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June 30, 2009—11:00 AM-12:00 PM CST

Rose: Hello everyone and thanks for joining us today. We will start promptly at 11:00 am but feel free to start submitting questions now. Thanks!

Andrea: Hello everyone! I'm Andrea Schmoyer, Associate Director of Admissions. Looking forward to chatting with you today!

Rose: Good morning and welcome to our admissions chat. We're open to answering any types of questions about Chicago Booth. I'm joined by a number of my team mates, so let's get started.

Joanne: Good morning everyone! My name is Joanne and I'm an Associate Director in the Admissions Office. Looking forward to talking with you!

Karen: Welcome Everyone! My name is Karen Watt and I look forward to answering your questions today!

ric: In order to meet the goals of diversity, do you set approximate quotas of students to have per country or region?

Rose: Our efforts in creating a diverse class are driven through our recruiting efforts, rather than using any type of quota or guideline in the selection process.

Jimmy: I have attended almost all Chicago events hosted in India and I do love the positive energy in each event ! I have made great friends with Alumni and prospective students. Sometimes i feel that many eligible professionals are not getting admitted vs. someone who have presented well in application. What tips will you give us to use different modes of application so you can know us well and we have better chances to admit !

Rose: Great question. Chicago Booth is committed to admitting the best applicants (not those with the best applications). Self-awareness is critical to presenting a comprehensive application -- understanding where you've been and where you are going. Chicago uses a very holistic process, so be assured that we'll be looking at your candidacy through multiple lenses to find terrific candidates who are a fit with Booth.

gargmba2010: Booth traditionally has been termed as a school with specialization for Finance, but there have been few technological oriented entrepreneurial ventures by students of Booth, like Bump. Has there been some deliberate shift in focus area of curriculum or intake of students from Booth's side?

Rose: While Booth may have a reputation for finance, that's only one of 13 substantive concentrations (entrepreneurship, marketing, organizational behavior, strategy, etc.). Diversity is key to a great educational experience at Booth, and I think this highlights some of the breadth of interests our students have.

Moderator: Corrected topic. Today's chat is about: Associate Dean Rose Martinelli and Admissions staff will chat with prospective students about the Booth admissions process and the 2010 application.

Moderator: Please disregard the topic listed at the top of your screen.

Gabrie: Good morning Booth Adimssions committee. Should a waitlisted applicant reapply in the following year, should they draw from a different set of recommenders for their recommendation letters? Addiitonally, should these recommenders come from different work places etc (even if they might not be as stong) to provide a broader perspective?

Joanne: You may use the same recommenders as with your previous application. If you use a prior recommender, we strongly suggest that you ask the recommender to write a new letter. A new letter will help us better understand any progress or growth you have demonstrated since the time of the recommender's last letter. It's up to you who you choose to write your letters; you are the only one who can best assess who will provide the strongest recommendation for you.

Gypsy: First of all, let me thank you for organising this chat. I wanted to know what kind of funding/scholarship opportunities are available to Asian applicants? Also, does the need for funding affect an applicant's chances of getting admission?

Joanne: You're welcome; we're happy to be able to provide the chat! Scholarship and Fellowship opportunities are open to all admitted students, regardless of citizenship; more information will be availalbe to students after admission. The need for funding does not affect a student's chances for admission. We do not ask for information about students' finances and have loan programs in place for students to explore options for financing, both for international with and without a co-signer and for domestic students.

daniellew: Can you speak a bit about students coming from liberal arts / non-profit (ie, non-"typical business") backgrounds? I am one of these, looking to go into social entrepreneurship. Any suggestions on how to think about / craft our applications?

Andrea: Hi daniellew. We see applicants from all backgrounds and I would say your approach to your application should really be no different than someone from a more traditional background. We're interested in your story - where you've been, why you're interested in an MBA from Booth, how that fits into your short term and long term goals, what skill set you bring, leadership potential, etc.

Booth11hopeful: How are international students faring in job placement this year? How many, for example, are having to take full time jobs in their home countries when they had hoped to transition to the US job market?

