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Two directors from the Chicago Booth Career Services team will be on hand to answer your questions about resources available to you as a student in the Executive MBA Program.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - 12:00 PM CT

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Brad -> Everyone

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s chat.

MBA2013 -> Moderator

What is the application deadline?


Thank you for joining us! The chat will begin promptly at noon and will run for 1 hour. Please go ahead and submit questions now.

Gordon -> Moderator

I understand it is recommended that every student schedule a 30 minute 1 on 1 appointment with a career service coach to discuss career goals and needs. Should this be shceduled during the application process or only after being accepted to the program?

Anita -> Everyone

Hi Gordan, we do encourage students to schedule a 30 minute coaching appointment in the first quarter after joining the program. Anita.

Moderator ->Everyone

Thank you for joining us. The chat has begun and will run for 1 hour. Please submit your questions.

Blaze ->Everyone

Good afternoon - My name is Blaze Konkol. I co-lead Career Management for the Executive MBA, Evening, and Weekend programs as well as for alumni. Welcome to the chat today. Blaze

Susan -> Everyone

Hi everyone, thank you for joining the chat! My name is Susan Thoma and I am the Graduate Intern in Booth Executive MBA program Marketing and Admissions department.

Anita ->Everyone

Good afternoon. I am Anita Brick, Director of Career Advancement Programs and an alum of Booth. I work with Executive MBA, Evening and Weekend progam as well as alumni. WElcome to the chat. Anita

Brad -> Everyone

Brad Krillenberger - Senior Associate Director of Student Services – Hello and welcome!

Tarun_Kumar -> Blaze

Hi, can you please shed some light on the various career management tools that are available to students entering the program. And how can the students make the best use of these offerings.

Blaze -> Tarun_Kumar

Our career management services are designed to be personal and just in time. We start with an initial career assessment conversation to better understand your goals. Then we have an array of corporate programs (like industry networking events) designed to help facilitate connections and opportunities as well as career management workshops (like how to effectively tell your story) to help you take advantage of those opportunities. We also have an array of self service tools from job postings to research databases to support career development. Students can make best use by meeting with a coach, then developing a plan for what tools and programs to use first, second etc.

VDS -> Anita

Could you elaborate on career coaching provided by Career Services? Do you have any executive coaches asigned to students to help improve the students' leadership skills?

Anita ->VDS

Career coaching can cover a lot a ground - from self-assessment to job search to advancement within your firm. A coaching session can include a resume review, mock interview, and even how to expand your reputation as an expert in your field. While there aren't executive coaches, there is a variety of programming to improve leadership skills. We even bring in senior executives throughout the year for small group coaching sessions.

MBA2013 -> Susan

How many years of work experience does a typical Executive MBA student have?

Susan -> MBA2013

Hello! Thanks for your question. The average Executive MBA student has 12-13 years of work experience and is 37 years old. That said, the key word here is 'average' - there are certainly students in the program with more or less work experience.

EHL -> Anita

Anita, are these senior execs recruited by Booth, or are they Booth alum who volunteer to do these sessions?

Anita -> EHL

Actually, it's a combination of both. We have strong relationships with executives who are Booth alumni and "friends of Booth" who are not.

Moderator -> Everyone

We’ve had many great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions!

Tarun_Kumar -> Anita

Do you see a typical EMBA student taking advantage of the career management tools as much as a regular MBA student does? How effective are these tools for EMBA students since they are much further along in their careers?

Anita -> Tarun_Kumar

Hi Tarun,

Brad -> Everyone

The Executive MBA Experience and your classmates are an imbedded part of the Booth Career Services experience. We hope to serve as a catalyst of exchange between both current student and Alumni of the Executive MBA. That is one of many things that differentiate us from other Booth program offices.

MBA2013 -> Susan

How does the Executive MBA program differ from the parttime program?

Susan -> MBA2013

Hi, MBA2013. The Executive MBA program differs in content, structure, and student profile. As I previously mentioned, the typical Executive MBA student has over ten years of work experience, whereas students in the part time program have 6-7 years of work experience. Additionally, the Executive MBA curriculum is a 21-month lock-step general management curriculum, meaning that your classes are pre-set in terms of content and sequence; the part time program offers a bit more flexibility with sequencing. Finally, as part of the Executive MBA program, you will have the unique opportunity to travel to the two other Executive MBA program campuses in London and Singapore for 1 week each for classes.

