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Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please submit them now.
Patricia -> EveryoneGood Afternoon! My name is Patricia Coffey and I'm here to answer your questions about admissions or anything else you want to know about Chicago Booth!
Toby -> EveryoneHi everyone - I look forward to answering your questions today.
Brad -> EveryoneHello and thank you for joining us today! Brad Krillenberger, Senior Associate Director of Student Services
DaBears -> PatriciaGood afternoon! Can you please tell me about the various program options for the MBA at Booth?
Patricia -> DaBearsHello DaBears! Thank you for joining us. There are 4 MBA programs at Chicago Booth. Full-time MBA, Evening and Weekend, and Executive program. The most important thing to remember, they are different programs, however all programs receive the same degree, and MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Julie -> BradDoes the weekend EMBA program provide students housing or discounted hotels for weekend classes?
Brad -> JulieWe do not provide student housing during the regular class weekends, but we do work with area hotels to provide discounted rates.
Srini -> PatriciaI had sent my resume on the 11th of June to check whether I could be exempted from taking GMAT. I haven't had a response till date. It was sent to xp@chicagobooth.edu
Patricia -> SriniHi Srini - go ahead and send your resume to me at patricia.coffey@chicagobooth.edu. I will get back to you no later than Thursday with an answer.
azeem -> TobyWhat are the job prospects post the course in US , is it as reputed as the MBA course of Booth. I mean , assuming everything else to be same, will an EMBA be on par with Booth full time MBA
Toby -> azeemHi azeem - you earn the same MBA in all of the programs at Chicago Booth - Fulltime, Evening, Weekend and Executive. The faculty are the same, the courses offered in the Executive program are also offered to the students in the other program etc. So yes - any prospective employer should know that you have earned the MBA from us the same as the students from the other programs.
azeem -> PatriciaIs GMAT score a must ? If so, what is the range, if not, then what is required from a Indian candidates.
Patricia -> azeemHi Azeem - The GMAT is required for the Executive MBA program. However, there are candidates that are exempt from submitting a score. Senior level managers, usually with twelve or more years of management experience may be granted an exemption from the GMAT requirement. Examples might include CEOs, Managing Directors, CFOs, and Division Heads etc. A waiver may also be considered for a candidate whose work experience and training demonstrate a high level of business acumen, quantitative and analytical skill and an ability to apply those skills to a rigorous and analytical program of business studies.
Srini -> BradWe at Canada get a credit in our tax return for tuition fees paid for University education. If I were to be a US resident then would the fee paid provide me some sort of tax benefit? (I'm likely to obtain US Residency soon)
Brad -> SriniWe will need to clarify your question. Can you send your contact information to our progam email address XP@chicagobooth.edu and we will follow up with you directly.
Paco -> PatriciaHi Patricia, I got confused, is GMAT required for the EMBA?
Patricia -> PacoHi Paco: Yes, the GMAT is a requirement for the Executive MBA Program. There are cases where a GMAT can be waived. Senior level managers, usually with twelve or more years of management experience may be granted an exemption from the GMAT requirement.
Sid -> TobyHello, I am a prospective EMBA student. I attempted GMAT thrice and was unable to hit the target score. I am planning for one more attempt. Do you think that will be bad thing for my application?
Toby -> SidHi Sid - the GMAT is one piece of the application and we take a holistic approach to application evaluation, meaning your essays, work experience, recommendation letters etc. all play a large part.

Also - the number of times you take the test has no impact on your candidacy. That said - I'm not sure how you determined a "target" score but we don't use any sort of formula when evaluating application so no "target" scores exists withing the admissions committee.
Julie -> BradHow many classes taken at one time?
Brad -> JulieYou will take two classes per quarter.
DaBears -> TobyWhat is the process for applying at both and criteria?
Toby -> DaBearsHi DaBears - as a Bears fan you get extra credit for your chat name!

The application process is pretty standard. It's all online, we ask for a resume, essays, recommendation letters, standardized test scores and have you come for an interview.

We are evaluating your ability to manage the academic rigor, your understanding of what our program provides and your potential for adding value to the experience of your classmates.
