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September 24, 2008—9:00-10:00 AM CST

Joanna: Hi Everyone, Thanks for joining us today. We'll start our chat today promptly at 9am, but feel free to start to submit your quetsions now.

Melissa: Welcome to the chat! We'll be starting in just a few minutes. Feel free to submit any questions you have now.

Eddie: Good morning! Only a few weeks away from the first deadline. Are you ready?

Joanna: Look forward to chatting with you all today!

Kurt: Good morning thank you for taking the time to join us. I look forward to answering your questions and hopefully this will be a helpful chat.

Jennifer: Hello! I am a second year student concentrating in Marketing. I spent the summer interning as a brand manager for a consumer products company. I look forward to answering your questions about student life.

sameer: I am a 2007 engineering graduate passout. After graduation I did a .NET certification course. I don't have any work experience. What are my chances of getting in GSB?

Joanna: Hello Sammeer, Without seeing your entire application it is impossible to comment on how you'd fare in the admissions process. But I can tell you that we do not have a minimum requirement for work experience. You can read more about our Early Career Enrollment Option here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/

Woowoo: For US citizens, as for the financial aid & admission, is it "need blind, full supply" in terms of loans/scholarships, etc? Thank you

Eddie: All scholarships are merit based.

ikshwaku: Hi Rose, I have been trying to connect with Current GSB students but have not been able to do so. Can you please help me with this regard?

Jennifer: Hi, you've come to the right place. The best way to get in touch with students is to join these chats, discussion forums, and visit campus. You can email me at jvarela@chicagobooth.edu and I can try to answer your questions or put you in touch with a student who can better answer your questions.

Ralph: Joanne mentioned that "We are looking for many things in a prospective student; past academic success as evidenced by transcripts and GMAT scores, and strong letters of recommendations" in the online chat session on July 16. Would you mind explaining the meaning of "strong letters of recommendations" compared with the "normal" ones? How do the admission committee evaluate the letters of recommendations at GSB?

Eddie: LORS should have content that describes your professional skill set in detail. We like to see examples of projects you worked and the success behind it, teamwork, and leadership, Finding someone who can address these components are what we enjoy reading.

Woowoo: Hello, I woud like to be a strategic consultant in the Greater China region, how big is GSB's alumni network in that area? Is there any geographical area where GSB wants to grow its influence specifically? Thank you.

Kurt: Woowoo, our alumni presentation in China is quite strong. We have active clubs throughout the country who do a lot in terms of building networks and strengthing the brand of the GSB. As far as areas we would like to grow our influence I would say there is not one particular area of the world we are focused on building the brand globally.

Koji: Hello, sirs/madams. This is probably a quite common and frequent question. Do you accept GMAT scores submitted after the application? I would like to also ask you how you regard applicants taking GMAT as many as 4 or 5 times.

Joanna: Dear Koji,

Joanna: We can accept scores after the deadline but the official score needs to be here within 2 weeks. This is not the best approach to your application but we can hold your file as incomplete until they are received.

Yannis: Good morning everyone. Thank you for this opportunity. I already have my official university transcripts (translated). Can I upload them on my on-line application instead of completing the excel template you provide? Thank you very much.

Joanna: Hello Yannis, Great question. A pdf or scanned copy is acceptable!

Ralph: Could you explain the major characteristics of the "Chicago GSB value system"?

Eddie: Critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration are a few strong factors within our program.

RB: Hello Joanna and the admissions team. Thanks so much for hosting this chat. I am a resident of Dubai, UAE and have been working in the Retail Industry for the last 5 years. Presently I am working as a Furniture Buyer with a leading chain of home stores, here in the Middle East. After my MBA, I want to work with a Consultancy with focus on Retail busines development strategies in the Emerging Economies. What are the opportunites GSB would give to student with a focus on Retail ? Does GSB facilitate interactions with Retail Industry veterans ?

Joanna: Hello RB,

Joanna: The GSB curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of business which gives you the knowledge to succeed in any chosen field. However, we do have the Retail, Apparel, and Luxury student group where students, faculty and alums alike work together for opportunities and learning experiences within this industry. The Retail, Apparel, and Luxury Group is for students interested in working in retail as well as those interested in specializing in retailing as it relates to consulting, investment banking, research, and other service industries. Hope this helps.

Yannis: In the context of prof. experience you assess candidates based on leadership and career progression among other things. Nevertheless, it is true that in countries like Greece progression of young professionals is much slower and different overall than for example in the US or the UK: Engineering studies (BSc) last 5 years and we also have 1 year of mandatory military service. Therefore we join the work force much later than our peers.How do you assess these differences among candidates and compare them on an equal basis? Thank you very much.

