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April 9, 2009—11:00 AM-12:00 PM CST

Rose: Welcome everyone! We will start our chat right at 11am, but you can feel free to submit questions now. We look forward to talking to you soon.

Connie: Hello everyone! Connie Breuer, Associate Director of Admissions here. Welcome to the chat!

Kipp: Welcome everyone! My name is Kipp Davis, and I'm a first-year Booth student concentrating in Accounting, Finance, and Strategic Management. Before Booth I worked at a private wealth management firm in New York and I will be working in Equity Research at Barclays over the summer. I'll also be a LEAD facilitator for the class of 2011.

Rose: Good morning. Welcome to our chat. We look forward to answering your questions. Let's get started. Rose

Joanne: Hi everyone! My name is Joanne Legler and I'm on the Adcom staff at Chicago Booth Admissions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

chi409: Any advice for WLers beyond submitting letters and visiting campus?

Rose: While those may be good options for everyone, I would hope that you would spend some time reflecting on your application to see if there is anything that you would like to add, clarify, or strengthen. What you decide to submit and the frequency of your contact is up to you. Please use your judgment.

nbamba: What is the status/update on Round 3 applications? When can we expect the majority of interview invitations?

Connie: Hi Nbamba. Thanks for your question. We are currently reading Round 3 applications and have begun to extend interview invitations. These invitations will continue to go out through April 22nd.

G-268684204: I am currently a Junior in college, and I would like to know what exactly you guys are looking for in an applicant in terms of social work/community service and academics that would allow me to have an edge above the rest.

Connie: Hi G-268...What's important for us is to see that you are engaged with the world around you and interested in giving back to your community. The way in which each person decides to get involved outside of school and work will be different from person to person. Academically speaking, successful candidates have been thoughtful about their paths, challenged themselves, and excelled.

kart: Hi when can we expect the admissions for 2010 to start?

Joanne: Hi kart! The application will be available online in July 2009 for those planning to apply for admission to Chicago Booth in Fall 2010. We will have more details about Rounds and deadlines at that time.

JJ: Good Morning, I'm looking to start my MBA program in Fall 2011. What would you suggest for me to do until then to "help out" my application (i.e. Learn another language, Community Service, specific type of work experience, etc.)? I just graduated from my Undergraduate Program in May of 2008, I had three relevant and valuable internships during my Soph - Senior year, do you all take into consideration internships and if so, would that count toward the "recommended work experience" range?

Rose: It's great that you are starting early in your planning. One of the most important things you can do is to live your life fully. Don't get bogged down trying to do the right things to get into business school, but focus on following your passions, pushing yourself to contribute and grow in the work you are doing, and take advantage of your opportunities. Self awareness is very important, so you might want to take time to assess where you are on multiple levels from time to time over the next few years.

Musavir: Hey, I will complete my bachelors of business administration next year. I so want to join GSB, but I am confused if the administration wants any work experience as a 'requirement' :(

Connie: Hi Musavir. Work experience is not a requirement for admission to Chicago Booth. Candidates tend to have an average of 5 years of experience, but we have students who come straight from undergrad as well as students who have many years of experience. What's most important is knowing when it's the right time for YOU to do your MBA.

Becca: What is the percent of students that are admitted with 1-2 years work experience?

Rose: Since we are in the midst of the year, it's tough to predict where we will end up, but I imagine there will be roughly 10% of our class in the 1-2 year range.

Mentat: How do waitlist candidates get compared to 3rd round candidates? Are they at a disadvantage in any way?

Rose: Once we get past our Round 2 matriculation (May 1) we'll get a sense of what our needs are for Round 3 admissions. We will add back our waitlist candidates to Round 3 applicants. You will definitely have the benefit of an additional review along with the additional information you have submitted.

Mentat: Will the admissions officers be calling admits several days before the 3rd round deadline again?

Joanne: This always depends on whether or not we're able to complete the decision making process prior to the decision deadline. Traditionally, though, yes, we do phone admitted students the day or two prior to the deadline.

Sean: What kind of scholarships are there for people working in the Non-Profit arena, if any?

Joanne: Hi Sean. Currently, there is one fellowship for students who work or have worked for Teach for America. All of our scholarships are merit-based, and are awarded to students from all different backgrounds and industries. Some of our fellowships, like the TFA Fellowship, are specific to industry, citizenship or other factors.

chi409: There seemed to be a lot of WL candidates this year... do you feel that there is still room for R1 or R2 WLs?

