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October 8, 2008—9:00-10:00 AM CST

Rose: Good morning, and welcome to our admissions chat. We will get going in about 10 minutes. In the meantime, we welcome you to begin sending us questions. Looking forward to chatting with you. Rose

Eddie: Thanks for joining us. We're ready for your questions!

Dom: Good morning, my name is Dominic Persechini. I am a first-year here at the GSB. It is my pleasure to chat with you this morning and answer any questions you may have.

Yetu: Good morning. I'm super psyched to chat with all of you. I hope you have great questions because we have great answers for you. Let's rock and roll.

Rose: Welcome to our bi-monthly admissions chat. Keep those questions coming. Rose

Karen: Good morning, I am happy to answer your chats.

John12: Hi Rose, thanks for speaking with us. My question is regarding essay #2b which is the decision against popular belief. I want to write about a personal experience that is not related to academics or my professional experience but is relevant to my future career goals, which I believe can be enhanced by the Chicago MBA. Did you intend for this essay question to have that type of flexibility? Thanks.

Eddie: Hi John. It's Eddie. That type of flexibility is acceptable. We want you to use an experience that best defines making a decision against popular belief. If it relates to your future career goals it could be quite interesting.

akshat: Good morning. Thank you for hosting this chat session. Could you elaborate a little on what you are looking for in the presentation. Also, are there any specific things you are looking for in an early career applicant?

Rose: Think of the entire application in a holistic sense. Each of the parts play a particular role in our learning more about you. The presentation should be part of that strategy. If there is something you have not already communicated (or want to re-emphasize), the presentation may be just the place to do that. In terms of early career applicants, make sure that you are clear about why now versus at another point of time.

John12: Rose, should the presentation fit strategically with the rest of the application? Or can this be an opportunity to really show Chicago my personality, which might not be reflective in the overall story of the application?

Rose: The choice is completely up to you. Use the application strategically. Remember, we're going to focus on the content not your creativity in evaluating your entire application.

AdelValle: After submitting the application, when can we expect have the personal interview if we are selected for? Thank you.

Yetu: Thanks for your question. If you apply Round One, you will be notified for an interview by November 12, 2008. If you apply Round Two, you will be notified for an interview by February 18, 2009. And if you apply Round Three, you will be notified for an interview by April 22.

Xinlei: Hi this is Xinlei, we have one essay for why MBA & why now, the other one is a story for leadership, challenge, and the most interesting part "what if..." What kind of character are you looking for through these two essays? How should we prepare these two essays? Thank you.

Eddie: These questions really deal with your value system and how you respond to challenges.

HR: How do you see an applicant's religious activities as a community service? What if almost all of my community involvement outside work is related with a specific religion? For example, how about helping the disabled and teaching poor kids for free on a regular basis as a part of missionary work in the religious organization I belong to. Should I refrain from talking about specific religion? What if my religion is a significant part of my life beside work thus it is almost impossible to show myself without that religion?

Rose: Great question. We're looking for your engagement in the world outside of your professional life. If that is faith-based, you should definitely include that information. The application is a place where we look to get a real sense for who you are and what's important to you. It sounds like this is a big part of your life.

Claudio: Good Morning and thank you for this opportunity, I would like to know more about the interviews. How a candidate knows whether he or she was invited for the interview? When the invitations are posted?

Karen: Hello Claudio, applicants will be notified to interview via email approximately 2-3 weeks post application deadline. You can also check the status of your application for invite to interview.

JJU: Good morning Rose, Eddie, Dom and Yetu. Have you admited in the past international fulbright grantees? and if so, have you had anyone from Nicaragua?

Rose: Yes, we admit a few students each year who are recipients of Fulbright awards. While we don't see many applicants from Nicaragua, we do get a couple applications each year.

G-346777985: Hello, Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today. I am a Trading Assistant at DB and am looking to start a career in trading. Does GSB have courses designed for this profession?

