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December 30, 2008—9:00-10:00 AM CST

Rose: Good morning and welcome to our Round 2 admissions chat. We'll get started in about 10 minutes. With the deadline fast approaching, I imagine many of you have questions that you'd like to see addressed before clicking submit. Feel free to start sending your questions now! Rose

Joanna: Hi Everyone! Thanks for joining us today. Looking forward to answering your questions.

Andrea: Hello everyone! Welcome to the Chicago Booth admissions chat. I look forward to some great questions today!

Rose: Good morning and welcome! Let's get started. We're open to answer any of your questions. While we may not get to your specific question, we hope to address your many questions about Round 2 within this hour.

Rui: Good moring, I'm Rui from China. I want to ask how you evaluate the Powerpoint essay?

Rose: Great question. We evaluate the content of what you decide to submit not your creativity. The presentation is the part of your application where you get to submit information that you feel would be helpful to the admissions committee to know you better. Whether you decide to introduce new information or emphasize previously discussed information is up to you.

Phaedrus: This might be a bit difficult but what would you consider to be the biggest negative with Chicago Booth?

Rose: Our flexibility is one of our strengths but can also be a weakness for students who want a lot of structure. We do have a core curriculum, but you get to choose when, where, what faculty, first or second year, etc. Part of the reason we do this is to put you in the driver's seat of your experience -- part of your leadership development.

Phaedrus: Typically what kind of activities do the student clubs undertake?

Andrea: Hi Phaedrus. We have over 60 student groups on campus that are very involved on campus and range from athletic, to career-focused, to special interest, to just plain fun. The activities they undertake vary from group to group and include conferences, social activities, trips, competitions, etc. You can learn more about each group on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx

nikoghosyanm: Dear Admission Staff, I'm going to apply to Chicago GSB for the second round. I'm going to send Gmat and Toefl scores today and I'm not sure whether they will be available for you before January 7. May I send you my score reports by mail to be sure that I'm considered for the second round? Thank you in advance.

Andrea: Hi nikoghosyanm, Official score reports are not necessary at the time of application, but are needed if you are invited to interview with us. Therefore, your application will be considered with the self reported scores within the application.

Pawas: Hi, my name is Pawas, from India. I have a query regarding the work experince. I had quit a Multi-National Organization in July, 2008. I worked with my father in our family business for 3 months. Then I move out and worked as freelance advisor. Now, I am working as free lance since last 3 months and I have clients varying from different industries. Since my work load was different at different point out time, how do I see my situation as number of months of experince ? A response much requried, since many of my assignments and the experince of working in family business were totally non-paid roles.

Joanna: Hello Pawas, Chicago Booth does not require a minimum amount of work experience for applications. Therefore, your length of experience is not as important as how you relate and explain it to us. Whether your experience paid or non-paid, what is importnat is the skills you have learned and what you contributed. Good Luck!

G-48591304: What will be the effect of financial meltdown in the recruitment process?

Rose: The good news is that we have spent much of the last year preparing for the economic slow down and have developed new and expanded existing relationships to include other functions. Students are in the midst of recruiting as we speak. The second year students seem to be on par with our statistics last year, and first year's begin recruiting in January. There are many opportunities for all our students, but options could be limited if you are overly narrow in your search (location, function, compensation requirements).

Pawas: One more question, how do you view a recommendation from a not-for-profit organization. Can I submit three recommendations, since I feel it will help Adcom to get more insights on my candidature.

Andrea: Hi Pawas. Our recommendation guidelines are very open for you to choose those that can best speak to your abilities. One should be from either a current or former supervisor and the other can be from anyone you choose. When considering a third recommendation, think about how that fits into your overall application and especially with the other two recommendations. What information are they offering that is new and different? Is it necessary? The choice is up to you, but be very judicious when choosing your recommendations.

stephenp: Good morning. I am planning on applying to the joint MBA/MA in I.R. program. Is there any foreign language requirement for graduation? How long should the writing sample be, and will this and the joint degree essay be read by the MBA admissions staff? Thanks...

