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Join us for a live chat on the Executive MBA Student Experience. How do I get my books? What opportunities are there to network with classmates overseas? How do small study groups work? Staff members and current students will be on hand to answer these questions and more.

Thursday, December 6, noon - 1 p.m. CT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
Patricia -> Everyone Hello Everyone! Thanks for joining us today.
Erika -> Everyone Good Afternoon Everyone!
Brad -> Everyone Thank you for making the time to join us today. We are looking forward to chatting with you!
Gamilah -> Everyone Hi its Gamilah
Moderator -> Everyone We have a couple of current students joining us today as well as an alumna to answer some of your questions. Please take advantage of their knowledge.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us. Please send us your questions
Rafi -> Everyone Welcome everyone. My name is Rafi Wilkinson. I graduated in 2009 with XP-78. I am looking forward to chatting with you today.
pre -> Moderator What is the most challenging aspect of the program?
Gamilah -> Everyone time management!
pre -> Moderator Would you say that "out-of-towners" can enjoy the same experience as those who live in Chicago? i.e. do they miss out on activities or other aspects due to the requirements of commuting?
Gamilah -> Everyone there are not very many activities that occur o/s of class weekends so no
Rafi -> Everyone In some respect, being out of town was easier as there are no distractions from home
RENA_2 -> Moderator In a typical week how may hours outside of the classroom did you dedicate to studying or preparing for your next class?
Gamilah -> Everyone Depends on your level of understanding. I don't have a business background so I need on avg 10-12 hours weekly
Rafi -> Everyone Depended on the classes. I personally spent 8-15 hours out of the class each week.
Cris -> Gamilah What would you do differently if you had the chance to start the EMBA program today?
Gamilah -> Cris In my case I would have cleared my schedule more. I didn't have as much time especially in the beginning and the beginning is important for your foundation. This obviously depending on your background
KP -> Gamilah I assume some of received several admission offers from various programs. What made you choose Booth and for the current student, have the experience been as expected and what has been a suprise to you in terms of expectation vs. reality?
Gamilah -> KP I only applied to Booth. The global nature of the program was most appealing to me. I considered briefly the other school in Chicago :-) but once I was accepted to Booth I knew it was for me. I love school but the work is DEMANDING. I knew it would be difficult but its been quite challenging for me. I am a doctor with a degree in French and a liberal arts background
RENA_2 -> Gamilah Are there any things that you did not like about the program? We always hear about the positive aspects of the Booth Experience; did you have any negative experiences or outcomes while in the program?
Gamilah -> RENA_2 More TA help would have helped me (again because of my background). I was not ready for the case based nature of the second half of our program. Its a good tool but I wasn't prepared for it
Moderator -> Everyone Great questions so far... keep them coming
KP -> Gamilah I am not sure if any of you had experience as a commuter. Can you tell us a little about that in terms of travelling to class, accomondation, etc especially from as far away as Texas?
Gamilah -> KP Group work can be challenging. Not everyone will have the same time or commitment. It usually works out and this is the way of the world but it can be frustrating some times
Marcus -> Patricia I wanted to know if is it a 12 month or 24 month MBA or EMBA program that Booth is offering?
Patricia -> Marcus Marcus - the Executive MBA Program is a 21-month program with classes held alternate weekends (Friday and Saturday). These are full day classes beginning at 9AM to 4:30PM.
pre -> Gamilah Have received help from business-focused classmate, or have you also noticed that some would not spend the time and effort to help you out when needed?
Gamilah -> pre most classmates with business backgrounds are helpful to people like me but honestly i sometimes felt like I did not have as much to contribute
RENA_2 -> Gamilah Why did you choose Booth over other business schools?
Gamilah -> RENA_2 see below
Gamilah -> Everyone rather see above
pre -> Rafi Have you run into many classmates who were looking to change job function (perhaps also company)? i.e. engineering to management, or PE, etc.
Rafi -> pre This was very common. Booth gives you the skill set and confidence to to this. I myself left a job of almost 20 years and went out on my own. My people came to Booth to make a career change.
Cris -> Rafi How did your employee react to your decision to start the EMBA? Did you considered a new job during or immediately after the program? Can you give some perspective?
