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February 5, 2009—11:00 AM-12:00 PM CST

Kurt: Hello Everyone, and welcome to our chat! Thanks for joining us. Feel free to start submitting your questions. We'll begin the chat right at 11:100am CST.

Rose: Welcome to our monthly Booth chat. We are open to any and all types of questions. Let's get started. Rose

Stefan: Hi, my name is Stefan, and I am a first year MBA student concentrating in Analytic Finance. Before Chicago Booth I worked in the Insurance Industry in France. This summer I will intern in Sales and Trading in London. At Chicago Booth I am a member of the European Business Group, Investment Banking Group, The Wine Club, and Risk and Gaming Club.

Kurt: Thanks for joining us today and I look forward to answering your questions.

chaks5: Hi, is there any update on the international student loan scenario? i see in your website that you are in talks with some banks..

Rose: As I mentioned on my blog, we are in the midst of negotiating terms with a couple of vendors. We are meeting on a regular basis and hope to be able to announce the new programs in the next few months. Thanks for your patience. I can say with confidence that we will definitely have a loan program for our international students who do not have a cosigner.

steps_mba: Hi, could you please elaborate something about scholarships (are they still available in round2) and loans? Thank you.

Kurt: Scholarships are available for second round admitted students. Loans are also available. For more specifics, you can refer to Rose's answer above.

steps_mba: Hi Rose, I had my interview last week have a couple of questions: A) is round2 more competitive than round1? B) approximately, what is the fraction of applicants who are invited for an interview, and what is the fraction of interviewed applicants who are finally admitted?

Rose: Congratulating on completing your interview. We are still evaluating applications and are about 50% through, so it is too early to predict what our final invitation rate will be. And until I start reading your files after the application, I'm not sure what the admit rates will be. These decisions are truly individual.

kSaid: hi... how are the international applications compare with past years' in terms of quantity and quality?

Rose: We are still very much in the midst of evaluating application so I don't have a full assessment of the quality. But of the applications I have reviewed, I've been very impressed with the quality. As for the quantity of international applicants, we've seen a slight decline there largely due to the uncertainty of the market, uncertainty about the loan program and economic turmoil worldwide.

MikeL: Rose - is there any advantage to interview early? that is - does admissions review apps as soon as each interview is completed or wait for ALL interviews to be completed?

Rose: There is no advantage or disadvantage. Once we get the interview report back, your file will be distributed to one of my associate directors for the next evaluation. It's a very iterative process.

Booth-or-Bust: Please describe how the interview is incorporated into the application? If I feel like I could have been stronger in my essays about why Booth, can I drive that point home in my interviews and the admissions committee will use the feedback to augment my essays?

Kurt: The interview is another piece of information which provides texture to the overall application. The interview is designed to get at your fit with the school, so in some respect it can be seen as an extension of your essays. The interviewer will guide you through the process with his questions so although it is advisable to be prepared with the messages you would like to convey I would not try and push your objectives rather let them come out in the process.

sagar: How important is an Interview ? And what do you look for in interviews ?

Rose: The interview is a requirement for admission to Chicago Booth. However, it is not the make or break component. It is just another evaluation metric in your application. At this point, the interview explores your communication skills, your path/plan, and your overall fit to the community. It is really a conversation where you are interested not only in conveying your message but getting to know and understand the interviewer. Make sure you create the rapport.

Irina: Hello! My friend and I submitted our applications on the same day. However the status of his application changed to "complete" in a couple of days, while that of mine only on the 28 of January. Does it have any influence on our probabilities to be admitted?

Rose: Not at all. The process of completing application files is purely random -- it's a process of opening your online application and confirming all the components (along with printing and distribution). It has no bearing on the probablity for admission.

gianfranco: I applied second round. My application status is listed as "Complete". If I have not recieved an interview invitation till now, is it safe to assume that I am not being considered?

Kurt: Complete status simply means your application is under review. Interview invitations are still going out as we are still reviewing applications. At this point if you have not heard from us it does not mean anything other than your application is still being reviewed and a decision to interview has not officially been made.

alebolivia: Coming from a non-typical background for an MBA (law), how does the Booth MBA help these students in this transition and or/career change?