Babs -> PatriciaGood Morning! My name is Babatunde Akin-Olugbade. I just graduated with a Bachelors degree in business entrepreneurship from Loyola Marymount University in May. I am currently in the process of starting my own business but interested in doing the EMBA program down the line. Since I am self-employed, what should i do on the application about recommendations?
Patricia -> BabsHi Babs: Congratulations on completing your Bachelors degree! Since you are self-employed, your recommenders can be your vendors, clients, etc. We're mainly interested in what they say about you. Can they speak from a business perspective on your ability, and opportunity for growth?
Julie -> TobyInternational residencies, are the classes taught by the local professor? Or are the students located in Hong Kong and London taught by Chicago professors from the USA??
Toby -> JulieHi Julie - all classes are taught by University of Chicago faculty. They fly to London and Hong Kong to teach when the students are there.
Paco -> PatriciaThank you Patricia. For EMBA, are there applicatioin rounds like full-time MBA?
Patricia -> PacoYes Paco: We have 4 aplication deadlines (rounds). October 1, 2013, December 1, 2013, February 1, 2014 and the final deadline April 1, 2014 for the class that begins in June 2014.
Julie -> BradWhat are the school/career service benefits for alumni?
Brad -> JulieYou will have full access to career services as an alumni. There are also several other services offered to alumni including reunions and opportunities for life long learning. Here is the link to the site if you would like to know more: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/alumni/
Srini -> PatriciaIs the interview in person or via a video link?
Patricia -> SriniHi Srini: The interview is in person at the Chicago downtown campus (Gleacher Center).
Babs -> Patriciahow long is the full time MBA and EMBA program?
Patricia -> BabsBabs, the full time MBA program is 2- years, while the Executive MBA program duration is 21-months.
Krish -> TobyGood afternoon ! I am a mech engineer with about 10 years experience. I am doing project management currently and would I like explore to what Booth School can offer me to enhance my career
Toby -> KrishHi Krish - we offer you an unparalleled credential, an tremendously accomplished global network and a general management curriculum that will develop a new way of thinking and problem solving.
Julie -> BradAre class teams made of regional students only, or are London and Hong Kong students (I'm applying for next year or the year after) incorporated into all class teams?
Brad -> JulieThe Study Groups during the residential weesk are "Global" but during the other class weekends or weeks the Study Groups are only regional.
Sid -> PatriciaWould the application submitted early given preference over the ones submitted on second or final deadline?
Patricia -> SidHi Sid: Our programs are very competitive. Those that submit early will gain an advantage of a decison vs. those that submit later in the process.
Darren -> TobyFor XP applicants, how heavily weighted is the GMAT compared to standard MBA applicants?
Toby -> DarrenHi Darren - typically XP applicants have more years of experience that applicants in the fulltime program. This gives us a little more information to use when evaluating applications - that said, the GMAT score is an indicator of ability to manage the academic portion of the program and by no means should be taken lightly.
Sid -> PatriciaIf my application reaches before my most recent GMAT score, would the application be put on hold?.. How does that work?
Patricia -> SidHi Sid: If we receive your completed application before your GMAT score, we will not hold your application. We'll continue the process, however a decision cannot be rendered until a score is received.
Krish -> BradDoes my status as a non citizen affect my fees. Do we have scholarship programs for people in USA with a working visa or residence card
Brad -> KrishYour non citizen status would not affect your fees, but you might have fewer loan options if you are need to fund your education. I'm sorry but we do not offer scholarships in the EMBA program.
Rick -> PatriciaDo you have a rolling admission process?
Patricia -> RickHi Rick - yes we operate on rolling admissions. That means, as we receive completed applications, decisons are made.
Darren -> BradCan currently employed EMBA students access career services at any time during their course of study or do they not gain access until graduation?
Brad -> DarrenAll EMBA student have full access to career services from day one of the program.
DaBears -> PatriciaHow long is the Weekend MBA program?
Patricia -> DaBearsHi DaBears: the Weekend program is 2 years.