Rose: Our waitlist is about the same size as it was last year. There is a good deal of uncertainty in the market this year so we are being slightly more conservative in our offers until we get a better sense of whether our predictors are accurate.

WaitlistBooth2011: Hi, Can you please let me know until when can the waitlisted students send updates to the application?

Joanne: Hi! Waitlisted students have until May 1st, 2009 to submit additional materials.

math_man: Have interiew invites already been sent out to round 3 applicants?

Joanne: Yes, we started releasing invitations to interview to Round 3 candidates yesterday. We will continue this process on a rolling basis through April 22nd.

Ben: I will be taking my GMATs in the summer, when is the earliest I could enroll?

Connie: Hi Ben. Thanks for your question. The next opportunity to apply for admission is in Round 1 this fall. Our Round 1 deadline is generally in October; the exact date will be released in July.

WaitlistBooth2011: I have resigned from my job because I have got admitted in some other school. But I'm still really interested in Booth where I'm waitlisted. Since I have resigned I do not have any professional updates. What updates can I send?

Rose: Your updates do not need to be solely related to your professional experience. Since you've recently resigned, you're likely to have other activities that may be relevant to highlight.

math_man: Is there a maximum number of applicants you will accept from a certain field, i.e., engineering, education, marketing?

Rose: Chicago Booth does not use any type of quota system based on backgrounds. While there may be two people from similar industries coming into the MBA, they may have very different aspirations and goals. We use a much more holistic approach.

BoothAdmit: Hi Rose, Just wondering if you've made any progress on the international student loans?

Rose: YES!!!! The first of the deals will be signed today, with a few more to be signed in the next two weeks. As soon as both parties have signed, I will be sending out details. I think you will be pleased with the range of options we have found.

qucik_sliver: Hi Rose ! I've heard that international students are facing problems in obtaining loans without co-signors. Is that true ? If yes, what steps are being taken to overcome this obstacle ?

Rose: I just answered a similar question. Yes, all top MBA programs have encountered problems in securing loans for our international students who do not have a cosigner due to the credit crunch. Chicago Booth has been hard at work looking for new options for our students. The first of them should be signed today/tomorrow, so we'll be sharing those details shortly. The other options will be announced shortly thereafter.

ProspectiveNYC2010: What is more beneficial to prospective students, the daily campus visit program or the Booth Live program?

Joanne: If you can come to a Booth Live event, please do! You'll get the added benefit of meeting a large number of other prospective students, as well as take part in special programming, such as a model class, an application review session and Q&A with Rose. We also invite students to that Friday afternoon's LPF, or Liquidity Preference Function, which is a fun, casual community gathering and tradition at Chicago Booth. However, our daily campus visit program is certainly valuable too, with the opportunity to sit in on a live class.

nacho: When do you expect to have the majority of interview invites sent out?

Connie: Hi nacho. We have begun to send out interview invites for Round 3 and will continue to do so through April 22nd.

Brittney: If one of your two recommendations does not come from your CURRENT manager, what kind of negative impact would that have on your application? If you believe that former managers or others within your current organization may be able to speak to your abilities better than you current manager, would it be more or less detrimental to your application to choose another person besides your current manager?

Connie: Hi Brittney. It is not required that you send a recommendation from your direct supervisor. If you are concerned that submitting a rec that is not from your current supervisor might look odd, just be sure to explain your choice of recommender in the application.

cristian: Hello. Thank you for organizing the admissions event last week -- it was very informative (and entertaining, nevertheless). Now, although I suspect what your answer is going to be, is there an upper limit for the admitted candidates when it comes to age and experience, respectively? Thank you. Cristian

Rose: Chicago Booth offers several different types of MBA programs to support the needs of our students at different point in their career (evening/weekend and executive). The question really boils down to what you need to be successful in your career understanding each of the benefits of these programs. There are tradeoffs to be made no matter which program you enroll in -- whether it's time, income, job opportunities, etc. But the bottomline is at Chicago you get the same education across all programs -- faculty and education.

Gela: Hello , I am interested is the good GMAT score a good compensation for poor undergraduate GPA?

