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March 26, 2010 — 12:00 PM GMT

Moderator: Welcome to the chat!

Elisa: Hi everyone, This is Elisa. Welcome to the chat!

Rachel: Hi everyone, thanks for joining us today. I'm Rachel Waites, part of the admissions team at Chicago Booth.

Jenny: Hello everyone, Jenny Eriksson, Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator we look forward to answering all your questions today.

Amsterdamsel__Guest_: Is there still time to apply for the June 2010 start date?

Jenny: Hi Amsterdamsel. Yes, there is still time to apply, but the deadline is coming up April 1st!

Chet__Guest_: Hi I am Chet, London: I want to know whether it is mandatory to have employers support?

Rachel: Hi Chet, thanks for joining us. It is mandatory that all Executive MBA students are in full-time employment during the programme, and we do ask that your employer provide us with a letter acknowledging that you are on the programme. Your employer must agree to give you time off to do the course, but not necessarily any financial sponsorship.

Chet__Guest_: Can you also eloborate on financial aid available? Do you have colloboration with any UK bank which provide study loan?

Rachel: Unfortunately we don't offer any financial aid or scholarships in the Executive MBA programme, Chet. We don't recommend a particular bank to candidates, instead you should approach your own bank for a career development loan. It's difficult to apply for a loan in a country other than your own country of residence.

veera__Guest_: I am going to submit my MBA application just after this chat. any suggestions about the application before submitting

Elisa: Hi Veera, just make sure your CV is uploaded. If you have copies of your transcripts you can also upload these as pdf files. Finally, you will need to add the name of your three recommenders even if your letters are not ready yet. If you have any issues just email europe.inquiries@chicagobooth.edu and we will help you.

nyk__Guest_: how many years of experience does your last incoming class had?

Jenny: Hi NYK, the class has an average of 12 years work experience with an average age of 36 years old and the age range is from 28 to 50+

Hemant__Guest_: How critical is the GMAT in the selection process ?

Jenny: Hi Hemant, GMAT is not a requirement for the Executive MBA program. We do look at your work history and academic transcript before deciding if GMAT would be asked of you which means you can apply without the GMAT test.

F6__Guest_: Hello, Is that a plus for my application if I apply as Cameroonian?

Elisa: Hi F8, the online application gives you the chance to add primary and secondary citizenships. We encourage you to put both and it makes no difference whether you put them as primary or secondary.

Emery__Guest_: I have two questions: One is about how the admissions team feels about extra letters of recommendation. I am very happy with the number of people willing to write a letter for me and I wonder if this would be helpful to my application or if it just becomes "noise" in your opinion.

Elisa: Hi Emery, we require three letters of recommendation only. You are welcome to submit more but three letters are enough for the admissions team.

Hemant__Guest_: Can you indicate how much time a student would spend outside of office over the course ?

Rachel: Hi Hemant. The Executive MBA programme is 16 weeks in total, class time. In addition, our students tell us that they spend an average of 14 hours per week on MBA related work - reading, assignments, speaking with the study group, etc

G-514409914__Guest_: Thanks, I just returned to Europe two weeks ago from a year in the USA and just to check. Prior to 1 April, we need to complete the application, along with the essays. Letters of recommendation and transcripts can come a little later, is that correct.

Rachel: Hi, that's a good question. As you mention, we need your submitted application form, essays, CV and application fee to assess you for an interview. Ideally we'd also like your references and transcript, but you can submit these after the interview stage.

RCD__Guest_: Are there still student slots available for the June 2010 intake?

Rachel: Hi RCD. We are still accepting applications for the June 2010 start date, and as we operate a rolling admissions system, you can still apply after the 1st April deadline. If you'd like some personal advice on the application process feel free to email us your CV europe.inquiries@chicagobooth.edu

G-488926765__Guest_: Hallo, where do the students normally live during the in-class modules studyong for EMBA - in the campus? or thatis their own care of?