Rafi -> Cris My employer was very supportive but during my program (2007-2009) the recession started so I personally did not have the upward mobility I might have had. During the program, though, it became clear I wanted a new direction as Booth opened my eyes to so many new facets of the business world.
Marcus -> Gamilah Okay! Besides the standard admissions requests, what other things should I try to do to be prepared for Booth? I am a true seeker of education and knowledge, but I also love a challenge, can I expect that at Booth's? Also, it is just a case based program or are there class lectures involved in the process?
Gamilah -> Marcus Both case based and lectures
I find it to be challenging. Finding time to read all the "extras" will also enhance your experience and putting your classroom learning into application asap will also enhance your learning
KP -> Rafi Can you tell us about your experience on how you have leveraged your experience and MBA to further your career. Also can you share any experience with the alumni network and career services in terms of helping with jobs
Rafi -> KP The student and alumni network is incredible. It is the biggest secret at Booth. Everyone is so approachable and wants you to succeed. A Booth MBA opens so many doors and gives the skill set, confidence, and credibility to further your career.
Thibault -> Gamilah Hi everyone, my name is Thibault and I'm a french lawyer in antitrust law. I'm currently a LL.M. student at Brooklyn Law School (NY) and would love to specialize more in economic. Do you think that Chicago Booth could be a great idea?
Gamilah -> Thibault Booth is the "SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS"... so yes
Cris -> Rafi How much did you learn about finance (and quant related topics) vs. other disciplines during the program?
Rafi -> Cris I am an engineer and had NO finance knowledge. Booth was awesome for me. I know can sit in with CFO's, etc. and understand the details of the finance side of business. This was a key benefit for me.
Moderator -> Everyone We are almost half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
RENA_2 -> Patricia How important is networking prior to your Booth admission? Do you think it plays a role in acceptance into the program?
Patricia -> RENA_2 Rena - Its always a good idea for new students to network with each other before the program begins. We typically send out an email to those who would like to connect with each other before the program starts. This is opitonal. Acceptance in the program plays no role in networking..
Gamilah -> Everyone I actually met one of my classmates Waseem in San Fran about 3 months before we started the program
Gamilah -> Everyone By attending Booth Night Out while travelling
pre -> Rafi We often gear about the quality of the alumni network. Have you noticed or had personal experience where this was the case? Any contacts with alumni, career opportunities offered by alumni, etc.?
Rafi -> pre The network is truly incredible. I have met with so many others and bounced ideas off them. Everyone is really approachable. There are opportunities to attend events every week as an alum. Booth is really a degree for life.
Marcus -> Erika Okay! So what do I need to do to get started to become a student at Booth's?
Erika -> Marcus Great Question! Next step Marcus is to start an online application. Just visit our website (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions). The application requires: resume, essays (2 questions + 1 optional), transcripts, 3 letters of recommendation, GMAT score and application fee.
KP -> Patricia How important is the interview in the admission process any suggestion in preparing for one?
Patricia -> KP KP: The interview is a very important part of the process. We take a holistic approach in reviewing application. Every document is weighed the same, including the interview. The best preparation for an interview is to feel confident so you can get the most out of your interview. The interviewer wants to learn about your strengths and development areas, but they also want to get to know as a person. They’ll want to understand how you can contribute to the Booth community. Be prepared to be engaged and to engage your interviewer. If you’re goals and motivations are clear, you can expect a lively conversation and lots of good questions by the interviewer.
Gamilah -> Everyone I remember my interview well and I wholeheartedly agree
SG -> Rafi What was the international experience like?
Rafi -> SG I loved the international experience. I took a negotiations class in Singapore that was amazing having to work with people from 8-10 countries at the same time. At Booth, you really interact, study and work with international students. Your study groups are mixture of the three campuses during international travel.
Gamilah -> Everyone That was by far one of my favorite Booth adventures. Understanding how different cultures think and function as a work unit is invaluable
pre -> Patricia When will the calendar and tuition for the entering class of 2013 be made available?
Patricia -> pre Pre - the academic calendar for the 2013 class will be avaialble in late January 2013. The tuition will be announced in mid-April 2013.