Joanne: Our admissions process is holisitic, so all factors are considered equally when reviewing applications. While we hope to see a strong undergraduate GPA from our applicants, a strong GMAT score can help balance out a lower GPA in our evaluation of your academic potential at Booth. You could also consider taking a course or two to brush up on your academic skills in preparation for the MBA studies.

RJ3: With economic downturn and post-MBA salaries shrinkage, in what ways is Booth 1) updating its curriculum or classes to address lessons learned and 2) revisiting (or potentially restructuring) the cost of the MBA program?

Kurt: Booth keeps a very active finger on the pulse of the market and our students career goals. Over the past few years we have added numerous classes on Social Entreprneurship, Real Estate, Energy etc. to address both needs. In terms of our fundamental curriculum and the discipline based approach to managment eduation we employ that has not changed and I have no expectation that it will. As an instutuion we believe that you need to understand how organizations operate so that you can better understand, challenge and make critical decsions. This has been our approach for decades and will continue to be moving forward.

mbvaldezjr: About the requirements, do I need to submit all of my transcripts of record from undergraduate until my doctorate degree?

Connie: Hi mbvaldezjr. Yes, please do submit transcripts for all of your prior academic work.

ChicagoBooth_Aspirant: Hello Rose. Thank you for joining us this morning. Given the downturn in the world economy, how much has this affected job opportunities in the US?

Rose: Our students are doing very well across all programs despite the economic downturn. Our Career Services (along with the entire administration) has been working tirelessly with each student to help them find opportunities. It is a tough market out there, but we are all working together.

Becca: If you do not get accepted during the first round, so you continue to get reviewed during the 2nd and 3rd?

Connie: Hi Becca. If you are denied in the first round, that is the end of your application for the year. We will not review your application during second or third round, but you are free to reapply in the following application year.

G-268698681: Hello everyone, basic question, Did you started to send round 3 interview invitations?

Connie: Hi G-268...Yes, we have begun to extend interview invitations to Round 3 applicants. We will continue to do so through April 22nd.

Nirav: I am on the waitlist and have two people who wanted to submit recommendations, can they submit recommendations as part of my additional information?

Kurt: Nirav, they are more than welcome submit additional recommendations. I would simply follow the protocol for submission articulated in your letter and the communications sent to you from our office.

Daniel: Has the GMAT score average of admits gone up this year?

Kurt: Daniel, it is too early to release this information as we still are evaluating applicants for round 3 and getting acceptances from round 2. My expectation is that when all is said and done our numbers will be competitive with last year.

jwtoto: Good morning. Can you provide some color on what you have seen from yields from R2 so far as it pertains to how you may make offers from the waitlist?

Rose: We had a very strong yield from our offers in Round 1. It's too soon to tell from our Round 2 offers. That certainly will determine how many students will be admitted from the waitlist or Round 3.

Muhammed: Is there a possibility that a second round applicant who made it onto the waitlist, could still be on the wait list after 5/13/09

Rose: That's absolutely possible.

Angel: Hello all. Thanks for the chat. Regarding the merit based scolarships, can you point us to the best resource for finding these?

Joanne: Hi Angel. All merit-based scholarships given by Chicago Booth are awarded at the time of admission. There is nothing specific you need to do as an applicant. There are other, outside sources available through a variety of organizations as well.

Ola: Does the Singapore campus offer Full time MBA?

Connie: Hi Ola. The full-time MBA program is offered only here in Chicago. The Singapore campus is home to Executive MBA program students.

Midd04: Have you experienced an increase in waitlisted candidates this year given the surge in applications? Do you anticipate accepting a larger percentage of waitlisted applicants this year given the economy?

Rose: Chicago Booth uses the waitlist to gauge the pool and to monitor flow. Because of market uncertainty, we don't want to over admit and end up with a class that's too large. The waitlist helps us manage that uncertainty.

pd603: In terms of recommendation letters, do you value most letters from colleagues, professors or other contacts?

Joanne: We require two letters of recommendation; one must be professional, from a current or former supervisor. The other one can be from whomever you choose, and can include professors, mentors, volunteer coordinators. The choice is up to you, and the choice itself can be as crucial as the content of the letter.

sandeepsg: Did you see a spike in applications this year? How about in round 3 specifically?

Rose: Applications overall have been solid this year -- a good increase domestically, and a bit of a decrease internationally.

