Executive MBA

Hong Kong
North America

SeungHoo Oh

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Current Position

Vice President of Finance

Current Employer

AE CS Asia Pacific

Current City

Ansan-si, South Korea


South Korea

I came to Chicago Booth with 20 years of industry experience in the finance world, but in just one year, Chicago Booth has definitely improved my strategic thinking and helped me to look at things more systematically. It's changed the way I look at parts of my business and helped me to consider the goals and perspectives of our various stakeholders.

The education has quite exceeded my expectations. It's a very challenging program. In Korea, many MBA programs may be less difficult and few are data- or process-oriented. But, ironically, Korean high school is very tough. So I kind of feel like I'm back in high school. But because it's so challenging, I've found that when I do finish a task or complete a homework project, I really do have a lot more confidence in my abilities.

My analytical thinking has definitely improved, and Booth's data-oriented approach has really helped me to be much more self-confident in my analyses. I work for a $40 billion global, multinational company, based in the US, and I've found that I really can apply a lot of what I'm learning, particularly in regard to data collection and the verification process in my work.

The approach that they teach us at Chicago Booth really gives us a very structured way to establish a goal, receive information, collect the data, and analyze it. The faculty here are highly regarded, and they really helped me in terms of business competency and my communication skills. And I've found that I'm easily adapting a lot of the knowledge and concepts that I'm learning in the class into my current role, as well. I really have the confidence to know that I can solve any problem that I'm faced with. It's really changed my thinking on so many levels.

The level of intelligence and experience among not just our professors, but our peers, as well, is incredible. We're able to share our experiences and knowledge to collaborate, which in turn creates its own kind of knowledge. I've never been a part of something like that, where the students contribute to their learning in such a pivotal way. It's really a wonderful and awesome experience.

The diversity really strengthens the quality of the program. Being Korean - I was born here and developed my career here - it's really helped me to be exposed to different business models outside of what I know, and I've really valued the experience of improving my business English, as well.

Our study group has students from Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, and France. Combining our experiences in such different cultural contexts really creates a kind of synergy that helps us all to improve our thinking. We really benefit from one another's experiences when we work together on the homework. For example, we have a student who is the governor of a province in the Philippines, so he's able to contribute his experiences in government, while another one has a very strong managerial background, so we turn to him for organizational strategy and number crunching. Someone who works for the BBC helps us to craft how we want to communicate our ideas. It really creates a better overall result than any of us could turn in, individually. Which is a lesson, all in itself.

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