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August 12, 2009—11:00 AM-12:00 PM CST

Rose: Welcome to our chat today, everyone. We will start promptly at 11:00 am CDT but feel free to start submitting your questions now!

Eddie: Good morning everyone. I hope you have some good questions for us!

Kurt: Good morning, thanks for joining us for another chat. I look forward to answering your questions.

Andrea: Hello everyone! I'm Andrea Schmoyer, Associate Director of Admissions. Looking forward to a great chat today!

Rose: Welcome to our admissions chat. Let's get started.

musisinyanib: How high should my GMAT score be if I want to come to Booth?

Rose: There are no minimum GMAT requirements at Booth. The 80th percentile range of GMAT scores for enrolling students this fall is 650-760.

Shaan: Hi - I've got two questions with respect to the joint MBA / MA in Int'l Relations. 1) I understand that we must wait for Round 2 to apply -- could this detrimental for my chances for admission vs. Round 1? 2) I believe the first two years of the program are with Booth and the last year is with CIR. How does this effect recruiting/job placement for students in the program?

Kurt: The quality and strength of the applicant pool is consistent across both the first and second deadline, so waiting until round 2 to apply for the jt. degree should not be an issue. In terms of placement students who have gone through the joint program have done some interesting things and been able to take full advantage of Career Services to facilitate their caeer search. Perhaps the best way to answer this question would be to e-mail me offline and I can put you in touch with some current students who would be much better equipped to address this question with the detail you are looking for. You can find my e-mail address through the Full-Time admissions link on the website.

booth: hello all. i am applying to booth this fall and would like to know how the admissions committee's view on an unemployed applicant. does this have a negative impact on application? Thank you

Rose: These are interesting times, as many very talented people have found themselves unemployed because of the economic environment. We completely understand there are things beyond our control, but I would spend time telling us what you have done with your time and what you have learned about yourself through this experience. We admitted students who were laid off this past season, so focus on putting together your best application.

fjiang: I am living and working in DC. Will Booth have a admission events in DC? Could you let me know the time?

Andrea: Hi Fjiang. Yes, we have a couple of events coming up in DC. There's a student-hosted event on August 24th and an Admissions reception on September 15th. To register, visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/northamerica.aspx

Lindsey: I am interested in pursuing a joint MBA/JD after my senior year of college. If I am interested in attending UChicago would I be at a disadvantage to apply straight out of college (730 GMAT, combined 1 year internship experience, GPA above early enrollment requirement)? Also, I attend school in New Haven, CT; when and where are the closest recruiting events to me and can you attend as a prospective candidate or must you have been asked for an interview?

Eddie: Hi Lindsey. You wouldn't be at a disadvantage. It looks like you're off to a good start but without knowing more about you (essays, LORs, etc.)it wouldn't be fair for me to talk about your chance for admissions. We are encouraged by early career applicants. You are welcome to attend any of our events. Just go to our website - www.chicagobooth.edu and select "attend an event". You do not have to wait for an invitation!

chicagoboothprospect: Hello. I want to pursue a joint degree mba-ma program from SSA though I work in finance sector currently. Do you consider what background the applicant belongs to while evaluating for the same. Also is TOEFL score mandatory if I have studied in undergrad institute where medium of instruction was english

Andrea: Hi Chicagoboothprospect. All factors are taken into consideration when we review applicants as the process is incredibly holistic. Note that for the joint degree programs, you must apply to both programs separately so I can only speak to the MBA admissions process. The TOEFL is waived if you have earned a degree from an institution where English is the primary language of instruction. It is not waived, however, if you studied but did not earn a degree.

Jason: I am evaluating a number of MBA programs. Would I be able to audit a class in order to better understand what is being offered at Chicago?

Eddie: You can visit campus and sit in on a class. It's part of our "Campus Vistor's" program.

G-293145136: Hi Rose, I am drawn to Chicago because of the schools emphasis on critical thinking and freedom in class selection. While I have seen the Marketing program ranked in the top 10 by many publications, I have read that the placement of Chicago grads in marketing positions is an extremely small portion of the total graduate placement. Can you talk a little bit about the programs and recruiting opportunities available specifically to Marketing students seeking employment.