Eddie: The curriculum does allow you to become more strategic in many areas and industries. You should be able to work with students here who have trading experience as well as working with your academic advisors on how to position yourself for that LT goal.

Xinlei: My last question is how many students will be invited to be interviewed. What's normally the percentange?

Rose: Great question. Depending on the year we roughly invite 50% of applicants from each round to interview with us.

HR: Even within the same round (say, round 1 or 2), would you recommend to submit the application early, not waiting until the deadline comes up? I think it will benefit you because it will make your burden of review work evenly distributed over the period. By the way, is it beneficial to applicants as well?

Karen: Hello HR, we encourage applicants to submit their application once it is completed.

R1applicant: Hy Rose, thanks for giving us this opportunity to ask questions. How do you think the GSB Program prepares students with interests in the consulting industry? What kind of courses are they suggested to join within the flexible curriculum context?

Rose: Chicago GSB focuses on helping our students learn critical thinking skills -- regardless of the function or industry. Chicago's concentrations in strategy and our new concentration in analytical management will definitely serve you well for your consulting interests.

Brian: Very tactically, I was just wondering if the admissions committee could share how our PowerPoint essays will be printed (1 slide to a page, 2 to a page, etc). Thank you!

Eddie: We print them out one slide per page.

nicky: I needed to know, is it ok if I passed IELTS but don't have Toefl?

Eddie: Sure. We accept both tests!

nicky: Hi, I would like do ask, do you accept IELTS instead of TOEFL?

Yetu: Great question! For those whose native language is not English, the GSB requires the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the Academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

dgw: 2 quick questions about the curriculum: 1) how many concentrations is it possible to complete during the two year full time MBA program (2?, 3?) and ii) just to verify, it is possible to enroll in business law school courses at the Law School?

Rose: You can have multiple concentrations, but only two will show on your final transcript. At Chicago, you can take up to 6 courses at any graduate program at the University of Chicago, so yes, you can take courses at the Law School.

Claudio: I am a Brazilian applicant and I have been living in Chicago for almost a year. In this sense, I would like to know more about the official transcripts. I have them officially translated with me, but they are not sealed. Is that a problem? Should I ask to my university to send them without translation to University of Chicago?

Karen: Claudio, the documents you currently have are considered unofficial copies. Official copies of transcripts should include school seal, and remain sealed.

JAI: HI guys could you all begin by telling us about you previous industry or work, country of origin and what field of MBA are you electing for now?

Dom: My previous work experience was in economic consulting. I am from here in the United States and while at the GSB I will be concentrating on Managerial and Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management.

sp: Good morning and thanks for the welcoming note. I noticed on your site that it is OK for entrepreneurs to use their bankers, lawyers or contractors as a professional reference. I don't have my own business, but I haven't had a manager for more than 6 months in my company. However, I've been working with my banker since my arrival at the company, and I feel that she can give a better evaluation of my career since we've worked together to complete many of the company projects I've undertaken. Is this an acceptable reference?

Yetu: Thanks for your question. It's absolutely okay to use the banker with whom you have worked closely over the past 6 months as a reference. Remember we are seeking objectivity in the letter and we want to hear from someone who can assess both your strengths and your weaknesses. If you feel the banker with whom you work can do this, by all means submit that letter.

laura: Hello, this is Laura from China. I wanna know whether GSB will decrease the proportion of international students due to boomed applicants this year?

Rose: Chicago GSB will continue to recruit the best candidates throughout the world. We have no plans to change that strategy.

G-346858279: Hello, Eddie. Is it possible to study a few courses in International Business without doing a IMBA?

Eddie: Sure you can. With the flexibility you are able to take 11 electives and you can use those to take int'l courses without doing the IMBA.

G-346858279: Hello Rose, thank you for holding this session. Could you please tell us a little about scholarship options for international students at the GSB?

Rose: All our students are considered for merit-based scholarships at the time of admission. Approximately 30% of our students will receive some award (typically from $15,000 to full-tuition).

