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April 9, 2019 Live Admissions Chat

Answered Questions (80)


1. Chat Participant: Hello, is providing the family information optional? Can some questions in this section be left blank?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: You can leave these sections blank if you wish. Please keep in mind that the family information section is non-evaluative and simply for internal data collection on our end.

2. Chat Participant: if I get into the weekend program and then if I move to Chicago for work and want to change it to evening program, is it possible?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: Yes! You are able to switch once between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program and vice versa. You can make this switch in your third quarter. That said, should you relocate to Chicago before you officially transfer programs, you could still take Evening classes as a Weekend student. Our program offers that flexibility.

3. Chat Participant: is May 10th the last deadline for this year for evening program?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Actually, May 10th is the deadline for our Weekend MBA program for Fall 2019. For the Evening MBA program, we admit students all four quarters throughout the year, and you can see the upcoming deadlines here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions. We will also have a deadline in October for Evening MBA applicants who want to begin courses Winter 2020.

4. Chat Participant: Thank you very much for the feedback. On the current industry drop downs, what would be the appropriate option for medical devices industry? Healthcare?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: That's correct, healthcare would make the most sense!

5. Chat Participant: Can years of work in the workforce be counted as credit towards one's MBA

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: Booth does not allow credit transfers based on work/life experience or from classes taken at other schools. All MBA students must complete 20 courses (or 2000 units) and Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD). Keep in mind that the curriculum is very flexible, and you will be able to choose from over 130 courses.

6. Chat Participant: Hello, I am currently in the process of applying to the weekend program that starts this fall. How feasible is it for people to switch industries and roles in the evening/weekend MBA programs? I work as a mechanical engineer for a coal/energy company and my goal is to go into investment management and financial advisory. From my research so far it seems for an industry change like that it is recommended to go for a full time program. Is that true?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: There is opportunity to work with career services through the Evening and Weekend program to find internships through their resources and your own network. The part-time program does not have a formalized internship process as the full-time program does. If you believe that an internship is essential for your career development then I recommend researching Booth’s Full-Time program. Part-time students can and have found internships but the process is geared more toward the motivation and work from the student without a formal internship process within the school. Please explore our career data here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/career/impact.

7. Chat Participant: I have started my application for May 10th and my GMAT is on April 27th. What if I don’t get the required scores, can I still apply for 10th and give attempt on GMAT in like 2 - 3 weeks after 27th

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: We allow a one week grace period after the application deadline for candidates to take the GMAT or GRE. With this in mind, you would have until Friday, May 17th to retake the exam, add the unofficial score to your application, and submit. Please let your admissions contact know if you plan to use this option. If you have any other questions about this, please feel free to email eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

8. Chat Participant: From a career perspective, what do you generally see as the most tangible outcome from completing an evening MBA with Booth? Considering most are not "career switches" but rather you keep your same job or look for a new more senior one, thanks

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: Building a fundamental understanding of how businesses work is very important. It allows you to think strategically in your day-to-day role as well as for longer-term activities. The network you will build at Booth and the soft skills you'll develop are relatively intangible yet critical parts of the program. I'm more of a "career advancer" myself, and within a year I've already used my degree to improve the quality of work I do every day. This includes using course material I've learned as well as relying on classmates from other industries for guidance in my own industry.

9. Chat Participant: Hello if one were to pursue an Evening program and wanted to switch jobs does career services help with that as well?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: Absolutely. Career services is a very helpful resource regardless of whether you want to switch within your industry, advance at your current company, or change industries altogether. I'd highly recommend setting up regular advising appointments with them regardless.

10. Chat Participant: What can you tell to people who already have a Ph.D. degree but want to pursue MBA for improve management/business skills? I am specifically interested in the weekend program  

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We do have a number of students in our programs with previous advanced degrees, including PhDs. An MBA is a general management degree, and students are looking to gain business knowledge, expand their networks, and gain important leadership skills. If you feel this is the right fit for your future career goals, we welcome you to apply!