Rose: Marketing at Booth is a terrific program. While there may be fewer people pursuing pure marketing positions at graduation, our Career Services department has been working very closely with the Kilts Center to provide great opportunities for our students. I can assure you that if you come to Booth, you will have the support and connections to land a great marketing job.

mba11: it applying in rounds 1/2 strongly advised (vs. round 3)? if so, what are the benefits of doing so?

Andrea: The general rule is apply when you're ready. The issue with Round 3, though, is that many of our decisions have been made at that point so your chances often depend on available space. Also, your chance for scholarships or fellowship awards may be limited. If you're ready now, it would probably be best to aim for Round 1 or Round 2.

musisinyanib: Has the current economic situation impacted on your recruitment if at all, if so how, what has been affected?

Rose: It's been an interesting year. While applications typically increase exponentially during economic downturns, applications were somewhat flat or down internationally this year. I wish I had a crystal ball to predict what may happen this year, but it would certainly be just a wild guess if I tried.

musisinyanib: Is there any particular window you recommend that one should apply I have heard a lot of people say the first window, some the last?

Eddie: We really want you to apply when you are ready. Many candidates who apply in R1 have worked over the summer on essays, GMAT scores, LORs, etc., and are ready for R1. R2 typically brings us the largest number of applications. R3 is a bit tougher - fewer seats, fewer scholarships, etc.

G-6538838: What particularly from the work experience are you looking for? What traits (ex. Leadership, management or marketing skills) do you value the most?

Rose: I'd like to turn this question back on you. What we seek in admissions is how well YOU have navigated your opportunities and contributed to the success of your company. The value of work experience is what you learn and how you grow. In such a diverse applicant pool, we focus on students who leverage their opportunities whatever those may be.

Li: Hi, when can I schedule a full-schedule campus visit? It seems that only Abbreviated ones are available on Booth's website now. Thanks.

Andrea: Hi Li. Our full campus visit program begins October 5th. You can register for your visit now at this link http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx

Kendra: For GMAT scores, how important is it to have balanced percentiles/section scores for the quantitative and verbal sections? (i.e. is more importance placed on having a higher quantitative score?)

Rose: Every person taking the test has a different educational background so scores will likely be higher in one area over the other. We'll look to your transcripts for more information about your quantitative and verbal skills if we have questions. The one caveat to remember -- if your score does not fairly represent your abilities, take it again. We will always make the assumption that this is your "best" score.

taria: How does Diversity Live differ from Booth Live?

Eddie: Nothing really drastic from our regular "Booth Live" events but we do try to highlight the minority student groups, their activities/projects, etc. Anyone is welcome to attend!

G-6603609: hello, is there major change in the curriculum this year?

Kurt: There is change to the curriculum but I would not say it is major change. We have essentially added some more flexibility to the curriculum by expanding the courses which fulfill our degree requirements. We have added some new courses like Introductory Finance, a course designed for people with no Finance experience, Economic Analysis of Major Policy Issues and The Analytics of Financial Crisis, both of which look at the policy issues that have led to and contributed the Financial Meltdown we have experienced. I would encourage you to look at our curriculum pages to see the actual changes in more detail. Oh, and we have also added a new concentration called Analytic Management. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/index.aspx

fjiang: How many recommendation letters required? Are all should come from my supervisors?

Eddie: We only require 2. We do like to see at least one letter from your manager or supervisor.

fjiang: How about outclass activities? what and how many clubs Booth has? Does Booth has Internation Real Estate Club?

Andrea: Hi fjiang. We have 73 student groups and yes, we do have a Real Estate Group. For a full list visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx

waqar: Chicago has a very strong reputation in Finance and seemingly the quant proficiency is emphasized more then some other schools. I did finance undergrad from a top 5 school but have been running my own company since graduating. My profile lacks the quant experience and strengths that are common with Booth students so my question is whether this will weigh against me. Does the adcom give significantly more weight to quant skills or whether a strong application doesn’t necessarily have to excel in that particular aspect.

Rose: Great question. Yes, Chicago has an outstanding finance program with the greatest number of advanced finance courses of any school. However, we seek balanced students who are pursuing a breadth of professional paths. There's a myth out there they we only seek quant experts at Chicago, when in fact we seek well rounded professionals who have a range of abilities. We seek to graduate students who are great critical thinkers.

FC: do international student have the loan option without co-signer in booth school

Rose: Yes, Booth was able to find a loan program for our international students who do not have a cosigner. Rates and terms are negotiated annually so more information will be available to students upon admission.