Christen: Good morning. I have a few questions about the application. First, under extracuriculars, it asks about "signifcant travel", organizations, volunteer experience, etc. Is GSB asking about significant travel stemming from an organization or voluteer group or personal travel, like backpacking?

Eddie: You can mention your personal travel but we do like to see how/if your travel experiences have helped you grow professionally especially how those experiences have allowed you to help others.

Gary: I heard Citi Bank would cease providing non-cosigner loans to international students, which will impact many MBA programs. Could I get loans if i get accepted? thanks. Gary from Beijing.

Rose: There have been unprecedented disruptions in the credit markets this year, however we expect this situation to ease in the coming months. Chicago GSB remains committed to providing loans for our international students without a cosigner, and we expect a new program to be in place for our students next year.

Sumedha: Hi everybody! I would be aplying to round 1. What I want to know is, in the why MBA essay, are we supposed to talk only about myself, or can I also state reasons as to why have I chosen GSB?

Karen: Hello Sumedha, we leave the answer to your question up to the discretion of the applicant.

cds: What kind of increase in apps are you expecting this year?

Rose: It's hard to tell since we have not yet had a deadline. Typically, applications rise when there is a market slowdown, but since this is a worldwide financial crisis, we are very unsure what will happen this year.

Abhi: How will the US Economy slowdown, effect MBA applicant pool and job prospects for graduate?

Rose: That's a hard question to answer. Typically, when we see a market slow down, applications rise. Since this is a world-wide market crisis, it is difficult to predict what will happen with applications this year. In terms of job opportunities, the prospects still look very good. Our career services office has been working to ensure that we have strong relationships with a broad set of companies interested in our students (across industry/function).

R1applicant: How strong is Chicago Univ. network in Latin America?

Rose: Very strong. More leaders in government and business come from the University of Chicago than any other school.

KG: Hello to everybody! How many students from Central Asian region do you have?

Rose: I am not sure what you mean by Central Asia, but we have a large proportion of students throughout Asia.

KG: If currently I'm a college senior, but working during college, should I write that I have 0 moths of post-graduate experience?

Karen: Hello KG, yes you will need to list your post-graduate experience as 0 months. Your work experience during college can be explained in Essay #4.

nicky: Good morning. I have one question. How many years of relevant working experience should a candidate have?

Eddie: There isn't a cut-off on how much work experience someone has. We are very interested in the quality of work you have experienced. On average, students have about 3-4 years of experience. We have admitted students with less!

KG: Are there several formats of interviews or face-to-face option only?

Yetu: Thanks for your question. There's really only one format for interviews--which is face to face. A candidate who receives an invitation to interview will have a face to face interview with an alumn, current student or staff member either on campus or in a location convenient for the prospective student. If and only if there are no alumni in your area to conduct a face to face interview, will candidates be allowed to interview via telephone.

G-346858279: The website does not indicate a strong emphasis on sustainability or CSR or energy related sectors either in the course curriculum or beyond. Could you please comment on the GSB's strengths in these sectors?

Rose: Chicago GSB's concentrations are function oriented rather than industry focused. Chicago does have a number of student groups, courses and research programs that are dealing with this area. Check out our energy group's website.

Abhi: Good morning and thank you for this opportunity. Can you please advise whether the applicant pool becomes more competitive in the 2nd round of application?

Eddie: Typically round 2 offers us the largest volume of applications so it can be more competitive.

G-346858279: Could you tell us what a student gains from the LEAD program? I have seen the website, however, I would like to understand how LEAD has helped past and current students.

Dom: As a first-year, I am currently enrolled in the LEAD program. What a student gains from LEAD is two-fold. First, as the only cohorted class at the GSB, it is the best basis to really bond with some of your new classmates. Second, LEAD teaches some excellent skills to not only be a capable business leader, but also to be a skilled leader of any group of people. As a current student, the friends I have made and the skills I have learned in LEAD have already been valuable to me.

nicky_1: What's the percentage of international students you admit?

Rose: It differs each year, but our incoming class is 35% international.

