne: Yes, this is ok; we realize that sometime this happens when someone you worked with in the past has moved onto another organization.

xma: I've invested considerable effort into my GMAT preparation. I've scored 760. Now the only thing I hear from different schools is that GMAT is not that important. I think, in my case, that's not fair. Would comment on this matter please.

Kurt: Congratulations on the score and certainly this is something schools consider and I am sure will stengthen your application. The issue is that it in and of itself will not make your application. It is important to leverage this along with strong preparation on the rest of the application.

Zander: I'm wondering how important it is to know what my career goals are...meaning particular industry or job function. I want to focus in general management and take a broad selection of electives. I plan to utilize the network and also learn from others in selecting my first job. I have many interests but nothing concrete. Does this hurt me? Isn't the point of MBA somewhat holisitic to "discover myself" etc?

Rose: Understanding yourself well enough to know why you want an MBA is important. It's a big investment so you need to have some filters to help you navigate so many opportunities. At the same time, the MBA is a time for exploration. Make sure you have a sense of direction, but don't get bogged down with very specific goals.

Joanne: Thanks, everyone! Great questions and best of luck to those applying!

Kurt: Thanks for the great questions. Best of luck in the process.

Rose: Thank you so much for joining us today. I wish you much success as you put the finishing touches on your application. If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to me directly. Have a great day. Rose

Andrea: Thanks for the great questions today! Best of luck to those of you applying round 1!

Guilherme: Even though I know there is no such thing as the "minimum GMAT score", I would like to know, realistically, what is the minimum score to be considered a strong applicant at Booth? I am specially concerned about my quantitave score and I am afraid I will not have time to improve it until the 2nd deadline (which I'm aiming at). Booth is my top choice and I don't want to miss my chance, I'm even considering postponing my application to next year. In other words, what would be the minimum overall and minimum quant. score in order to have decent chances of getting admitted? Thank you.

Eddie: You really need to consider our range. There are applicants who are admitted without having the average because we have to look at the entire file before deciding on a decision.

Eddie: Thanks for joining us and we look forward to seeing those applications!