Boothaspirant: Hi and thank you for organising this chat. I'm keen on applying to Booth in 2011 and I am keen on the Economics specialization. Can you give me some insight into this field? In terms of job placements and career prospects specifically.

Kurt: I guess your options would largely be dependent upon your career direction. Are you looking to apply your new economic knowledge at a think tank, in the financial markets, consulting etc. With a deep understanding of economics you can do almost anything. Our career services department is consistently ranked as the best in the business school landscape. We have relationships with well over a 1000 firms in practically every industry in markets across the world. Even in a weakened economy our Career Services team has done a great deal to strengthen and increase our corporate relationships. So I would expect that you will have a lot of options when you complete your degree.

G-6535358: Rose, what are your three favorite things about Chicago's campus?

Rose: That we are all in the same building (faculty, students and staff), the Winter Garden, the amount of light that floods the building.

Jonsie: How are fellowships determined and when are they awarded?

Kurt: There are a variety of fellowships available to incoming students. They all have different criteria and different processes for selection. Some are awarded at the time of admission some people apply for after they have been admitted. At the end of the day we try and select people who are the strongest fit with not only the criteria of the award but also the Booth community.

DBB: While applying do we have to report GMAT scores through pearsons? If so, do you have Chicago's Booth code? Thanks

Eddie: Sure. Our code is: H9X-9F-34 .

rahul: Hi, I would like to know if the adcom has any guidlines for the professional resume to be submitted with the application. Especially for early career candidates with only a few years of work experience. Would it be advisable to elaborate on the assignments I have worked and what my role was in the team?

Andrea: We do not have any set guidelines with the resume and leave that decision up to the applicant. How you choose to share your experiences is up to you.

Eddie: If I feel as though I cannot ask my current supervisor for a letter of rec due to job security reasons, do I need to address this in the optional essay?

Eddie: Yes. It's best to disclose why you are not sending in a letter from your current manager. It won't be held against you.

Amy: do you have statictics regarding the geography of employees? what is the ratio of west coast vs east coast? Thanks!

Kurt: Amy I do not have specific stats on job placement by region but traditionally our top four locations are Chicago, New York (they traditionally alter between 1 & 2) London, San Francisco. From there the dispersement is all over the world. The bottom line is you will have plenty of opportunities to live in a location of preference post-MBA. Booth truly has a global network which should give you access to employment in your city of preference.

Denver: The slide presentation seems intimidating and hit or miss, any examples of what people have done in the past that is acceptable?

Rose: What haven't you already shared in the application that you want your future classmates to know? I would focus on content over creativity. If you've done your self assessment, you should have a list of things that are important to you that did not fit in any of the prior application components. This is a great place to add that information. Put a list together and begin experimenting -- there is no right or wrong approach. Have fun!

KRA: With the recommendations, are you looking for new insight of the applicant, or a confirmation/corroboration of the applicant/application?

Rose: The purpose of the recommendations is to get an external evaluation from someone who knows you well to consider as part of your application. It probably will provide us with a combination of confirmation and new insights. I would encourage you to sit down with your recommender to talk through your experiences and goals. This will remind them of areas they could highlight in your recommendation.

MF: I got 700 in the Gmat but my toefl was below the 104 that Booth required. Is that a problem for my application?

Andrea: Your application will still be reviewed with a score below 104 and all factors are taken into consideration throughout the process. However, the language of instruction at Booth is English, so a TOEFL score below the minimum can be a concern. If there is evidence elsewhere of an applicant's language abilities, then the lower TOEFL may not be as much of a concern, but if there is further evidence elsewhere (essays, interview, etc.) of difficulties with the English language, then it can be. It really depends. Know that the lower TOEFL will not prevent you from a full and complete review of your application.

pramod: Does age matter? I am 34+ :(

Rose: No. But what does matter is why you need an MBA at this time in your career. And what the full-time MBA program in particular. Make sure you've carefully thought through your investment and the different tradeoffs you may need to make.

Michael: Can you please elaborate on essay question 2 (Describe a time...)? Is there any particular insight that you are looking for?

Rose: This is a question that focuses on self-awareness and personal discovery. The question is most easily answered by sharing an experience that had some negatives and focus on lessons learned.

