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Associate Dean Rose Martinelli and Admissions staff will chat with prospective students about the Booth admissions process and the 2010 application in time for the Round 1 Application Deadline.

September 10, 2009 —11:00 AM-12:00 PM CST

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat with Rose Martinelli and the Full-Time Admissions staff is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat promptly in 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Kurt: Good morning, thanks for joining us. We will do our best to get all of your questions answered.

Carrie: Welcome and thanks for joining us today! We look forward to answering your questions!

Andrea: Hi everyone! This is Andrea Schmoyer, Associate Director of Admissions. Looking forward to chatting with you today!

Rose: Welcome to our September chat. I have a great team on board to help to address any of your questions. Let's get started. Rose

Eddie: I'm looking forward to your questions!

Christine: Does the letter of recommendation need to be on an official company letterhead?

Carrie: Thanks for your question, Christine. Our recommendations are facilitated through our online application process. As such, your recommenders can include their narrative in the recommendation form itself, or attach it as a word or PDF document. Either way, it does not have to be on company letterhead.

Christine: My manager who is writing my letter of recommendation is no longer part of the company I worked for, is this ok?

Andrea: Hi Christine. Yes, that is absolutely fine. As our guidelines state, we would like a recommendation from a current or former surpervisor. We're mainly concerned with the content so it should be from someone who knows you well.

JLME: hi there are any schoolarship offered by Booth?

Andrea: Yes, JLME. We have a variety of scholarships and fellowships available. More information can be found on our website, here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/.

Dapson: Are the student loan facilities for international students still available? How has the current economic conditions affected student aid for international students?

Rose: Chicago Booth does have a loan program for our international students who do not have a cosigner. As to the impact on students, I think everyone is evaluating their investment options carefully -- which school, what kind of program, what location, etc. Very important questions to evaluate at the beginning of your MBA pursuit.

Christine: I was laid off from my job, but am currently self-employed (own business venue and freelancing), should this be on my resume? Would that help my application?

Kurt: Christine, you should absolutely list your current employment and give us a sense what you are doing prior to business school. Undoubtedly if you did not indicate what you are currently doing the committee would wonder. Therefore it is best be proactive and address this up front.

TBURN: Interested in an MBA with an entrepreneurial focus. What program at Booth do you think would be best suited?

Eddie: Entrepreneurship is one of our concentrations. There are a variety of courses to choose from. The Polsky Center here at Chicago will also give you a fantastic perspective. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/about/index.aspx

Patrick: Since my transcript has 4 pages, does the application system accept more than one page?Thank you!

Carrie: Hi Patrick, we recommend scanning all pages of your transcript in one document. If that is not possible, you would have to upload each page of your transcript separately.

G-83280149: Could you suggest a way to do self-awareness effectivelly to see whether i fit with ChicagoBooth?

Andrea: Rose actually recently wrote a few blog entries about fit, selecting schools and self awareness. You can read Rose's blog here http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/RoseReport/.

Fomskylala: I have 8 years work experience (excluding one year community service) and I'm 36 years old. How does Booth view my profile for a full time MBA

Rose: The big question is how do you perceive your profile? Each candidate chooses to pursue the MBA at different stages in one's career. And at Booth, we provide you with many opportunities from executive MBA or part-time programs to full-time options. What do you hope to get out of the program? Are your career expectations realistic for that program? Have you thought about the trade-off financially? If you can address these questions and the full-time program keeps coming up as the best fit, then go ahead and make your case. We have no experience or age caps.

Enver: What is the current situation with student loans, providing unfavourable market conditions and liquidity crisis. Are there enough opportunities for international students to obtain a loan facility covering about 80% of the total costs from schools's partner-banks?

Rose: Chicago Booth was able to secure a new loan partner for our international students without a cosigner. While we are no longer guaranteeing that students can borrow up to the entire student budget, more than 80% will be covered by these loans.

Stephanie: What is your expectation of the number of applicants this year, as compared to previous years?

Rose: Your guess is as good as mine. The media have said they will be up; our industry indicates that similar trends in the past would predict they will fall. I'll let you know more after our first deadline passes on October 14.

Juan: Hi, where a can I find a list of the 11 elective courses I can choose in the Full-Time MBA program?

Carrie: Hi, Juan. As our curriculum is incredibly flexible, you can choose from all of the Booth classes, or classes within the larger university (up to 6), for your electives. To see a listing of course offerings, please visit: http://www.portal.chicagobooth.edu, and select "Course Search". For more information on our concentrations, and typical classes associated within them, please visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/index.aspx.

G-83285305: Can you talk a bit about the Powerpoint? What are some of the dos and don'ts? Most common mistakes? etc

Andrea: You can visit Rose's most recent blog entry for more information on how to approach the slide presentation http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/RoseReport/.

G-83266900: How do professors teach their courses; case based method vs. lecture or a combination of the two? Thanks!

Kurt: For the most part classes incorporate both lecture and case, but some classes might lean more toward complete lecture. As an example it is difficult to utilize cases when teaching fundamental business disciplines like Accounting and Statistics.

Christine: If you cannot attend a Booth info session, will this have any impact on your admission chances? I know that at a job info session, as a recruiter we kept track of those who attended and that made a difference on their job applications)

Eddie: No. If you can't make it to one of our sessions it will not have a negative impact on your file.