Krish -> TobyWhat was the highest remuneration for Botth MBA graduates in last couple of years
Toby -> KrishHi Krish - I don't have this data handy but I know that it wouldn't really tell you much. Compensation for our students varies widely from C level executives and highly successfully entrepreneurs to people creating start-ups and not even taking salary as their businesses get off the ground.
Julie -> BradAre there tutorial sessions available? For example, if I need a better understanding of how to apply finance formulas.
Brad -> JulieYes there are online reviews at the of every quarter as well as one on one appointments when needed.
Srini -> BradIs the fee same for US and non US Citizens?
Brad -> SriniYes.
azeem -> Tobyconsidering that I am an Indian applicant , by what date should i send my application to have reasonable chance of getting selected. Also , pls help with the GMAT score range ...
Toby -> azeemHi azeem - Being an Indian applicant has no bearing on any admission decision. Our final application deadline is April 1st. Our application is currently open so you can apply anytime and applying earlier slightly increases your odds as we work to maintain diversity of industry and functional backgrounds in the cohort.
azeem -> Patriciado I have an option of restricting my course choice to ONLY US campus ?
Patricia -> azeemHi Azeem: The Executive MBA program is a co-hort program. If you apply in Chicago, your regular class weekends are in Chicago. However, you will be assigned to an international group where you will spend a week in London and Hong Kong taking courses.
Srini -> BradI presume the cost of the program is about 150K. Can the fee be paid over installments or does it need to be paid on admission?
Brad -> SriniThe total cost will be billed in 7 payments over the 21 month program.
Sid -> PatriciaI am an international student. I finished Bachelors in my home country and received a Masters Degree in US college. Do you think I will need any transcripts from my home country?
Patricia -> SidHi Sid: Yes, we need transcripts from any institute you attended. All transcripts outside of the US must be submitted in English translation. We accept un official copies for your application. Upon admission, we'll ask for the official copy.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe are almost half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
DaBears -> BradWhere are the tutorial sessions located?
Brad -> DaBearsTutorials are done online and in class room. This will differ with Faculty and TAs from quarter to quarter.
Steve_D -> TobyWhat are the key strengths of Booth relative to other top MBA programs?
Toby -> Steve_DHi Steve - glad you asked. The people - specifically the faculty and students. The faculty are second to none - their accomplishments and accolades are only outweighed by their accessibility to students. The student and alumni network is accomplished and also highly accessible. Finally the global nature of the program - you classmates come from dozens of countries and the time you spend with them learning how people from different places and different backgrounds approach the same issues is highly valuable.
Srini -> BradIs there a break for one time payment made upfront?
Brad -> SriniI'm sorry there is no discount or break offered for an upfront payment.
Babs -> TobyWhat is the average age of students in your MBA programs and how many years of work experience,after college, would you recommend for does that are interested?
Toby -> BabsHi Babs - average age is 38, average years of work experience is 13. However we're more interested in the value of your experience relative to the rest of your classmates than we are you being able to check a box saying how old you are. If we think you would be able to add value to the experience of your classmates we don't care how old you are.
Krish -> PatriciaIs it possble to change from Evening MBA classes to Weekend or vice versa since currently my projct is in chicago but after a year it might be a travel job
Patricia -> KrishHi Krish: Yes, there are opportunities to switch between the Evening and Weekend MBA programs. The Executive programs is a co-hort program, so you'll be unable to switch from the Evening or weekend program to the Executive program.
Kranthi -> TobyHi, If the courses and the degree are the same, what is the main difference between a weekend MBA vs EMBA? How do I choose - which is more relevant to me?
Toby -> KranthiHi Kranthi - to be clear, at Chicago Booth it's all MBA. You earn an MBA in each of our programs.

The differences are in the profile of students (older in Executive Program), the delivery of the curriculum (lock-step general management courses in Executive MBA) and the global cohort piece (take 2/3 of your classes with the same group of people from North American and 1/3 of courses with global cohort from all over the world)
cgronlund -> TobyWhen would a GMAT exception occur? Personally, I have 15+ years work IT experience in sales enablement, management and individual contributor roles. Additionally, have also been part of growing a start-up that was acquired. I am very interested in an EMBA,
Toby -> cgronlundhi cgronlund - Below is directly from our website - to apply for a waiver you start an application and in the "GMAT Scores" section is a place to apply for the waiver. Waiver decisions are made weekly.

