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Chat live with Booth Career Services. Ask about your summer career preparation, how to make the most of your time before coming to campus in September, and what to expect from a recruiting perspective in the fall. Don’t miss this opportunity to chat directly with Career Services staff!

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Aug 12, 08:40:05Kay -> EveryoneHello everyone, I'm Kay Dawson, one of the Career Coaches at Chicago Booth. Looking forward to your questions.
Aug 12, 08:50:20Moderator -> Everyone Welcome everyone! Feel free to submit questions, chat will begin in 10 minutes!
Aug 12, 09:00:28Fern -> EveryoneHi, welcome to the Career Services chat! My name is Fern O'Neill and we look forward to answering your questions about your summer preparation and the upcoming fall quarter.
Aug 12, 09:00:30Kirsten -> EveryoneHello, I'm Kirsten Nelson one of the Career Coaches and I look forward to answering your questions.
Aug 12, 09:00:32Jody -> EveryoneHI everyone, hope you are having a great summer and we are looking forward to having you at Booth!
Aug 12, 09:00:54Vickram -> Fern Hi Kay, hope you're well! I was wondering what the recruiting calendar looks like, i.e., when do the big recruiters across industries traditionally hire?
Fern -> VickramHi Vickram, this is Fern ONeill, one of the coaches. Companies will begin to come on campus to introduce themselves to students on October 19th for corporate conversations. For international recruiting, companies will come on campus on October 12th. In terms of actual campus interviews, they begin January 14th for investment banking. Typically, consulting interviews follow along with some tech companies and investment management. You will get much more detail on recruiting during Orientation.
Aug 12, 09:01:05Joan -> Kirsten Do students ever pursue internships that will be good experience for future career goals, but aren't necessarily the exact job or field desired upon graduation (e.g., getting a summer of internship experience at a large consulting company if not seeking a job at that kind of firm upon graduation)
Kirsten -> JoanYes, absolutely! Depending upon your longer term career goals and the difficulty and/or experience needed to move into this field, many students will take other roles/ positions for the summer and/or after graduation as a stepping stone to build the necessary skills/ experience, etc. to position them more effectively for their future career goals.
Aug 12, 09:01:12Sruti -> Kay During this chat, I'd like to get a better sense of timelines for the various recruiting cycles. For example, I know that banking and consulting tends to start very early (e.g., Sept, Oct), while corporate/tech/marketing tends to start later. Even a general overview of the recruiting calendar would be very helpful.
Kay -> SrutiHi Sruti! The recruiting cycles vary dependent more so on whether the firm is recruiting via a campus-based versus non-campus based process. Firms officially begin their recruiting events by October 19th at the latest, and then interviews take place from mid-January to about mid-to-late February. Other firms that don't come to campus to interview may post internship roles at the same time, or early in the Winter quarter. I hope this helps!
Aug 12, 09:04:35Ktrela -> Kay Good morning! With orientation and general busyness right around the corner, what should we make sure we have completed related to career development this summer, other than a current resume?
Kay -> KtrelaGreat question Ktrela! The resume is the best thing, along with the summer prep assignments that we have suggested you complete to help frame your career exploration. If you have a specific industry or function that you are targeting, I'd also recommend contacting some people in your own network and talking to them about their experiences and how they have shaped their careers. Good luck and see you soon.
Aug 12, 09:05:15Joan -> Jody Can you share a bit about how career services partners with the Social Enterprise Initiative for those seeking careers related to social impact, which I assume would be on a less rigid and predictable recruiting calendar than consulting, investment banking, etc.?
Jody -> JoanGreat question, Joan. You are right that many social impact careers are less structured as far as recruiting strategies go, although we do have some firms in this sector that recruit for internships on campus. Other firms are more just-in-time, with postings in the spring. We can help you sort all that out! Career Services partners with Social Enterprise Initiative and with student groups such as Net Impact and Booth Education Group, on programming, panels, etc. We offer programs such as a social impact professionals panel during Industry Immersion, and coordinate a second year student panel during the ExploreMore series. We want to engage with students early and learn about your interests and passions, and we can help you identify both firms and alumni to connect with.
Aug 12, 09:05:33RMM -> Fern If we are looking to change career paths, what do you suggest we do before school begins?
Fern -> RMMHi RMM, many students come to Booth looking to make a career change! I suggest that you review the Admitted Student website on the Career Services summer prep pages : http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/ftadmit/getting-started-at-booth/summer-preparation/career-services

This site provides all of the suggested summer prep assignments as well as five tutorials on the key tasks we ask you to complete before joining us next month. Please check out the summer prep pages of the Admitted Student website. If you complete all of that work, you should be well positioned to explore a career change.
Aug 12, 09:09:08KatieC -> Kay Thanks for hosting this chat! In terms of first steps, what are the most helpful things a student can do to prepare before orientation?
