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June 10, 2009—11:00 AM-12:00 PM CST

Joanne: Hello, everyone and thanks for joining us. We will start our chat promptly at 11:00am. Please feel free to submit questions now. We will try to get to as many questions as possible today. Thanks!

Joanne: Hello everyone! My name is Joanne Legler and I'm an Associate Director in the Office of Admission. We're very excited to talk to you today.

Eddie: Good morning everyone. I'm looking forward to our conversation today.

Andrea: Good morning everyone! I'm Andrea Schmoyer, Associate Director of Admissions. Looking forward to some great questions today!

Rose: Welcome to our chat today. We look forward to answering your questions. Let's get started.

Kurt: Good morning and welcome, I look forward to answering your questions.

MVB: Hello Rose, I am very interested in learning more about Chicago, but I live in New York and I’m not sure if I will be able to visit the campus in person. Will this be frowned upon? Are there specific events that you would recommend to compensate for missing out on the campus visit?

Andrea: Hi MVB. Whether or not you've visited campus would not be a factor in the decision process. We do have some events coming up in New York this summer and fall, both student hosted and admissions hosted, which would be great ways to find out more about Booth. Dates and registration will be updated throughout the summer on this page of our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/.

BoothApp123: How many summer waitlisted applicants are likely to be offered adimssion in the next several weeks? When will the bulk of those go out?

Rose: That all depends upon available room in the class. At this point, we are still fully subscribed so we are still in a holding position.

G-428566377: Please offer some transparency into the waitlist! How many applicants have been waitlisted? When will the bulk of the final inventations go out?

Rose: At this point, our waitlist is filled with candidates that we would like to admit if we have room over the summer months. Right now, it is a matter of room rather than timing.

G-428566377: I have heard that some schools waitlist people to gauge the applicant's interest in their school. Is this the case with Chicago Booth?

Kurt: Schools are very intersted in an applicant's interest in their program and certainly want to admit people who want to attend their school, but this would not be driving reason for placing someone on the waitlist. At least not from our perspective.

bvn: Hi Ms Rose, thank you for this chatting. Could you tell me a little bit about Chicago Booth cultures and how applicants should express about it in the essays?

Joanne: I'm happy to answer your question instead. Chicago Booth's culture is one of academic rigor, questioning the status quo, leadership, teamwork and collaboration, and community. Our application questions for 2010 are not yet ready, but there will be some opportunity to use the essays to convey your understanding of and enthusiasm for what Chicago has to offer.

Ken: I have ten years of my work experience, seems a little longer than usual. How does it affect my application? Am I still able to apply to Full time MBA or rather pursue EMBA?

Eddie: You are still able to apply to the full time program. We leave choosing which program up to you, but encourage you to explore the options in any of our programs. There is no disadvantage because of the number of years of work experience you have.

IDKBooth: To the extent a waitlist candidate gets admitted over the course of the summer, what is the likelihood of scholarship funds being awarded as compared to those admitted prior in the process?

Joanne: At this time, all of our scholarship and fellowship money has been awarded to our incoming students; the likelihood of us being able to offer additional funding to students who are admitted from the waitlist is quite low.

Booth11hopeful: Hi Rose and team! I am a summer waitlist candidate for the class of '11. I was wondering if you have any idea how many candidates are expected to be admitted off the waitlist in the coming weeks. Also, what does the waitlist situation look like for international students? Lastly, are applicants who were waitlisted in the prior year viewed more favorably than average in the next application cycle? Thanks!

Rose: I wish I had better information to offer than the following -- I have no idea as to when and how many students will be admitted from the waitlist. Because of the visa situation, we will either admit waitlisted international candidates by the end of June or release them at that time. Each applicant pool is different, but we do view reapplicants favorably.

Amanda: Since some family reason, I changed my job which is a little different from my career last July. Because of the economic crisis, I feel I don't have some other good chance. I wanna know how do the schools take it? Thanks.

Andrea: Hi Amanda. The current economic situation has had an impact on many applicants and we are definitely sensitive to that. What we are concerned with is your story and how that fits with your motivation for an MBA from Chicago Booth. Through the optional essay, applicants have the opportunity to address any circumstances that may not be explained elsewhere in the application or may give greater context to your story.

MBAfall2011: Hello. Thank you for holding this chat session. For those of us on the summer waitlist: I understand that we have a chance of being admitted anytime between now and when classes start. Would you say that the majority of those who make it off the waitlist are admitted sporadically over the summer months? Or, at this point, is it more likely that those admitted off the waitlist would be notified at the last minute?

