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May 20, 2009—11:00 AM-12:00 PM CST

Eddie: Hello everyone and welcome to our Admissions Live Chat! We will begin promptly at 11:00 am, but feel free to start submitting your questions at any time.

Kelvin: Good morning from sunny Chicago. My name is Kelvin Chan, and I am a second-year student from Chicago Booth. My concentrations are in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management. I spent my last summer in Hong Kong and Shanghai consulting for Roland Berger Strategy Management, and I will return to the Bay Area (California) to work for Infosys Consulting in September. I was also one of the co-chairs for Management Consulting Group (MCG) and Chicago Asia Pacific Group (CAP). I'm currently living in downtown Chicago.

G-346604427: If somebody has submitted documents and a letter of interest during a previous waitlist round, what else can they do to make their application better?

Kurt: An applicant can always inform us of any updates or developments that might impact their candidacy. If there are no updates or developments than I would recommend just sending us a note reaffirming your interest in the program and your willingness to stay on the waitlist.

Rose: Welcome to our prospect student chat. We look forward to answering all types of questions during this hour. Let's get started. Rose

Veenuneenu: Hello All, I have been laid-off in the current economic crisis. Trying hard still I am not able to get a job. I wanna know how do the schools take it? What do you suggest for such cases writing in application?

Rose: There are lots of folks in your position. The most important thing you can do is to tell us what you're currently doing with your time while you're searching for a job. There are many substantive things you can be doing; so here's your opportunity to talk about them.

vikizoozoo: How do you convert non US GPAs to your method of grading. I want to know it for my eligibility. Does 5 on 10 mean 2 on your 4 point scale?

Eddie: You can send the English translation in for us. We have a lot of resources to help us understand what your particular "GPA" is from your school.

RRJ: This might be a frequent question that you will be facing but wanted to know if you have any updates on the funding opportunities for international candidates?

Rose: Yes, we have two international loan programs for students who do not have a U.S. cosigner. The terms are only available to our current and admitted students.

G-346622562: Dear Mrs. Martinelli, first thank you to take time to answer questions. I would like to know the position of Booth regarding applicants who took the GMAT twice.

Rose: Chicago Booth understands that students may take the GMAT multiple times in order to achieve the score they feel best represents his/her ability. We only take the highest score but we do evaluate your progress from one test score to the next. If you feel there is a big jump that needs explanation, please use the optional essay to explain the additional preparatory work you did that resulted in your improvement.

G-346625569: My question is is it necesary to have work experience to get in to your school

Eddie: Work experience is not a requirement for applying to our program. It does help with classroom discussion, speaking with recruiters and a chance for us to understand how you may be applying your MBA experience to a particular industry.

Kurt: Welcome to the chat I look forward to answering your questions.

Gonzo: Hi, thanks for hosting this chat, since the application process is stressful. My fiancee and I are planning on applying together to Chicago Booth for R1. Should we signal somewhere that we are a couple? If so, would the apps be analyzed separately? Could one applicant "drag" the other down or help the other?

Kurt: There is a part of the application that asks if you are applying with a partner so that is the trigger to inform us you are applying together. We still review the applications seperately and both candidates should be admissable on their own merits, but in the final stages of the selection process we do look at both applications together, and if anything one can help the other not the reverse.

Luisa23: When will the the 2009 application be available?

Eddie: The 2009 application should be ready in July. Luisa23: I know that Booth has different teaching methods but I could not find any percentages or layout. Please explain what is the most popular form of teaching - case studies, lecture, etc.

Kelvin: The teaching style really depends on the Professor's choices. But in general, you can expect more of lecture style for fundamentals such as Accounting and Operations, and more of case studies and class discussion for advanced topic classes. I had classes with minimal cases and I also had classes with 100% discussion/case studies. You should also expect some group assignments in most classes.

pam04: Here's my questions: I want to learn about Booth school of business but I am unable to travel. What is the best way to learn about the school, it's culture and curriculum?

Eddie: We've done a lot of work on our website and it provides a lot of transparency to our program. You can join chat sessions like this one or visit us at one of our admissions information sessions that we host around the world. We will be posting those events on our website over the next few weeks.

G-346622387: In the recent round of lay-offs at a global investment bank, I lost my job and have been unemployed for the last three months. What are the views of the admission committee on this issue? In the last three months I have not been able to get a similar job but at the same time I have formulated an education trust to fund education programs of under-privileged children. My role in this trust is not similar to my profile in my previous job? What are your views? Will this have a negative impact?

Rose: That you are actively engaged is most important. Many applicants are in similar positions this year. It's what you do with your time now that is important to admissions.

G-346622387: Hi everyone, I am Mihir from India. Does Chicago Booth appreciate applications of students who have previously completed a Post Graduate Programs in Management / Finance which are equivalent to an MBA?

