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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Patty -> Everyone Hello, everyone. I look forward to answering your questions about our program.
Patricia -> Everyone Welcome! We look forward to you joining us today to answer your many questions about Chicago Booth's Executive MBA Program -- Patricia Coffey
Brad -> Everyone Welcome! I'm looking forward to an informative chat.
Toby -> Everyone Hi everyone and thanks for joining is today - Happy to be here!
Moderator -> Everyone Please send in your questions.... The Admissions team is ready to address them.
ZJD -> Toby I graduated with a GPA of 3.5. While that certainly isn't bad, and there are a myriad of ways an application is judged, are there any ways to mitigate it?
Toby -> ZJD Hi ZJD - thanks for your question. You're right, 3.5 isn't "bad". The applications are evaluated in a holistic manner meaning no one pieces weighs more than any other. For example a great interview and essays can make up for a lackluster GMAT or GPA. More than anything we want to be sure you can manage the academic rigor of the program and that you will be adding value to the experience of your classmates.
Miriam -> Brad What are the housing options for someone traveling in from outside of Chicago?
Brad -> Miriam We do offer an optional housing program that students can prepay for by quarter. We are currently partnering with the Sheraton Chicago until March of 2014. Many other students use their corporate negotiated rates and stay at other hotels.
ZJD -> Patricia I won't be applying for at least another year due to my current job. Some schools allow you to take courses they deem pertinent to their curriculum at different colleges. In turn you can submit those classes along with your grades in your application to demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of the material at hand. Is this something Booth considers?
Patricia -> ZJD Hello ZJD: Good questions. It would definately work in your advantage to take courses to become more knowledgeable with an MBA curriculum (Financial Accounting, Microeconomics, etc.). Feel free to submit your transcript with your grades and the courses reflected. Just to be clear, we do not accept courses transferred from another institution.
Kevin_C -> Patty Hi everyone. What are the requirements for applying for the E MBA. For example I’m a small business owner with ten employees and a relatively small budget in the millions, would I qualify? Or is Booth just looking for employees that manage larger budgets and more employees? How does the GMAT weigh in the application process, does Booth want 500 above score or will they take experience into consideration when applying?
Patty -> Kevin_C Hi, Kevin. You have quite a few questions in here! We value diversity in our executive MBA class, so we look for individuals from many different professional backgrounds -- inclusive of entrepreneurs. We do not have a cut-off for the GMAT, but do combine your score with your work experience and other information that you provide to us. With that said, you need to perform well on the GMAT as an indication that you can handle the academic rigor of our MBA program.
Alexandra -> Toby Is it possible to start studies without having Toefle and Geomat tests?
Toby -> Alexandra Hi Alexandra - The GMAT is required of all applicants. We do have a waiver option withing the application (click on the "GMAT Scores" Section in the application to learn more) but otherwise it is a requirement. As for the TOEFL it is not required but if after reading your essays and conducting the interview we think a TOEFL is necessary you may be asked to complete that exam as well.
Karen -> Patricia Do you ever waive the GMAT for EMBA candiates?
Patricia -> Karen Hi Karen - The GMAT can be waived for candidate that are senior level managers, usually with 12+ years of management experience. A waiver may also be granted for those whose work experience and training demonstrate a high level of business acumen, quantitative and analytical skills and an have the ability to apply those skills to a rigorous and analytical program of studies like Chicago Booth
Karthik46 -> Patty Hi Everyone. What is the average work experience that you look for ? What if a prospective candidate has about 3 years and what are his chances given that usually the mean work ex is around 55-60 months if not more ?
Patty -> Karthik46 Hi, Karthik. We generally look for at least 10 years of work experience with an average of 13-14 years. Part of the learning experience comes from being in a classroom of peers who have significant experience and knowledge to share with classmates. Someone with 3 years of work experience may have little to contribute to this learning environment. He/she would certinaly gain valuable insights, but the experience works both ways -- receiving and sharing.
Miriam -> Brad Thanks Brad - What happens if weather or work prohibit me from making it to class?
Brad -> Miriam Living in Chicago we do know that weather and travel can always be difficult. This weekend is a perfect example, with many of our students stuck on the East coast. We will work with the faculty and TAs to come up with options if there are large groups impacted by weather delays. If you are not able to attend class for any other reason we ask you to contact the Program office, Faculty and your study group to ensure you keep up with the class material.
Toby -> Everyone Hi Alain - thanks for your question! Workload between class days varies from class to class. There is no formal structure outside of what you and your study group decide. Many groups have at least 1 phone call a week to make sure everyone is keeping up with the readings and maybe more calls if for example a group project is due. I have heard students spend everywhere from 5 to 20 hours a week outside of class studying for the class weekend. Does this answer your question?