Stefan: I personally know several students holding law degrees from the US and from abroad and they are all considering a career change. For example one of my friends with JD degree just got an offer from an investment bank in New York. So yes, the MBA degree from Chicago Booth is really valuable for someone who is thinking about a career change.

EricL: Good morning, thank you for hosting the chat. I am wondering if there is any possibility of joining the Chicago Booth Live event on Feb 20. I would like to schedule my interview on the 21st while visiting the campus on the 20th. Thank you very much.

Rose: Chicago Booth Live might be full at this point, but I would encourage you to send us an e-mail to see if you can squeeze in a visit that date. If you have been invited to interview, you should be able to go online and schedule your on campus interview through the application system.

MikeL: Rose - I've attended the info session, visited the Booth campus, spoke to alums, researched the GSB on the web. what else would you recommend that I do to learn about the U of Chicago school and culture before an interview?

Rose: Sounds like you are doing a great job in learning about the Booth community. The only recommendation I have would be that you replace GSB with Booth in your interview.

Pblex: Dear Sir, I wish to apply Chicago Booth for the next round and would like to know whether there is a minimum GMAT score to reach in order to be eligible to apply. If not, is there any "expected" GMAT score?

Kurt: There is no minimum GMAT score to apply to Booth. The GMAT is one piece of the application and the maker or breaker of it. Certianly to be competitive it helps if your score is within our range of scores but is not a requirement. Our 80% range is from 640-760.

CvilleScott: How do students engage with the city? Is it a real option for activity given how busy students tend to be?

Stefan: It is true that we are very busy at Chicago Booth especially during the recruiting season. However there are many opportunities to be engaged with the community, especially through the Giving Something Back student group. For example I participated in a renovation project of Washington Park which is situated near the University of Chicago campus.

formerTrader: I recently was made redudant (Nov) from a wall street bank. How would that affect my candidacy?

Rose: It won't affect your candidacy at all. We are going through extraordinary times, and layoffs are global. I'm sure this is tough on you, so make sure you are able to think through the impacts of this on your life, and what you want to do with your time moving forward. That's likely to come up in the interview.

MikeL: Rose - Chicago must get quite a number of elite candidates with similar profiles. What are 1-2 things you feel really distinguishes between one candidate from rest of the crowd?

Rose: Two things -- it really boils down to your own sense of self and ability to link to your path and plan. The other aspect is how well you have leveraged your opportunities/resources in life. There are a number of other aspects as well, but these two rise to the top.

RJ: Would the Adcom be visiting Mumbai for interviews?

Kurt: At this point we do not anitipate anyone on our staff having to travel abroad to conduct interviews. Our alumni are able to conduct the interviews we have outside of Chicago.

MikeL: Rose - if you have to give one piece of advice to interviewees, what would it be?

Rose: Take the time to create a rapport with the person interviewing you. While there may be a lot that you want to cover, taking this time will help create a conversational environment rather than a typical screening environment.

Jacob: Given the current struggles with the economy--particularly with the financial markets--are you seeing an increase in applicants from particular sectors?

Rose: At this point, I'd have to say that no particular sector stands out. I have seen an increase in domestic applications since these economic conditions make it an ideal time to go back to school -- forgone opportunities/salaries are down and retooling for the future makes sense.

BocaFan: Two Questions: First, what are the main challenges for an applicant applying in the 3rd round? Second, since the deadline for the Master's in Area Studies has passed, is it possible to apply for the Master's once a student is enrolled?

Kurt: The challenges for a third round applicant are primarily that space in the class is smaller by the third round. Class space are filled as we go and although we leave space to take students in round 3 the volume is not as great as one and two. Aside from this the same evaluation standards and processes apply for round 3 applicants as in round 1 and round 2. In terms of applying to Area Studies you can apply in your first year here if that is something you wish to pursue.

Mike_1: I would appreciate if you would provide an update on whether there has been a change in the mix of recruiters that are visiting the business school in the past 12 months given the deterioration in the economy as well as the issues facing Wall Street. Also, could you give us a sense on the percentages of current students that have found (a) an internship for the summer of 2009 and (b) full time employment?