Eddie: Having reviewed so many applicants from different countries we have many resources that help us determine a candidate's professional background appropriately. We value diversity and understand that candidates outside of the US have very different backgrounds that we find in many cases very attractive when crafting a class.
Ralph: Which words will you prefer to use to describe the unique culture of Chicago GSB if only up to three words, adj. or noun, can be used? Could you explain your answer?

Kurt: Chicago is committed to our student recognizing their unique goals and objectives with their MBA. We are non-perscriptive in our approach unlike many of our peer schools. The hope is this kind of freedom to choose encourages our students to take risks, push boundaries and assist in the idea generation and innovation process that is a hallmark of the University of Chicago.

Kurt: Three words.

Kurt: Ideas

Kurt: Independence

Kurt: Intellectual

stephane88: Good morning. Thanks for hosting the chat today. I have a general question about GPA. I transferred to another school after freshman year. Do I combine my GPAs from two schools for my the bachelor degree? Or do I keep them separate?

Joanna: Hello stephane88, You should report the GPAs per school as they are on each transcript.

Woowoo: In terms of application pools, do you differentiate IT from engineering? I used to work in IC design, and that was quite differet from IT....

Eddie: Reviewing your resume will be the key. We like to see the value of the work you have offered in any industry. We understand the differences between industries and rely upon your essays, resume and LORS to help us determine your strength in that industry.

deepak: Hi , I am a CPA from India currently in equity research with Std & Poor's. My question is, how strongly does Chicago GSB focus on private equity? Post MBA, I am looking for employment in PE space. How does US help in it, do you have a specific concentration in it and what % of your students were placed in PE last year?

Jennifer: Regarding Private Equity job and internship placements, the best place to look is in our employment report which can be found on the GSB website. We do not have a specific concentration in PE, but we do have several ways in which interested students can explore PE as a career path. The EVP (Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Private Equity Group) is a great resource and you can find their contact on our website as well under student groups. As a student, you also have the opportunity to apply to the PE Lab which allows you to gain class credit and work with local PE firms. We also host a PE conference in the spring. There are plenty of students who have an interest in PE, but it is also a challenging space to enter post MBA so I would recommend you touch base with the EVP group and talk to students with more specific experience in PE.

Yannis: Is there a Greek alumni or current students association (in Chicago or Athens-Greece) and how can I get in touch with these students? (I already received valuable advice and information from a Greek graduate this year who nevertheless has also earned his undergrad in the US, therefore has quite a different background than mine.) Do you conduct interviews in Athens, Greece? Thank you!

Joanna: Tikanis Yannis, We do in fact have a Greek Alum Association. I will also be in Athens, Greece on October 20 hosting an information session where you can meet Greek alums as well. You can register for the event here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/europe.aspx It is also possible to have an interview with an Alum in Athens should you be invited to interview. Hope this helps.

Nick: My question is on the relationship between my GMAT score and my undergraduate GPA. For example: If I have an average/low GPA on my undergraduate diploma, can it be shadowed by a very high GMAT score and vice versa. Thanks

Eddie: We do review each piece of the application on its merit. A low GPA does signal caution as far as your academic background is concerned. Getting a high GMAT tells us that you have potential to do well in our program but it doesn't "shadow" your undergrad performance. We take all components into consideration before offering a decision.

sameer: What is the total estimated fees including living expense, for the GSB Full-Time MBA course and is there any finacial assistance that we can apply for?

Joanna: Dear sameer, You can see a breakdown of our tuition and fees here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/costs.aspx. You can also read about financial aid here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/financialaid.aspx.

nora: Hi Joanna, how do you see the impact of the financial crisis on the job market for GSB's graduates in the next few years?

Kurt: It is difficult to predict the full impact the financial crisis will have on the econmony and future job opportunities. Certainly all business schools will feel the crunch as many firms will be much more conservative in their hiring practices as they prepare for the worst. It is during these tough times however that it is important to look at top-tier schools to help weather the storm. Traditionally they are far less affected by economic downturns than second and third tier business schools. The demand for "top-tier MBA's" is always there and it is rare that firms will eliminate their recruiting efforts all together at top schools because they want to maintain the pipeline to top talent for when the inevitable shift in the economy changes for the better.

Meerim: Hello! I'm glad to have such a nice opportunity! I'm an international student, so I would like to know what is the average TOEFL PBT score?

