Executive MBA

Hong Kong
North America

Eugenia Ursu

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Current Position

Director, Finance

Current Employer

Visions Holding SA

Current City

Geneva, Switzerland



Booth has been an amazing opportunity for me and has given me a lot of confidence in my business skills. The program is extremely challenging. You have to be very strong academically to succeed, but you also have to be passionate and have a lot of drive. We're challenged every day to apply the knowledge we're receiving in class, and by succeeding in the process, we're becoming stronger business people, which gives us an excellent advantage in the work force.

Being in the classroom is an amazing experience. You don't want to be late - not because the professors are strict, but because you want to learn and get as much information and knowledge from every class as you can. It's a very enjoyable experience. You have to be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to school, but it's manageable. If you're an ambitious person, you'll be able to do it.

We learn so much from our professors. They're always bringing up new examples to help us with our daily business operations and are always very accessible and willing to answer all kinds of real-life business questions. But I've really learned as much from my classmates as I have from the professors, which has been an amazing experience. Everyone here is very ambitious, so if you want to fit into this kind of environment, you have to be a bit extraordinary in some way. The reward is being surrounded by that kind of talent and drive. It's incredibly motivating.

The global aspect of the program is exceptional. We're lucky to have that. And we all come from such different backgrounds, not only professionally, but geographically and demographically. That was one of the reasons I chose this program. I wanted to grow and discover new markets, as well. I'm particularly interested in the Asian market, and, since coming to Booth, I've had the opportunity to travel all over the world and network with people from all kinds of industries, everywhere.

The professionalism and the talent of the people you meet in the Booth network is just the highest in the world. We have some of the top executives in the world from a variety of different companies and industries. I try to get involved and go to as many of the events as I can, because I'm always meeting such extraordinary people and making such incredible connections. It's great for networking because we all become very good friends who want to help one another, professionally. Yesterday, I ran into one of my classmates who's a banker in London. His company is going through a transition in Kazakhstan, and, for him, it's a completely new territory. But for me, it's a territory that I know very well. He asked me for some advice about the key players in the market, and I could help him feel confident in making recommendations to his bosses the next day.

My vision has completely changed since coming to Booth. I have a much better perspective on things that are happening in my company and in the worldwide economic environment than I did before. The Chicago Approach gives you a global vision of the whole business and its operations. So, instead of only seeing one particular part of what's going on, you're seeing what's happening in all the different departments. It really helps you to reach a comprehensive understanding of any given situation, but also to develop better long-term views of different scenarios, instead of quick, momentary snapshots. I think that's one of the major strengths I've gained by coming to Booth.

My employer has been very supportive of my studies. Not just my employer, but my team is very proud of me. I'm already applying my knowledge to my everyday business, and I feel that my company supports me, which is vital when you're not physically there. The structure of the program really helps with that as well. We're all business people, and so we're getting an education that we can actually apply, immediately, in real life. We spend a week here, but then we go back to the real business world, and we're better prepared to handle what's going on in the market at that moment. For example, my company has been working on acquiring a new plant, and based on what I've learned at Chicago Booth, I've convinced our leadership to change our bid and goals for completing this acquisition. You get a real-life business education that prepares you for the next step in your life and career. It's just an extraordinary experience.

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