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Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Patty -> Everyone Hi, everyone. I am the Associate Dean, Patty Keegan. I look forward to answering your questions today.
Patricia -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. We look forward to answering your many questions!
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please submit them now.
Ravi -> Patty Are you still accepting applications for this Summer? Do you have availability? Asking as I am trying to rush my essays done to submit applications. Want to understand if I need to take good time for essays or rush it :-)
Patty -> Ravi Hi Ravi. Yes, we are still accepting and evaluating applications for our June 2013 entering class. Your timing is fine. No need to rush through the essays. In fact, we prefer it if you don't rush and provide thoughtful answers!
Erika -> Everyone Good Afternoon - Looking forward to helping out today!
Brad -> Everyone Looking forward to a great chat!
Ravi -> Erika During the June full week session, are students expected to stay at BOOTH or come in at 8:00 and can expect to leave at 7:00 pm or so?
Erika -> Ravi Hi Ravi, During Kick Off week in June we provide accommodation for the students in a nearby hotel. So you can come to Gleacher for classes which tend to start at 9am and then head back after the day is done- to mingle with fellow classmates. I hope that helps!
Helmut -> Patricia How is the Executive program differ from the regular part time option?
Patricia -> Helmut Hi Helmut: Good question. The difference between the executive program and the evening and weekend MBA program is the student profile. Most executive students have significant professional experience on average 13+ years, while a student in the part time program may have 6-8 years of professional work experience.
Anna -> Brad Are there a good percentage of students travelling from other parts of the country?
Brad -> Anna About 50% of the class travel to Chicago from outside the area.
Christian -> Patty Hello! Can you talk a little bit about the recent changes in the curriculum with respect to the leadership disciplines?
Patty -> Christian Hi Christian. We added a new course in the executive MBA program called LEAD (Leadership Exploration and Development). LEAD modules or components are taught throughout the entire program and focus on self-assessment, managing teams and strategically building your human capital/networks. LEAD has been a requirement for our full-time and evening/weekend students for many years and we are now designing an equivalent experience that is pitched to the experience level of our executive MBA students. Very exciting!
Rishi -> Erika Do the outstation guys tend to loose out on local events, get together, networking sessions and other stuff which the programme has to offer.
Erika -> Rishi Hi Rishi, Around half of our students are from outside the Chicago area - so we tend to plan events so everyone can attend. Career Services and Alumni tend to plan events on lunch breaks or during breakfast. Students will plan often arrange dinners on Friday or Saturday night after class (if it is a Saturday you will know in advance to coordinate your travel). So we take in the fact many are from out of town when arranging events for the EMBA students.
Anna -> Brad I live in San Francisco and am thinking about commuting to Chicago for classes if I get admitted
Brad -> Anna We have several people that commute in from the Bay area and many of them arrive on Friday morning before class. We do offer an airport shuttle for students that goes directly to the airport following class on Saturday.
Vb -> Patricia How many total full week sessions are there're ?
Patricia -> Vb VB: There are a total of 5 full week sessions. These are called "residential sessions". You'll spend one week in Chicago (Kick off week/Global orientation), one week in Singapore, one week in London, and two week in Chicago taking your elective courses.
Rishi -> Patty Whats the difference in the overall experience, for someone who is local to Chicago and for someone who is a outstation candidate.
Patty -> Rishi Hi Rishi. About half of our students in the cohort are commuting to Chicago. We strive to make sure that the experience is the same academically for all students - regardless of their home town. For example, we do not schedule review sessions or other program activities during the non-session weekends. We also offer an optional lodging program for our commuters (and any local students) who want to stay at the same hotel. Many of our commuters say they like the ability to study on the airplane and be able to "immerse" themselves into the life of a student when they are here in Chicago.
Mike_M -> Patty What percent of students already have an advanced degree?
Patty -> Mike_M Hi Mike. Typically, 1/3 or more of our students hold advanced degrees -- masters and PhDs included.
Joe_Bassett -> Patricia What factors would influence your decision to grant a GMAT waiver?