Kay -> KatieCHi KatieC! Along with the summer prep assignments we've shared with you via the Admit Website I'd really recommend thinking about the types of roles and careers you are looking at, and understanding (maybe by looking at job descriptions on sites such as LinkedIn Jobs or Indeed.com) what recruiters really look for in the roles you are targeting. An idea of the types of firms you'd like to work for also helps, as well as starting to think what an alternative recruiting option (sometimes referred to as a Plan B) might look like. Hope that helps!
Aug 12, 09:09:13ychen -> Fern Can you go through some of the resources that Career Services offers for students preparing to interview for consulting, banking, etc? And when these resources are available?
Fern -> ychenhi ychen, we have many resources for students looking to recruit for consulting, banking and other MBA careers. I suggest that you review the Conduct Research pages of the Career Services intranet to get a good sense of the myriad resources. https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/full-time/careers/career-services/conduct-research

Additionally, I suggest you review the Vault and Wetfeet guides that you can find on the intranet. These resources are available now!
Aug 12, 09:09:38Russell -> Kirsten I am looking at an internship for the autumn quarter. Academic Services has advised not to do internships for the autumn quarter to get your feet wet at Booth first. Does career services have a different stance in that internships during school I would think are one of the most effective ways to get a job after school?
Kirsten -> RussellHi Russell, good question and in general I would agree with Academic Services advice. Fall quarter can be particularly difficult timing wise as there is ALOT to adjust to in terms of coming back to school in terms of taking classes, LEAD, joining/ participating in student groups/ activities along with the career planning workshops and the job search/ recruiting events, etc. Additionally, students will often take lab/ experiential courses that will fulfill getting some "hands on" experience during the school year so this may be an option you are and/or want to consider. Students will do some part-time internships, etc during the school year through things like the PE/VC lab and/or working for a local startup but perhaps waiting until the winter/spring quarter might make better sense. We'd be happy to chat with you specifically this fall upon your situation to better understand your goals, etc.
Aug 12, 09:10:50Enrique -> Kay Hi all, thanks for answering out questions. What is your experience with non traditional recruiting? e.g. A role for which a company has hired a headhunter.
Kay -> EnriqueHi Enrique - we don't often have headhunters posting roles with us as we have great relationships with firms who come to us to specifically recruit Booth talent. We can share with you the various options and resources that we have at the disposal of those looking for a non-traditional when you join our career services programs in the Fall.
Aug 12, 09:10:52Oma -> Jody I'm researching industries that I would like to focus on but I cannot find information on some of them in the "RESEARCH BY INDUSTRY AND FUNCTION" page. In particular, there is nothing on Food & Agribusiness, Consumer products and manufacturing industries.
Jody -> OmaHello Oma! If you don't see a specific industry on those pages, such as Food and Agribusiness (which by the way we do have student interest!) rest assured we will guide you. We have wonderful proprietary databases you will be able to access, and you can research industries that way. For example, you can go to OneSource, and pull an industry overview. It will even give you sample questions to ask in informational interviews! Our Career Resource Center professionals can help you conduct your research via one-on-one appointments. Oh, and we have a very active FEAD student group too!
Aug 12, 09:12:51teckhsienho87 -> Fern How does international recruiting work differently from domestic, US-based recruiting? Specifically, how does networking, informational events, etc. work when the office/company of interest is outside of the US?
Fern -> teckhsienho87Hello teckhsieho87, if you are recruiting for international firms outside of the US, many recruit on campus. Some of these firms will be on campus the week of October 12th for corporate conversations, other will be on campus with the US based companies beginning the week of October 19th. In addition to those companies that come to campus, you may find yourself having informational interviews by phone with alumni and contacts at your target companies.
Aug 12, 09:13:55jhoyos -> Kay as an international student, are we at a disadvantage when recruiting because of visa restrictions? if so what industries usually hire internationals and which ones do not?
Kay -> jhoyosHi jhoyos - you are not at all at a disadvantage. A good number of our recruiting partners post roles for which there are no visa or work authorization restrictions. We are very explicit as to why it is in the best interests of the firm to open up to recruit international students. What is helpful is if you really start to think about the skills and value you can bring to your target firm or function, and have a good idea as to why they should consider hiring you. We have a lot of resources specifically to support international students, including presentations on immigration law in the US, as well as all the short video tutorials we have been sharing with you from Dreambridge over the summer which will help you shape your recruiting story.
Aug 12, 09:15:58bmcnam5 -> Jody Is there a deadline to commit to an internship offer or does it vary by company?
Jody -> bmcnam5Hello there - deadlines for internship offers... for offers through campus-based recruiting we ask that all firms hold offers open until after the completion of the campus cycle. That will be about late february. For just-in-time or one-off offers, we ask that all firms keep offers open for 20-30 days. Naturally this may vary then depending on when you may receive your offer(s). They don't always line up concurrently. That said, our key message to both students and firms is the number one goal is to decide on what is right for you, and to make that decision you will need time and not feel pressured.