Andrea: Hi stephenp. There is not a foreign language requirement for the MBA/MA in International Relations, nor are there limits on the length of the writing sample. The MBA admissions staff does have access to the joint degree essay and writing sample, but we are mainly concerned with your MBA application. The International Relations department will review the application materials that are specific to the MA.

Lina: Dear Rosa, thank you for taking the time to address our questions. My first question is about the essays: How strict is the word limit? Is the adcom flexible up to a certain limit or strict at the defined maximum limits? Second question is more personal:If a colleague of mine who has the same work experience and nationality as me is accepted in the first round, I would assume my chances to get accepted is decrease substantially. Could you clarify how you at Booth School of Business view such kind of situations and whether you have any nationality quotas for international applicants?

Rose: As for word limits, these are just guidelines. If you need extra room, take it; but be mindful that you might want to give it back in another section. As for your comments about quotas, Booth does not use quotas in our selection process. That said, we do craft a class so that there is broad diversity represented in the class.

Pawas: Can I use a picture which is similar to copyright picture on web for my presenatation ?

Joanna: Since the slide presentation is not for mass distribution, you do not have to worry about copyright guidelines.

Lisa: How strict are the word count limits of the essays? Would you penalize an applicant for going over this limit?

Joanna: The word limits should be followed as closely as possible. We will not count words but it is important to express yourself within those defined limited.

nikoghosyanm: I've got 100 on Toefl ibt. Please, tell me is it real for me to be admitted and what percent of your student have got lower than 104?

Rose: The TOEFL is just one of several measures we look at the evaluate your language ability. As you can imagine, language proficiency is very important for students in order for you to get the most out of and contribute actively in the classroom. As for statistics, we do invite people to interview with somewhat lower TOEFL scores, but I do not remember the specifics from last round.

Pawas: How can I get a ALumini contact in the city I reside in. Are Chicago Alumini open to have discussion with prospective students ? (City: Bangalore, India )

Andrea: Our alumni are very open to speaking with prospective students about their experience at Chicago Booth. Throughout the year, we hold events all over the world that our alumni and sometimes current students take part in (all of which are posted on our website) and are great ways for you to learn more about us and network with the community. You can also email the admissions office at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

Pawas: When you go through the application, what are the qualities in a person forms the basis of prospective candidate. I would want to know the criterias other than those mentioned in the website. Thank you!!

Rose: We're very transparent about the qualities we seek in successful candidates. First and foremost is self awareness (meaning you know where you've been and where you are going and how you fit into the world around you), intellectual curiosity, active engagement, self motivated, and sense of commitment and passion for things that are important to you (whatever that may be). Within that of course, we look at teamwork, leadership, professional and personal records of success, etc.

nikoghosyanm: I live in Armenia and (if I will be invited) it will be very difficult for me to come to the interview. Please, tell me about all alternatives in order that I get prepared for it.

Andrea: Hi nikoghosyanm. We do have alumni all over the world that help us with interviewing and in most cases we are able to accommodate candidates. In the event that you are not able to schedule an interview with one of our alum or come to campus, we will work with you to schedule a phone interview.

Lyrebird: Do you have a guideline for the length of the optional essay? Thanks!

Andrea: Hi Lyrebird. There are no limitations on the optional essay, but be aware that this is meant to be used as an opportunity to explain any anomalies that cannot be discussed elsewhere in the application, so use your best judgement.

raghvendra: Does an international (from India) applicant's chance to get an interview call/ admission get significantly reduced by applying to the 3rd round deadlines ?

Joanna: The difference in the competition between Rounds is that in Round Three there are simply fewer spots left, so it can be more competitive. But your specific nationality or profession is not a factor. However, we do strongly suggest for international applicants to apply by Round 2 simply to insure you would have enough time to complete the Visa process if accepted.

Aatif: Hello and Good Evening! My name is Ahmed Aatif and I am currently in Kobe, Japan. My question is related to the deadlines. My recommender is on vacation and she wanted to know if it is possible for her to delay the submition as she was caught up in an unforseen delay during her vacation. Will her delay in submitting the recommendation affect my application process?

