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December 12, 2007—9:00-10:00 AM CST

Rose: Good morning and welcome to the GSB Admissions Chat. We welcome your questions and look forward to a robust discussion. We'll begin in 10 minutes. Feel free to start sending your questions now.

Nathan: Hi everyone! My name is Nathan Crozier, and I'm a member of the Admissions Committee. I've been with the GSB admissions office since June 2006. Feel free to ask me about the application process and moving from the East Coast to Chicago.

Eddie: Good Morning. I'm Eddie Pulliam, Senior Associate Director of Admissions. I'm looking forward to answering your questions about Chicago GSB!

Andrea: Good morning! I'm Andrea Schmoyer, one of the members of the Admissions Committee. Looking forward to chatting with everyone!

MMBrazil__Guest_: Dear Rose and Admissions Team, what is the criteria you guys use to waitlist an applicant? Could you provide any statistics about how many/ what percentage of interviewed were waitlisted in this R1?

Rose: Chicago GSB uses the waitlist to guage the pool rather than to assess the student's interest in the GSB. Since Round 1 will be released on December 19 and Round 2 will not come in until January 9, we need to see what the pool looks like before we admit too many people. We're still evaluating candidates, so I'm not sure what percentage will be waitlisted.

DY__Guest_: Good morning to Ms. Martinelli and Admission Team and thank you for this opportunity to ask a question. Q: Is there a possibility for students to switch from EMBA to full-time MBA and vice-versa (from full-time MBA to EMBA)? Thank you. Yury

Rose: Unfortunately, no.

MMBrazil__Guest_: Regarding merit-based scholarships, what is the range of those scholarships? Were any scholarship awarded in this R1?

Rose: Chicago GSB will award merit-based scholarships in Round 1. These scholarships range in size from $10,000 to full tuition plus stipend.

Nascentidea__Guest_: Good morning to all! Does Chicago GSB have a favorable Global [(in geographically spread out and industry-wide) especially in consulting industry)] Alumni balance? Does the GSB have alumni consultants who are actively serving emerging markets and new ventures? Also do such consultants join big consulting firms or are they entrepreneurs with their own consulting outfits? Thank You for your time.

Rose: The GSB has more than 42,000 alumni in more than 90 countries. Some of our alumni work in large consulting firms while others have built their own companies.

MMBrazil__Guest_: How are regional slots determined? I mean, how do you decide the range of accepted applicants from a given country?

Rose: The GSB does not use any type of quota systems. The best applicants will get admitted regardless of citizenship.

Aspire__Guest_: Chicago Application contains a field for entering the extra curricular's in school/college. Can I include the educational information and school's extra-curricular in expanded resume?

Nathan: Hi Aspire: Yes, you may include your extra-curricular activities from college in the expanded resume. Hope this helps! NATE

MMBrazil__Guest_: If waitlisted, when should an applicant expect any news? Rose: Waitlisted applicants will receive their decision as part of Round 2 admissions decisions. Waitlisted applicants will be added to our Round 2 evaluation process.

AER: Do you have any advice for reapplicants? Especially essay one. Do I need to write the background again or cut it short?

Rose: Since we've fully redesigned the application this year, I would encourage you to approach your reapplication as if you were a first time applicant. We will make our decision based on your current application.

MMBrazil__Guest_: When will the applicant that is accepted be informed that he will be awarded a merit based scholarship?

Rose: Students selected to receive a merit-based scholarship will be notified at the time of admission.

DY__Guest_: Question to everyone: Could you please give an example (topic, story) of PowerPoint presentation of recently applied student that you remember now? What did you like most in this particular presentation (laconism ??? small is beauty, design, story or hobby, etc.)?

Rose: Some of the best powerpoint presentations revealed information that we would not had otherwise known. I've seen great presentations that are more text oriented, terrific ones with lots of photos, and even the charts have been informative. We're not looking for creativity, but are focused on content.

MBA08__Guest_: Good Morning. I understand you are still in the process of evaluating applications, but could you provide an estimate to how many appllicants you plan to admit from round 1?

Rose: It all depends upon the quality of applicants.

MMBrazil__Guest_: My question regards the decision date. Today is December 12th, you already have a decision about all applicants or are there still discussions about some cases?

Eddie: No, we are still taking files through the "committee." Decisions have not been made on all of the files from round 1.

RSG219__Guest_: Hi everyone. I just finished taking the GMAT and am in the process of obtaining recommendations for the Round 2 deadline. I have a couple of questions regarding these recommendations. Are there any specific questions that the admissions committee would like each recommendation to address (i.e., describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant) or is it an open form? And secondly, in regards to the second recommendation, is it appropriate for a professor to write one on behalf of you if you are a recent graduate?

Nathan: Hi RSG219: Thanks for writing! This year's recommendation letters are meant to be open form. There is no preference on who supplies your second letter of recommendation; our only guideline is that it should add new and valuable insights to your application. For early career applicants who are a year out of college, a professor certainly is a feasible option. Hope this helps! Best, NATE

NSykes__Guest_: Thus far has the addition of the powerpoint presentation proven as effective in extracting candidate information as originally foreseen?

Eddie: Yes. It's been amazing! We have seen a lot of creativity. What's been most rewarding has been the honesty and how candidates have really been able to communicate who they really are.

john42_1__Guest_: Hi all and thank you for your time! How many applicants will be accepted for round 1? And how many interviewed?