Aug 12, 09:16:16Hilary -> Fern I know Career Services has a wealth of info online (and I'm sure in person too!) - are there any specific resources you suggest as we prep for recruiting over the summer. More specifically, I think I'm interested in a non-consulting/banking internship and am interested in ways to find out about potential opportunities available
Fern -> Hilaryhi Hilary, we do indeed have a wealth of resources! I suggest that you review the Summer Prep pages of the Admitted Student website (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/ftadmit/getting-started-at-booth/summer-preparation/career-services/recommended-reading) to identify key resources. Additionally, I suggest that you review the Research MBA Careers tutorial to get more information on how to prepare this summer and find out about potential opportunities.
Aug 12, 09:16:19J -> Kay Hi, I have a few questions about Hong Kong Investment Banking recruiting. Can you tell me whether any of the banks did on campus recruiting last year? Did most student that got internships in Hong Kong did it through on-campus interviews or off-campus? I have heard that HK IB recruits even before the US IBs, so does that mean interviews start in early December? Also, for networking events, I assume all the cocktail hours are for US recruiting only?
Kay -> JHi J - the Investment Banking Group (IBG) and China Asia Pacific Club (CAPS) so a lot of work to structure and lead the Asia Banking Trek in December. HK does recruit early in order to beat the Chinese New Year shut down. The majority of this activity happens through a more campus-based process. A lot of banks at the beginning offer networking events for all their domestic and international offices then start to separate as students begin to indicate their preferences. If you join either IBG or CAPS you'll be well positioned to be ready for interviews and company visits!
Aug 12, 09:19:01Vickram -> Kirsten With a lot of summer associates converting to full-time positions, do people who experiment over the summer find it difficult to move into a competitive industry (without relevant experience over the summer), such as consulting or banking post-school?
Kirsten -> VickramHi Vickram, as you mention some industries and roles like Inv Banking or Marketing for CPG are structured that alot of the networking/ recruiting efforts are put forth in the first year as they want to do the majority of their hiring from their summer intern class. It's not impossible to land for full-time if you don't do an internship, but it will be much more difficult. However, this can vary across different positions/ industries; for example, Consulting hires in greater quantity for full time roles than internships, and tend to be very open to candidates with diverse experiences; therefore, in this case you wouldn't have to work in Consulting for the summer to land a full-time role. Therefore, depending on what you are recruiting for and/or your interests are you will want to get a better understanding of the recruiting timeline and process for what you're considering pursuing once you arrive on campus this fall. Our career programming, talking with second years and a Career Coach can help you determine what makes sense depending upon what you are considering recruiting for.
Aug 12, 09:19:10Steph -> Fern Hi, all. I'm interested in investment banking and see that IB interviews don't begin until Jan. 14. I hear that recruiting is extremely time consuming. Can you please give me a better idea of what all happens after October and before Jan. 14 that cause those months to be so busy?
Fern -> StephHi Steph, Between October and January, you will be attending banking corporate conversations, join the Investment Banking Group (where you will attend additional presentations from banks, participate in banking meet and greets, and conduct individual networking conversations. You will be very busy! You will also prepare your resume, develop cover letters, prepare for interviews and attend Bank Week.
Aug 12, 09:19:12Chris_D -> Kay For someone who's been involved in the tech industry and is a little more broad in my career search right now, what's the best way to start narrowing down career discernment choices. Are there any good books/other resources short of mass emailing second years in various industries?
Kay -> Chris_DHi Chris_D. You're in a great spot right now in that you are still keeping things broad. I would use job descriptions on sites such as LinkedIn Jobs and Indeed.com to start to get an idea as to how different companies describe the skills required for some of the roles you are interested in, and keep an eye out for trends that emerge during your research (what are the skills and competencies that keep getting mentioned? Which roles do you find yourself gravitating towards) etc.) Avoid mass-emailing at this stage - speak to a few trusted advisers and attend our programs that will help you start to narrow down your search options. See you soon!
Aug 12, 09:21:20nkhera -> Jody When is the recruiting cycle like for investment management?
Jody -> nkheraHello nkhera, investment management recruiting happens both during campus-based cycles as well as later in the spring. The larger firms with advance hiring recruiting strategies will begin corporate conversations in October, at which point you can begin engaging. For IM I always suggest students supplement with a target list of asset management firms that are well-matched with your own investment philosophies and desired goals - there is so much differentiation here! For these firms you can reach out and network, visit on treks, etc. so when positions open up you will be ready.
Aug 12, 09:22:36Elissa -> Kay Can you provide some insight into how recruiting works specifically for the Media and Entertainment industry? Is it mostly off-campus recruiting?
Kay -> ElissaHi Elissa - Media and Entertainment varies greatly on the function or employer. The big studios will run "Studio Days" where they recruit for MBA-required internships and Booth students attend a good number of these. Other companies within this space post roles with us, but don't come to campus. The Media, Entertainment and Sport Group (MESG) works a lot with alums on the East and West Coast to organize treks to LA and NY. But a lot of it tends to operate via a non-campus networking process. The student group is very supportive and we have a lot of resources to help you prepare your networking strategy!
Aug 12, 09:23:33Eliza -> Fern How does the interaction with recruiters play out between the end of October and interview season? There will certainly be company presentations but what other opportunities will there be? Thank you!
