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July 16, 2008—9:00-10:00 AM CST

Amanda: Good morning everyone, thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin in about 10 minutes.

Nate: Hi, everyone: Glad you could join us for this morning's chat. We hope you get all your questions addressed. Be well, NATE

Joanne:: Good morning! I'm Joanne Legler, Associate Director of Admissions here at Chicago GSB. We're excited to talk to you this morning!

Kurt: Good morning everyone thanks for taking the time to join us. I look forward to your questions and I hope this is helpful.

JimmyJersey: How does GSB evaluate couples applying together?

Kurt: The committee is certainly cognizant of the issues that impact couples applying together, namely their decision to attend a program is going to be based largely on both being admitted. With that said we do not provide any breaks to couples, we expect that both meet the requirements of the program and are fully capable of being successful here on their own.

G-166993623: My question is who can I mail on a regular basis for advice and tips on the best way to apply to Chicago?

Nate: For more information about the application process, you may email the admissions office at admissions@chicagobooth.edu. You may also visit our online discussion forum, which is monitored regularly by the Admissions Committee and current students.

Ioannis: Good morning. Thank you for this chat. When are we going to be able to register for your presentation in Athens, Greece on October the 30th. Rose, will you be there ?

Kurt: Registration should open in the next couple of weeks. We are in the process of updating our online registration system. Currently Rose is not scheduled to be in Athens, one of our Associate Directors will be running the session.

Mayank: What is the minimum work-experience you are looking for while selecting a student?

Nate: Thanks for writing! We do not require a minimum amount of work experience. In fact, the GSB encourages early career candidates to apply. For more information, please visit our Web page (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/).

Eddie: Good morning everyone. 90 degrees in Chicago and I'm loving it. I hope you have some good questions!

Moeez: I am Abdul Moeez from Pakistan and I have done BBA which is a three-year program. I need to know if i am eligible with my current qualifications for the MBA program.

Joanne:: Hi Abdul. It's a little hard to answer your question without more information about your transcript or school but in general, yes, a 3-year undergraduate Bachelor's degree is fine to be eligible for admission.

Mex-Engineer: Good morning, about the recommenders, if they do not speak good English, are we allowed to translate their recommendation letters? Thanks.

Nate: You can get the letters translated and certified by a third party. There's also translation software. Hope this helps!

G-166967455: Hello there. Many thanks for this opportunity. I'm interested to know how non-US University degrees are evaluated in terms of allocating an equivalent to the US GPA system. For example, could you advise on how my 2:1 honours degree (BSc(Hons) Business Administration; 69%; upper quartile) from one of the top UK schools of management would be viewed? Many thanks.

Kurt: We do not recalculate international degrees to fit with the US system of GPA's. We evaluate an applicant's credentials based on their specific context. We are comfortable doing so because we have tremendous bench strength on our committee and our team has years of expereince looking at transcripts from all over the world. If doubt does present itself we have a very diverse body of international students who serve on the admissions committee as well and an accomplished group of professionals in our Office of International Affairs who can help educate us.

Mex-Engineer: Good morning, I have already started working on my application for Chicago GSB. Is it a good idea to use last year's essay question as a base? Are they going to change? Thanks

Nate: The essay questions have changed slightly. To view them online, please visit the following Web page (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/essays_slides.aspx).

Mayank: What is the importance of global exposure? Also, please explain what exactly do you look for in a prospective student?

Joanne:: Hi Mayank. Global exposure is important, and great to see for those who've had the chance to work or live abroad, but not everyone has had this experience so it's certainly not mandatory or even necessary; we expect that the GSB's program will give each student a good dose of global exposure through our student diversity and academic programs. We are looking for many things in a prospective student; past academic success as evidenced by transcripts and GMAT scores, success in the workplace, with increasing responsibilities, involvement in the community or with hobbies and interests, and strong letters of recommendations.

Cris_1: How do you evaluate work experience? I graduated in May 2007 and worked at a company for 7 months before pursuing a new opportunity in March 2008.

Nate: We will take a look at what your roles and responsibilities have been at both positions. We realize candidates transition into new roles, and for this reason, we have included a place in the application for you to indicate why it is you switched jobs. Hope this helps!

Halkano: Hi all, is an assistantship available in GSB? if yes, what are the procedures for applying for this?

Joanne:: Traditional assistantships are not available at Chicago GSB. In the second year, you may find opportunities for assistantships, such as working as a LEAD facilitator, Admissions Fellow (reading applications and interviewing students) or Career Coach. Some students work as Teaching Assistants for classes they've taken before. Each job/assistantship has its own procedures for applying.

Halkano: I am clearing my first degree in Novermber this year, I am already having 4yrs experience working as a ERP consultant in many countries with many industries, would I be eligible to join for Fall 09?