G-346858279: Do you have interview locations in Mumbai, India?

Eddie: We have conducted interviews in Mumbai. Our alumni help us with interviews and members of the admissions committee have traveled there to do them as well.

laura: I have registered for your one-day campus visit program, will there be someone who will be in charge of the whole process on that day? Is everything well arranged? Will I have chance to talk to admission officers or people like you?

Karen: Hello Laura, depending on the date you choose to come on-campus(Oct 6 - Dec 5)events are hosted by students, with the exceptinb of the information session. 1/2 the session is hosted by an admissions officer, 1/2 by students.

marcel: What is the minimum GMAT score required?

Yetu: Great question. Your GMAT score is just one of the criteria we evaluate. While we don't have a cut-off score for consideration, the 80th percentile range is 650 to 760. But please note that this is just the 80th percentile range--we accept students far below and far about this range.

Seema: Good Morning. I had a question about the recomendation. The FAQ says that I can submit the recommendation up to a week after the r1 deadline as long as I have submitted everything else by the deadline. My question is can the recommendation still be accessed online if I have submitted the application/ Or does it have to be submitted by post? Thank you!

Eddie: Yes. You can still access the application on line to send the LOR to us.

KG: Rose, could you tell me about internship placement process?

Rose: Chicago GSB supports our students in obtaining internships. We do not have a placement program, but you will apply to, and interview with companies in functions and roles you have interests in. The career process starts early in your first year with industry presentations, followed by specific company presentations and in January interviews begin. It's an intense process, but a great learning experience.

Sumedha: For the presentation, if I intend to put some facts which have not been mentioned anywhere else in my application then, it will be more of a fact sheet, rather than a proper presentation. Will that be taken as a disadvantage, or should I be judged on my presentation skills?

Karen: Hello Sumedha, you may want to consider answering any additional facts in Essay #4.

G-331310755: Good Morning Rose, how would you best prepare yourself for the interview?

Rose: Practice makes perfect. I would encourage you to ask a colleague to put you through a mock interview. In addition, think through your path and plan in the context of your typical interview questions. Once you've done your preparations, relax and listen and enjoy the experience.

KG: Which investment banks mostly recruit from Chicago GSB?

Rose: Based on what has happened in the market, several of them no longer exist. We also do a great deal of recruiting for boutique and middle market firms. Check out our career report on the website for more specifics.

G-346858279: Could you please tell us what you think are the strength areas of the GSB?

Dom: That is a good question. The GSB has a variety of strenghts with prominent faculty and alumni in about every academic concentration. In broad terms, I feel that that strengths of the GSB are in its academic rigor, its career services, and its alumni network.

Gary: Good morning! I heard Citi Bank ceased providing non-cosigner loans to international students, that will impact many MBA programs. If I get accepted by Chicago, could I still get a loan to cover my tuition, living, etc? Thanks!

Rose: While we do not know what the new program will look like (we have to negotiate our programs on an annual basis), we expect to have a loan program for all our international students without a cosigner. We'll know more later this winter.

abcanfield: To what extent do you consider a school's propensity for (or resistance of) grade inflation when gauging undergrad GPA? Like, for instance, a transcript from one of the service academies? Thanks for your time.

Eddie: We take a lot of time when reviewing the gpa. The transcript that you send in is very important. We go over each grade along with the final gpa. We make sure that we take the time to explore them for discrepancies.

G-346858279: Rose: I am interested in consulting too, but refering back to your response to R1 applicant, I do not see any concentration in analytical management on your website. Are you refering to Analytic Finance, or is there another concentration which is yet to be added to the website?

Rose: Chicago GSB approved a revised curriclum yesterday -- the press release is on our website. It highlights our continued flexibility and added a new concentration in analyticial management. Check out the press release -- there are some very cool changes to the core curriclum structure.

BH: Can you speak a little bit about the interview format? Is is a blind inteview? Is it conducted by admissions staff or current students?