11. Chat Participant: If I was to begin in the evening program and later down the road wanted to transition to full time is that possible?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: No, it is not possible to transition between the Evening and the Full-Time programs.

12. Chat Participant: What is CBF?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: The Chicago Business Fellows program is a subset of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs for those with 3 years or less of experience, and offers additional professional development programming during your initial quarters. It yields the exact same degree and all of your classes will be with the traditional MBA students, but that additional programming helps to build some of the softer skills that can be important early in a career. You can learn more here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/blog/ewadmissions/2017/cbf-part-1.

13. Chat Participant: Question: is May 10th the last deadline for this year for evening program?  - Thanks Lindsay and Sorry I meant Weekend but typed evening

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: May 10th is the last deadline for our Weekend MBA program, if you want to begin your coursework in 2019 as a Weekend MBA student.  For the Weekend program, we admit students 2x per year (Fall and Spring), so the next opportunity to apply for the Weekend program would be for Spring 2020. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions.

14. Chat Participant: Is GMAT or GRE required to apply for the weekend program? Are there any waivers or exception to this requirement?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: The GMAT or GRE is required for all Evening MBA and Weekend MBA applicants, and we do not have a preference. We do not allow waivers.

15. Chat Participant: If we move to Chicago for an evening MBA, does Booth have resources to help us get a new local job prior to graduating?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We would like our applicants to begin their time at Booth employed. However, you may use career services if you have thoughts of changing jobs once you’ve started at Booth. If you are looking to remain in the Chicagoland area, things like campus recruitment, meetings with career advisory, career workshops run from the career services center can all help with this.

16. Chat Participant: Are all courses offered during the full time program available on the weekend? Is there a weekend course catalog available?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: There are some lab courses that are only offered during the day at the Full-Time campus in Hyde Park. You may reference the following link to search for class offerings in the weekend program: https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/pub/coursesearch/coursesearch.

17. Chat Participant: is the Evening and weekend MBA the same as executive?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: All three are part-time programs designed for working professionals who are looking to continue their career while earning their MBA. The Executive MBA program differsfrom the Evening and Weekend MBA Program. The Executive MBA is designed for individuals with significantly more work experience (on average 15 years) as opposed to the Evening/Weekend who have approximately 6 years on average of work experience. The Executive MBA is also a lock-step co-horted 21 month program that meets in a combination of alternating weekends and includes weeklong residencies in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. You can learn more about the Executive MBA program here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba.

18. Chat Participant: What percentage of your admitted students come from a sales background?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Based on the most recent data we have available, about 2.5% of Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students list Sales as their current function. For reference, feel free to look over our career data here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/career/function-and-salary.

19. Chat Participant: The weekend program Schedule - is it every weekend? Also if i am travelling internationally how would that impact?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: Weekend MBA courses take place every weekend during the quarter. Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters are 11 weeks and Summer quarter is 10 weeks long. You should estimate travelling to Chicago 43 weekends throughout the year.

We do not have traditional international students in the Weekend MBA Program, as we are unable to issue student visas for such. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, you will need to be in the US on a work visa to be eligible. For example, many of our Weekend students are on H1B visas.

20. Chat Participant: do you encourage prospective students to do a resume review with an admissions person at Booth?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Resume reviews are most helpful for those who are unsure whether their background fits the general profile that Booth looks for in applicants. If you are looking for general feedback about your MBA pursuit at Booth relative to your resume, then the review is a great tool.

21. Chat Participant: My understanding is that the weekend MBA program runs for 21 months, however, I have heard from current student and alums that the length is often flexible, can you provide more information on this?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: It can be as long (up to 5 years) or as short as you want to make it. Often times I've noticed students come into the program wanting to get the program done quickly. I've also noticed that students quickly realize that taking their time and establishing the right connections through the length of the program is critical (and they enjoy that part of it!). So short answer is that you could do it in 21 months, but most people seem to take 3 or so years.