Rose: This past year was a tough market for all MBA students due to the extreme economic conditions we faced. Many students had to rethink their goals and look more broadly at other opportunities in different markets both in the US and around the world. The good news is the 97% of our students found internships this summer all over the world. In fact, the deans just finished our internship roundtable visits in 16 cities in 13 countries last night. Our students are doing well. There is definite uncertainty in the employment market but we're confident our students will continue to do well.

Rolobu: Ok, following up on the TOEFL requirements question, if I went to an American School in high school, do i still have to take the TOEFL?

Andrea: Hi Rolobu. You must take the TOEFL unless you have earned an undergraduate degree or post-graduate degree from an institution in which English is the language of instruction or you are a citizen or permanent resident of a country where English is an official language.

Bruno: Hello! In face of the financial crisis and higher unemployment in the U.S., is the Admissions Committee going to favor applications from American citizens or will the current nationality ratio be maintained?

Rose: Booth is committed to having a diverse student body with the best applicants from around the world. We have no plans to change that philosophy in the coming year.

Tetali: Hi. How has the present economic situation affected Chicago Booth's recruitment statistics?

Rose: Our first year students faired very well in obtaining internships -- 97%; the three month post graduation figures are not due out until mid-September so I don't have specific numbers on that yet. Though at graduation, more than 80% had job offers.

derika: I applied 2R Fall 09 and was denied. It's hard knowing how my application can be improved without feedback from admission, but I understand the policy of the School. I'd like to know in gneral some examples of how reapplicants improve their chances of getting admited when they submit a new application.

Joanne: This is difficult to answer, since final decisions are made on a combination of factors, including the competition of the pool in that particular year. We encourage reapplicants to use a critical eye to look over their prior application and find areas where there may be room for improvement; for example, were your essays clear and well-written? Did you answer the questions that were asked? We have just updated our website for reapplicants at


. Hopefully that will be helpful.

YoungTechie: Hello! As a student, I interned for a total of a little over a year. I am now just starting at a pretty large engineering company and by Fall 2010 will be at the company for a year. How is this viewed in terms of work experience?

Andrea: Hi YoungTechie. There is not a minimum number of years of work experience required for admission. What we are interested in is the quality of the experiences that you've had - whether they be internships, work, community-based, etc. For more information on what we look for in Early Career candidates, you can visit our website at



Ayan: Hi, I would be 31 by the time of application(Full Time MBA) next year which is above the last year's admitted class' average age. How does the adcom view this? Would you value the experience, superior leadership skills, career progression etc in this case or would it be deemed as "not fit" for the program application due to the age factor?

Rose: Fit to program is a personal choice. While the average age is 28, we accept students with a range of experience, from as little as zero to well beyond 10. You should make sure that you can build a case for why the full-time program is the right fit for you.

Kenneth: hey, I'm a colleage senior and have 4 years of entrep. experience. I know that full-time work ex. is not a must. however, can you give me some stats infomation regarding direct admission of colleage students? for example, how many(percentage) admitted applicants are coleage grads ? or how many are entrepreneaurs? Thanks

Joanne: Hi Kenneth. We don't have the statistics available that you're asking about, but we see a small number of applicants each year who choose to enter an MBA program straight from college. Most of these students are either entrepreneurs or have substantial part-time or full-time work experience or internships. We welcome applications from those students who believe that the MBA is their next best step. You can learn more about early career candidates at


. We will usually waive the $200 application fee for college seniors.

ChicagoBoothProspect: Good Morning! I have a question regarding to how diverse the Chicago Booth student body is?

Joanne: Our student body is quite diverse in all the ways we can define the word! In our current classes, 35% are women and over 35% are international students. Booth students are also diverse in their backgrounds; you will interact with people from big and small towns, liberal arts majors and engineers, former military, teachers, those with over 10 years of work experience to those who join us straight out of college. The diversity of our class is one of the strongest parts of our community.

Sri: Can I use the recommendations submitted by my evaluatiors for fall 2009 application this year? I started an application for fall 2009 but did not complete it as I was not fully prepared. I do want to apply in Fall 2010 first round.

Rose: Hello, based on your information, it will be ok to utilize your recommenders from last year. Your recommeders will be required to resubmit their information. Good Luck!

Taria: In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of an application? I know that you consider the overall application, but what are some things about an application that usually stick out most?