Joanna: Hello Aatif, Recommenders have up to one week after the deadline to submit letters.

lexi: Second question: does Chicago provide MSF separately from MBA program?

Andrea: Hi lexi. We offer an MBA and do not offer an MS in Finance. The University does offer an MS in Financial Mathematics, however more information can be found on www.uchicago.edu.

Srinivas: I was wondering if the applications are reviewed in the order they are received or are all applications reviewed after the deadline for the round. Thanks

Andrea: Hi Srinivas. We do not begin reviewing applications until after the deadline and the order in which they are reviewed is completely random.

Aspirant: Hello, I would like to know how soon one can complete the part time MBA program? I am working part time and hence I could be available during the day to take classes. How many courses can a part time student take per quarter and what is the fastest that the part time program can be completed? Thank you

Rose: While this session is focused on full-time applicants, part-time students can take two courses per quarter. If you do that each quarter consecutively, you can complete the degree in three years.

Midd02: How are applicants from liberal arts colleges and/or applicants who majored in the humanities viewed?

Joanna: About 1/4 of our students have liberal arts backgrounds, so it is definitely not a negative! Chicago Booth values diversity in backgrounds, therefore we are looking for a diverse pool of students. You can see our class profile here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/community/stats.aspx

Tan: Hello, Thanks for hosting this session. How many applications are we expecting in R2?

Rose: I wish I knew. With one week to go, our applications are coming in at about the same rate as last year. Beyond that, I have no clue.

Pallavi: Hello and thank you for this opportunity to ask questions before the R2 deadline. Could you please talk a little bit about the number of people applying in R1. Has there been a notable increase in applications?

Rose: We had a very strong Round 1 applicant pool. The quality and the quantity of applicants was excellent. As for increases, we saw a moderate increase in Round 1.

Tan: If I get a job while pursuing full-time MBA at Booth in this economy, is their a possibility that I can change to the part-time program?

Joanna: No, it is not possible to switch programs.

perry: will my GMAT taken a week after the close of round 2 be considered for round 2?

Andrea: If you have a GMAT score currently, then we will take into consideration a new score after the deadline. If this will be your first time taking the GMAT, then the general answer is no, but you can petition the admissions office for consideration.

wan: Dear Adcom, I'm from Asia, and want to know regarding posibility to get loan in Chicago in today's financial turmoil in the US.

Rose: Chicago Booth is committed to providing financial access to all students. We are in the midst of finalizing a new loan program through a vendor and hope to announce the program sometime in the new year.

Rodrigo: Hello, my name is Rodrigo. I'd like to have some more information regarding the slides presentation. Should I focus on my personal life, or professional, or both? Also, will this be used later for possible interview?

Andrea: Hi Rodrigo. How you use the slides and the content within is completely up to you. This is really an opportunity for you to tell the committee what is relevant about your candidacy that you have not been able to elsewhere in the applciation. Interviews are blind, so the interviewer will not see the slide presentation.

Phaedrus: Do I need to submit the official GMAT score and the official transript before application deadline?

Joanna: You may submit both unofficial scores and transcripts when submitting an application. If invited to interview, official copies of all tests and transcripts will be required. You can learn more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/transcripts.aspx

JohnFed3: I am applying to the joint MBA/MA in International Relations program in Round 2 as I am specifically interested in private-public collaboration to address climate change and energy security issues. I have two questions: (1) Booth's web site and the CIR FAQ both indicate only a single pplication is needed if I am only interested in the joint program. Can you please confirm that I only need to submit a single app via Booth to be considered for the joint program? (2) Should I address my pursuit of the joint degree in both essay 1 and the special essay for joint applicants or shoudl I try to focus on the MBA portion exclusively in essay 1 - i.e. what is your preference?

Rose: Yes, only one application is required for that joint degree program. I would make sure that you talk about the relevance of both programs in your essays (since it will also be evaluated by the other program).

G-48621115: Is there any financial aid provided by Chicago Booth? And how many percentage of the current student that pursuing their MBA degree by utilize the financial aid?

Rose: Chicago awards merit scholarships and fellowships to about 25% of the admitted class each year based on the quality of the application submitted and the requirements of the scholarship program.

Aatif: My second question is in regards to the Essay 3 - the presentation slides. Is there any preferred format in making the slides (pictures over text or control on number of words or use of charts or collage of images etc)? Is it completely open ended? What are the salient points on which these slides would be judged?

Joanna: Aatif, there are no guidlines on what the slides should contain. It is completely up to you! The presentation should be one more aspect of your total story - what you feel it is relevant that we know about you. It's content that is important to us.

MBAHopeful2K9: Obviously the economy is causing many companies to reduce their supply to meet the demand in the marketplace. Many of these companies are offering voluntary separation plans with large severance packages to accomodate these needs. Many of these severance packages are large enough that an applicant could take the package and get a part-time job to save money for the expenses of b-school. Would an applicant hurt his admissions chances if he/she accepted a buyout prior to gaining admissions?

Joanna: In this market, we are seeing a lot of applicants making tough decisions, and we understand that. Accepting buyouts or part-time employment will not hurt your chances of admission. What's important is that you feel and can demonstrate that you are using your time well. Good Luck!

pVz: Is there an automated manner through which we will be informed when our recommendees have submitted their e-form?

Joanna: Yes, you can view the status of your application and its components via our online application system.

Taura: I will be applying to the marketing program sometime in the near future, my background is civil engineering, should I take a few undergraduate marketings courses before I apply?

Joanna: Hi Taura, it's really up to you, but it's not required. Our flexible curriculum is set up in such a way that you can take the courses you need to match your current levels and goals. However, it's up to you.

ToLiveWell516: Good morning, could you please discuss the opportunities for entrepreneurs at Booth (for example - coursework, exposure to mentors, business plan competitions / access to potential funding)? Additionally, is there on-going support for Booth grads pursuing their own ventures?

Andrea: Hi ToLiveWell516. Chicago Booth has a lot to offer for those interested in entrepreneurship - in fact, entrepreneurship is our second most common concentration among the student body. I would encourage you to visit our website and learn more about our Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/. We have a wide range of classes, an immense amount of support, competitions, mentoring, expert faculty, etc. Access to the resources provided by the Polsky center is available to both current students and alumni.

chimba: Hi Rose, I am interested in applying to Chicago, but don't feel that I can get a competent application in for R2, what are your admissions statistics for R3? Do you offer deferred admissions in the event that there aren't enough spots for class of 2011?

Rose: What's most important is that you send in a quality application rather than applying in a particular round. There is always room for great applicants in Round 3. As for deferred admits, Chicago Booth rarely offers that as an option.

helicopterr: Hi Rose, I would like more information on Chcago's LEAD program as well as its International MBA program.

Rose: The LEAD program is the only required class. It is an peer facilitated experiential learning course that begins when you first arrive on campus. You will be assigned to a cohort and a squad and will go through a number of modules together -- focusing on leadership development, communication, crisis management, team interaction, etc. We're in the midst of updating our website with more information about the many changes in the program. That should be available in the new year.

G-48542769: Ms. Martinelli, Good Morning! I didn't know if this one made it through so I'm resubmitting. As the deadline for round 2 approaches, I was wondering if there was anyone available or that you could recommend to be able to do a quick review of my resume. Having been in the military for the past 5 years, I'm concerned with translating that experience into a meaningful format.

Rose: Unfortunately, my team is not available to evaluate resumes prior to submission of your application. There are a number of great resources for military applicants that might be able to give you some clues about how best to talk about your experience (military MBA). You might also want to reach out to our vet student group for more advice. You can find their contact information on our website.

Rui_1: Good morning Rose! Do I need to convert GPA into a 4.0 scale if my university didn't use a 4.0 GPA system?

Rose: Great question. No, you do not need to convert your academic record to a 4.0 system. We have a great deal of history with many different academic grading systems.

G-48621115: What kind of MBA student that you seek in general? Is there any minimum years of job experiences?

Joanna: Chicago Booth does not have a minimum years of work experience required. In general, we're looking for students who can demonstrate a fit to the Chicago approach and experience; well rounded, intellectually curious with academic and career achievement. You can read about how we evaluate candidates here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/criteria.aspx

Antonio: Hello. My first recommendation is from a client, since I have my own business. For the second recommendation, what is more valuable between a direct supervisor in an internship 4 years ago, or an actual supervisor in an actual non-business activity as teaching?

Rose: Thanks for your e-mail. I would suggest that your more recent relationship would be beneficial.

Janine: Good morning! The application ask for a resume in a stanard format. Is there somewhere we can find an example?

Andrea: Hi Janine. We do not have a sample, but feel free to use whatever you would use if you were searching for a job. We are looking for a standard professional resume.

G-48662288: I know it's fairly easier to get a work visa in the U.K., but does Chicago help American students get internships and jobs in the rest of Western Europe? How hard is it?

Rose: Our career service office maintains relationships with firms throughout the world. It all depends upon what you bring to the table along with what the firms are looking for as to how competitive it will be to get an international internship experience. You'll have lots of support in the process from a team of very experienced professionals.

G-48634228: Good morning. I decided to mail hard copies of my transcripts to the Office of Admissions. How can I check they were received? Same for my GMAT scores, where can I check that they were received?

Joanna: You can check the status of your application and its components via the online applciation system after the application deadline. We will contact you if anything is missing in the meantime.

Woowoo: For the powerpoint presentation, would it be OK to present 4 independent topics? Does the admission office prefer more of a "theme" approach? Thank you very much

Andrea: Hi Woowoo. The content and approach is completely up to you. You tell us what is relevant and makes sense to your overall application and candidacy. We are trying to get to know you.

G-48616953: Good morning Rose! I have a more general question about Chicago Booth and applying: how necessary is a clear career vision for acceptance? In particular, do you support candidates who want to change industries, but may be unsure what they want to change to?

Rose: Excellent question. Knowing where you have been and what direction you think you want to go is very important (and of course being able to answer why now). More than 70% of students who go to business school are looking to change careers and use the experience to help them decide what is the right next step. So having a solid sense of direction and why MBA is important, specific goals are not. We know those will likely change during your two year expereince anyway.

ABN: Will Essay #3 (the four slides) be printed in color?

Andrea: Yes, they will be printed in color with one slide per page.

Danielle: It appears that the majority of your accepted applicatants are from the Midwest, are my chances of being accepted hindered because I am not currently residing in that area? Would it help if I did move to the midwest before applying?

Rose: I am not sure where you got that information, but it is incorrect. Round 1 is very diverse -- from all parts of the world, diverse functions and industries, etc. Just be the best you can be in the application, and let us do our job.

G-48662288: Do we have to mention our interest in IBEP at the time of application? Can we enroll after we've matriculated?

Andrea: No, you do not have to indicate an interest in IBEP in the application. There is a separate application process for IBEP which occurs after matriculation.

G-48606011: I am looking to apply for Fall 2010, is it to early to begin the application process?

Joanna: It's certainly not too early to begin researching schools and thinking about your 'story'--goals, past history, and career interests for example. However, since essay questions change and applications vary each year, it is best to wait until the 2010 application to begin writing essays for example. The 2010 application will be available in July 2009.

David_1: Hello. A few years ago I had a serious illness that caused an employment gap. I will address this gap in my additional essay. In this essay, is it also appropriate to describe what I learned from the experience? I believe these lessons are relevant to my career choices. The additional essay would be about 500 words.

Andrea: Hi David_1. There are no real guidelines for the optional essay and it is really up to you to decide what is relevant for us to know.

Osifo: How would you describe the character of the student body at Chicago Booth? i.e., what industry do most students end up in?

Joanna: The Booth community is an engaged and collaborative group. Our students are always pushing one another to be better, accept challenges and get at better answers. The Chicago Approach is highly collaborative and debate oriented and our students are those who seek to be in such an environment. You can read our latest employment report here to see the industries and companies at which our students work after their MBA. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx

Tunde: Can I defer my admission to the following year if I get admitted

Joanna: Hello Tunde, Chicago Booth does not grant deferrals for Admission.