EHL ->Brad

Brad, what is the distinction between your department (student services) to the career services group?

Brad -> EHL

The Executive MBA Experience and your classmates are an imbedded part of the Booth Career Services experience. We hope to serve as a catalyst of exchange between both current student and Alumni of the Executive MBA. That is one of many things that differentiate us from other Booth program offices.

Anita -> Everyone

Hi Tarun, both groups take advantage of career management tools. What we provide each group is different and the programming and tools for EMBAs is geared to a more senior audience. We actually made some significant changes in the programming in 2010 that closely match the needs, timing, and level of the EMBAs. Good question. Thanks, Anita

Charlie -> Brad

I work at Fermilab, UC manages Fermi and offers a special program for Argonne and Fermilab employees which you have to be chosen for. It is short compared to other programs like the executive MBA program. I was wondering if there was somone I could talk to help me decide which program is best for me.

Brad -> Charlie

I would be happy to talk to you about your specific situation and answer your concerns directly. Please feel free to give me a call on my direct line. 312-464-8764

Marcello -> Blaze

What's the format of Chicago coaching program: 1) How often are the meeting and for how long?; 2)How the match is done between coach & coachee?; 3) How topics are selected?; 5) How results are quantified?; ...

Blaze -> Marcello

Coaching meetings are held on an as needed basis and typically last for 30-60 minutes. We flex the availability and meeting duration depending upon need. While Anita is a designated point of contact and coach working with the Executive MBA students. We have multiple coaches on the ground here in Chicago, as welll as coaches in London and Singapore available to help Executive MBA students globall. Our coaches are generalists, most coach/student matching is based on availability. Topics are selected and driven by the student. I am not sure I follow the quantifying coaching meeting question, we don't have a scale quantifying satisfaction or particular outcomes of each coaching appointment. The needs and meetings have proven too diverse to warrant establishing that kind of system. We do evaluate all programs and frequently gather feedback about what we need to keep doing more of, and what we need to change or add.

vs -> Blaze

How many hours on average does Career Services team work with individual EMBA students over the 21 months of the program for activities like resume review, individual coaching, mapping career trajectory, improving leadership skills. I am trying to get a sense for how integrated Career Services is with the EMBA experience.

Blaze -> vs

I would be guessing on an average number of hours per student, but we conduct several hundred coaching appointments each year in addition to the programs we deliver. We also meet with about 70% of each class globally through initial career assessment conversations. We find that Executive MBA students are extremely stretched for time and limitations on how frequently we are engaged is driven by the student's availability. We place no limits on how much students engage our team.

Marcello -> Anita

what networking tools/opportunities Chicago Booth offers to students to find & meet alumni in specific industries?

Anita -> Marcello

Hi Marcelo, we offer a whole variety of tools and opportunities. On the tools side are the Booth Community Directory and several function and industry specific LinkedIn groups. The opportunities are many from Executives in Residence programs and Executives on Call (that can be accessed remotely) to Industry Happy Hours and the Booth Business Forums. These cover functions from general management to consulting and industries from manufacturing to private equity. We even did an Industry Happy Hour with successful entrepreneurs.

Moderator -> Everyone

We’re at the mid point with 30 minutes remaining in the chat. Please continue to submit your questions!

EHL -> Blaze

Are there any stats on Exec MBA students on whether they stay with the organizations/companies with which they were employed at the start of enrollment, or if they move on to other employers after graduation? I'm wondering if a Booth MBA helps to advance within a company or if it opens up opportunities elsewhere.

Blaze -> EHL

Students make many kinds of change during and shortly after completing the program. The numbers vary annually, but over two-thirds reporting make a level/advancing change with their current company this past year. The remainder reported an array of changes from starting their own business to new functional or industry roles. Keep in mind that the class is very heterogeneous. The kind of change - level, function, industry, geography - depends greatly on your individual background and what change you are speaking to. You might benefit from a live conversation with Anita or me if you would like more advice specific to you.

Tarun_Kumar -> Anita

Hi. What advice can you give to the candidates looking to network with alumni and other industry professionals and executives during different events? What should be their demeanor and how can they leave a lasting impression so as to forge effective relationships?