Rose: In round 1, we interviewed about 60% of the applicants. We're still finalizing our numbers for round 1, so it's a bit too early to tell.

NSykes__Guest_: How does a candidate's intended post-MBA career path impact their candidacy? Can a candidate inadvertantly make his/her admission more difficult by choosing a well beaten path even if well thought out?

Eddie: What we look for are realistic expectations. How well do you know yourself and the industry that you want to pursue? Within your application we look for signs of professional development especially in the area that you hope to move into or at least transferable skills. We receive many applications from candidates who want to go into the top fields. Try showing us how well you know what you want to do with your MBA regardless of the industry.

Melinda__Guest_: I know Chicago is well-known for its finance programs, but I am interested in switching to a career in marketing. Can you tell me resources are available to career switchers? How strong is the marketing program at Chicago?

Rose: The GSB has a terrific marketing program that includes the Kilts Center for Marketing. Chicago is known for our more analytical approach to marketing. Database marketing was something created here. In addition, we have the Marketing Fellowship program, that is comprised of financial support and mentoring with well known marketing executives.

Fer__Guest_: Good morning, I have a question regarding the power point slides. I woud like to know if you will print them in color, and also whether the four slides will be printed in one page, or one slide will be printed per page. I am trying to determine the best font size and that information would help.

Nathan: Good morning, Fer: Let me answer your questions. We will print the Power Point slides in color. One slide will be printed per page. Hope this helps! Thanks, NATE

Veeru__Guest_: Regarding the powerpoint: Would you like to see some explanation to the slides? For example a word file associated with the powerpoint

Nathan: Hi Veeru: The optional essay provides the opportunity to explain your Power Point slides. This is not a requirement, though. Hope this helps! Thanks, NATE

PK__Guest_: Hi. Thanks for hosting this chat. I was wondering if GSB has student ambassadors that a prospective student like me can get in touch with to get a student perspective?

Eddie: It's best that you go to the discussion forums or the website where the student groups are listed. You can send your question to them directly.

VJB__Guest_: Do you plan to release any admits (through phone calls ) prior to Wed Dec 19th ?

Rose: We still haven't finished evaluating Round 1, but we're likely to call some admits the day before the deadline release date.

Pete__Guest_: Hi Rose... I have a salary question. What range of starting salaries do you see for your graduates?

Rose: I'd encourage you to check out our employment reports on the website under careers. But our average salary in the last report was $95,000.

Nascentidea__Guest_: In case of reapplicants, is it acceptable to write about the the initiatives that a candidate has undertaken to improve his managerial capabilities during the past year in the Optional Essay Question? Thanks

Andrea: The optional essay is really an opportunity to address any potential anomalies or provide information relevant to your candidacy that cannot be addressed elsewhere in the application. Using this essay to discuss the new initiatives would be fine if you have not addressed this in another area of your application.

jack__Guest_: Is there a big increase in the number of round one applicants this year? Or the same as the numbers in the last year?

Eddie: There has been a substantial increase in applications for round 1. We anticipate the same for round 2.

Hector__Guest_: Would you really not recommend an international applicant apply in 3rd round?

Nathan: Good morning, Hector: International applicants may apply in Round Three. HOWEVER, we strongly encourage these candidates to apply in Rounds One or Two. An early application allows international students sufficient time to secure a student visa should they be admitted.

Melinda__Guest_: Hello! What do many students mention as the distinguishing factor between choosing Chicago and other programs?

Rose: Lots of things. Here are a few examples: flexibility of program, intellectual rigor, engaged community, leadership development.

abhishekg__Guest_: I wanted to clarify something regarding the decision date for Round 1. Will everyone be notified on the same day (Dec 19) or are decisions being released on an ongoing basis?

Rose: Decisions for Round 1 will be released at 9:00 a.m. CT on December 19. Warm regards, Rose

Snehal__Guest_: Could you provide a range of the middle 80% of GMAT scores for round 1?

Eddie: We don't do them by rounds but last year was between 650-750.

alain__Guest_: I'm Alain Kansas city. What do you think sets GSB apart from other business schools?

Rose: Wow. That's a big question. Our philosophy of the power of ideas and the use of debate to constantly challenge the status quo is at the center of our differences. The GSB takes a very unique approach to education through a discipline based education, with a twist of adding psychology and sociology. Since we treat each person as unique, the GSB allows students to craft their own education at the level and timing that makes sense. I could go on for quite some time, but I better cut this short now.

suman__Guest_: Would you please tell about the funding opportunity in Chicago GSB. Can International students get 100% tuition fee loan without US co-signer?

Nathan: Hi Suman: International students may apply for one of two loan programs at the GSB. One loan program requires a co-signer; the other does not. Both programs allow for international students to obtain 100 percent financing. Thanks for writing! NATE

Bill__Guest_: Is it looked down upon when prospectives don't visit the campus prior to an interview (should one be granted)?

Andrea: No, this is not something that would be held against an applicant during the review process.

G-310416736__Guest_: Good morning, as an economic recession looms, are you seeing an increase in MBA applications this year relative to previous years?

Rose: There are always flucations in applications when the economic markets shift downward. Typically, there is a one year lag. Since the credit crunch hit late summer, I expect that the bigger impact may come next year if the market does not improve.

Q__Guest_: Do you wait till the deadline of a certain round to make admission decisions or do you make decisions on a rolling basis?