Jenny: Hi G. We do not have on campus accommodation but we do give suggestions to our students of hotels in the area for various budgets. The tuition covers the hotels duing the sessions in Chicago and Singapore.

Emery__Guest_: My second question is about tuition. Jenny gave me some information about tuiton last year and the expected percentage increase. Is there any other information available? Will we be contacted when this important detail is finalized?

Elisa: Tuition fees for 2010 will be announced in Spring. An email will go out to all prospective candidates when this is confirmed.

G-488926765__Guest_: I'm still preparing my application and already referred to 3 people who are my recommenders. I waived my right to see their recomendation letters. HOw can I make sure you received the letters from all of them in time?

Jenny: You will be notified via an automatic system on which recommendation has been received. I would also follow up with you in regards to any outstanding documents after your admissions interview.

KikiM__Guest_: To what extend do you take professional qualifications into consideration ?

Rachel: Hi Kiki. There is a section on the admissions form which allows you to list any professional qualifications. Many of our students have ACCA, CFA or other certifications, and we do consider these as part of the admissions process.

Candidate__Guest_: How does Admissions judge applicants who want to change jobs and/or industries?

Rachel: Providing candidates have realistic objectives and career goals, then we are certainly willing to accept students who want to change jobs or industries. In fact, this is the goal of many of our students. The admissions essays give you an opportunity to explain how you think the MBA programme can help you meet your career and personal objectives.

Yar__Guest_: Hi Jenny and Rachel. Are there any financial support provided for self-sponsored students? Like assisting in obtaining a bank loan?

Jenny: Unfortunately we don't offer any financial aid or scholarships in the Executive MBA programme, Yar. We don't recommend a particular bank to candidates, instead you should approach your own bank for a career development loan. It's difficult to apply for a loan in a country other than your own country of residence.

sama__Guest_: What are the main differentiation factors of the Chicago Booth EMba over other top programs?

Elisa: Hi Sama, Chicago Booth is the only business school with permanent campuses on three different continents. This means that all our MBA students, regardless of the program and location they choose, will be taught by the same faculty. Everybody gets the exact same teaching experience and the exact same MBA degree. This makes the Chicago Booth global network of alumni really strong. In addition to this, you will have access to Career Services and Alumni resources in Europe, North America and Asia.

Vesselin__Guest_: From an academical point of view, are lectors and professors in Chicago and in London the same or each campus has local team, i.e. in terms of logistics, for me it's better to apply for the Longon programme, but I want to know that the academic level will be as good as that in Chicago?

Rachel: Hi Vesselin. We're proud that our EMBA programme offers a 'pure Chicago' experience, ie, the content of the programme and the faculty are exactly the same whether you study in Chicago, London or Singapore. All our professors fly over from Chicago to teach classes in Europe and Asia, so there is no differentiation in quality amongst the campuses.

Elena__Guest_: Good Afternoon. You don't request neither Toefel nor GMAT from the applicants?

Rachel: Hi Elena. GMAT and TOEFL are not a strict requirement for the Executive MBA programme. We only ask for these qualifications in exceptional circumstances. We assess your academic and English ability through the application form, essays, your supporting documents and at the interviews.

Moderator: We are halfway through the chat and have had some great questions! As a reminder, the topic of this chat is admissions, and we will be trying to answer as many of your questions as possible in the next 30 minutes.

Kris__Guest_: Could you recall how much the program 2009 did cost. Or 2010 (even better if you have predictions)

Elisa: Hi Kris, the 2009 tuition fee was £69,000 for the whole program. This included tutoring time, all course material, meals on campus and accommodation for the weeks that you spend in Chicago and Singapore. Tuition for 2010 will be announced in Spring. We will be sending an announcement to all candidates by email when tuition information becomes available.

Olu__Guest_: Hi. Am i able to submit my online application without recommendation letters at this stage of the the application process?

Jenny: Hi Olu, yes you can submit your application without your recommendation letters. We would require your recommendations before a decision is taken on your application which happens after your interview.