Kurt: We have many students who apply with advanced degrees and within that population a fair amount have MBA's. The issue for you is to provide some compelling ressons as to why you feel you need another MBA. Presumably you have already learned many of the skills we will teach you here, so why do you feel you need go through this process again? The more convining your arguments are on this dimension the greater your chances of moving forward in the process.

G-346625656: I am planning to visit campus in Aug/Sep- When does the new term start so I can meet students and attend a class rather than just a campus tour?

Eddie: Our campus visitor's program usually begins in October. You are free to visit the campus before then but of couse there won't be any students aroung or the chance to sit in on a full-time class.

2010SeasonApplicant: Hello. A common theme from conversations I've had with both current students and recent alums is a general feeling that there has been a progressive evolution in student demographics at Booth over the last 5 years or so. From your perspective (and maybe this is a question best suited for Rose), do you feel as though there has been change in the overall student profile? If so, what sort of qualifications or backgrounds do you think are relatively more attractive today than would have been perhaps a few years ago?

Rose: There are many reasons for the changes in the profile of our students. The first is due to our increased Brand recognition around the world, which means our applicant pool has grown and gotten stronger in the last few years. The second deals with selection -- with a large and talented applicant pool we can focus on admitted a diverse and well rounded class from all kinds of backgrounds. And finally, our new facilities have made it possible for our community to thrive in a place that supports group work, social interaction, and allows the community of students, faculty and administrators to be in one space together.

Andrea: For those of us considering finance, do you recommend any math coursework we should take prior to entering the program?

Kelvin: If you have time now, I would recommend you get familiar with statistics and basic accounting. One of the advantages for Chicago Booth is that we do not have any required classes (except LEAD - the leadership training), so you can jump right into advanced classes if you have the basics covered. If you don't have time now, don't worry, Booth also offers pre-MBA accounting and pre-MBA statistics during the summer, and we have excellent introductory classes.

iamco_CO_nut: In regards to the slideshow, obviously Booth is a professional school. Is it required that the slideshow be kept professional as well? How does the admissions committee perceive a powerpoint that is not strictly professional in an attempt to give more insight as to who we are both in our professional setting and in our personal lives?

Kurt: Let's replace professional with good-taste in this explanation. A slideshow does not have to focused on your professional expereince or take on a professional feel. In fact a large population of students show their creative sides in this portion of the application. The format and content your provide in this portion of the application is completely up to you. The choices you make are as revealing in this process as the content. I will say that good taste is an important filter. Remember you are being evaluated as future Management Student and you should keep this in mind as you explore the potential content for this question.

Charlie: Is it important to have a specific concentration in mind before applying?

Kelvin: I am sure you have some idea what you want to accomplish after Chicago Booth, right? If that is so, that is the same as having a specific concentration in mind. I only had strategic management in mind when I applied, and I ended up with Finance and Entrepreneurship as well.

mkpaik2: I heard that spring break (?) usually starts in may until August. When will be the good time to visit in terms of having chance to know students and good glance of classses and shool facilities?

Eddie: It's not that long! It's best to come to visit us in the fall. You'll be able to sit in on a full-time class and speak with current students as well as a tour of the building.

waitlister4ever: There is very little difference (around 5 months between april update and the first round deadline). Considering this fact and economy outside (where its tough to ask for promotion or switch jobs), what kind of changes one must highlight to improve their chances knowing that there are no feedback sessions even for the waitlisted students and its like shooting in the dark where there are no glaring deficiencies in the application but might be just due to coming from the oversubscribed pool. Another related question is whether the waitlisted students can be automatically rolled to next year's R1 application pool and considered for admissions? Related question is whether there is any chance of giving some kind of feedback to waitlisted students.

Rose: Great questions. Next year's application will be changing so every student will have a chance to approach the reapplication from a new vantage point. I would encourage you to re-read your application to see if there were areas that you feel you could strengthen/sharpen. In addition, I would encourage you to look holistically at your profile to see if you adequately presented all aspects of your candidacy. As for your last recommendation, we do not roll applicants into a subsequent year since the application changes annually. We'll be hosting some chats over the summer to address specific waitlisted questions about the reapplication process.

Veenuneenu: What is the minimum/average GMAT Score at your organization?

Eddie: Our mid-80 percentile last year ranged from 650-760. We haven't released the figured for this year yet. We do not have a minimum GMAT in order to apply.

Will: Good morning. I am curious about the age of the incoming and current classes, and Admissions preferences on this topic. I am 33, and after 8 years as a professional, I have migrated to working on and investing in small businesses. I see definite benefits to broadening my skill set and knowlege of business disciplines going forward, but want to know if entering at age 34 will be a hurdle?

Rose: The choice of pursuing an MBA is completely up to the individual. At Booth, we have programs that allow students to pursue the MBA in a part-time format (evening, weekend or executive) or the full-time program. As you get more experience, the wages you forego may reduce the expected ROI for you. Those are the types of questions you should evaluate when making the decision to attend an MBA and the type of MBA program. You just need to make your case. Our average age range at this point is 28 and our range is 21-37 this year.