Kurt: That is tough question to answer definitively given the waitlist tries to track a moving target. The class can fluctuate throughout the summer and we utilize the waitlist to manage those changes. My sense is that if we go to the waitlist, announcements will be made sporadically, and there is a possiblity people could get pulled as late as the start of CORE, although that has been a very rare occurrence.

MBAfall2011: When do you anticipate closing the summer waitlist? Or, when is the absolute latest someone on the waitlist could be admitted to the program?

Rose: CORE begins on September 8. We'll likely make any last admit decisions by the end of August to allow for students to transition to Chicago.

RamiroYoung-Argentina: Hi! I'm summer waitlisted. Is the MBA 2011 class still oversubscribed? By how many or by what percentage?

Rose: Yes, our class is still over-subscribed at this point but we are just entering the summer months and that could all change very quickly.

aswini_india_CFA: DO you recognize the CFA charter awarded by ICFAI (Institute if Chartered financial Analysts of India)

Eddie: Yes we do. It can be used in our evaluation of your application.

summerluck: Dear Rose, thank you for hosting the chat. I am still on the summer waitlist according to this morning's status, does it mean that for this round acceptance decisions were already rendered and sent out?

Rose: No decisions have been made today. I do plan to send a communication to our summer waitlist candidates in the next day or so with what you can expect from us and what options you may want to consider. Stay tuned.

Daniel: Hi Ms.Martinelli, I would like to know what kind of activities the MBA student's partners are stimulated to do during the course?

Andrea: Hi Daniel. There are many opportunities for partners at Booth. There is a formal student group, Chicago Partners, that organizes activites specifically for partners and most social activities planned by other groups at Booth also welcome partner participation. As for specific activities, that's really up to the individual partner and their interests, but the opportunities are definitely present.

Nappy: I have a master's in chemical engineering. I would have been working for 2 years by the time I want to start my MBA. How does my master's in chem eng factor in my application? And will the years i spent doing research (1.5 yrs) add to my (2 yrs) of work experience, bringing it to about 4 yrs?

Eddie: We appreciate any other graduate work that you have done in the past. Of course, having a graduate degree is not a requirement to apply. We will take into consideration any work that you have done. We are looking for the type of experience you'll be able to bring to the community.

aswini_india_CFA: I have been managing my families investments for some years now & have not been engaged in a job as such -- will this be accepted as work experience?

Joanne: This is a tough question to answer without knowing more about your past experiences, but what is important to note is that Chicago Booth does not have a minimum number of years of work experience. That means that you are welcome to apply and use the application to talk about how you've been engaged or employed since your graduation from college or university.

Nam: Hello from Vietnam! I am going to apply for a full time MBA at Booth this year. I graduated in August/2008 and have worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers Vietnam from then on. Am I eligible to apply to Booth? Does my seemingly short work experience hinder me from getting admitted? If being admitted, I need financial aid. What should I do to strengthen my chance of granting a financial aid, and who should I contact to discuss this matter further? Thank you very much!

Joanne: Hello from Chicago! I was pleased to visit Vietnam last year, and our staff will be heading back again on August 26th (see http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/asia.aspx). You are welcome to apply to Chicago Booth for Fall 2010; we have no minimum requirements for work experience, so you will not be at a disadvantage in applying. All of our admitted students are eligible for our scholarships and fellowships, which are awarded at the time of admission or shortly thereafter. There is nothing "extra" you need to do to be considered for these awards, since we use the information in your application to make these decisions. In addition, we also have a few different loan options for international students, which you can apply for after you've been admitted.

G-428606949: What is the dealine for application for the fall quarter/semester?

Eddie: The dates have not been posted yet but will be forthcoming. The first round deadline will be very similar to last year (October).

Jimmy: Good morning Rose! I have one question on No. of GMAT attempts. I appeared for GMAT 6 times and my last score is 760. Does # of GMAT atttempts impact my application ?

Joanne: Hi Jimmy. The number of attempts at the GMAT does not negatively impact the evaluation of your application, though we do encourage students to spend as much time as possible on other areas of the application, such as essays. The GMAT is only one factor in looking at applications, and is certainly not the most important piece of the puzzle for us.

mbvaldezjr: Regarding the TOEFL requirement, I took my undergraduate in a university where the medium of instruction is primarily English (Philippines). Do I need to take the exam or it could possibly be waived?

Kurt: Given your instruction was "primarily" in English I would lean toward encouraging you to take the TOEFL. However you can petition us for a waiver by sending your argument to our admissions@chicagobooth.edu account and we will do a more complete review of your case and make a decision.

Pawas: How does the admission committee value the social work ? This is in context with the situation that I didn't want to work for any organization by choice and I worked for a world reknowned not-for-profit organization. Also, I enjoy working with them and I want to carry it forward as I believe it is helping me to understand various aspects of leadership and management. how will this be considered by the admission committee ?