Jany: Hi Associate Dean Rose, Eddie, Kurt and Andrea. Thanks for setting up this chat session. I'm wondering what do you consider to be the highlight of Booth's MBA programs.

Rose: Faculty and the academic environment. I'd also encourage you to talk to current students and alumni and ask them that same question.

Gokul: When applying online I see an option to attach transcripts for previous Under grad and Graduate schools. Is there a specific format to submit the transcripts.

Eddie: Please scan the document so that we can see all sides. The original document is only required if you are offered admission.

G-6641231: What impact has the economy had on the amount, and quality of applicants you have seen?

Rose: The overall quality of the applicant pool improved last year as well as the seriousness in how students approached the application. Domestic applications increased while international applications remained somewhat flat.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. Dean Martinelli and the Admissions staff are eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting those questions!

Russell: Hello, Can I request an interview or to visit and attend a class?

Andrea: Hi Russell. Interviews are by invitation only, but you can visit campus anytime. Our full campus visit program includes the opportunity to sit in on a class and plenty of interaction with current students. That begins on October 5th and you can register here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx

anirudhvoleti: Would you be having any events in Hyderabad, India?

Eddie: No, sorry we couldn't fit it in on this trip.

fjiang: And another question is I try to pursue the knowledge on Real Estate development, I am an Architect and work globally on real estate development projects, I want to know more about Chicago Booth's real estate program. Could you please introduce me more?

Kurt: We have a very active Real Estate student group on campus. An active Real Estate alumni group and a relatively new course sequence specifically in Real Estate. Couple these industry specific resources with the tailor made approach to academics and our students are uniquely postioned to create an MBA that will allow them to apply Real Estate specific knowledge in a whole host of contexts. Whether it be urban development, commercial real estate, real estate investing etc. there are a myriad of opportunities for you in this space at Booth.

Charlie: What does the "mid-decision" date signify for each othe admissions rounds?

Andrea: Hi Charlie. The mid-decision date is the date by which all invitations to interview will have been released for that round. Those not invited to interview will receive a final decision of deny for that year.

sanjy: Hi. What exactly are you looking for in the powerpoint presentation in the application? Thanks

Rose: First, I would ask that you answer the question posed. We're looking for you to provide information that you would like to share with a classmate that you have not already described in other portions of the application. Have fun with the section, but make sure you emphasize content over creativity.

Kyle: If you are a CFA and CPA, are there courses one can place out of?

Andrea: Hi Kyle. One of the advantages of Booth's flexible curriculum is that students are able to take courses at a level that is appropriate to them throughout the curriculum.

rza: Hi, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How does Booth view someone who worked throughout college and thus did not have time for other extracurriculars?

Rose: We all make choices based on circumstances that are unique to ourselves. Just explain your choices and help us to understand the importance of community engagement in whatever form that takes for you.

hkhilanp: Can you provide some data on the avg work experience and the approximate percentage of students with less than 3 years work experience?

Andrea: The average amount of work experience is 5 years and approximatly 10 percent of students are entering with under 3 years of work experience.

GGG: I have earned a BSc. in Accounting, from Faculty of Commerce, English Section, where English is the primary language of instruction. Do I still have to take the TOEFL, and if not, what do I need to present to have TOEFL waived

Eddie: You can send details from your school's website that mentions the language of instruction is in English. There is a section in the application to ask for a "waiver" of the TOEFL/IELTS.

LK: Hi! How has the current economic situation affected students' internship this year?

Rose: I think the biggest impact was that it took longer to find meaningful internships -- 99% of our students who sought an internship actually got one.

rahul: Could I know which adcom members will be there at the event in Bombay, India on the 18th of this month?

Eddie: Associate Dean, Rose Martinelli, will be the member from the admissions committee attending this event.

iamco_CO_nut: I know that part of applying to an MBA is having an idea about you your plans post graduation. What do you look for when we discuss our career plans? How specific are the career goals expected to be?

Andrea: We're really looking for you to have a path and plan that makes sense given your story. That means articulating where you've been, why an MBA and how that connects to your future goals. I think most students will tell you that their plan changes to some extent once they enter the program and we certainly aren't going to hold you to what you say in your application. What we are looking for is a sense of direction. I think the more you know what you want out of the experience and the more defined your goals are, at least in the short term, the easier it will be to manuever through the curriculum and recruiting. So think of it not so much as supplying something for the benefit of the adcoms, but having the necessary knowledge to help navigate your future.