Ramiro: Hi Rose! I'm an international summer waitlisted student.I want to know how the process of getting the private financial loan is. Do I have first to go to Chicago in person (in August/September) and ask for it there or can I get it via web?

Rose: The international loan application process will be available to admitted students online.

RRJ: Is it possible to do a full time MBA program at Booth and work part time? How flexible are the class timings?

Kelvin: I have classmates who have done that. I think it's doable if you plan your schedule really well. For example, you may want to take classes on certain days of the week, and go work part-time for the rest. Just keep in mind that you may miss out on many campus activities if you choose to do that, for example, lunch and learns, speakers' series, various conferences, etc. I currently only have classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. You may want to take it easy during your first quarter because there will be a lot of internship recruiting going on. Chicago Booth also has management labs and Private Equity labs where students work for a company part-time to earn experience and class credit.

rickybobby: When evaluating candidates with about 2-3 years of work experience after undergrad, naturally there will not be much managerial experience on the resume. What then do you look for in these candidates to show their potential as future leaders?

Rose: Leadership is evaluated across your entire candidacy -- from your activities in college to the leadership you provide in the companies you work with. Leadership is not narrowly defined as managerial responsibilities, so look more broadly for evidence of your contributions.

Krishna: Will the designation, CMA and/or CPA, help in the admission selection process?

Kurt: Professional certifications can help. They certainly demonstrate a level of achievement that extends beyond the norm. They will not make an application but they will certainly add an element of distinction that is recognized by the committee.

joe: Hi Rose, this is Joby from India.Does the current financial meltdown has any implications for the admission process.Does it make opportunities for younger applicants (3 yrs at time of admit) more difficult?

Rose: The opportunities for good candidates has remained unchanged -- a track record of success, intellectual achievement/curiosity, self-awareness, vision and passion. Putting together a great application will be the challenge, and making sure that you are clear why now (rather than next year).

Andrea: Do you offer credit for coursework taken in other programs prior to entering Booth?

Eddie: We don't accept credit from any other institutions.

jojejenkins: I plan to apply to Booth this fall, and would like to visit campus prior to applying. Since classes don't start until near the Round 1 deadline, is it possible to visit in the summer and sit in on a class then? In general, when is the best time to visit between now and the fall 2009 Rd. 1 deadline, assuming it can't be done in the few days after fall 2009 classes start?

Eddie: Our campus visitor's program begins in October. You may want to wait until then. The full-time program isn't in session over the summer but you are welcome to visit the facilities if you're in town.

vivek: Do u need transcripts at the time of application ?

Eddie: We have a "self-reported" transcript form you can use to apply to our program.

Booth09: Can you comment on the typical percentage of summer waitlisters who are admitted each year?

Rose: That varies greatly every year. Currently our class is oversubscribed. However, our second deposit deadline typically shakes loose a number of candidates. Whether this is a "typical" year or not is yet to be determined.

Nicole: I would like to know how much aid on average does Booth offer to intl students?

Rose: Chicago Booth focuses on providing financing opportunities for our students rather than grants. Roughly 25% of our admitted class will receive a merit-based scholarship at the time of admission, which range in size from $10,000 to full-tuition).

canada_sms: What unique programs does Booth offer for students who want to pursue an entrepreneurial venture directly out of B-school?

Kelvin: The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurial is an excellent resource for those who want to start their own businesses. Web site http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/

Kelvin: They offer support, resource, and network for those who want to work on their ideas while they are in school. And of course, classes like New Venture Strategy by Prof. Schrager and Commercializing Innovation by Prof. Meadow are two of the many good classes where you will be able to get hands-on experience. Chicago Booth also sponsors New Venture Challenges and other programs for you to test out your ideas while you are in school.

G-346692097: Are the qualifications/standards for fellowships the same as those for admission, or are they more selective?

Kurt: The standards for scholarship and fellowship selection are generally more selective as we have fewer awards to give. However some fellowships have very specific criteria to fulfill so that create variance in the selection process. The most simple answer I guess is it depends. However if you want to be competitive in this process I would aire on completing an application that strong quantatively (GMAT, GPA etc) and qualitatively (demonstrates fit with institutions, communicates clear goals etc.)

iamco_CO_nut: Is there much variation in the essays from one application year to the next?

Kurt: I am assuming your are talking about the quesitons we ask. If not please write back to clarify. There can be a great deal of variation. Two years ago we launched the PPT and some very new quesitons. We did the same thing last year. This year I would expect there to be less radical variation in the questions but they will definitely be different than last year.

Juan: Hi and thanks in advance for taking my question. Do you have approximate dates for R1, R2, and R3 application deadlines?

Eddie: Hey Juan! We haven't posted the new deadlines yet but they will fall around the same time as last year's - October, January and March!

PatTIG: What role, if any, do salaries and salary progression play when evaluating an applicant's career path?