Alain_Cohen -> Toby Hi, how is off-campus work structured at Booth? (Workload between on-campus weekends)
Toby -> Alain_Cohen Hi Alain - thanks for your question! Workload between class days varies from class to class. There is no formal structure outside of what you and your study group decide. Many groups have at least 1 phone call a week to make sure everyone is keeping up with the readings and maybe more calls if for example a group project is due. I have heard students spend everywhere from 5 to 20 hours a week outside of class studying for the class weekend. Does this answer your question?
Karen -> Patty How do you determine if someone is better suited for the full-time MBA or Executive/Professional MBA program?
Patty -> Karen Hi, Karen. The professional work experience level and career goals are what determine the type of program suits a candidate. Full-time students generally have 3-5 years of experience and are looking to change careers and/or become more skilled in a functional area. Executive MBA students have much more experience and are preparing to become general managers -- CEO, COO, starting their own bsuinesses, etc. Our evening and weekend MBA programs are suited for individuals who may be between these 2 types of profiles.
ARS -> Patricia What is the main difference in the audience attending an MBA and an EMBA? Is there any difference in the grade earned from both programs?
Patricia -> ARS Hi ARS: The difference is the profile of the students. An EMBA student has significant work experience, typically 12+ years, with the average age being 37yrs old. Part-time MBA program student profile is average 7 years of professional experience, and finally the traditional full-time MBA program is 5 years of professional experience. It's important to know that the profile of the students is the only difference in these program. All programs have the same curriculum and the same faculty teaching. All students receive the same degree, an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Dan_Ahern -> Toby Hello everyone, thanks for hosting this afternoon. Can you provide a few pros and cons of going with the E MBA vs. the Part-Time program at Booth?
Toby -> Dan_Ahern Hi Dan. Deciding which program to attend is a very individual choice based on a number of factors. To start with it is important to be clear on the similarities between the programs. The faculty are the same, the degree is the same, the classes offered in the Executive MBA are all offered in the Evening/Weekend program.
That said some of the biggest differences between the Evening/Weekend MBA and the Executive MBA are the flexibility in the curriculum (greater in E/W), the profile of the class (more seasoned professionals in EMBA) and the general logistics (every week vs. every other week) and the integrated international classmates and travel in the EMBA. Anything more specific than this we should have a conversation offline. Feel free to reach out to me toby.cortelyou@chicagobooth.edu
sean -> Brad Hi everyone, I know that the electives offered in the XP vary from year to year, but I'm curious as to when that is decided on a yearly basis. And do the students have any input in the decision process? Thanks!
Brad -> sean http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/docs/2012_electives_final_gs.pdf
Here are the 2012 Elective classes and you are correct they change from year to year. There is not formal input process for the students to select the Electives offered but because of the nature of the EMBA class room the faculty have an understanding of the interests of each cohort.
Alexandra -> Patty I have started the company in Chicago last year to organize sales of my product in USA, so I have to come in Chicago quite often, I would like to use the time and study.i am from Moscow, I have highest education in economics but it is Russian style) one. I have experience like a CEO more than 7 years already. Do I have chance to join the program at your university?
Patty -> Alexandra Hi, Alexandra. I hope that sales are going well for you. It is difficult to determine suitability based on the information you have provided. We determine admission based on an entire application in addition to how your profile fits with the rest of the class. I encourage you to apply so that we can make that assessment.
ZJD -> Patricia what is the average age of someone entering booth?
Patricia -> ZJD Hi ZJD: The average age depends on the program entered. Executive MBA average age 37, Part time MBA average age 30, and the full time MBA program average age 25.
BradliKC -> Toby Hello, is GMAT hard request for EMAB Program? Is it possible to waive it?
Toby -> BradliKC Hi BradliKC. There is a GMAT waiver process. It is in the application. So start and application and in the "GMAT Scores" section of the application you can request a waiver. To be considered for a GMAT Waiver you must have completed the "Personal", "Academic Record" (including academic transcripts) and "Work Experience" sections of the application as well as uploaded a resume in the "Resume" section of the application.
Then you can write a couple paragraphs about why you believe a waiver is appropriate for you.
Waiver requests are decided weekly - so you don't have to have the entire application completed to find out if we need a GMAT from you.
Wallace -> Brad Hi everyone. I'm intending to apply from Brazil. I do have more then 20 years of working experience in IT. What kind of a US VISA is required to attend this MBA? Booth will help to provide it?