Gela: Do you require any minimum level of GPA? How important is it?

Connie: Hi Gela. Good question. There is no minimum GPA. We thoroughly consider all applicants, regardless of GPA. That said, the average GPA for our incoming students is 3.5 (of 4.0). Though it's not all about the numbers, academic performance is certainly a critical factor as we make admission decisions.

CvilleScott: Can/should waitlisters come to admit weekend?

Joanne: Admit Weekend is an event specific to students who have been admitted to Chicago Booth only. We do not offer a regular campus visit program that day. We encourage waitlisted and prospective students to use good judgment and visit on another day instead.

mbvaldezjr: I would like you know if you have plans of conducting any admission event here in Japan

Kurt: We will defintely have some recruiting events in Japan this Fall. We are in the process of setting our calendar for this fall and I would expect specific travel dates will be publicly released early this summer.

Brittney: When do you expect to begin posting information in regards to admissions for full-time beginning Fall 2010?

Joanne: Hi Brittney. We will post the application online for admission for Fall 2010 in July of this year. We will also post all deadlines at that time.

ChicagoBooth_Aspirant: What aspects do you judge/weigh in an early career applicant?

Kurt: My advice as an early career applicant is you should be able to convince the committee through your appication that there is some urgency to you forgoing formal work experience to get your MBA now vs. waiting. We do not focus on years of work experience rather how well you understand the value of an MBA and your immediate ability to contribute this environment. IF you can convince us of your readiness for this next step it does not necessarily matter how many years of experience you have under your belt.

Uber: There is a quite a lot of buzz in the media about how business schools are in part responsible for the financial debacle the world economy is now facing. Has Chicago Booth done anything to change its curriculum?

Rose: This is a very meaty question and will be tough to address in this format. But let me offer a few points. The underlying principles of economics and business have not changed. Chicago Booth's commitment to providing a rigorous education in the fundamentals remains unchanged. We have recently updated our curriclum to provide great flexibility and choice. Second, understanding organizations and markets are central to decision-making. There is much to be learned and I can say that Chicago is playing a central role in these conversations.

G-631292915: Have loan options for domestic students been adversely affected by the current economic situation?

Kurt: Loan options for domestic students have been unaffected by current economic situations.

Bo: When do you deliver your final decision to the waitlist candidates?

Rose: The next round of decisions for Round 3 and waitlisted candidates is May 13. After that date, decisions regarding the waitlist will be released every other week.

applicant_9887: Good morning! Rose, going by your blog post of March 26, is it fair to assume that the number of waitlisted students who would eventually be admitted would be greater than what Booth may have admitted in the past?

Rose: Here's my favorite reponse: "it depends". All our decisions from this point forward will be based on our Round 2 responses to our offers. So we may admit more, or less depending up that outcome.

ChicagoBooth_Aspirant: Can we apply for the MBA program in confidence? If yes, what kind of recommendations would be accepted (previous employer, clients)?

Kurt: If you wish to keep your application confidential from your current employer you absolutely can go to a previous employer for a recommendation. If you do that though you need to articulate in your application why you have not included a current employer as a primary recommender.

Peter: Can you comment on what things you think really differentiates the Booth experience from say Columbia, Kellog, Wharton, or Harvard? What's different about the Booth student, specifically?

Kipp: Hi Peter, great question. I can only speak from my experiences at Booth, but the flexible curriculum has really been valuable for me and my classmates. For those who know what they want to do, a focused curriculum can really help Booth stand out in recruiting and during their internships. For those who aren't as sure, Academic Services and Career Services have done a great job for helping some of my friends tailor their curriculum to pursue their interests.

Booth_NYC: With regards to the update letter, can you provide advice as to what is consider optimal length and what is too long? Thanks.

Joanne: I'm unclear as to your current status, but if you are a waitlisted student, please use your best judgment and update the committee only with new or updated information. There is no optimal or recommended length.

Bo: For the international candidates who are on the waitlist, will you consider them earlier for the sake of visa issue?

Rose: At this point, there is plenty of time for our international students to get visas. We recognize that once we get beyond June, that will change.

G-268699512: Hi all, my question is regarding Booth´s international campuses. Is it possible for admitted MBA students in the US to take some courses in the Singapore or London campuses?

Connie: Hi G-268...Only Executive MBA program students take courses at our Singapore and London campuses.

