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September 11, 2008—9:00-10:00 AM CST

Rose: Good morning, and welcome to our bi-monthly admissions chat. We'll get started in about 15 minutes. If you have questions, please go ahead and submit them now. We look forward to chatting with you in a few minutes. Rose

Andrea: Good morning everyone! Thanks for joining us today. I look forward to some great questions about the admissions process

Rose: It is wonderful to join you this morning. I just returned from a week of recruiting in Latin America, and I am very excited to meet more of you on the road this fall. So let's get the chat started.

Joanna: Hello everyone and welcome to our live chat. Look forward to helping answer your questions....Joanna

Shergill: I had applied in Round 2 last year, and am applying in the Round 1 this year. I have great academics, and professional experience (as a consultant - 5 jobs in last 5 years) but have not had exposure to community events - started a small business on the side, that takes most of my time out of work.. I was very actively involved during the under-grad (as a President, Senate, committee member). My question is does GSB view no community events since graduation and job switches (due to contract completions - I view it as a strength!!) as negative?

Rose: Chicago GSB looks at an applicant's history of involvement rather than recency. We recognize that many applicants have rather limited time due to work and travel to be as actively involved as had been the case in the past. We take all of this into consideration. As for job transitions, just make sure that those transitions are well explained (best done in the "reason for leaving".

mma: I appeared for the GMAT in September, 2004. Is my score still valid for applying for the Fall, 09 MBA session?

Andrea: Hi mma,

Andrea: GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.

MAK: Is work experience a requirement for getting an admission in the Full Time MBA program?

Andrea: Hi MAK, There is not a minimum number of years of work experience required for admission.

mma: How much do GSB focus on diversity for offering admission in the first round of application?

Rose: Diversity on all levels -- industry/function, global exposure, gender, ethnicity, etc. are always considered in our selection process. Since we craft a class, we're looking for students who will enrich the MBA experience.

abdi: My GMAT appointment is for 8th of October and CHICAGO GSB is one of my choices to send the GMAT score in the test day.Will my GMAT be accepted for the first round admission or I have to wait till the official report will be sent to you.?

Andrea: Hi abdi, The official GMAT report is not needed until an invitiation to interview has been released. You can self report your scores when you submit your application.

Rakesh: Hi Rose, Good Morning! I would like to know about career opportunities for international students at GSB Chicago in the wake of visa restrictions by US(H1 cap etc). How does career center help international students?

Rose: Our international students have faired equally well as our domestic students in their job searches. The opportunities to work in the US may be limited, but if you are willing to consider work in other major markets of the world, you should have no problems. Remember, you own your job search, but we're here to support you throughout the entire process.

Pankaj: I am a fresh BBA grad from India, with just one month of experience. Can I apply for the Full Time MBA course?

Joanna: Hi Pankaj,

Joanna: The GSB does not have a minimum requirement for work experience. You can learn more about our Early Career enrollment option here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/

Kaleb: Hello Rose, thanks for this opportunity. I have a somewhat detailed question regarding slide presentation in the essay. Is it desirable to make slides using images like charts or diagrams to look more organized as management consultants usually do? Or is it okay to write down text only as long as the idea is conveyed clearly?

Rose: Great question. Chicago GSB does not have any predetermined format for your slides. You may use words, charts, photos, poetry, etc., to convey the information that you think the admissions committee needs to know about you.

MAK: What is the approximate GMAT score required to get an admission in MBA at Chicago GSB?

Andrea: MAK, There is not a minimum GMAT score required for admission, but the average last year was a 713 with a range of 650 - 760.

Anu: What is the mix of students that Chicago GSB always strives to maintain (based on academics, male/female ratio, work experience, GMAT score and ethnicity)?

Rose: Wow! We certainly have aspirations, but it our selection of candidates really will be driven by who applies and their fit to the GSB community. We admit students direct from college as well as with greater than 10 years of experience. This year's entering class is 35% women and 35% international. So it all depends.

George_456: How do you judge the quality of one's work experience - do you loot at the resume or rely on stories told by the candidate in the essays?

Andrea: Hi George_456, The quick answer to your question is we do both. The admissions process is incredibly holistic so we look at the entire application to assess your candidacy. Your work experience will likely be evaluated based on information you may provide in your essay, your resume and letters of recommendation.

abdi: What was your acceptance rate for CHICAGO GSB for 2008 for all three campuses?

Rose: We have separate admissions offices for each of the programs (three executive MBA programs; the evening & weekend program, along with the full-time MBA program) so I am unable to give you an overall figure.

shenphon: Can I ask for an interview with you in advance before the deadline of application and the submitting of materials for application?