Rose: It's another piece of the story. Not all career paths indicate progression through title changes, but do so through by salary and bonuses. That said, there are other industries that have very slow salary progression. We're very experienced in noting the differences by looking at the full application (with recommendations).

CSN: Good morning. I am currently still on the waitlist for Chicago. Should I be accepted, I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to acquire housing? I assume all campus housing will be full.

Kelvin: Good morning! There is no campus housing for graduate students. All of us find apartments on our own. I live in downtown which is about 20-minute train ride away. I drive to school, which takes me about 15-20 minutes. The benefit of living in downtown (or in areas north of downtown, such as Lincoln Park) is that there are more to do outside school. Think restaurants, bars, meseums, parks, etc. A big group of my classmates choose to live in Hyde Park (where our campus is). The benefit is the close proximity. Many international students choose to live in Hyde Park for that reason.

Gonzo: All other things being equal, does it make a difference if one interviews with an alum or with an adcom staffer?

Eddie: No, we are all looking for the same thing. If you haven't had a chance to visit the campus and you are "invited" to interview you may choose to visit campus and interview with one of us or one of our 2nd year students.

G-346642991: Hello, what should a prospective student consider when determining whether to apply/enroll in a full-time MBA program vs. a part-time MBA program? Do employers perceive students from each program differently?

Rose: This is a very good question. At Booth, both programs are viewed equally because they are taught by the same faculty. The difference is in the experience and trade-offs that you will need to make. The FT program will allow you the opportunity to have a full immersion experience, but you trade off income for those two years. The PT program allows you to continue to work and use the skills you learn in the classroom immediately at work. However, you don't get the same opportunities for community development, internship recruiting and many of the other social aspects. The choice is yours -- what tradeoffs make sense for you.

G-346691996: Are interviews required for application, or are they by invitation only?

Kurt: Invitation Only.

Luisa23: Do you advice against visiting during the summer when the students are on vacation or internship? Should we wait until the Fall or do you see it as an advantage to visit during the summer?

Connie: Hi Luisa23. The experience on campus is quite a bit different in the summer, as it's quieter and there's not the opportunity to visit classes or chat with students. That said, if your only opportunity to visit is during the summer months, you will still have a chance to learn more about Booth and get a look at campus.

Nicole: I am from Jamaica and I was wondering if Booth plans to offer recruiting events there in the future?

Eddie: It's not on our calendar for this year but I'll be sure to put that on the table for Rose to consider!

Ben: What's the desired work experience for prospective students. I've been in the workforce for 10 years. Also, is transfer for full-time to part ime program permitted if cirucmstances.

Rose: While the average age is 28, the range of experience is quite broad -- no work experience to 15 years. As for transfering between programs, transfers are not allowed. You can, however, speed up or slow down your progress within the particular program you are enrolled. You have 5 years to complete your MBA.

boother2011: As an applicant on the waitlist, would meeting with a member of the admissions committee/staff benefit me? If so, how do I go about getting an appointment?

Kurt: The admissions committee does not formally meet with WL candidates, meaning we do not schedule appointments. If you decide to visit campus for your own edification and request to speak to the director on walk-in we will meet with you like anyone else. Simply put we are happy to speak with you but we will not go into any specific details about your application and such a meeting will not have any significant impact on your candidacy.

canada_sms: Booth has a very flexible curriculum. I was wondering whether there is a formal advisor assigned to each student to help plan and navigate course selection.

Connie: Hi canada_sms. Yes, each student has an assigned advisor from Academic Services. You also have access to the support of Academic Advisors who are second-year students and can help you navigate course choices.

Ramiro: Hi Rose and Kurt! I'm an international summer waitlisted student. I want to know how the process of getting the private financial loan is. Once admitted, is there any risk that will not allow me to have it?

Rose: The loan is essentially guaranteed to you as long as you do not have a derogatory credit history in the United States.

Bryan: Is there a preferred time for students to visit the campus if they want to visit during the summer?

Eddie: If you are here in the summer we do have an admissions counselor on hand to speak with you but there are no full-time classes in session. You can also take a tour of our facilities. Chicago is a great place to visit in the summer.

JayShroff: Could you provide some color on how the AdCom reviews re-applicant applications? For instance, will the 2009 and 2010 applications be read by all reviewers? How independent/dependent are the two applications from/on each other?

Connie: Hi Jay. Re-applications should be able to stand on their own. I.e., you should not assume we have seen anything in your previous application. At the same time, we do have your previous application to review along with your new app, and we will look to see how they compare to one another.

Doveld: Thank you again Dean Martinelli for taking the time out of your busy schedule. What is Booth perspective on applicants who have not told their employers that they plan to leave and therefore do not sumbit a LOR from a direct reporting supervisor?

Rose: That's a personal choice. It's best if we can get a recommendation from your direct supervisor but recognize it could be a negative if your employer is not supportive. As long as you explain your choice of recommenders in the box provided, there's nothing to worry about.