Fern -> ElizaHi Eliza, it depends on the industry and function. In general, many companies will come on campus for corporate presentations beginning mid-October followed by individual networking and invite only events (beginning in November). You will have opportunities and be encouraged to do your own individual outreach to alumni at your target companies.
Aug 12, 09:24:53AJ -> Kay If we have are exploring 2-3 desired career options by when will we have to finalize on one specific function, industry and role? How much time do we have after reaching campus
Kay -> AJHi AJ. There will be time to really think about your primary and secondary targets as you start to think about your ideal internship plans for the summer. There are only a few (such as Consulting or Banking) that you really need to have a strong idea about early on as their networking processes start quite early in the term and will end up taking up a lot of your time. But Booth works closely with recruiters to ensure that you have time at the start of the quarter to assimilate into life as a student once again and think about your career choices before you have to suit up and start networking! Hope this helps!!!
Aug 12, 09:26:38Namir_Sahyoun -> Fern Hi Kay, Kristen & Fern. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Can you give us a a general breakdown of the industries and geographic regions that most international firms recruit for?
Fern -> Namir_SahyounHi Namir, You are welcome! I think the quickest way to get a sense of which international firms hire our students and in what regions is the Employment Report: https://career.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/employmentreport/students.aspx

You can see that the Employment Report lists the industry/function/company/ and geography where our students interned over the past 7 years.
Aug 12, 09:26:46Felix_Heurich -> Jody Hi everyone, what exactly are the recruiting events mentioned? Is participation required to get an internship? Or is it rather for us to get to know the companies?
Jody -> Felix_HeurichHello Felix, good question! Recruiting events have several names and varieties. Corporate Conversations are for firms to educate students and they usually bring many representatives and alums to network with before and after. Certainly not required, but it is your opportunity to get perspective and learn about different firms. There are smaller meet and greets, and then firms may also extend invitations to private events. Nothing is really "required"; you'll have more to choose from than you can do at any one time, but you are encouraged to take advantage and show your interest. Read more here! https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/full-time/careers/career-services/engage-with-companies
Aug 12, 09:27:08Erik_U. -> Kay Hello, I've been told that it is good to have a really strong "Plan A" career plan, which you dedidate most of your time two. My struggle is that I currently have four or five areas across three industries which I'm looking at going into. Only one of these is closely aligned with my current work experience. What is the best plan for somebody in my situation?
Kay -> Erik_U.Hi Erik_U. A strong Plan A is a great start - and I'd advocate having a few secondary options at this stage that you are still exploring. Once you arrive on campus and start going through the career services programming you'll get ideas and frameworks on how to think about narrowing down your search to 2-3 options along with the rationale as to why these ones are the best for you. For now I would focus on getting more understanding of those 4-5 areas that you're interested in to see if they truly are a good fit for you - and we will see you in a few weeks!
Aug 12, 09:27:34ss587 -> Kirsten Hi Career Services folks, hope you're all having a great summer. I have heard of many MBA students traveling to other cities for recruiting (for example, traveling to New York for finance-related recruiting). Is this in any way part of the official process or is this more so their own networking plan?
Kirsten -> ss587Hi, as you mention some firms want/ try and get a jump start getting to know the incoming class prior to starting their MBA by offering summer informational sessions to help educate students about finance, investment banking and/or consulting, etc. Attending these events may be helpful for some students who want to explore/ learn more about a particular path, but these are in no way part of the "official" recruiting process. Keep in mind that there is an evaluative component to these early firm engagements and there will be plenty of time for attending firm events and participating in recruiting activities once you arrive on campus. Therefore, you should feel no pressure to attend any of these events over the summer. Especially if you are still unsure about what you want to do, etc. it may be best to wait until after you arrive at Booth and attend some of the career programming in the fall, talk with second years, etc. and are more focused before engaging with firms which always have an evaluative component. Hope this helps!
Aug 12, 09:30:08Ktrela -> Fern Is there a formal academic year internship recruiting session or is the fall recruiting and recruiting thereafter we've spoken of so far purely for summer internships? Said differently, if we wanted a spring internship during the school year, will we have to find that on our own or will career services have a plan in place for us?
Fern -> Ktrelahi Ktrela, Career Services will post internships throughout the year, although certainly most internships are for the summer. Depending on your industry/function, you can apply for internship during the school year through some of the lab classes, PE/VC Lab for example. We will also run a Start-up Networking Night in November which could lead to an internship.
Aug 12, 09:31:34Jackson -> Kay Are there any school policies around exploding offers for companies that recruit on campus? e.g. if a student wants to recruit for a job in an industry that recruits early on in the school year (e.g. investment banking) as well as one that recruits later on in the school year, can companies make us decide to accept or decline an offer before we even have an opportunity to recruit for a job in an industry that recruits later on?