Elena__Guest_: What if the company I am employed with doesn't support my idea to study for EMBA and thus won't probably issue a support letter, how may this impact my application?

Rachel: Hi Elena. We do require that all EMBA students are in full-time employment during the programme, and it is a requirement that your company provides us with a support letter. The support letter is basically an acknowledgement from your company that they are aware you are doing the programme, and they agree to give you the time off. If you don't have a support letter, it's unlikely we'll be able to make you an offer.

dalila__Guest_: Hi, I wanted to know if it is mandatory to be employed by company?

Rachel: Hi Dalila - your question is similar to Elena's, see above. We do require that all students are in full-time employment, either working for a company or self-employed.

PRA__Guest_: Hi, can you please indicate which criterias or skills will make the difference when you review an application ?

Rachel: PRA, we consider each application individually and on its own merits, so we aren't looking for a particular profile or 'type'. The essays and application form give you an opportunity to tell us about your background and your goals for the future, and you can also elaborate on any social/personal activities you do in your spare time.

hari__Guest_: What sort of person are you looking for?

Jenny: Our typical MBA class profile have people, who on average, hold 13-15 years of work experience and who are in their mid to late thirties. Men make up approximately 75% of the class. Approximately 35% of these students come from a general management background, with the second largest group having accounting and finance backgrounds. Sales and marketing, information technology, engineering, operations management and law make up the balance. For more information about the class visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/world-class/class-stats/index.aspx

Marco__Guest_: Hallo, could you please elaborate a little on the concentrations you offer (esp. concentration in Finance if possible)? Thanks.

Jenny: Hi Marco, Students opting to take a concentration can focus more specifically on a key area of business - Marketing, Finance or Strategy. Concentrations will help you develop additional frameworks that enhance or complement your experience. They can be useful for students who are interested in taking their careers in a new direction. Earning a concentration also signals your in-depth knowledge to employers and colleagues.Find out more at:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/academics/curriculum/concentrations.aspx

Yar__Guest_: How big is your class size?

Rachel: We take approximately 90 students on each campus every June, so a total of around 270 students a year or thereabouts. You can find more information about our class profile here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/world-class/index.aspx

Amsterdamsel__Guest_: On the website, there are some impressive alumni names, but how can I actually get to meet those people when I’m at Chicago Booth? Do they actually help other people on the programme?

Rachel: Hi, thanks for joining us. There are lots of different ways our students can meet Chicago Booth alumni. We have an online community directory of all 45,000 alumni worldwide which you can search by company, geography, year of graduation, etc. There are also lots of events you can attend - local alumni clubs in your home town, academic events worldwide where we invite a faculty speaker, our global Chicago Booth night event, etc. Our Alumni Office can help you connect with specific alums once you are a student here.

G-488926765__Guest_: your Singapore and Chicago modules have a fixed schedule or it is decided by the school later when the student should go to those locations to study?

Elisa: Hi, you can find the program timeline and calendars for each campus at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/academics/format.aspx . You will know the exact week for your international sessions when you start the program - once you are assigned to your international group.

G-488926765__Guest_: Could you please speak more about the interview date? If I plan to submit my application, say, on 30/04/2010, what might be (should be) the deadline for the interview?

Rachel: Our interview dates are flexible - we can offer you an interview which fits in with your schedule. As soon as you submit your application, we'll assess your file and contact you regarding an interview.

Olu__Guest_: So the interview is scheduled after the apr 1 deadline?

Jenny: Hi Olu, yes we'd schedule your interview ASAP after we receive your application. For example if you submit today I could organise your interviews for next week.

archangel__Guest_: Did I get it wrong or is the fulltime MBA more flexible regarding electives then the EMBA which has a pretty fixed structure? I am interested in a strong concentration in finance for which UChicago has a fantastic reputation

Rachel: Hi Archangel, the full-time MBA programme does indeed offer a lot more flexibility in terms of electives - they only have one core module, and the rest of the course can be tailored to your specific interests. The Executive MBA programme is a general management course with a fixed curriculum. It is possible to take a concentration in either Marketing, Finance or Strategy on the EMBA though. The concentration is optional and requires an additional week of class at the end of the programme. Additionally, there is an Electives Week during the EMBA program that offers courses from a variety of subjects.

