Executive MBA

Beyond the Classroom

You'll have plenty of opportunities to extend the close relationships you build in the classroom and in your study groups outside the classroom, as well. At Chicago Booth, community is around every corner.

  • Catch a drink at an 18th-century pub in London.
  • Celebrate a classmate's birthday in Hong Kong.
  • Make a connection at the packaging company where you've been trying to get on the supplier's list.
  • Hear entrepreneur and venture capitalist Peter Thiel discuss entrepreneurship at the Chicago location.
  • Explore Buenos Aires on your next business trip with a colleague from the program who lives there.
  • Gain valuable knowledge about a potential new market in Ghana.
  • Attend the Charity Holiday Party hosted by the local alumni club and your classmates.
  • Chat further with professor Sanjay Dhar about trends in retailing.