Anita -> Tarun_Kumar

Hi Tarun, it is really the same as with any professional event. You want to be prepared and ask questions that you cannot easily find the answers to elsewhere - in other words, ask questions that show your knowledge. The bottom line is that you want to be professional and have the goal of building a relationship with the other person - not just for that event, but for the long term. As professionals in your field, you will also be able to provide knowledge and insight to others - successful networking is an exchange.

Gordon -> Anita

Anita: How often would an industry come up as a focus area for an Industry Happy Hour? As an example: how often would the topic be Private Equity? Once per quarter? Once per year? Thanks.

Anita -> Gordon

Gordan, depending on the topic - at least once per year. If you look at the whole array of events available, more than once per year. On top of the things I previously mentioned - EMBA students can attend other events like the Career Services Chicago Conversations (held in various locations around the world,) alumni industry round tables, and more. This increases the number of events in a particular industry. In fact, coming up in February is a full-day program on Private Equity.

Pavan -> Blaze

At what stage of the 21 month program campus placements begin? What is the average percentage of placements for XP?

Blaze -> Pavan

We have an on-campus recruiting process for the full-time program, but not for the Executive MBA program. Companies typically recruit on-campus when they have large hiring needs for a relatively homogeneous group at about the 3-5 year experience range - not the profile of a typical Booth Executive MBA student. Companies conduct their experienced hiring in almost an exclusively just in time fashion - more typical of the Booth Executive MBA profile and hiring experience. To help facilitate these connections for Executive MBA students we have a global employer development team that focuses on developing new relationships between employers and the school, a job posting system with over 5,000 positions annually, a resume database marketed to employers and search firms, and industry networking events.

Moderator -> Everyone

The chat will be closing in 15 minutes. Please submit any final questions.

Tarun_Kumar -> Blaze

Since a lot of EMBA students are from out of town, are the workshops and career management services typically available on the weekends the students are in Chicago.

Blaze -> Tarun_Kumar

Nearly all our programs are delivered when students are in-town. Coaching can always take place virtually - skype or phone as well. We have one program - Executives-on-Call - where we facilitate small group coaching between students and the executives via teleconference. These are open to all Executive MBA students globally. The virtual delivery enables more executive and student availability than we can find during session weekends or session weeks.

Marcello -> Anita

How long after graduation the Career Services are accessible to Alumni?

Anita -> Toby

Marcello, Career Services are available to alumni for their entire career. Many of the EMBA programs are available to alumni as well (across the globe) and there are many tools -from job postings to resume assistance - available as well. Alumni will also reach out to Career Services to recruit Booth talent and we are available for that as well.

Pavan -> Brad

As I understand electives for XP change every year. When do we know the electives for 2012 program?

Brad -> Pavan

The 2012 Electives that will take place in September of 2012 will typically be announced to current students in late Spring 2012. Executive MBA Alumni will be notified of available seats later in the summer of 2012. They do change from year to year to continue to offer options to both current students & Alumni.

Gordon -> Anita

Anita: For attending the events, would you recommend a student wait till after being in the program or can a student attend the events between acceptance and the program start date? Thanks again.

Anita -> Gordon

Gordan, students wait until they begin the program to participate in Career Services events and services.

Tarun_Kumar ->Blaze

Do you see candidates engaged with career services as much during the program as after graduation, be it for self-development or recruiting talent or expanding their own network?

Blaze -> Tarun_Kumar

Career Services are available for free for life. Of course, the student and alumni life-cycle is constantly changing. I think we feel and identify student engagement as Executive MBA most acutely during the program and within the first 3-6 months post graduation. While we do a significant amount of coaching and program delivery for alumni, we don't experience that connection as differentiated by Booth program.

Blaze -> Everyone

thanks for attending and your great questions - we are happy to answer any additional questions any time. You can reach us by emailing -


or calling 312-464-8677

Anita -> Everyone

Thanks very much for attending the chat today - great questions. If you have additional questions, please send them to


. We wish you much success in your path to an MBA. Best regards, Anita

Susan -> Everyone

Thanks for your questions and participation! If you had any additional questions regarding the Executive MBA program, feel free to email us at


or call the office line at 312-464-8750

Brad -> Everyone

Thank you for attending today’s chat if you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to me directly.


Moderator -> Everyone

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