Eddie: As long as the degree that you are clearing in November is the equivalent of a 4 year US institution you will be eligible to apply.

Ravi: I wanted to know about the complete process of submission of application and would appreciate if you let us know about the key areas where we need to focus on while working on the application.

Joanne:: Hi Ravi. The complete process for submission of the application can be found online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/index.aspx. While all areas of the application are equally important, you have the most control over your essays. Spend time to be sure that your writing is sharp and clearly communicates your story to the Admissions Committee.

the_dar: Hi thank you for hosting this session. Is there a way to find out if the rate of acceptance for re-applicants is higher or lower in comparison to that of first-time applicants?

Kurt: We do not readily track this information largely because we evaluate reapplicants in the same pool as first-time applicants. Essentially we are more concerned with overall yield than subgroups. My sense is strategic well informed applicants regardless of reapplicant or first time are successful. We do not look at reapps significantly different than first time except that we try to factor in your growth and development from the first time you applied. If you look at our transcripts from the reapplicant chat we ran last month you can get some deeper insights as to how to increase your success as a reapplicant.

G-166993623: Also how can I get in touch with the alumini of Chicago GSB?

Eddie: It's best to contact the admissions office for an alum. We will try to connect you with someone in an industry you are interested in. If you join us at our receptions you'll be able to meet them there as well.

Abby: Chicago is among the World Bank approved Universities to participate in World Bank scholarships. What are other scholarships available?

Joanne:: Hi Abby. You can find more information about merit-based scholarships (given out at the time of admission, no separate application necessary) and fellowships (internally or self-nominated) online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/.

akshat: Hi, can you tell me how Chicago GSB looks at prospective students with 2 yrs of work experience at the time of joining, as compared to other B schools?

Nate: We do not require a certain amount of work experience. In fact, the GSB encourages candidates who are at the earlier stages of their career. I'm not sure how other business schools have positioned themselves to answer this question, though. Hope this helps!

GSBASPIRANT: Hi I am a reapplicant this year and would like to know if my application will be looked at as a new application or my previous application will act as a base line to my this years application.

Eddie: We hold your previous application for 2 years and review it along with your new application.

Ioannis: I am 29 years old and hold a diploma in mechanical engineering. I have been working in the sales dpt. of a large mining company for 4 years. I would like to change careers and move into quantitative finance but have no prof. experience. Will the admission committee look upon this fact negatively ? Is the MBA from chicago a good way to make the transition ? Have you had students like myself who shifted from engineering to finance without experience ?

Joanne:: Yes! We see a great many students coming from many different industries and work experience every year, from engineering (very common among MBA hopefuls) to education, to government to the military. The GSB prepares students to make the transition from one job or industry to another and over 80% of each class is career switchers. Experience in the finance industry is not mandatory to make the switch.

G-166967455: Also, a second question if I may: I am British but am currently living and working in Japan. I am hoping to visit campus in early September (before submitting my application), but due to both practical reasons and cost, it is likely that I would only be able to make one visit to the GSB. Would you recommend doing so before submitting my application (which is my first inclination) or after, when an interview may be granted? Many thanks.

Kurt: I would defintely recommend visiting before you apply. So much of your success in the application process is going to be how you articulate fit with the GSB. Namely how does your profile and goals fit with the strengths of this institution. The best way to get a feel for fit with culture is to visit. Having had such an experience prior to applying allows you to more vividly connect the dots on this issue. Many applicants comment to me every year how they had wished they had visited prior to applying as it would have helped them tremendously in writing their application.

singh: I would like to know if GSB has an accelerated Full Time MBA program.

Eddie: No, we don't offer an accelerated program.

Deji: I wrote my TOEFL in July of last year, will that still be applicable for Fall 2009 admission?

Joanne:: Yes. TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years.

Deji: Sorry for the many questions. I tried searching for the person and address to send our transcript and applications to but did not get it. Please, can you send the link to that page?

Nate: The Web link is below. Please forward your transcripts to the address at the bottom of the page (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/transcripts.aspx).

MB: Does it make sense to submit an application to the GSB with a 2.0 GPA?

Joanne:: Hi MB. The answer to that question is up to you. GPA is only one of the components used to evaluate someone's candidacy for admission. While a 2.0 is below our average, there may be strengths elsewhere in your application.

Halkano: I am from Kenya, do I need to apply for Full Time or I can also do Part Time as the Fall semester is very far, I want to join before June 09.

Eddie: You'll have to choose between the full-time or part-time program. You can't switch between programs.

Yun: Everybody says that GSB is very specialized in the financial field. I'm working in the fashion industry for 8 years as a fashion designer and then a fashion merchandiser. Through MBA, I want to be a consultant and then found a consulting firm specializing the brand development and management especially in the under developed countries. In a view of diversity, does the GSB seek an applicant with unique background like me?