Patricia -> Joe_Bassett Hi Joe: Very senior level managers, usually with twelve or more years of management experience may be granted an exemption from the GMAT requirement. Examples might include CEOs, Managing Directors, CFOs, and Division Heads etc. A waiver may also be considered for a candidate whose work experience and training demonstrate a high level of business acumen, quantitative and analytical skill and an ability to apply those skills to a rigorous and analytical program of business studies. Examples might include: Treasurer or Chief Accounting Officer, or a CFA or other advance degree or diploma in a quantitative field.
Vb -> Patty Are non need based scholarships available?
Patty -> Vb Hello, Vb. We do not offer scholarships of any kind. Funding is available through loan programs - both federal and private programs.
SG -> Erika Is the faculty the same for this program as it is for Full time or Evening/ Weekend programs?
Erika -> SG SG: Yes - The same world class Chicago Booth faculty teach in all our programs.
Vb -> Patricia Does learning take place on line the rest of the time?
Patricia -> Vb VB: The class content is not online. We do, however use technology to complete the course work.
nrg033 -> Patricia Hi, what percentage of your students are existing business owners?
Patricia -> nrg033 NRG033: I don't have the accurate number of business owners in the current class right now. You can contact us offline for additional information at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu
Christian -> Erika How much one-on-one coaching do students typically receive?
Erika -> Christian Christian - Career Services provides one-on-one coaching to students. Their offices are located just above the EMBA office in Gleacher- so it is easy for our students to visit them. Depending on your individual need, you can schedule an appointment with a Career Coach by telephone or face-to-face.
SG -> Brad What does a typical day look like on the class weekend?
Brad -> SG Friday
7:30am Breakfast at Gleacher / meet with study group
9:00am Class
12:00 noon Lunch with classmates / prepare for class
1:30pm Class
4:30pm Review sessions
8:00pm Dinner break and study

7:30am Breakfast at Gleacher / meet with study group
9:00am Class
12:00 noon Guest speaker at lunch
1:30pm Class
4:30pm Leave for airport / train / parking garage
hideyoshi -> Patty In what ways would my employer take part in this Executive program? Would that be in terms of financial support or something else? I know that employer involvement isn't necessary in case of a part-time program.
Patty -> hideyoshi Hi, Hideyoshi. Your employer needs to be supportive of your absence from the office every other Friday and during the residential sessions. Financial support is not required (although it would certainly be nice for you). Our hope for employers is that they view the executive MBA program as a development program for you, discuss your learnings and how they can be applied to your workplace.
Anna -> Patricia what is the percentage of Women in each entering class?
Patricia -> Anna Hi Anna - the percentage of women vary each year. It can range from 12-20% any given year.
Vb -> Patricia Typically what percent of the class are physicians?
Patricia -> Vb VB: Given the changes in healthcare industry, we've seen a steady stream of physicians apply to the program. In the current class there is about 7% in the healthcare industry.
SG -> Erika Can you talk a bit about the global experience.. do students from the different campus interact?
Erika -> SG SG: Good Question! One of the great things about the EMBA program at Booth (and my favorite) is the Global aspect. Although you may be admitted as a student to the Chicago campus, you will have interaction with the students in Singapore and London. 5 weeks of the program are spent in a combined experience. You will be assigned study groups with the international students and interact frequently.
Helmut -> Patty To clarify, are there advantages to building on a current skill set or adding to a skill set?
Patty -> Helmut Hi Helmut. Any worthwhile educational pursuit should accomplish both. Our program is designed to build on your current knowledge and skill sets and expand and stretch your mind and thinking. Earning an MBA with many years of work experience behind you is a very transformative experience. You will push yourself and find that you are able to think differently about professional challenges.
Christian -> Brad I live in Cleveland. What if I miss a class due to bad weather?
Brad -> Christian Unfortunately the weather does not always respect our class weekends, but we will do our best in those situations. We would ask that your reach out to your group members and faculty to make them aware of your situation. You can ask group members to take notes for you. Many times a student might miss a day due to weather but still make it to class on Saturday.
Joe_Bassett -> Patricia Patricia, I have a sort of unique business history. I do come from a university background in physics and for that reason have a core familiarity with advanced math and analytical methods. I am running my own company right now. Maybe I will send you an email offline to assess whether a GMAT waiver would be possible.