Rose: That's a great question. I think the things in an application that stand out to me stem from how self-aware a candidate is and their knowledge of the institution to which he or she is applying. From the data forms to the essays, the candidate seems to be presenting a clear, concise and well thought out picture, and has the experience (behavioral examples) to back it up. So it's not a particular piece, rather it's the sum of the parts.

wonlay: hi is there an international student loan program at Booth?

Joanne: Yes, there is. You will get more detailed information once you are admitted, but we currently have two different loan programs for international students. Chicago Booth is committed to helping students finance their MBA education, regardless of citizenship.

G-527457997: Hello, I was looking at the concentrations offered at Booth and am interested in General Management and Strategic Management, and I was wondering what are the key differenced in the concentrations, since it looks like you are able to select Strategic Management courses under the General Management concentration?

Rose: The interesting thing about Booth concentrations is that you can mix and match courses based on your interests. The general management concentration is meant to give you an overarching understanding of the tools needed to be a successful leader manager. The Strategy concentration focuses on organizational change and digs into this area a little deeper. Most students take courses in a number of the concentration areas and end up graduating completing several of them.

Aarti: what do you look for in a candidate? what differentiating factors do you look for?

Rose: A pattern of success (personal and professional), an ability to leverage opportunities, intellectual curiosity, and a commitment to engagement. These are some of the attributes that jump to mind.

Imtiaz: Is there any scholarship specifically for minorities?

Joanne: While all of our Fellowships and Scholarships are available to all students, there are a few that have a strong preference for domestic minority (African American, Hispanic or Native American) students; you can read more about this on our website at



EFC: Hi, I live in Chile and I am really interested in your MBA program. In fact, I will applyduring the following months. I have 3 questions: 1. does it make any difference in which round to apply? 2. I will be financing my MBA myself, is there any discount to the tuitions stated in your webpage? 3. How do yuo interview international applicants if they do not have the chance to travel to Chicago? Thak you for your help. Regards.

Andrea: Hi EFC. In response to your questions: 1. The general rule is apply when you feel your application is at it's best. The acceptance rate tends to be pretty similar for both rounds 1 & 2. There may be some advantages, though, to applying during round 1, those being, the fact that the bar hasn't quite been set yet for the year and you would have first shot at any scholarship or fellowship awards. The last thing you would want to do, however, is to rush your application just to meet a deadline. When thinking about when to apply, keep in mind that Round 3 gets a little tight because by that point we've admitted a good portion of our class for the year and opportunities for scholarships and fellowships may be limited. 2. We do not offer discounts on the tuition. 3. We have alumni all over the globe that help us out with interviewing, so if applicants are not able to make it to Chicago they can schedule an interview with an alum in their area.

rahul: hi i am a prospective applicant from india, i would like to know what is a good time to come and visit the campus and whether i can schedule an on site interview if i have submitted my application before my visit?

Rose: Hello rahul, we accept visitors yearly (not including exclusion dates) and encourage that they visit campus during a time that is convenient for them. If you would like to speak with students and experience what life is like as a student here it is best to attending when students are on-campus. Generally, Oct 5th – June 2nd. To schedule a campus visit, you can click on the link below


G-527432996: I completed an accelerated MBA program (one-year) and work in public accounting at a Big 4. I would like to make career change and I am considering a number of options, including a traditional MBA. Does U of Chicago allow students to enroll who already have completed an MBA? If so, would my current MBA be viewed as a positive or a negative aspect in my application?

Rose: Booth does consider students who already have earned MBAs. What will be important is the be clear why another MBA is needed and how this wlil contribute to your professional development. It's how you explain this that will determine our view on a second MBA.

Hank: I've heard that there is virtually no difference between applying in the first and second rounds. Do you expect that to remain the same this year despite potentially higher numbers of applications in the first round?

Rose: I would apply when you are ready to submit the best application you can, whether that is Round 1 or 2 is up to you. While there is a slight benefit to those who apply in Round 1 (statistically it is slightly better), your focus on quality rather than timing is probably the best course.

Abheera: Hi, how often do you consider people with the required educationalqualification but no work experience? And in what areas do you usually expect a would-be-student to make up for this lack of work experience?