Andrea: Hi shenphon, Interviews are by invitation only and are released after an application has been submitted and has gone through the first stage of the review process.

George_456: Can I submit GMAT scores after the deadline? I have taken the GMAT once but I feel the need to take it again. Can I submit revised scores after the deadline?

Joanna: Hello George,

Joanna: You can submit significant updated information, like test scores or transcripts, after the deadline. However, you should try to send these within 2-3 weeks after the official deadline, otherwise we can't gaurantee that we can use this new information in the evaluation of your application.

Gauri: I am an international student. How much of an assistantship can i get?

Rose: All students are eligible for merit-based awards at Chicago GSB. These are given out at the time of admission based on the quality of your application. Most teaching assistant positions are only available in your second year of study, along with leadership facilitators, admissions fellows and career fellows. These are great ways to give back to the community while earning a some tuition credits.

George_456: Is there a specific format for the resume?

Joanna: Hi George,

Joanna: The resume should be one like you would use in a job search. Preferably one page.

joyce: Hello, Rose. I have one question here about the leadership style in Chicago GSB. What kind of leadership style do you emphasize or what is the differentiation from other schools?

Rose: At Chicago GSB, we believe that there are many leadership styles, and our responsibility is to help you define yours, and begin to learn the skills necessary to navigate your leadership challenges throughout your career. Chicago GSB was the founder of leadership programs, and our program is very experientially based.

G-280660212: My name is shanil, I am from India and I am currently in the final year of my graduation. After completing it, I would have 15 years of completed education. I want to know if I am applicable for applying to GSB?

Joanna: Hello Shanil, All international applicants are required to hold a college or university degree equivalent to a four-year American baccalaureate degree. In light of the Bologna Accord, Chicago GSB will also accept all three-year international degrees to fulfill the undergraduate prerequisite for application to the GSB.

G-280683142: Does having attained a masters degree already, give positive signs of capability to cope up with post graduate level course?

Joanna: Hello, the evaluation process is a holistic one in which we take into account your entire academic history. Your graduate degree and performance there will also be taken into consideration.

abdi: What are the main differences among the three Chicago GSB campuses?

Andrea: Hi abdi, We actually have four campuses: The Harper Center in Hyde Park, The Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago, our campus in London and finally our campus in Singapore. To answer your question simply, The Harper Center is home to the Full Time MBA program, the Gleacher Center is home to our Evening/Weekend MBA program and Executive MBA program for North America and the two campuses overseas are both Executive MBA programs.

Pradeep: Good morning Rose and thanks for hosting this session. I have a question around the curriculum. Chicago GSB has only one mandatory course. However, what is the process of planning one's 2 year course structure? What is the level of involvement of Academic Services?

Rose: While Chicago GSB has only one mandatory course, Chicago does have a core curriclum structure covering the basics such as accounting, economics, statistics and psychology, and then a broader set of tools in the breadth courses. So we do have a full general management foundation. What is different is that you get to choose the level, the timing (whether first year or second year), and interaction that makes most sense for you. You will have access to an academic counselor throughout your time who will be able to help advise you on the timing, level of difficulty and structure of your curriclum. In addition, you'll have other advisors from second year students, career mentors and club interactions. Remember, this is advisory. You'll have to make those final decisions on your own.

Patricia: Hi, this is Patricia. I'm a second year student concentrating in entrepreneurship and strategic management. I'm also a student in the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy. This summer I was an intern with a strategic healthcare consulting firm. Prior to the GSB I spent time working in finance and investor relations at biotech and pharmaceutical firms.

Shergill: Would you be looking at last year's recommendations in the case of a reapplicant?

Joanna: Hello Shergill. Applications are kept on file for two years so if you reapply within that time we will take a look at all that was part of your old application. Remeber that your new application should stand alone though. Good luck.

shenphon: Please talk about your strength and weakness in the marketing field. And talk about the faculty, activities, opportunities for marketing career, and connection with marketing department of businesses. What's more, can you give me some suggestions if I want to apply PHD after MBA program in GSB?

Rose: Chicago is well known for its contributions to the field of marketing -- data mining, market segmentation, etc. Our marketing program is highly analytical, with a focus on practical application. Our Kilts Center for marketing involves lots of other conferences, speaker series and workshops. If you wish to pursue a PhD after the MBA, you'll need to apply to that program separately.