Joanna: Hello Meerim, The average is about 600 for the paper based test. Thanks.

Kevin: My question is regarding essays 2a and 2b. Is it ok to answer these essays using my personal experiences rather than my work experiences?

Eddie: Please use your best judgement Kevin. You need to decide which offers us the best perspective.

LAH: Hi Joanna and Melissa, I wanted to know if you've been seeing an surge in the number of applications submitted so far this year.

Joanna: Dear Lah, It's a bit too early to tell since the first deadline is still a few weeks away, though we do expect an increase in applications. Thanks!

wx123: Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the slide show component of the app, what exactly are you looking for?

Joanna: Hi wx, There aren't any rules or specifics that we're seeking. This is your opportunity to look at your application and decide what's still left for us to know about you that might be important to your candidacy. Think stragetically about what you think we need to know about you!

Sachi: What is the approach to evaluting a candiate's application, in particular a person's GPA? Do you primarily look at the undergrad or take account of their most recent grades such as grad school grades?

Eddie: That's why we encourage you to send in a transcript from every program where you received a "letter" grade. We look at trends and progression from every school you attended to help determine your academic capability. We also concentrate on the specific courses that you completed.

Emma: What does the social life of GSB students look like? Do students live on or off campus?

Jennifer: Hi Emma, about one third of GSB students live in Hyde Park, one third downtown, and one third in other areas around Chicago. Although we are spread out, it doesn't mean we do not have a close community! For instance, I live in the South Loop and have 4 other students who live in my building and have become good friends. There is plenty to do and people to meet, so you will always find people with similar preferences whether it means going out to the clubs downtown, having dinner with other families, or spending the night studying with friends. There are always people around campus and the Gleacher center (downtown location). Even though we don't all live across the street, we tend to see each other all the time.

Olivier: Hi, thank you for this opportunity. I would like to know what opportunities Chicago offers to students with a strong interest in renewable energy and the clean power industry in general? Do you offer industry-specific courses in this area?

Kurt: Our Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship is doing a lot to develop opportunities in this area, especially since most companies occupying this space fall into the area of start-ups and new venture. I would check out their website for more specific information. We also have an active energy group on campus that you can look up online and connect with their leadership for more information. The GSB has strong relationships with large Energy companies as well, Exelon and Pacific Gas and Electric are two companies that come to mind immediately. In terms of coursework we added a class this year which is specifically looking at the economics of energy. This will cover theoretical elements of this sector as well as policy issues.

ohaqqi: Can you provide any information about events that are targeted towards students with partners or specifically for partners?

Joanna: Hi ohaqqi,

Joanna: For prospects we don't have any specific events geered towards those with partners because we value partners and welcome them at any and all of our prospective student events! Students with partners make up roughly 30% of our student body so a partner's place in our community is strong. We also have a partner who works with the Office of Admissions who can help prospective partners learn about life at the GSB as a student partner. And of course at Admit Weekend, we have special programming and events just for our partners as well.

Daniel94: How do you adjust your admissions criteria in difficult economic times like these to attempt to keep out the professionals looking to "hide away" in business school for two years? Or are there any adjustment?

Kurt: We do not adjust our criteria. Compelling well-researched and well-presented applicants will stand out regardless of the applicant pool. There are enough filters in our process to catch those who are simply looking to pass the time rather than fully commit to educational experience at Chicago GSB.

joewolf_1: I've heard that Chicago has a reputation for emphasizing quantitative abilities more than other top b-schools. My college education, work experience, and GMAT score are much heavier on the writing and communication side, although I still think I could handle the math and I'm enrolling in courses to prepare. How big of a factor is the quantitative component to the admissions committee, and how much does the fact that I'm enrolling in additional courses support my application?

Eddie: Diversity is very important here at Chicago. You will take classes that will challenge your quantitative skills and having some in your background is helpful but not a requirement. There are many students in the program who are not "quant" heavy and do very well as a result of the study groups and support we offer.

Nestorius: Good morning. What are the chances of getting a job after completing the MBA if you are not US resident?

Joanna: Hi Nestorius, I assume you mean a job in the US? It really depends on what you want to do and the company that hires. Each company has their own policies on hiring and each industry fares differently. Though the GSB does have great placement records both domestically and internationally. You can see our employment stats here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx

CC12: Is word limit of essay 2 strictly required as 1000 words?

Eddie: You won't be penalized for going over the word limit but the limit has been set so that you can deliver your responses in a clear and definitive manner. We have seen essays where some candidates have lost their train of thought or move away from answering the question by offering us too much information.