Joanne: While Chicago Booth has no minimum requirement for years of full time work experience, we do feel that some job or work experience is an important part of a student's ability to be successful and contribute in the classroom, as well as to be successful in the recruitment process. Therefore, we do hope to see some work experience from all candidates, whether that's part time, full time, internship or research work. For a candidate who doesn't have any of these pieces, we would look for strong leadership and involvement in college or community activities as well as a strong record of academic success.

Rahul_1: Hello Everyone! Thanks for organising this chat. I would like to know that how often do you get spouses applying together to your college? And,Is it advisable to mention in the application that one's partner is also applying to the same school?

Rose: Often! It's very helpful for us to know that you are applying together (we actually ask that question in the data forms).

SD: Hello and thanks for hosting this chat! I was curious to know more about the full-time MBA curriculum. Since students are only required to take one class and the rest can be based on your own choices, are there any advisors that can help you make the right course or elective choices based on your career needs? In essence, is there any guidance provided to you in terms of selecting your classes, given that it is a flexible curriculum.

Andrea: Hi SD. Absolutely! There is support and guidance from multiple sources at Booth. First, we do have academic advisors on staff to help students plan their curriculum. Current students can also be very helpful with and are accessible through formal mentorships, student groups, career advisors, etc. Faculty are also very accessible to students, so I think our students have an incredible support system to help them make the appropriate choices.

babersheikh: good morning - I hope you guys are having a great summer! I wanted to know if there has been any movement on the waitlist, or is the class of 2011 still oversubscribed?

Rose: I am sorry to say that there has been no movement on the waitlist. And yes, we're still over-subscribed. Typically, we have experience some "melt" by this time, but that has not been the case this summer. Perhaps we have not had a hot enough summer here in Chicago this year.

G-527441941: Hello. Do you recommend taking preparatory class for someone that does not have a lot of math/econ experience? Does that have an influence on the application? Thank you !!

Joanne: The choice to take classes in preparation for the MBA is entirely up to you. Because of Booth's flexible curriculum, you will always be in charge of taking the level of class that makes the most sense for you based on your skills and abilities. Chicago Booth offers a pre-MBA Accounting course over the summer months to admitted students who want to brush up on those skills. Taking preparatory classes will have no direct bearing on your admission, though we're always glad to see students take initiative and engage their intellectual curiosities.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. Dean Martinelli and the Admissions staff are eager to continue the dialogue.

RicH: Is there a minimum requirement for the GMAT score for undregraduate (with jsut a few years of experience) ?

Rose: While the 80 percentile GMAT range here is 660-760, there is no minimum requirement. We use a holistic approach to reviewing applications that include (but not limited to) your academic and work experience, extracurricular activities, and why and MBA.

Ganesh: Do you have any merit based scholarships and if so, how does one apply for them? And also if yes, what are their deadlines?

Joanne: Chicago Booth does indeed offer merit based scholarships, which are awarded at the time of admission; there is no separate application process. There are also specific Fellowships available to admitted students as well. More information is available online at


and further details are made availalble on Fellowships after students are admitted to Booth.

xqchan: Hi everyone, my question to you today is: What would be the difference between applying for Round 1 vs. Round 2?

Rose: I answered this just a moment ago -- my recommendation was to focus on quality versus timing. There is a slight statistical benefit to applying in Round 1 over 2, and it allows you more time to make the transition should you be admitted.

Brusa: Good evening, I am an Italian financial analyst, currently employed in Milan. Since I am considering the opportunity to apply for the Chicago Booth full time MBA, and since my girlfriend will probably come to live with me, I would appreciate to receive some information regarding any specific program the university might provide to facilitate partner’s introduction into life at the University and in Chicago in general. Many thanks.

Andrea: Hi Brusa. We definitely recognize that our students are often not making the choice to attend Chicago Booth alone. Our Chicago Partner's group, which is made up of current Booth partners, is a great resource for partners and offers many resources to help them transition to life at Booth. Partners are also welcome at most student group activities. For more information on Chicago Booth partners, you can visit



DKA: Hello. Quick question about recommendation letters. How much does a recommendation letter from a Booth alumni outweigh an equal recommendation from someone else? Thanks!