Kurt: Pawas we look for strong work experience and high levels of accomplishment regardless of the industry. If you enjoy the non-profit world and this is where you have made your mark that is fine with us.

G-428634742: Do you have any specific recommendations as far as who we should look to for letters of recommendation (i.e., direct supervisor, colleague/peer, member of volunteer organization, Chicago Booth Alum, etc.)? I would assume that whoever can speak most positively about you and your experiences would be best, but I would also think an Alum might be able to talk more about fit. Thanks.

Andrea: At least one recommendation should come from a current or former supervisor. As for the second, that is really up to you. We do have a mechanism for alumni to submit recommendations for applicants above and beyond the two required, but if you have a very strong relationship with one of our alumni, it might make sense for you to choose them as one of your two recommendations. We're concerned mainly with the content of the recommendation, but you are correct that an alumni rec has the added benefit of being able to speak to fit. My best advice is to be judicious with your choices and think about who will be able to best address the qualities we value.

Sonal: What's the difference among the first, second and third round? Are international students at an advantage/disadvantage applying for one of these rounds?

Kurt: The fundamental point as it pertains to international students and rounds is they should try to avoid the third round. We suggest this for two reasons: 1) Decision for the third round are released in May, which could impact the amount of time you have to process your visa to attend 2) We fill the class as we go so the third round is traditionally more competitive as there are fewer spots available in the class.

summerluck: If the summer waitlist status hasn't changed, should I keep sending in my updates?

Rose: If there is something substantive to say, yes. Knowing how long you can hang in there for a final decision is also helpful.

Charlie: Beyond work experience, academic resume and the GMAT, what can a candidate do to better their chances of being accepted?

Joanne: Hi Charlie. Our application is multi-faceted, giving you lots of opportunity to stand out in the pool. Use your essays strategically to tell your story so that the committee gets a chance to know you well. Your choice of recommenders is also crucial, in that it's important to choose people who know you at work or in other ways, and can help tell your story from a third party perspective. Finally, your involvement in activities outside of work is yet another way in which you can demonstrate your unique qualities by showing us your passions and interests, and what you'll contribute to the greater Booth community.

naveen: Hi, I am from India and have been in dubai for last one year. So I am interested to know if you have some mba information events planned here in Dubai in near future i.e before the R1 !

Andrea: Hi Naveen. Yes, we have a student hosted event planned in Dubai this summer as well as our formal admissions reception coming up in October. Keep watching our website for updates and registration information. We will also send invitations via email to those in the area.

Matt: I understood that decisions for the waitlist would be released today (June 10th). Will waitlisters be notified if the decision is to retain them on the summer waitlist? Are invitations to summer waitlist candidates made as previously filled slots open or are decisions held back and announced at a particular date in the future? While I've been admitted to another program, Chicago is by far my top choice. I am trying to get a handle on how much longer I can defer committing to my second choice program.

Rose: At this point, we have made no new decisions -- everyone on the waitlist will continue forward. And yes, admit decisions will be made when previously filled slots become available. If you can help us to know how long you wish to be considered, that will definitely be helpful. We recognize that many of you have other options you may wish to pursue and want to be mindful of your other commitments.

Gwendolyn: Are their specializations within the MBA program (like majors or focuses)?

Eddie: Beginning in the autumn quarter 2009 we will have 14 concentrations.

Perplexed: Hello Rose,Quick question regarding the wait list. I applied in round 2 and have been waitlisted since. I lost my job in March, and have been interviewing with different companies just as a back up in case I was not accepted into school. I am 110% sure if admitted I would definitely be attending Booth in the fall. I fully understand that being on the waitlist does not guarantee me a spot in the incoming class of 2011. The great news is that I have received some offers from different companies, but have not been able to accept because of the fact that I am on the wait list and am waiting to see if I have been accepted. Do you have any advice for others that maybe in the same situation as I? Is there anyone that I can contact at Booth to discuss my situation, or should I continue to buy my self time regarding these other offers?

Rose: Congratulations on getting new job opportunities. At this point, you should weigh the quality of the opportunity against going to b-school right now. Finding great professional opportunities can be challenging and I would not want you to decline something that might be beneficial to you in the long-term. You can always call our office to talk with one of my team members for specific advice.

Sri: Hi Rose I started a 2009 application but then decided not to apply since I was not completely prepared. However, my recommenders have submitted their recommendations for 2009. Can I use those recommendations once your 2010 application is online?

Kurt: You could use those recommendations but I would ask you consider the following: 1) With a year passed are these recommendations still relevant, or are you missing some new information that could postively impact your application? 2) You would need to inform us as to why you chose to supply us with what will be percieved as dated recommendations vs. getting new ones. Again, the decision is yours but these will be things asked during the evaluation process so it is best to consider them now.