MX: Hi Rose. This is Mingxuan from China. Thanks for your time on answering our questions. I read from the BusinessWeek that there is a great increase in b-school applications last year. I wondered whether this trend will continue this year and I'd like to know how many Chinese students Chicago GSB usually admits a year. Thanks.

Rose: There was an increase in applications last year and trend indicators suggest that there may be an increase again this year. While we may get more applications, that does not mean we will get better applications. So I would focus on presenting yourself to the best of your ability. Help us get to know you in a holistic way, and do not focus on the competition. One final word, Chicago GSB does not use any type of quota systems in our evaluation process.

GSBProspective: What was the motivation for developing question # 2? Was it considered that the question will be a deterrent for prospectives that otherwise would have loved to attend the GSB?

Rose: Our questions are carefully developed each year, not so much to deter applicants, but to assess qualities that are extremely important to the Chicago GSB value system.

abdi: When should I apply for your scholarships? And generally who is eligible for scholarships?

Joanna: Dear abdi,

Joanna: There is no separate application process for our scholarships. All accepted GSB students are considered for our scholarships and fellowships. You can read more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/

G-280683142: Due to a hectic work schedule, it is difficult for me to physically visit the campus at Chicago. Can I visit the London campus and get all the same details, of course barring the real experience?

Andrea: The London campus will be able to give you some basic information and I certainly wouldn't discourage you from a visit, but since it's strictly an Executve MBA program, it might not give you an accurate sense of what the full time experience is like. We will be holding an information session in London on October 13th that will focus on the full time program and there will be both an admissions representative and alumni present. To register visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/europe.aspx.

Delia: Hi everyone..is it posible to send recommendation letters by mail instead of using the application system? Recommenders outside USA are not familiar at all with this process...

Joanna: Hi Delia,

Joanna: We usually require all letters via our system, however in extenuating circumstances we do accept letters via mail or fax. Before doing so, please write to admissions@chicagobooth.edu to let us know when to expect this letter and from whom.

Alfredo: I have taken the GMAT twice. Will the admission committee look at only my most recent GMAT score, average of both scores, etc?

Joanna: Hello Alfredo, We take your highest score into consideration. Good luck!

G-280683142: While pursuing the MBA from Chicago GSB, could somebody do the summer internship at any part of the world, or are there more opportunities in North America than the rest of the world?

Patricia: While many of my first year colleagues did their summer internships in North America, there are plenty of opportunities to find internship opportunities throughout the World. With many of the larger firms students can apply to offices in locations such as Asia, Europe and South America. Also, the career office can certainly help students to find opportunities in countries and cities that they are most interested in.

G-280683142: How much weightage does the GMAT have in the overall selection criteria?

Joanna: The GSB evaluation process is a holistic one in which all application components play a part in our decisions. You can read about our class profile here to see average GMAT scores of our students: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/index.aspx

Rakesh: Does Chicago GSB have courses in the Media and Entertainment domain? What are career options in this field?

Rose: Yes. While Chicago does not have concentrations in specific industries, we do have a good number of courses in this area. We also have an active student group in media and entertainment. You'll also find that our career services department is actively developing relationships around the world for our students who want to pursue these careers.

ohaqqi_1: How have current market conditions affected Chicago GSB's intern and full-time opportunities, especially since such a high percentage of students pursue careers in finance? Have other industries such as consulting been affected?

Rose: While the banking industry has been negatively impacted largely in the US and Europe, there are jobs in other parts of the world. Recruiting trends at the GSB are very strong in the year ahead, and our students faired extremely well in all industries last year.

Peter: How long after decisions are sent out do I have to accept? If I apply to UC in the first round, will I be able to see my second round results before I am required to commit to UC? Similarly, if I apply to UC in Rd 2, will I receive the decision announcement before other schools' response deadlines?

Rose: Excellent question. If you are admitted in Round 1, you will have until mid-March to respond to our offer of admission, and you will not be able to wait for round 2 decisions at other schools. If you apply in Round 2, you will have approximately 5 weeks to make your decision. Most schools are fairly inflexible about this process since your decision impacts our ability to make decisions in the subsequent round.

Alfredo: I only plan to apply to Chicago GSB only. Will admission committee look at that as a negative?

Rose: Your decision to only apply to one program will not positively or negatively impact our evaluation of your candidacy.

George_456: What are you interested in learning about a candidate from the recommendations? Thank you.

Andrea: Aside from an evaluation of the qualities we are asking the recommender to assess, they are giving us another perspective on you as a candidate. The rest of the application is information that you are providing to us and the recommendations are coming directly from someone who can speak to your work style, interpersonal skills, leadership style, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

Shergill: Do you prefer a 'skills resume' over a traditional resume?