Rose: The GSB releases decisions all at the same time. It helps to relieve applicant anxiety.

G-310409888__Guest_: Hello, I'm an Israeli 2nd round candidate who relys mostly on my military background (7 years). How does the GSB see such a candidate?

Rose: We look at each applicant as unique, and will treat military experience as valuable in your professional development.

DY__Guest_: Could you please reveal some statistical data: What is the percent of students who found job by their own (i.e., career services didn't help) and what is the ratio of career services (staff) to students?

Nathan: Thanks for writing, DY: Most of our students are able to find internship and job opportunities with the help of Career Services and/or the GSB alumni community. I don't know the exact number of students who seek out opportunities on their own. I encourage you to check out the Employment Report for more information. This document can be found online. The ratio of career services staff members to full time students makes it very easy for someone to receive individualized support at the GSB. Hope this helps! Best, NATE

satish__Guest_: What is the ideal GMAT score required for Chicago GSB?

Andrea: We do not have an ideal GMAT score that we are looking for. The mid-80th percentile ranged from 650-750 to give you an idea of where most admits fell last year. However, there is no minimum to apply and many factors that are considered in the review proces.

joe_1__Guest_: Hello all!!! I've been told that you are not judging our creative ability in creating the power point but rather our ability to analyze ourselves and project who we are. However, this project DOES require a lot of creativity. What are your thoughts?

Rose: The powerpoint requires a great deal of self-reflection, but the tools you use to express those thoughts are less important than the messages you want to convey. We've seen some very simple powerpoints that were extremely powerful in delivering those messages.

Jimmy__Guest_: Hi, I still have to give my GMAT by Jan end, is it ok if I send my application before deadline and then submit GMAT/TOEFL score once I give them?

Eddie: Yes. You can send in the unofficial score that you receive when you complete the test and submit it in order to be counted for that round. We must have the original score from ETS before a decision can be rendered. If we don't receive it you can be moved to the next round.

NYC__Guest_: I was told that a third person reads the application post interview. Is that person the final arbiter or do they make another recommendation that the committee as a whole considers?

Eddie: Your application is read by 3 members of the committee. 1st read goes to the Graduate Assistants (trained 2nd year students), the 2nd read is by a full time staff member, "Adcom." At this point we are reading to invite for an interview. If you receive the invitation for the interview, once it's been completed your file is reviewed by a staff member only. Rose reviews and in many cases changes a decision proposed by one of us. Your file does receive at least 3 reads...and sometimes more before a final decision is reached. The committee work is pretty thorough.

Chicagoan__Guest_: Was the applicant pool stronger this year as compared to previous years?

Rose: Yes, our Round 1 applicant pool was statistically stronger (average GMAT, GPA) than last year's Round 1.

CanadianApplicant__Guest_: Could you comment on the implications of submitting two "professional" recommendations - i.e., two supervisors?

Rose: I am not sure what you mean by implications. The GSB wants to provide applicants with the freedom to obtain recommendations from people whom you deem can provide us with great insight into your candidacy. Whether you choose both to be professional is completely up to you.

hazyblur__Guest_: Hi, quick question regarding GMAT and TOEFL scores. Do we need to have ETS send them officially before submitting the application, or could we self-report the score in the application, and officially submit at a later date?

Eddie: You can use the "unofficial" score you receive at the end of the test and submit your application for the round you are applying to. We must have the true score from ETS before a decision can be rendered. If we don't have the score you can pushed to the next round.

sam__Guest_: How many years of work experience makes an applicant competitive at GSB?

Rose: We look seriously at all candidates regardless of the number of years of work experience. I personally believe that a couple of years of work experience would be beneficial for you to get (and give) the most out of your experience.

Mike__Guest_: Hi, hope everyone is having a great morning. Is the merit-based portion of the financial aid package determined when decisions are released next Wednesday or at a later date in time? Thanks!

Rose: Merit-based scholarships will be announced at the time of admission, based on the overall quality of your application. jamesyuan__Guest_: Is interview a decisive element in the application?

Andrea: The interview is a factor in the decision in that it is one more element that we are considering along with the rest of the application. The weight this has varies depending on the outcome of the interview and information already existing in the application.

NS__Guest_: Where can I find out more information about access to the Polsky Center?

Nathan: Good morning, NS: The Polsky Center consists of a full-time team which plans, coordinates, and administers entrepreneurship initiatives at Chicago GSB, including curriculum planning, academic and career advising, conference and event organizing, competition hosting, community outreach, soliciting financial support, and more. For more information, please visit the following link,


. Hope this helps! NATE

MBA08__Guest_: I'm currently on Level 3 of the CFA program. How positive do you view this accreditation during the application review process?

Eddie: Congratulations! The CFA is not a requirement for applying to Chicago GSB. We do use it as a sign of your quant skills and intellectual curiosity.

G-310413232__Guest_: What is the average number of years it takes for graduates to repay student loans in full?

Rose: Most students are able to repay their loans within five years of graduation.

Matt__Guest_: I'm hoping to do a campus visit between the 26th and 28th of December - will this be possible? Will I be able to attend class, etc.?

Nathan: Hi Matt: Thanks for writing! We're glad you're considering a visit to Chicago GSB. The admissions office will be open Dec. 26-28. Unfortunately, since these dates are between the fall and winter quarters, class visits will not be offered. Visitors may attend an informational session conducted by a member of the admissions committee and a building tour led by a staff member. For more information on campus visits, please visit the following link,


Hope this helps! NATE

Melinda__Guest_: What steps is Chicago taking to continue to be a leader of MBA programs? Do you anticipate any changes to curriculum or new initiatives going forward?