Gwendolyn: How much weight does the GMAT score have?

Joanne: The GMAT is only one of many factors that we use to evaluate applications. It is not the most important piece, but does help in our evaluation of your academic abilities and match to the rigor of a Chicago Booth education.

Nappy_1: Even though I am doing good at my place of work, I am not confident of my direct supervisor's support for my choice if i choose to leave. How will this affect my application? Who else can i get my LOR from? Thanks.

Eddie: You can opt out and choose a previous employer/supervisor. This would be a good time to use the "optional" essay and explain to us why you have chosen someone other than your current employer. We don't want you to jeopardize your current position!

Reapplicant: 5th June was a commit date for admitted students and a few openings may have come up. Have these been filled?

Kurt: Currently we are oversubscribed in the class and as of yet we have not had to return to the waitlist to admit anyone.

OldmanCovington: How diverse is the accepted list from and experience, industry and undergraduate institution perspective?

Andrea: Very diverse. Diversity on all metrics is something that we value and feel benefits the classroom experience and the community as a whole.

G-428634138: Hi all, when can applicants for fall 2010 full-time program expect questions to be posted for essays?

Eddie: We hope to have them posted by mid-July.

Mindy: I believe that I read that the class is oversubscribed. Is that still the case?

Rose: Yes, the class is still oversubscribed, but that number is beginning to fall.

daniellew: I understand that, in general, it is better to apply earlier than later, and also in rounds 1 or 2 (versus 3), but between rounds 1 and 2, is there any real difference?

Joanne: There are no significant differences in our accceptance rates between rounds 1 and 2; however, there are some advantages to round 1, including an earlier notification date. You also have the added benefit of a smaller pool of applicants with which you're being evaluated. Overall, you should apply when you're ready, and when your application is the strongest. Don't try to beat a deadline if your application isn't a true representation of what you want to convey.

ninobrown: Are we to conclude that there will be no movement off the wailist today as previously indicated?

Rose: Yes, we have made no new decisions today. Our second deposit deadline passed on Friday, and while there was some movement, not enough to warrant additional admit decisions.

G-428634127: Rose, can you elaborate on the class being "fully subscribed?" Is there a next financial commitment/deadline for accepted students that may bring about more openings in the class?

Rose: Our Round 3 admits will be required to make a second deposit in early July. Historically, we lose a number of students between July and August each year. Whether that trend will hold this year is still to be determined.

Eastern: Hello , Thank you for hosting this chat. English language test is waived for those non-native English applicants who studied their classes in English. However, will taking Toefl test to prove profficiency in English add more weight to the application?

Andrea: Hi Eastern. Not necessarily. There are so many factors that are involved with the decisions, that in this case a TOEFL score would just be added information. What we're concerned with is evidence that you can be successful in a rigorous curriculum where the method of instruction is English and involves a lot of discussion and group work.

Miguel: First, thank you Ms. Martinelli and your creative technical staff for hosting such events. After visiting your beautiful campus and reading through the program literature, it is quite clear that students have a firm ability to chart their own course. I have a desire to pursue business oriented solutions to "green" dvelopment and sustainable planning. How would students who have a specific business area depth in mind pursue their intradisciplinary path?

Kurt: Miguel, one might argue that everyone here pursues an interdiscipinary path, but in regards to sustainability and green development there are a number of directions you could pursue. First, we have some classes at Booth that directly look at energy policy and clubs and events that target these topics, many of them driven through our Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship. In addition to this you have access to all of the departments at the University of Chicago to complete 6 of your 11 electives, meaning you can take classes on the environment, public policy, geology, biology, ecology etc. The ability to tailor your MBA experience is unparalleled so pursuing this area of interest here should not be a problem.

IDKBooth: How will this room be created over the coming weeks and months?

Rose: Typically those cases happen because of changing life circumstances -- illness, visa problems, work commitments, etc. Those students may request a deferral into the following year, which will then open a slot in the incoming class.

Ro: Good Morning Rose and Kurt, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I am currently enrolled in an MA program in Organization Leadership and will be graduating in the spring of 2011 and I am hoping to begin my MBA in the fall of 2011. I am curious as to how many accepted applicants have completed an MA prior to enrolling at Booth.

Kurt: Ro, I do not have a stat off the top of my head on this but anecdotally there are a good number of applicants every year that come in with advanced degrees. From an evaulation perspective that can be a source of differentiation and work toward distiguishing your path and story from others in the pool.

Erin: What factors drove the recent addition of the 14th academic concentration “ analytic management"? Were new classes or faculty members added to support this new curriculum?