Joanna: Dear Shergill,

Joanna: The format is completely up to you depending up on what you want to highlight about your past career. Good luck!

fravush: Good Morning. I have 8 years of work experience and am looking for an MBA with one of the Top 5. How would you differentiate the GSB with say Harvard or Wharton?

Rose: First, we are completely different in terms of our curriclum structure, teaching methods, and focus on concentrations. HBS has a rigid core (meaning all students take the same courses together in their first year), uses the case method solely in teaching, and does not have specific concentrations. Chicago and Wharton have a bit more in common in that we both have concentrations and are know for the rigor of our programs. The difference comes down to the philsophy of the core curriclum. Wharton focuses on a rigid core (you can waive a few courses), but you are ultimately in the same course with the same cohort/team throughout the first year. Chicago GSB however values flexibility and provides you the opportunity to craft your own program based on your prior experience and future aspirations. Come check us out.

Lili: Hello Rose, is it easy to switch from the evening program to the full-time program? What if I decide to quit my full-time job to become full-time student at the time I have been accepted?

Rose: Unfortunately, Chicago GSB does not allow students to transfer between programs.

abdi: I am an Iranian candidate. For student visas, is it necessary to have an invitation from one of your Professors, or could the university's invitation be enough, according to my special condition?

Joanna: Once a student has been accepted to the program, we provide all necessary visa documents.

George_456: How do you identify the leadership potential and fit of the students in the culture of the GSB? Thank you for hosting the chat.

Patricia: Through the application process potential students have many opportunities to share their leadership experiences and personal qualities. As a second year, I believe we look to find a diverse mix of students who are passionate about their future goals. Students that will both take advantage of what the GSB has to offer and will also strive to give back to our community. I believe that throughout the process we hope to identify individuals that will have the best fit and leadership potential for the GSB.

Alfredo: Good morning. I have read that it is more likely for the applicant to get accepted when applying during 1st round rather than subsequent ones. Is this true with Chicago GSB? If so, why?

Andrea: Hi Alfredo, Not necessarily. The level of competition tends to be fairly consistent across rounds, however, the slight (and I mean very slight) edge with round one is that we have not made any decisions yet. Essentially, the slate is clean with round one whereas with others we have already started to craft the class and have a sense of what the pool is like for that year. Having said that, you should never rush just to meet a deadline so the general rule is always apply when your application is at it's best.

DylanL: If we take the GMAT multiple times how does that factor into our application?

Andrea: Hi DylanL. We always look at the highest score achieved and do not hold it against an applicant if the the GMAT has been taken multiple times.

Deba: I am interested in participating in LEAD. Is it something I have to apply for?

Andrea: Hi Deba. LEAD is actually the only required course in our curriculum so all students accepted to the full time program take the LEAD course.

VaniPunam: Hello, Chicago is well-known for its focus in Finance. What other areas are the GSB's strong points?

Joanna: No one top school can only be good at one thing! The GSB is well known for Finance, but also Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Marketing, all of which are ground breaking academic studies.

BryJ: Good morning all and thanks to everyone for your time. Regarding applications, when does the committee actually begin reviewing R1 applications...before and leading up to the deadline or after the R1 deadline?

Andrea: Hi BryJ. We begin reviewing applications after the round 1 deadline.

Pradeep: What options are available to someone who is not able to come to Chicago for an interview, if invited?

Joanna: Hi Pradeep, If you are not able to come to Chicago, you can interview with one of our alumni in your city. In some cases we also send staff to certain cities as well.

gsb_prospect: Hello, if I apply to GSB Full-time program in Fall and get rejected, can I apply to the Part-time semester starting in Spring 2010 ?

Joanna: After applying to the Full-Time prgram, if you are not accepted or decide not to attend, you must wait at least three months to apply to our Evening or Weekend program.

mnic: Hi Rose and thanks for the opportunity to chat. The GSB financial aid site mentions a student loan program for international students without a cosigner, however, as I understand after inquiring directly at the Financial Aid Office, this program is not currently in place. Could you provide us with some details regarding this issue?

Rose: Chicago GSB is committed to providing access to loans for all our international students who do not have a US co-signer. We have an active program in place, and you have the school's guarantee that this program (or one similar) will be in place every year.

ellis: Does taking the GMAT for a third time look bad or hurt you in the application process if you're convinced that the previous two scores do not reflect your true ability?