Juan: Hi, what advantage do I have if I submit my application one week before of the deadline rather than the day of the deadline?

Kurt: Peace of mind. There is a strong likelihood your application will be processed earlier and put into the read cycle before those who submit the day of, but if you need extra time to make sure all of your i's are dotted and t's are crossed you are more than welcome to submit the day of.

Dapson: I applied in 2008 but my application was denied. Would my GMAT score still be valid? And would I need to have the score re-submitted officially by Pearson VUE?

Eddie: Your GMAT score is good for 5 years from the date of testing. We would still have a copy of your score from your previous application.

Juan_1: Hi and thanks in advance for taking my question. I would like to know how does Chciago Booth view advanced degrees (Masters, Ph. D, etc). Are they viewed as a sign of intellectual growth or does having one and now pursuing an MBA seen as a sign of someone trying to collect titles with no purpose? Also, how do you weigh advanced degrees against work experience? Thanks !!!

Rose: Chicago Booth welcomes students with advanced degrees -- a large proportion of our students come with advanced degrees. What we do look for is clear reasoning as to why the MBA. If it looks like your degree collecting and have yet to apply your knowledge professionally, you'll need to build a very clear case as to why more school versus trying to gain professional experience. School is not the same thing as work experience.

tamayo: When filling out professional information in the application, it is stated that you should only enter post-undergraduate experience, so the work experiece during college and internships does not count?

Andrea: Hi Tamayo. You are welcome to include work experience during college and internships on your resume if you wish, which actually gives us a much more robust view of your experiences, but within the actual application itself the professional information should be entered as the instructions indicate.

G-83266900: Do you place equal emphasis on application parts ie. undergraduate, work experience, letters of recommendations or is one section more "weighted" than the other?

Eddie: We take a holistic look at your application. Every part of your file is significant throughout the application review process.

rchoi: I'm planning on attending the SF event in 2 weeks. Should I prepare and bring anything to the event? What should I expect that evening?

Carrie: Hi, RChoi. We're glad to hear that you will be attending our San Francisco reception. The reception will consist of an admissions presentation, Q&A with Booth alumni, and networking with admissions staff and alumni. Come prepared to ask questions!

G-83245961: I am currently in the marketing/advertising industry and am looking to go to business school to really hone in my quantitative and business strategy skills. However, it's been a while since I have taken this type of work (since advanced calculus in college). I fear that this lack of quantitative work may be detrimental to my application—is this something I should address in an optional essay or does that only highlight this potential “gap”?

Kurt: Chicago is employs an analytical view to the world which incorporates numbers into that decision process. I say this because that is very different from a purely quantative approach which only looks at numbers. With that said, we like to see people who have some quantative understanding whether through school, work, GMAT indicators but it is not some prerequisite here that you have a quantative profile. We attract students from all backgrounds and quantative skills ranges greatly. The bigger question for us is do you demonstrate the analytical tools necessary to be successful here more so than can you solve complex mathematical problems.

Gernot: Mr. Martinelli, are your expecting the number of applications to increase this year compared to last year's number?

Rose: I wish I knew. There has a been a strong interest in our receptions around the world. Whether that will translate into more applications is yet to be determined.

Ray: Can you please discuss the trade-offs between applying Round 1 versus Round 2? Thank you.

Andrea: There's very little difference between the two rounds in terms of your overall chances, so as a general rule, apply when you feel your application is ready. Having said that, there may be some advantages to applying Round 1 - those being, you're first in the door, if offered admission you'll be among the first group considered for scholarships and fellowships and certainly you have a decision earlier. Round 2 happens to be our biggest in terms of number of applications and number of offers, so waiting is not necessarily a disadvantage. If you're ready, applying Round 1 might make sense, but don't feel compelled to rush your application if you are not.

Juan: Hello, in the application you ask if I'm applying with my significant other and I’m, but should I say anything else about it in some optional essay or is the application question enough?

Eddie: You can offer us the name and if you are both applying in the same round.

G-83258668: would like to know whether there are loans for international students and if a co-signer is needed.

Carrie: Thanks for your question. Chicago Booth offers loans for international students that do not require a co-signer, as well as loans that do.

G-83266900: How do you conduct your course selection process? Lottery system, points system, first come first served basis etc. Thanks!

Andrea: Students register for courses on a point-based bidding system.

G-83266900: Do you have a pre-requisite online course program that admitted students must complete prior to beginning their initial semester?

Carrie: Great question! Chicago Booth does not have a pre-requisite on-line course program for admitted students. We do offer optional courses such as Pre-MBA Accounting for those who may need to brush up their skills.

Konstantin_SF: I already have an MBA from a local school in San Francisco. However that was an evening program, and not a very rigorous one, which I chose specifically to have time to work on my startup. Now I'd like to get an MBA from Booth to gain all the advantages the program offers, and reciprocally benefit the school and the community. What is general attitude of the adcom to such situations. Should I address this in an optional essay?

Rose: Each year Booth admits a number of students who already have MBA degrees. The big question is why; what do you hope to achieve, and what you plan to contribute? Make sure your clear on your reasons, and if you feel you need extra space to do so, feel free to use the optional essay.