22. Chat Participant: How many recommendations do we need? And do you have a preference for academic vs professional recommenders?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: We ask that all applicants submit two letters of recommendation. One professional recommendation from a supervisor. It is preferred that you select a current manager/boss/supervisor. We are seeking objectivity in the letter and we want to hear from someone who can assess both your strengths and your weaknesses. If you work for a family business or you own your own company, please try to secure a letter from a client or a bank that does business with you. A second letter that can be professional in nature or from an organization, club, or volunteer project associate. These letters give us a different perspective on your skillsets outside of your professional environment. There is no preference in regard to who supplies your second letter of recommendation; our only guideline is that it should add new and valuable insights to your application. Whoever you choose to write your recommendation, make sure that they know you well and can offer specific examples of your performance and contributions.

23. Chat Participant: If someone is in the part time program, are they still qualified to run for the clubs' leadership positions?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: Absolutely! Booth’s Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) programs have over 40+ student clubs and organizations, and we host 300+ events each year. The clubs and organizations are run by current EW students. You’ll find a variety of ways to be involved as a student leader.

24. Chat Participant: What is LEAD? Is it required for the Evening/Weekend Program?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: LEAD stands for leadership exploration and development. This course will be a part of LAUNCH, which is a 3 day long orientation that all incoming Booth students participate in prior to your first quarter as a student.

25. Chat Participant: Is a letter or recommendation from your current employer mandatory? Can I reach out to a previous employer?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: We require two letters of recommendation. We strongly prefer that one come from a current supervisor/manager. If you are a CBF candidate, it is mandatory. If you do not provide one from your current manager/supervisor, you will be asked to explain why in the application. In instances where you have only been reporting to an individual for a short period of time, we understand not requesting a letter, but in all other scenarios, it raises a red flag and we would want to know why you made that decision. A previous employer is typically used as the second letter of recommendation.

26. Chat Participant: What can you tell us about the weekend program's acceptance rates?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We do not publish our acceptance rates. Rather, we meet individually with candidates to understand your specific attributes, questions, concerns and can give you an idea of the strength of your potential application rather than a general stat of all applicants

27. Chat Participant: Does career services still work with evening students who are trying to change jobs?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: Absolutely. They provide excellent guidance on how to best position yourself with both interviews and coursework. Many of the advisors are well experienced in various industries that MBAs traditionally exit into (consulting, etc.) so they have that firsthand expertise.

28. Chat Participant: Hi good afternoon. What has been the most surprising, both positive and/or challenging aspect of your experience so far at Booth?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: The most surprising has been how excited I am to have so little free time. The coursework is exciting and interesting, and the people I see every weekend are great. On the flip side, I didn't fully appreciate the impact this would have back home. My fiancée probably struggles more with me being gone every weekend more than I do. I'd advise full transparency to those around you as you enter this process. It will limit your free time significantly, but I think it's worth it.

29. Chat Participant: What are the most important attributes when being considered for the Civic Scholars Program?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: In addition to working for a nonprofit or government organization, we are seeking Civic Scholars candidates with  a passion for and commitment to the public sector, and potential to become a recognized leader in their field.  You can learn more about the typical Civic Scholar profile here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program and see our student profiles here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program/student-profiles.

30. Chat Participant: I took GRE in 2011, do you consider that score or if i have to take the test again?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: GMAT and GRE scores are valid for 5 years, so in this case, you will need to retake either exam to apply to the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs.

32. Chat Participant: Are there any scholarship opportunities for the weekend programs

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: Yes, we recently started offering merit-based scholarships for Evening and Weekend MBA admits. Check out this blog post to learn more: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/blog/ewadmissions/2019/funding-your-mba-scholarships-financial-aid.

33. Chat Participant: How do weekend students network with one another since so many commute from out of town

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: Saturdays tend to be fully dedicated to class/networking to make up for being away all week. The lunch break provides excellent networking opportunities whether it's related to club events or just casual hangouts. SASH (after class happy hour on Saturdays) provides a second opportunity, and then generally students will grab dinner afterwards. I think being fully immersed on Saturdays is a great way to ensure you build that network despite coming in from around the country.