Joanna: Hi Ellis. Good question. We generally don't look negatively upon taking the GMAT more than once. Though you don't want to be excessive in how many times you take the test. And we will look at your highest score. Good Luck!

VaniPunam: Hi Rose, can you please explain the process by which you review an application in detail?

Rose: We use an iterative process of evaluation, meaning we read your entire application mulitple times before reaching the decision to invite a candidate for an interview. We will utilize trained second year MBA students and staff in the preliminary rounds. Once the interview report is returned to the file, your file will go out for additional review by my professional staff, eventually ending up on my desk for the final decision.

Seema: Good Morning Rose. I wanted to know if Chicago GSB has an MBA with a Healthcare specialization. I did not see any reference on the website, but I just wanted to make sure.

Patricia: Hi Seema. I am actually a second year student and am also enrolled in the Graduate Program for Health Administration and Policy. It is a certificate program that allows students to use some of their GSB electives to focus on health care classes in other graduate schools at University of Chicago. For example, I could potentially be taking classes this year at the law school (Health Law and Policy), the medical school (Genetics), the Harris School of Public Policy or the School of Social Service Administration. Students involved in this program can come from any of the gratduate programs at the U of C, so there is a broad mix of backgrounds. There is a seperate application process, once you've been admitted to the GSB. For more information you can visit: http://gphap.uchicago.edu/index.shtml. Also, if you not interested in doing a full program, you can always take one or two classes out of the GSB focused in healthcare, usually with the permission of the other school or professor. We also have a fantastic health care club and offer a number of opportunities to participate in health conferences, workshops and other meetings.

isharma: Hi Rose, I am intersted in Public Sector consulting, can i take few courses along with my MBA from the Harris School of Public Policy?Is there any other way Chicago GSB helps students intersted in non profit and public sector careers?

Rose: Many of our students have non-profit interests, and we have clubs and career service support for these students along with courses at the GSB. One of the great things about Chicago is that you can take up to 6 courses anywhere at the University of Chicago at the graduate level. So yes, you will be able to take courses at the Harris School.

Rakesh: I have heard a lot about Indian IT male pool being extremely competitive. How far is it true and do you have some cap on a specific group?

Rose: Great question. Yes, there is a very large and competitive pool for men with IT experience. Chicago GSB does not have a cap or quota on this type of experience/ background, but since we do craft a class, we don't want to have an entire class focused on one industry.

Alfredo: How many people would I have interview with if I get selected for one?

Patricia: If you are selected for an interview you will only be meeting with one individual. It could be an alumni, a second year, or occasionally an admission staff member.

Seema: What is the median range of the work experience of the MBA students that are accepted? How do you look upon older candidates (35+) with around 12 years of experience?

Andrea: Hi Seema. The range is roughly 0 - 15 years of work experience among the students in the full time program. In evaluating candidates, regardless of age or years of experience, we are mainly concerned with each individual's story and why they are pursing a Chicago MBA at this stage in their career.

G-280683142: Hello Joanna, I am a naturalized citizen of Britain but my country of birth is India. What is taken into account when reviewing application for diversity, place of residence or birth?

Joanna: Hello, both are taken into consideration. Good luck, Joanna

G-280722454: My percentage of marks in my undergraduate degree so far is 50%.....That is a 2.0 GPA....Will my application be considered with such a poor GPA?

Rose: It's difficult to assess the quality of an application from one specific measure. That said, I want to remind you that we do not ask our international students to convert their GPA to the US 4.0 scale. We know there are vast differences in scores, competition, course requirements etc. We will review your transcript carefully, so do not make your final decision to apply based on one factor that's been translated to an unrelated U.S. measure.

VaniPunam: What do you look for in an applicant?

Andrea: Hi VaniPunam. This is actually outlined fairly well on our website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/criteria.aspx.

Alfredo: What is the average cost of a full-time MBA from Chicago GSB (all-inclusive)?

Andrea: Hi Alfredo. The full cost breakdown can be found on the Tuition and Costs section of our website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/costs.aspx

G-280661990: Thank you for chatting with us today. Could you please let me know if you consider applications from students in their final year of college who have not yet obtained their Bachelor's degree or do you only consider applicants who have already completed their Bachelor's degree prior to applying? I am going to graduate with a BBA in the spring of 2009, but I want to submit my application in the fall of 2008, hoping to get accepted and start my MBA in the fall of 2009... can I do that? Thank you in advance, I really appreciate you help.

Joanna: Hello, College seniors are able to apply to our program. Read about our Early Career Enrollment option here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/

isharma: What are the various formal forums of connecting with GSB alumni and students for international applicants?