Joanne:: Yes, Chicago GSB welcomes applications from students from all industries. Your background is indeed unique, and we'd look forward to learning more about you and your interest in the MBA.

GSBASPIRANT: I understand that a powerpoint question is one of the very important parts of ones application(though not the only part) - in that case what I was able to potray in the presentation last year, this time I will be able to predict something already different, how will that be looked upon?

Kurt: I am assuming you are a reapplicant given you went through this excercise before. If that is the case we would expect that your vision has changed a bit. Our hope is reapplicants take the time between application cycles to reassess their path and thier rationale for an MBA from the GSB. With that in mind we would expect that your PPT, your essays and other parts of your application would look and feel different. Please note that you should not change your approach just for the sake of change but rather it should reflect new thoughts and insight into your path and plan.

Deji: Hello Everybody. I am an intended applicant from Nigeria and I noticed that GSB has only 4 Nigerian Alumni and 1 student presently. Is it that Nigerian students never apply or there are some things you feel is making them disadvantaged? I will like to know so as to work on them as I apply.

Eddie: It's just a matter of receiving applications from Nigeria. We would really enjoy receiving more applications from your country. There is no disadvantage at all.

Panda: Dear officer, I want to ask whether there is a requirement for IBT subsectional score, such as speaking?

Nate: The only requirement related to the iBT is the total score, which needs to be 104 or above. Hope this helps!

Ioannis: I took the TOEFL test in June 2007. If I fail to apply for the class of 2009 but send my scores to the school, will the school consider them valid for the class of 2010 ?

Joanne:: TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years, so if you apply in 2009 for admission to the Fall of 2010, you will have to re-take your exam; it will have been more than two years, since our application doesn't come out until July.

Mex-Engineer: Good morning, I already took the GMAT and scored 670. My plan is to submit my application as early as I can so I have time to take the GMAT again before the end of the year. Can I change my GMAT score in the middle of the application process? Thanks

Nate: You may update your GMAT score after the deadline date has passed, but given our tight schedule, we cannot hold off making decisions until we get updated materials.

akshat: Hi, how is the energy sector represented at GSB? Do you encourage students switching from the energy sector to other sectors, say finance?

Joanne:: Hi! There are always some students who have worked in the industry prior to attending the GSB. At the GSB, there is the Energy Group, which you might consider joining based on your interest in the industry. We encourage students from all industries to apply to the GSB; the diversity of our students' backgrounds makes the GSB community strong.

Abby: I am a graduate with Bachelor of Commerce in Finance at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Can I gain admission at Chicago GSB without having sat for GMAT and TOEFEL ?

Eddie: All full time students must take the GMAT. You can petition to have the TOEFL waived if you have worked or have attended a school in the US for more than 2 years. If English is the mode of instruction at the institution you may also petition for a waiver. You'll have to be able to offer proof.

PS_India: I am working as an IT professional for the last four years and my major was Instrumentation Engineering in my B Tech. I also worked (IT support for Merrill's internal process) with Merrill Lynch for last 3 years, including 1 and a half years of experience in Merrill's New York office. Presently I am looking forward to switch my domain to finance and, therefore, want to do my MBA in Finance. My work involved mostly web development and little co-ordination within a small team. How will Chicago look into my application and what kind of contribution will Chicago expect from my application?

Nate: Thank you for your interest in Chicago GSB. Unfortunately, we simply cannot evaluate your background/situation outside the application process. I can tell you, however, the Admissions Committee looks for well-rounded candidates.

Info_Gainer: Does the GSB Adcom look for a particular cut off score in the individual sections of the GMAT? My acads show that I have been proficient at Math, but my GMAT Math score is significantly low (79 percentile).

Eddie: There are no cut-offs in any of the sections of the GMAT exam.

Ruchir: I know you would have been asked this question a lot of times and your website also provides an answer, but would you mind telling us who do you consider an ideal candidate for Chicago GSB?

Joanne:: Hi Ruchir. You're right, we get this question all the time, and there's no answer to it because we seek to put together a diverse class full of people who all bring something a little different to the table. Our most successful applicants demonstrate a strong academic background, success in the workplace and strong letters of recommendation. We also value involvement, leadership and your story about your interest in the MBA as written in your essays.

PS_India: Can I provide my second recommendation from my previous Reporting Manager, if I don't have any active engagement in clubs or other organization? If I do so, will my recommendation treated as insufficient?

Nate: You have some flexibility in terms of who you can get to write your second recommendation letter. If you don't have any active involvement in clubs, you may submit your second letter from a previous manager/supervisor. Hope this helps!