Rose: I would not state that it outweighs other recommendations, but they can help us address issues of fit to Booth beyond their analysis of your professional performance.

RadioFan: Hello, do you expect an increased number of applications this year? How many applicants were there last year?

Rose: We had around 4,000 applications last year. I'm not expecting a huge increase this year if the trend follows past GMAT test taking trends. The peak of applicants is typically at the bottom of the market, and I have a sneaky suspicion that we have reached the bottom and we are beginning to see a little growth in some sectors again. However, I could be complete wrong in my prediction.

JB_Atlanta: How are students chosen for the Kilts Center for Marketing Fellowships? Are these catered to those with prior experience in marketing or can students with related experience qualify?

Joanne: The Marketing Fellows are chosen by a committee of both admissions staff members and Marketing faculty. There is a strong preference for those that are planning a career in the Marketing industry, but do not necessarily have a background in it.

Ivan_Jaime: Is there anything in particular that has changed as far as the candidates you are seeking, given the current state of the economy?

Rose: No, we still seek the same types of candidates. The one thing that I will say is that if you were laid off during the downturn, spend some time accounting for what you did during this period even if it means using an optional essay.

niki: Good Morning, Can you let me know what is the minimum work experience you consider for the submission process?

Rose: Hello Niki, as well look to continue admitting a diverse pool, there is no minimum work experience. On average applicants are admitted with 2-6 years of work experience. Please note, we use a holistic approach to reviewing applications that include (but not limited to) your academic and work experience, extracurricular activities, and why an MBA.

JR: Hi Everybody...Thanks so much for taking the time to talk - I am planning on applying for the Round 1 deadline. My question is about scholarship availability - what percentage of the incoming full-time mba class receives a scholarship? How many University of Chicago Fellows are available?

Joanne: Hi JR. Scholarships are competitive and about a quarter of the incoming class is awarded a scholarship or fellowship.

syk: Is there any energy industry related classes?

Andrea: Hi Syk. Yes we have a course called Innovation in Energy Markets and Opportunities in Renewable Energy, taught by Travis Bradford. The Energy Group is also very active on campus and organized the first Clean Tech Trek last winter which was very successful and will happen again this year. There are many opportunities at Booth for those interested in a career in the Energy industry.

Amitabh: Do you prefer students from a particular educational/experiential background when admitting students? II have heard that students with a finance and/or consulting background are more likely to be admitted? Do you look for diversity? I have a performing arts and private entrepreneurship (small business) background.

Rose: Take a look at my background -- former opera singer. Chicago Booth has always been committed to enrolling a very diverse class who can leverage this experience in their lives to success in their industry of choice. You'll just need to be clear about why the MBA and your readiness to be successful at Booth.

Kate_1: Hello. My name is Kate and I work for Harrah's Entertainment. Would you please talk a bit about the "experiential learning" that occurs at Chicago Booth and how this differs from other MBA learning styles?

Rose: Everyone learns differently -- visual, audio, experiential. Chicago offers students the opportunity to choose courses taught with various methods. In addition, Chicago Booth offers many laboratory courses that are real cases that students synthesize their educational experience working on teams to find a specific solution to a problem. Booth uses experiential learning to hone your critical thinking skills through live projects.

Danny: I'm a reapplicant from China. Can you tell me something about how you estimate a reapplicant?

Joanne: Hi Danny; we have just updated our website for reapplicants, so I encourage to check it out at


. You'll notice that we've added a question specific to reapplicants this year in our essays, to give you an opportunity to talk about changes that have occurred for you since your prior application.

ChicagoNY: I am a foreign born, dual citizen, naturalized in the US. How is my status classified? Am I an international student, domestic, or dual-citizen as a separate category? Does this contribute to class diversity?

Andrea: I'm not entirely clear on what you're looking for with the question as how you are classified has no bearing on the admission decision. You would be considered a US citizen that has dual citizenship. We do value diversity on many metrics and yes, the fact that you are a dual citizen would defintely contribute to diversity within the class.