SG -> Rafi Can you talk a bit about other classmates and professors?
Rafi -> SG Professors are world class. They teach theory and application. At the XP level, they foster incredible conversations with your 90 classmates. They are tough and demand participation. I truly miss class and would gladly go back. Your 90 classmates are incredibly diverse and have so much experience. Every business topic is discussed from every angle.
SG -> Gamilah How did you divide your time between work and school?
Gamilah -> SG Its a challenge but you have to practice time management. BUT sometimes there will be conflicts and you have to work with your group to try to manage those. Some conflicts are unavoidable
Marcus -> Rafi I know that booth's is rated #1 overall by Bloomberg, but how will a degree from Booth set me above the rest of the MBA students out there?
Rafi -> Marcus Everyone can teach you the latest trends and opinions. Booth teaches you the framework on how to think and how to analyze. Booth teaches you the theory and gives you the confidence to go into a meeting and thrive, even if you are not an expert in the meeting's subject. This is a critical difference.
pre -> Patricia How long can we expect to wait before some sort of answer after the interview?
Patricia -> pre Pre- you should expect to receive a decision from the admissions committee 4-6 weeks, after your interview.
RENA_2 -> Gamilah Also, I know that students come from various industries and educational backgrounds. I am coming from a construction industry background and it is not well represented in the program in comparison with other industries. Do you find that students typlically click together by industries and backgrounds? Also, do you think that there are challenges that students from not well represented indutries face, for example in contrast to those that might have ten other classmates in the respective fields versus two.
Gamilah -> RENA_2 I think all backgrounds are welcome. I have met people from industries which I would not have been previously exposed to during the program. The issue is more related to your background. Without a business background you will probably need to spend more time with your quantitative learning
Cris -> Rafi What was the (strictly financial) payback for you in number of years? Or simply put, total cost of program divided by your increase in earnings?
Rafi -> Cris Booth is a life degree for me as it has changes every aspect of my life. I chose to start my own business so my payback is on a longer tract. I would caution you not to base a Booth degree on payback.
KP -> Rafi How good is the entrepreneurial part program and how has your degree help in your business
Rafi -> KP I started my own company after Booth so I think it is awesome. I didn't know I would do this at the start of the program. It is infectious at Booth. There is a great entrepreneurial spirit at Booth.
SG -> Gamilah Was was a typical class day like?
Gamilah -> SG There are 2 classes each quarter. In the morning one class and the afternoon the other class.
There is an am break and a pm break. During lunch there are sometimes review sessions or other informational sessions. sometimes its just free time at lunch. There are also review sessions Friday evening and students go based on their personal needs. Groups tend to meet by phone before school weekend and then sometimes on Thursday or Friday (depending on group members travel schedule
SG -> Gamilah Are the professors the same in London and Singapore as they are in Chicago?
Gamilah -> SG Many profs have cross campus duties
Cris -> Gamilah How much should I expect to invest approximately above and beyond the tuition (i.e. international part, accommodations, etc)?
Gamilah -> Cris International travel costs: Accommodations are provided. Flight are arranged by you and many meals are included but not all. Any extra travel time is obviously arranged by you.
Many meals are provided during school weekends but not all. Some extracurricular activities (ie special dinners or celebrations with classmates require payment)
Fernando -> Rafi Besides the networking and the technical skills / tools you learned, have you face relevant change on your behavours / personal attributes after the EMBA program? If yes, what was the mayor differences that you learn by doing the EMBA?
Rafi -> Fernando Booth provides a framework on how to approach business, how to analyze, and how to make decisions. Booth gives you the confidence to go out into unknown places because you know you can succeed in real time. Booth has spilled over into personal finances, being on any committee, etc.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
SG -> Brad Can you tell us a bit about how the executive MBA student experience in comparison any other MBA student? Career services?
Brad -> SG The Executive MBA student experience is very different when compared to other programs. Above and beyond delivering your course material for class we also work with the faculty, TAs, Alumni & Career services office to maximize your time together during class weekends. I know that offering catered meal following class will not determine how you get your MBA but it’s one of many services that the EMBA office is happy do offer to support you during your time as a student.
pre -> Gamilah how are exams formatted? Are they all the same type, i.e. multiple choice, essays, etc.?