34. Chat Participant: If I apply for the full time program and M not admitted, can I still apply for the evening or weekend program?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: Yes, but you would need to go through a re-applicant process, which is slightly different. You are considered a re-applicant in the admissions decision process if you have submitted an application to any Chicago Booth MBA program within the last two years. If you choose to reapply to any Chicago Booth MBA program (Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, Full-Time MBA, or Executive MBA), you must wait six months from the date you submitted your original application AND apply to a Chicago Booth MBA Program that begins in a subsequent quarter to your original application. For example, if you originally applied to the Full-Time MBA program for the fall quarter and would like to apply to the Evening MBA program as a re-applicant, you must wait a minimum of six months from your Full-Time MBA application submission date AND apply to the Evening MBA Program for the winter quarter (subsequent quarter to the fall quarter) to be considered an eligible re-applicant.

35. Chat Participant: How long would be the process once the application is submitted before the candidate is informed of the final result?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Our decision timeline is 4-6 weeks from when you submit your app, provided it’s complete (we aren’t waiting on any materials from you), and that you interview with us during that time.

36. Chat Participant: How many weekends per month are the weekend MBA?  

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: Weekend MBA courses take place every weekend during the quarter. Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters are 11 weeks and Summer quarter is 10 weeks long. You should estimate travelling to Chicago 43 weekends throughout the year.

37. Chat Participant: I understand that the applications are viewed as a whole, however, I was wondering if any application can get rejected only for a lower GMAT score?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We need to be able to understand that you will be successful in our classes and the GMAT/GRE is one way of determining that. However all of the criteria of the application play an important role. If you believe you can improve your test score and you are trending below the average of a 680 on the GMAT, then I recommend to strongly consider re-testing. But you should also focus on the other components as well as they play an important role in forming your story and motivation for Booth.

38. Chat Participant: I understand that the weekend program is 11 weeks on average. Does that mean that for 2.5-3 years, students who might commute to Chicago would only be there for 11 weeks per year? Also what time of the year is the program held?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: It's actually 11 weeks per quarter and 4 academic quarters per year, so it actually comes out to almost the full year. Students will sometimes take a quarter off each year (often times the shorter summer quarter) to spend time with family, relax, etc. I personally will be attending all quarters this year, with a quarter off next year.

39. Chat Participant: does your job and position have any influence on admission?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: The Admissions Committee considers a candidate’s potential for success both while in school and beyond. Three broad themes are used to evaluate an applicant: Curriculum, Community, & Career. The qualities that contribute to the success of our graduates can be found early in their careers. Qualities sought include: a track record of success, resourcefulness, a sense of personal direction, time-management skills, realistic expectations for the MBA. Some of the things the Admissions Committee considers as evidence of a track record of success, resourcefulness, a sense of personal direction, time-management skills, and realistic expectations for the MBA include: Letters of recommendation, Résumé, Professional recognition or certifications, and Responses to essays. We value this more than just the title and name of the company.

40. Chat Participant: How much weight does work experience carry in the admission decision (FYI i have about 2 years right now)

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: We do not put much weight on work experience alone. We expect successful candidates to explain why now the right time for them to pursue a part-time MBA is. The average years of work experience for our students is 2-10 years of work experience. We also have a subset program that is designed for professionals with 3 years or less of full-time work experience called the Chicago Business Fellows. You can find more information about this program here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates.

41. Chat Participant: Are the word restrictions on application essays quite strict, or is there flexibility for the 450 word recommended limit?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: You should try your best to remain within the word count on the essays.

42. Chat Participant: I see that 80% band for evening MBA GMATs, but could you provide the average? i.e. "680”?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: The average is typically 680-685 for the Evening MBA Program.

43. Chat Participant: If I apply for the Civic Scholars program and am not accepted, can I still be considered for the weekend program?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Yes, anyone who applies for the Civic Scholar Program will first be reviewed for Booth admission then Civic Scholar admission. It is possible to be admitted to Booth but not Civic Scholars

45. (Chat Participant: Is there any disadvantage in submitting the application closer to the deadline?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Since we operate on rolling admissions, it is not an advantage or disadvantage for you to apply at a certain point in relation to the deadline. Regardless of when you chooses to apply, our typical decision timeline is about 4-6 weeks.