Amadeus: Please describe the grading system for the Booth full time MBA program. Does grade disclosure exist, is there a standard "curve" in place, and what honors are achievable?

Kelvin: Hi, we have a voluntary grade non-disclosure (GND) policy. Every year, students vote to keep GND or not. What this means is, we cannot disclose our GPA when we were recruiting for internship or full-time job. The benefit is, we can explore really challenging classes without worrying too much about the grade. There is a standard curve for each class, and Professors will give out "F". There is an "honor" distinction, but I am not sure what the criteria is.

Gregory: for one considering pursuing a JD and MBA, what is the sequence of events one should take? should one apply to the law school first or the business school?

Connie: Hi Gregory. If you know you want to do the joint JD/MBA, you may as well apply to both at the same time. (Though there is also the option to start one program and then apply for the other once you're already here.) If accepted to both programs, you can then decide where you want to start and end. For example, many students begin at the law school and end here at Booth in order to take advantage of Booth's recruiting resources.

FredNigeria: Under what conditions would you advise a full time MBA applicant to consider your Executive MBA program?. Is it based on age, number of years of work experience. If so please provide specifics

Rose: Typically, executive MBA students are mid-level managers with more than 12 years of work experience. This program is more of a general management program with the option to pursue a concentration in four areas. It's a question of fit, needs and time.

Michael: If we spend a decent amount of time on our application over the summer and feel confident to apply in round 1, would there be any advantage in applying in round 1 over round 2?

Kurt: There is not a significant difference from an evaluation standpoint between rounds one and two. The admit rates tend to be very similar as does the quality of the applicant pool. The advantage to applying in round one is more for the applicants peace of mind. You will have a decision earlier in the year which allows you to resolve you greater control over the search process. If you are admitted you are done and if you are not you have plenty of time to apply to other institutions or make other plans.

Gonzo: Kelvin, I have an investment banking background and I plan on staying in the field post-MBA. Have many Booth students been forced to change their expectations of finance or has placement been ok?

Kelvin: Business school is part of the reality, so it is definitely harder to get a job in the IB field as compared to the last few years. However, the good thing is, the top firms are still coming to Chicago Booth and hiring our students. The difference is that the number of hires is lower, and it may be harder to convert your internship in a full time position. A lot of my classmates are going outside the formal recruiting process and getting leads from our alumni.

sandeepgandhi: Hello Rose, Adcom: I'm a waitlisted candidate for Fall 2009 and will be visiting campus next week. Do you'll have any advice as to how I can make most out of my visit? Is there any way I can schedule an appointment to meet with a member of the adcom while I'm there?

Eddie: You may still have a chance to visit a class and speak with current students. We don't offer "waitlist" feedback so an admissions counselor can't go over your file with you. There's always an admissions counselor around to accept any additional information you want us to add to your file if you bring something with you.

DGJ: Good morning everyone and thanks for your time. I know that if I visit campus on july I won't be able to meet students, but will there be people from admissions around?

Connie: Hi DGJ. Yes, we in admissions are on campus all summer. Please check here for campus visit details: http://chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit.

sri: HI, thanks for your responses. How does Booth look upon scores obtained from UCLA online extension courses in math or the MBAmath.com curriculum, if I would like to build an alternate transcript to demonstrate pre-MBA quant skills?

Kurt: We would look at these classes as steps you have taken to highlight or improve MBA skill sets. We would hope that your performance is strong regardless where you take these courses so in the end we are more interested in the effort and outcomes rather than the institution.

FredNigeria: What do you think is the one defining factor for which GSB is known?

Rose: Critical thinking.

Lorpu: Where can prospective students find full descriptions of all full-time MBA courses?

Connie: Hi Lorpu. From Booth's home page, go to the "Booth Portal" link. At the portal, on the left side of the page, you will see links to our course listings.

Eastern: Hello , I have heared that an applicants from all over the world generally fall in different application pools . Are the applicants from the developing countries of eastern europe in a competitive pool? Do you seek to attract students from countries reprsented minority in the class?

Rose: Chicago Booth does not use any types of quotas in our selection process. Students are admitted based on quality and fit with our community. We do seek students from all over the world, which is why we travel to meet students in person throughout the fall.

Michael_weeks: Is it required that you are enrolled in Booth or at least already accepted to take the Pre-MBA statistics class?

Eddie: Pre-MBA classes are usually taken by matriculating admitted students.

prospective010: How has been the current yr's placement been with regard to the intl students (in the light of h1b restrictions for major banks/finance players)

Rose: Our international students have been faring the same as our domestic students. There are definitely challenges in the market place this year and students are having to work hard to get the jobs they want. There's more work to be done, but we're please with the efforts of our alumni, students, faculty and administration in helping our students be successful.

freespirit_6984: Kelvin, further to your reply. Do students, who have not undertaken basic finance courses stand at any disadvantage as compared to those who have?