MBA_GSB_2011: Hi GSB Admissions, I am considering applying to GSB next year for the Full time MBA program. I got a 680 the first time I took the GMAT and then got 650 when I took it again. Will GSB still look at my highest score or will getting a lower score in the second attemp affect my chances greatly. The first time I had a breakup of 49 Quant and 34 Verbal and the second time I had a breakup of 43 Quant and 38 Verbal. Due to market conditions, I was not able to devote as much time to the GMAT the second time as I would have liked. Do you recommend taking it a third time?

Joanna: Dear MBA, The GSB will only look at your highest score. Our advice on taking it again is that if you think you can do better, you should try again. If you feel that was your absolute best effort, you can move on and focus on other parts of your application. I hope this helps a bit!

joewolf_1: I'm interested in brand/product management, particularly as it applies to the media and technology industries. I noticed Apple and Google recruit from Chicago GSB, but what opportunities (both academic and extracurricular) does Chicago offer geared specifically towards these industries?

Jennifer: As part of the marketing group I have had exposure and job/internship postings across many different industries, so the Marketing Group is a great resource. We also have a Media Group and a High Tech Group which hosted very interesting panels last year and can better guide you in regard to those specific industries. Apple and Google are certainly not the only companies in that arena that recruit on campus. Our classes are more focused around marketing strategy/management rather than industry but I think you will find they will prepare you well for any job/internship you take on. Feel free to email me with more specific questions. jvarela@chicagobooth.edu

Melissa: We're halfway there! There are 30 minutes left in the chat and our speakers are eager to take your questions! Please continue submitting your questions.

Emma: Can you please describe the application evaluation process once the applicant hits the submit button?

Kurt: Once an application is complete it is given to one of our Admissions Fellows (2nd year students), and they vote to interview or not. The application is then passed on to an admissions director who reads the application and makes a similar decision. If the decisions are different another director, usually Rose, breaks the tie with her decision. By the mid-decision you will know whether you have been invited to interview or denied. If you conduct an interview the report is processed and given to another director with the rest of your file for a third possibly fourth read. That director votes to admit, deny or committee. Rose reviews all final decisions with committee votes going to committee process for further discussion.

ohaqqi: How much of a buffer do recommenders have in terms of turning recs in after the R1 deadline?

Eddie: We stongly encourage you to have your LORS in by the deadline. If we don't have them you can face being pushed into another round. Your application remains incomplete until you follow up with him/her and have them sent to the operations team.

ms: For Full-Time MBA, is there a spring start enrollment or is it just fall?

Eddie: The full-time program admits candidates for the autumn quarter only.

jb32: What can we expect as far as a timeline after our R1 application is submitted? Interview invite dates? Acceptance notification/WL/ding dates?

Joanna: Jb, After the R1 deadline, you will learn if you've been invited to interview by Nov. 12. You can see all of our notification dates here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/apply.aspx

casey: Can anyone talk about their experiences in the Management Lab or Private Equity Lab?

Jennifer: Unfortunately, no one on this chat has been part of those labs. There should be information about these classes under course descriptions on the GSB website. I have heard some great things about them. Maybe you could email me and I can try to put you in touch with another student who has been part of these classes. jvarela@chicagobooth.edu

casey: Thanks for conducting the chat this morning. Can you please talk about how the class selection works? I know the flexibility is a big plus but also means you need to know what general management courses you should take. How does it work at the GSB? Do you have an advisor?

Kurt: We have plenty of people available to help in your decision process. Student advisors, staff advisors, faculty advisors and alumni mentors. It is important for any business school not just the GSB to come in with an idea of what you want to accomplish and the school will help to provide you with a more concrete and executable plan. It is because we have a lot of choice that we also provide a lot of guidance and support.

Jen: Hi Everyone! Thank you for taking the time to chat this morning. I am currently a senior in college, and I am wondering what the percentage of students without full-time, post-undergraduate work experience is for the class of 2010?

Joanna: Hi Jen, Less than 10% of our students come to the GSB without any work experience.

Ben: I have an unusual background for a business school applicant. Would it be appropriate to use the optional essay to detail the ways I believe my background would make me attractive to a future employer despite my lack of traditional business experience?

Eddie: We have seen a lot of students with "unusual" backgrounds. I would focus on responding to essays we offer and refrain from using the optional essay as...another essay!

Jack: What are the requirements to get financial aid and what happens if a person does not have much money for tuition and living expenses?