Rose: Part of our philsophy is to constantly challenge the status quo, so our curriculum and programs go through regular reviews. Changes happen each year.

Jimmy__Guest_: Hi, how important it is to decide upon speciality in MBA? Can I apply for general MBA and then switch to one particular stream after 1 semester?

Rose: It's important for you to have a sense of direction at the time you apply, but you have enormous flexibility to add or change your concentrations during the program.

SaraM__Guest_: I am just starting to look for schools to start my MBA. I probably won't start a program until 2009 and 2010. What scores/criteria would I have to meet to get into your program? - Sara

Andrea: Hi SaraM. We do not have a minimum GMAT score for admission. You will find detailed information about our admission criteria on our website


Fred__Guest_: How do you view applicants that went to PhD school in a hard science and dropped out early? Should one focus on the experiance even though is was only a couple months?

Rose: Lots of our applicants have graduate degrees. If you started and dropped out of PhD program, you might want to explain your situation in the optional essay.

Matt__Guest_: Hello, could you briefly explain the nature of the mid-round decision?

Andrea: Hi Matt. Mid-decision is the point at which all invitations to interview are released. Those not invited to interview are unfortunately denied admission at that point. acs

123__Guest_: Hi, as a foreign student already having H-1B, how much chance do I have to get a decent job and regain my H-1B immediately after my graduation from GSB? Do I need to worry about that?

Rose: It all depends upon you, the H1-B market when you graduate and the industry you wish to join. I expect there will be many changes between now and the time you would graduate.

G-310413232__Guest_: If someone applies to the full time program and their stats don't match up to get accepted, do you also consider them for the part time as well?

Eddie: There are 2 separate committees for full time and part time programs. If you are not admitted to the full time program and want to apply to the part time program you need to notify the admissions office at the part time program. You won't be able to apply for at least 2 quarters. We will send your file to the part time office to be used in the review of their application. You may not have to send in any additional scores but a different LOR may be requested along with an interview.

lsachen__Guest_: How much job experience do you look for in admission for graduate students?

Nathan: Hi there, Isachen: We don't require a certain number of years of work experience. Our applicant pool consists of those with an array of professional experiences and who can add value through their leadership and team skills. Hope this helps! NATE

TimH__Guest_: Good morning all! Just wondering how 12 years of work experience in finance can overshadow what some might consider a weak GMAT score?

Rose: We look at your application wholistically. I'd need to see your whole file before I could answer your question. If you have only taken the test once, you might want to consider taking it again with additional preparation.

PK__Guest_: Thanks Eddie, not sure if I am able to locate the student groups web site. Would you please mind giving it to me?

Eddie: Look under "beyond academics." It should be there.

Ecu_MBA__Guest_: Though after plentiful studying for the GMAT and practice tests, my GMAT score is not the best, though I feel that the rest of my materials are strong. What are my chances of being offered an interview?

Nathan: Hi Ecu_MBA: I cannot comment specifically on one's chances of being invited to interview. I will say, however, that our evaluation process is truly holistic and based on more than just the GMAT score. Hope this helps! NATE

SO__Guest_: Hello Rose...Is there any advantage to submitting my Round 2 application now as opposed to right at the deadline? Are the application reviewed as a pool or in the order that they are received?

Rose: I would encourage you to submit your application prior to the deadline. If it is ready now, great! We'll be able to process your application first and queue it up to be evaluated first. This might translate into receiving an earlier invitation to interview.

Veeru__Guest_: Do any of your current international students find it difficult to procure internship/jobs due to the H1B issues?

Eddie: Good question. It depends on a lot of factors like the industry. Career Servicesw does a great job of finding our students internships.

Vivek__Guest_: Where on the website can I find information about the courses offered in Finance?

Andrea: Vivek. Course offerings can be found at the following link:


Mechengineer__Guest_: Hello, Mr. Martinelli, I would like to know if GSB has a manufacturing/technology management program. Of course it is well know that GSB is the absolute best when it comes to finance. I also read your answer to the question on marketing concentration. It was very interesting.

Rose: While the GSB does not have concentrations in manufacturing or technology management, we do have many courses in those areas. You might want to check out our operations concentration.

JunTang__Guest_: If I have a master degree in US, is TOEFL still required? thanks

Andrea: No, you would not be required to take the TOEFL since you have a degree from the US.

gvg26: Hi. I am a Round 2 applicant. I have a question about the GMAT. I took it earlier this month and was not pleased with my score. I was hoping to take it again but given my work and study schedule, I may not be able to take it until a few days after the January 9th deadline. Would Chicago GSB accept a GMAT score from an applicant that is a few days post the application deadline? I'm also curious as to how much weight the GMAT is given versus one's academic record. I ask because I have a strong academic record from a top 15 US university but my current GMAT score is slightly below the 80% percentile. Thanks.

Rose: As long as you are able to submit one GMAT score by the deadline, we will accept late submissions of revised scores up to two weeks after the deadline. You will need to fax us the unofficial score report. As I mentioned earlier, we use a holistic evaluation process so one component is no more important than the other.

Rohit__Guest_: Hi. How many years of work experience do you look at? Also, does not having experience in the field where I finally intend to go affect my application?