BoothHopefull2010: Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer specific questions that prospective students have in mind. My question is regarding the waiver for the TOEFL exam. I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering from an English speaking University in India. The official transcript that I will submit as part of my application to Booth clearly states that the Medium of Instruction for my course was English. Would this be sufficient for a waiver? I am looking forward to a specific answer for my case since I would be disappointed if the Admissions Committee has to push my application to a later round due to the absense of TOEFL scores and non-acceptance of the waiver petition.

Karen: If the official language of instruction at your undergraduate institution was English you are exmept from taking the TOEFL. If admitted, you may be required to supply proof of the institution's English instruction.

booth_applicant: Do you look more favorably at applicants who have visited campus vs ones who haven't?

Andrea: Whether you have visited campus or not has no bearing on the admission decision. We do recommend that applicants visit campus for their own benefit as those that have tend to be better able to articulate and identify fit with the institution.

JB_Atlanta: Booth is ranked as a top school in marketing but there are relatively few placements. Why should a prospective choose Booth over someplace like Kellogg which has higher placements in marketing?

Rose: Booth has been growing our relationships with firms for marketing functions based on the demand of our students and alumni needs. The reason why you would want to come to Booth is our combination of empirical and behavior research and teaching that is helping to shape the future of marketing. We just received the AC Nielson database, which will allow our faculty and students to research behaviors in real time, which we believe will redefine marketing in the coming years. It's a pretty cool place and time to be interested in marketing.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions.

Karan: Hi, I want to know how important the applicant's contribution to community is to the Booth application

Andrea: Since we are looking for individuals that are going to be actively engaged with our community while they are a student and as an alumnus, this is important to us. Having said that, the review process is holistic so we look at how each piece of the application fits with the rest. Community involvement can come in a variety of ways and I would say the quality of the involvement can often mean more than quantity.

MichaelLiu: Rose - great to be chatting with you again. I have a question for reapplicants. For this year's set of essays, would you advise reapplicants to focus more on the changes to their application - i.e. what's happened since original app - or would you recommend reapplicants to take a holistic approach even though they may be re-hashing some of the same info my last year's app?

Rose: Great question. My answer would be neither approach. I would take a complete fresh look at the application and avoid rehashing things from last year's application. We do offer a section for reapplicants to talk about growth whether it is through new opportunities or greater awareness. Check out my blog for more information -- I'm spending some time on that over the next few days.

lasbon: Hi Joanne, do you guys segment admissions according to regional locations; taking into consideration a candidate coming from emerging economies?

Joanne: We do not have specific quotas for regions of the world in our shaping of each class; however, we are always thrilled to see students coming from emerging economies, where we traditionally see fewer applications. We are always interested in diversifying our class with students from all different backgrounds. This past year, we partnered with Barclays to offer 4 full tuition Fellowships to students from those areas.

TOTO: how do you evaluate early career candidates?

Joanne: We evaluate early career candidates across most dimensions exactly the same as other candidates; however, recognizing that EC candidates have less work experience and potentially fewer opportunities for leadership or supervision, we will look more closely at factors such as leadership in college or the community. You can read more on our website at



Mueslix: Good Morning. As a current active duty member of the US Armed Forces, I'm glad to see that Chicago Booth is participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program of the new Post 9/11 GI Bill. From the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) website I found that Booth will award 5 military students a $10,000 scholarship that will be matched by the VA. How will Booth determine which military students will be awarded the scholarship? Is it first come/first serve, with only admitted students from round 1 getting the award?

Rose: The process is evolving on how the Yellow Ribbon program is awarded. This year the program application process through the VA and university registrar happened after all students were admitted, and they were awarded by first-come, first-served. How that will play out in subsequent years is yet to be determined. We're working closely with the VA to ensure fairness next year, so we hope to know more this fall.

Nick_1: What hiring trends are you seeing for recent graduates?

Rose: While the market has certainly been tight our recent grads seem to be fairing well. What's great about Booth is that our career service programs serve our alumni as well, so we have been actively involved with helping our alumni source jobs in all sectors.

Josh: With so many student organizations and such an elite group of students, how many organizations is the typical student involved in at one time?

Rose: Hello Josh, Great question! Students are able to select organizations based on their classes, interest and flexibility to become involved. I would say on average students can participate in 2-4 student organizations based on their availability.

Sebastian: As a related question do you have any intention of increasing the size of the class accepted this year?