Rose: Yes, there has been a shift in the types of recruiters coming to campus. Obviously, the bulge bracket banks are not hiring nearly at the levels in the past. However, Booth has been very aggressive since the summer establishing new relationships with companies in a variety of industries and expanding the number of fuctions that companies recruit for here.

G-136834136: What is the period defined for the "second round" interviews?

Eddie: The dates are February 9, 2009 through March 3, 2009

Alison: Stefan, can you please speak to how first year students are able to prepare for recruiting with relatively few courses under their belts at the time of recruiting?

Stefan: Courses are not enough to get prepared for the interviews, especially in investment banking or consulting. It is expected from the students to do additional readings to prepare for the technical part of the interviews. The student groups are very helpful and provide training, advices, and mock interviews. And because of the flexible curriculum in Chicago Booth, you can choose some relevant courses to your career aspiration from the first quarter.

jerwest: Hello to Rose and the Admissions Staff! I am an R1 waitlisted candidate from R1. I would like to send a waitlist cover letter, but I am unsure of what to include in the letter, since no feedback from my application is available. In the past, what type of information has been submitted by waitlisted candidates in the waitlist letter to gain admission?

Rose: What you submit to support your candidacy is up to you. What I would recommend is that you take time to read your application and spend some time contemplating about what you think would help to add value to your current application. We will not be reviewing the waitlist until early March so you have plenty of time to take a more introspective approach.

Vic: I'm a R2 applicant and had a question regarding the competitiveness of getting into Lab courses like the PE/VC lab. Are these courses accessed through the bid system or by application? If by application, what are the chances of students having the opportunity to participate?

Stefan: The PE/VC lab is accessible through application. The admission is competitive, but if you are motivated and have relevant prior experience it is possible to get admitted. The PE/VC lab is a great place to get involved with this industry, because it provides the opportunity to work with real VC firms.

G-136903947: I'm flying in for an on-campus interview on a Saturday. Will there be any additional programming I can take part in, or will the campus largely be closed?

Kurt: Congratulations on being invited to interview and good luck in the process. As far as programming we will have students around to answer questions and talk to interviewees but aside from that we will not have more formal programming. There are no classes offered on Saturday's in Hyde Park and there are no formal programs that take place. My suggestion would be if you want to participate in these types of activities perhaps you can make arrnagments to come in on Friday or stay through Monday.

Ken: Good Morning. Will interview requests be sent on the Mid-Decision date or will all interviews be extended previous to the 18th?

Eddie: The invites to interview will end by Mid-decision date.

MikeL: Rose - are all on-campus interviews done by 2nd year students or are some done by alums / admissions officers?

Eddie: On-campus interviews are done by 2nd year students. If you do a Super Saturday event you may be interviewed by alumni as well.

CharlieR: What value is there in completing the International MBA as opposed to completing a standard MBA and opting for international courses and studying abroad?

Rose: You can achieve the same things without pursuing the IMBA degree. The IMBA provides additional support and gives those students some preference in the selection of the exchange program options. Of course, you will need the required language component to get your IMBA.

Midzer: how much weight is put on the recommendations? it is difficult sometimes to get busy professionals (supervisors, etc.) to dedicate a lot of their time to writing long and flowing recommendations ....will a concise but insightful recommendation be just as good as one that is long?

Kurt: We do not really concern ourselves with the length of a recommendation rather how insightful they are into a candidates abilities and potential fit with our MBA program.

RJ: Can you shed some light on the next stage in the admissions process after the interviews are completed?

Eddie: After your interview is completed the committee reviews the files again with the interview report. That gives your file at least 3 separate "reads" by the committee before a decision is rendered.

Tag102: What exactly does the interviewer know about the interviewee?

Eddie: The interviewer only has your resume. He/she has not read your file.

henry: Stefan, could you please tell me about the activities of the European Business Group, especially as they might pertain to Eastern Europe and the CIS?

Stefan: The European Business Group is mainly targeted to help students recruiting in Europe. The EBG is organizing the London Trek for students interested in industry and consulting. There was the Investment Management Trek in London and I participated in London Banking days. The majority of the students work in Western Europe, but I know several people who interned in Moscow.

applicant5: Will the interviewer have read my essays, or are they only supplied a copy of the resume that I uploaded?