JKelley11: Assuming no scholarship is awarded, is it likely for an admitted applicant to get full-financing i.e. tuition plus cost of living expenses?

Joanne: Yes; both domestic and international students have access to loan options that cover the full costs of tuition and living expenses. Domestic students also have access to federal loans.

Yohon: Regarding transcripts, do you need official transcripts during the application review or will un-official transcript copies suffice?

Connie: Hi Yohon. Unofficial transcripts will suffice for the initial review of your application. However, if you are invited to interview, you will then need to arrange to have your official transcripts sent. Your interview invite will include a specific deadline for official transcript submissions.

Yohon: Good morning, if an application is rejected for admission, will there be an opportunity to get feedback on the application?

Joanne: Hi Yohon. Unfortunately, Chicago Booth does not offer individual feedback to applicants.

Gerald_Toronto: What are the characteristics of an applicant who is likely to earn a merit based scholarship?

Joanne: There is no profile for scholars as merit-based awards are given to our most competitive candidates in the given pool. In general, scholarships are awarded to those who demonstrate past or current academic success, a strong record of success in their careers and involvement in activities and hobbies outside of work or school.

deepblue: Typically how long does it take for international students to organize study visa etc. and therefore when is the latest that Chicago Booth plans to take waitlist decisions for international applicants?

Kurt: That is a difficult question to answer universally, because processing time depends greatly on the country you are coming from. I can tell you we are very sensitive to this issue and will try not drag out the WL process for international students in particular. My sense is from previous experience that if decsions are released in May international student overall will have plenty of time to get their documentation in to secure their visa.

ProspectiveNYC2010: How can one learn more about the Chicago Booth Fellowships? If I have questions about a particular fellowship, Distinguished Fellows, who would I best be able to talk to?

Joanne: You can learn more about Fellowships on our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/ or, if you are an admitted student, on the Admit Website. Specific questions can be directed to our staff either via phone or email at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

G-268684568: Are couples that applied together considered for admission together or separately?

Rose: In the first rounds of evaluation, couples are evaluated separately. When it comes down to the final decision, we take into consideration their partnership. Ultimately, the decision is about the quality of the individual.

Chicago_gsb: Hello ... I am looking to apply for Fall2010. I was recently laid off and am wondering how will that 'time-off' reflect on my application?

Kurt: Given this economy you are not alone in this department and we are very sensitive to the challenges people are facing finding jobs. Undestanding this we will not penalize people for not having current employment but we will look to understand what you are doing with your time. How have you used the time away from a job, obviously job search will take up a considerable amount of time, but what else are you focusing on? This can be different for everyone but it will be useful for us to know. Uber: Having spoken to a few MBA grads from Chicago and other schools, Chicago Booth's reputation is that of a "finance" school. Could you comment on the accuracy of this statement and what exactly it means?

Kipp: There's no question that Booth has a great reputation in finance, and I think that's driven by some of the outstanding contributions faculty from Booth have made in the field of finance. However, I've personally been very impressed with the non-finance courses just as much (if not moreso) as the finance courses. I took a competitive strategy class last quarter and it was probably the most valuable class I've taken thus far.


Rose: Fee waivers for our international college students are provided by petition to the admissions committee.

G-268645015: Hello everyone! I am on the waitlist and I do consider visit the school. However, since I am from Brazil, I only have a chance to fly on our next holiday, (May, 1st). Is the admissions office open on that day? Thank you!

Connie: Hi G-268...I'm glad to hear that you may have a chance to visit. Yes, we are open for visits on Friday, May 1st. You can find all details regarding our hours and visit dates here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/visit/dailycampusvisit.aspx#exclusion.

Gerald_Toronto: Can you please provide an update on the employment statistics for the summer internships for the Class of 2010 and full-time employment offers for the Class of 2009? Any commentary on the outlook or tips for the incoming Class of 2011 would be helpful as well.

Rose: We do not provide stats externally until the year has been finalized. We're on par with our peers, but our academic year does not end until early June, so we have a long way to go.

G-268684568: How do you consider dual citizens? As US applicants or international applicants?

Rose: If you are a dual citizen (with the US as one of them), you will be categorized in our system as a US citizen.

JohnGalt: Can you please comment on the amount of weight that is put on the inverview? Thank you.