Rose: This was a natural outgrowth of adding analytic frameworks to disciplines beyond finance. This concentration provides students who want to take a deeper, analytical dive into courses that deepen strategic thinking through new analytical tools used in critical decision-making. There are a number of new courses that support this concentration, but it also pulls togethers courses that have been available in various disciplines in the school.

Yannick_Joburg: When the latest will the international candidates on waitlist get a feedback? - Im thinking about visa process etc...

Rose: We will get back to our international waitlist candidates by the end of the month with the news whether there is room or not, and if you wish to be considered going forward. That choice is yours.

billy_chat: When will essay topics be available? Will there be significant changes for next year application?

Kurt: Essay topics should be released shortly, they are currently going through an approval process. The questions will be different from last year but their spirit will be very similar.

Sri: How does Chicago view unemployment during this economic downturn?

Rose: This economic downturn has caused a great deal of job loss in specific sectors that are not performance based. Helping us to understand what you are currently doing with your time and how you are using it to continue to pursue your goals will be very important for us.

OldmanCovington: What parts of the application are weighted most heavily?

Joanne: Our application and the review process consider all factors, so there is not one factor that is weighed more heavily than another.

GoofBall: Rose would a waitlisted candidate who didnt get in this year have any "leg up" so to say if he was to apply next year?

Rose: That all depends upon you and how you handle the reapplication process. Chicago Booth does look favorably upon reapplicants, but hope that each reapplicant uses the time to reflect and refine their candidacy rather than regurgitate information from this application.

Eastern: Is there any international exchange programs offered by school, if yes what percentage of students visited other schools?

Andrea: Hi Eastern. Yes, we do have a formal study abroad program called the International Business Exchange Program, or IBEP. We partner with 33 schools all over the world and roughly 75 students participate each year.

garg2010: Booth traditionally has been termed as a school with specialization for Finance, but there have been few technological oriented entrepreneurial ventures by students of Booth, like Bump. Has there been some deliberate shift in focus area of curriculum or intake of students from Booth's side?

Rose: While Booth is a great finance school, we also have strength across all our programs, including entrepreneurship and marketing among others. We approach entrepreneurship from two sides -- the practitioner and the investor. We have a rich curriculum in addition to great conferences, clubs and the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship. In recent years, it is the second most popular concentration. From an admissions perspective, our job is to make sure that students know about the breadth of opportunities which does influence who ultimately is admitted.

mbvaldezjr: May I inquire the extent of relationships of Chicago Booth to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, to be specific, how would you comment on the strength of the healthcare management program.

Rose: The healthcare management program (GPHAP) is a cross-disciplinary program taught in conjunction with faculty from the medical school, public policy and business and attract graduate level students from accross the university. We believe the combination of faculty and students are what make this certificate program so successful since it is at the intersection of these and entrepreneurship where great ideas are borne.

Miguel: Is Chicago Booth a part of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, or any consortia that promote diversity development?

Eddie: No we aren't a part of the consortium but we have a very supportive Office of Diversity Affairs to support our minority canidates once they are on campus.

boothcanuck: Hi Rose. I'm a Canadian citizen, attended college in the US and currently work in the US. From an admissions and a financial aid standpoint, am I considered a domestic or international applicant?

Andrea: Unless you are a dual citizen or a permanent resident, you would still be classified as an international applicant.

jwtoto: To what extent are previous year applications and waitlist letters used to evaluate re-applicants? If one of the recommenders are the same from the previous application, or essays hit on same topics from update letters, does admissions treat any "overlap" as an inherent weakness?

Andrea: Hi jwtoto. We do have your previous application on file to refer to, but the new application should hold up on it's own. With reapplicants, we do like to see some evidence of growth, whether it's new activities, refining your thoughts or just a new sense of reflection or self awareness. Overlap is not in itself a bad thing - especially if your app was relatively strong to begin with - but it's probably not a good idea to completely recycle your old application.

Justiz: when is the fall semester starting? when are the students expected to arrive to Chicago, are their any orientation weeks before the fall starts?

Eddie: CORE (equivalent to orientation) begins 9/08/09. All 1st years students must be present. Classes begin 9/24/09.

Someguy: How has your evaluation criteria for applicants changed as a result of the current recession and ongoing layoffs and unemployment impacting your traditional applicant pool?

Rose: Our evaluation criteria remains unchanged -- we still look for students who are self aware, have a track record of success (even if that includes a period of unemployment), who are intellectually curious, engaged in the world around them, and know how to leverage opportunities.

daniellew: Can you talk a bit about the presence of the field of social entrepreneurship at Booth? Coursework, faculty, extracurriculars, etc.