46. Chat Participant: How are interviews conducted? Is it video chat, or would I get to meet someone in my area (I'm in the SF Bay Area)?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: All interviews take place at Gleacher Center, downtown Chicago. To make the most of your visit, we encourage you to also visit a class or two while on campus- this is a great way to experience the program firsthand and engage with the student community you’d be a part of. In some cases we have allowed Skype or phone interviews, and these requests are managed on a case-by-case basis.

47. Chat Participant: Are there any considerations that I should be aware of if I am planning on doing the evening program and I work in Chicago on a H-1B visa?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Good question. Since an F1 visa holder is not permitted to work full time in the United States, an individual with an F1 visa does not meet our admissions criteria for the part time MBA programs. If you are seeking an F1 visa to study as an international student in the United States, we encourage you to look into our full time MBA program at https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time. International students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program are typically in the US on an H1B or similar work visa. When you apply, you will simply acknowledge within the application your understanding that Booth will not be able to issue you a student visa in the event that you are no longer sponsored on a work visa.

48. Chat Participant: Question: The weekend program Schedule - is it every weekend? Also if i am travelling internationally how would that impact: Follow up - My question was more towards my current job travelling schedule? I am based out of Minneapolis

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: It is every weekend, yes. Traveling internationally once in a while for work means you have to get very creative. For example, I'm going to Perth, Australia for a week later this month. This means I am taking the Wednesday section of one of my classes and a Friday morning section of another before flying out Friday evening (my weekend classes are also taught during the week by the same professors). Then, the following week, I leave Australia on Thursday night to make it back just in time for classes Friday night. You have to get creative, but it can certainly be done.

50. Chat Participant: What is the average GRE score?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: The middle 80% of our admitted students for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs score between 610-740 on the GMAT. Unfortunately we do not have similar data on the GRE.  Since we have only been accepting it a few years and the sample size would not be very large, it’s harder to get good averages for that test. What we typically recommend for applicants who have questions about GRE scores is have them convert them to GMAT scores. You can use this conversion tool to see how your GRE score converts: https://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/admissions/interpretation_resources/mba_comparison_tool?WT.ac=40361_owt06_180820.

51. Chat Participant: How many years/months does a weekend MBA typically take?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: The average degree completion time for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students is 2.5-3 years.

52. Chat Participant: I just have two year left on the expiry of my H1b Visa. How does the time line for that affect with the weekend MBA program?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: We are unable to have F1 student visa holders in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. Therefore, if your work visa were to expire while in the program, we will not be able to offer you an F1. Basically, students assume the risk and must remain on a valid work visa while in the program (or gain permanent residency- this happens for some students while in the program). Keep in mind that you have five years to complete the degree, so you can take a leave of absence if you need time to work out a work visa issue.     

53. Chat Participant: What made you pick Booth part time over other MBA programs?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: I am interpreting this question as Booth PT vs. other schools' PT (as opposed to PT vs FT). Happy to answer the FT/PT question if that's what you wanted:

As a background, I am Houston based (in oil and gas). For this, I considered the local programs (McCombs) as well as programs near my company's other facilities to which I could potentially transfer (Anderson, Haas). I looked at Booth because of the quant focus and diversity of industries represented (being arguably the best PT program was nice too!). At the end of the day, I realized that if I wanted to understand how different industries' firms succeed and try to bring that to oil and gas, getting that breadth of experience, networking with a diverse student base, and have that flexibility of the course programming was going to be critical. So far I could not be happier with my decision.

54. Chat Participant: What percentage of the class is comprised of underrepresented minorities and what is the school doing to further increase this in the near future?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Diversity and inclusion is an important part of the Booth experience. I can speak to you further about the percentage of students of color, as I do not currently have the data. I can also connect you to students of student-led part-time clubs such as the Coalitions of Minorities in Business (Black, Hispanic, Native American), Booth Pride Club (LGBTQ Community) Armed Forces Group (Military) and Graduate Women in Business (Women). They each create events and programming that run throughout the year to engage the community and provide a space for those passionate about their causes to create impact. They throughout the year may partner with the Booth Social Impact group for initiatives in Chicago.