Ken: Hi Rose. I will visit the campus on September 21; however, I don't know if I can visit classes that day. I hope it is possible, because I am visiting from Japan!

Carrie: Hi, Ken. We're glad to hear that you are visiting campus! Unfortunately, classes do not start until September 24th, and we are unable to allow visitors in classes until October 5th. You will certainly have the opportunity to ask questions to an admissions director, as well as tour the building.

G-83245961: The choices for essay #2 are really challenging me- can you offer any insight in to what you hope to understand about the applicants through these questions?

Rose: Yes, they are challenging for a reason. Most of us learn best from difficult circumstances. What we hope to learn from you is what you learned from that experience, and how that has shaped you personally and professionally. It addresses the attributes of self-awareness and how other perceives us.

JR2012: Random question - but, is there a dress code for the Booth Live event later this month?

Rose: Hi JR2012. Glad to hear you're joining us for Booth Live! In terms of dress, we don't have a formal dress code for the event but do suggest business or smart casual.

Nikhil: What is the minimum GMAT required score for an entry to Chicago Booth?

Andrea: Hi Nikhil. We do not have a minimum GMAT and consider all complete applications that are submitted. Our average GMAT is 714 with a mid- 80th percentile range of 650-760.

G-68334461: If we're interested in visting campus before the Round 1 deadline, what type of events are currently occuring on campus beyond the info sessions?

Carrie: Thanks for your question. Before the Round 1 deadline, I'd encourage attending our September 25th Booth Live event, or participating in the campus visit program after October 5th. With both of those options, you will have access not only to admissions directors, but current students and the classroom experience.

JR2012: What should students do to make the most out of the Booth Live event later this month?

Carrie: Great question, JR2012. You will have the opportunity to engage with students, faculty and admissions directors during the entire day. To make the most of the experience, I would encourage you to ask as many questions as possible. The event is designed to give you insight into the community and culture at Chicago Booth - and make sure that you leave with no question unanswered!

Huy: for re-applicants, is the previous application (including letters of recommendation) reviewed alongside the new application?

Kurt: The previous application acts as a baseline in the review process. It gives us a sense of what your profile looked like a year or two ago and helps us to see your development or evolution since that point. Essentially it acts a point of comparison. We do not re-evaluate your previous application rather we spend the bulk of our time looking at your new application and seeing how it has evolved.

Prosp_GSB_2012: Hi everyone. Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer our questions. I'm actually a re-applicant to Booth, and was hoping to get insights/advice for re-applicants that may not be listed on your website. What are your thoughts?

Andrea: Rose actually has a two-part entry in her blog about reapplying that is quite thorough. There's really not much more I can add to that. Her blog can be found here http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/RoseReport/.

Don: Can you confirm that admitted applicants are automatically considered for the scholarships available to MBAs at Booth?

Carrie: Hi Don. You are correct. We do consider all applicants for scholarships and fellowships during the evaluation process, and make scholarship offers upon admission to the program.

Courtney: Hi Andrea! I am not in a position to ask any of my current managers for recommendations as getting an MBA is not a requisite for my current job and given the economy, would probably be frowned upon. Any advice for this situation? Should I make note of this in my application?

Andrea: Hi Courtney. Many applicants find themselves in this situation and we certainly understand that. As our guidelines state, one recommendation should come from a current or former supervisor and the other is open for you to choose. There's also a section for you to tell us why you've chosen who you have which can gives some perspective on your decisions.

Pat: I was wondering what the mid-decision refers to. Is that when interview requests are sent out?

Eddie: That's correct!

Patrick_1: Hello Dean Martinelli, I have questions about the MBA/MA in International Relations Program. (1) How many extra months does it add to a standard full-time program, (2) are applications reviewed independently by each school and (3)if so would a rejection from the Int'l Relations school automatically lead to a rejection from the MBA program? Thank you.

Rose: It adds one additional year of programming (3 quarters). Applications are reviewed independently and decisions made concurrently. This means you can be admitted to the MBA program only, or admitted to both programs, but you could not be admitted to the MA program alone. Hope that helps.

MSkwarski: I won't be in the United States for the next 6 months. How will this affect an application interview?

Eddie: If you are invited to interview we will try to find alumni in your area to conduct it for you. The admissions committee often does "hub" interviews where we come out to areas where there may be a high volume of interviews to be conducted and not enough alumni to help us conduct them.

Yash: Can I pursue MBA course without having a work experience..??

Kurt: Yes, we do not require work experience to apply or enroll. However work experience does help. So my hope would be that you have had some internship experience, entrepreneurial experience, something that demonstrates you understand the value of the MBA and the curriculum you will face.

Pallavi: I submitted this earlier , dont know if my chat is too slow but here goes - I wanted to ask for international students who cant visit campus and want to interact with students and/or professors and /or alumni..what is the best way to go about it ? For example if I want to get a better understanding of Media and Entertainment as an elective, who do I get in touch with ? And how ?

Carrie: Thanks for your question, Pallavi. We welcome you to connect directly with our student group leaders. You can find a listing of all student groups and the contact information of student group leaders here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx. You can also check out our interational students page, which lists student contacts for various regions: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/community/international/. I hope this helps!