Kurt: This is an area that has seen a groundswell of interest in the past few years. We do have a class in social entrepreneurship, which is lab based, meaning you work on project for and with non-profits. We also provide students with the opportunity to take elective classes at our school of Public Policy and Social Services. In addition we have numerous groups that facilitate learning and networking in this space such as Net Impact, Giving Something Back, Chicago Global Citizens etc.

Daniel: Hi Andrea, thanks for the answer. Besides, these activities it is possible for the partners to have a job (considering that we are foreign) or have a professional activity?

Andrea: Hi Daniel. A partner's ability to work might depend on the type of visa you are on (if you choose an F1, your partner is not able to work). I have heard from international partners on F1 visas that have pursued their professional interests through volunteer work or schooling on their own.

Derek: Good afternoon. After speaking with a Booth alum who had a marketing and media background prior to attending business school, he encouraged me to consider Booth as a place to round out my skill set. Chicago has a strong reputation for finance and economics, but I was wondering if someone might speak a bit about resources and curriculum for those individuals interested in marketing and media in particular?

Kurt: Derek, as a product of the Booth Marketing program I can assure that this is a phenomenal place for learning marketing. Chicago has some of the top faculty in the field, Sanjay Dhar, JP Dube, Ann McGill, Pradeep Chintagunta to name a few. Chicago is distinctive in its approach to markeing because it focuses on providing students with a very analytical approach to decision making, giving students an understanding of the field not only from a qualitative standpoint but a quantative one as well. Many schools spend a lot of time on the qualitative elements of marketing, product mix, creative etc, and although we do that we also spend a lot of time diving into the processes that spark those decisions, market trends, data analysis competitor profiling etc. In media and entertainment we do have a very active club in this area as well as a few classes. You should easily be able to blend both interests very effectively here.

QuantGeek: Hi Rose and fellows! I am currently a rising senior in college. I've taken the GMAT in my junior year. My question is what advice do you have for seniors applying for Chicago Booth? (What would make a college senior with internships experience only stand out in the pool of applicants?)? Thanks.

Rose: Two things are really important to help us understand beyond the typical areas of evaluation -- your maturity/self-awareness, and your leadership contributions while in school. Typically, successful applicants who come directly from their undergraduate program have terrific academic records, multiple internships and a high level of participation in activities during school.

Dirk: Hello Rose. Was curious how the economic downturn is affecting graduate job placement? What is % placed this yr and how does it compare to prior years? Also, what is your sense on students forced to take job offer that otherwise wouldn't be their first choice given lack of opportunities? Thanks.

Rose: It certainly has been a challenging environment The good news is that our students are finding meaningful internships through the support of Career Services and the entire administration and alumni. Our second year students are doing well, but it is taking a bit longer to find full-time jobs. We are certainly well ahead of the last economic downturn in 2003, but off the numbers at the peak last year. Our first reportable data will be available after graduation (which is Sunday). Many students have had to take hard looks at their backgrounds and their aspirations. This is definitely a challenging environment to make large career changes, but our students continue to be successful in that arena as well.

bvn: Does Chicagobooth have Student blog?? facebook connection, and twitter??

Andrea: We do have several student blogs and you can find links through the Engage With Us page of our website.

Aaron: I have read that there will be some changes to the re-application process. Is there a time frame for when waitlisted candidates and other who wish to reapply will be notifed of the changes?

Rose: We're in the midst of updating the reapplication process. We'll communicate that information on our website within the next few weeks. I also hope to do a chat completely focused on reapplicant questions sometime in early August.

Reapplicant: Hi Rose and team, When you mention oversubscribed, does it mean that currently more students have accepted and paid deposit than the approxmiately 570 number?

Rose: That's correct.

Booth11hopeful: Is there any opportunity for a waitlisted candidate to get feedback on his / her application for improvement for the following year?

Joanne: Unfortunately, no; we do not have the staff resources to offer feedback to waitlisted or denied candidates. If you choose to reapply, we suggest you take a critical look at your own application to see where you might be able to improve in the future.

Rolobu: Who do i have to contact to schedule a campus visit this summer??

Eddie: You can go to our website: www.chicagobooth.edu and visit the full time program site. Here you'll see where to schedule a campus visit.

Zonia: Hello all, I am very interested in the Full time MBA program, are there any ways I can get in touch with current students or alumni to get to know more about the program before applying?

Andrea: Hi Zonia. A great way to connect with students and alumni is through our student- hosted and admissions events being held all over the world this summer and fall. For more information visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/.

Dude: Dear Rose, I have seen on your page that just 4.5% Europeans are enrolled in the class of 2009. Is that always that low and why?

Rose: It varies year by year due to the quality of the applicant pool. This year, the number of incoming admitted students from Europe has doubled.