PS_India: What kind of financial aid is available for international students and how much tuition fees can be covered through that? If I (as international student) apply in second application cycle, how feasible it will be to get 100% financial aid/loans? Is there any specific criteria for financial aid?

Joanne:: International students are eligible for our merit scholarships and fellowships. In addition, the GSB Financial Aid team works with international students to secure loans from private lenders. This is true regardless of the round to which you decide to apply. In general, there is no specific criteria for scholarships or fellowships, but some do have guidelines.

Ruchir: It's well known that GSB tries to maintain a diverse class. Can't that prove to be unfair to some candidates who have a similar profile to a large group but are otherwise quite deserving of business school ? Thanks.

Kurt: Ruchir, we absolutely try and maintain diversity in the class, and that stretches to all aspects of the applicant pool, industry, region of the world, academic background etc. The majority of students who apply to selective institutions can meet the academic rigors of the program but they do not all demonstrate a connection to the school or show an ability to make an impact to our broader community. We have a process that is subjective, so we can not only take capable people but people who express the greatest fit with our culture and community and demonstrate an ability to add diversity and make an impact to the GSB.

Melody: For minority students that statically don't perform well on the GMAT and other standardized tests, how much does the GMAT score impact admission decisions?

Eddie: The GMAT is an important piece to the application. We have to look at the entire application. There may be supportive information in a letter of recommendation or in your transcript that could prove to be quite supportive! I really encourage you to study for the test and try to do the best you can.

Info_Gainer: I see that the applications are not released as yet. Can I please request for the proposed date of release?

Kurt: The new application should be released before the end of the week. We are just testing in now. The essay questions however are up on our website.

G-167036818: Hello. Thank you for taking the time to respond to our questions. I will be applying First Round to the GSB this fall. To this end, I'd like to understand whether there is a decided advantage for those who apply well before the early October deadline, or is it inconsequential?

Nate: It's our pleasure! There is not an advantage to submit your materials several weeks before the mid-October deadline. We encourage candidates to apply early, but that statement is related to the application rounds (Round 1 versus Round 2 versus Round 3). Hope this helps!

PS_India: Do you have any section cutoff for the Verbal section in the GMAT? If a candidate has three attempts in the GMAT and in the previous two attempts, he scored within 530-550 range, how will Chicago treat all the scores? Do you really consider all of an applicant's scores?

Nate: There is no official cutoff for the GMAT or any of its sections. We will look at your highest composite GMAT score. Hope this helps!

jr7: What resources and/or curriculum does Chicago GSB offer to students interested in the business and management of healthcare?

Joanne:: Chicago GSB offers students the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Health Administration Studies from the University of Chicago. The certificate provides excellent training in the vision and judgment needed to face various economic, ethical, and social issues, as well as the financial demands, of the health care this field. You can learn more at http://gphap.uchicago.edu/.

akshat: My company has invested in training me for over a year. I do not want to ask my manager for a recommendation. Is there a way out? I have worked in only one company until this date.

Eddie: Use the optional essay to explain why you aren't approaching your direct manager. This is really very common for us. You'll still need to find a letter that details your leadership and management skills. A faculty member. A mentor, perhaps.

Nat: Hi good to join the chat.....I would like to know if a person with a GMAT score of 500-550 with 3 years of experience will be considered for the GSB.

Kurt: All applicants are considered for admission. There is much more that goes into our decision than just a GMAT score. With that said the majority of appicants are very capable and accomplished people who also have very competitive GMAT scores. These are the people you will be competing against. So all things being equal i.e. strong professional record, good essays, good recs etc. a person with a higher GMAT could have a distinct advantage over you in the process.

natkozac: Hi, what is the acceptable GMAT score to be enrolled to MBA full-time Program at Chicago GSB please? Thanks!

Nate: We don't have an official cutoff for the GMAT. The mid-80 percent scored between 640-760, so that's a pretty wide margin. Hope this helps!

kuri_1: I was wondering typically how important is the AWA score in the application process.. For instance, I am an Indian with a 710 GMAT score but an AWA of 4... Will the low AWA score affect my application?

Eddie: The AWA score is important. Having a higher overall score will not outweigh the low AWA.

G-269079604: Good morning! what was the range of GMAT scores in the past accepted class?

Eddie: 650-760.

Ruchir: If academically, I have enjoyed good grades right since 1st grade and also have a good final GPA in college, but if I have a few failures in some subjects in college (as I didn't study), does that mean I have no chance? Can an overall good GPA, good grades in high school and a high GMAT score, compensate for a few failed subjects ? My application otherwise is quite strong. Thank you.

Nate: We look for trends when evaluating college transcripts. Failing a couple courses won't disqualify you from being admitted, but I strongly recommend that you explain your low marks in the optional essay section of the application. Hope this helps!