Kay -> JacksonHi Jackson - great question. Booth considers an exploding offer (an offer that goes away or “explodes” within days of being extended) an “adverse action” on the part of the firm. . We take such actions very seriously. We ask recruiters - especially the banks - to keep offers open for a reasonable amount of time, thereby allowing students to explore other options. However, if you are trying to keep a banking offer open well into April or May I'd say that will be a challenge. What we can do when you arrive is work with you to understand what you're trying to accomplish and look at ways to get you as close to the ideal situation as possible - options like considering a second, back-to-back internship perhaps (as banking will have you starting in early June and finishing by early August, leaving you time before classes start again to complete a second internship if you so desire). Hope this helps!
Aug 12, 09:32:23RS -> Jody Hi. Recruiting is big on everyone's mind who is coming in as a first year. Thank you for helping us understand the timelines for interviews. A follow up question to that - I have been looking at the employment reports. How and when will I get a better understanding of the kinds of roles eg: in strategy planning or general management. Will it be during sessions like industry immersion in Orientation+ or can I have conversations with career services earlier to get an a better understanding of what kind of roles are there under broad buckets like consulting or strategy planning for example.
Jody -> RSThanks for following up with a question - during our program in Orientation, Develop Your Recruiting Strategy, we will review typical recruiting timelines by function. For corporate roles such as you are suggesting, recruiting will be both campus-based )Jan-Feb) and later in the spring depending on industry. Each industry has its own norms. Have you checked out our Best Practices for Finding an Internship in.... on our website? https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/full-time/careers/career-services/conduct-research/research-by-industry-and-function
Aug 12, 09:32:33Noelle_Flint -> Kay Hi, I've participated in some diversity conferences this summer and was able to obtain a summer internship offer for next year. The deadline to accept this offer is in December before interviews on campus start. Is there any way I can extend the deadline of accepting the offer to participate in on-campus recruiting?
Kay -> Noelle_FlintHi Noelle! Clearly, this can be a delicate situation; please know that we stand ready to discuss with you how best to approach this deadline issue with the firm once you arrive on campus! You want to convey enthusiasm for the offer, but yet you also want to continue exploring options to ensure you make a sound career decision. We can certainly talk through the appropriate verbiage and/or role-play possible scenarios with you. See you soon!
Aug 12, 09:33:31ss587 -> Fern Hi there - do international opportunities for U.S. firms fall under the international recruiting or U.S recruiting (or is it a separate more niche process all-together?)
Fern -> ss587hi ss587, it depends on the firm. Many international office will participate in US corporate conversations, some will come on their own. Some interviews will be held outside of campus recruiting and not a part of the firm's US recruiting. It is difficult to get more specific in this forum because it is so different for each firm.
Aug 12, 09:36:16Anya -> Jody Hi, i am interested in your opinion on accepting a premba offer for a summer internship for someone who is not 100% sure about her career goals. Would that help free up some time for case competitions and clubs, or would this be a disadvantage?
Jody -> AnyaHello Anya, We strongly encourage students to explore all options before committing, in particular if you are not sure! Fast forward - imagine you learn about something of interest, or you speak with a recruiter with a firm of interest, and you've already committed! That said, you may have reasons why it makes sense for you. We encourage you to come and talk with a coach about your situation.
Aug 12, 09:36:19Joe -> Kay How common is it for first year Booth MBA students to complete an internship during the academic year (i.e., during fall, winter, or spring quarter)? What are the most common industries/organizations for this? Also, my assumption is nearly all of these Booth students have their internship in Illinois or the states that border Illinois--is this correct?
Kay -> JoeHi Joe - it very much depends on the individual (whether they can structure their course load to accommodate what is effectively and extra class during the quarter) and the industry. I'll be honest and give my personal opinion that if you are looking a recruiting for an industry that recruits primarily through the campus process then taking on an internship in either the Fall or Winter quarters would be rather difficult. If however you're a career changer looking to gain some additional PE or IM experience and have been able to connect with a firm here in Chicago and offer up your services, that might be a great step. Some companies are open to the idea of having a 'virtual intern' work on projects for them - but these don't tend to be opportunities that are facilitated by Booth, and come more so from your own research and networking. We have many resources that we can share with you on arrival at Booth to help you start to think about whether or not this is something that you'd like to consider as part of your First Year experience. Hope this helps!
Aug 12, 09:36:59BHenry0 -> Kirsten Does career services help students with selecting courses during orientation based on our internship and full time career goals?
Kirsten -> BHenry0Hello- Academic Services is well versed in helping you select courses depending upon your internship and full-time career goals. Additionally, second years can be a tremendous resource on this front as well! Career Services tries to provide some general guidance on this front through strongly recommending you review our Best Practices for Landing an Internship in...(i.e. Startups, Technology, Consulting, Marketing, etc.) via our website under Research by Function/ Industry. These are created/ updated every year by our second-year Career Advisors and often provide helpful tips and advice on classes to take, etc. based on your career goals, etc.
Aug 12, 09:37:07walkerjosh -> Fern Hi, everyone! Thanks for the time. Do you have any guidance for students who plan to recruit into two industries? Specifically, I come from a start-up background and would like to make a switch into consulting. My "Plan B" would be a role with one of the large tech companies recruiting on campus. How would you suggest I prioritize/organize my recruiting schedule?