Daniel: I've been working as an entrepreneur for the past 4 years, therefore I didn't have any direct superior during this period. Do you have a suggestion of what kind of person should I ask to write the recommendation letter in order to replace the superior's letter?

Joanne: I would suggest you either get a business partner or a client to write a letter for you in place of a supervisor. If you have worked for someone else, a former supervisor can also be a good choice, provided you still maintain contact with that person, and they know your most recent experience well.

Perplexed: If we notify the admissions committee about how long we can wait for a final decision, will that be looked upon negatively?

Joanne: Not at all; it simply gives us a better sense of your ability to enroll at Chicago Booth should a spot become available over the coming weeks and months.

TK: Thank you for hosting this chat. What percentage of this year's graduating class has already found employment?

Rose: Statistics for our graduating students are reported in two buckets -- at graduation (which is Sunday) and three months after graduation. We are doing better than the last economic slowdown, but certainly less well than last year's high.

Jonsie: I left a high paying position to pursue my passion in another industry. My pay is much lower than what I made in previous years. How will Adcom view such a decline and should I explain the situation in an optional essay?

Andrea: Hi Jonise. How you address this is up to you. Salary progression is just one way in which to gauge someone's professional track record, but by no means the only one. The reason for the decline might be intuitive based on the jump in industry. However, you may want to take a holistic look at your application or have someone else's eyes to see if things make sense. If you feel the whole story is not coming through, then certainly you can address this in the optional essay.

Nappy_1: One of my supervisors writing my LOR is not a native english speaker, will this affect my chances if he cannot express my qualities as fluently as a native english speaker?

Andrea: Hi Nappy_1. We would not hold a recommender's language limitations against an applicant. We are concerned with the content that's there, not the writing ability of the recommender.

Ajay: It looks like essays and recommendations play a huge factor in your admissions process, but it also seems like these consume the most time for you to evaluate. Are there any informal prerequisites (GPA, GMAT) for getting essays and recommendations read by admissions?

Joanne: No, Ajay; we read every single piece of every single application that is submitted at Chicago Booth! This keeps our staff very busy, and we enjoy getting to know you through your application.

Sonal: Is there financial aid available for international students to cover tuition and other expenses associated with the program? At what point should students start the process for getting the finances aligned?

Kurt: Sonal, it is never to early to start thinking about your finances. Currently we have loan programs for all international students. Given the economic environment and restricted lending opportunities from financial institutions some significant changes to our loan programs took place this past year. International student who have a co-signer were not impacted by these changes and have access to the same programs domestic students do, but those students without co-signers were subject to some significant changes in the industry. Currently we have two loan programs for international students without a co-signer and we are continuing to work to expand this portfolio of options. Our primary program allows a student to borrow the cost of tuition and close to the full estimated cost of living expenses.

Eduardo_Garcia: Hi. I am in the summer waitlist. In worst case scenario and I would need to reapply this fall, do we need a new set of recommenders? what is the expectation on our essays? My personal story would not change much, but I can add new experiences since my last application in January.

Joanne: Hi Eduardo. Our expectations is that you either ask for a new recommendation from an previous recommender (who can talk about any changes in your responsibilities or skill level) or to get two new recommendations; the choice is yours. The essays change from year to year, so you should approach the reapplication from the beginning, as if you had not applied before.

BoothApp123: How much money is asked for the "first and second deposits?"

Joanne: Each deposit is $1000; this can be paid off in 2 $1000 installments, with deadlines provided by our staff, or a student can elect to make a $2000 deposit during the first deadline.

Mike_Vu: Hello and thanks for hosting this chat, what advice do you have for college seniors?

Joanne: If you are about to graduate, congratulations! As you begin the first phase of your career, our advice is to take advantage of all professional development opportunities your company might offer; find a mentor, especially a senior colleague with an MBA who can walk you through the process of choosing schools and deciding on the right program; and start to become engaged with the schools you're already interested in. We all offer Summer and/or Fall information sessions and even if you're 2, 3 or more years away from an MBA, it's never too early to start learning and asking questions. If you'll be a senior in the fall, remember to continue to do well academically and take challenging classes. You may also want to take a try at the GMAT and take advantage of any prep courses your college or university might offer.

Indie: Hi Rose. Given no progress in June and possibility of progress only in July and August, doesnt this mean that chances for internationals who will have to notified by late june, quite weak?

Rose: Perhaps, but you have the choice to continue past June if you wish to be considered through July. If you wish to extend your consideration beyond June, send us a note with the last date you wish to be considered.

Pawas: What would be your one advise to the re-applicants ?