GSBASPIRANT: I have more than 10 years of experience - majorly entrepreneurial experience in a developing economy. How do you think that is perceived in GSB? Also with the college gradually moving the preference towards younger applicants does this become comparatively difficult for someone with so much experience?

Kurt: We are looking for people who demonstrate a good sense of direction and strong fit with the institution. For us it is about how compelling your story is rather than age or experience. Think about your path and plan and why that is valuable to the GSB. Do not concern yourself so much with the pool and how you match up but focus on your specific skills goals and objective and demonstrate in the application why that is relevant and impactful to this community.

Natasha: Great! Thank you for organizing this. I was wondering if you could speak to the LEAD program (i.e when students take the course, who organizes, why it is beneficial, etc.)?

Joanne:: Hi Natasha. LEAD is its own program here at the GSB, and has several professional staff members who run the program. It is taught by second year students who are selected through an application process. LEAD takes place before and during Orientation and through the first quarter and consists of classroom learning, a few days in an outdooor education program and real-life situations. It encompasses more than 125 hours of programming. You will practice and perfect key communication skills such as negotiation, team-building, and giving feedback. Find more online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/experiential/lead.aspx.

Mike: Thanks for the setting up the chat. I applied to the Scholars Program in 2005 and I am planning on reapplying this fall. Will my Scholars Program application be considered in this round of the admissions process? Thanks.

Nate: Hi, Mike: Please indicate that you applied for admission in the past. But our decision will be made entirely based on your current application. Hope this helps!

CGSB-IND: I have just completed an year in my current organization. Though I share a very healthy relationship with my superior and have been promoted recently, I am not too comfortable asking for a recommendation, as it might hamper my chances of growth in the organization for what ever time I will be here. So what are the other options for a recommendation that are left with me considering the fact that what ever I write in my professional experience, I will not be able to validate the same.

Eddie: You'll have to use the optional essay to explain this. Start thinking about another manager, faculty member or mentor who may be able to give us the type of perspective we are looking for.

Melody: How likely is it for an Accounting and Finance major to be accepted into a dual degree program such as the MPP/MBA and would I have to take the GMAT or the GRE?

Kurt: I think this profile would be attractive to both programs. Again the issue is how do you communicate its relevance to the programs. Because the evaluation for admissions to the programs are seperate you do have to meet the requirements for both. Therefore, the GRE for MPP and the GMAT for MBA. You could contact the Harris school and see if they accept the GMAT in lieu of the GRE but our policy on that is strict, only the GMAT is taken.

natkozac_1: What GMAT score do you think is good enough to feel safe while applying for a full-time MBA program at Chicag GSB please? Thanks

Nate: That's a hard question to answer given our evaluation process is made based on several factors. The mid-80 percent on the GMAT scored between 640 and 760. Hope this helps!

Info_Gainer: Does the GSB Adcom look for a particular cut off score in the individual sections of the GMAT? My acads show that I have been proficient at Math, but my GMAT Math score is significantly low (79 percentile).

Eddie: We don't have a cut-off in any of the sections.

Abby: Some universities do admit and sponsor candidates for the purpose of training them to become university lecturers. what is your position? If you do the same, do you offer this opportunity to foreigners?

Kurt: Abby we do not have such a policy in place for the MBA program.

Claudio: I`d like to know what is the policy of University of Chicago regarding the GMAT score. I know that the range is something in between 660 and 760; however I was told that this range is for American applicants. Foreign applicants, to be competitive, should get at least 700. Is it a correct information?

Nate: We do not have a different evaluation process with different criteria for international applicants. We consider everyone within the same pool. Hope this helps!

murat_ozgun_yavuz: Hello from Ankara/Turkey. First of all I would like to thank you for providing this opportunity. I have two questions. 1) I have a gmat score of 720. Which one would you suggest: i) improving my score, ii) rather than improving my score, concentrating on the application package, iii) both, iv) other suggestions 2) When I look to the web pages of the European Business Schools, they put emphasis on learning new languages, which I can't see much in the US Business Schools. What is the place of learning new languages in Chicago GSB. Thank you once again.

Joanne:: Hi there. While I can't comment on your situation specifically, we do suggest that you spend time on your application and essays, as the GMAT is only one factor in the application process. Learning new languages is something you can do here if you're interested; the GSB offers students the chance to take classes throughout the University, including language courses. There are also opportunities throughout the city of Chicago.

ajit: Does GSB have "rolling" application reviews and decisions or does it wait for all applications in the round to be received?

Joanne:: The GSB does not have a rolling admissions process; we have deadlines in three rounds. Once submitted and complete, we do begin to distribute files for reading, and reading, and thus invitations for interview, are then done on a rolling and random basis.