Fern -> walkerjoshHi walkerjosh, you ask a great question! I am glad to see you already thinking about plan A and plan B. It is really important for all students to think about a strong alternate plan and conduct parallel recruiting for both. In terms of organizing and prioritizing, you may think about spending 70-80% of your time on your plan A, in your case consulting and the rest of the time you allocate to recruiting activites on tech. It is challenging for a function like consulting, which can be all encompassing, but it is worth the time and effort to spend some time on your plan B.
Aug 12, 09:38:47rv2 -> Kirsten Thanks for hosting this chat! When will we gain access to the booth alumni database?
Kirsten -> rv2You will gain full access to the Community Directory (Booth alumni database) once you matriculate, so in just a couple of short weeks! In the interim http://www.linkedin.com/alumni is also a great and wonderful tool!
Aug 12, 09:39:10olgalep -> Kay Hi - someone mentioned to me that it's better to hold off on talking to company recruiters over the summer, before we have been able to work with Booth Career Services - what is your view on this? Can we potentially hurt ourselves by reaching out to recruiters too early?
Kay -> olgalepHi Olga - Career Services would always advocate only talking to recruiters when you feel you are polished and ready with a strong, compelling story. We have a lot of programs to help you prepare your written and verbal marketing materials ready for these meetings. That said if you are happy to talk to them and express early interest in their firm, but make it clear that you are also looking forward to being able to explore other opportunities as part of your recruiting strategy, then you have time to prepare effectively. Hope this helps.
Aug 12, 09:41:38araba -> Fern For those of starting in Sept 2015, can we have career services review our resume right now? Also, if a company is going to be recruiting on campus, are we ok uploading our resume to the company website, expressing interest in certain functions on the company website etc., or should we try and make sure the formal steps of the application process are done through on-campus recruiting?
Fern -> arabahi araba, you will have a lot of opportunities to get your resume reviewed when you are on campus, so there is no need to get one at this point in the summer. If you haven't already viewed the Develop Your Resume tutorial, i suggest you do so. This tutorial along with the resources provided on the Admitted Student website will help you develop a strong draft resume this summer. Check it out!

I suggest that you utilize GTS to store your resume and wait to upload your resume to company websites until after you have finalized your resume and fully understand the recruiting process. thanks!
Aug 12, 09:41:43Vlad -> Kay Good morning, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! I'm specifically interested in recruiting with a large consulting firm. I was wondering how important is a GMAT score in their recruiting process? If I scored in the high 600's, should I put that on my resume? Or should I consider re-taking the test?
Kay -> VladHi Vlad - Consulting is one of the few functions that likes to see a GMAT score on an applicant's resume, but this is but one of the criteria that they assess candidates on. You'll have many opportunities to talk to Second Years and Career Services as to how to best position yourself for recruiting success - more important in all honesty is knowing why you want to work as a consultant, and how to crack cases!
Aug 12, 09:42:43lisak -> Kirsten If interested in consulting, are students at a disadvantage if they could not attend some of the summer workshops/events due to location/schedule conflicts?
Kirsten -> lisakHi, I answered an earlier question on this front that you may also may want to refer to in the transcript. NO you are definitely not at a disadvanatage if you didn't attend summer events. There will be plenty of opportunities once you arrive to interact/ meet consulting firms, etc. As such, you may be better off once you have a chance to learn more about consulting, etc. via fall programming, talking with second years, attending MCG's early fall programming, and have a chance to work on your marketing message.
Aug 12, 09:43:14RS -> Kay Are roles in the Media and Entertainment industry open for international students? Thank you for your time!
Kay -> RSHi RS - there are no hard and fast rules as to whether Media and Entertainment roles are open to international students or not - if they are posted through the Booth system we ask firms to specify yes or no, and encourage them to consider international candidates. But this would form part of your research as you begin to target firms and functions for your summer internship.
Aug 12, 09:43:38CourtneyB -> Jody How do you handle recruitment and career advising for students with intended career paths in specialized areas - for example biotech?
Jody -> CourtneyBHello CourtneyB, great question. It is really helpful that you have identified industries of strong interest. I have so many suggestions for you! We really support unique searches and believe me your passion and focus will shine through. We have internship job postings you can search in this sector, even past postings which will help you identify firms and typical functional roles! Next definitely build a target list of firms, size, location, product or service etc may be variables for you. Identify alums in this space - it's hot and Booth often hosts great panels, join the healthcare student group, go on treks, check the employment report for students who have gone into the industry, meet with a career coach for one-on-one support every step of the way!!! And, don't overlook campus based recruiting - we will have some of the larger biotech firms come to campus to engage with students.
Aug 12, 09:45:32Erik_U. -> Kay Kay, thanks for your answer! Can you explain how recruiting for Startups has progressed, and what this experience is like at Booth?
Kay -> Erik_U.Hello again Erik - recruiting for start-ups at Booth has really accelerated in the past few years. We have the Polsky Center that forms a base and a great resource for students looking both to launch their own ventures and work for startups. Our Employer Relations teams go out to firms at various stages of their growth cycles to demonstrate the breadth and depth of Booth talent looking at this space - and we also run a "Start Up Networking Night" in the Fall and Spring quarters to connect students with Chicago-based startups who are looking for interns.