From a recruiting standpoint we look for students with a diverse background and don’t require applicants have certain work or education background. Students have said the collaborative environment helps break barriers of background difference among students and find ways to use each other’s skills for problem-solving.

55. Chat Participant: What's the total cost of the weekend MBA program?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: The current tuition is $7,130.00 per course, and the program is 20 courses. You can find more information on costs and tuition here:  https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid

56. Chat Participant: Can you provide examples of how students have financed their travel and accommodations each weekend? Does the school provide suggestions/recommendations upon admission?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: It varies depending on the students and whether or not they choose to stay overnight in Chicago. Booth does not offer special rates for airfare, but we do offer discounted rates for hotels near Gleacher Center. Many weekend students fly in and out on Saturdays, so lodging is not necessary for those students. Others might stay with a friend in the city when they're here! We'd be happy to connect you with other Weekend students in your area to learn more about how they manage the travel, or you can feel free to connect with someone directly using our Connect with a Student tool: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer.

57. Chat Participant: What is the fee for the overall program and what is the cadence of payment?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: Tuition is the same for the Weekend MBA and Evening MBA Program. Currently each class is $7,130 and you need 20 classes in order to earn your Booth MBA. You are billed quarterly for the classes you are enrolled in. You can learn about tuition, financial aid and scholarships here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.

58. Chat Participant: How much is the average cost of one quarter assuming one takes the average number of credits per quarter?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: The current tuition per class is $7,130. The average amount of classes an Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student takes per quarter is 2, so the cost per quarter would come out to about $14,260.

59. Chat Participant: Thank you for your time today. I came across the Recruiting FAQs on the weekend website, and this was a surprise. It says, "Full-Time MBA students can use bid points to gain an interview with some firms. Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students must be invited by firms. "Are these consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, BCG, or PE/VC/IB firms? I'm interested in trying my hardest to get into management consulting, so the question is, can PT students bid to get an interview with the tier 1 consulting firms (MBB), or is that purely based on getting invited and being on the closed list?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: Evening and Weekend MBA students cannot bid on interview spots during campus recruiting. Companies are able to choose if they want to have any bid-point accessible interview spots, and it seems to be less common. I cannot speak to McKinsey, Bain, BCG, etc. specifically, but keep in mind that these are some of the most competitive companies regarding recruiting. Career services provides thorough training and guidance about how to best prepare yourself for your industries and companies of interest.   

60. Chat Participant: Of course indicating our dedication and unique interest to Booth is important, but is there an (in)formal scoring of how many events and sessions we attend which impacts applicants? I do not live in the Midwest so visiting campus multiple times is not feasible

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: No, we do not evaluate applicants based on how many events they’ve attended. We understand that many living outside of the Chicago-land area cannot visit campus as easily or frequently. Having said that, we do evaluate your fit with Booth. The more you can learn about the program, culture, network, etc., the better you will be able to express your interest and fit at Booth in your application.

61. Chat Participant: Once we're admitted, how long do we have to make a decision? Also, if admitted and circumstances arise, do we have flexibility to adjust our start date? (Say you get in for fall 2019 but want to switch to the spring 2020)

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: We typically give admitted students at least 2-3 weeks to make their decision. However, we handle adjustments to decision deadlines on a case by cases basis if needed. We do our best to be as accommodating as possible. We expect candidates to start taking classes the quarter they are applying, so we do not allow deferrals unless something significant has changed since you initially applied.

62. Chat Participant: Can I access these questions and answers later?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Yes!  All previous live chats transcripts will be posted here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats

63. Chat Participant: What is the acceptance rate for the Weekend Program?

Lindsay Badeaux: We do not share acceptance rates for the Evening or Weekend MBA Programs. However, the number of applications in any application cycle has no bearing on an individual's consideration for the program. We consider all applications holistically. You can get an idea of the profiles of our admitted students (including average GMAT, GPA, years of work experience, etc.) here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend.