Kelvin: When firms are looking for internship candidates, they look for relevant experience and dedication. So, if you don't have a strong finance background and want to pursue banking, you may want to load up with finance classes in the first quarter to show them that you are focused. Other than class work, student groups such as the Investment Banking Group (IBG) and Investment Management Group (IMG) will offer assistance and preparation as well. All career-focused student groups will give students the tools and materials to get them ready for the interviews.

Raheel: Would an applicant benefit significantly if a current Booth student were to submit a recommendation on his or her behalf?

Kurt: A recommendation from a student or an alum gives a unique insight into a candidats potential fit with the school. Given they are part of this community they can speak to how you fit with our culture and the potential you have to impact Booth as a student and beyond. Alumni and student endorsements can be powerful on this level but I would not say they will "significantly" impact the decision. A candidate still has to demonstrate strong fit and ability in the entire application.

CBGSB2010: I already have completed my MBA finance degree but that was a part-time course. The course gave me a good basic understanding and ignited my interest , especially in the field of finance. I feel I have the background knowledge and a fulltime MBA program like that of Chocago Booth will full-fill my appetite for learning and also the global exposure I need. I want to know how the admissions committee will look at my already existing MBA degree?

Rose: Chicago Booth does admit students who already have an MBA; making the case for why you need a second MBA will be key.

RKelly: How has the job placement been for the graduating class this year?

Rose: It's been slow but steady. The administration, faculty and alumni have been highly supportive and we're working with each student individually to ensure their success.

Daniel: For someone who lives in New York City, would it be the Admissions Committee expectation that any prospective applicants make an on campus visit during the Summer/Fall? Is this visit really the best way to show that I am serious about attending Booth, if I were admitted?

Eddie: We welcome anyone who wants to visit campus. This is a chance for you to gain a better perspective as you craft your essays for helping us to understand why Booth is a good "fit" for you. Many applicants who have never visited our campus take a trip out to see us for that reason.

Ben: I'm interested in the Health Administration Certificate - What additional admission requirements must be met for this program?

Connie: Hi Ben. You must first be admitted to Chicago Booth and then submit a short application to the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy. Admission is based on academic background, professional experience, and career interests appropriate to the health care field. You may also wait to apply to the program until you arrive on campus.

Eastern: Do you have any data about summer interniships? What percentage of 1st year students managed to get an internship ?

Rose: I do not have current stats at this point (nor do we share them in progress), but we are doing quite well with several weeks more of class to go. We expect that every student who wants an internship will have one by the time the summer begins.

XXX30: In addition to the other questions concerning job losses, I could add that I also lost mine. Unfortunately I can not afford volunteering, because I have to repay a huge loan from my undergraduate studies. For that reason right now I have a job that is outside of my field and is not that fancy and prestigeous as my previous one. How does this relate to my addmission chances?

Rose: Everyone has a particular story based on your personal circumstances. Transparency and honesty is what I recommend as you think about your MBA application.

G-346625656: Thanks Eddie. I presume there will be Adcom staff on Campus in Aug/Sept to at least give me a good flavour of the campus and facilities. I will be travelling from England and want to make the most of the opportunity.

Eddie: Sure. During office hours an admissions counselor is always around to help anyone get a better understanding of who we are.

KA: Do students in the IMBA program complete an internship abroad? Is there an added-value earning the IMBA degree as opposed to the 'regular' MBA?

Connie: Hi KA. IMBA students are not required to complete an internship abroad but do study abroad for one quarter. Details on the program can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/imba.aspx. For students interested in international business, the IMBA provides an opportunity to go deeper into that field and may differentiate their degree from other standard MBAs.

Rick: During the live event last week we were told that the classes that could help your application were typically graduate level. However, my local university required me to sign up for 2000 level classes as prerequsites to the graduate courses. Is this seen as "throwing a softball?" on an application?

Eddie: Not at all. Taking additional coursework to build on your academic record is a very positive component...at any level!

G-346642991: What type of health care concentrations are available at Booth? What percentage of graduating MBA students select a health care concentration?

Kurt: There is a growing number of students interested in HC. We have a certificate program at Booth called the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP), which combines coursework with Booth, the Med School, Public Policy and Social Services. This is a comprehensive program that give you great exposure to topics in healthcare, students from other University of Chicago School and a unique alumni population. Many people who pursue this path supplement their learning through the Healthcare Group on campus which has lecture series, conferences and other industry specific learning opportunities. I do not have a specific number of student who are pursuing this path but if you look up GPHAP on our website I am sure you will get much more specific informaiton.

Eastern: Hello , Do you seek to attract students from the countries not represented in the class at all even though they may not have as competitive applications as US students?