DaveMeats: Hi! I would like to know the general attitude towards career switchers at Booth, and if there is any specific preparation that those from non-traditional backgrounds can or should do? Thanks

Kurt: The majority of students applying to MBA programs fall into the career switcher category and Booth is no exception. In terms of preparation that can vary depending on what you want to do, but in general I would say the best preparation you can do is really know what you want to transition to and understand the skills and abilities necessary to be successful in reaching that goal. If you know this your application will be more compelling and you can begin to address any possible deficiencies in your profile long before you arrive on campus i.e. I want to go into banking but I have no accounting knowledge, you might study up a bit prior to school or enroll in a pre-accounting course.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. We are eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting those questions!

jimmyholloran: How does the JD/MBA program work? Do I have to apply and get into both in the same year or would I be able apply to the Law School during my first year at Booth?

Kurt: You do not have to apply to these programs at the same time. You are eligible for joint degree status as long as you are not enrolling in your second program the terminal year of your primary program. Essentially you could not enroll at the law school once you have completed your degree from Booth. So applying to the law school in your first year is absolutely possible but not your second.

Patrick: Hi, Booth has a minimum IBT Toefl scores requirements for international applicants, which is 104. Is there any requirements on each section of the test?

Eddie: Actually we are seeking the overall score of 104 and haven't broken it down in sections.

Mba2010: Hello, and thank you for organizing this chat. I am an international planning to apply to fall 2010. My question is regarding the current concern over the placement prospects of international students in the United States post graduation. How is Booth planning to address this issue and how are the placement statistics for the current batch of students?

Rose: Great question! First of all, there are three levers you can pull in your career pursuit -- geography, industry & function. The more of these you pull at once, the more difficult your search can be. Our career services team was recently expanded by 4 to increase the number of job opportunities for our students by developing new relationships with firms throughout the world. These efforts have netted us a breadth of opportunities across industries and functions. The outcomes this year are pretty good as well -- more than 99% of the first year class had internships; our second year numbers have not yet closed (3 months post graduation), but it is likely to be around 85% who had offers. We are very proud of these numbers, but will not stop working until all our second years have found great opportunities.

EastCoast: What is the admissions team looking for in the slide presentation part of the application?

Rose: The slide presentation is focused on learning things about you that are important to you that you have not already shared in the other parts of the applications. What's important and relevant for people to know about you that you have not already conveyed.

Christine: Will it count against me that I was laid off?

Eddie: No. You may want to use the "optional" essay to explain this.

Nikhil: What is the minimum GMAT required score? thank you !

Rose: Booth does not have any minimum scores. This year's average score was 714 and the 80th percentile range was 650-760. Your score should reflect your ability to the best of your knowledge. Many students will actually take the test more than once if they feel their score is below what they expected. Booth only takes the highest score into consideration.

prucea: Is there any information available on geographic distribution of students after they graduate (I am wondering the extent to which East Coast firms recruit)

Kurt: We have a truly international community and place people all over the world. Every year our city breakdown in terms of most students placed in a geographic location is Chicago or New York number 1. London third and San Francisco is usually number 4. From there cities include DC, Hong Kong, Boston, LA, Minneapolis etc. You career opportunities are not at all limited by geography if you come to a school like Chicago Booth.

InterestedinPhDprogram: Is the Analytical Writing Assessment part of the GMAT needed for admission?

Carrie: Chicago Booth does require the Analytical Writing Assessment for admission to the program.

Nika: If my transcript is in Armenian, should I translate it into English and submit both?

Carrie: Hi Nika. In this case, you should submit both the original transcript, as well as a certified copy of the translation.

G-83280149: hi Andrea, are you here today? I am Nguyen from Vietnam, met you in HCM City in August. Thank you for your coming. Matter of high GMAT score and question of fit, what if an applicant fit to Chicago Booth but not high GMAT score, and vice versus.

Andrea: Hi Nguyen! So good to hear from you! There are many factors that are considered as we evaluate candidates, all of which give us insight into their potential fit with Booth. The GMAT score is never reviewed in isolation, whether it's a high or low score, and everything else submitted matters. Having said that, the GMAT does give us some insight into a candidates potential to handle a rigorous curriculum, so it does become a bench-marking type factor - meaning it's a good idea to aim for the range where most of our admitted students fall - 650-760. Know, though, that the GMAT is a small piece of the overall application.

G-83285305: Can you talk a bit about the Powerpoint? What are some of the dos and don'ts? Most common mistakes? etc

Rose: I'd encourage you to take a look at my blog for more information. But a few points to consider -- we're more focused on content, not creativity. Think about what's relevant and important for people/us to know about you. Once you've decided on those messages, think about the best ways to convey that information. It could be all words, images, graphics, etc. The choice is yours. But remember, we need to understand your message so don't lose your message in your desire to be creative.

Juan: The application asks for a GPA but my transcripts are from a UK shcool with different grading, what shoud I put in the GPA?

Kurt: Leave it blank, we do not expect international students to convert their performance into a GPA. Based on the transcripts your institution provides we will have more than enough informaiton to assess your academic achievment without a GPA conversion.

FutureMBA: How much of a detriment is having only 2-3 years of experience? On that note, when asked how many years of experience we have on the application, should I write my current amount of total work experience or the amount of experience I will have by the time the 2010 semester starts?