64. Chat Participant: I've read that students have 5 years to complete the required 20 courses- is there any limit to the timing of taking these courses or quarters off? For example, could someone do 12 courses in the first 4 quarters, take two quarters off, and then resume the other 8 courses afterward? Are students ever removed from the program for being inactive for a period during the 5 years?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: Keep in mind that the Evening and Weekend MBA (EW) Programs are designed for full-time working professionals. Taking two courses per quarter is the norm. It is uncommon and not recommended to take more than three courses. Course overloads above the norm may have to be reviewed and approved by Academics Services and/or the Deans. You have five years to complete the degree, and the pace of your program can vary. Again, keep in mind that we seek full-time working professionals for the EW Programs, as that is who these programs are specifically designed for

65. Chat Participant: Are lectures recorded and can be re-watched at a later time?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: The vast majority are NOT recorded. If there are weather issues affecting large pockets of the US from traveling into Chicago, professors may record their lectures. This is certainly the exception, though.

66. Chat Participant: Can I transfer some credits if I've taken business courses in MIS program from another university?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: We do not accept transfer credits. However, any graduate level coursework can potentially serve as prerequisites to take more advanced classes at Booth.

67. Chat Participant: Is there housing available for weekend MBA programs or is that up to each student to find lodging for the weekend?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: Up to each student. There is a hotel nearby that offers a great deal for Booth E/W students, and everyone seems to figure out their best way of tackling this lodging problem. That said, I made 5 great friends at LAUNCH, and we decided to split an apartment together. Now we can come and go for multiple days as we please and not have to book flights around hotel prices. People think that's ridiculous but we look forward to it every weekend!!

68. Chat Participant: Kush, thanks for doing this. I know how busy things can get. How much do you estimate to spend over the course of the program on traveling to Chicago from Houston every weekend + the food and stay?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: Great question. It very much depends on your lodging situation. I split an apt with many others for the weekends so it's very affordable. Usually airfare is $2500/quarter, lodging (for me) is approx. $1000 per quarter, and then the rest really just varies on how long you spend in town (I don't track that all as well as I should). It adds up, but really the incremental value of choosing Booth over a local program is worth so much more given my objectives.

69. Chat Participant: is it possible to transfer credits from a different university - Example - Kellogg to Booth after 2 semesters?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We do not accept transfer credits from outside institutions, so should you decide to apply to Booth and be admitted, you would have to start your coursework with us from scratch. That being said, there is a lot of flexibility built in to our curriculum, which may allow for you to take upper level courses in certain areas so that you would not be repeating coursework. 

70. Chat Participant: What's the equivalent GRE scores for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs that you look for?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: We do not have an average GRE score since we have not been accepting this exam for as long as the GMAT. You can use the following tool to convert any GRE scores to a GMAT score:


71. Chat Participant: How does the program account for travel challenges during the winter months in Chicago? Like if a blizzard shuts down travel on a weekend during class time? Is there make options? Or remote make up options?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Typically we do not offer online or remote class options. However, since 74% of our weekend students commute from outside of Illinois, there are times where classes are recorded when bad weather is likely to prevent students from getting to their classes.

72. Chat Participant: what's the percentage of time you spend on case studies in this program? In another words, are classes taught by mainly doing many case studies or just teaching concepts?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: It depends on the class. The classes that really don't make sense to have case-based instruction have little to none, e.g. Application development, behavioral economics, microeconomics. The strategy classes are heavily case based, e.g. Strategy & Structure, Competitive Strategy. I will say that any time I am learning a concept that I feel would be greatly enhanced with an associated case study, there generally is one assigned.

73. Chat Participant: Is it possible to flex between the evening and weekend program? For example, can one start the MBA program by taking evening classes, and then switch to only taking weekend courses after a few quarters?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: You can formally request a transfer into either the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program once you are an enrolled student for 2 quarters. As an Evening MBA student, you will have priority registration for classes in your home program, but you will be able to enroll in open Weekend and Full-time classes once the priority registration phase passes for each quarter.