Rose: Chicago Booth seeks to attract the best students from around the world, which is why we recruit globally. We will only admit, however, students who are most talented and a good fit with the school regardless of citizenship.

applicant123: Good morning. Is it possible, at this point, for a waitlisted student to switch from a FT application to a part time? I am waitlisted at my two top schools, and I would rather work in Chicago than go to my safety school. If this is possible, would it increase my chances of admission, or is the part time program also oversubscribed? Thank you.

Rose: Why don't you e-mail me off-line for a further discussion.

vivek: Can recommendations be submitted online ?

Connie: Hi vivek. Yes, recommendations can be submitted online. When you provide the names and email addresses of your recommenders, we will send those recommenders a link to follow. Via that link, recommenders will be able to submit their letters for you.

Dinesh: Hi and thanks in adavance for taking my question. For a candidate who has mutliple GMAT score, how does Booth see these GMAT score? Will the admissions comittee look at eh most recent GMAT score or all the scores together?

Connie: Hi Dinesh. We look at your highest score as the score that applies for your application. That said, we will also see your past scores, as the report from GMAT includes all of them.

sandeepgandhi: given the flexbility of the program, there must surely be some courses that are extremely popular among the students. I understand Booth has an auction system for course-allocation? Do many students end up not getting their top-choice courses allocated as a result? what has your experience been over the past few years?

Kelvin: Hi Sandeep, you are correct. Sometimes you may not get the desired courses because your bid is not high enough. In business school, you will take "trade off" to a different level because there are so many things going on in two years. You may have to save up your points for the classes that you really like. There are so many classes offered in each quarter so that if student did not get their "top choices", they still can end up with really good classes. If that's the case, students may just have to delay taking their taking their "top choices" for another quarter or until they saved up enough points.

bschool2011: If accepted off the waitlist over the summer, is there ample time to find funding? When are the various financial aid deadlines?

Eddie: You can still apply for financial aid if you receive an offer from us over the summer. I would start looking now for options that you may have at your disposal at this time and if you get the "green" light you already have a nice head start.

NM: For those looking to rea-apply, what have previously admitted reapplicants done to improve their profile for admissions? Any particular suggestions?

Kurt: I would say you need to demonstrate some kind of development from one application to the next. How have you developed? What did you learn from your earlier experience? How have you matured or gained greater focus? Reapplicants who show some reflection and insight into this process are much more successful than those who simply apply again. We do have your old app on file and although we do not review it again we do have a history. Therefore being able to show progress form one app to the next is very important for success.

canada_sms: How do you see Booth evolving in the next 2-3 years? Is there anything Booth is trying to improve about itself and do you look for students who might be able to contribute to those strategic goals?

Rose: Broaden our reach internationally. That's largely a branding issue, but an important underlying premise for the school's success -- we're not just a US school.

Choko: Do you plan to attend any recruiting events for students in Mexico in the near future??

Connie: Hi Choko. Thanks for your question. Yes, we will be in Mexico in late August. Monterrey and Mexico City. Stay tuned here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events for event dates as they are posted.

som: -- Hello and thanks in advance for taking my question: I work for a well reputed company in Wisconsin and have received excellent ratings for last couple of years from management including VPs and Directors (including MBA holders). There was surprise when I received a Denied decision. Not sure who to talk to (since no feedback) and areas to improve before re-applying (since I am recognized as top performer). I have meetings scheduled with Booth alumni at my workplace to better assess my readiness and abilities. What other options would you recommend?

Rose: Often there is a disconnect to how people perceive you and how students present themselves in the application. I would recommend that you go back and re-read your application. Are there areas you missed or things you can strengthen. Go back and check your self assessment to see if you presented a well-rounded picture of your abilities and involvements. In addition, have one of your managers read your application from cover to cover to see if they can be of assistance to you.

Mircea: To what extent is the flexible curriculum a barrier for forging deep/ long term personal relations during the program? (in comparison with other schools which have a balanced mix between core and elective classes)

Kelvin: Thank you for the question! After I have been through the program for 2 years, I cannot imagine myself going through 1st year studying the core classes with the same classmates. I love interacting with different people, and being able to work with different talents for different classes is a big plus for me. There are so many social activities happening outside school that we have no problem knowing each other really well. Ask yourself this: do you want to spend time with the same 70 people for every class? I don't, and I still have made many, many close friends from Booth.

chris: I see that employment before and after graduation is about 90% of the entire class. Given the economic condition, do you see this % go down substantially?

Rose: It's too soon to tell if we will see changes on either side of the degree.

2010SeasonApplicant: A follow up question for one of Dean Martinelli's comments: what do you think has contributed to the increase in brand recognition that has contributed to the applicant pool growing in strength and size?

Rose: Lots of work with our alumni and corporate partners around the world; expanded admissions outreach; rankings; more media attention. Lots of work by lots of people.

chat: Hi there, I will have about 6 years of work experience by Fall '10. Given that, is it 'too late' to apply for the fulltime MBA program for 2010?