Natasha: What makes a student successful at GSB? Joanne:: Students must have strong time management skills. Our support teams, from Admissions to Academic Services to Career Services are here to support students through the two years to help ensure your success. It's helpful to take advantage of these resources. Additionally, I believe our students do a great job of taking advantage of opportunities to get involved, meeting other people and balancing out their work/life.

Yassin: What is the average GMAT score and GPA?

Eddie: GMAT score - 710

Eddie: GPA - 3.5

G-167016187: Hello, if I have a degree in nutrition, would I be considered as prospective student for GSB?

Joanne:: There is no requirements for admissions with respect to undergraduate majors or degrees. You're free to apply!

tolbhai: Good morning Amanda. With the current job market scene, do you foresee tougher competition for the full-time MBA course starting in August 2009? Also, do you have internal targets of granting admissions to people from various countries/continents? Thank you. Tolbhai.

Kurt: We do not have any internal quotas or targets, we try to admit a diverse class and the representation from countries varies from year to year. In terms of the job market the issues in the US right now have had an impact worldwide and we would expect that to affect the hiring needs of many companies. This is not unique to Chicago but to all business schools. The advantage to a top business school is that traditionally they are less impacted by hiring drop-offs than second and third tier institutions.

zukkoor: What is the difference between the student sponsored events and the GSB sponsored events?

Nate: Many student-sponsored events are sponsored by student-led clubs at the GSB. For more information, I recommend that you visit our online discussion forum.

fm: What is the admissions committee looking for in the "powerpoint question" on the application?

Eddie: The powerpoint question allows you some freedom and creativity in describing yourself. We like to find out unique qualities that may not have been identified in your essays, LORs or the interview. It's actually very cool to review them during our committee meetings. It really has become a valuable tool when we evaluate our candidates.

2009hopeful: Are there any scheduled Chicago GSB Live events for this Fall?

Nate: There are! The fall GSB Live event dates will be posted online by the end of next week.

Claudio: Regarding the resume I know that you prefer us to write it all in only one page (professional format), however I have 13 years of work experience, most of them working for the government in different areas and positions, besides during this time I was also a professor in many universities. How can I put it all in just one page without hurting my chances? Is it possible to write my resume in more than one page?

Joanne:: Hi Claudio. We encourage our applicants to submit a one-page resume for this year's application. However, we understand that this may be difficult for some students, so it will not be detrimental in the admissions process to have a longer resume.

CGSB-IND: I plan to do a specialization in Strategy. What is the most significant and differentiating factor for GSB's Strategic Management Curriculum that can help me gain a edge?

Kurt: This answer is not isolated to strategy but I think Chicago's advantage is our culture of academic debate and analytical rigor. The GSB conditions you to get comfortable with ambiguity and make tough decsions with little data. This routine of thought and action conditions our students to be effective in any business setting. Whether it is strategy, finance or HR that you decide to focus on Chicago will teach you how to think and make tough decisions and that is our distinct advantage.

RC: Hi. How important is community service as a criteria in evaluation of an applicant?

Eddie: It allows us to examine what you do with your free time, your philanthropic activity, organizations that really have caught your eye and the potential value you found working with those organizations that will be captured in you as a citizen of our community.

Kamal: Please advise when you will be in Toronto, Canada?

Nate: Travel dates have not been finalized, though I can tell you that we intend to visit Toronto. Information regarding our fall receptions should be posted online within a couple weeks. Hope this helps!

CGSB-IND: Is there any way we can interact with an existing student and get to know more about the clubs and societies that are present in the school?

Joanne:: Sure! You can see a list of groups and clubs, and you can email any of our current group co-chairs from this site: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/beyondacad/FTstudentgroups.aspx.

tolbhai: When students get recruited, do they have a good chance of relocating to say, Europe, if they wish to do so?

Kurt: The opportunities internationlly are there. The question is how do you take advantage of the resources. We have alumni representation in 101 countries worldwide so depending on where you want to go I am confident you will find someone there to help you. If you want to go more traditional routes, e.g., campus recruiting, we do have many global firms that place students internationally. London is consistently either the second or third most popular city for placement of both interns and full-time hires.

Kioko: Does GSB have preferential admission standards for prospective students from less developed countries?

Joanne:: Hi Kioko. No, all applicants are reviewed in the same manner, regardless of country of citizenship.

George: Hello, George here. Will you have any presentations in London any time soon?

Joanne:: Hi George. Yes, Chicago GSB will hold a full-time information session at our London campus on October 13, 2008. Additionally, we will be at the Forte Forum's London session (same location) on October 7, 2008.

James: Good morning. I read that you can't apply for both the regular MBA and an MA/MBA in the same cycle. Can I ask to be considered for the regular MBA if not accepted into the joint degree? I am very interested in an MBA/MA in Area Studies, but don't want to reduce my chances of acceptance.