Rose: Use the amount of experience you expect to have as of September 2010. There is no detriment to students who have less experience. You'll need to articulate why now, and why the MBA. Be clear about where you've been and where you need to go, and help us to understand the breadth of your experience and your contributions.

G-83373151: I am going to request one of my college teacher to write a recommendation letter for me, and my first question is whether it is acceptable to use Chinese language to write the reference letter? (FYI, My college teacher is a chinese professor, specialized in accounting)

Kurt: That is fine but you would have to have the letter translated and notarized in English and send both hard copies to us.

Lionel: Is it possible to combine a concentration in Entrepreneurship and one in Real Estate?

Kurt: Lionel, we do not have a concentration in Real Estate although we do have several courses on this subject. Because Chicago Booth's philosophy is discipline based you will notice that our concentrations do not reflect industry specializations like real estate, sports, e-commerce etc. Most of our students who are passionate about real estate will have concentrations in multiple areas ranging from entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and strategy. The reality is you can create the curriculum right for you and in many cases the concentrations will be a byproduct of those choices.

Ray: Can you please elaborate on your expecatations for the second letter of recommendation and how it should be different than the first? Thank you.

Eddie: Both letters should comment on your strengths in a variety of areas including leadership, management experience, team building skills, effective communication, etc. We don't differentiate between the 1st or 2nd one.

JR2012: What is the acceptance rate for people with little to no business experience, ie engineers?

Andrea: Hi JR2012. Roughly 10% or more of our entering class falls into the early career range - those entering with less than 3 years of work experience. Their backgrounds are just as varied as our overall pool and given that early career candidates make up a small portion of the applicant pool, I would imagine the acceptance rate is no different than our overall acceptance rate. For more information on how we evaluate Early Career Candidates, visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/process.aspx.

G-83258668: Do I need to worry about financial aid (start applying for loans / fellowships) after I get accepted or before?

Carrie: Great question. While we certainly encourage you to explore ways in which to fund your education, you do not need to start applying for loans before you are accepted into the program. We automatically evaluate your candidacy for scholarships and fellowships during the admissions process, and present scholarship offers upon admission.

Nika: Do you conduct phone interviews with the international students? Thank you.

Eddie: Only if we can't find alumni in your area and your are unable to make cometocampus for it to be conducted.

Lionel: What is the interview like? Who typically conducts it? I am based in London. I am expected to travel over to Chicago?

Eddie: Your interview can be conducted in London if we have alumni available. It's a blind interview. It's an important piece when reviewing your application during our committee meetings. It usually lasts about 30 minutes and it's a way for you to offer your perspective to the interviewer about your MBA expectations and contributions to the community.

HiTech: Hi, What makes Univ of Chicago's entreprenuring specialization unique among other top rated entreprenurship focus programs ?

Rose: Our program focuses on both the practitioner and the investor (PE/VC), and we focus on helping you to develop through both theoretical and practical approaches. Meaning, we want you to have the breadth of knowledge to understand how to identify opportunities and launch a company, but we also want you to get plenty of practical experience by working in lab courses or consulting with other firms. The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship has amazing resources. I would encourage you to check out their website for more specific information about opportunities and programs: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/.

Yash: Can you adivce me on the fees structure for a Full time MBA programme?

Carrie: Hi Yash. Tuition to the program for the 2009-2010 year is $42,020, and estimated tuition, fees and living expenses is $81,204. For more information on the breakdown of expenses, please visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/costs.aspx.

Rajesh: Hello - I am Rajesh. My question is, if a candidate Booth School has written the GMAT a couple of times spread over a year, with a low score and a high score, then would the low score affect the admission process or the candidate.

Kurt: Rajesh, we always consider the highest score when making our decision, but it is important to know that we will have access to all the scores you reported to our school. I mention that because we will see the progression of scores over time.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. We are eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting those questions!

Danielle: I have heard that Booth is particularly finance-focused, although I found the curriculum to be flexible. How much are finance backgrounds targeted?

Kurt: We do have a strong reputation for Finance but we are also well-known for a variety of other fields, like Marketing, Org Behavior, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. We look for people first and foremost who identify with the Booth the culture and approach to business education and then try to shape a class of people from all different backgrounds and professions. So just because we have a strong reputation for Finance does not mean we focus on selecting people with that interest or background.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in about 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions.

xingyech1: I see you encourage newly graduated students to apply for the MBA program as well. What attributes are you looking for in those applicants (who have few or none work experience)?

Rose: First, I believe it is important that all applicants to the MBA program have some work experience in order to leverage their experience in class (internships or full-time work experience). That said, understanding why now, what you want to do, and what you have to contribute will be important. We expect that you will have outstanding academic indicators, some meaningful internships, were involved in student leadership activities, and are mature and focused. Take a look at our early career page for more information: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/process.aspx.

G-46730970: Can you speak briefly about the Diversity Live session taking place on 10/30 and the LGBT Mixer (when is the event taking place?)? Who can we expect to be present? Alumni, current students, Admissions folks, etc.?