Eddie: The average number of years of work experience ranges from about 5-7 years, so you would fall into that range. We do not have a minimum or a maximum number of years of work experience to apply.

Dinesh: In this tough economic climate, potential job after graduate is uncertain. Can you explain what Booth career services have done to keep up with this tough job situation?

Kurt: This is a potentially long answer so I will stick with some highlights. There is more information on Career Services initiatives peppered throughout our website as well as a variety of internet and print publications. A simple Google Search should provide you with more depth. In light of this economy Chicago has responded by adding more staff to Career Services to improve our outreach and relationship building with companies. They have increased internship opportunities through dedicated work with alumni and our academic centers such as Polsky and Kilts. They have created more programming for dealing with this tough economy and increased their one-on-one mentoring opportunities. Each staff member is matched with a group of students which has facilitated much more meaningful opportunities for growth and career development. Most if not all of these initiatives have been unique to Booth.

take2: Do class visits begin again before the deadline for R1?

Connie: Hi take2. Class visits are happening now through June 5. They will begin again after the summer, beginning the second week of classes. This will give you time to visit before the Round 1 deadline in October. Watch here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx for visit dates in the fall.

Eastern: Do you offer any international program with any other university in the world?

Connie: Hi Eastern. We offer international student exchange opportunities through several international universities. Please see details here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/ibep.aspx.

Flamingo008: Are you planning to conduct an information session in India this year?

Connie: Hi Flamingo008. Yes, we will be in India in late August. Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. Stay tuned here for dates: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events.

Madhuri: How do you evaluate international grades? My college did not offer any class ranking or GPA?

Rose: We have a long experience of evaluating grades from institutions from around the world. We'll certainly focus on your transcripts and the grading system rather than GPA conversions (which are not required).

BCole: I am currently on the waitlist. Do you recommend I submit an update on my application if my current situation has changed?

Eddie: Hello BCole, It is always a good idea to update us on events that occur or changes to your situation that would be relevant to your candidacy. You can submit materials to admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu

G-346737701: Hi, I am a prospective International student to start in 2010 - was wondering about the interview process? Would I need to be interviewed in Chicago or are there alternative ways?

Kelvin: Hi, you do not have to come to Chicago to interview unless you want to. We offer interviews in all major cities around the world, and they will be conducted by alumni. They are no different from conducting interview on the Chicago campus. I had mine with an alumni in San Jose, California.

Luisa23: Does Booth have a diversity weekend dedicated to underrepresented minorities? If so, what are some of the activity descriptions of this event? If I have already taken the time to visit the campus, sit in a class and meet current students, do you suggest I come back for Diversity Weekend if I am not near Chicago?

Rose: Yes, Chicago Booth hosts a diversity weekend in the fall that covers the application, hosts panels and social events specifically targeted to the concerns from our applicants. The choice is completely up to you whether to make the trip back to Chicago, but this event will give you a different glimpse of the school.

MBAApplicant: Are there opportunities for spouses/children to participate in Booth's community?

Eddie: Yes. We have a Partner's Group and you can find that information on our website: www.chicagobooth.edu

Aj: What would you advise regarding a complete career change? I am in my late 30s with an arts background am looking to switch to business. Does admissions look fairly on older students with a complete non-business background?

Rose: Making a career change later in your career is challenging but very doable. I've certainly done it. I would encourage you to come visit campus and have a conversation with one of my team members. Talking to colleagues and alumni might help you better understand where you've been and where you want to go. Which will ultimately impact your success in getting into the MBA program and type of your choice.

vivek: Do we get loan for living expenses as well ?

Connie: Hello Vivek, This year students may use loan funds toward living expenses.

Michael_weeks: Are there benefits to attending full time compared to a part time program? For example, does being on campus daily allow you to experience more extra curricular activities or more general booth experiences that you wouldn't experience otherwise?

Kurt: PT vs. FT is completely a lifestyle choice given the degree and the academic experience is completely the same. If you are looking for a more comprehensive experience, being involved in clubs, speaker series, networking and career services events, social outings etc. FT might be a better fit. You can experience all of these thing through PT but the experience can be much more watered down gicen you are balancing a career amidst all of this. Again the choice depends on how comprehensive you want your experience to be and how you think you will be able to balance your life.

aegt: Will the admission timeline allow me to sit in on a class in Fall if I am planning to apply in R!

Connie: Hi aegt. Yes, our class visit program will begin again the second week of classes this fall. This will give you time to visit before the Round 1 deadline in October.

Eddie: Wow. Some great questions. Thanks for joining us!

Connie: Thanks everyone for chatting today! It was a pleasure!

Rose: Thank you so much for joining us today. Feel free to send any questions not answered today to our admissions@chicagobooth.edu e-mail. We'll make sure to get back to you shortly. Have a great day. Warm regards, Rose

Kurt: Great questions very hard to get to everything. Please continue to join us on future discussions.

Kelvin: Thanks for the question, everyone! Good luck with your application.