Rose: We are in the midst of hosting admissions information events around the world. I would encourage you to attend these events. It's a great way for you to meet local alumni. Another great resource can be found on our admissions website. We have student group leaders from most countries who would be delighted to connect with you via email to talk about their experiences. Check it out.

Emma: Does Chicago GSB offer any financial need- based scholarships (opposed to merit-based)?

Rose: Chicago GSB only offers merit-based scholarships, though we do have a number of new scholarships that are focused on students coming from emerging markets around the world.

jyoung: Can you commment on any differences in the selectivity of each application round?

Joanna: Hi jyoung,

Joanna: The evaluation process and criteria is the same for each round. The competition between Rounds 1 and 2 for applicants is pretty insignificant. However, Round 3 can get more competitive simply because there are fewer spots available. Hope this helps!

fernando_1: Hello Rose. I would like to know...are applicants on the waiting list of the 1st round considered directly for the 2nd round? Or are they considered after the 2nd round applicants are evaluated?

Rose: Chicago GSB uses the waitlist to gauge the pool for a subsequent round. So students who are placed on the waitlist will be considered as part of the next round (not as an after thought).

G-280743550: To what extent do you emphasize leadership experience outside of work when evaluating an applicant?

Andrea: Leadership experience, regardless of the setting, is always of value. Since the review process is so holistic, how this fits is always relative to each applicant's individual story.

mmund: Hi, I am Madhu from Bangalore, India. I wanted to know that how receptive Chicago GSB is to people looking to pursue their 2nd MBA. I have a MBA degree from Calcutta University, and after 5 yrs of working, feel that I need exposure to a global MBA program.

Rose: Chicago GSB does allow students to obtain second MBA degrees. What will be important is the you be very clear "WHY" you need a second and what you can contribute to the community in that process.

Nicci: When applying for the full time program, do you also have to apply to your specialization?

Patricia: You do not have to select a concentration during your application process. Actually, at the GSB, you don't have to select a concentration at any time. As a second year, I have certainly appreciated the academic flexibility of the GSB. You can take the classes that best fit your future career and life goals. Academic advisors can help students to plan classes and schedules throughout their time at the GSB to meet whatever specializations/concentrations those individuals choose.

Sasha: Hi there. I'm wondering when the application for next fall, in 2009, will start? And I am also wondering how I'll be able to apply to one of the University's international branches such as Singapore? Do I have to directly apply to the main campus in Chicago?

Andrea: Hi Sasha. The application for Fall 2009 is available. Each campus has a separate application process, but you can only apply to one at a time.

Shailendra_1: Could you please tell me if Chicago GSB currently has a student from Nepal, or an alumni from Nepal?

Joanna: Hello! We do have an alum from Nepal, yes!

Daniel94: It seems like a lot of finance students apply to schools such as GSB, Columbia, etc. and look to get into investment banking, consulting, private equity as some of the top choices of industry; if I were interested in such a career, how can one differentiate themselves from the herd? It seems like almost whatever your background, its the same as hundreds of other applicants with a 3.75 GPA, 4 yrs experience in the field, etc.?

Rose: No two applicants are exactly the same. Your prior experiences, value systems, backgrounds, interests, etc., will be uniquely yours. Help us to understand who you are, where you are going and why. If you do that, we'll get a chance to see what makes you uniquely you.

irina: Good morning. I work in the private equity investment sector and I would like to continue the same path after MBA. Could you, please, connect me with some of your current students that are interested in the same area of investments?

Joanna: Hello Irina, The best thing to do is to email our office at admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we can try to connect you!

chicha_1: Good morning everyone! I am planning to apply in the 1st round, but my TOEFL scores will probably be delivered after the October 15th (maybe one week after that date). The schedule is quite fit in my country and I can't take the exam till Sept 27th. Can I still apply in the first round?

Joanna: As long as you have actually taken the test before the deadline, we will wait for your scores to arrive. Best of luck.

G-280683142: Thanks Rose. During the information sessions in London, will there be an opportunity for informal evaluation of the application? Or are there any alumni in UK who would help me with the process?

Rose: As you can imagine, we try to stay away from providing evaluative feedback before you submit an application since we could not scale that across the entire applicant pool. There are students and alumni that would be happy to advise in a general way, but would not drill down to the specifics.

jyoung: Does the indication of an interest in the International MBA have any impact on the admissions process? How popular of a program is the International MBA at the Chicago GSB?