Joanna: Hi Jack, You can read about our financial aid process here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/financialaid.aspx. GSB students can borrow funds for living expenses as well as tuition.

Xam: Is the IBT requirement a mandatory one? for example, is 1 point lower than this ok?

Joanna: Dear Xam, We do ask applicants to meet our minimum requirements. Applicants who score below the minimums may still apply, but admission would be contingent upon meeting the minimum scores or other language requirements.

MBA2009: Hi, I am applying in the first round to Chicago this year. I have an alternative energy venture set up and was delighted to hear about the new course that is being introduced in Chicago- "Innovation in Energy Markets and Opportunities in Renewable Energy." I want to know more about what this course exactly contains. Also please shed some light on the flexible curriculum aspect at Chicago GSB.

Kurt: Thank you for the question. You can find a more complete description of the class on the following site http://portal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt?open=512&objID=205&PageID=0&cached=true&mode=2

Kurt: In terms of the flexible curriculum you have every opportunity to shape your academic experience. We have many electives built into the program as well as the ability to choose your "core" classes as well. For more specific information on how it works I would encourage you to visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/index.aspx for more details.

stephane88: Will international students have a difficult time to secure student loans?

Eddie: We haven't had any problems so far. The Financial Aid office has a great website that explains the various programs offered. Please visit our website: www.chicagobooth.edu

CC12: Is there a specific part of the LEAD program that trains students how to pitch potential clients?

Jennifer: LEAD does not get so specific as to how to pitch to clients. There is some helpful training in LEAD around developing communications and interpersonal skills. I'm not sure exactly what context you are referring to, but we do have classes in Negotiations, Sales, and Competitive Strategy. Our Entrepreneurship classes are also very helpful for this type of training. There are plenty of ways to hone these skills while at GSB, but I can also say that GSB tries to teach more of an overall strategy rather than something as specific as how to pitch to potential clients.

ohaqqi: Is a high Masters GPA along with a strong GMAT score enough to overcome sub-par undergraduate performance? What else would you recommend?

Joanna: Dear ohaqqi,

Joanna: It's impossible to say since our evaluation process is so holistic. Each and every part of yor application is important, though I can say that a high score and high Masters GPA will give us some idea of your academic growth. Hope this helps.

Ryan: Good morning everyone, do you weigh submitting applications in Round 1 and Round 2 equally? Is applying Round 1 better than Round 2?

Eddie: We want you to apply when you are ready. Round 2 usually offers us the most applications which leads to a very competitive pool.

jb32: Can we attend the 'Diversity' GSB Live on October 17th if we are not a diverse applicant?

Eddie: Sure you can!

Anna: If we are interested in an IMBA, at what point once accepted into Chicago do we express interest in the program? And are there requirements or additional applications necessary in order to follow this track?

Joanna: Dear Anna, it's something you would have to declare in your first quarter at the GSB. You can read about the additional requirements here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/international/imba.aspx

JRC: Is there a word limit or suggested limit on the non-essay sections, for example the community involvement section?

Joanna: Dear JRC, There is no limit but you should, as always, use your best judgment in being clear and concise.

Jill: Can you give us a little more information on Chicago's approach to corporate strategy? What courses do students interested in this path take? What sort of clubs/activities are they involved in?

Kurt: Strategy can take on many forms at the GSB and it is a big part of how we look at organizations. We have classes in New Venture Strategy, Competitive Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Marketing Strategy etc. The unifying theme is getting students to recognize how their decisions impact an organization's competitive postion in a given market. No decision a leader makes is conducted in a vacuum so our courses in strategy get you to see the bigger picture and the potential impacts of that decision. Clubs that many "Strategy" people participate in are the Consulting Group, The Risk and Gaming Group, The Marketing Group to name a few. The list however is much more extensive as the Strategy Concentration is a popular area of study.

Felipe: Is my 1 year of military experience considered as work exp.?

Joanna: Dear Felipe, It is work experience, but remember that we do not have a minimum work experience requirement.

MBA2009: Is the TOEFL mandatory for international applicants?

Joanna: Yes, unless you have earned a degree delivered entirely in English. You can read more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/englishexams.aspx

niaz: During tough times as we have today, does the GSB assist alumni to connect with other alumni who might have lost their jobs on Wall Street?