Yetu: Absolutely! Interviews are by invitation only and are blind. Interviews are conducted by admissions staff, students or alumni. They are held on campus or in a location convenient for the prospective student. All interviews, regardless of who conducts them, receive equal weight in the evaluation process.

ikshwaku: Hi Rose Good Morning, I am Indian applicant and Co-Chair of Net Impact Professional Chapter. I wanted to learn more about non profit courses and forums available for students at GSB?

Rose: Chicago GSB students have a growing interest in non-profit and social entrepreneurship. I would encourage you to visit the net-impact student group website and contact the group co-chairs to learn more about courses, clubs, conference and speaker series.

Sumedha: I have been told that I can upload the scanned copies of my official transcripts, but have to get them sealed and send them to Chicago GSB, in case I get an interview call. Does that hold true even now?

Karen: Sumedha, yes you are correct! The scanned copies of your transcripts are considered unofficial. Official copies contain a school stamp and seal.

Sumedha: What are the specific courses that would be of ineterest to students who want to pursue a career in Investment Management?

Eddie: Your best bet is to take a look at our website and look at the curriculum guide. There are a lot of courses in this area. Don't worry, you'll have an academic advisor to help you!

KG: How would you describe the spirit and culture of Chicago GSB?

Dom: The culture of the GSB is one of academic pursuit and career progress coupled with a friendly light-hearted attitude. What I mean by that is that all the students I have met as well as the faculty and staff will go out of their way to help you with whatever you may need. At the GSB, you are surrounded with extremely intelligent and ambitious people and yet this is not a competitive atmosphere. At the GSB, you really feel like its one big family. Not to mention, the GSB is a lot of fun.

BH: Can students who do not specifically apply to the International Relations joint degree still work in necessary courses within their curriculum?

Eddie: Yes. You can use your electives to take those classes.

steps_mba: Can I submit also essays 1 & 2 in pdf, or these two must be in Word format? Thanx

Yetu: Great question! You may submit essays in either Word or PDF format! It's just a matter of your preference.

steps_mba: Who will review my application? Both students and adcoms?

Rose: Thanks for your question. Every application gets at least three reads before we make an invitation to interview. A trained second year admission fellow, an adcom, and the associate dean of admission will read all applications.

dgw: I am currently applying and have noticed that many of my peers have hired admissions consultants to assist with their applications. In some ways, this seems i) un-ethical, and ii) to take the purity out of the application process. What is the GSB Admission Committee's view on the use of consultants to assist with the application?

Rose: We live in a world where there is far too much information available about everything. Navigating that can be intimidating. Consultants provide a couple of valuable services -- acting as a sounding board for applicants trying to explore the need for higher education (personal assessment); and identifying appropriate schools that fit the applicant's learning needs. Beyond those services, Chicago GSB is not in favor of using consultants. We're also pretty savvy in the evaluating process -- we typically can tell when someone has been over coached. We're always focused on finding the best applicants, not just the best applications.

G-346797439: Do you confirm when you receive the letters of recommendation?

Karen: Hello G, receipt of your LOR can be confirmed by checking the status of your appllication once submitted.

saintz: Hi can you tell me what Chicago GSB offers for someone looking for entrepreneurship in health sector?

Eddie: The entrepreneur concentration really gives you the opportunity to explore many industries including the healthcare industry. You can also check out the public policy school for add'l information about healthcare.

Jcullina: Rose, besides putting forth my best effort on the application, what can I do in addition to increase my chances of being awarded a Merit-based Scholarship or GSB Fellowship, such as the James M. Kilts Marketing Fellowship?

Rose: Make sure that your interests in marketing are clearly articulated in your application. The Kilts Marketing awards are selected by a faculty committee, so academic achievements will be equally important as your professional accomplishments.

laura: How does GSB committee consider applicants who changed their career half way? Should the applicants give an explanation to the change? Will GSB consider such change disadvantaged to one's career plan?

Eddie: As long as you can explain why the change and how choosing the new path is advantageous we're OK with that. You should be specific and let us know why you decided to move down another path.

laura: What's the possible percent of your current students who are over 30 years old by application? I have 8 years work experience, I'm afraid that my age will be a problem?