Eddie: Work experience is not a requirement for us. Average work experience is about 3 years. We don't hold it against you for having less than the 3 years but what we do look for is the quality of work that you have performed at the date of your application.

Scot__Guest_: Would you advise an applicant to submit a Round 2 application with an unfinished degree or wait until Round 3 to submit with a complete transcript?

Eddie: You do need a bachelor's degree or its equivalent to be eligible. We can review your file but a decision will not be released until we have proof that you completed the degree.

G-310413853__Guest_: Hi / Good morning - Hi Nate - nice to see you there. Your feedback for fall 07' is still fresh in memory. Congrats on GSB winning more Nobel prizes too. I shall be submitting re-application for Fall 08' round2. My question is regarding Internships and Finance. Do we have any federal projects and internships - in Finance - specifically focusing towards strengthening the US economy? Do we have other projects towards Poverty Alleviation and Economic Developement through Organizations like World bank, etc?

Nathan: Nice to be connected again, G-310413853: We have opportunities which focus on the US economy as well as organizations like the World Bank, IMF, and so on. Students can possibly pursue these opportunities through one of our research centers or through Career Services. Hope this helps! Thanks, NATE

Vivek__Guest_: Can you please alaborate on the admission process? I mean after the application submission... some candidates are interviewed and then what happens after the interview? How is information from the interview is assimilated and conclusion is reached?

Rose: The interview is conducted blind (meaning the interviewer has not read your application). This is a chance for someone who knows the GSB well to get to know you. It is just another component in the overall evaluation process, and certainly does not make or break your application.

PK__Guest_: It seems like the general impression is that Chicago is famous for Finance (students career focus and backgrounds). How well is Chicago GSB known for Consulting, non-profits and entrepreneurship?

Rose: While the GSB is well known for finance, we are much more than a finance school (as all top tier programs are). We are well known for our marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy and economics concentrations too.

SpiderMan__Guest_: Hi. I am applying as an international living abroad, but by the time I get the results from the GSB, I will have permanent resident status (I still live abroad). Is it relevant to mention that in my application?

Eddie: This is a perfect example of when to use the optional essay!

Idgi__Guest_: Does Chicago take minority status into consideration when evaluating applicants, and if so, how?

Eddie: We are heavily involved in minority recruitment but it does not come into play when we are evaluating the file.

Tina__Guest_: What sort of specific programs do you have that would be of interest to people interested in studyinig non-profit management?

Rose: The GSB is lucky that we have the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. Depending upon your interests in non-profit management, you may be interested in some of our strategy and entrepeneurship concentrations. I would encourage you to chat with students from our Net-Impact group who will be able to give you more information about various pathways in non-profit management.

Drew__Guest_: Good morning. Are applicants that are not international students allowed to apply in round 3?

Andrea: Yes, domestic applicants are eligible to apply for R3.

BBeaver__Guest_: Thanks for your time this morning. I am applying for a joint MBA-JD and would like to know if my essays for the GSB should reflect this joint track or if I should focus on business?

Rose: You should talk about why you think the joint degree will make sense for you.

Mechengineer__Guest_: Mr. Martinelli, what would be a typical class size in GSB like? On average, what is the percentage of international applicants who are accepted?

Rose: Okay - just a clarification, it is Ms. Typically our international student body is around 1/3 of the entering class.

Marcela__Guest_: Good morning, I'm finalizing my application to submit it by round 2 and I have some questions. First, I'd like to know if it is enough to write a resume as the one available as example in the website, without educational information, and second, I'd like to know if it is necessary to find out my toefl score as percentile as the institution do not provide it in the report they send to us. Thank you.

Nathan: Good morning, Marcela: When completing the expanded resume requirement, please follow the sample we have posted online. Regarding the TOEFL, please report your score as indicated on the report. That should suffice. Hope this helps! NATE

Poet__Guest_: I do not have extensive quant experience and come from a non-traditional background, would you react positively to signing up for a supplemental quant courses this spring (even if I won't have grades before applying)? If so, what course (stats/acct/calc) would you recommend?

Rose: As a non traditional candidate myself (I am currently in the executive MBA program), we do well in the program. I would, however, encourage you to take some quant courses, stats, accounting would be very helpful. And if you have time, a microeconomics course would be great. Just helps you to get up to speed.

Q__Guest_: Hi! For international students that will need a visa to come to GSB, will the admission office provide any aid in the visa application? And if the visa is denied, will these students be able to postpone their entry into GSB for a year?

Eddie: We send out very thorough information when you are admitted about getting your visa. If the visa is denied the applications are handled on a case by case basis.

Gui__Guest_: How should I prepare for the interview?

Andrea: I think it's important to be yourself. The interviews are blind so the interviewer will only have viewed your resume. Be prepared to discuss your professional history as well as why you are pursuing an MBA from Chicago GSB.

aspirant__Guest_: What role does the interview play in the application process? What do you try to guage from the interview?

Nathan: Thanks for writing, Aspirant: The admissions interview is informational and conversational. We hope to find out more about your professional and personal experiences as well as gauge your fit with the GSB. Hope this helps! Best, NATE

Sidd__Guest_: Chicago GSB is known to have an extremely strong focus on Finance among other fields, but does the admissions dept expect applicants to have had some prior experience in the financial domain? If an applicant has not had experience in the Finance domain and wants to make a career switch into Finance, would his goals be termed "unrealistic?"