Rose: The interview is blind, meaning the intervewer has not read your application. The only material the interviewer will have in advance is your resume. Therefore, it is very important that you can tell your story as if it were the first time in the interviewer.

yyz2011: How will the $300 million from Booth be spent and when? Thanks.

Rose: The Booth gift is a partnership share of the DFA which will continue to be managed by them. We will get annual income from the gift which will be put towards maintaining the pre-eminence of the school, faculty and their research.

D123456: hi, approximately how many days / weeks after the interview has been completed, can one expect to receive a final admission decision?

Eddie: For round 2 the final decisions are released on March 25, 2005. For round 3 - May 13, 2009.

Hector_Lozano: Hi Kurt, good morning. I am a R2 applicant and have been invited to an interview. How different will an on-campus interview be compared to an off-campus?

Kurt: In terms of evaluation there is no difference. We weigh both the same. On campus you will interview with a current student, off campus with an alum. Other than the expereince both interviews should be fairly similar.

Polka: Hi. Thank you for holding this session. Stefan, can you please throw some light on how the summer internship placements are looking this year? Especially in investment banking and private equity.

Stefan: Because of the global economical crisis there are fewer spots this year in Investment Banking and the recruiting was indeed very competitive. However Chicago Booth is a core school for all bulge bracket banks and we have seen many new boutique banks recruiting on campus this year. Private Equity recruiting has not really started yet, so I cannot speak about it.

Joey_2: For a prospective student interviewing on campus and also taking the opportunity to tour campus is 1 day enough to do both?

Eddie: If your interview is completed before 11:30am you can still do the tour.

G-136921588: Recognizing the financial aid application process for an individual applicant does not typically begin until after admission, should I go ahead and note Chicago Booth as a recipient of my FAFSA report if filing early?

Rose: Yes, that makes a lot of sense.

everestcap_1: Hi, I'm an international applicant, would it be advisable for me to apply in Round 3? What are the general obstacles for an international applicant in round 3?

Rose: There is always room for great applicants in all rounds at Booth. There are no real obstacles in applying in that round since classes do not begin until September, which will provide you with plenty of time for you to apply for your student visa.

Alexey: Hello Rose! If I will be having interview in Germany, in which language will it be held? Or is it always in English? Thanks

Eddie: Auf Englisch, bitte.

Bucks: Does Booth offer feedback to applicants who are not admitted regarding areas of their application that could use improvement?

Rose: Unfortunately, no. Since Booth can no longer provide feedback opportunities to all students who request it, we decided to discontinue that process a few years ago.

Soni: Hi Everyone. This is Soni, I have question for Stefan. Can you describe what were your expectations from Booth and how much is fulfilled in first year?

Stefan: My expectations from Chicago Booth were to help me in my career change, to provide me with high quality academic experience, and to help me expand my network. So far I managed to achieve all my goals. It was not easy, especially the recruiting part, but the school is very supportive and provided me with the necessary tools to succeed.

G-136894801: How important is community service, extracurricular involvement to the adcom? I work in a competitive finance sector and have limited hours in the day.

Kurt: We certainly understand that work load often detracts from one's ability to formally involve themselves in extracurricular activties. We do not concern ourselves with the volume of activity but rather the qualtiy of it. At the end of the day we are trying to understand what kind of contributor you will be on campus. Are you someone who will be engaged in our community or solely focused on your own development.

Josh_1: Can I hand over the my transcripts (official) to the interviewer?

Eddie: If you interview on campus. If you have an alumni interview you need to send them to us before the interview is conducted.

Midzer: Stefan, what has been your favorite class so far and why?

Stefan: My favorite class so far is Financial Instruments with Professor Constantinides. It is a great class focusing on derivative products such as futures, forwards, options, and swaps. Second years told me that this class will be very valuable during my internship on the trading floor.

Irina_1: At what point of application process should official GMAT scores be submitted?

Eddie: Ideally, we would like to have the GMAT score when you submit your file. No official decision can be rendered without one.

hotspot: Acknowleding that all schools round out their student body, Chicago has a reputation for attracting quantitatively driven applicants (i.e. engineers and math majors). What type of impact would you say this has had on the culture of Chicago Booth.