AlexLLin: Good morning, Rose, Andrea and Joanna! Thanks for taking the time today--one of Booth's major selling points is the flexible curriculum. Does this extend to taking classes outside of the business school--at, for example, other UChicago graduate schools?

Andrea: Hi AlexLLin. Yes, up to 6 classes within the 21 required for the degree can be taken outside of Chicago Booth anywhere at the University of Chicago.

Christine: Is there a seperate admissions process for the International MBA?

Joanna: Dear Christine, There is not a separate application process for the IMBA. The same application and process for the MBA applies. Good luck!

2011Applicant: How is Chicago disposed towards bankers applying? Is it going to be more competitive for that group in particular given the current credit crunch?

Rose: Analyst positions in banking are great first careers for most college graduates. So while we may see more applicants coming to the MBA from the banking world, this does not necessarily mean that we will have more finance majors. Again, it all boils down to how each individual positions themselves (knowing the past and charting their future) that will drive our decisions, not quotas.

Srinivas: Hi, I was wondering if the applications are reviewed in the order they are received or are all applications reviewed after the deadline for the round. Thanks

Joanna: Hi Srinivas, The applications are not reviewed in the order they are received necassarily! We review all applications after the deadline. Therefore, the process of inviting to interview is also in random order.

JeffY: Question about the professional experience data form: For those who have had full-time jobs that paid by the hour, would you include overtime pay as part of "annual bonus" or as part of the annual salary?

Andrea: Hi JeffY, Use your best judgement with this, but it sounds to me like it would be considered a part of your annual salary. When in doubt, think about how this was reported with your taxes.

seba: Is there a consideration for foreign students when looking at their GMAT scores (people with english not as a first language)

Rose: We look at each applicant as an individual so we have no hard and fast rules about any test scores. We hope that you will submit a score that you feel fairly represents your abilities, but will look to your full application for a sense of your abilities.

Xinyun: Good morning! This is Xinyun from New York. I have 2 quick questions: 1) what is the exact cut-off hour on January 7th? 2) if further invited for interview, would the candidate get to select the interviewer or is it going to be assigned?

Andrea: Hi Xinyun. The official cut off is 5:00 p.m. CST on Jan. 7th. If invited to interview, you would select to interview on campus or with an alumni near you.

G-48634768_1: How much instruction is based on the case method, how much in teams, and how much is more individual work?

Joanna: The flexibility we provide students is also granted to our faculty. Therefore, the mix of teaching methods varies widely, and when choosing courses, you will have the information about the class that will allow you to choose based on your preferences. The teaching method also varies according to subject matter. All in all, you will choose the class that serves you best.

Rose: We have just about 10 minutes to go. Thanks for submitting so many great questions. We hope to get through everything in the next few minutes.

Rohhan: Hi Rose. In your opinion, what are the 3 things that are unique to/distinguish Chicago from other programs.

Rose: Flexibility (choice-centric), culture of debate (ideas compete, people collaborate),and community engagement (leadership laboratory).

G-48601544: For the students - how has the flexible curriculum affected your sense of community? Do most students still end up taking the intro/basic-level class or is there really that much variation on a person-to-person basis and you will have completely different students in every class?

Joanna: The flexible curriculum allows you the freedom to take the courses you see fit. The courses our students take will vary widely - not all start at basic levels but many do begin with foundation courses. The community is unique in that you will get the opportunity to study with many different people. When building towards concentrations, you will have the opportunity to take classes with many familiar and new faces. This flexibility is the beauty of our community and program.

gp: Can you please share some stats on what companies recruit students specializing in the operations management and How many students on an average choose this specialization at Booth?

Andrea: Hi gp. Please review our most recent employment report for more information on which companies recruit on campus http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx. It's definitely a smaller concentration at Chicago Booth, but we have excellent faculty and courses in operations management. Many students do choose to take courses in this area, but may not end up with a full concentration.

Laura: How many people do you expect to admit this year in the full-time MBA program? Do you plan to keep the incoming class size similar to previous years?

Andrea: We always look to matriculate a class of roughly 560 and that is not expected to change this year.

ToLiveWell516: What are the various ways students can gain international experience while at Booth? Are international field trips ever a part of coursework?