Rose: Not necessarily. Lots of the skills that you use may be very transferrable into a new career. If you are a career switcher I would encourage you to help us to understand why you think this new field makes sense for you, and where the seeds for this change were born.

G-310414111__Guest_: I am concerned about my GMAT score. If I take the exam more than 2 times will I be penalized?

Eddie: No you are not penalized. We only take the higher score.

btak__Guest_: Good Morning, This is Bibi from Johannesburg: How do you evaluate candidates who already hold a master's degree with 2 to 3 years (post-bachelor and postgraduate) work experience in different industries? Thank you.

Andrea: Hi Bibi. With all applicants we are reviewing all factors within the context of the information provided in the application. The process is truly holistic.

Veronica__Guest_: Hello! I'm from Venezuela! I'm very interested in Chicago!! I will do the GMAT next monday. In case that I want to repeat the gmat and I don't have the score for the round 2, can I apply for round 2?

Eddie: No Veronica. We must have the score in order to review your file. TRoche__Guest_: This may be too big a question for the chat format. What types of financial aid, if any, are available to students?

Andrea: Information on the types of financial aid available can be found on our website


NSykes__Guest_: Can you discuss the post admissions period for the lucky few amongst us? Are admits information released to GSB clubs/organizations? Are they encouraged to form relationships with admits pre-enrollment? Will admits get a real sense of the community even prior to the designated weekend?

Eddie: If you are admitted you will have access to our Admitted Student Website. Here you will find a lot of information about student groups, upcoming events, alumni information, etc. You will indeed get a good sense of what to expect from the community when you join us here in the "Windy City."

Karola__Guest_: Hello! I'm Karola, from Ecuador. Do you have a department or students involved in helping new (foreign) students to adjust to the program and/or city? Thank you!

Nathan: Hello, Karola: There are various cultural student-led groups at the GSB, which can provide perspective on adjusting to the MBA program. The GSB also has in place support services to help students with different aspects of enrolling at the GSB. On a larger scale, the University of Chicago has an international services office, which does its part in helping students acclimate to life and studies in the US. So there are plenty of angles from which to approach this issue. Hope this helps! Best, NATE

VJB__Guest_: Can you describe the best ppt slides that you saw in terms of its attributes rather than actual content?

Andrea: I think the best powerpoints so far have been very effective in rounding out the application. It really is a unique opportunity for the applicant to show us who they are.

RSG219__Guest_: Many applicants stress their goal of entering a specific field after graduating from GSB. How has the open curriculum affected the career paths of GSB alums? In other words, do you believe the flexibility has caused students to strengthen or veer from their percieved post graduate career path as stated on their application essays?

Eddie: Many students do decide to switch gears once they have matriculated into the program The flexibility allows you to do that and our career advisors provide a lot of support.

Fer__Guest_: I have a question regarding the extended resume. Is it ok if it goes over one page?

Nathan: Hi, Fer: Absolutely! We hope applicants will expand upon their existing resumes to provide insights into their professional and personal experiences. There is a sample available as you navigate the online application. Hope this helps! NATE

Sidd__Guest_: If an applicant does not receive an invitation for an interview by the mid-decision date then it implicitly applies that the application has been rejected, doesn't it?

Andrea: Yes, Sidd. If an applicant is not invited to interview by mid-decision it does mean that they have been denied admission for the year.

Drew__Guest_: Do you have programs in place for people doing dual grad degrees?

Andrea: Hi Drew. We do have several joint & dual degree options. More information can be found on our website. fortass__Guest_: Hello, I'd like to use my boss' recommendation for my application, however he does not write in fluent english. What should I do?

Eddie: We don't hold it against you if your boss is not fluent in English. We do hope that he/she can successfully communicate to us your strengths and value to your company. Let us worry about the grammar!

Uttam__Guest_: Do you have partner program also available on campus?

Andrea: Yes, we do have our Chicago Partners student group. More information can be found at this link


G-310413853__Guest_: Are waitlisted candidates considered with the next round of admissions towards the same year?

Andrea: Yes, we do consider waitlisted candidates with the next round of admissions.

G-310442846__Guest_: Hi, the finance program is extremely attractive to me, and one of the main reasons I am chosing to apply to Chicago. I was wondering if you have seen students successfully change careers to that of a trader/investment manager by means of getting a Chicago MBA?

Eddie: There's hard work involved for anyone who wants to make any sort of change in their career. Your academic and career advisors provide a lot of support and guidance.

Ecu_MBA__Guest_: Good morning Rose, I am an international student and have taken several practice GMAT tests but cannot seem to score too high on it; I believe the rest of my documentation looks good though. How possible is it to be considered for an interview with a GMAT score that is not high?

Rose: The GMAT score is just one component of the application. Do your best and then focus on the rest of the application. We invite people to interview with a broad range of scores.

gvg26: I'm George from Colombia. I've heard from friends that Chicago GSB has more a city university feel, has two separately located campus, and that most of its students live separated through the city. Is that true? Would you characterize Chicago GSB as a city school program?

Nathan: Thanks for writing, gvg26: The GSB has two buildings in the city of Chicago. The Gleacher Center, which houses our part-time and executive MBA programs, is located downtown and, as a result, offers more of a city feel. The Charles M. Harper Center, which houses our full time MBA program, is located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago and is more like a traditional college campus, complete with quads and ivy. About one-third of our full time students live in Hyde Park near campus, one-third live in downtown Chicago, and the remaining third live in various north side neighborhoods like Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, and Bucktown. Hope this helps! NATE

Grace__Guest_: If an applicant has had a successful career out of college, but did not do so well on the GMAT, how does the admission team view that?