74. Chat Participant: Kush - what's been your favorite class so far?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: Behavioral Economics so far. Devin Pope is fantastic and very engaging, and the course material is phenomenal. Marginally related: I'd recommend reading Misbehaving by Richard Thaler while you take breaks in your application process! Fantastic read. For something a bit longer, "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman is my favorite book.

75. Chat Participant: Are the courses for the Civic Program slightly different from the regular Weekend/MBA Program?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: They are not, you will still be able to choose all of your classes like any other Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.

76. Chat Participant: What is the typical time requirement outside of class for courses? For example, if a student takes 2 courses on Saturday and spends most of that day networking, how many hours should typically be planned for homework or study during the week? How common is it to take 3 courses (Friday night and 2 on Saturday), and is this considered a very heavy load?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: Time requirement depends on the class. You'll have access to this information when you're bidding on courses. The course eval results available to students includes estimates on how long homework takes in that particular class each week. That said, the lighter load classes demand around 1-3h/week, while the average is probably somewhere around 3-5. My investments class this quarter is 5-8 (heavier end). 3 is not very common but doable. I'd highly recommend ensuring that you're not in 3 very demanding classes at the same time. Taking 2 lighter ones with 1 more demanding is challenging but not unreasonable in my opinion.

77. Chat Participant: How much time do you anticipate it would take someone to complete the evening MBA application? I am trying to get a sense for if meeting the June 21st deadline is feasible.

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: This varies widely depending on the student.  The biggest hurdle for most applicants is typically the GMAT/GRE- we recommend allowing yourself plenty of time to study for the test, and perhaps retake it a second time if needed.  You also want to allow your recommenders a few weeks to write their letters.  The rest of the application includes resume, essays, and short answer questions regarding your goals, so it depends on the applicant how much time those pieces take.  I would say if you have already taken the GMAT/GRE or are taking it soon, you should have plenty of time to prepare your application for the 6/21 deadline!

78. Chat Participant: Besides the tuition costs, are there any other costs I should be privy of in the Evening MBA program?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: You can learn about tuition and fees including the student activity fee, book fee, and administrative service fees: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid. This should give you an estimate of what to expect.

79. Chat Participant: How did you prepare for the interview?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: The interview takes place after submitting your application, and completing the application really is the best way to prepare. Check out this blog post for great tips and guidance on the interview:  https://www.chicagobooth.edu/blog/ewadmissions/2018/interview-tips

80. Chat Participant: Are the students enrolled in Weekend and Evening MBA program eligible to participate in career fair hosted by Booth?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Yes, students in the Evening and Weekend program are able to engage in campus recruitment for full-time positions toward the end of their time at Booth. These students also have access to Career Services throughout their time at Booth and as alumni. These resources include mock interviews, resume workshops, salary negotiation sessions, meetings with career advisors, and connections with alumni in fields of interest.

81. Chat Participant: Thank you all for these helpful responses! Another question - how is the weekend MBA perceived by employers? Obviously the opportunities with internships and traditional recruiting differ from the full time program, but what do employers think of the degree from the full time program vs part time program later in one's career (5-10 years after graduation). Are the alumni networks from the full time and part time programs segregated or distinguished? In other words, 5 years after graduation, would there be any discernable difference between alumni from the FT program vs PT programs?

Kush Muzumdar | Current Weekend Student: There is no discernable difference that I can see. I can't speak for all industries, but I will say that any perceived difference probably doesn't come from a difference between FT vs PT programs. Sometimes FT students may find other/more opportunities because they simply have the time to fully engage in the networking and recruiting efforts. PT students have a full time job that can limit their time for networking/recruiting activities.

82. Chat Participant: Is it okay to not have GRE/GMAT scores in before the personal interview for CBF program? Would it effect negatively on the application?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: No, that would be fine.  As long as you have them for your application by the time you submit.