Vlad: Hello. I was wondering how the Booth donations or rather the resulting university expansions will affect the admissions this year. Thank you.

Joanna: From our study abroad program (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/ibep.aspx) to our various career treks, we offer many ways for students to have an international experience. These career exploration trips, planned by students, allow them to explore opportunities and meet recruiters and alumni in a specific location or industry. Past treks have included visits to the Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles, Latin America, and London. In addition, there are Lab Courses as well that can take place outside the US. Recent Management Labs teams have traveled overseas for extended periods of time to manage projects on site.

Rose: That's an interesting question. At this point, I am not sure. The gift did allow us to get a great deal of attention which may have helped more people to learn about Chicago Booth, but we'll have to wait and see what transpires in Round 2.

Emeka: Booth is known for its top notch faculty, how interactive are the professors in the classroom and how accesible are they outside of the classroom?

Andrea: Hi Emeka. Classes are very interactive and are centered around discussion and lively debate. Faculty are incredibly approachable both inside and outside of the classroom. I constantly hear from alumni that they are still in contact with faculty many years after completing the program.

Matt_2468: I have post MBA goals that involve an industry that is not really represented by any of Booth's current student groups - do you encourage students to start their own groups/clubs?

Andrea: Definitely! Last year several new clubs were started, including an epicurean club and a yoga club.

helicopterr: What acitivities do students participate in LEAD and how spread out are these activities over the course of the first year?

Joanna: Our unique Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD) Program gives you the chance to practice and perfect key communication skills such as negotiation, team-building, and giving feedback. LEAD builds these skills through 125 hours of dedicated programming during your first year. You'll take part in role playing, group exercises as well as a host of other creative activities and experiences. LEAD begins during orientation and lasts through a student's first quarter at Booth.

JohnFed3: What is the expected timeframe for Round 2 interview invites?

Andrea: We'll start releasing invitations to interview during the early part of February through the mid-decision deadline of February 18th.

Emeka: Goodmorning and thanks for hosting this chat. My first question is about the finance concentration. How are the practical applications of Finance taught in the classroom?

Rose: Finance is a critical component of your education at Chicago Booth. Classes begin in understanding the theory and tools, move to cases in financial manangement and then to practical applications to issues today. Each faculty member has the flexibility to teach their course the way that best suits their teaching styles. You will have the choice to select courses and teaching methodology through our bidding system that you think best fits your needs.

RHJones: Every indication is that this is one of the most difficult years ever to apply to business school. What did you see in terms of both volume and quality of applicants during the first round? How do you think that will carry over into the second round?

Rose: Actually, the biggest year for applications was in 2002. What I have seen this year to date is a serious approach to applying. People are taking a great deal of time putting together their applications, so the quality of the pool is very strong. So I would encourage everyone to do your homework and make sure the applications you submit are the best you can produce and relate it to the schools you are applying to.

G-48634768_1: Do you have specific scholarships and/or mentoring programs for African American students?

Rose: Chicago Booth was the first school to offer an office of diversity affairs to support our minority students. In addition, there are a number of fellowships that have a preference for African American students. More information about those programs can be found on our website.

Jen: Realizing Chicago Booth is very strong in finance, economics, etc., what do you believe the school offers to marketing students that others may not?

Joanna: As the home of database marketing and with a strong focus on behavioral sciencs, Chicago Booth prepares future marketers to be strategic, analytical and decisive. We give you the tools to lead teams across the organization, measure the profitability of marketing actions, and sell ideas. You can read more about Marketing at Booth here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/mrktg-mngmt.aspx

Andrea: Thanks for the great questions today everyone. Best wishes with your round 2 applications!

Joanna: Thanks for joining us today. We look forawrd to reading your applications in Round 2!

Rose: Thank you so much for joining us this morning. Our office will be open through 3:00 p.m. tomorrow (December 31) and we will reopen for business on Monday, January 5. For those of you planning to submit your applications, I would encourage you to submit them well before the 5:00 p.m. deadline on January 7. In the meantime, wishing you a joyous New Year's celebration. Good luck putting those finishing touches on your applications!