Gamilah -> pre Exams differ depending on the class. NO exam is purely multiple choice.
There is a large focus on quantitative reasoning so there are calculations. Occ there are takehome exams or papers
Cris -> Rafi Are you part of a Booth Club?
Rafi -> Cris I am part of the Chicago club. They offer an endless opportunity to learn and network. I literally get weekly emails on what events are coming up. Booth also have many direct events such as the Economic Outlook lunch and Management Conference.
KP -> Gamilah Any experience you can share with commuting in terms of travels, accommodation etc.
Gamilah -> KP Most students seem happy with the acommodations at Embassy suites and Conrad. Students who travel try to secure a standard rate for the entire year and that seemed to work well for many students. There is a shuttle to the airport on Sat and many students arranged their flights based on that. The prof are aware that on Sat they must end on time because students are returning home (
Thibault -> Rafi Is there a real influence of Milton Friedman's ideas on the courses of Chicago Booth? Is this program pro-liberalism or not?
Rafi -> Thibault I would say that Booth, above all, promotes the rigorous debate of all ideas, new and old. Friedman's ideas are certainly not in stone. Booth is about free markets and removing as much distortion as possible from markets, businesses, and decision making as possible.
pre -> Brad if looking to change company, what is the best way to approach this? through the career services, alumni, fellow classmates?
Brad -> pre I would recommend a mixture of all three. Career Services would be the best place to start on any search to ensure you have an action plan in place and are taking strategic actions to change jobs either inside out outside of your current company.
SG -> Rafi If there was one or two things that I need to know about Booth. What would you say they are?
Rafi -> SG You will have one of the very best experiences of your life. It will be hard. The more you put in, the more you will get out. 22 months goes by so quickly. There will never be a better time than now. The staff, professors, and classmates are incredible. It will change your life.
Gamilah -> Everyone I agree Rafi!
SG -> Erika Do you recommend I visit a class before applying?
Erika -> SG SG - If you have the time to come visit a class, I would recommend it. I have heard comments after visiting a class that they have such a better idea about how the program feels and drives them to submit the application quicker. It will also give you an opportunity first hand to meet with current students and talk more about their experiences here. You can go online to our website to register to sit in a class.
Cris -> Patricia I would like to connect with Booth EMBA alumni in my area (Northeast Ohio). Is it possible?
Patricia -> Cris Cris: Yes, we can definitely connect you with alumni in your area. Send us an email at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu
Gamilah -> Everyone Yes attend a class, it will make more sense
Gamilah -> Everyone Good Luck and thanks!
SG -> Brad I understand as an alum you can come back and take classes. Can you explain how this would work and how often I can take advantage on this?
Brad -> SG Link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/alumni/learning/post-grad-courses.aspx

Postgraduate Chicago Booth Courses
Booth alumni may take up to three noncohorted Booth courses after graduation. Alumni will not be charged tuition for these three classes, but are responsible for the costs of all course materials and the Lifetime Transcript fee*.

Program Guidelines:
•Courses must be taken for a grade, or on a pass/fail basis if permitted. Auditing is not permitted.
•Grades for postgrad courses will appear on your official University of Chicago transcript.
•The University of Chicago does not change concentrations on transcripts once a student graduates; thus, these courses will not apply to any concentrations.
•Alumni registering for two or more courses in a given quarter must show proof of immunization compliance (PDF)
•Chicago Booth reserves the right to withdraw a graduate from a class at any time and, upon review, to adjust or cancel this program.
KP -> Erika Any benefit from applying early?
Erika -> KP Each class admits around 90 students and those spots are competitive to get. I would recommend applying earlier than later as we function on a rolling admission basis.
Patricia -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. We hope that we answered many of your questions. Feel free to contact us by email at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu for additional information. Have a great day! Patricia
Brad -> Everyone Thank you, and have a great day!
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. The chat session has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, December 7, on the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/events/online-chats-archive.aspx
Rafi -> Everyone Thank you so much everyone. I look forward to seeing you at a future Booth event!
Erika -> Everyone Thank you for your questions- like Patricia mentioned, please reach out to us via email with any further questions!