Boothaspirant: Hi. I have worked mainly in an HR background but I am keen on applying to Booth specifically for the Economics specialization. Will my non-relevant work experience diminish my chances of admission?

Rose: No. The important thing all career switchers need to explain is "how do you know" that this shift makes sense for you. How does it link to what you have done, and what have you done on your own to explore the field. We ask that you help to connect the dots so that we understand how you came to this decision.

Allen: Is there any exchange program or foreign company visiting program that I can visit China's corporation on site ?

Eddie: We do have the International MBA and International Business Exchange Programs that students utilize for global exposure.

Javier: When applying I need to have my official GMAT score before the deadline?

Eddie: By using our code, H9X-9F-34, that score should be sent automatically to our attention. If we do not have your reported score for the deadline you applied for your file may be pushed to following one.

hoonster: hello, I would like to know average working experiece years of most applicants?

Eddie: Currently it's five years.

ritesh: can i explain two or more thing (like low gpa or for extra recommendations letter) in optional essay?

Eddie: We would prefer you refrain from using the "optional" essay unless it's absolutely necessary. It shouldn't be used as an additional essay.

maradona: and can you please tell who will be present at delhi? thanks!

Eddie: Associate Dean, Rose Martinelli, will also be in Delhi.

N: How are older applicants looked at Booth? For e.g. I have 10 years of work experience and have a Masters, so I have been out of school for a long time.

Rose: We admit students with a wide-range of experience (0 to 10+). The choice of program is definitely up to you. You need to weigh the trade-offs between loss of work and education against the various program options available to you. We will look to you to make your case clear.

Ar: Hi. I will be attending a Chicago Booth Admissions event next wednesday in Bangalore. What all can I expect from this Admission Event?

Rose: I'll be hosting that event. You expect a 30 minute presentation from me about the school and application process, followed by an alumni panel discussion for 30 minutes, followed by time for Q&A in an informal setting.

anirudhvoleti: How is the extracurricular section of the application evaluated?

Rose: I'm not sure what you mean, but we look at the breadth of interests a prospect student has along with how they engage in the world. Recency is less important than a history or pattern of involvement.

Genie: Hello, I am interested in social entreprenuership, could highlight how is it integrated with the curriculum?

Kurt: First and foremost I would say that the Chicago Booth community is very socially conscious and involved in community and global initiatives. Whether through student groups like Net Impact, Chicago Global Citizens or Giving Something Back the overwhelming majority of our students are ivolved in philanthropic work. Outside of the extra-curricular realm our we have a lab based course in Social Entrepreneurship where students work with chosen non-profit organizations as consultants on a variety of projects. There are also an increasing number of initiatives run through our Polsky Center to not only educate people on Social Entrepreneurship but faccilitate job placement. This year Booth along with Polsky significanly increased our Entrepreneurial Internship Program and introduced a fund to support students pursuing internships in non-profit organizations. In addtion to Booth initiative students also have a unique opportunity to use their elective courses here to take classes at the Public Policy School, the School for Social Services and the broader college to round out their exposure to social policy.

Elizabeth: What percentage of your graduates stay in the Chicago/midwest area?

Kurt: I don't have a specific number to give but not surprisingly the Midwest is popular destination for many of our graduates. Traditionally Chicago and NYC vie for top position in terms of placement numbers but outside of Chicago we have strong representation throughout the MW.

PRao: Applications usually ask whether your spouse is also applying; is there any special consideration? For instance, if one of the two has a stellar app and other one has a decent app, are you inclined towards admitting both?

Rose: We like to consider spouses together so that we can communicate decisions in a coordinated fashion. A couple will only be admitted if both of them are outstanding matches for Booth.

Vyom: Hello, Thanks for hosting this chat session. With this H1N1 alert and visiting Mumbai public places banned for the next one week, will the 18th August Admissions event still be hosted ? If yes, could you please let me know more how to get more details about what will be covered at the event and who will be attending ? Do alumni talk to prospects or chat or have dinner with them after the meeting ends on such occasions ?

Rose: Yes, Chicago Booth will still be hosting the event, and I will be traveling to India. I just recently described the event as a presentation, panel followed by Q&A. There will be time after the session for prospective students to mingle with alumni.

rza: Do you put any weight on whether a student has 'officially' visited the campus prior to applying? Do you view someone who has not visited as not as serious about the school?