Brad -> Wallace Wallace international diversity is an integral part of the EMBA experience. We can support entry authorization to help assist you with immigration but not a standard F-1 visa you might have in mind. Each case is very different but feel free to contact me directly to talk about your expectations and what we can do. Brad 312-464-8764
jam -> Patty I live in schaumburg illinois but run a group of companies in Jamaica , the west indies. i would like to to enroll in the booth program in Fall of 2014. I will pay for my own expenses through my business. I am also a CPA . Is it too far ahead to plan enrollment and do i need to take the gmat ?
Patty -> jam Hi, Jam. Our next program begins in June 2013 with our final deadline being April 1, 2013. We encourage early applications since we do make decisions as we receive applications. And yes, you are required to take and submit a GMAT score unless you have the background to request a waiver. Details on submitting a waiver request can be found in our online application.
Mark_W -> Toby I am a CPA in Florida looking forward to more information on commuting? Thanks
Toby -> Mark_W Hi Mark - just over half of our students are flying in to class ever other weekend. I'd be happy to connect you with a commuting student if you have some specific questions about their experience. If you scroll up to the beginning of the chat Brad answered a questions about hotel options in the area. It's also worth noting that we provide a shuttle to both Chicago airports after classes on Saturday. Do you have more specific questions?
Lisa -> Patricia How long is the program?And how often are the classes?
Patricia -> Lisa Hi Lisa -- The program is 21 months in length with classes held every other weekend (Friday & Saturday) -- two weekends a month. These are full day classes 9am-4:30pm
ZJD -> Patty Patty, along the lines of Karen's question, I work as a consultant for a gaming company in Massachusetts. However, I am looking to pursue a career in finance when my contract is up. Is this what you mean when you say "Full-time students generally have 3-5 years of experience and are looking to change careers and/or become more skilled in a functional area"
Patty -> ZJD Hi, ZJD. Yes, given the little you have told me, your goals seems to match with a full-time MBA program -- relocation, career change, etc.
sbranca -> Patty I am working on discussions with my employer on funding and supporting me throuhg my MBA do you have any information that would be helpful as I prepare to talk with him? I would love to hear more about the value to my employer so I can position in an effective way for him.
Patty -> sbranca Hello, sbranca. We do have information for employers and I would be happy to send that to you (it is a pdf file, so I am unable to attach it here). Send me an email at patty.keegan@chicagobooth.edu
Raggeria -> Toby What do you differently in selecting candidates for the EMBA, Full Time and Weekend MBA?
Toby -> Raggeria Hi Raggeria - Not much. As you might imagine we have more work experience to evaluate in the EMBA program where undergraduate performance may play a larger role in Fulltime admissions. We are also sort of putting a puzzle together in the EMBA Program - selecting 90 people from diverse backgrounds who are able to learn and share from each other is a slightly different take. Other than that the process and materials are mostly the same for each program.
Erika_Lj -> Patricia Could you tell me more about the three different campuses? Do I get to meet the other students?
Patricia -> Erika_Lj Hi Erika - good question. The executive program operates three campuses, Chicago, London and Singapore. At the beginning of the program, you will meeting students from these campuses. Your will be able to interact with them throughout your program.
Joe -> Brad Given the work responsibilities of many of the attendees of the EMBA class, can you comment on how the class workload is distributed/handled best by these students?
Brad -> Joe Thank you Joe and we know that this would be difficult for anyone, but in my opinion scheduling is key! We have seen that the most successful students quickly set aside time for work, school, friends & family.
Lisa -> Toby What kind of questions should students expect during and interview?
Toby -> Lisa Hi Lisa - the interview is one more chance for you to talk to us about your goals in earning and MBA and how you hope to contribute during your time in the program. There are no tricks or quizzes or anything like that. The interview will be with an alum of the program or a staff member.
Lola_D. -> Patty Are you focused on finance only?
Patty -> Lola_D. Hi, Lola. The executive MBA program is a general management program. This means that we offer a well-rounded curriculum in functional areas like marketing, accounting, statistics, finance, organizational behavior, etc. Our other MBA programs offer students the opportunity to customize their students in many different areas -- inclusive of finance.
Lola_D. -> Brad How many hours per week do students typically on homework, projects, reading etc. outside of the classrom?
Brad -> Lola_D. This answer will vary based on the quarter and your comfort level with the material being covered. A general rule would be 10 to 15 hours per week.