Patricia -> Joe_Bassett Joe: Yes, please send me an email offline to discuss. Patricia.coffey@chicagobooth.edu
Christian -> Patty I work in corporate development. Given the class mix you have already started putting together, would you recommend me to apply this last round or wait for the next class?
Patty -> Christian Hi Christian. Corporate development/business development is an interesting profile for us. I always encourage people to apply when they think it makes sense. There is never a perfect time for busy working professionals! Apply this year.
nrg033 -> Patricia Historically, what percentage of women entering the program actually complete it?
Patricia -> nrg033 nrg033: ALL women who apply and matriculate complete the program.
Dan_B -> Erika Do you recommend making a campus visit to get a better feel for the Booth EMBA program and perhaps experience what a typical day in the life of an EMBA student is like? If so, what type of events do you offer that may fit the schedule of someone from out of town?
Erika -> Dan_B Hi Dan - We always recommend to come and visit a class session. In Chicago students are in on Friday and Saturday on alternate weekends. You can sign up online- or send an email to xp@chicagobooth.edu. In addtion you will find informative events on our webpage: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/events/north-america. Sitting in a class you are able to interact with current students and hear all about their experience.
Christian -> Patricia What's the percentage of students receiving promotions during or right after graduation?
Patricia -> Christian Christian - we do not collect this data. However, there is a lot of movement with students in the program, and after graduation.
nrg033 -> Erika What's the average class size?
Erika -> nrg033 nrg033: Average class size is 90 students.
Mohan -> Patty Can you please explain a little bit more about LEAD program
Patty -> Mohan Hi Mohan. LEAD modules or components are taught throughout the entire program and focus on self-assessment/self-awareness, managing teams and strategically building your human capital/networks. LEAD has been a requirement for our full-time and evening/weekend students for many years and we are now designing an equivalent experience that is pitched to the experience level of our executive MBA students.
Christian -> Brad How do you track career advancement for students many years after graduation?
Brad -> Christian Our Alumni office sends out a survey every three years to collect information on career advancement. This link might help you learn more about our alumni services:
Moderator -> Everyone We are almost half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Joe_Bassett -> Erika What factors would influence your decision to grant a GMAT waiver?
Erika -> Joe_Bassett Hi Joe - I see Patricia answered your question earlier (scroll up). If you would like to discuss further, you can send an email to xp@chicagobooth.edu and one of our admissions staff can assist.
Christian -> Patty Any plans to include Latin America in the program in a meaningful way?
Patty -> Christian Hi Christian. One of the many benefits of our program is our ability to draw students from many different parts of the world -- including Latin America. That is very meaningful to us and to our classroom experience. As a school, we recruit and host alumni events in Latin America/South America and have a very strong alumni base - particularly in Mexico City and in cities like Santiago and Sao Paolo.
Christian -> Patricia Who will read my essays? Does Booth use students to evaluate applications for the Executive MBA?
Patricia -> Christian Hi Christian: Your application, including essays are read by the admissions staff. We do not use students to evaluate the application. We do, however use our alumni to interview and assess candidates for the program.
nrg033 -> Erika How often are new businesses or ventures born by participants partnering in your program?
Erika -> nrg033 nrg033: I do not have numbers on how many, but from my personal time working here I have seen my share! We have a course, Global New Venture Challenge, which is a process in which students at Chicago Booth develop their entrepreneurial ideas into potentially real and viable businesses. From that course alone students have continued on with their ventures to actual businesses.
Rishi -> Brad Is it possible to start the complete the programme at Chicago campus and complete it in London or Singapore campus. Does the programme allows flexibility for a prospective candidate to relocate or change his base location, due to his change in job function, role.
Brad -> Rishi We do have many students that transfer to a different campus due to career changes. The sequencing of the classes is not identical on all three campuses at the exact same time. There are windows where a transfer is possible but we can help you map out a completion plan with you, whatever your situation.
Raj -> Patricia For business owners, who are the right people for recommendation letters
Patricia -> Raj Raj: As a business owner, you should have your vendors/partners/colleagues write letters of recommendation for you. Keep in mind, the recommenders need to speak on your ability to for career advancement or potential.
SG -> Patty What is the typical student profile?