Kurt: We make that decision for you. If you apply to the MBA/MA program we eveluate your application in tandem, this is the only joint-degree program we have a coordinated admissions with. We have had cases in the past where a student is admitted by one program and not the other and we leave the decision to enroll in just one program up to the student.

hale: I have a weak undergrad GPA (2.6) from a top liberal arts school, I got a 750 on the gmat with a 50 quant, I've taken some classes at a local university since school and recieved good grades. To what extent does the GMAT score balance out the difficulty in college? I was able to make deans list senior year so I did turn things around towards the end, but the middle was rough.

Joanne:: While I can't comment on your situation specifically, the GSB reviews applications in a very holistic manner; a lower GPA can be balanced out with a nice upward trend in grades, additional coursework and a strong GMAT. We also give students the opportunity to talk about college or university grades within the application to explain the circumstances, which I'd encourage you to do.

ChicagoMBA: Good morning everyone! This is with regard to the essay questions for Fall 2009 admissions. About the second essay, can the application illustrate an example from personal experiences or should it be strictly professional?

Kurt: It can be anything personal or professional you choose.

Anxious: Hello, I am an applicant from India. Wanted to know whether you have any program specializing in healthcare?

Kurt: We have a certificate program called the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP). I would encourage you to take a look at it on our website.

Troy: When is the ideal time to visit campus? I am hoping to meet some students, tour the campus and ideally attend a class or two.

Nate: To participate in all those activities, I recommend you visit campus when school is in session. For the fall quarter, we begin allowing visitors to sit in on classes in early October. Our visit page will be updated by the end of July (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/visiting.aspx). Check back for more information.

GSBAspirant_2011: Hello all! Last year I decide to quit working to travel around, be close to my family and to spend some time doing things I have never had time to do, such as training for an Ironman. Will the adcom see this "unemployed" time negatively?

Nate: Not necessarily! The onus will be on you to explain what it is you have been doing and how it relates to your professional and personal development. Have you become more self aware in the process? Hope this helps!

Chris: What advice would you give to someone who does not have a strong quant background? (GMAT and poor undergrade math class grades)

Joanne:: Hi Chris. The GSB's flexible curriculum allows you to take classes that are most conducive to your skill level. In preparation, though, the GSB offers summer, pre-MBA courses in Accounting and Statistics prior to Fall enrollment. As for admission, remember that the GMAT is only one portion of the application.

James: Is there a place on the application to indicate intent to participate in the IMBA after enrollment?

Eddie: Yes, there is an area in the new application that will allow you to declare this.

Neva: Do you encourage campus visits?

Nate: Absolutely! Campus visits are a great way to see the GSB community firsthand and get your questions answered by current students and staff. For more information on visiting campus, please visit our Web page (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/visiting.aspx).

Laura: Can you give any insight to what % of applicants you accept by round? Do you accept a larger percentage of your class in first round rather than others?

Kurt: The acceptance rates for rounds is negligible in the first two. Both are equally competitive. The third round is the most competitive largely because we have fewer spaces available. We admit the class as we go and the largest population of students apply in the first and second round.

G-269079604: Are you interested in increasing the number of women applicants?

Joanne:: Yes, definitely. This year's incoming class will be about 36% female, which is a strong number and up a few points from last year. Chicago GSB is a proud member of both the Forte Foundation and 85 Broads, which seek to increase the number of women in business schools and in business in general. Forte will hold 9 MBA forums this year, which include panels and an MBA fair. Look for Chicago GSB admissions reps and alumnae at each one (www.fortefoundation.org).

Laura: How many applications are you expecting this year? I'm assuming it'll go up vs. last year since that's what every school is saying.

Kurt: We do not have a projected number but we are also assuming that applications will be up again this year.

Wol: How do the admission officers define "international experience" during the application process?

Joanne:: International experience can be defined, but not limited to, travel, work or education in countries outside your native one. It might also include working with colleagues or clients in other countries too.

G-166993623: I would like to know how to get in touch with alumini and current students directly.

Eddie: The best way to contact alumni would be to get in touch with an admissions committee member for assistance. For students you can go to our website, look under student groups and select an organization. The co-chairs have their email addresses listed. You can send in a question to the admissions website and we also push those inquiries out to our students.

Andrea: Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great questions. Due to the overwhelming number of participants today we were not able to respond to everyone, but we will be holding another chat in early August. Please join us then or feel free to email your questions to admissions@chicagobooth.edu, or post them on our discussion forum.

printemp: Hi, I would like to know how many college grads with no work experience Chicago GSB admitted last year. Thanks.