Rose: Chicago GSB admits students with all levels of experience. It's important that you are clear about why you need an MBA and what you hope to achieve through the experience. There are inherent trade-offs for students who have more work experience (lost income; entry level recruiting opportunities), but if you are clear on the whys, you'll do just fine in the admissions process. Plus, we have lots of folks with 8 plus years of experiece.

DesaiGuy: Outside of the internship between Year 1 and Year 2, are there any other direct projects or work experiences with real companies during the program?

Dom: Absolutely. I know that there are classes that offer, as part of the class, work experience for a real company. An example of this is the private equity and venture lab class. This class matches students with local private equity and VC firms as part of a one-quarter class. Also, outside of the class, there is ample opportunity to get experience working for real companies. There are a number of student led groups that partner with local firms to allow students to get experience in various industries while attending the GSB.

Sumedha: If a student hasn't had the opportunity to visit the GSB campus, will it be held as a disadvantage? I stay in India, and it would be a bit difficult for me to visit Chicago.

Karen: Sumedha, we encourage students to visit campus to attend classes and engage with other students. We are aware it is not possible for everyone to attend based on location, work responsibilities, etc. and do not hold that against anyone.

G-346858279: Do Indian companies recruit at the GSB?

Rose: We have strong relationships with companies all over the world. While there may be a limited number of companies from India that recruit at Chicago, we have strong alumni and corporate networks. In addition, students typically go on a career trek to India each year.

nicky_1: What is more important when choosing a particular candidate, high GMAT score or high average grades in his/ her previous degree?

Yetu: Great question! The answer is NEITHER. We reveiw an applicant's essays and slide presentation, work history, community involvement, recommendations, academic history, GMAT score and TOEFL or IELTS scores (if you are an international applicant). All of these compoents of your applcation play an equally important role in the admission decision--no one component weighs any heavier than another.

Yannis: Good morning everyone. Thank you for this opportunity. Is there an explanation as to why Chicago has 35% international students while LBS or Columbia claim 75%? Is it location, preference of recruiting companies for american students, or just accidental?

Rose: It's more based on the number of citizens in that country rather than the selection process. I get that LBS would be 75% international, but would highly doubt that Columbia would be much different than Chicago.

kdi: What is your view on exceeding the word limit on the essays by 50 words or less?

Eddie: We do set the word limit for a reason and we do hope that you can get it under or meet that limit. You won't be penalized for it by a few words...!

Kaushik: Does multiple GMAT scores prove to be a disadvantage for prospective applicants? Thanks!

Yetu: Thanks for your question. Absolutely not. We don't care how many times you have taken the GMAT; we will take your highest GMAT score. Good luck!

G-346858279: What support does the GSB provide international students to obtain jobs in the US in non-traditional sectors such as marketing or retail?

Eddie: International students have the same opportunities as US students when working with Career Services. As you become more selective with an industry you and your career advisor will work closely in finding those companies and opportunities they may have. We have a large int'l population here at Chicago and they seem to be happy with Career Services.

laura: I know, GSB is strong in finance, however, what I want to concentrate is general management and entrpreneurship. I just love GSB and want to study here. But will you think that my selection doesn't match the style of your school?

Dom: Not at all. My concentrations are Managerial and Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management which the GSB categorizes as a General Management concentration.

Dom: The GSB has some very prominent professors from both the General Management and Entrepreurnship fields. Currently, Entrepreurnship seems to be very popular field of study at the GSB. I personally think your style would match the GSB just fine.

Rose: We have 10 minutes remaining. If you have any last minute questions, please send them along.

sw: Is there a preference for international work experience?

Eddie: No. We value all work experience.

KG: How do you think the recent financial crisis will affect the availability of internships in i-banks?