Kurt: Once you are part of the GSB community you always have access to our alumni network and career services. The commitment to our students is a lifetime one so whatever resources we provide to you as a student for your career apply to you as an alum as well.

ortaplt: Ditto on the thanks. I am curious as to how many students the university has enrolled who are pursuing the joint JD/MBA degree. I'm aware that you must apply to each school independently of each other, but was hoping to get a sense of how popular/doable this option is at Chicago.

Eddie: A very small percentage. You may want to reach out to the JD/MBA group here at Chicago to get a sense of their involvement with the GSB especially while in residence at either of the programs.

Meerim: What teaching method is most prevalent at Chicago GSB (case studies, lectures, or smth else)?

Jennifer: Teaching methods really depend on the class. Our professors our in charge of their own materials and methods so you can potentially take the same course and have it taught very differently from one section to another. GSB also has a very flexible course offering so you can try to schedule more case courses or lectures depending on your preference. In general, I have found it to be a good balance between cases and lectures both within a specific course and across courses. There is also the option to take a Lab course, but Lab classes are not as common as cases/lectures.

Nestorius: What is the average salary of the summer internship program?

Jennifer: Please refer to the 2007 Employment Report which shows the average salaries both for full time and internships. It varies depending on function, industry, and location.

Ben: Can you tell me more about Chicago's program in Operations Management, especially as it relates to Supply Chain Management?

Kurt: Ben, thank you for the question and you can certainly find opportunities in supply chain if that is something you choose to do. My best advice for deeper detail on the program would be to look at a sample of the operations courses we offer here. Please take a minute to review the courses on the following page for more specific details and insight. http://portal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_0_320_205_0_43/http%3B/gsbjob.chicagogsb.edu/Facultycourse08/CourseList.aspx

Ben: Is Chicago conducive to families with small children? Is it difficult to find housing? How long does it take to get to Chinatown? (My wife is Taiwanese). Thanks!

Joanna: As a world class city, yes, Chicago is very conducive to families. Finding rental housing here is also fairly easy, though it will always depend on your budget. Chinatown is about 20 minutes from campus.

Koji: Is a GMAT score reached at fewer times valued more?

Eddie: We only take the higher score. Getting a great score on your first time out is great but remember we have to review the entire file.

BigD: On average what percentage of applicants are called for an interview? And must every potential student go through this process?

Joanna: Interviews are by invitation only and are mandatory for a student to be accepted. We generally interview anywhere between 40-60% of our applicants.

Prospective09: For the current students: as an applicant, what was the one thing you were looking forward to at U of Chicago that put it first in your mind versus all of the other top schools? as a current student, were your hopes realized?

Jennifer: The people. While there are so many reasons I chose the GSB, meeting the people at GSB was what had convinced me to come here. This has actually exceeded my expectations. I feel comfortable with my fellow classmates and have found them to be very honest, dynamic, and fun people.

MBA2009: Does the second essay have to be a recent incident or recency does not matter?

Eddie: No, it really doesn't matter.

SS: I have explored and formed networks in the industry/function group that I am looking to pursue. Should I mention this somewhere in my application to give a better idea of the research/ground-work I've already done?

Joanna: Hello SS, This is completely up to you. You will have to decide what information is most important to your candidacy.

Melissa: We're down to the wire. Just a few minutes left in the chat. Please submit your final questions now.

Sachi: Is it important to demonstrate how we feel we can fit in with Chicago GSB and add to the community?

Kurt: Absolutely, this is the core of the application. If you are unable to articulate fit specifically with the GSB and our culture than you are leaving out a critical part of the application.

malvina: Hi. I was wondering whether it is possible to accomodate an interest in business and public policy without doing the joint degree. Are there particular classes that address policy issues? Is it possible to take electives in the school of public policy?

Eddie: You are able to take classes at the Harris School - Public Policy.

Jennifer: I'm off to an event here on campus. Thank you for your questions! Feel free to email me with anything else. jvarela@chicagobooth.edu

MBA2009: What is 'Diversity' GSB Live ?

Eddie: GSB Diversity - Live offers the same programming as any of the GSB Live" events. It does highlight the specific under-represented groups like the African-American MBA Association, Hispanic American Business Students Association and Chicago Women in Business and their activiites, support and perspective on life at the GSB.

Melissa: The chat has now ended. You can continue the dialogue on our Discussion forum at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/forum/. The chat transcript will be posted online this week.

Kurt: Great questions thanks for spending some time with us and best of luck in the admissions process.

Melissa: correction...http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/forums/

Joanna: Thanks for joining us everyone! Hope to see you at one of our events this fall!

Eddie: Thanks for taking the time to join us this morning. Contact us if you have any other questions!