Joanne: The Chicago Booth admissions review is holistic in its approach, so no one factor is weighed more than another. The interview is a great way to get to know someone in person and on a deeper level beyond what is in the application, and we certainly consider it one of many crucial pieces of the puzzle.

jf903: Hello, I am planning to apply Booth 2010. I am an architect working in Washington DC. I am interested in Real Estate investment and stratedgy development. I want to know how I can be trained in Booth MBA program on that if I have chance to study there. Thank you!

Kipp: Hi jf903, I know we have at least three real estate classes, one of which is focused specifically on real estate transactions. We also have a real estate lab class called the "Real Estate Challenge", which involves creating and presenting a real estate proposal for the Chicago area.

Joe: One of my recommenders told me that they are not sure if their recommendation went through, but the application status says submitted. Is there a way I can be certain that the recommendation was properly submitted and not corrupted by technical difficulties?

Connie: Hi Joe. Thanks for your question. No worries: if your recommendation had not come through, you would have heard from us. We would have let you know that it was missing.

ChrisMBA2011: Is it permissable to ask for constructive feedback from your interviewer?

Rose: In a word - no. Our resources are constrained.

Haitham: For the second time you omit my question! Is there any reason?

Kurt: Haitham, for whatever reason we have not received any questions from you. Please submit your question again and we will do our best to address it.

ProspectiveNYC2010: As someone who is looking to cross over into nonprofit/government, Chicago has a very strong brand in relation to finance. Can you speak about the courses or experience for those looking to go into nontraditional industries and the help of the Career Services center on helping students pursue jobs in nonprofit/government?

Rose: Chicago offers a very broad based education in the fundamentals of business. Regardless of whether you work for a for-profit or non-profit, the tools are the same. We also offer coursework in policy through the Harris School and a variety of social entrepreneurship courses. Because of our flexibility, it is very easy to put together a curriculum that suits your goals. As for career services, non profit and governmental work is a growing interest for our students, and so we are working hard to proactively meet this demand.

Rose: Thank you so much for joining us this morning. I apologize for leaving the chat a few minutes early, but I'm off to a meeting regarding our international loans. Have a great weekend!

Thomas: Chicago Booth is known as a quant school. I have already taken Statistics, but have not taken Calculus. I didn't see a Calculus requirement on the website. In addition, since there is so much flexibility in the curriculum is it necessary to have a Calc course. Ideally, I would like to take one before starting the MBA program anyway, if I can fit it into my schedule.

Kipp: Hi Thomas, I would say from my personal experience that having a strong background in Calculus is not a requirement for most students. It definitely would help for an Analytical Finance concentration but is probably not necessary for most other concentrations. I didn't have much calculus experience before Booth (some in high school and one class in college), and it hasn't held me back thus far.

jf903: Hello, How much percentage of international students been admited to Booth each year?

Kurt: Traditionally our international population makes up about 1/3 of the class plus or minus.

G-268802886: where do most Booth students live? Hyde Park? Downtown? I am applying in Round 3. Would campus housing be available to me?

Kipp: Most students live in either Downtown, Lincoln Park, or Hyde Park, although many students live in other areas such as Bucktown, Wicker Park, South Loop, etc. As far as campus housing, there is graduate housing available so that is definitely an option.

G-268698681: I hava scheduled an campus visit the 20th of April. Do you have any suggestion to maximize the value of my visit? Maybe talk with someone? Thanks

Joanne: We suggest you take advantage of all of our offerings--you can visit both a morning and afternoon class, take part in our information session and take a tour of our building. You will have the chance to have lunch with our students too, so you'll get a full experience while you're here, including access to our staff. If you have specific requests beyond that, please email us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

Ruso: Hi, in the prevailing enviroment of few job opportunites, how does Chicago Booth prepare its students to survive the crisis?

Kipp: Hi Ruso, this is an area where I think Booth has really distinguished itself. From my experience, Career Services has been fantastic about connecting with alumni to find job opportunities that might have otherwise been unavailable. In particular, they have really been active with off-campus job postings now that on-campus recruiting has ended.

Connie: It was great chatting with you all this morning. Enjoy the rest of your day, and do be in touch!

Kurt: Thanks for taking the time to join us, hopefully this was helpful. All the best.

Joanne: Thanks for chatting with us today. I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

Kipp: Thanks so much for all of your questions, and best wishes with the application process.