Aug 12, 09:46:05Michael_C. -> Fern In relation to nkhera's question, what is the recruiting cycle like for management consulting?
Fern -> Michael_C.Hi Michael, consulting firms will begin to come to campus for corporate presentations the week of October 19th. You will also meet various consulting firms if you join the Management Consulting Group. In November, firms will begin their invite only events. I suggest during this time that you conduct networking conversations with alumni at your target firms. In November, you will begin interview prep, case prep,and learn about cover letters. Firms will come on campus for interviews the last week in January/first week of Feb ruary. Second round interviews will follow first rounds within a few days of the first round interviews and offers will be extended shortly there after.
Aug 12, 09:46:10Chun_Ying -> Kirsten Thanks for hosting this live chat. When you think about students who have been really successful at recruiting, are there characteristics they have in common or steps they've all taken that we can learn from?
Kirsten -> Chun_YingHi Chun_Ying, yes there are qualities that tend to lead to people being successful in their job search. These include: being focused, being passionate about a particular path, conducting research, talking to/ networking with alot of people in that particular career path to learn more, etc. including starting by talking with second years, etc. who interned in a given area. Also, keeping up and listening to the career guidance we provide for key steps to take in the job search via programming, etc. Hope this helps!
Aug 12, 09:46:34olgalep -> Kay Hello, I have heard of some students managing to do two internships over one summer - one in the beginning, and one at the end. What is your take on this, and is this something you would advise?
Kay -> olgalepOlga - some students do, and it is very much a personal choice and dependent on the nature of the individual's specific search. This is something we can talk to you about when you arrive and start to explore options for your summer.
Aug 12, 09:48:43tilly -> Fern Is there a list of the companies that will be recruiting on-campus with the dates that they'll be at Booth?
Fern -> tillyHi Tilly, you will be able to see the list of companies that will be coming on campus for events and interviews when you arrive on campus. In the meantime, you can look in the Employment Report and see where our students have landed for internships.https://career.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/employmentreport/students.aspx
Aug 12, 09:48:58Anya -> Kay I want to follow up on Noelle's question. I have a summer offer from a bank that explodes within 2 weeks of being extended. Is there a way to extend the deadline and can career services help?
Kay -> AnyaAnya - this seems very aggressive on the part of the firm. I would ask them to consider extending the deadline as you would like to participate in the fall recruiting process at Booth - assuming that you do. If they are a bank that recruits from Booth they should understand. You should call your Admissions contact with this information and they can work with our Employer Relations team to smooth things out if you are not able to ask them for an extension.
Aug 12, 09:50:26Anya -> Kay To follow up on Vlad's question on the GMAT on one's resume, I am wondering if my undergrad GPA should be on the resume as well
Kay -> AnyaAnya - short answer is yes - the more data points, the better - but this is all information we will review with you on arrival as part of our resume programming,. If you have questions in the meantime I suggest you re-watch the resume tutorial that we created as part of the summer prep programming materials.
Aug 12, 09:50:30Jake -> Jody I have a couple different career paths I would be interested in pursuing, is it difficult for students to be successful getting an internship if they aren't focused on just one career path? Is there some conventional wisdom about the maximum number of careers a student should pursue?
Jody -> JakeHello Jake, this is really a great question and we understand - we all have a lot of interests and how do you balance that with conducting a successful internship search? The 'conventional' wisdom, although I caveat this with each individual is very different, is that you focus on a primary area - such as a function and/or industry, and then you have an alternate plan which you devote some time to as well. The more you try to balance over that (of course it's your choice!), you can come across as less focused and passionate about any one thing, which is really important when engaging with firms. They all want to know why you like them and their business! I have seen some students balance multiple recruiting well, and others try to work the law of numbers thinking more will produce more. That is not always the case. We can help you with your recruiting strategy!!!
Aug 12, 09:51:57Oma -> Fern for those of us switching careers, how do we get on the emplyer's radar for recruitments at school?
Fern -> OmaHi Oma, you will get on employers radar through the corporate events on campus as well as through your individual networking conversations. You will create your profile in GTS when you get on campus which will indicate your future industry and function interest. This will also be a way to get on employer's radar.
Aug 12, 09:53:13Michael_C. -> Kirsten Hi there, thanks for taking the time to chat! I guess this is more of a general question: What would you say are the top 3 things we should be doing to prepare for recruiting before orientation?
Kirsten -> Michael_C.Please ensure you have reviewed the Career Summer Prep activities which we have posted on the Admit Summer prep site in terms of what you should be doing to prepare for recruiting this summer. This includes: 1) conducting self-assessment: including the pre-work posted in the Career Plan along with taking Career Leader so that you can really be focused and/or at this point have tried to narrow down what paths you are considering; spend time understanding what you're interested in, your skills, values/ motivators, etc. and how these relate to career paths you're interested in. 2) Conducting research to begin to learn more about the different career paths you're interested in using some of the tools we include within the summer prep Research video, etc. and 3) Starting to network/ talk with others to begin to learn more about some of the career paths you are exploring and interested in.