Very senior level managers, usually with twelve or more years of management experience may be granted an exemption from the GMAT requirement. Examples might include CEOs, Managing Directors, CFOs, and Division Heads etc. A waiver may also be considered for a candidate whose work experience and training indicate a high level of quantitative and analytical skill and an ability to apply those skills to a rigorous and analytical MBA Program. Examples might include: Treasurer or Chief Accounting Officer, or a CFA, or a candidate possessing another advanced degree or diploma in a quantitative field. The criteria above are not meant to be exhaustive and candidates who believe they are able to provide evidence of similar quality not listed are encouraged to speak to an admissions representative.
Minh -> PatriciaIs it possible to change from EMBA Hong Kong campus to others?
Patricia -> MinhMinh: We can only guarantees your admission to the Chicago campus. Any transfer request to Hong Kong will be evaluated by the Chicago program office and is dependent upon the availability of seats at the Hong Kong campus.
Minh -> TobyHi, please share with us the the teaching method applied in EMBA Chicago. Thanks.
Toby -> MinhFaculty use all sorts of teaching methods - lecture, discussion, cases. You will take exams and quizzes and write papers and present projects. You will receive a letter grade as well, A-F.
Minh -> BradHi,please share with us the teaching method applied in EMBA programme. Hours for one subject in EMBA differ from full time MBA. Thanks
Brad -> MinhAll Booth programs draw from the same pool of faculty, but faculty do take in to consideration that you are all also working full time. They will try to concentrate on class weekends to ensure they are maximizing your time here. Many times we will have two review sessions following class on Friday. A typical class day you will start at 9am and go till 4:30pm with an hour or hour and half lunch break. If you do have a review the program will provide dinner and you can expect to be in both review session till 830 or 9pm.
Sid -> BradDoes EMBA requires any travel outside Chicago?
Brad -> SidYes you will have one week of classes at our London campus and one week at our Hong Kong campus during your first quarter.
Babs -> TobyWhat options are available within the MBA programs for studying in other countries above? I believe you currently have Singapore and London? Does the University have plans to expand to campus in other countries such as China, Brazil and perhaps some growing economies in Africa?
Toby -> BabsHi Babs - As of about two weeks ago we have Executive MBA operations in Chicago, London and Hong Kong. As far as I know there are no plans to expand to South America or Africa at this time. The Fulltime, Evening and Weekend MBA Programs have dozens of relationships with partner schools outside of the US - you can learn more at the link below.

Steve_D -> TobyWhich program attributes are frequently overlooked or undervalued by prospective EMBA students when evaluating prospective schools?
Toby -> Steve_DHi Steve - I love this question. It's the fact that you are going to make new best friends in the program. You need to spend time engaging with current students and alumni to figure out if the culture is right for you, if the people in the program are the kind of people you want to spend time with. There is no right or wrong from program to program, just different.

The second part that is overlooked is how hard the program really is. It's not so much overlooked as underestimated. You EARN this degree.
Moderator -> EveryoneOur chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
Steve_D -> TobyFor admission to the EMBA program, what would you want to see in addition to my 780 GMAT to convince you of my 'ability to manage the academic rigor', in the absence of any prior college degree?
Toby -> Steve_DHi Steve - a 780 GMAT is a pretty great start. What you are doing professionally will also have an impact. Any classroom experience should be included as well in the absence of an undergraduate degree - exec ed courses for example or if you took any class to prep for the GMAT.
Steve_D -> BradWhat feedback have you heard from EMBA students whose travel options require arriving the evening prior each session, for example those living on the West Coast? Have they found this to be a significant hardship?
Brad -> Steve_DWhile it is more difficult to travel from the West coast many students use the time in transit to study. We do have more students from the West coast than any other area outside of Chicago. We would be happy to have you speak with one of them
Srini -> TobyWhat is the time involved in arriving at a decision i.e. from receipt of application to communicating a Yes or No?