Andrea: Whether a student has visited campus or not is not really a factor in the review process. Applicants visit campus at various stages throughout the process (before the application, during the interview, after admission, etc.). We do encourage a visit simply because it can give you as an applicant a better understand of the community, which only benefits you in the end.

G-6665382: What makes Booth More Appealing to Employers than oppose to other schools?

Rose: Part of that comes from our admissions selection process, the other comes from our rigorous, discipline-based education. Our students are great critical thinkers, know how to use debate as a way of improving ideas, and are just great people (gounded, normal).

G-428775819: When do you recommend international students must apply for the 2010 ?

Andrea: You really can apply during any round, though it might be best to aim for round 1 or 2 simply because round 3 can be very competitive because we've typically made the majority of our decisions by that point. Having said that, international applicants should still have adequate time to process their visa if they choose to apply round 3 and are admitted.

Nathan: Hi, Im a college senior and intend to be enrolled in a MBA program. I saw Chicago is open for college senior to apply. So I wonder what is the percentage of admitted college senior to the overall MBA sudents in the past years?

Rose: We admit a handful of college seniors each year. Those that are successful have had meaningful internships, significant college leadership, excellent academic credential and a high level of self-awareness or maturity.

Ricardo: How are dual citizen applications looked at? As minority candidates, international students, or both?

Andrea: First of all, we don't necessarily "classify" candidates in the review process, meaning all applications are initially reviewed individually and using the same process. If you are a dual citizen of two foreign countries, then you would be considered an international student, meaning you would likely be seeking a visa to study at Booth. If you are a US citizen and also a citizen of another country, then you would primarily be considered a US citizen. We do value diversity on all metrics (citizenship, background, education, work experience, etc.) so your dual citizenship could be evaluated in that context as well.

Ansh: When will the date be declared for the event in Bangalore, India?

Eddie: It will be held August 19, 2009.

Prashanth: Hi. I would like to know does Booth offers financial assistance for international students (without a US Co signor)?

Eddie: There's a lot of great information on financial assistance on our financial aid website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/financialaid.aspx

DFigueroa: I would like to know wich member of the adcom will be in the event next monday in Santiago, Chile

Eddie: Kurt Ahlm, Director of Admissions, will be in Santiago.

Feng: Are interviews conducted by admissions commitee directors, second year students, or alumni?

Carrie: Hi Feng,

Carrie: Thanks for your question. Interviews are conducted primarily by trained second-year students and alumni, and at times, admissions directors.

Dilip: I am living in US but will be travelling to India in November. What option will I have if I get an interview invitation around the time of my travel.

Carrie: Hi, Dilip. If you are in India at the time of interviews, you would have the opportunity to interview there with an alumni, or interview on campus.

musisinyanib: is there anything different that you are doing to prepare and or help your graduate/students get through the current economic downturn?

Rose: Chicago Booth has always had a great deal of support networks for our students. I think the biggest change is the increased interest in our students in engaging that support, whether it be through career counseling to academic planning. We're known for the high level of customized support we provide each student.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions.

dhanraj: what is the total fee that can be expected to incurr

Eddie: Please visit our website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/costs.aspx . This will give you a good breakdown of costs.

BoothHopeful: What tips or guidance do you have for re-applicants, particularly for former waitlist candidates?

Kurt: I would say it is important to review your old application in detail and see if you achieved the following in your first attempt.

Kurt: 1) Did you articulate a clear path and plan which incorporated what specifically Booth could do to help you achieve your goals.

Kurt: 2) Was your GMAT, GPA and other scores at a level you were comfortable with, if not you should consider retaking an exam or finding a way to hightlight academic ability.

Kurt: 3) Did you paint a complete picture of yourself in the application, or did you tend to focus on one element of your life. We look for strong all around people who will contribute to the broader community here, did that message come across in your app.

Kurt: 4) By looking through these things and thinking about it you are doing the most vital thing as it pertains to re-apps you are self-reflecting on the expereince. We want to see re-apps who have taken the time to think about the process and refined their approach to reflect any developments in life or career or simply strengthened their message.

Kurt: 5) I would continue to get to know the culture an community of Booth. The more you are able to identify with our community the stronger your fit will come through.

Kurt: 6) Finally read our Booth Connect Pages, Rose's Blog and website for more specific tips and guidance on how you can be successful as a re-app.

Max: I did not see a place on the application for job promotions / title changes. Where, if at all, should I submit this information?

Carrie: Hi, Max. In the work experience portion of the application, you should enter each job title as a different position within the same company. This will help illustrate your career progress.

Swetha: What is the female ratio at booth ?

Eddie: 35% of our class are women.

rza: Where do most Booth students live during school?

Andrea: Booth students really take advantage of living in a great city like Chicago. About 23% live near campus in the Hyde Park area and large percentage in the downtown area - about 46% or so - with the rest in various neighborhoods in Chicago. Though they spend a good amount of time at the Harper Center, social activities occur throughout the city. The campus is easy to get to from most areas in which the students live and they enjoy the opportunity to explore Chicago when they are not in school.

vivek: Chicago is said to be a world class busniess school. Then why is a staggering 67% students selected from US and only 33% from the rest of the world?

Rose: Great question. Actually, our incoming class is 36% international. A global business school not only admits international students, but we train students to think globally through our curriclum, and through experiential opportunities around the world. The toughest part of admission is crafting a diverse class that complements the learning process and can help students achieve their goals. There are many stakeholders in this process.

HonYinWong: If I lost my current job, does it matter if the recommendation letter coming from the previous manager or the one before?

Andrea: Our recommendation guidelines state that at least one recommendation should come from a supervisor. This can be a current or a former supervisor. We also give you the opportunity to explain why you have chosen who you have chosen.

vineet: Are there any aspects of the application package that are more important than others?

Carrie: Hi, Vineet. We evaluate your application in a holistic manner, meaning that all sections of the application are equally important. When reviewing your application, we try to get the fullest picture of you as the applicant, and each section reveals something different.

Tobey: Many MBA programs seem to focus on post-undergrad work experience. I was in the Marine Corps for a few years before beginning my ug degree, will this be counted toward my total work experience?

Rose: All work experience is valid regardless of whether it is pre-, post- or during college. There are very few applicants that have a "typical" experience.

maradona: Hi there. I am particularly interested in public service. Is it possible to do a specialization in public policy / public administration in the MBA?

Eddie: Sure. You can take classes at the Harris School of Public Policy or apply for an MPP/MBA (joint degree).

MS: Are there any healthcare clubs or courses directed towards a career in this industry?

Andrea: Hi MS. Yes, we do have a Healthcare club. We also have a joint certificate that can be completed along with the MBA, called the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP). For more information visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/certificate.aspx

G-6622000: Hello and thanks for holding this chat. How would you recommend strengthening a resume or application to someone who has been laid off due to the economy?

Kurt: We are certainly cognizant of the economic landscape and many applicants will find themselves in your position. From our standpoint we would want to see that you are proactively doing something while unemployed. It is assumed you will be looking for employment but what else occupies your time? Do you volunteer, are you working part-time, are you travelling (why?). Essentially we want to see that your drive and commitment to moving forward and continuing to shape your professional and personal life has not stopped in light of not having a job.

Jonah: Hello! Do you expect there to be less companies coming to campus to recruit this year? Do you expect most students to attain empoyment through non-campus activities this year?

Rose: It's a bit too soon to tell. Early indications suggest a solid year, but that could easily change. All students are encouraged to pursue networking opportunities and personal research in addition to on-campus recruiting activities.

Eddie: I took a couple classes at a local college after getting my degree. Can I include the transcript from these classes in my application?

Andrea: Yes, you are welcome to include the additional coursework.

DFigueroa: I would like to know if booth has activities for student´s partners (extracurricular activities, clasess, etc)

Eddie: Sure thing! It's called the Chicago Partners group: http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/chipart/ .

LK: How do you evaluate whether an applicant "fit" the school? Thanks.

Rose: Fit is something you decide by understanding your learning needs and the resources you need to be successful. This will require you to do your personal self assessment and do some comparison shopping as to what schools fit those needs.

Avanti: How many incoming applicants receive financial aid each year

Andrea: Financial aid is available to all students. If you are referring to scholarships and fellowships then roughly 20-30% receive awards.

G-6530655: Where do the interviews are held for international students? Is there any advantage on having this interview on the campus?

