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I was actually inspired to come to Chicago Booth because a former supervisor of mine, who I really respect and have valued as a mentor, is a graduate of the program. I'm convinced that Chicago Booth is the best school to help me deepen my understanding of finance and investment and achieve my goal of becoming a business leader in a multinational environment.

This is a very tough program, which was part of the draw for me. If you're going to get an education, why not get it from the best program in the world? Booth teaches you business concepts, which are important, but specifically, it provides you with a quantitative approach that helps you to evaluate what you're seeing. This analytical approach helps you to examine your model, adjust the parameters, and estimate the potential impact that different strategic and tactical decisions would have on the business. I have a much deeper insight, now, into what those in top management roles might be thinking, which has helped me to see the world very differently. It's made me better able to relate to how the current market events will affect our business.

Applying the frameworks and methods we've learned in the program has really helped me with making decisions in my daily life. I have much more confidence in my decisions, which has already allowed me to excel in my career. The classroom environment is very open, which really replicates the business environment. I've found that the fastest way to absorb knowledge is to be open, and with so much diversity in our class, in terms of backgrounds and cultures, there's a lot we can learn from each other.

Each student has a very strong background in a different industry or function, many of which I've never really been exposed to firsthand. So hearing them share their knowledge and experiences has been very beneficial for me, and has helped me to understand business in a much more multi-dimensional way than I did before. For example, I came to Booth with a strong background in finance, but there were other areas of the business world that I didn't know as much about, such as operations management. And frankly, because of that, I sometimes struggle with some of the concepts in that class. But one of my study group partners has a lot of experience in that area, so he's been able to give me real life examples to help me understand what we're learning about. Not only to tackle our assignments, but also to help me internalize the lessons that we're learning.

I've already found that my education is positively impacting my business. This is a great program for people with solid, long-term goals. If you're someone who thinks strategically and is interested in meeting goals not just tomorrow, but 10 and even 20 years from tomorrow, then this program will absolutely pay off for you.

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