Nate: I do not have that number off the top of my head. Suffice it to say, it was a small percentage of the overall applicant pool. Admission for candidates with little to no full-time work experience is highly competitive. We will pay particular attention to internships. For more information on applying to Chicago GSB as an early career candidate, please visit the following Web page (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/early-enrollment/).

Daudi: What are the advantages and disadvantages of going through the International MBA program?

Kurt: The advantages are it suggests to employers that you have had an international experience that stretches beyond a few classes. Employers recognize that you have foreign language proficiency, have studied overseas and have a deeper commitment to International exploration than perhaps people who have just taken a couple classes. IMBA also have first priority in selecting a study abroad option because this is a requirement of the program. There really is no disadvantage because you are not formally committed to this path. If you decide at some point not to complete the requirements you can just leave the program and finish a tradtional MBA.

Jam: Thanks for your time. When is the earliest the new rounds of applications for 2010 will be accepted?

Nate: The application process for Fall 2010 won't begin until next summer (2009). If you intend to apply this year, we will begin accepting applications in the coming weeks. Hope this helps!

mphong: Hi, I was wondering how you evaluate the quality of work experience a candidate has. Is it all about what is reflected in the essay portion? Also, is the school expecting a much higher volume of applicants this year given the current job environment?

Eddie: We use your resume and letters of recommendation to examine the quality of work you have completed. Leadership and management are strong factors for us. We also like to see what type of contributions you have been able to make to the company. Yes, we are expecting a higher number of applications and we are looking forward to it! We want to help applicants interested in Chicago GSB any way we can.

Laura: Can you give any insight on the exchange program at GSB? What % of students participate, etc.?

Kurt: Typically between 80-90 students participate in this program every year.

Darren: Are there international study programs that a student can take advantage of his/her first year @ GSB?

Joanne:: IBEP, or International Business Exchange Program, is open to first year students, but on a limited, case by case basis. In general, you must have completed at least three courses or one quarter's work at the GSB (including most of the foundation, core and breadth requirements) in order to submit an application; you must have also completed at least ten courses (typically one year's worth) by the time you leave to go abroad; and not taken any courses for Pass/Fail credit at the GSB so far (since you will use up all of your Pass/Fail options for your quarter abroad; or one Pass/Fail option for short-term IBEP).

2009hopeful: Does the AdCom browse online forums to look for applicants postings and if so what effect could this have?

Kurt: To be candid we are aware of other online forums and we have students that actively participate in them, but adcoms themselves are typically too busy to actively monitor the comments on these other sites.

G-167053115: I am intersted in pursuing a career in Venture Capital in Latin America. Can you tell me a little bit about the coursework or resources that Chicago GSB has to help me achieve that goal? I have an electrical engineering degree from SMU and have 4 years of experience in management consulting in financial services in NYC. I am from Mexico.

Nate: There are a lot of opportunities available for those seeking a career in venture capital. The Career Resources Office does a great job of providing our students opportunities to build their network and obtain internships. Students can also leverage the alumni community. Coursework in the area is vastly superior, and there is even an EVP student-led club which focuses on venture capital and private equity. I encourage you to visit our online discussion forum for information.

ste_mba: How many people from Western Europe are currently enrolled in the MBA Program? Are your going to increase the % of international students this year?

Joanne:: About 5% of students in the Class of 2009 were from Western Europe. We are certainly excited to see more applications from this region of the world, and will be visiting several cities to meet with prospective students; please see our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/events/europe.aspx. We'll let you know soon when you can begin to RSVP for these events.

G-203739200: Good morning. Can you tell me where you are in the wait list process? Thanks.

Kurt: The waitlist is still active and we reassess our needs regularly. It is difficult to predict if we will go to it again but there is always the possibility. My advice would be to follow the directions that have been provided to you and if you are still committed to attending reach out to the office with some regularity to confirm that interest.

Federico: How strong is GSB on Real Estate?

Nate: There are a couple classes you can take focused on Real Estate. The GSB also has a student-led club in this area. But it's important to note that at Chicago GSB you will receive a discipline-based education rooted in the fundamentals. Our MBA will give you the knowledge and skill set to navigate various industries and functions, including Real Estate. Hope this helps!

Joanne:: Thanks to everyone for participating. We look forward to seeing you on the road or on campus in the coming months!

Eddie: Thanks for joining us this morning. I hope we were able to help you and please feel free to contact our office for any assistance that you may need!

Nate: Thank you for your time! I enjoyed answering your questions and hope you learned more about the GSB. All the best.....NATE

Kurt: I am sorry if we did not get to everyone's questions today we really tried. If you did not get your question answered please join us in a few weeks for a similar chat or submit your questions to the online forum or our admissions@chicagobooth.edu account. Thank you so much for your questions and interest in Chicago GSB and we look forward to interacting more with you this year.