Eddie: Your score is what it is. We do take into consideration the quantitative courses you have completed successfully in college. Bhooshan__Guest_: hi good morning. i am an ex-army major from india and have recently taken premature retirement after serving 7 and half years. does my army experience qualify as work experience?

Andrea: Yes, we would consider your military experience as work experience. Please note that there is not a minimum number of years of work experience required for admission.

ViniaChen__Guest_: Hello! I had a MBA degree from my home country. Would this be an issue for my application? This is misleading because a more proper translation should be a Master???s Degree in Finance.

Rose: You will need to make clear why you are seeking an additional MBA at this time in your career. The GSB welcomes applicants, but it will be important for you to help the Committee understand your rationale.

NSykes__Guest_: Do you feel that Chicago GSB has been effective in increasing female and minority applicants? If so, was this a systematic phenomenon or did GSB take specific steps to achieve this? If not, what steps are being considered?

Eddie: We have done a great job increasing our numbers in both of those areas. I think the message that we deliver is much clearer and focuses on the success that anyone can have at Chicago no matter who they might be.

jeanny__Guest_: How important is it to come to GSB for interview?

Andrea: We do encourage applicants to come to campus to interview mainly because it's an opportunity for the applicant to experience the community first hand and help them determine fit. However, the location of the interview is not a factor in the decision process.

Mechengineer__Guest_: Hi, is there a minimum number of years of work-ex GSB look for? what is they typical work-ex in your class like?

Nathan: Good morning, Mechengineer: There is not a minimum number of years of work experience. As has been the norm for many years at top tier business schools, the average years of work experience hover around four to five. That being said, we encourage early career candidates to apply. As a result, our applicant pool tends to be filled with individuals with an array of professional experiences. Hope this helps! Best, NATE

G-310464554__Guest_: Rose..are the candidates applying and getting admitted in 2nd round eligible for any scholarships??

Eddie: I'll grab this one for Rose. We will still have scholarships available in round 2!

asg7__Guest_: Hello, is it okay to send in the application supplemental material (transcripts and others) earlier than the final online submission? Andrea: Certainly. We will match any materials received before hand to your application once it has been submitted.

Jay__Guest_: Was the request for transcript for applicants invited for an interview a change from earilier practice?

Nathan: Hello there, Jay: Yes, this is a shift from in years past.

Sailor__Guest_: Hello all! Good morning! How does age (35) and experience in a non traditional background (shipping / Oil Industry) impact the chances of admission?

Rose: Make sure that you understand the investment at this stage in your career. We'll look to you to make the case for why now. The GSB admits a wide range of experience each year, so focus on why this makes sense for you.

mousumi__Guest_: If I get admitted, is the loan guaranteed?

Eddie: Only if you are an international student, if you are a US citizen it's credit based.

Unstoppable__Guest_: Hi, is it essential to send in official transcripts. I will be unable to produce an original undergrad transcript but I have copies. Also, I can definitely produce transcripts from grad school.

Andrea: Transcripts can be self-reported at the time of application. Official transcripts will be required if invited to interview. If you are unable to request an official copy from the institution, we will accept a notarized copy.

Gaurav__Guest_: Hi Rose, I am an Indian aspirant for marketing concentration... Could you suggest key attraction points of GSB marketing concentration for aspirants like me vis-a-vis marketing concentrations at other ivy leagues and what is approx % of students concentrating on marketing?

Rose: Our top concentrations include finance, entrepreneurship and marketing. I don't have the specific percentages, but it is substantive.

Drew__Guest_: good morning! does pursuing a dual graduate degree in medicine or law help or hurt you?

Rose: We have 10 minutes left to our chat. If you have questions, this would be the best time to ask.

Rose: Neither. It's just another piece of information that you need to convey in your application - why this make sense for you.

G-310414067__Guest_: where can I find a list of concentrations that are offered?

Nathan: Thanks for writing, G-310414067: To view the list of concentrations, please check out the following link, http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/academics/concentrations.aspx . Hope this helps!

G-310469294__Guest_: I work in a small but very competitive law firm, I only have one superior (Only one Partner). Regarding letters of recommendation, would it be helpful to get a client to write the letter or do you recommend any other person?

Andrea: Only one letter is required from a supervisor (former or current). The second letter is open and completely up to you to decide.

prakash_1__Guest_: Chicago is an idea centric school! Considering that, is it possible that adcom would be able to detach itself completely from the creativity of the ppt and evaluate primarily on the basis of content of the ppt?

Eddie: The ppt has been an incredible tool for us as we review the files. I don't think it would be fair to make a call on just using the ppt alone.

Ecu_MBA__Guest_: If my GMAT score is not too high, should I explain that in the Optional Essay as well?

Andrea: That is up to you, but it would be an appropriate use of the optional essay. albertpinto__Guest_: With only 4 to 5 days remaining before the round 1 decisions go out, i presume most of the decisions have been made. How has your experience been so far reviewing applications this year?

Rose: We're still evaluating applications, but I must admit that I have enjoyed our new application requirements. I've had a chance to learn so much more about the passions, energy and accomplishments of our applicants than in prior years. It's a pretty exciting process.

