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Craig Black

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Vice President, Global Finance

Current Employer

Barclays Capital PLC

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United Kingdom

The reason to come to Chicago Booth, for me, was very, very clear. The business fundamentals that they teach here are second to none. The number of Nobel laureates attached to the university is second to none. I mean, the concepts and theories that they're covering are prevalent in every industry from corporate finance, to marketing, to operations. These are just so vital to business, and we're getting them from the best faculty in the world, directly from the source.

The faculty challenge you and they expect you to challenge them. They teach you to use raw data and put it through proven models to produce the best, tailored results, for every imaginable scenario. They want you to prove and challenge their theories to help them reshape and remold them to be more relevant and accurate to today's global marketplace.

The global aspect of the program is also very important to me. We have more than 30 ethnicities represented in my cohort alone. The value of being in a classroom where you get to bounce ideas off of 90 other people is invaluable. You work with people from all over the world who come to the program with very different thought processes and backgrounds. It's a rare opportunity to be able to test your ideas and hear their reactions and opinions. It's really enabled me to better articulate my ideas to all kinds of different audiences.

There are so many chances to get involved with the community and to participate in the program. My goal when I finish is to work in mergers and acquisitions or private equity, possibly in the US. So last night, I went to a panel hosted by career services on private equity. I found it extremely helpful in terms of informing my future career decisions. The discussions are always fresh and on-point, and cover what's actually happening in the market right now, as opposed to what you might think is or should be happening. There are chances to learn around every corner at Booth.

My thinking has clearly changed since coming to the program. The models that we're learning are very relevant to my current business, so I've already been able to put much of what I'm learning into practice for my employer. I'm better able to return to my company, which is a very culturally diverse organization, and to sit down with my team and to share my thoughts. I'm able to challenge them to look at different possibilities and alternative ways to work in order to produce optimal results.

It allows me to engage with alumni from all over the world, in Chicago, New York, and Singapore. I'm able to offer different models on organizational behavior that can help us improve our engagement with different stakeholders. I'm better able to provide different viewpoints and to challenge my assumptions to help me clearly think through the entirety of the scenario I'm facing and to approach it a little differently.

It's given me a huge opportunity within my company, and it gives me an advantage over others who are coming in fresh, without that level of knowledge and experience. It's really enabled me to go into parts of the business that I hadn't previously worked in, and I know that this is just the beginning for me.

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