Carrie: We conduct interviews on campus, as well as all over the world. The only advantage to interviewing on campus is getting another opportunity to meet students and get a feel for the culture. From an admissions perspective, it makes no difference where you interview.

musisinyanib: There is a lot of coaching going on around these days Is it ok if I get a coach to help with my essays and application process?

Rose: Coaching can be a very good thing. I would limit this process to your thought and planning processes. When it comes to writing your essays, use your voice.

GGG: How do you describe the studying environment, is it cutting throat competition or collaborative environment. Is there a grade non-disclosure policy.

Andrea: Hi GGG. The community here is incredibly collaborative and supportive. We do have a grade non-disclosure policy, which is a student driven decision and something they vote on each year.

HWOO_1: If I currently have 1 year of work experience (as an applicant), but will have 2 when I plan to start in the fall of 2010, am I considered an applicant with 2 years of experience?

Carrie: Yes, we would look at your current experience, as well as anticipated future work experience before matriculation.

areenn: Does Booth alumni have life long access to the career development department

Eddie: They sure do. All students are given access to our community directory for networking with alumni as well as an opportunity to work with our Career Services offices. These opportunities continue after graduation.

Dlamini: What do you look for in undergraduate students who lack work experience

Kurt: First we would hope that you have some work experience, it could be internship experience or perhaps you started an entreprneurial venture. In addition to that we want to see that you have a good argument for why you would want to forgo work experience to pursue an MBA. This can be more difficult to articulate for UG's becasue they may not fully understand the benefits of this degree. However if you are able to convey this sense of focus and direction that is a fundamental component of success in this proces.

Sahil: Hello and thank you for organizing this chat. I want very keen on applying to booth in 2011. I am a medical student and want to know more about the Certificate in Health Administration and Policy.

Andrea: Hi Sahil. You can find out more about the GPHAP program here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/jointdual/certificate.aspx. We also have a Health Care group for students interested in pursuing a career in the Health Care industry.

Swetha: Do we really need to have demonstarted Leadership skills earlier to get into an MBA program?

Rose: Leadership can be defined in many ways -- from managing others to influencing decisions. This could have happened in college or the work that you do today.

aa: Can you please talk about opportunities for students interested in the healthcare sector at Booth?

Kurt: One program I would encourage to you to look at is our GPHAP program (Graduate Program in Health Administration on Policy) this is a certificate program that looks at healthcare from the lens of our Business School, Medical School, Social Services and Public Policy Schools. Students in this program walk away from Booth with a very comprehensive view of healthcare policy in the US. You can also couple this work done through our Healthcare Group on campus.

Juraj: Hi. I have a question about the recommendations. I understand Booth would like at least one of the recommendations to be from a manager/supervisor. I am still with the same company I started with after graduation. Unfortunately, the company's policy is not to give recommendations unless the MBA is company-sponsored. I intend to quit to pursue an MBA full-time, though. What course of action do you recommend in this situation?

Eddie: You can explain this to us in the application and try to find another LOR from another source like a faculty member, community service project or any other person you feel will give a great perspective about your professional career.

Ansh: Will you be doing interviews in person or on phone for India ?

Carrie: Hi Ansh,

Carrie: We will be scheduling interviews with our alumni in India. In a situation where alumni are not present, we would schedule a phone interview.

bpauluhn: I see the August 31st event in Johannesburg is hosted jointly with 4 other business schools. Will a member of Booth's adcom be present and if so, will he/she be giving a presentation?

Eddie: Yes. I'll be there giving our presentation.

Nick_1: How does access to career placement services differ between the full and part time programs?

Kurt: Esssntially there is no difference in terms of resources, coaching and career guidance. All of our students have access to the world's best career sercices department to help address their career goals.

Kurt: Thanks for the great questions I hope this was helpful and look forward to continued conversations.

Eddie: Thanks for joining us. I hope you can attend one of our events or make a trip to campus. Good luck with your applications.

Carrie: Thanks so much for all of your questions! We look forward to seeing you on the road and on campus!

Andrea: Thanks for the great questions everyone! Best wishes in your MBA pursuit.

Rose: Thank you so much for joining us today. We'll be posting the transcript to the chat tomorrow on our chat site. For those of you joining us in India or Asia -- I look forward to seeing many of you over the next two weeks! Have a great rest of the day.

Moderator: Our live chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. Have a great day!