Felipe__Guest_: Regarding recommenders, if working in a family business with the father as the direct supervisor, is there a problem to consider him for one of the two letters and the previous boss for the second one?

Nathan: Hi, Felipe: The bottom line is that we are seeking objectivity in the letter and we want to hear from someone who can assess both your strengths and your weaknesses. If you work for a family business, please try to secure a letter from a client or a bank that does business with you. Hope this helps! Best, NATE

JB__Guest_: For the students that have made the effort to join this chat, I believe it demonstrates sincerity in our desire to join the GSB community. With that in mind, what is one piece of advice or little known insight that you would like us to keep in mind while filling out this application?

Rose: Know yourself well. The application process was created to help you go through the process of self reflection - to understand where you've been and where you're headed. I look forward to reading your application.

Bhooshan__Guest_: is there a possibility of a waiver of TOEFL or english language requirement based on a good GMAT verbal score

Eddie: No, if you don't receive a TOEFL waiver based on the criteria in our application you will need to take the test regardless of the score on the GMAT.

SpiderMan__Guest_: Do you look more favorably on a good GPA in an average undergrad institution, or an average GPA from a top institution?

Rose: With all the grade inflation out there, I'm not overly focused on the GPA. I look at how candidates have leverage their opportunities, and I look carefully at the transcript and how involved a student was during their undergraduate experience. The GPA doesn't tell me the whole story.

george08__Guest_: Hi, I am a Greek second round applicant. How do you view applicants with engineering background?

Andrea: Engineers make up a large percentage of our applicant pool. Last year, 18% of the incoming class had an engineering background.

Saurav__Guest_: I was trying to assess the flexibility of the programs. Would you consider the Chicago program very flexible? Is there room to take courses that may not be offered in the Business School. ex. Financial Mathematics.

Nathan: Great question, Saurav: Chicago GSB offers the world's most flexible MBA program. Students may take up to 11 electives. What is more, students may take up to 6 classes outside the GSB. That means you can choose from more than 7,500 University of Chicago courses! Hope this helps, NATE

G-310464554__Guest_: What impact does the students GMAT score have on getting internship offers, if any?

Rose: This is a great question -- a lot. Since the GSB has grade non-disclosure, many companies will ask to see your GMAT score, particularly in the finance areas. So make sure you submit scores that represent your abilities.

G-310421769__Guest_: Does chicago have a minimum gpa requirement? I have a low gpa but have managed to round off all other areas of my application. The gpa issue has been addressed by evening courses with good grades.

Eddie: We don't have a cut-off for the GPA. We have to review the entire file. That's why seeing the actual transcript, the GMAT score and what your LORs reveal before a final decision is made.

Chris__Guest_: How much emphasis do you put on community service? I currently live in a country which offers very limited opportunities for community service (due to cultural reasons)? Could that be a reason not to be admited to the program?

Rose: Chicago focuses on well-roundedness, intellectual curiosity and how well you engage in the world around you. Community service is just one component, and would not make or break the your candidacy. The Committee is also aware of the cultural difference around the world regarding "community service".

Justin__Guest_: You've said that there is no minimum GMAT score. Is there a high score at which a candidate it is assured of admission provided there are no other gaping holes in the application?

Eddie: You'd be surprised. We have actually denied candidates to our program with a perfect score. A good GMAT is not a ticket in to Chicago GSB.

AidanNguyen__Guest_: Good morning. What do you think has been one of the most important effects that the construction of the Hyde Park Center has had on the GSB program? Thanks.

Rose: It has helped to facilitate community. The GSB was housed in three separate buildings in the past and there were few places for the community to gather together. Now, administrators, faculty, staff and students all gather in the same space. It's an incredibly exciting and energetic atmosphere.

yooj__Guest_: Good morning. Can you give further insight into the LEAD program and how it's structured?

Rose: Our LEAD program is going through some rather large changes, but at this time it is a cohorted, peer facilitated program that largely takes place in the first quarter of your experience at the GSB. We'll be rolling out more information about this in the coming months.

Eddie: Wow! You had some really great questions. I hope I was able to help you. If you haven't done it already please try to visit our campus and stop by to say "Hello"!

AP__Guest_: Hi. I would like to know within how many weeks you release your decisions re interviews after the R2 deadline?

Andrea: The mid-decision date for R2 is February 20th.

SO__Guest_: Hello, is the admissions committee understandable of recomendations that come from past supervisors or fellow colleages? I am unable to get a recomendation from my current supervisor for fear that it could lookas though I am bailing on the company. Is this something that you have experienced in the past?

Nathan: Hi there. SO: The letter does not have to be from a current supervisor, although that is preferred. You should explain why it is you did not seek recommendation from your current supervisor in the optional essay. We understand fully this is a risk for some, especially in certain industries. Hope this helps.

Andrea: It's been great chatting with you this morning. Thanks for the great questions!

Rose: Thank you for spending your morning with us. If you have additional questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail directly at rose.martinelli@chicagobooth.edu . Wishing you a joyous holiday season!

Rose: PS - We'll be posting the transcript from this chat within the next day or two.

Nathan: Thanks for joining in for this chat. Hope to see you on campus soon! NATE Chicago.

Rose: Thanks again for joining us. Feel free to contact me directly if I can help in any way (rose.martinelli@chicagobooth.edu). Warm regards, Rose