Eddie: During our Diversity Live event we are sharing with what it's like to be in the community at Chicago Booth. You'll have an opportunity to speak with students who are part of the African-American MBA (AAMBAA), Hispanic-American MBA (HABSA), Gays & Lesbians in Business (GLIB) and Chicago Women in Business (CWIB) organizations. You'll also sit in on a class and check out a variety of student hosted panels. You will get to meet staff and professors as well. The LGBT mixer is 11/20 but the location hasn't been set. All in all you will see what it's like to be a valued member of Chicago Booth in and out of the classroom!

None: Other than formal recommendations, are there other ways for Booth alumni and current students to show support for a candidate?

Rose: Booth welcomes letters of support from our alumni and students that are external to the application.

Ellie: What is your criteria when evaluating scholarship receivers? Is it simply based on academic merits (GPA, GMAT...)?

Carrie: Hi, Ellie. Chicago Booth awards merit scholarships, and looks for the top candidates within the admitted class. We take many factors into consideration during evaluation, including GPA, GMAT, work experience, community involvement, and future interest.

Danielle: I'm not sure my question is going through, or if i'm not receiving the answer. My question was: I have heard that Booth is particularly finance-focused, although I found the curriculum to be flexible. How much are finance backgrounds targeted?

Rose: Booth is broadly known for its reputation in finance, but that's just one of many of our programs. Three other ones that I believe bear mentioning is entrepreneurship (the second most popular concentration), marketing (known as the home of market segmentation or analytical approach combined with our behavioral work); and finally our new concentration in analytical management (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/analytic-management.aspx). Diversity is key in the learning environment at Booth so our outreach is across industry and function. Check out or concentration pages for more information: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/index.aspx.

Jenni: Do my letters of recommendation need to be completed before the deadline also? My recommenders are very busy and the deadline will be tight, but I am ready to submit my application now.

Andrea: We will accept recommendation letters up to a week after the deadline, but the sooner the better as your application will not be reviewed until complete. We understand that the submission is somewhat out of your hands, but I would recommend meeting with them now to talk about your plans and make sure to follow up. The more they understand how important this is to you, the more likely they may be to submit in a timely manner. You are welcome to submit your application now if you're ready, but again, it will not be considered complete until the recommendations have been received.

G-83285371: What's the GMAT average score of the students?

Kurt: The average GMAT for the entering class is 714.

vikas: Hi I am from India. My question is that how many indian students are there in current batches?

Andrea: Hi Vikas. I'm somewhat confused by your question - are you asking how many Indian students are currently enrolled? Right now about 16% of the student body is from Asia and a good portion of that from India.

Julia: Booth seems to have less of an emphasis on social entrepreneurship than some other schools. Is that actually the case? Would a candidate with a background in social entrepreneurship be less competitive than someone with a more traditional background? Thanks for your answer.

Kurt: Julia, Booth has a strong commitment to social entrepreneurship and social impact in general. Our philosophy however is that we focus on business disciplines and how they apply to the markets and organizations. Whether you work for a non-profit or profit the skill sets necessary to be successful are fundamentally the same. That is why you do not see many specializations at Chicago, like Healthcare, Real Estate, and Non-Profit Management. At Chicago you will have access to taking classes at Booth in Social Entrepreneurship, or extending out to other schools as departments to develop you skills and understanding of social impact. You could take classes at the Harris School for Public Policy, The Center for Sustainability, The School of Social Service Administration. At Chicago you can truly shape your entire curriculum in this field recognizing that skills you acquire and focus on will be universal allowing you to have broader lasting impact on organizations over the life of your career.

RobertD: Hello. What percent of the current students were able to find an internship this summer? And of those, how many were offered full time positions after graduation?

Rose: Our students are not yet back from their internships -- classes don't begin until the end of September. I can say, however, that 99% of our students found internships throughout the world. We'll know more about the full-time job offers a bit later this fall.

Ellie: How would you describe the culture of Chicago Booth? What is Booth's major point of difference v.s. other top MBA programs? Thanks!

Rose: Our culture is focused on the power of ideas and the quest for truth. Our habit of questioning and debate is core to the environment. Our key differentiating factor is the element of choice. From our flexible curriculum (no rigid core in the first year) to your ability to choose the path, career, teams, student groups, etc., based on your interests is very unique to Booth. You won't find a place where you have greater freedom to build your own experience.

G-428634742: The Chicago Booth Live event scheduled for Sept. 25 is full - will there be any additional events scheduled before round one deadlines? If not, do you recommend connecting with friends and/or former colleagues to go through a similar process (attend class, tour campus, have lunch, go to LPF, etc.)? Thanks.

Rose: Great question. For the September 25th event, we are hoping to accomodate as many people as possible, and are updating the registration list daily. As such, I would encourage you to sign up for the waitlist or contact us directly. Outside of the Booth Live event, I would also suggest visiting campus. Starting October 5th, our full schedule is open, allowing for a class visit, an admissions presentation, a building tour and lunch with students.

carayae27: Hi, the transcripts that I might submit should be converted to a GPA scale? (I'm an international students, with 1 to 7 scale)

Eddie: It would help tremondously but we have other resources to help us evaluate international transcripts.

sebastian_ag: Hi, do you have any programs related to Healthcare in Booth. I was reviewing the site and didn't found it online as a concentration, but I wanted to know how someone pursuing a carreer in Healthcare could benefit particularly from an MBA at Booth. Thanks

Andrea: Hi sebastian-ag. Our concentrations really center around functions in business, rather than career interests. We actually have quite a lot for those interested in a career in Healthcare. We offer a certificate in Health Administration and Policy that can be taken jointly with the MBA, or up to 6 courses within the MBA can be taken anywhere at the University of Chicago, which may be an opportunity to take just a few courses related to Health Care. We also have an active Health Care student group. More information on both can be found on our website.

prucea: Historically, what percent of candidates have been granted interviews? I have heard some schools give interviews to everyone that applies, and others are quiet selective.