Andrea: Hi jyoung. An indication of interest in the IMBA just gives us a sense of what you might pursue while in the program, but we certainly don't hold you to it once here. The process to apply for IMBA happens after students start the program and it's typically a small group within each class.

abdi: Has GSB some pre-economy courses or something like that for students who are coming from another fields like engineers etc.?

Joanna: Hi Abdi, the beauty of the GSB curriculum is its flexibility. So, for those of you want to begin taking courses in certain areas from a more introductory level, you certainly can.

DylanL: Do you allow students to defer admission for a year?

Joanna: Hi Dylan,

Joanna: We generally do not allow deferrment of admission.

shanil: Hi Joanna, can I apply to the GSB if I am in the final year of my graduation and haven't yet appeared for GMAT but am planning to do so?

Joanna: Hello Shanil,

Joanna: A GMAT score is required to apply. You can see more about our requirements here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/criteria.aspx

G-280718367: Does the GSB have any preference for children/ siblings of GSB alums?

Rose: Chicago GSB does not have a legacy program for children, siblings of alumni. Because this is a professional program, we want to ensure that everyone at the GSB is here on merit.

casey: Hi, can you please talk about how students are selected for class agents and their roles and responsibilities?

Patricia: Students are elected to be class agents by their cohort during the beginning of their first year. Interested candidates submit a brief statement and then are asked to give a brief speech to their cohort. Class agents have a number of roles and responsibilities including setting up alumni chats, managing alumni relationships, and reporting back to their cohort on student government meetings.

Kaleb: Do west-coast high-tech/internet industries come all the way to Chicago GSB to recruit for summer internships or regular jobs? Or do I need to pursue an off-campus search for these companies to for the most part?

Andrea: Absolutely! We have a strong representation on the West Coast. To get a sense of the range of companies that recruit on campus, please review the 2007 Employment Report http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx

dipesh: what happens to my candididacy if my VISA gets rejected (I am From India. Is there a provision of deferrals?

Rose: Rarely have we had students have problems obtaining a visa to attend Chicago GSB. In those rare occasions, we do offer one-year deferrals.

Rose: We just have a few minutes left. We're feverishly typing here, so if we do not get to your question today, we'll be back in two weeks. Plus, we'll be posting the transcript shortly.

Jeans: I am interested in the MBA at Chicago GSB. Do you arrange the MBA road around the world. When will the MBA road show be held in Thailand?

Joanna: Hello Jeans. We do in fact arrange a world tour - and it is happening right now! We will actually be in Bangkok on October 6. We hope to see you there! You can get details and register here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/asia.aspx

Felipe: Hi, I'm very interested in applying this year to the "MBA/International Relations" program. I would like to know if I can apply in the first round or it has to be only in the second round. Or is possible to apply to the MBA in the first round and if accepted then to apply to the "MBA/International Relations" program? I will be ready to apply in the first round; I don't want my chances to decrease because of applying in the second round.

Joanna: Hello Felipe, For the MBA/International Relations joint degree, you must apply for both in Round 2.

G-280743550: I am planning to come to Chicago to visit the campus and would love to meet some people from the admissions office. However, I can only come on weekends. What services does GSB have available to prospective students on weekends?

Andrea: Unfortunately, the admissions office is not open on the weekends.

G-280719190: Hi Rose, does GSB accepts more applicants for Fall than Spring?

Andrea: We only admit students to the full time program for the fall quarter.

Sanjay: What is your acceptance rate for an interview and in the previous year how many of your candidates got called for an interview and did not get accepted?

Rose: Last year about 50% of all applicants were invited to interview (average across the three rounds). The ratio of those admitted depended upon round and quality of applicant.

gsb_prospect: Hi, I am interested in finding an internship in the emerging markets space, preferably in Mumbai or Hong Kong ? How can your career office help me in getting this position? Do companies based in Mumbai/Hong Kong come to campus to recruit for these positions?

Patricia: Some companies from those locations do come to campus, but for the most part the GSB maintains very strong relations with companies and will help students connect with those firms overseas. Often times students will go to those sites for recruitment opportunities and interviews. As a second year, I have found the career office at the GSB to be an incredible resource and will do their best to help all students to find the right opportunities in their desired locations.

Shailendra_1: How do you evaluated part-time work experience? Thanks.

Andrea: Hi Shailendra_1. It really depends on the type of experience and how it relates to your career path thus far. If you feel it's important to highlight, go ahead and do so.

G-280723042: Hello everyone, and thank you for hosting this chat. I'm an international student and I'm going to visit Chicago GSB next month to get a senses of fit with the school. What are some activities that you would recommend for me get a full sense of what GSB is all about?