Rose: Actually, that is a misperception about our students. We seek students from all educational backgrounds and experiences. Chicago Booth's flexible curriclum affords a great education to folks with lots of quantitative experience as well as beginners. I'm just finishing my executive MBA at Chicago and my undergraduate and masters training was in music and I'm have a great time in the program (it's been hard, but amazing).

bear: Good morning, and thank you for hosting the chat. I hope you are all stayiing warm. I was wondering what your thoughts are about being waitlisted, and if there is truly any hope to an acceptance?

Kurt: There is always hope if you are on the waitlist. We readily take people from it every year and I am confident this year will be no different. The best thing you can do if you are on the waitlist is follow the instruction we provide and keep us updated on your interest and any developments that might impact your candidacy. One caveat: do not go overboard on updates or touching base, remember it's quality over quantity. I hope this helps.

rodrigogarza: I applied together with my long-time girlfriend who already had an invitation to interview. How are applications analyzed for couples?

Rose: We are only about 50% through the evaluation process. As long as you indicated that you were applying with a spouse/partner, we'll take it from there. If you did not make it clear, send a note to the admissions e-mail account.

Alex_1: During the interview, when we are asked to walk through my resume, am I allowed to have the resume on my hand, or should I completely memorize it by heart?

Eddie: We assume that you know what's on your resume. If you need to refer to it that's OK but I don't encourage to go over it word for word.

SZ: What type of questions will be asked in the interview?

Kurt: We try to keep our interviews fairly conversational so questions can vary from interviwer to interviewer. At the end of the day each interviewer is trying to glean what your goals and objectives are and how they fit with the Chicago Booth experience.

HC: The question is toward Stefan. How did the Booth curriculum prepare you for Sales & Trading? Why did you choose MBA instead of a master in finance? Are you optimistic about future of Sales & Tradinng in the current environment?

Stefan: I have heard from recruiters that Chicago Booth is the best school for market finance. The flexible curriculum allows you to take advanced classes from professors who have helped to shape the modern finance theory. I remain optimistic about the future of Sales and Trading, simply because you need the financial products to be traded in order for our financial system to function. I preferred Chicago Booth to some Master in Finance, because I felt that besides the quantitative part, it will help me to develop my soft skills which are very important for a successful career in the financial services industry.

shekhar: Hi Rose, is work experience in NGOs considered full time employment by Chicago Booth? Is there any advantage or disadvantage for candidates with NGO work ex in admission process?

Rose: Absolutely. Just make sure you give a sense of the work you have done and the lessons you have learned. Their are no advantages/disadvantages to any type of work experience as long as you help us to understand the hows/whys of your decision.

Roberto: Hello Rose, I'am an international student with a 102 TOEFL score, will I still be considered for admission? If so, will you ask me to retake the testP Thanks!

Eddie: We will still review your file with that score. We look at many variables before a decision is released.

G-136879778: Is there a parallel application/admissions process for the joint MBA programs, or do all applicants apply through the same medium and only declare interest in a joint program later on?

Kurt: It depends on the joint degree program. Law, Medicine, Social Services and Public Policy all require there own applications while our Areas Studies program shares an application with us.

Ido: I had a question to Stefan. Stefan, could you please comment on the market environment you experienced while looking for internships? And maybe if Rose can chime in and say how different it is in comparison to last year, that would be great.

Stefan: The market environment was very tough especially after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. As I said before, numbers for internship in finance are down compared to last year. However other major recruiting industries like consulting are still hiring a lot of students. We are still very early in the recruiting process to draw any conclusions.

maroon_k: Thanks for hosting yet another chat session. Recently, a colleague at work who is a recent Booth alum volunteered to write a small reference letter of support to append to my application. She feels it would help, but I am not sure. Does Booth encourage these extra letters from alums or is it just a hindrance?

Rose: We welcome letters from our alumni as they understand the culture, values of Booth and they know you.

Heather: Hello - can you provide any advice for applicants that have been waitlisted? Would you encourage us to submit new information that might be relevant to the application? Will waitlist decisions be released at the same time as R2 decisions? Thanks again

Rose: Booth uses the waitlist to gauge the next round's applicant pool. We think very highly of everyone on the waitlist already, so providing additional material is not required. I would, however, review your application and spend some time considering if there are things you can do/add that will help the committee. What form is completely up to you. As for the decision timeline, we are planning to release decisions on the waitlist at the time of our Round 2 decisions -- March 25.

kSaid: Kurt, can you please elaborate what do you mean by "fit with the school"?