Patty -> SG Hi SG. Our executive MBA students are aspiring to or are already in general management roles. These roles include C-level positions, division heads and in many cases, entrepreneurs. Average age of our students is late 30s and they represent a diverse group of industries and job functions - from financial services and advertising to healthcare and IT; from accountants and business development professionals to medical docotors and attorneys.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
b_sur -> Patricia Is there any upcoming information session in San Francisco bay area - I am esp interested in meeting current students who are from bay area.
Patricia -> b_sur Hi b_sur: There is no event scheduled in San Francisco/Bay area as of now. However, we will be hosting information sessions in early Fall. If you're interested in speaking to current students and/or alumni in the area, let us know by sending an email to xp@ChicagoBooth.edu.
SG -> Patty Your website mentioned Tracks.. could you explain what those are and how they relate to the overall curriculum?
Patty -> SG Hi SG. Tracks allow students to select their elective courses from one of six areas - capital markets, corporate finance, marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship or leadership and management. The core curriculum focuses on general management and provides a broad but comprehensive overview off all disciplines necessary to run an enterprise.Tracks allow our students to dive a bit deeper into specific areas that interest them professionally or personally. In other words, they allow some customization in what is a pre-arranged sequence of courses.
nrg033 -> Patricia I missed your last Washington, D.C. event. Will there be another in mid-Atlantic region before your summer session begins?
Patricia -> nrg033 Hi nrg033: We're sorry you missed the event in DC. There is no other event planned for the mid-Atlantic region until Fall 2013. The updates will be on the website.
Mohan -> Brad I understand class work varies, but over all how much of % is given to exams vs group projects. Also how much of study time does each student put in every week (feedback from current studuents)
Brad -> Mohan Honestly the classes will really vary based on the faculty member and the nature of the class. Some class will be 100% group work and other might not use groups at all. The time outside of class will also vary based your area of expertise, comfort level with the material, but you can anticipate spending 5 to 20 hours studying outside of your regular time in class.
Mike_M -> Brad Are the elective courses only taken during the two week residency of the program?
Brad -> Mike_M Yes.
SG -> Erika Could you put me in touch with students or alumni in my area to learn more about their experience?
Erika -> SG Hi SG: Gladly we can put you in contact with either current students or alumni. Just send an email to xp@chicagobooth.edu with more detailed information about yourself, where you are from and how we can assist.
SG -> Patty How do you deal with students from competing business/companies in a class?
Patty -> SG Hi SG. Students decide on the appropriateness of what they share in classroom discussions. Classes are not taped,so students can be assured that nothing is passed on. Faculty encourage collaboration and debate, so students from competing companies or differing viewpoints often provide a great deal of value to the learning environment.
Christian -> Patty I have learned that 1/3 of the classes are spent with students from three different continents - pretty amazing. Can you tell a little bit more about what kind of activities/classes they participate together?
Patty -> Christian Christian: When our classrooms have students from all 3 campuses in them, we teach collaborative courses like Managerial Decision-Making and Negotiations. In addition, we teach many of the LEAD modules in the mixed groups. Global viewpoints and diverse ways to approach business scenarios are especially enriching. Plus - students have a great deal of fun making contacts and getting to know classmates from all over the world - that happens naturally!
b_sur -> Patty After selecting an area of concentration from one of the area mentioned, how many electives courses are typically taken by students? also after graduating from Booth, if one is interested in taking any course, is he/she is allowed?
Patty -> b_sur Hi b_sur: An elective track can involve up to 4 half-courses, 2 half-courses and a full course or 2 full courses. In addition, there are a few choices that students can make inthe core curriculum - for example, you can opt to take GLobal New Venture Challenge or GLobal Strategy & Economics. All alumni can return and take up to 3 classes tuition-free if there are available seats.
Patty -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today! We appreciate your interest in Chicago Booth and our Executive MBA Program.
Patricia -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. For additional information about the Executive MBA Program, feel free to contact us at xp@ChicagoBooth.edu. Have a great day or evening everyone!
Erika -> Everyone I hope we were able to help answer your questions! Have a good week.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. The chat session has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted by March 9th, on the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/events/online-chats-archive.aspx
Brad -> Everyone Thank you!