Carrie: Hi Prucea. Chicago Booth interviews candidates by invitation only. The number of students invited to interview varies each round, so it's hard to give any specific historical data. That said, we hope to interview as many qualified candidates as possible.

superchargers: Can you comment on fellowships that are available? Also, can you approximate the % of students that recieved merit-based aid?

Andrea: Typically between 20-30% of our admitted students receive and award of some sort. More information on specific fellowships can be found here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/.

Bschool_KL: What are the strongest Booth concentrations/majors outside of the Finance?

Kurt: To be candid all of our concentrations are strong in terms of courses and faculty support. Our most popular concentrations outside of Finance tend to be Marketing, Entrepreneurship, General Management, Econ, Strategic Management and Accounting. Not in any particular order.

Rupal: What is the average GPA and 80% range of GPA of Booth students?

Andrea: The average GPA is about a 3.5 and the mid 80% range is 650 - 760.

Ellie: Do you have current MBA students to review prospective student's applications, or are applications all reviewed by professional committee?

Kurt: Ellie, we do have second year students serve on our committee. There are 46 students selected to be part of this process and they are trained and managed by our professional staff.

Aditya: Hello, another query. I have done my undergraduate studies in India where the language of teaching was English. I have a Master degree from University of Michigan and have been working in the US for more than 2 years now. Do I still need the TOEFL?

Carrie: Hi Aditya. Given your background, you can elect to waive the TOEFL.

ketchup: Dear Ms. Martinelli, regarding the second essay question does it have to be regarding to an applicants work/profession where he has learnt something and how he/she has improvised since then or could it also be something related to academics where he learnt a thing or two from his own shortcomings and how it has helped shape his attitude or approach

Rose: This question could be applied to anything -- personal/professional/academic.

superchargers: Are there any special athletic or recreational facilities that Booth students have access to? Is there a yacht club, golf course, etc. Things that are more interesting than typical university facilities?

Carrie: Hi Superchargers. There are plenty of athletic and recreational activities to participate in within Booth and the larger university. Within the university, you will have access to the Ratner Center and Henry Crown Fieldhouse, which are the athletic centers on campus. Additionally, we have a variety of athletic and student groups, ranging from the Ski Club to the Sailing Club to the Rugby Club. Also, students are welcome to start new groups every year based on their interest!

nitin: What percentage of students doing an MBA are career switcher? Do you see that a lot? And how does Admission committee feel about it?

Carrie: Hi Nitin. The vast majority of MBA students at Booth are exploring different career options (functions and industry). From an admissions perspective, we welcome career switchers to apply, specifically when we understand why one is interested in changing careers.

Boother: Does the Chicago Booth have a General Management program or is it concentration specific? What subjects / concentrations does someone who wants to pursue business Consulting take up typically at booth?

Kurt: We do have a general management concentration, and that can be beneficial for consulting. However the best answer to your question lies in what kind of consulting you want to do. If you are looking to do Strategy consulting which is the most popular route taken by MBA grad, the concentrations can vary but I would encourage you to look at Strategic Management, Analytical Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategy and Organizational Behavior. All of these have been pretty popular concentrations among people pursuing careers in Strategic Consulting.

lconapin: Do most of the students choose to live in the Hyde Park area, or are they more disbursed throughout the city and/or metro area?

Andrea: Hi Iconapin. Rougly 23% live in Hyde Park and about 33% in the immediate downtown area. The rest are disbursed in the South Loop, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, West Loop, etc. I often hear from the students that one of the reasons they love going to school at Booth is that they have two great campuses to study in and an incredible city to explore with their classmates when they are not in class.

ren: Hi. What types of students fit the Chicago Booth culture?

Rose: The most successful students are those who are intellectually curious, engaged in the world around them and willing to push themselves beyond their comfort levels. Independent thought pushed by rigorous debate makes this place a lively community.

Degi: Hi, I am resubmitting since didn't show up the first time. Are there fellowships and scholarships available for international students that would cover most of the expenses?

Carrie: Hi Degi. We do offer a range of small to large fellowships and merit-based scholarships for admitted students.

RodrigoFlores: I'm planning to apply in 2010. Does Chicago has any kind of family support for students that brings their relatives (wife/husband and children)?

Eddie: We sure do. Parents of Little Ones (POLO),the Chicago Partners and Mothers at Booth (MaB).

superchargers: Are there opportunities to take additional courses outside of the business school? For example, could we take a graduate course in the econ or political science department?

Andrea: Yes, up to 6 courses can be taken anywhere at the University of Chicago.

G-83285371: What's the percentage of the international students admitted per class?

Kurt: The percentage of international students admitted varies from year to year but in general we are between 32-36% of the entering class.

Ari0285: Submitting Question: Can you please comment on Booth's culture and campus experience outside the classroom?