Rose: There are no plans to increase our class size.

Jonsie: How can I find more imformation on the dual-degree programs in foreign policy and Latin American studies?

Andrea: Hi Jonsie. You can find out more about our dual degree programs at



justin: I would like to avoid letting my supervisors know that I plan on leaving the company to pursue other interests this far in advance of the actual date I would be leaving. Additionally, I am not sure that they would look favorably on this decision and might not write as positive of a recommendation as they might otherwise write considering their views of my job performance. Do you have any suggestions about how to deal with this situation?

Andrea: Hi Justin. We recognize that this is often the case which is why our recommendation guidelines state that one of the letters should come from a current or former supervisor. The other is open for you to choose.

DanArmy: Does Chicago Booth have a strong veteran presence?

Rose: My opinion is yes. Though I would encourage you to check out our veterans student group and have a conversation with their leadership directly. Visit our student group website.

ChicagoNY: How is recruiting for companies outside of 'bulge bracket' or large multinationals - mainly, smaller or independent asset management firms, or privately held entities without thousands of employees?

Rose: As you will learn as a student, the growth opportunities are in smaller, entrepreneurial and boutique firms, especially in financial services. We have strong relationships around the world with these firms and have been actively working with them in sourcing their talent.

shruga: Hi I am an internatinal applicant, inorder to convert my grades to US equivalent CGPA, I got them regraded by WES. Will the new grades be accepted by the Admission committee ?

Joanne: Actually, we prefer that you do not convert your grades to a US GPA. You may want to give us some context of how grades were awarded at your school or university. Please submit copies of your original transcripts, or English translations.

t: Good morning. In this year's essay 1, the emphasis is on the applicant's most recent job. How much of the essay should the applicant devote to discussing one's entire career trajectory?

Rose: As much as you think it is relevant to how you landed where you are today. The essays are all about using your judgment.

JLocke: Do you happen to know yet which admissions officers we will be seeing at the US west coast cities info sessions?

Joanne: Yes, our travel schedule is out for the fall now; you can see it online and sign up for our events at


. I'll be visiting several cities on the West Coast myself, such as Portland and Seattle, and other Admissions colleagues will be in other cities such as San Francisco and LA.

G-527469498: What are the top companies your graduating marketing students find internships and full time positions? Does Booth have any relationships with companies who consistently recruit Booth students above other schools?

Andrea: You can find out more about what companies recruit our students here:



RicH: For student accepted at Booth who are married is there any accomodation to get an apartment or some type of priority list?

Andrea: Hi Rich. Many of our students are married and most of our students end up finding apartments on their own with the help of current students and fellow classmates. The University also has resources available to assist students with housing near campus.

Hank: An admissions consultant who was pitching his services at a recent event nearby said that admissions officers this year have been suggesting that they want to see a "Plan B" in essays on future goals given the economy. Is there any truth to that? Everything I had heard previously said that you needed a clearly defined goal and that you should show 100% commitment to that.

Rose: Having a sense of direction is important -- a narrow focus is not required. I think your goals should be realistic, though I don't think the role of an application is to flesh out a "plan b".

Sam: Has anyone ever got admission applying in Round 3?

Joanne: Of course! While Round 3 can be quite competitive, given that our yield on admitted students can be quite strong, Round 3 is still a viable option for strong students, and if you feel that it's the best option for you in producing the strongest application.

bob: when will booth release employment report for 2010 graduates?

Andrea: Hi Bob. Since the 2010 grads have not even begun full-time recruiting yet, this is a long way off. I would say that report will be available in the fall of 2010, which is when our employment reports are released each year.

Sherry: Does the admission office offers the opportunity to submit letters of recommendations in languages other than English? If so, would the process for submitting letter of recommendation be different?

Andrea: Hi Sherry. All letters of recommendation must be submitted in english. If the recommender does not speak english, then the letter should be translated.

G-527386887: Question about inverview: if I get invited, do I have visit the campus for interview?

Joanne: No, you do not have to interview on campus, though it is a great way to see our building and engage with our students. For those who cannot travel to Chicago, we will set up alumni interviews if possible; in those rare cases where we do not have alumni in a certain area, our staff will conduct phone interviews instead.