Aug 12, 09:56:51araba -> Kirsten Hi! I've seen the aggregated job placement/salary statistics for Booth, but does career services have salary/career progression information at the individual level? Just wondering if there's a way to get a good sense of what our career progression/salary might look like for specific companies or, more generally, non-banking/consulting companies
Kirsten -> arabaHi araba, there isn't once place that provides statistics for your career progression; obviously the Employment Report provides salary info at one data point for summer internships and/or post grad/ full time roles. However, salary/ progression over time can really vary based on the individual, company, etc. The best way to learn more about this will be once you start attending recruiting firm events, talking with second years, alumni, etc. to learn more about longer term career progression opportunities as well as salary/ compensation progression that may happen in a given field, etc.
Aug 12, 09:57:41DeepsJ -> Fern Would it be a bad idea/impossible with the time restraints to apply for say both banking and consulting firms? I've worked in banking previously so I was considering focusing on consulting but perhaps applying to some of the bulge bracket banks too. Thank you
Fern -> DeepsJHi DeepsJ, recruiting for both consulting and banking is very difficult and time consuming. Having said that, given your background in banking, you maybe able to circumvent some of the networking required in banking recruiting if you have a strong network. I suggest that you speak to second year students about this. They can provide you with good insight.
Aug 12, 09:58:05Oma -> Kay Thanks for answering our questions. Do we get an opportunity to discuss with a career advisor before we have to bid for classes?
Kay -> OmaHi Oma - Career Advisors and Second Years in general are a great resource. You will have plenty of opportunities to get advice on how to structure your first year on arrival. Career Advisors are not academic advisors - they can give their personal opinions - but if you want specifis acadmic advice you would go to the Academic Programs Office and work with your assigned academic advisor. I hope this helps.
Aug 12, 09:58:51BelenBazano -> Fern Hi! When will be coached on our resume drafts and when should we have the resume ready (October or January)?
Fern -> BelenBazanoHI BelenBazano, you will attend the High Impact Resumes session the first week in October and receive resume reviews from coaches and second year students during October. Resumes need to be finalized by October 26th.
Aug 12, 09:59:44Maya -> Kirsten Hi, Thanks for conducting the chat. Can you provide some advice for internship and full-time job search if I have a specific geographic preference.
Kirsten -> MayaHi Maya, depending upon your career interests and geographic search we can definitely assist you. We have a number of resources you will have access to that can assist you in finding companies, contacts, etc. depending upon your geographic preferences. Also, you may want to join the relevant regional student groups which will provide programming and the ability to network/ get to know other students who may have similar interests in a geography. Lastly, meeting individually with a Career Coach can assist you in crafting an individual job search strategy.
Aug 12, 10:00:32AJ -> Fern For career changers can you please mention a few industries that generally do not recruit people without prior work experience.
Fern -> AJHI AJ, most industries are open to career changers. I can tell you that Private Equity is generally very difficult to get into without banking and PE backgrounds.
Aug 12, 10:00:55qtran -> Kay Hi, thanks for hosting this chat. For international student looking to do an internship in the Winter or Spring Quarter, is there any special paperwork required? For example, do I need to change my status to CPT?
Kay -> qtranGreat question - your academic advisor will be able to help you with this - as it is related to your status as a student - this is not something that Career Services manages.
Aug 12, 10:02:13JonD -> Fern Sorry for joining late and my question may have been answered, but for the resume we need to upload before school starts, can we basically reformat (using templates career services provided) and use the resume we applied with? If that's not preferred, what sort of changes would you guys recommend?
Fern -> JonDHi JonD, please use the template provided on the admitted student website for your Booth resume and upload that.You can view the Develop Your Resume tutorial to get many tips on how to create your Booth resume. Thanks
Aug 12, 10:02:29Moderator -> Everyone Thank you all for your participation today. Transcripts will be posted in Class of 2017 Facebook group soon.
Aug 12, 10:02:47Russell -> Kirsten If you are planning to do PE/VC or start up internships is it best to do 4 classes in the fall since recruiting for those industries will likely be in the spring?
Kirsten -> RussellHi Russell, Although timing wise this may make sense from a recruiting standpoint (and certainly perhaps in your second year) I still wouldn't necessarily recommend taking 4 classes in your first quarter at Booth given an earlier response I provided re the acclimation/ adjustment, etc. and all of the other things to get involved in. The first quarter is by far one of the toughest for most and as such I think 4 classes might be overwhelming to many.
Aug 12, 10:03:17Kay -> EveryoneThanks for all the questions today - I'm looking forward to welcoming you to Booth in a few weeks - enjoy the rest of the summer!
Aug 12, 10:03:28Fern -> EveryoneIt has been a pleasure answering your questions! We can't wait to see on when you are on campus!
Aug 12, 10:03:32Kirsten -> EveryoneThanks for all of your great questions and look forward to meeting several of you in a few weeks! Enjoy your last couple weeks of summer!