Evening MBA

Local Optima

Local Optima is an official club at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. Our mission is to serve the local community by providing nonprofit organizations with pro bono business consulting work while providing Chicago Booth students valuable nonprofit and consulting experience. We do this by matching teams of four to five business school students with local nonprofit organizations to deliver business consulting services.

Our club members gain valuable consulting and nonprofit experience while using their business knowledge and acumen to give back to their community. The nonprofits we work with are granted the opportunity to partner with consultants to address difficult problems, discover strategic solutions and gain valuable contacts within the Chicago Booth community.

We start projects every quarter of our school year. We have conducted successful projects in several fields such as operations, social media, market research, and finance.


Robert Bhuyan

Vamsi Annavajjula
Operations Co-Chair

Raj Bahadur
Sourcing Co-Chair

Danielle Harris
Sourcing Co-Chair

Andrew Ly
Training Co-Chair

Gokulnath B Rao
Marketing Co-Chair