Joanne: My best advice to you would be to produce new, refreshed essays; it is somewhat disappointing to see when students submit identical essays from one year to the next. We encourage you to look at your application with a critical eye to see where you'd like to improve in the future.

Justiz: Hi Rose, you said that the next event that may provide more places to waitlisted students is in July, so accordingly the international waitlisted students have no chance for this year?

Rose: Not exactly. As I mentioned earlier, students will be making decisions throughout the summer. We will be communicating with our international students at the end of the month to see if any wish to be continued forward in the July. That's a personal choice.

NYCwright: Hi Rose, Thanks for hosting this. How important are interviews in the application process?

Kurt: Interviews are another opportunity for us to get to know you. They provide that personal face-to-face touch point that we would othewise not get. They will not make or break an application but they are an important piece to helping us fully recognize an applicants fit with our school and culture.

Nappy_1: Hello Rose, Thanks for the interactive tool, it has been very helpful. My job entails alot of travelling, so it limitis my involvement in my communtiy. How can i highlight this in my application?

Rose: We look at a commitment to community involvement over a broad time period (college to now). Recency is not as important as a history of involvement.

Someguy: Does Chicago Booth have any family business programs?

Eddie: Are you speaking of groups that support families of Chicago Booth students? If so, we do have a Chicago Partner's Group that provides a host of networking opportunities and social activities opportunities for families of Chicago Booth students.

Milena: hi, i will have 2 years of experiece by the time i send my application and i understand that this fact is a disadvantage, what should i do to compensate this waekness

Eddie: The quality of work is important. We need to see strong letters of recommendation that describe what you have contributed to your company and on any teams that you have been a part of. Leadership or management opportunities should be highlighted.

vn: Is there a better chance of being admitted when applying to study at the other campuses of Booth such as in Singapore?

Eddie: The campuses in Singapore and London are for candidates interested in our Executive programs.

Deepthi: Hi. I wanted to know if any support system is in place in Chicago Booth for spouses / partners ?

Joanne: Absolutely, Deepthi! Chicago Booth has a wonderful partners program, and you can learn more about it online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/community/partners/index.aspx. Partners are welcome to join in many of Booth's activities.

Rolobu: When I take the campus visit in the summer do I have to take anything with me? (i.e. resume)

Andrea: Hi Rolobu. You do not need anything. The campus visits are an opportunity for you to find out more about us, so a resume is not necessary.

Indie: Given that a lot of ppl have been waitlisted, how does the school "choose" which candidates it admits off the waitlist?

Rose: It all depends upon the quality of the candidate and the fit with our needs/opening.

guest: If a summer waitlist candidate has already sent in waitlist update emails prior to the May 13 date and June 10 "checkpoint" dates, do you encourage him/her to send another email between now and mid-July indicating a continued interest in the program even if there are no significant work-related or other notable achievements?

Rose: If you'd like to update us to how long you wish to remain on the waitlist for consideration, that would be helpful. Otherwise, there is no need to send other materials.

DN: Dear all, I am an international applicant. Have the employment chances for an international candidate reduced a lot due to the visa issues?

Rose: Our international students have fared very well in the job search process. While H1B visas are hard to come by, there are still opportunities here in the US and in other locations worldwide.

iamco_CO_nut: How does the admissions committee perceive an application from an applicant who's undergraduate degree was not obtained from a more prestigious university? Thanks!

Kurt: Our primary focus is on the level of performance and achievement an applicant has expereinced at the undergraduate level. There are many reasons why a person chooses a school and although we take note of the school we are more interested in track record for success and overall academic achievement.

Ahmed: I understand that many Booth graduates are interested in pursuing a career in finance. I currently work for a consultancy in the energy industry, and I am curious as to what Booth offers in terms of extracurriculars that would cater to a future career in energy, particularly renewable energy. Also, what share of the applicant pool do energy consultants constitute at Booth? Thanks very much.

Kurt: Energy is gaining a lot of interest and we are continuing to cultivate opportunities in this area. We have added some energy policy classes here which compliment some of the energy classes offered in other departments across the university (you have access to these classes throgh the electives associated with your degree). We have an energy group here on campus which sponsored clean trek this year visiting various companies that focus on the energy sector over the winter break. Our Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship has been doing a lot of work with start-ups in this space. I do not have specific numbers on job placement in this industry but we do have many energy companies, consulting companies and energy start ups recruit here on campus.

Eddie: I hope that this has been helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Joanne: Thanks for the great questions, everyone and best of luck!

Rose: Thank you so much for joining us today. The transcript for this chat will be available on our chat site within the next day or so. If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to me or any member of my team. Have a great day!

Kurt: Thanks for the questions I hope this was helpful.

Andrea: Thanks for all the great questions today!