Full-Time MBA


Fiercely independent thinkers, Chicago Booth faculty constantly test ideas - with colleagues in their field, as well as those from other disciplines. They appreciate and seek out divergent perspectives because they recognize that open inquiry makes knowledge richer.

That intellectual culture, where no one accepts the status quo, defines Chicago Booth and our approach to MBA education. Our faculty engage you in a learning environment where the principal modes are discourse and discussion. They’ll ask you and your peers to take an active role in uncovering the ideas and facts that lead to new solutions.

Who Are Our Faculty?

So what kind of thinkers will you find at Chicago Booth? Because of our dedication to academic inquiry and elevation of the idea, you’ll find faculty who are leaders in their areas of study and who have the accolades to prove it. Top researchers, they are sought after to share their insights in the boardroom, with the media and even in the courts and before congress.

Find out more about which topics faculty are exploring that are making news.