G-514409914__Guest_: Jenny, I was momentarily dropped from the connection, Do we need to do the interview in London? or is it possible to hold it over the phone? Also, is the interview requireed prior to 1 April? or could we hold it later next week? I am in Germany and need to plan a day of travel. Thanks.

Rachel: Hi G - our interviews usually take place here on campus in London, but it is possible to arrange telephone interviews in exceptional circumstances. You don't need to have the interviews before 1st April - we would just like your submitted application before that date. As soon as we receive your submitted application, we'll contact you to arrange the interviews. If you'd like some personal feedback, please email us at europe.inquiries@chicagobooth.edu

Hemant__Guest_: As it is very close to the April 1 deadline can I still apply for the June course and have the references sent across after the April 1 deadline, if yes how much time will I have to get the references sorted out ?

Jenny: Hi Hemant, the sooner we have your recommendation letters after the interview the sooner you would receive the admissions decision from us.

Moderator: There are 10 minutes left in the chat. We will continue to answer as many questions as possible!

Candidate__Guest_: The third essay question is an optional one. Could you please elaborate more on what Admissions would like to have submitted?

Elisa: Hi, the third question is for you to add anything you would like the admissions committee to know, that may not have been addressed in the previous questions. You can include information about your participation in any charity or business organization that is not directly related to your job. You can also use this space to add information on topics you were not able to include in essays 1 and 2. This is really optional, if you don't have anything to add and your answer will repeat what you've said in the previous essays then we suggest you leave that essay question in blank.

Amsterdamsel__Guest_: What is the waitlist? I applied earlier this year but I’m still on the waitlist, what does that mean?

Rachel: Yes, the waitlist can be confusing. It means that we need a bit more time to consider your application in relation to other applications in the pool. You will hear from us with a specific decision soon, certainly before the start date.

Olu__Guest_: at what stage do you request the company "support letter", letter of recommendations and official paper transcripts?

Jenny: Once you receive an admissions offer from us we would require the company support letter from you. Letters of recommendation we would need before we take a decision on your application. Offical transcripts can be brought with you for your interview or send us scanned copies if it before your interview.

hari__Guest_: If you are self employed who has to provide the support letter?

Elisa: Hi Hari, if you are self employed you don't need to provide a company support letter.

Rsh__Guest_: Hi , I am looking to do EMBA from London campus...i have over 11 years of experiance .am i eligible?\

Rachel: Yes - our students have an average of 12 years work experience. This is a range of course, and we welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds, industries and years of experience. Read more about our class at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/world-class/class-stats/index.aspx

veera__Guest_: do you require a transcript of PhD degree

Elisa: Hi Veera, we would require transcripts for all the official degrees you list in your application.

Hemant__Guest_: Can you indicate what the schedule would be like when the program begins in June,2010. Is the orientation done at London or Chicago ?

Rachel: Hi - the entire 2010-2012 schedule can be found online at our website - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/academics/format.aspx All students have orientation (kick-off week) in Chicago.

veera__Guest_: do you require the reco letters as hard copy???

Jenny: Veera, your recommenders can submit via the online system which means that no hard copy is needed.

Elisa: Thanks for joining us today! If you have more questions please email us at europe.inquiries@chicagobooth.edu or call +44 (0)2070702200.

Jenny: Thank you for the chat today, any questions we didn't have time to answer can be sent to europe.inquiries@ChicagoBooth.edu

Rachel: Thanks for joining us today. Feel free to get in touch directly if you have any further questions, we're happy to help.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. You can read a transcript of this chat within 48 hours at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/chat/archive.aspx