Kurt: What I mean is how does your profile, goals, objective etc. match with what we can provide in terms of programming, culture, community, value system etc.

Adrian: Hi Stefan, I've got a question for you - please can you give a quick description on how you prepared for the interview and whether you have any general advice for someone preparing for it?

Stefan: There are several aspects in the interview process. The most important is the fit part - you have to build a clear and coherent story why you came to Booth and why you want to pursue a given career. It is important to explain why you will be good at the job. I spent a lot of time talking to second years, career coaches and alumni. The other part was the technical questions - I took some relevant courses and spend extra time reading books.

John: Stefan, I am interested in the Analytic Finance concerntration, but have been a corporate lawyer for the last five years and have not had a wide exposure to quantitative work. Do you think this is a large problem. Do you recommend any prep work before classes start in the first year? I was thinking of taking stats and calculus this summer.

Stefan: If you are not comfortable with mathematics and statistics, pursuing Analytic Finance could be very difficult. So if you have not been exposed to quantitative work during studies or professional experience, taking some math or statistics courses will definitely help you.

Zak: Morning. What is Booth exactly looking for from the Early Career Candidates since lack of work experiences seems really a drawback in applying MBA program?

Rose: We seek basically the same things in our early career candidates as all applicants -- a track record of success, an ability to state your path/plan for the future and be self aware. There are a few twists that we seek as well: why now? an excellent academic record; a clear sense of what you can contribute from your experience to date and what you hope to achieve through your MBA.

Ivan: I understand that the School offers three interview options - on-campus, off-campus, and phone interviews (for those who cannot make it to the first two). What is the weight, if any, the School attaches to each one of these three options?

Kurt: Phone interviews are only an option if the other two options are impossible to coordinate, which can be the case especially in remote parts of the world. Rest assured if you are presented with a phone interveiew option it is not viewed any differently in the evaluation process.

Midzer: Are you planning to increase your class size to accomodate for the number of people trying to return back to school?

Rose: No. The quality of the experience and the support systems required to ensure that experience dictates the size of our class. Be wary of schools that plan to dramatically increase the size of the class without increasing staff and faculty levels.

Carter: This question is for Stefan- what were your expectations going into the fall and has Booth met those expectations?

Stefan: My expectations from Chicago Booth were to help me in my career change, to provide me with high quality academic experience, and to help me expanding my network. So far I managed to achieve all my goals. It was not easy, especially the recruiting part, but the school is very supportive and provided me with the necessary tools to succeed.

DCLady_1: Hi Eddie! What is a Super Saturday event?

Eddie: Super Saturday is a Saturday event where we interview candidates that are typically from but not limited to the Chicago area. We usually conduct over 80 interviews in one day! These interviews can be conducted by students, alumni and staff. This year Super Saturday events will be held on 2/21 and 2/28.

Ken: Does AdCom require an official transcript before an interview invitation is offered?

Eddie: No. We will need your official transcript once your interview is complete.

Ben: Can you please tell us the proper way to notify Booth of any changes in the information in our application, specifically with respect to changes in employment since our application was submitted? How does Booth view changes in employment (or layoffs) in light of the current economic environment?

Kurt: We certainly recognize the market is changing and jobs are being lost as a result. If you have experienced this directly and would like to provide us with an update the best thing to do is e-mail this infomraiton to our admissions@chicagobooth.edu account and we will update your record immediately.

CvilleScott: what are your favorite parts of the environment Booth creates?

Stefan: Attending the MBA at Chicago Booth is very rewarding. I like the fact that professors and staff are very approachable and always willing to answer questions and help. In more than 5 months I managed to find a lot of friends who helped not only to do coursework but also to adjust easily to the culture in US.

jh: Will Booth be participating in the yellow ribbon program, which is an optional portion of the post 9/11 G.I. Bill?

Rose: Great question. I just came from a meeting discussing our participation. While we have not yet set the specifics, we are planning to be a yellow ribbon program sponsor.