Toby -> SriniHi Srini - once we have all the pieces of your application (including your interview) we can usually provide a decision withing 4-6 weeks.
DaBears -> BradAre there scholarships avaliable for the Weekend or Full-time program?
Brad -> DaBearsThe Full-time program does offer scholarships but the weekend and EMBA program do not.
azeem -> TobyI am in a sensitive role i.e to say that , it will be difficult for me to get a reco at till the time my offer is not made subject to recos (i.e. I want to send recos only once a provisional offer is made). Otherwise , if I don't get an admit I will have tough time in the same office , as my promotion and compensation will be impacted adversely ..
Toby -> azeemAzeem - we can't make any sort of admission decision, provisional or otherwise, without recommendation letters. I'm happy to have a longer discussion with you offline if you like.
Toby -> EveryoneHi everyone - 10 minutes left - keep those questions coming.
Julie -> TobyUpon receiving a yes/no decision from Booth, is our deposit due immediately?
Toby -> JulieJulie - typically we give 3-4 weeks for you to accept our offer and provide a deposit.
Edupreneur -> PatriciaI noticed University of Chicago is listed as an eligible school on SoFi's website for financing your MBA. Are there any special requirements from Booth as part of this relationship?
Patricia -> EdupreneurHi Edupreneur: Booth is definately an eligible school for financing your MBA. However, it's specificially for the full-time MBA program. For additional information, please contact: admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu
azeem -> Tobyyes. Toby. Kindly share your mailing id . So I can share my concerns freely .
Toby -> azeemEmail: toby.cortelyou@chicagobooth.edu
Phone: 312.464.8781
Edupreneur -> TobyWhat range/% of the total cost have employers historically contributed to an EMBA?
Toby -> EdupreneurEdupreneur - clever chat name! 0%-100% is the range. The past couple years about half of our class has been financing the program on their own. 25% were fully funded by their company and the other 25% are getting something from their company but not everything.
Julie -> PatriciaMay I use admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu to find an alum in Denver to talk about their experience?
Patricia -> JulieHi Julie: if you're interested in the full-time program, please send an email to admissions@chicagobooth.edu. For the Executive program email XP@ChicagoBooth.edu and we can certainly connect you with an alumni or current student in Denver.
Jared -> TobyApologies if you all covered this already...but what is the breakdown of "self-financed" vs. "corporately-funded" students?
Toby -> JaredJared - good timing - i just answered that above.
Rick -> Bradwhat are some of the hotels students use for the regular class weekends and what is the general cost per night
Brad -> RickMany students stay at the Sheraton Chicago, Club Quarters on Wacker or Hyatt on Wacker. The rates will vary based on the season and what other events are going on in the city. Here is a link to the University housing site if you would like see where the students are offered discounted rates: http://visit.uchicago.edu/accommodations.shtml#Chicago
Ethan_C -> PatriciaCan we come sit in a class and meet with students?
Patricia -> Ethan_CHi Ethan_C: Absolutely, we welcome you to come in for a class visit. There is a process. Please send an email to xp@ChicagoBooth.edu
Toby -> Everyonevisiting a class the THE BEST way to get a real feel for the program - I encourage anyone to do it. Send us an email or use the form at the link below to formally request a visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/visit/chicago
juand -> TobyGood afternoon. For international students would be ok to apply for the second round?
Toby -> juandhi juand - we don't have "round" in the same sense that the Fulltime program does. We are on rolling admissions meaning we review applications as we receive them. The final deadline for submitting an application is April 1st but I encourage you to apply as soon as you're ready.
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today. The chat session has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted by August 16th, on the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/events/online-chats-archive.aspx
Brad -> EveryoneThanks for taking the time to chat with us today!
Toby -> EveryoneThanks everyone - really insightful questions today! Please continue to engage with us as you research programs and prepare your applications. Send any follow up questions to xp@chicagobooth.edu
Patricia -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today. We hope that you received valuable information to help make an informed decison on which MBA program to choose. Feel free to reach out to us via email with additonal questions at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu