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Margareta Laminto

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Snr. Hospital Cluster Leader, Hospital Group

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Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd

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One of my favorite things about coming to Chicago Booth is that I know I'm getting the real deal. I attend classes at the [Asia] campus, but I'm getting the same program, degree, and education as all my classmates in the United States and Europe. One university. One degree. I'm studying with the actual professors who are generating the research that's shaping the field of business. It's great to meet them in person and have them share their knowledge with us at all the different campuses. It really fills me with a sense of pride to have these incredible researchers articulate their concepts to us, firsthand.

Coming to Booth has changed the way I think about business decisions. It's helped me to approach them in a more strategic and quantitative way. I used to rely more on a gut feeling, or my previous experiences but, as I've progressed in my career and my roles have become progressively complex, I find myself dealing with business decisions that don't present themselves with a lot of information. When I'm in a situation where I have to provide solutions to fellow team members, I find myself thinking back to what I've learned in school and all the tools I have available to me to solve the problem. Now I know that when I arrive at a decision, I'm confident of my work and proud of how I came to it.

I strongly believe in the Chicago Booth process. There's a systematic approach to how the content is presented to us. It gives us the tools we need to succeed in any situation, in any environment. It challenges us to make solid business decisions under serious time constraints. But that's the reality of the business world. You do have tight deadlines. You don't always have the luxury of having all the data you want to make your decisions. You have to rely on your qualitative and quantitative tools to make the best decisions you can with the resources you have.

It was very important to me, in getting my MBA, to have a global network, so I love that at Booth I'm part of this larger community than just the people I meet in class. I was actually surprised by that in a pleasant way. It gives me the confidence and the contacts to be able to visit any city in Asia Pacific, and just post on Facebook to tell people that I'm coming, and immediately know that I will get a reply. It's incredible, alumni who I've never met will often respond and invite me to dinner, or drinks. There are always people willing to welcome you into their city, introduce you to the local food and culture, and put you in contact with the key players in their market. It's a wonderful asset.

If you're someone who's willing to learn, wants to acquire new business skills, and is open to learning not just from the professor, but also from your classmates, then I think this is one of the best programs that I can recommend for any executive.

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