Rose: Again it all boils down to choice. At Chicago you are free to be the CEO of your own experience, not only academically, but in every thing you do as a student. There is a culture of collaboration, but an intensity in the debate of ideas. People tend to form relationships through their interests rather than any forced placement in cohorts. This is a very social and student engaged community. Students are involved in leadership at all levels. Bottom line, this is a place where you will need to choose and you will need to engage.

William: A large percentage of Booth students go into finance-related fields. When reviewing applications, does the committee make an effort to look specifically for finance-minded students?

Rose: Actually, we try to admit a very diverse class. If you take a look at our new employment statistics now available, our career interests boil down to about 1/3 pursuing consulting, 1/3 finance oriented fields, and 1/3 others (marketing, corporate roles, entrepreneurial ventures, etc.).

prucea: I have heard that Booth has a policy of no grade disclosure. What are the reasons for this, and how can students be sure that their peers will be motivated in team projects?

Rose: Chicago Booth's students have instituted a policy of grade non-disclosure in order to ensure that recruiting focuses on the student rather than grades. At Booth, where you can choose every course at the level appropriate to you, we want students to take academic risks. This allows students to take advanced courses without fear of recruiting implications. As for motivation, you would not want to come to Booth if you were not in it for the academic and personal challenge. There is a definite culture of collaboration and engagement here.

Ellie: Hi, I've submitted the question a while gao but not sure whether it's been missed...If I have a GMAT of 720 but the TOEFL has not yet reached 104, and if I submit the application with these test scores, would I be rejected completely, or can I submit an alternative TOEFL score later on? Thanks!

Kurt: Elie, we do not have cut scores the TOEFL is more a strong recommendation than an absolute. You can apply with a lower TOEFL and receive fair consideration in the process but meeting the threshold improves your overall candidacy. If you retake the exam and send the score after you apply we will do our best to consider the new score in our decision but we do not guarantee that will happen.

Rahul: Hi I am Rahul from India. I have a post graduate diploma in management. Does Booth hold any reservations against students with prior management degrees?

Rose: No, Booth welcomes students who have prior management degrees. You'll need to be clear about why you need another MBA and what you hope to contribute.

Guilherme: Hi, does Chicago Booth offer dormitory facilities for international students, and if so, what are the associated costs? (roughly)

Carrie: Hi Guilherme. The University of Chicago offers graduate housing, as well as specific housing for international students at the International House. The costs generally range between $2-3,000 per academic year. For more information, visit: http://ihouse.uchicago.edu/residency/residency_rates.shtml

Tugvan: I was waitlisted last year and didn't make it in the end - is this a positive sign or just neutral, speaking as a prospective reapplicant?

Rose: It's a signal that we were very interested in your candidacy. If you plan to reapply, focus on putting together a fresh approach in your new application. I've written a lot about this in my admissions blog, so check it out.

Gustavo: Considering that Booth has an extremely flexible curriculum, do incoming students have any coaching on how to arrange their plan of study according to their future goals (I mean, classes they will attend)?

Kurt: Gustavo we have a 2 1/2 week orientation program during which you will meet with academic advisors, faculty and students to help you plan your curriculum. These resources are available to you as long as you are a student so you will never have to make these decisions on your own if you choose not to.

Andy: is the deadline of 14 oct, the date you receive the application document or the date we mail it out? thank you.

Andrea: Hi Andy. Most of our applicants actually submit their applications online and the deadline is 5:00 p.m. CST on Oct. 14th. If for some reason you do choose to mail it in, it should be postmarked by the 14th.

Ari0285: Are most interviews conducted on campus or are there regional interviews available?

Eddie: Most of our interviews last year were conducted on campus but we do have alumni that help us conduct off-campus interviews.

varun: what about applicants with work experience < 3 years? how does Booth evaluate cases like these?

Rose: The evaluation process is very similar to all applicants though we do recognize you have had less time to demonstrate progression. What you need to do is to help us to understand your responsibilities and contributions. You'll also need to pull leadership information from college experiences. Don't translate leadership into managing people, but focus on the other aspects of leading and influencing others.

MBA10: I have a strong preference to work in the Midwest post-MBA. Is this looked at positvely or negatively by the admissions committee?

Kurt: Because we place students all over the world we do not really factor this into our admissions decision. We are more looking at how compelling is your overall strategy for why you want an MBA, why you want it from Booth and where do you hope that will take you in the future.

Christine_1: Could you introduce any courses or clubs/associations Booth can offer for students interested in pursuing a career in private equity?

Eddie: You can get involved with one of our student groups and contact them about courses they have taken. It's the Private Equity club:


Kurt: Great questions, thanks for your time and participation. Have a great weekend and good luck in the process.

Rose: Thank you so much for joining us today. I'd like to encourage you to check out my blog for more information about applying. I'm in the midst of reviewing all the components: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/rosereport. If you have additional questions, please use our discussion forum or send me an e-mail. Have a great rest of the day!

Eddie: Please join us at some of information sessions on the road! I hope to see many of you.

Carrie: Thanks for asking such great questions! We hope to see you on the road and on campus in the coming weeks. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any additional questions during the application process.

Andrea: Thanks for the great questions today! Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. Have a great day!