Brian: When submitting applications for the dual degree MBA/MPP, is there a joint committee that reviews the applications, or does each school evaluate the application separately?

Rose: Each school evaluates them separately.

agustindanza: Hi, good morning. My first question would be: is there a significant difference between applying in 1st or 2nd round?

Karen: We encourage students to apply when they are ready. The only noticeable difference is that most of our seats are filled after 2nd round. Therefore, most of our applications are received during 2nd round. Good Luck!

CAsun: Does Booth provide re-applicant feedback? If so, what is the best way to request it?

Eddie: No we don't offer specific feedback but Rose Martinelli has created a blog for re-applicants. You can find it on our website.

rahul: Hi, a Student-Sponsored Summer Event in Mumbai is listed on your website but the date hasn't been decided. When can i expect more information about this event?

Andrea: Hi Rahul. I just heard from the students in Mumbai this morning and the tentative date is August 5th. I'm waiting to hear back with the details and they will be posted along with the registration link as soon as things are confirmed.

Stu: Hi, If a student retakes the GMAT and scores lower the second time (which hopefully won't happen), do you consider the highest score, or the most recent?

Eddie: We take the highest score!

raigues: Good Morning, I'm very interested in attending a Chicago Booth Live event, particularly the one scheduled for October 30. Do you know when registration would be open for that event? Thanks.

Joanne: Great, we are very excited about that event, Booth Live Diversity. We typically open up our events 3 weeks or so prior to the date; look for registration to be available in September for that date, but keep checking the website!

danny: Hello, thank you for holding this chat session. Since I just recently started a new job, I will probably be asking my managers from my last company to write recommendations. I was hoping to save my optional essay for another topic. What's the best way for me to convey that because I'm new to the job, I would rather not have my current managers write a recommendation for me?

Rose: We have a place in the application which asks why you selected a particular person. Can you describe it there. You can also use the optional essay for a couple of brief topics if you feel you are not able to explain it well.

Ivan_Jaime: Hello. I am a U.S. Minority (Hispanic) and current member of NSHMBA. What are some resources, either provided by Booth or others, available to Minorities that will be of help during the application process and beyond?

Eddie: Great organization. You can check in with one of our student groups - AAMBAA or HABSA. You can send an email to the co-chairs who will help you in many areas. We will also hold our Chicago Booth LIVE! (Diversity) event on 10/30/09. Please join us if you can. Check out our website for more details about the groups and the event.

sarita: Hello Admissions committee. Back to the 'reputation for finance" question, is there any particular part of the curriculum that seems to be growing? Both in student interext and recruiter interest?

Rose: Areas of growth over the past year have come in entrepreneurship (both the practitioner and the investor), as well as marketing, health care, real estate, and energy.

EFC: Hi. During the application how do you interview international applicants that are not able to travel to campus for this purpose?

Eddie: You can still get an interview with our alumni interviewers. In some cases staff will do "hub" interviews and fly out to different countries to perform them.

Nora: What is the typical or average amount (years) of work experience your admitted candidates have had? What fields do Booth students tend to come from?

Rose: Hello Nora, as well look to continue admitting a diverse pool, there is no minimum work experience. On average applicants are admitted with 2-6 years of work experience. To view a list of educational backgrounds you can visit our website at:


StorakerC: Good morning! I’m a college senior from South America graduating on mid-December. Therefore, I’ll probably won’t have my transcripts ready by January 06 (round 2), though I’ll know all my final grades and GPA. My question is; how ‘unofficial’ the submitted transcripts may be?

Eddie: You can offer us a self-reported transcript and give us the results of those classes. If you are admitted to the program we will need to send the official transcript as part of the verification process.

Rose: Great questions everyone. Thanks for joining us today. I would encourage you to check out my blog for more information on the application process. I hope to cover many of the topics over the next few weeks. Have a great day! Rose

Joanne: Thanks for participating in our chat! It was great to hear from everyone, and we look forward to seeing you on the road.

Andrea: Thanks for the great questions and have a great day!

Karen: It was a pleasure answering your questions and hopefully you have a chance to come on-campus to visit!

Eddie: Thanks for joining us this morning. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. Have a great day!