Rose: Recruiting on campus for investment banks will continue to be solid, but with different types of investment banks (boutique, mid-market). Chicago GSB has been very proactive in developing new relationships in the i-banking sector when the market started heading south last winter.

dgw: Just to verify, an official undergraduate transcript is not required for part one to be complete?

Karen: Hi dgw, an unofficial copy of your transcript is required as part of your application. An official copy is requried once you are invited to interview.

laura: I have an art background, will it be a disadvantage because most applicants have financial background or engineer background or whatever GSB wants?

Rose: I am currently finishing my executive MBA program at Chicago GSB, and I have a liberal arts music background (undergrad & masters). I'm doing great. It's about critical thinking, and because Chicago's curriclum is so flexible, you can take the basic courses at the appropriate level. Yes, it will be hard work but if I can do it, so can you.

ChrisP: Good morning. Given Chicago GSB's flexible curriculum, I can easily see that demand may be higher for certain classes. Could you pleae explain the process for enrolling in courses each term? Thanks.

Dom: Good question. The GSB uses an auction system called iBid. Every first-year at the GSB is initially granted 8000 points. With these points students can bid on classes with the highest bidders being able to enter the classes. After the successful completion of classes each student is granted two thousand points per class to be used in the next quarter for bidding.

sw: Is there a way to find out your alumns located in Middle east to know more about the Chicago Experience?

Eddie: Sure. We are ahving a reception in Cairo and Dubai. Our alumni will be in attendance. Sign up for those reception on our website: www.chicagobooth.edu

G-346858279: I have an undergrad degree in Engineering and also a graduate diploma in management. Will you consider both GPAs equally, or will one get preference over the other when reviewing my application?

Yetu: Great question! We will definitely consider both GPAs (undergraduate and graduate) while reviewing your application. However, neither GPA will be weighted more heavily than the other. Our application process is very holistic--we try to take everything into account in order to get to know you, the applicant.

G-346833871: What is the estimated percentage of students that are on scholarship each year? I am intersted in scholarship not the student loans. For scholarship evaluation how much influence does the strong bachlor's avg. GPA have along with 6 years of Multinational Engineering & Business Management expereince?

Rose: Just as we use a holistic process for evaluating applications, we use this same process for scholarship selection. As I mentioned earlier, about 30% will receive some type of merit-based scholarship at the time of admissions based on quality and donor criteria.

Sumedha: Hi Karen! Refering to my last question about transcripts, can I submit the unofficial transcripts in Round 1, and then send the sealed copies when I get an interview call?

Karen: Hi Sumedha, you are absoultely correct!

G-346858279: I have a 760 in GMAT, with a 89 in Quantitative, and a 98 in Verbal. Do I need to show additional proof that I have good quantitative skills, due to the skewed score?

Eddie: Nice score. We'll take a look at your transcripts, LORs and your resume and see how your quantitative skills can be measured. If you choose to do add'l work please send us the transcript!

Subhi: How well did the recent interns do to get a placement after intership?

Rose: Our students are fairing quite well this year despite the market constraints. Many firms are still uncertain about their full-time hiring needs yet this year so we'll know more in the coming weeks.

G-346858279: Are grades released to recruiters during campus placements?

Dom: The students of the GSB have elected to have a grade non-disclosure policy. Accordingly, grades are not released to recruiters.

richa: I want to apply for graduate programs can you tell me what is the GPA requirement?

Karen: Hello Richa, the average GPA is 3.5. However, when reviewing your application we look at your entire file (GMAT, GPA, work experience, voluteer work and possibly TOEFL).

Karen: Good Luck!

KG: Does recent financial crisis mean that you will offer admission to decreased number of applicants wishing to pursue invesment banking career?

Rose: Having been in the business for nearly 10 years, what an applicant states in their application and the reality of their outcomes can be very different so we don't place too much emphasis on future career paths, and base our decision more on track records of success, etc.

Bhavesh: How strong is GSB in Operations and Strtategy area? Thanks.