Moderator -> Everyone We are almost half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Boni -> Patty Does the academic and work experience add up to get the equivalencey required to meet the criteria if some one has studied overseas like India
Patty -> Boni Hi, Boni. I am unsure if I understand your question. We require that someone applying to the program has earned the equivalent of a bachelor's degree -- regardless of the country in which it was earned.
jam -> Patricia I have over 20 years of work experience and 15 years of management experience so will that exempt me from the gmat? I am referring to the executive mba program?
Patricia -> jam Hi Jam -- It sounds like you have significant work experience, including management experience. In order to determine if a waiver can be granted, the committee needs to review all your documents required for a waiver, this includes resume, unofficial transcripts, and your GMAT waiver statement. Feel free to contact us offline for specific information at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu
Karen -> Toby obviously "fit" is an important factor when determining which candidates to admit to your program - could you provide a brief description of what you're looking for or the type of person who will do well at Booth?
Toby -> Karen Hi Karen - insightful question.... i'll try to provide an insightful response :) To be clear there is no common set of skills or characteristics that can ensure admission to the program. We work hard to create a diverse cohort in terms of professional and personal experiences. That said one of our long time faculty members here, Harry Davis, has said that "Booth students ALL seek to have a disproportionate impact." I love that. I love the idea that you come here because you are driven to be better, to perform above the status quo and exceed expectations. I hope this helps!
BradliKC -> Toby Thank you Toby, that answered my question! Do you need academic transcripts hard copy or could I upload soft copy firstly to move forward?
Toby -> BradliKC Hi Brad. soft/electronic transcripts are fine for admission purposes.
Peter_S. -> Patricia Are textbooks included in the tuition fee?
Patricia -> Peter_S. Hi Peter - yes your textbooks (all course material includes, textbooks and cases) are included in the tuition fee.
Wallace -> Toby Thank You Brad. I'm planning to step by Chicago this month. Is it possible to book a meeting with some of you to clarify all the aspects and expectations?
Toby -> Wallace Hi Wallace - email us at xp@chicagobooth.edu and we can set up a meeting.
ZJD -> Patricia Could I get your contact info if I have any questions in the future?
Patricia -> ZJD Hello ZJD: Feel free to contact me at patricia.coffey@ChicagoBooth.edu
AnthonyWilliams -> Toby What are some of the attributes the institution is seeking in candidates?
Toby -> AnthonyWilliams Hi Anthony - I'm copying an answer I just gave to another chatter - the questions must have crossed:

To be clear there is no common set of skills or characteristics that can ensure admission to the program. We work hard to create a diverse cohort in terms of professional and personal experiences. That said one of our long time faculty members here, Harry Davis, has said that "Booth students ALL seek to have a disproportionate impact." I love that. I love the idea that you come here because you are driven to be better, to perform above the status quo and exceed expectations. I hope this helps!
Kevin_C -> Patty Would Booth E MBA welcome an applicant with post 9/ll military experience in managing over 60 soldiers, and managing multimillion dollar budgets, and deploying mutable times in to hostile areas of operations as credible work experience? I would bring 4 years of management experience as a business owner of a medical practice and management company, and 4 years of military service as a noncommissioned officer. AS a 32 year old male Hispanic with a 2.8 undergrad GPA in economics and an average GMAT score with a total of and 8 years of management experience, do you think it would be better for me just to apply to the normal MBA program based on my profile, or just apply at a different school?
Patty -> Kevin_C Hi, Kevin. We definitely value military experience and your level of experience would likely be interesting for us in the executive MBA program. However, I would encourage you to do some additional due diligence on Chicago Booth (our academic rigor, value placed on inquiry, etc.) I would also talk to students or alumni who have experienced our different programs to see which one matches your career goals. Finally, I encourage you to visit us in Chicago and sit in on a class -- this is the best way to see if the fit is right for you. This is also good practice for any business school which interests you.
Manuel -> Patricia What is the typical student like?
Patricia -> Manuel Hi Manuel - there is no "typical" XP student. Our student population is very diverse. Diverse in job functions, industries and cultures. Bringing all these together make up a a diverse classroom to students who add value based on their experiences.
Miriam -> Brad What types of networking opportunities exists for EMBA students?
Brad -> Miriam The cohort ed EMBA class is a great network alone but there are more formal networking opportunities that are arranged by the Program Office, Career Services, The Alumni office & fellow students.
ARS -> Toby what is the current rate of : Accepted Students / Applications for the different programs?
Toby -> ARS Hi ARS - We don't publish our acceptance rate, basically because it doesn't tell you anything you don't already know and that is that we are highly selective. You're not really competing against the entire applicant pool for spots in the class, we are putting together a group of 90 people that we believe will thrive at Booth and using a large amount of information to do so. So my best advice is to tell us about what you hope to contribute, how you hope to add value and trust that we have both of our best interests in mind when making admissions decisions.