JB: What is the best way to communicate updated GMAT scores to Booth? I've already submitted an official score report. Should I bring a copy of my scores with me to my interview? Is it possible to get them in my file before my interview? Thanks.

Rose: If you are interviewing on campus you can certainly bring scores with you if not you can submit them by mail or to expedite you can send them unofficilly to us at our admissions@chicagobooth.edu

BoothFan: given the extradionary times we are in, has booth changed the way the admission process works, i.e. more waitlist invitations/less R1 and R2 admits? Giving more weight to things like not being laid-off? Higher GMAT scores, since you have a better pool to pick from?

Rose: Wow, that's a big question. There are some uncertainties in the market so it is likely that we will utilize the waitlist this summer. I promise to be very transparent about our plans as we move through the process. The great news is we have terrific applicants and a great school. It's a wonderful challenge.

Erik_2: What are the student-professor relationships like at Booth? Are there opportunities to meet with professors outside of class? Have there been any professors in particular that have been influential in your career or personal development?

Stefan: The student – professor relationships are very informal. The student can always contact the professor by mail or just go and see her or him in his office. I was pretty focused when I came here, so there is no any professor who has been particularly influential in my career choice.

Yumich: Are the application essay questions changed every year? Or are there any questions from this year's application that will most likely, if not definitely, be on next year's app?

Rose: Yes, we tend to revise the essay questions every year.

jgarcia: Rose - How much weight does your admissions team put on where I received my undergraduate degree from? I went to a state school and have since made a career in investment banking, but I was not sure if the university I went to would be frowned upon?

Rose: Don't worry. Everyone has different opportunities in their life and we evaluate how you leveraged those opportunities.

G-136903943: Hi, I am an international applicant. Are there still scholarships and loans available for Round 3 int'l applicants?

Rose: There will definitely be loans available for all students. As for scholarships, they may be quite limited at that point.

DS: I have admission offers from Harvard and Stanford but I am really inclined to come to Booth due to the finance program. Is it advisable to apply in R3 or should I wait till next year?

Rose: There is always room for great candidates in every round. My question for you is to reflect on your goals -- why did you apply to these other schools? Have your goals changed, or did you just discovered your fit with Booth. Those will be important things for you to consider.

G-136916581: Eddie, I have been invited to an interview two weeks ago, but I have not been contacted by my interviewer yet. When shoud I be expect him to contact me?

Eddie: I would give the interviewer at least until 2/6/09. If you don't receive a response please contact me.

Kevin_1: Can I send my official transcript to admission office after the interview is conducted?

Eddie: Everything needs to be in our office by March 9, 2009. I apologize if I gave out a different answer earlier!

Midzer: rose, how did you get to your position of associate dean? did you also get your MBA?

Rose: I'm currently finishing my executive MBA at Chicago Booth. As for telling you about how I got my job, let's save that for a different date. It's quite a story!

dmw: Stefan, Seeing as your going to work in London, are you involved in the International MBA programs and/or other international programs?

Eddie: Thanks for joining us! We hope that we have been able to help you. Please feel free to contact our office if there is anything else we can help you with.

Stefan: I am not involved in the International Program, because I came to Chicago to experience the academic and cultural environment here in the US. But there are a lot of opportunities to get involved in Chicago Booth especially with the IMBA program.

Sam: Do the majority of students live on campus in Hyde Park or are they more likely to live in the south loop or somewhere else in Chicago?

Stefan: Most of the students I know live in Downtown. However a lot of students live in Hyde Park, the South Loop, and Lincoln Park. Usually in the evening we gather somewhere in Downtown or Lincoln Park.

Kurt: Great questions, thanks for taking the time to participate, and all the best with the application process.

Rose: Thanks for joining us today. I hope you found our answers to be helpful. We look forward to chatting again next month. Have a great day! Rose

Rose: I know many of you may be disappointed that we did not get to your questions, but you can always send your questions to admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

sam124: hi, my first gmat score was cancelled in the scoretop fiasco last year. i reappeared for gmat and got the same score again an year after my first gmat score. will this hamper my chances at booth?

Rose: I would encourage you to address this situation in the optional essay.