Dom: Very strong. I am concentrating in Strategy and there are a number of classes offered that give students both a deep and broad exposure to Strategy theory. Also, there are some lab strategy classes where strategic theory is put to either simulated or real-world use. In the Operations area, the GSB has some of the most prominent professors from that field.

Christen: Going back to Nicky's question/Eddie's response, is it possible to quatify or specify what makes up "quality work experience?"

Eddie: Quality work experience? We find value in your work experience at any company, in any country, in any position you hold. We do look for your leadership experience, management opportunities and what you actually contribute to the organization. How that's communicated to us is very important in detecting that.

ikshwaku: Rose, who all from adcom will be visiting India during admission reception event in late october?

Rose: That would be me.

KG: If I want to learn some languages, should I take them for credit or for audit?

Eddie: You'll take them as a credit. Not many classes at the University of Chicago are eligible for auditing.

Subhi: What exactly do you expect to see in the slide presentation, creativity or application strategy?

Yetu: Wow, what a great question. I'll try my best to answer it. We ask that you provide us with content in the slides that captures who you are. Slides will be evaluated on the quality of content and ability to convey your ideas, not on technical expertise or presentation creativity. My advice is to use the power point space strategically--to complete the picture of who you are. Remember we want to get to know you better through the power point slides.

Seema: I did my education from India and have availed of the exemption for permanent residents (I am a permenant resident of USA). However, Chicago is on the list to get my toefl scores. I am availing of the exemption because I was hoping to make Round1 rather than round 2. Will receiving the scores even though I claimed and exemption be an issue in my application?

Rose: You'll be fine. We'll add your TOEFL score when it arrives, but it is not required for your application to be complete.

Bhavesh: Does one have a choice to attend partner school for a term or semester while at GSB? Can you name a few partner schools?

Eddie: Yes as an IBEP or IMBA student. Please check out their web pages for specific schools/countries.

G-346858279: How are the classes formed? What is a typical class size?

Dom: Classes are formed through the iBid auction system. Classes vary in size, but from what I have seen classes range from about 50 to 100 people.

John12: Rose, hypthetically speaking, if an applicant were on the fence, what are the things that would prevent him or her from being accepted via essays, recommendations, etc.?

Rose: That's the problem -- hypothetically speaking doesn't allow us to take a holistic approach to evaluation. It all depends is one of my favorite responses. Ultimately, we need a full sense of you as a candidate -- professionally, academically, community engagement, personally, etc. If you can provide us with an application that speaks to you as a well rounded person, you'll be fine. We have trouble making final decisions when we have an incomplete picture of the candidate.

Jay_1: Hello Rose, I am 36 now and applying to next fall admissions. Am I over aged for a 2-year MBA? I could see schools of late looking for younger applicants.

Rose: The timing to pursue an MBA is a personal one. There are lots of trade-offs that you need to make when you have more experience. Chicago GSB offers several programs in addition to the full-time program (executive, evening, weekend) that you might want to consider as well. You will need to be clear about the program fit and the trade-offs in your application.

sp: Do you distinguish International Latin American Students (coming from South & Central America) from Latin American Students that are currently living in the US as permanent residents for the application process?

Rose: International students are considered seperately from US ethnic minorities.

sw: what is to be done if the school only sends the transcripts to Chicago GSB directly? Do I still Need to update my transcripts

Karen: Hi sw, it is not necessary to update your transcripts once your official copies are received. Our processing department will handle this update.

Yetu: Well guys, it was fantastic to chat with you. I hope you'll continue to engage with us--through our Discussion Forums, GSB Live Events, Campus Visits, GSB Receptions, and Rose's Blog. Thanks for joining us today, and I look forward to chatting with you in the near future!

Dom: It has been a pleasure speaking with all of you this morning. Good luck on those applications.

Eddie: Thanks for joining us. October 15th is just around the corner. Are you ready for us? We are ready for you!!

Rose: Thank you for joining us this morning. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to me directly (rose.martinelli@chicagobooth.edu). Warm regards, Rose

Karen: It was a pleasure speaking with everyone today! Good luck with your applications!