Moderator -> Everyone Great questions so far.... Our chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
Lance -> Brad Good afternoon. Does the Booth EMBA program utilize study groups throughout the 21 month program? How many students are in a study group and are the groups the same for the entire program, or changed periodically?
Brad -> Lance Study groups will have 5 to 6 students in the group. They are changed every two quarters.
Raggeria -> Patty I have 12 yrs of extensive work experience in finance and plan to say in finance, my gpa and gmat are not the strongest parts of my application for that reason I am torn betweeen which program would be a better fit. Do you have any recommendations that could help with my decision?
Patty -> Raggeria Hi, Raggeria. All of our Chicago Booth MBA programs require the GMAT and a strong undergraduate record. However, in some cases, extensive work experience can help to bolster a less than stellar undergraduate performance. Your amount of work experience seems to indicate a fit with executive MBA as does your aspiration to augment your finance profile.
Peter_S. -> Patricia Do students take classes in all three campuses? And if so, who teaches them?
Patricia -> Peter_S. Hi Peter - yes, students from the Executive program at all the campuses get an opportunity to travel to those locations and take classes with their classmates. At the very beginning of the program all three campuses, around 280 students come to Chicago and take classes. Then, 1/3 of each program (90 students from each campus) are assigned a section that will travel to London and Singapore for classes. Faculty teaching these programs are from Chicago Booth. They simply fly over and conduct those classes. I can provide additional detailed information offline XP@ChicagoBooth.edu
Ashok -> Toby I'm not a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident. I'm in United States on a Work VISA. I have over 13 years of Work Experience and 7 + years in United States. I'm interested in EMBA. Should I need to have GMAT score? Since the fees are so high, what type of financial assistance are available for students like me?
Toby -> Ashok Hi Ashok - the GMAT is required but we do have a waiver process. Waivers may be given to very senior level managers, usually with twelve or more years of management experience may be granted an exemption from the GMAT requirement. Examples might include CEOs, Managing Directors, CFOs, and Division Heads etc. A waiver may also be considered for a candidate whose work experience and training demonstrate a high level of business acumen, quantitative and analytical skill and an ability to apply those skills to a rigorous and analytical program of business studies.

With regards to financial assistance Chicago Booth does not have any scholarships or grants.
AnthonyWilliams -> Patty what is the attrition for candidates that are selected?
Patty -> AnthonyWilliams Hi Anthony. I am unsure what you mean by attrition. If you mean "yield" -- how many applicants accept our offer of admissions, I can tell you that it is quite high -- typically 90% +. Once students beging the program, our attrition rate is extremely low. We may have 1 or 2 students step out of the program for a time or transfer to our London or Singapore campuses because of job transfers. So -- in summary -- when someone is admitted here, they typically accept our offer and finish the program successfully!
AnthonyWilliams -> Patricia In the second essay, which asks for career progression, are you simply looking for bullet points or a couple of paragraphs detailing career aspirations?
Patricia -> AnthonyWilliams Hi Anthony - it's important to detail your career aspirations, whether it's in paragraph form or bullets. If you provide bullet points, please detail each point. The more information you provide, the better for the committee reviewing your file. Your career aspirations are personal. This is your time to share with us your story.
karkal -> Brad What kind career guidance/services are available for EMBA candidates ? Is it similar to FT candidates ?
Brad -> karkal I hope this will also answer Karen's question. We don't offer on campus recruiting like they do in the FT program. They do support students with career coaching & sponsoring networking events. The services are very different because someone coming out of an EMBA program would not be looking for the same kind of job and FT student would be qualified to fill.
Richard_Santhouse -> Toby After completing the program, on my CV do I have an EMBA or a MBA?
Toby -> Richard_Santhouse Hi Richard - you will have an MBA from the University of Chicago.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. The chat session has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, November 2, on the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/events/online-chats-archive.aspx
Patricia -> Everyone Thank you for joining us. We hope that we were able to answer many of your questions. If you require additional information, please feel free to contact us at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu. Hope to see you at the Gleacher Center in the near future!
Toby -> Everyone Thanks everyone for joining today! Please be sure to take a minute to learn about other ways to engage with us and with our students and alumni. Come visit a class or attend an info session (like the one we have this Saturday) The link below will take you to our events page online.
Brad -> Everyone Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today and if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me bradley.krillenberger@chicagobooth.edu
Patty -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today! It was my pleasure to answer your questions.