Joanna: Hello. Great question. I strongly suggest you visit campus - we'd love to have you for our Daily Campus Visit Program or even a GSB Live event. You can get details on how to do this here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/visiting.aspx Also, we are currently holding Worldwide Admissions Receptions in cities all of the world. Register to attend an event in your city here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/ Hope to see you here soon!

Jason: I have a couple of potential recommenders who I know who would speak very highly of me, but I don't trust their ability to write well, at least in terms of grammar and style. How much does a recommenders writing ability come into play?

Andrea: Hi Jason. We are only concerned with content when it comes to the recommendations and would not hold any grammatical errors on the part of the recommender against the applicant.

DylanL: If my employer restricts what my colleagues can write in recommendations, what other sources will you consider recomendations from?

Joanna: Hi Dylan, This fairly common with certain employers and we do realize that. Other sources can be from past colleagues, past supervisors, leaders of organizations you belong to etc. We only require one letter from your current supervisor or past supervisor. The other is completely up to you!

Shailendra_1: Rose, since Chicago GSB does craft the class, can you talk about how it places the members of underrepresented minorities in the class?

Rose: The number of under-represented minorities applying to Chicago GSB is very limited. We have launched a number of initiatives to increase the number and support these applicants. I'd love to see more under-represented students at Chicago GSB, however, fit and match will always be important in our final selection of the class.

Cholis: Hi. I attended and undergrad program in Mexico. Can I provide official transcripts in Spanish?

Andrea: Hi Cholis. Transcripts must be translated to English.

irina: I have a question regarding Power Point presentations: what exactly are you looking for? Essays should provide quite an insight into applicant's personality and four slides is not much for any additional information.

Joanna: Hello Irina, for the slide presentation requirement, the content is completely up to you. We don't have any requirement here as far as content we'd like to see. Though we do hope the presentation brings us to an additional layer in getting to know you better!

anne: Hi! I'm from a developing country in Southeast Asia so cost is a big consideration for me. Does Chicago GSB provide supportive financial aid packages? (e.g. 50% or more)

Rose: Chicago GSB has a few new merit-based scholarship programs for students from emerging markets. These are larger awards and the donors are involved in the selection process. For most students, we know you need short-term financing, since you will do well upon graduation. But we do know, there are a number of candidates who will have severe financial limitations.

Qasim: Also, is it accepted to bring someone's wife?

Andrea: Hi Qasim. Absolutely! Many of our students are married and we have a very active Partner's Group on campus. For more information visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups-detail.aspx?groupid=65

Shailendra_1: Joanna, can you suggest to me how I can connect to the Nepali alum?

Rose: You can email us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu. We will then contact him on your behalf to make arrangements for you to connect.

G-280723042: Hi Patricia, I would like to know which are the "a must go to" places to learn about the role of entrepreneurship within Chicago GSB?

Rose: The best place to find additional information is through the Polsky Center (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/). The GSB also has a number of excellent classes in the area of venture capital, private equity and entrepreneurship, so looking at the classes we offer and the description of those classes will also help give you a view of the entrepreneurial focus at the GSB, especially the experiential lab courses.

Applicant1: How does a DUI impact a prospective candidate's overall application? If the incindent occurred more than three years ago, and there have been no further infractions (not even a speeding ticket), will it still be considered negative?

Rose: We all make mistakes. It's what you learn and how you grow that's important to us. A DUI certainly won't prevent you from being admitted to the GSB; just be clear about lessons learned.

DylanL: What percentage of your graduates accept a job in Chicago?

Andrea: Hi DylanL. The percentage varies each year. For more information you can view the 2007 Employment Report http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/career/index.aspx

LB: Good morning and thank you for hosting this chat. Would you please describe opportunities available at the GSB to students with an interest in Social Enterprise?

Patricia: While we do not have a social entreprise concentration, we do offer a number courses throughout the curriculum that will address many topics related to social entrepreneurship. Students can also take classes in other graduate schools such as the Harris School of Public Policy and the School of Social Service Administration.

Rose: Thank you so much for joining us this morning. My entire team will be on the road almost constantly over the next two months. I encourage you to join us at one of our events this fall. Check out our events page. If you have a chance, come join us on campus for our GSB Live or campus visit program. I look forward to meeting you on the road this fall. Warm regards, Rose

Patricia: Thank you for your participation and thoughtful questions during this chat. Best of luck in your continued research and throughout the application process.

Andrea: Thanks for the great questions today! Best of luck with the application process this year!